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Punishment In Paradise 13
(MMA, Kickboxing)
(Blaisdell Arena)


Aloha State Championship of BJJ
(BJJ & Sub Grappling)

RWE Qualfiers

Kickin' It
(Dole Cannery Ballroom)

Pride Fighting Championships
(Las Vegas, NV)

Pacific Island Showdown
International Invitational Ultimate Full-Contact Stickfighting Championship

(Filipino Community Center Ballroom, Waipahu)

(University of Guam Fieldhouse,
Mangilao, Guam)

Rumble On The Rock
(Blaisdell Arena)

ROTR Qualifers

Kickin' It
(Waipahu Filcom Center)

Icon Sport 47
(MMA, Kickboxing)
(Blaisdell Arena)

Icon Sport 48
(Blaisdell Arena)

International Masters & Seniors Championships
(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

UFC 62 Countdown: Liddell vs. Sobral

UFC: All Access Renato "Babalu" Sobral

Kickin' It
(Waipahu Filcom Center)

Ultimate Fight Night 4
(Las Vegas, NV)

The Ultimate Fighter 4: The Comeback Premiers

Hawaiian Open of BJJ
(BJJ & Sub Grappling)

Rumble On The Rock
(Blaisdell Arena)

Garden Island Cage Match 4

Island Warriors Fighting Championship
(War Memorial Gym, Wailuku, Maui)

(University of Guam Fieldhouse,
Mangilao, Guam)

RWE Qualifiers
(Hilo Civic Center, Hilo)

CBJF World Championships
(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Punishment In Paradise 12
(MMA, Kickboxing)
(Dole Cannery Ballroom)

CBJJO World Championships
(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

RAZE MMA Fight Night 2
(San Diego, CA)

Ring of Honor
(MMA & Kickboxing)
(Waianae H.S. Gym)

Kickin' It
(Waipahu Filcom Center)

UFC 61
(Las Vegas, NV)

Got Skills 2
(Kickboxing/Boxing & Wrestling/Sub Grappling)
(Pagoda Hotel Ballroom)

s 2006 Tournament
(Sport-Jujitsu, Sport Pankration, Sub Grappling, Extreme Sparring)
(St. Louis H.S. Gym)

(Saitama Super Arena)

The Ultimate Fighter 3 Finale

(The Joint, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, NV)

RWE Qualifiers
Afook Chinen Civic Auditorium, Hilo)

USA-Boxing Hawaii
(Palolo District Park)

X-1 Battlegrounds 4
(Blaisdell Arena)

PRIDE Bushido 11: 'Bushido Survival '06'


X-2 Extreme Wars:
Bay Area Brawl
(Oakland Alameda Coliseum, Oakland, CA)

2006 Relson Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Associations Gi Tournament
(Gracie Main Academy)

UFC 60:
Royce Gracie vs. Matt Hughes

Icon Sport 45
(Blaisdell 6Arena)

3rd Maui Jiu-Jitsu Championships
(BJJ & Sub Grappling)
(Maui War Memorial Gym, Wailuku)

Got Skills Fighter Event
(Pagoda Hotel)

RAZE MMA Fight Night
(ipayOne center , former San Diego Sports Arena
San Diego, CA)

Rumble on the Rock 11: Grand Prix
(Blaisdell Arena)

UFC 59: Reality Check
(Arrowhead Pond, Anaheim, CA)

2006 Pan-American Jiu-Jitsu Tournament
(California State University Dominguez Hills, Carson, CA)

Ultimate Fight Night on Spike TV
(Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, NV)

Punishment in Paradise
(Sea Life Park)

3rd Maui Jiu-Jitsu Championships
(BJJ & Sub Grappling)
(Maui War Memorial Gym, Wailuku)

Garden Island Cage
Match #3
(Kapaa H.S. Gym, Kapaa, Kauai)

Hawaiian Championship
of BJJ
(BJJ & Sub Grappling)
(St. Louis H.S. Gym)

Full Contact Showdown
(Kahuna's Sports Bar & Grill, Kaneohe Marine Corps Base)

Kickin It 2006
(Venue TBA)

NAGA Hawaii State Championship
(BJJ & Sub Grappling)
*Cancelled until Summer*

Icon Sport 44
(Blaisdell Arena)

Kick it Up
(Pagoda Hotel Ballroom, Honolulu)

UFC 57:
Liddell vs. Couture 3

Mandalay Bay Events Center, Las Vegas, NV

So You Think You Tough
(MMA, Kickboxing)
(Kona Gym, Kona)

Grappler's Quest Hawaii
(Submission Grappling)

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July 2006 News Part 2

Wednesday night and Sunday classes (w/ a kids' class) now offered!

For the special price, click on one of these banners above!

  Fighters' Club TV
The Toughest Show On Teleivision

Tuesdays at
***NEW TIME***

Olelo Channel 52 on Oahu
Akaku on Maui

Check out the FCTV website!


Quote of the Day

"He who would learn to fly one day must first learn to stand and walk and run and climb and dance; one cannot fly into flying."

Friedrich Nietzsche, 1844-1900, German Philosopher

Congratulations to Andrew & Julie!

Boy, if you want a cell phone to blow up, post an announcement like that with no follow up! The big announcement was promoting Andrew K. and Julie K. (no relation) to purple belts! Andrew has been one of our lightweight killers and has really been a huge asset to the academy and outstanding training partner. Julie has shown that age is only a number and her consistency and initiative to help out our female and younger students. She has also been instrumental in magically eliminating some of the big, tough guys wussing out on warm ups when they see Julie setting the pace. This is another landmark promotion for ACGJJ as Julie is the first female that we have promoted to the rank of purple belt.

Other big promotions were Aaron K. and Blaine D. to blue belt, our two kids that are following the path of Kyle Olivares and leading the charge for the next generation of champions, Bubba G. and Brandon S. Numerous other students were given stripes; Brandon, Jeremy, Neal, Kyle, Chris and Grant.

A big thanks to senior students Rex, Ronn and Shane for coming to support the promotion!

EAST vs WEST weigh ins today

Thursday July 20 @ 808 fight factory(Waipahu)
6pm Sharp

All MMA fighters must bring ID to verify age..

We will start on time so if you're late and didn't see your opponent weigh in it is your fault. There will be food and drinks for all fighters!!

If the fighter don't make weight we will not talk to opponent management it is up to you guys to settle it if possible if not NO FIGHT!!


Make sure you bring the ticket money and what ever tickets you didn't sell!!

Punishment In Paradise 12
Dole Cannery Ballroom, Honolulu, Hawaii
July 21, 2006

Heavyweight (3 X 11/2 Minute Rounds)
Sam Parker (Fight Unit, Ewa Beach) vs. Carl Sua (Fighters Union, Waianae)
70lbs. Kickboxing Bout (3x1 Minute Rounds)
Kai Kamaka III (808 F.F, Salt Lake) Vs. Jacoby Visante (Sit You Down, Waianae)

Sam Choong (Smith Taewondo, Kaneohe) Vs. William Armstrong (Team Upraising, Wahiawa)

80lbs Kickboxing Bout
Jesus (HMC, Kailihi) vs. Ronald Matautia (Sit You Down, Waianae)

135lbs. Kickboxing Bout (3x1 ½ Minute Rounds)
Dayne Tanaka (HMC, Kalihi) Vs. Christian Wong (Team Molokai)

145lbs. Kickboxing Bout (3x2 Minute Rounds)
Leonard Ja-reaux (Smith Taekwondo, Kaneohe) Vs. Erwin Celes (Sit You Down, Waianae)

Middleweight Amatuer Shooto Bout (2x3 Minute Rounds)
Anthony Ornellas (Jus Rush, Kailua) Vs. Micheal Cuban (Team Uprising, Wahiawa)

132.3lbs. Featherweight Amatuer Shooto Bout (2x3 Minute Rounds)
Justin Anderson (Jus Rush, Kailua) Vs. Jay Bolos (Animal House, Ewa Beach)

Middleweight Amatuer Shooto Bout (2x3 Minute Rounds)
Keoki Cyrpiano (Jus Rush, Kailua) Vs. David Pedro (Freelance, Kailua)

175lbs. Kickboxing (3x 2 Minute Rounds)
Weston Victorio (Disciples of Puhi, Kuaui) Vs. Zane Kamaka (Sit You Down, Waianae)

200lbs Kickboxing (3x2 Minute Rounds )
Koali Castillo (Koden Kan, Kailua) Vs. Lance Ta'aFaasu (Sit You Down, Pearl City)Welterweight

Amatuer Shooto Bout (2x3 Minute Rounds)
Dominic Ah Nee (Universal Combat Sport, Maui) Vs. Hugh Jones (Fighters Union, Waianae)

205lbs Cruiserweight Amatuer Shooto Bout (2x3 Minute Rounds)
JJ Richardson (Jus Rush, Kailua) Vs. Lee Jay Gatewood (Sit You Down, Waianae)

160lbs Kickboxing (3x2 Minute Rounds)
Dean Henze (Smith Taekwondo, Kaneohe) Vs (Discples of Puhui, Kuaui)

183lbs. Light Heavyweight Amatuer Shooto Bout (2x3 Minute Rounds)
Jesse Ware (Kaneohe Team, Kahalu'u) Vs. Joey Corn (Universal Combat Sport, Waianae)

150lbs. P.I.P Kickboxing Championship Bout (3x2 Minute Rounds)
Marcus Moreno (Bulls Pen, Kailihi) Vs. Duke Saragossa (808F.F, Wahiawa)

135lbs. P.I.P Kickboxing Championship Bout (3x2 Minute Rounds)
Nui Wheeler (Team Soljah, Waianae) Vs. Bronson Mohika (808 F.F.,Kailua)

140lbs.P.I.P Kickboxing Championship Bout (3x2 Minute Rounds)
Ryan Lee (Bulls Pen, Kailihi) Vs. Domi Lopez (Team Bigdogs, Waianae)

165lbs.P.I.P Kickboxing Championship K Bout (3x2 Minute Rounds)
Keoni Bryant (Jus Rush, Kailua) vs. John Visante Jr (Sit You Down, Waianae)

165lbs. PIP Kickboxing Championship (3x2 Minute Rounds)
Kaleo Kwon (Eastsidaz, Kailua) vs. Wayne Perrin (Team Bigdogs, Waianae)

Lightweight Shooto Bout (3x5 Minute Rounds)
Hayate Usui (Shooto, Japan) Vs. Ed Newalo ( 808 F.F, Kaneohe)

Shooto Middleweight Pacific Rim Championship (3x 5 Minute Rounds)
Keita Nakamura (Shooto, Japan) Vs. Ronald Jhun (808F.F, Waipahu)

Mayhem On Cover of Downtown Planet!

Jason “Mayhem” Miller does it again! He is on this week’s edition of the newspaper distributed in downtown Honolulu, The Downtown Planet. The story features his fight with Lodune Sincaid and Robbie Lawler. Check it out!

I just got off the phone with Mayhem to talk to him about the cover and he is ecstatic about it. He said that the training is done. He is in great shape and he feels extremely confident going into the fight. He is currently in Los Angeles, but will come back to Hawaii after the fight, where he has a seminar scheduled at HMC on Saturday, April 29th.

Jason "Mayhem" Miller Seminar at HMC On April 29th!

Hawaii Martial Arts Center (HMC)
King's Gate Plaza
555 North King Street
Honolulu, Hawaii 96817
July 29, 2006
Time: 4:00 to 7:00 pm

Paulão guesses final: Mino x Cro Cop

Semifinalist of the Pride Bushido GP, Paulão Filho (BTT) received the news his teammate Rodrigo Minotauro would face Josh Barnett, while Wanderlei Silva would fight Mirko Cro Cop, with a formed opinion. 'Minotauro is more complete, more technic and he is stronger. I don't see any problems in his fight against Barnett. In the fight of Wanderlei against Cro Cop, I think that it will be a hard fight to Wanderlei. Cro Cop is better exchanging game and he has been training a lot the take downs and the ground defense. And I think that Wanderlei is with a good ground that could surprise Cro Cop', said Paulão, complementing. 'The final will be between Minotauro and Cro Cop. And Minotauro will take it again, I am sure'.

Source: Tatame

Exchange Brazil-Thailand in BTT

Muay Thai trainer of the Brazilian Top Team, Paulo Nikolai will take new talents of the team from Rio de Janeiro to train Muay Thai in Thailand. "Now Nikolai BTT Brazil will make exchange with Thailand camps. The athletes will stay there for five months in Tattaya, in a camp called Sityootong, where big stars already trained. In the truth, all the big champions of Muay Thai from Europe already went there, this is not for everyone, you must be invited, this is a big thing", said Nikolai, introducing Douglas Silva, Danilo Índio's brother, who will go to Thailand tonight (16).

- He is only 19 years old and Rio de Janeiro champion in the C class until 80kg and champion of São Paulo match also in class C. Douglas is just opening a new door. In December, more athletes will also go as: Munil Adriano (Bragança Paulista), Guilherme Bravo (Rio), Eduardo Pachú (Rio), Adriano Ribeiro (Campinas), Pirata (Campinas), Gleidson Mamute (Campo Grande), Leonardo Wagner (Campinas), Claudieri Freitas (Rio) and Leonardo Vasconcelos (Rio). I will go by myself to Thailand, for at least tem days, to see some equipment and to take care of the athlete's exchange in the country. They are interested in the MMA and we are also working to bring some athletes from there. I am sure that the Brazilian Muay Thai will get a new face - believes Nikolai.

The technician also talked about the real reason of this new project. "The objective is that the athlete improves himself and more than that, they will never forget their origin country!", concluded.

Source: Tatame

Wanderlei wants a Brazilian final

Medium champion of the Pride and semifinalist of Pride Open Weight, Wanderlei Silva wants to face Rodrigo Minotauro in the final of the competition, which will be held in September. In interview to the journalist Josh Gross, from, Wand talked about what he is expecting of the final. 'I know that I will make a very good fight against Cro Cop and I don't believe that Josh Barnett will win Minotauro, even being an excellent striker. I believe in a Brazilian final', declared Silva, talking about his adversary from Brazilian Top Team.

- Minotauro for me is a perfect fighter that fights really well on the ground and on the stand up. I will train a lot, because facing Cro Cop and Minotauro just after that will be a hard work that just Silva can do - said the fighter from Curitiba, also talking about his favorite to be the heavy champion of the match: the Russian Emelianenko Fedor. 'He is the best one now. I like him as a person and he is a great fighter. But our work is hard and I can't have friends. If I want to win this match, I will fight him. I am sure that the audience will love to watch this final!' he finished.

Source: Tatame


Quote of the Day

"Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength
that will endure as long as life lasts."

Rachel Carson, 1907-1964, American Biologist/Ecologist/Author

Terror Dome

Rumble World Entertainment & PXC Announce Updated Fight Card for 'Terror Dome'.
Posted by RWE Staff Rumble World Entertainment & PXC (Pacific X-treme Combat) announce the updated fight card for "Terror Dome", a joint RWE-PXC Event to be held on July 28, 2006 at the UOG Field House in Mangilao, Guam.

There will also be a 155lb Grand-Prix Tournament. The event will consist of four 4-man tournaments. The first two qualifiers to be held in Guam on July 28, 2006 and the other on October 13, 2006.

Super Fights:

Ross "Da Boss" Ebanez (Hawaii) vs Joe Camacho (USA)
Wesley "Cabbage" Correira (Hawaii) vs JIHoon Kim (Korea)
Baby Joe "The Juggernaut" Taimanglo (Guam) vs Albert "Always Bad" Manners (Hawaii)
Alex "Most Hated" Castro (Guam) vs James Bealwin (Guam)

4- Man Qualifier:

Josh Cate vs Sajin Kwok
Kaynan "The Barbarian" Kaku vs Chris Duenas (Guam)

Source: ROTR


Quinton Jackson training at 'Sugar' Shane Mosley's house
photo by Dave Mandel

MMAWeekly caught up with Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson up in Big Bear, CA preparing for his fight with Matt 'The Law' Lindland. Rampage says he had an "excellent camp" while training up in Big Bear for six weeks. In fact, he says he is going to "break The Law". Rampage continued, "I just don't want to lose to the guy I'm fighting. I don't want to lose to a guy that look like that. Never." With Lindland being known as a 185 pounder and just recently moving up to Light Heavyweight, Quinton feels that Lindland is in a "win-win situation".

Rampage Jackson also talked about leaving Japan and coming back to America to fight. " I feel like in Japan, I should have been promoted a little bit more," says Rampage. Concerning his new home with the WFA Rampage said, "I'm pretty happy with the promotion so far from what I'm seeing. We've been isolated up on this mountain, can't see a whole lot, but from what I hear and stuff they're doing a pretty good job..."

Source: MMA Weekly

WhoopAss.TV launches pilot of a revolutionary new radio show
Are you ready to whoop ass?

From the people who brought you the Underground Forum and WhoopAss.TV comes a new generation of mixed martial arts radio. No more poor quality, low brow, home produced radio. The WhoopAss Radio show is a professional studio produced radio show, produced by radio guys who got into MMA, not MMA guys who think they could produce a radio show. MMA radio will never be the same as WhoopAss radio leads the revolution with a top quality product.

WhoopAss radio will begin as a series of pilots to gauge user response and garner sponsor interest. These pilots will be a complete depiction of what the radio show will be and give us an idea if a weekly or daily show could survive in the real radio market, whether it be terrestial or satellite radio.

With our first pilot, we've pulled out all the stops to make the product top notch and something that people will want to listen to. The pilot will focus on the upcoming WFA: King of the Streets event, and will feature interviews with WFA fighters Matt "The Law" Lindland and Bas "El Guapo" Rutten. And to add some color commentary , the veteran voice of the octagon Bruce Buffer will be joining the show to add his own fight anaylsis.

On top of interviews the show will feature Contests & Giveaways from our exciting sponsors, call-ins from our listeners, news, notes, and rumors in the fightworld; everything that makes a good radio show.

About our host...

Hosting the program is Luke Thomas, a Lloyd Irvin student based out of Washington, D.C. In addition to doing both political and sports talk radio, he has written about Middle Eastern political issues for a non-profit advocacy group in New York City, interned at The Onion, and achieved the rank of Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps Reserve. Luke graduated from The College of William & Mary with a double major of Philosophy and Government.

You can check out our radio show by logging into the forum over at MMA.TV or download the mp3 or windows media file directly.

Source: Maxfighting


Quote of the Day

"Fight for your opinions, but do not believe that they contain the whole truth, or the only truth."

Charles A. Dana, 1819-1897, American Newspaper Editor

Calling All CGJJ Students!
Come to Class Tonight!

We will be having some important announcements tonight at class so please see if you can make it! For those who have not come in a while, try to come in.

Remember class starts at 7:30 pm!

Dan Inosanto Seminar

Seminar hosted by BURTON RICHARDSON at the Honolulu Headquarters:

We will be having the honor of hosting Guro DAN INOSANTO at our Academy in

Sept 2nd and 3rd, 2006. Saturday and Sunday, Labor day weekend. KAIMUKI

1 pm to 7 pm. (5 hours each day with 1 hour break)

* Member Pre-Registration (before August 15th): $200

Non-Member Pre-Registration (before August 15th): $225

* After August 15th and Before September 1st:

Members and Non-Members: $250

* At the door (depending on availability):

Members and Non-Members: $300

We will do our best to accomodate as many of you as we can and give you a
chance to train with Guro Inosanto but space is limited. This will most
likely be his last seminar in Hawaii. Don't miss it!

Call us now at 808 864 1620. Registration over the phone so we can keep


While much of the MMA community is focused on title fights and Pride vs. UFC match-ups, many fans are also waiting to hear the time and place of the proposed sparring match between former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Tito Ortiz and UFC president Dana White.

It was announced some months ago that as part of the agreement of bringing Tito Ortiz back to the UFC, he would get to spar with his boss in a boxing match. While it still hasn’t happened, the two participants haven’t forgotten. At the UFC 61 post-fight press conference, both White and Ortiz acknowledged that the sparring match will happen, and possibly in the near future.

When asked about the proposed match-up and his preparations to spar with Ortiz, White said, "I’m gonna have to jump right in and start doing that." Tito got an instant smile on his face when the question was asked, and it looks like he’ll be enjoying it he gets to put on the gloves and let out some aggression on White, who was Ortiz' manager before Zuffa bought the UFC.

While it doesn’t appear that the fight will be seen by anyone outside of Dana White and Tito Ortiz, the current 205-pound top contender did mention the possibility of showing the fight somewhere and donating the profits to charity. Dana White did seem confident in his ability to handle himself against the former champion, but also remained steadfast that it would not be a public spectacle.

When asked about the chances that the fight will ever actually be seen by any fans or spectators in a live audience, White said, "I'll beat him up in private."

Only time will tell when or if the match-up will take place, but the two are talking about it openly, so the possibility of Tito Ortiz versus Dana White, even if it is only a sparring match, still looks like it's very likely to become a reality.

Source: MMA Weekly

Gracie Magazine debuts 10th Anniversary Issue

In July 1996, we turned the old "Jornal Gracie" newspaper into GRACIE Magazine in order to enhance the quality of the printing. It would be easier to say the sport's evolution led us to it. Directly, at least, it had nothing to do with it. It's just that we had better-looking images, ever since photographer Ricardo Azoury, months earlier, had convinced us to pay more attention to the careful depicting of competitions. And seeing those good photos printed on the newspaper stationery was rather frustrating.

Except for Carlos Gracie Jr., president of the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Confederation and partner in the publisher, who always thought ahead, the rest of the small staff didn't envision the sport and the publication ten years from then. Very young and very busy, we were too concerned about the present to worry about the future.

But the fact is, when the publication stopped being distributed for free and started being sold on newsstands, we began being more cautious about the stories of each issue, we started investing in trips around the planet in order to take the best events to the reader's hands, and automatically we began having greater contact with the world of fighting as a whole. This soon made us see where it would all wind up.

So much that, soon after the advent of the magazine, we were already thinking of someday publishing it in English, and that became one of our main objectives. But we didn't have a clear goal in sight. That is, we didn't yet have a date set for that to happen. Again, the rollercoaster drove us away from the focus, and only when we publicly committed to it, soon after the ADCC, in May 2005, on a piece of news published on the internet, was the one-year deadline determined. Goal set, goal accomplished: in April 2006, almost ten years after the first GRACIE Magazine appeared on Brazilian newsstands, the first international issue was launched.

What in ten more years? Well, we've got a couple of goals already, but to reveal them now would provoke shock, and perhaps, laughs. After all, not knowing that a given task is impossible is the first step toward executing it.

In order to celebrate its first decade of life, GRACIE Magazine has prepared a historical edition, one of those you save a special place on your shelf for.

In the course of the 92 pages of GRACIE Magazine #113, the friend reader will find testimonies by stars like Ronaldo Jacare, Mark Coleman, Wanderlei Silva and Ricardo Cachorrão. We assigned them the task of speaking about how their own lives have changed throughout these ten years.

But GRACIE Magazine #113 isn't just that. Besides exclusive lessons by Ronaldo Jacaré and Leozinho Vieira in our academy and a series of takedown exercises by our feature writer Martin Rooney, you will find:

- The second part of the series that details the 20 fundamental moves of Jiu-jitsu
- Renzo Gracie firing away in a mind-blowing interview
- A preview of the 2006 World Jiu-Jitsu Championships
- A story about the Atlântico Sul Cup and the U.S. Open

For those who like mixed martial artes, we went to American Top Team, in Florida, to show the structure of one of the biggest academies in the world. And we dived again into Pride's open-weight Grand Prix with a profile of Croatian idol Mirko Cro Cop. Go to and get your GM #113 now!

Source: Maxfighting

Forrest Griffin vs. Stephan Bonnar 2 is on!

The Boston Herald is reporting that the rematch between Forrest Griffin and Stephan Bonnar will happen at UFC 62.

The first fight during the Ultimate Fighter Finale made the two fighters instant fan favorites and was arguably one of the best fights of 2005. Griffin won the close decision and the title of the Ultimate Fighter. Bonnar was awarded the six-figure contract anyway for his impressive performance.

Both fighters are coming off a loss. Griffin to Tito Ortiz and Bonnar to Rashad Evans.

Current Fight Card:

- Chuck Liddell vs. Renato "Babalu" Sobral
- Stephan Bonnar vs. Forrest Griffin

Saturday, August 26, 2006
Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas

UFC 62: Chuck Liddell vs. Renato Sobral on Saturday, August 26
By, July 6, 2006

Chuck "The Iceman" Liddell is set to defend his UFC Light Heavyweight title against Renato "Babalu" Sobral. In their first meeting at UFC 40, Liddell knocked out Sobral with a kick to the head.

UFC 62 will be held at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas on Saturday, August 26.

Tickets go on sale Sunday, July 9 at 10 am.

Source: MMA Fighting


Quote of the Day

"Make it a rule of life nevër to regret and nevër to look back. Regret is an appalling waste of energy; you can't build on it; it's only for wallowing in."

Katherine Mansfield, 1888-1923, New Zealand Short Story Author


Jason 'Mayhem' Miller will be fighting in WFA inaugural show next weekend. And, he will be fighting The Ultimate Fighter's Lodune Sincaid, who is on a winning streak having recently beat James Irvin and Alex Schoenhauer. When asked about his fight against Sincaid, Mayhem said, "I'm looking to get elected as the a##-kicking President."

Mayhem has recently been from one spectrum to the other as far as fighting in different weight classes. His UFC debut was against Georges St. Pierre at 170lbs. in which St. Pierre defeated Mayhem. "Do you know how a teenage girl goes through that awkward phase... that's what 170 was for me," said Mayhem. At 170lbs. Mayhem said he walked "around like Skeletor" and that "maybe I shouldn't have starved myself for three months."

Just last March, Mayhem fought a giant of a man, Stefan Gamlin, who was over 300 lbs. "I tried to get heavy, I was eating everything I could, and I was still 211, 213", said Mayhem. But, he had a better outing at Heavyweight as Mayhem commented that Gamlin was like an "oil tanker and then I dismantled him piece by piece in 46 seconds."

Now his fight will be at 205lbs. against Sincaid at Light Heavyweight. Mayhem feels that his movement and speed is good at this weight and he is at 207 a week before his fight so he really doesn't have to cut weight. As Mayhem said, "The awkward phase is over, I'm good, my braces are off (smile)..."

Source: MMA Weekly


Quinton "Rampage" Jackson has been training in Big Bear, California for six weeks in order to get ready for his fight against Matt Lindland, which will take place on the WFA's July 22nd pay-per-view event. This fight will be Rampage's homecoming to the United States, as he hasn't fought in America for over four years.

Rampage told MMAWeekly, "I've never been this close to my weight this far from a fight." Prior to his fights in Pride for the past few years, Rampage has been known to fly into Tokyo at a much heavier weight than his division's 205-pound limit. This time, Jackson is much closer to where he needs to be, and he feels that making weight won't be a problem.

So, what's the difference this time? Well, for one, he hasn't been eating ketchup, and Rampage loves ketchup. He said that he hasn't had a drop of ketchup.

In addition to his improved diet, Rampage said, "This is the hardest I've trained in years. I think this is the hardest I've ever trained in my life."

When MMAWeekly asked Rampage's trainer, Juanito, how Rampage's preparation is coming along, he said, "Fantastic! He's coming along great. His conditioning is impeccable. His work ethic is coming along really good. He's ready. Mentally, he's ready, and that's always been his weakness. Quinton, if he believes in himself, there's no one that's gonna stop him at 205 pounds. No one."

As Rampage said, "[I'm in the] best shape I've ever been in before a fight."

Source: MMA Weekly


Main event
Brian Gassaway def. Jamie Toney, unanimous decision, 3 rounds (15:00)

8-man welterweight tourney

Alternate bout
Jason Louck def. Josh Smidt, unanimous decision, 3 rounds (13:00)

First round
Victor Moreno def. Nick Sorg, unanimous decision, 2 rounds (10:00)
Dustin Hazelette def. Mike Cardosa, :48 triangle choke
Justin Wilcox def. Bobby Voelker, unanimous decision, 2 rounds (10:00)
Chad Reiner def. Edward O'Daniel, :31 Rd. 2 (5:31) knockout.

Hazelette def. Moreno, 1:02 armbar
Reiner def. Wilcox, 2:54 armbar

Hazelette vs. Reiner, Aug. 26 at Extreme Challenge 70 at LCO Casino

Source: MMA Weekly


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"Time is the greatest innovator."

Francis Bacon, 1561-1626, British Philosopher/Essayist/Statesman

Mosley TKO's Vargas

Shane Mosley scored a convincing win over fellow American Fernando Vargas in their light middleweight rematch at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on Saturday.

Referee Kenny Bayless called a halt to the clash towards the end of round six after Mosley, 34, had knocked Vargas, 28, to the canvas with a solid left.

Vargas got up but Mosley moved in with an unanswered barrage, forcing Bayless to step in with 22 seconds left.

'I saw the opportunity and I threw the perfect left hook again,' said Mosley.

'It was a combination that me and my father were working on in training camp. I set it up with the jab, step back and then hit him with the left hook.'

Vargas, a former IBF light middleweight champion, looked lethargic and was beaten to the punch throughout by Mosley, whose superior hand speed gave him every round on the scorecards.

Source: BBC

Phil Baroni to represent Pride in the UFC
By Mark Pickering

PRIDE FC’s Phil Baroni and Kazuyuki Fujita are set to accompany PRIDE Middleweight Champion Wanderlei Silva as the company’s representatives at UFC’s November PPV.

A salivating crowd at the Mandalay Bay Events Center witnessed Dana White announce the dream clash between Liddell and Silva this past weekend at UFC 60. It has since emerged that the Japanese promotion are sending a supporting cast of fighters to compete with UFC’s finest in November.

DSE President Nobuyuki Sakakibara, who accompanied Wanderlei Silva at UFC 60, revealed to Japanese press upon his return to the Orient that his compatriot Kazuyuki Fujita is set to compete at UFC’s November PPV.

In addition, PRIDE Bushido standout Phil Baroni has publicly announced his participation. The New York Bad Ass, a former UFC Middleweight who amassed a 3-5-0 record in his 4-year spell with the company, has informed fans that he will return to his former stomping ground to square off against a “top UFC 185 pounder”.

The prospect of a PRIDE vs. UFC card has remarkably emerged from redundant conjecture to reality, leaving appeased spectators anxiously awaiting the organisations inaugural battle in November.

Source: Maxfighting


As Jeff Monson prepares for a potential shot at Tim Sylvia's UFC Heavyweight Title this fall, Monson feels more than ready for the fight.

MMAWeekly caught up with Monson after his victory at UFC 61, and you can see the complete video interview right now in the MMAWeekly TV section.

As Monson put it, quite simply, "He's never fought anyone like me." Even though Sylvia would be the significantly taller fighter in such a fight, with a height advantage of over eight inches, Monson could very well have more strength and explosiveness in his takedowns than any of Sylvia's previous opponents.

The ground game is the weakest part of Tim Sylvia's all-around game and is also the strongest part of Jeff Monson's. Monson is fully aware of this and plans to take advantage of it. Monson told MMAWeekly, "If it goes to the ground, it'll be over and he knows it, so he better keep it on the feet."

Source: MMA Weekly

Rodrigo Minotauro: Close to the belt
By Marcelo Alonso

In a visit yesterday (July 12th) to the Brazilian Top Team in Lagoa, south zone of Rio de Janeiro, TATAME team talked with Rodrigo Minotauro about his training to face Josh Barnett. Even not being able to divulge before the official announcement of the DSE, company who produces the Pride, the TATAME team made an exclusive interview with Minotauro about his fight against Barnett and we separated it especially for when the announcement was already made. Surprising everyone, the DSE today (13) closed the fights of the final of the GP Open Weight, which will be held on September 10th, in Japan. Check out below what Minotauro though about the Pride's choice of Barnett as his adversary, how will be his preparation, what he thinks of the fight between Wanderlei Silva and Mirko Cro Cop and everything that he is waiting of the finals of the match.

What you are doing differently in your trainings?

I am training more Muay Thai, since of the other fights I was training more Boxing. Wanderlei I know he kicks, then I am training this to be able to be well prepared to the finals.

You were expecting to fight Wanderlei and now they set you up against Josh Barnett. What did you think?

Doesn't matter for me Wand or Barnett. They are both really tough. I will do my best against anyone of them I believe that against Josh it will be a hard fight to arrive in the finals, as well as against Wanderlei. In the finals day, the person that will be better physically will lead the belt.

Do you think that he will exchange punches with you or he will try to put you down?

I think he will try to put me down. He has a good Boxing, he exchange punches really well. But he always says in interviews about his wrestling, then he must be training sufficient the take downs. Moreover, all of his fights he puts down, so I will believe the statistics.

You are training Wrestling to make the stand up fight or you will let him put you down as he probably wants?

I am also training Wrestling. I won't leave him put down easily, but if it happens I will use the ground game of Fabrício Werdum, who is the best one of the world for me. It is a chess game there, but I trust the game that I made against Werdum.

And what do you think of the fight between Wanderlei and Mirko Cro Cop?

It will be a big fight. It was a great fight of the other time and at that time the Pride was making some wrong things, leaving Cro Cop with some advantages, but I think that of this time it will be different. If Wanderlei be in the same position that he was that day, it will be a difficult fight for Cro Cop. But Cro Cop also improved a lot his game, he is with a better Boxing and he is more confident. It will be a really hard bout again.

The Pride always puts what people voted in their official website. And in the website, the poll pointed you against Wanderlei. Why do you think that of this time they had not followed the public opinion?

Because I think that Josh Barnett already fought with Cro Cop three times and I think that they don't wanted to make this fight one more time. And I also think that a fight between Brazilians would not be advantage financially to them. The Brazilian people does not attend as much Vale-Tudo, they would not buy pay-per-view in such a way as Americans and Europeans. I think that they could put me and Wanderlei soon, because they would put a Brazilian fighter out of the competition. I do not understand it, because it even has possibilities to be a Brazilian final.

This is a world-wide fight in the truth, something that everybody wants to see.

Sincerely, I did not understand. But now I will continue training to face Barnett.

What you are doing of different now, since you admitted that you were with a little gas in your last fight?

I am training sufficient my exercise part, I am making muscular reinforcement part, training my gas part, running on the beach, going up in mountains. There will be two fights in the same day, then I have to think about this, I need to be faster. I will be with 108kg, I need to lose some weight, I am with 113kg now. In that fight with Werdum he made a fight with some strategies, he is very hard on the ground; we even don't need total about his ground part. He is top, he fights really well, I got tired because I tried everything, I tried American, guillotine.

Did Josh Barnett impress you with Mark Hunt?

His take down was great, but he was in the fight as we knew. Everybody already knew that result.

Do you prefer Cro Cop or Wanderlei in the final?

Doesn't matter, both of them. I will be prepared for anyone. I already fought with Cro Cop, I know his fight. If it will be Wanderlei, would be also a great fight. I will always do my best.

Which advice would you give to Wanderlei in his fight against Cro Cop?

As well as I made when I fought with him, Wanderlei also can hold his kicks, it is easy to support his kicks. If he keeps this rhythm with Cro Cop in the fight, it will be a good tactics.

Source: Tatame

Terrell, Shields, Diaz

The 3 top GracieFighter representatives will be fighting in the upcoming months. In August we will see David Terrell taking on Yushin Okami in the UFC. August will also be the month where Nick Diaz makes his return to the cage to fight again in Stockton. His opponent has not been named and there have been many top names that have refused to face him. Jake Shields has signed to fight in the Cow Palace in September. Shields' first 2 opponents have fallen through, however the organization is close to naming a final matchup.

Source: Gracie Fighter


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"Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it,
without knowing what's going to happen next. Delicious ambiguity."

Gilda Radner, 1946-1989, American Actress and Comedienne

Hawaii's Judoka invited to USA Junior Team Trials!

After winning their respective divisons in the US Junior Judo Olympics, Judoka's Nahoa Salera and Jacob Palimo'o will have the opportunity to battle for a spot on the US Junior Judo Team! The US team travels abroad and competes internationally!

Please wish them luck as they represent Hawaii!

Source: Kula "The Bulla"

Shane Mosley vs. Fernando Vargas II

Mosley stopped Vargas in their first "showdown" who will win "the rematch"on July 15?
April 27, 2006

It was a night few fight fans will forget. Two of boxing's superstars, despite having already established themselves as the best of their era, fighting it out like hungry prospects eager for their first shot at boxing's brass ring. When it was over on February 25th, "Sugar Shane" Mosley and 'Ferocious' Fernando Vargas had given fight fans an unforgettable night, with Mosley emerging as the victor after the fight was stopped in the 10th round.

But there's another chapter to be written in this saga as Mosley and Vargas will meet again on Saturday, July 15 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Mosley vs. Vargas II will be presented by Golden Boy Promotions and Main Events and broadcast live on HBO Pay-Per-View.

For Mosley, it's a chance to once again turn back the challenge of this ferocious warrior; for Vargas, it is an opportunity to finish the job he feels he started earlier this year. Whatever way you look at it, this summer, Mosley and Vargas get to settle some unfinished business in a bout that only needs two words to describe it - "The Rematch".

With speed, power, and grace, "Sugar Shane" Mosley (42-4, 36 KOs, 1 NC) has earned his spot among the elite in the boxing world. A former lightweight, welterweight, and junior middleweight champion, the 34-year-old native of Pomona, California has never shied away from fighting the best in the world, a trait that has endeared him to fight fans and pay-per-view customers who made his bouts with Oscar De La Hoya and Vargas unqualified successes. Gearing up for another run at a world title, Mosley - who holds two wins over De La Hoya - is eager to cement his legacy by doubling up his win total over yet another California rival.

"I'm thrilled to be fighting Fernando Vargas and once again proving that I'm the superior fighter," said Mosley, who stopped Vargas in the tenth round of their first meeting. "To me, there was no controversy about our first fight because one look at his face showed who the winner was. I stopped him once, and I'll do it again."

The pride of Oxnard, California, "Ferocious" Fernando Vargas (26-3, 22 KOs) has done more at the age of 28 than most fighters achieve in a lifetime. A former United States Olympian and two-time junior middleweight world champion, Vargas has faced a boxing "Who's Who" over the course of his nine-year pro career, including Mosley, De La Hoya, Felix Trinidad, and Ike Quartey. Vargas is also the last man to beat middleweight superstar Winky Wright—which he did three days before his 22nd birthday—an amazing feat to say the least, but something 'Ferocious' Fernando has become accustomed to.

"I was winning the fight with one eye. If I was him and I would've seen me, I would've gone for broke," said Vargas. "But he didn't because he felt the wrath of what I carry in my right and left hands. A very few minor adjustments and I will knock him out this time. He knows I was winning. The world knows I was winning. I was winning with one eye. Blind!!!

"I was on the edge of my seat during the entire first fight between Mosley and Vargas, and when it was over I felt like I had just fought ten rounds," laughed Golden Boy Promotions President Oscar De La Hoya. "It was one of those fights that was so good that you have to see it again, and all I can say is that I'm glad I've been in training camp these last couple of months, because I'm going to need to be in top shape to watch these two fighters go at it again."

"We knew going into the first fight that this would be a battle for the ages," said Richard Schaefer, CEO of Golden Boy Promotions. "When you have two warriors like Mosley and Vargas, pride takes over and the fight that results is one you'll never forget. Thankfully, the fans responded and demanded a second bout between these superb athletes, and we're glad that we can give it to them."

Main Events CEO Kathy Duva adds, "I believe Vargas was winning the fight prior to his freak eye injury. Had the injury not occurred we would have been looking at a very different outcome. We appreciate the fact that Shane has agreed to give Fernando a rematch and we are quite confident that the second fight will be as exciting as the first."

"The first time they met, Mosley and Vargas fought with all their heart. Boxing fans appreciate the pride and passion of these two ring warriors, and can look forward to another all-out performance on July 15th", said HBO Pay-Per-View's Mark Taffet.

Source: HBO

K-1 Revenge 2006
Akebono rematches Choi Hong-Man

7/30 Sapporo, Makomanai Ice Arena card line-up:

Akebono vs. Choi Hong-Man
Remy Bonjasky vs. Mighty Mo
Glaube Feitosa vs. Musashi
Peter Aerts vs. Gary “Big Daddy” Goodridge
Poul Slowinski vs. Tatsufumi Tomihira
Bjorn Bregy vs. Tsuyoshi Nakasako
Yusuke Fujimoto vs. Yuki Niimura
Freddy Kemayo vs. Hiromi Amada

Source: Fight Opinion

Franklin to fight in October?
By Sean McClure

The following quote appeared on Rich Franklin’s official website on June 14th, but didn’t receive as much attention as it should have considering the implications.

“I just spent a few days in Vegas and saw the doctor who performed the surgery on my hand. Dr. Sanders said he could no longer see the fracture line in my hand, and I should be able to begin hitting bags and mits within the week. He also said my ankle is very stable. He sees no reason why I could not fight by October. I hope to be back in the Octagon by then.”

If this is the case, you would have to believe that Rich would square off against Anderson Silva. This fight had been heavily rumored and one source close to MaXfighting has said that this could very well happen if Rich’s hand is fully healed by then. Rich has made it clear that he will face any and all comers including someone with the highly regarded striking credentials of Silva. MaXfighting will keep you up to date as news becomes available on the situation.

Source: Maxfighting


Two bouts have been announced for PRIDE FIGHTING'S final tournament event, FINAL CONFLICT ABSOLUTE 2006..

The card so far features the Croatian sensation, MIRKO "CROCOP" FILIPOVIC against the "AXE MURDERER" WANDERLEI SILVA. In addition, "THE BABY FACED ASSASIN" JOSH BARNETT is scheduled to war with former PRIDE heavyweight champion and Brazillian Top Team member, ANTONIO RODRIGO NOGUEIRA.

FINAL CONFLICT ABSOLUTE is the third and final round of PRIDE FIGHTING'S 2006 16-Man Grand Prix Tournament. ABSOLUTE means no weight classes. The date for FINAL CONFLICT ABSOLUTE will be announced soon.

Source: Pride

Leonardo Santos: From the mat to ring
By Eduardo Ferreira

Number one of the light division, Leonardo Santos is doing the natural way of every big Jiu-Jitsu athlete. The black belt of Nova União is going to Vale-Tudo and he may fight his last Jiu-Jitsu World Cup. "This is just a goodbye fight of the championships, but my sponsor made a proposal for me to make my last World Cup and it will be my last performance on the mats", said Leo. Check out the exclusive interview of Leo Santos to website TATAME, where the athlete says everything about the change from the mat to the MMA ring.

How is your preparation for this fight against Johil de Oliveira in the Guarafight 2?

I am training Muay Thai with Luis Alves, Boxing with Giovani from Nobre Arte, my physical preparation with Paulo Caruso and Vale-Tudo with Dedé Pederneiras. I am dedicating myself a lot and I am confident in my victory. I know that Johil is very good and I respect him, so I am training hard to fight well.

Now you will just dedicate yourself to Vale-Tudo?

I was already decided. I will follow my career in Vale-Tudo, because in Jiu-Jitsu I have already a name in it history as like big fighters. After the time I spent in Canada giving some Jiu-Jitsu classes, seminars and training Wrestling and Boxing, things becomes better to me. I wanted to search new things to me and the way I choose was the Vale-Tudo way.

Which category will you fight?

This fight against Johil I will fight in the category until 76kg, but this is the first and last time I will fight. After this fight I will be in my category, until 73kg. I just accepted to fight in this weight, because I was making a job to change my weight slowly, so I could keep this one.

Which is your MMA objective?

My objective is the same one as anyone that starts to practice sports. Be the number one. In Vale-Tudo I want to get there fighting in big events, as the K-1, Pride and have a good purse.

With all of these objectives in Vale-Tudo, won't you fight anymore with gi?

I always train wearing gi to improve my ground technique. I started in Jiu-Jitsu when I was six years old and it is hard to say good bye for the sport that I love so much. This is just a goodbye fight of the championships, but my sponsor made a proposal for me to make my last World Cup and it will be my last performance on the mats.

This is your second Vale-Tudo. The first one was against Takanori Gomi, the current number one of your category. Do you think about revenge?

This is later. At the time I fought with him, I had trained just 20 days and I lost by judge's decision. That was a unique opportunity and I would do it again. Today he is the best one of the category and I have more time to train and I am dedicating myself much better. So it would be an honor to face him today.

You are famous all over the world by your gi titles. Have you been received other proposals in Vale-Tudo?

I received some, but I am always waiting to debut but the things were never going well, so the proposals weren't closed. But I believe that after this fight the event's promoter will see that I am ready so the proposals will show up again.

Source: Tatame

B.C. native, WWE champ charged
The Enquirer

Battle Creek native and wrestling superstar Rob Van Dam was arrested on drug charges late Sunday night in Ohio, according to the Ironton Tribune.

Van Dam, whose real name is Robert Alex Szatowski, was arrested along with fellow World Wrestling Entertainment performer Terry Michael Brunk, aka Sabu, in Hanging Rock, Ohio.

According to the highway patrol, Szatowski was initially stopped for speeding. When troopers approached his vehicle, they smelled marijuana and performed a search.

Troopers found Szatowski in possession of 18 grams of marijuana and five Vicodin prescription pain pills.

Brunk was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and also had nine pills that were not immediately identifiable, but were known to be controlled substances.

Van Dam and Brunk were cited, posted bond at the scene and were scheduled to appear in Ironton Municipal Court today. However, sources at the courthouse say the date has been changed, but has yet to be determined.

Van Dam is the current WWE World Champion and former ECW Heavyweight Champion. He is also currently listed first on the's Power 25 rankings.

Both wrestlers were scheduled to take the mat yesterday and later this week. WWE announced on their Web site Wednesday that Van Dam has been suspended without pay for 30 days and Sabu has been fined $1,000.

Source: The Enquirer


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"Kites rise highest against the wind - not with it."

Winston Churchill, 1874-1965, British Statesman and Prime Minister

UFC shows on Spike TV

Spike TV has issued a press release with its highlights for August 2006. Below, taken from that press release, are its descriptions of its UFC programming in August:

Spike TV Highlights - August 2006


Series premieres Thursday, August 17 (10:00 - 11:00 PM, ET/PT). Encores
Saturdays (10:00 - 11:00 PM, ET/PT) and Mondays (11:00 PM - Midnight,

Sixteen former UFC fighters, eight middleweights and eight
welterweights, have gathered in Las Vegas for a new season of the wildly
popular series, THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER 4: THE COMEBACK. The special twist
to season four is that the winning middleweight and welterweight
fighters are both guaranteed a title fight and a six-figure cash prize.
UFC President Dana White will host, and UFC Legends Georges St. Pierre,
Mark Dellagrate and Randy Couture will serve as advisers to this
season's fighters.

Premieres LIVE Thursday, August 17 (8:00 - 10:00 PM, ET, tape delay for
West Coast). Encores Thursday, August 17 (Midnight - 2:00 AM, ET/PT)
and Saturday, August 26 (4:00 - 6:00 PM, ET/PT).

Spike TV takes it to the Octagon with its sixth LIVE UFC fight card.


Telecasts Saturday, August 12 (9:00 AM - Midnight, ET/PT).

In honor of the premiere of Season Four of THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER, Spike
TV presents a marathon of the entire 3rd Season of THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER,
including the exciting 3-hour finale.

Premieres Monday, August 21 (9:00 - 10:00 PM, ET/PT). Encores Friday,
August 25 (1:00 - 2:00 AM, ET/PT) and Saturday, August 26 (6:00 - 7:00

This special will preview the upcoming UFC 62 Pay Per View event.

Premieres Monday, August 21 (10:00 - 10:30 PM, ET/PT). Encores
Wednesday, August 23, (1:00 - 1:30 AM) and Saturday, August 26 (10:30 -
11:00 AM, ET/PT).

The show will feature Light Heavyweight Number One Contender Renato
'Babalu' Sobral as he prepares to take on Champion Chuck Liddell. UFC
Octagon Girl Rachelle Leah is the host.


New episodes premiere Thursdays (9:00 - 10:00 PM, ET/PT). Encores
Wednesdays (9:00 - 10:00 PM, ET/PT).

This one-hour series features the greatest moments from the UFC(R)'s
vast library of fight footage. The show includes classic bouts never
before seen on television except on pay-per-view.

Source: Spike TV

Post-PRIDE OWGP R2 Interview
Written by

Pride Fighting Championships: Was it your plan to take the fight to the ground?

Josh Barnett: No, it wasn't. I wanted to trade (punches) with him like in the K-1 Grand Prix but Mark fell down by himself. I was fine with standing and trading with him. I train with strikers. I wanted to bring out my opponents strengths and give him a chance.

Pride: You may get a chance to have a revenge match against Mirko. How do you feel about that?

Barnett: I haven't thought about it at all but if you think about the nature of the Grand Prix, it's important to be ready no matter who your opponent is. I will concentrate my training to suit all of the fighters that won tonight.

Pride: You seemed relaxed from the moment you made your entrance. How did you feel?

Barnett: I felt a different kind of energy today. I think it's energy from not being broadcast on TV. I've never been nervous before a fight and tonight I was able to gain energy from the fans and enjoy myself.

Pride: Apparently, you gave Kosaka a strategy for taking Hunt down in the First Round. Were you able to use it yourself and what kind of strategy was it?

Barnett: I wanted to give Kosaka a nice present tonight. I think it was a nice present. I watched Hunt's previous fights to see how he moved on the ground and how he avoids submissions.

Pride: I think it's difficult for any fighter to take Hunt down but you did it quite easily. Did the takedown feel easy to you?

Barnett: It was easy. I trained very hard for this. I was able to take him down easily because I listened to my trainers' opinions.

Pride: What did you learn from the fight? Was there anything that you still need to work on?

Barnett: It's a wonderful trophy. I've added another one to my collection. My tee shirt and shorts smell like sweat but I'll wash them tomorrow. Then, I'll work on whatever I need to work on.

Pride: Are you going to buy something at Yodobashi Camera?

Barnett: Actually, I've already gone. I bought an air gun for myself. If I can, I want to go back tomorrow, look at everything in the game section and buy the new "Fist of the North Star" game.

Pride: Your conditioning seems good recently. You've started to look like Kenshiro [character from "Fist of the North Star"]. Will you look more like him next time?

Barnett: I will do my best. My Nanto Seiken isn't very good so I'll keep working hard to be more like Kenshiro.

Pride: I know that you are good on the ground but what do think of a fight between yourself and someone else that is good on the ground, like Nogueira?

Barnett: I can win, even on the ground. I can make my opponent tap out. I think if I fought at my own rhythm, I would give Nogueira problems on the ground.

Pride: Who would you like to suplex?

Barnett: I want to suplex everyone. I had a chance the second time but it turned into a waist lock. Someone will become target of my suplex.

Source: Pride/Josh

Ring leaders
Ultimate Fighting Championship packs a wallop

By Ron Borges, Globe Staff

LAS VEGAS -- Ken Shamrock, one of Ultimate Fighting Championship's best-known and most gnarly figures, was trying to explain why a UFC neophyte named Wes Combs had just ``tapped out," which is the mixed martial arts way of avoiding with honor the prospect of dying on your sword, 3 minutes 10 seconds into the first round of a June 24 fight with Mike Nickels. Survival would always seem the wisest course given the alternative, but as the crowd roared its blood lust, one had to wonder exactly what Combs had been thinking.

To the untutored eye, it appeared he had quit for no overriding reason while lying on a matted floor inside ``The Octagon" (the fenced-in ring of the UFC) with Nickels astride him in a wrestling hold. But Shamrock, who dates to the infancy of the fastest-growing combat sport in the world, knew differently for he understands the difference between a wrestling hold and a submission hold, having applied plenty of both over the years. The difference is less than subtle once one grasps that mixed martial arts is, in a strong sense, the art of violent persuasion.

``Why'd he tap out?" the 42-year-old Shamrock asked his inquisitor, a smirk crossing his face as the tattooed folks at The Joint, the Hard Rock Casino's main music venue and the home of a UFC reality show on Spike TV, roared their approval. ``Probably because it's hard to breathe when someone's choking you to death."

Combs's decision to surrender after Nickels got him in what is known in the mixed martial arts trade as a ``rear naked choke" now seemed a wise one. Certainly the ``rear naked choke" didn't sound as imposing (or as final) as ``the Guillotine choke" but it was enough to force Combs to tap out, knowing that, unlike in boxing, he would suffer no dishonor retiring in one piece.

Combs's choice was wise and the same can be said of the one made by Las Vegas casino operators Frank Fertitta 3d and his brother Lorenzo, and former Boston boxing aficionado Dana White, the three men who in 2001 resurrected UFC from the scrap heap of bad marketing and no-holds-barred mayhem when they bought the company name from Bob Meyrowitz for around $160,000. At the time ultimate fighting had a sullied reputation. No state would sanction its bouts because it had no rules and boasted of its refusal to cooperate with state regulatory bodies. Not even cable television would carry its bouts, having dropped it in part because of pressure from people as powerful as Arizona Senator John McCain, a prize-fighting fan who termed the no-holds-barred form of mixed martial arts ``human cock fighting."

Enter White, a former UMass-Boston student and bellman at the Boston Harbor Hotel, and the Fertitta brothers, operators of the Station Casino properties off The Strip. ``Smart guys wouldn't have bought the business," admitted the charismatic, 36-year-old White. ``We all loved boxing and once we got exposed to UFC, we fell in love with it. It's the sport of our generation. It's fast-paced. It has characters. It has so many different ways you can win or lose a bout.

``We believe in the sport. We feel it's better than boxing. It has all the entertainment value of wrestling but the fighting is real, like boxing. Young people have embraced these guys. Boxing is your father's sport. This is for a generation that grew up playing Mortal Kombat video games."

A fighting chance
Barely five years later, UFC has mushroomed into a powerful threat to the long-term economic health of boxing. It has become a force on cable television, where it has four shows on Spike TV, and on the Internet, where it regularly makes Yahoo's sports buzz index leading up to a major pay-per-view event, such as last Saturday's rematch between Shamrock and rising star Tito Ortiz on a card fittingly entitled ``Bitter Rivals."

That show sold out the Mandalay Bay Events Center, even with ringside seats going for $700 and the cheapest seat $100. With interest so high, White added three closed-circuit sites in Las Vegas. He had no concerns that it could affect a paid gate he estimated upward of $4 million.

The main event didn't last long as the 31-year-old Ortiz stopped Shamrock in just 1 minute 8 seconds. It was Shamrock's fifth loss in six fights. On Saturday, former world champions Fernando Vargas and Shane Mosley, bitter rivals themselves and two of the boxing's most recognizable names, will square off across the street at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. The fight will not be sold out. There will be no closed-circuit sites because promoters fear it would reduce the live gate. Unlike UFC's show, it won't be available via streaming video on the Web.

The marriage of the Internet and UFC has been an integral part of the sport's stunning rise because when White and the Fertittas bought the business they had no other outlet with which to keep their dying product viable. Thus a sport of choice for a new generation subsisted on that same generation's favored form of communication.

``We have over 2 million people a month checking us on the Web," White said. ``For the `Ultimate Fighter' finale [the June 24 episode on Spike in which 16 competitors vied for a six-figure promotional contract] we had more hits the day of the weigh-in on Yahoo than they had for World Cup.

``If there was no Web when we started we wouldn't have been able to sustain it. UFC stayed alive on the Web. Our [demographic] could never have found out about us without it because the mainstream media was ignoring us."

Not any longer. UFC has been spotlighted over the last year in Time, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and many major daily newspapers around the country. The Las Vegas Review-Journal now has its chief boxing writer regularly cover UFC events and media outlets debate over how much space to devote to the results.

What the Fertittas and White did was come up with a formula to change both the sport and the world's view of it. They added rules. They embraced regulatory bodies in states such as Nevada, New Jersey, and California, which had refused to acknowledge UFC. And they plotted ways to get back on cable TV, which would prove to be the transfusion the sport needed.

No-holds-barred events had been relegated to smoke-filled rooms in unregulated states. Mixed martial arts had become a fringe sport even by the lowly standards of fringe sports. But by using Lorenzo Fertitta's connections as a former Nevada boxing commissioner, doors began to open within the regulatory community when UFC came up with a set of rules. Where once anything was allowed, turning events into bloody barroom brawls without the cocktail glasses, White and his associates added strict adherence to such things as weight classes, five-minute rounds, judges, mandatory drug testing, and, perhaps most importantly, the banning of kicking, kneeing, or head-butting a downed opponent, downward striking elbows, strikes to the spine or back of the head, and strikes to the groin or throat.

This tamer version of the sport Shamrock first appeared in at its opening match in 1993 slowly grew into a cable-ratings bonanza and an obsession for testosterone-fueled young men like Kenny Florian, a former Boston College soccer player from Dover, Mass., who survived the first season of ``Ultimate Fighter" to earn a contract that pays him $6,000 a fight with another $6,000 if he wins, part of a three-year deal that will increase to $8,000 each fight in its second year and $11,000 in the third.

Florian fought the main event on Spike last month underneath two fights that crowned the latest Ultimate Fighters, light heavyweight Michael Bisping and middleweight Kendall Grove. The show's 16 competitors spent 12 weeks living together in a house in Las Vegas that was regularly visited by Spike's cameras. This led to personal revelations, documentary-style filming of their training sessions, and chronicling of growing rivalries that, in one case, led one fighter to urinate in the bed of another.

The final episode was a more important reality for UFC. It was the most-watched show among men 18-49 the night of June 24. NASCAR's Dodge/Save Mart 350 on FX drew 1.4 million viewers. The ``Ultimate Fighter" finale drew 2.8 million, making it the most-watched event in UFC history and the highest-rated original telecast in Spike's history among men 18-49. The show peaked at 3.4 million viewers when Grove squared off with Ed Herman in a three-round fight so filled with nonstop action White ended up offering both men contracts.

The Mandalay Bay Events Center was rocking last Saturday long before Shamrock and Ortiz squared off because unlike boxing, most of the crowd comes for all of the fights, not just the main event. Reflective of both the growth of the sport and the devotion of its fans, Las Vegas casinos post odds on every fight on the card, not just the main event, as is customary in boxing. It's a far cry from the early days of UFC's resurrection when White wondered if leaving his bellman's stand had been the right move and the Fertittas were considering pulling the plug on a dream that was struggling to become a reality. Ironically, that's what saved it. Reality. Or at least reality TV.

Rest of the article in The Boston Globe...

Source: The Boston Globe

Interview with WFA Fighter
Lyoto Machida

By Denis Martins

Undefeated Brazilian MMA fighter, the Karate Kid Lyoto, is set to make his America debut at the WFA's "King of The Streets". Ryoto Machida is set to face US standout Vernon "Tiger" White.

MaxFighting: You stayed in the USA in June and besides a submission tournament that you fought in, you trained at the American Top Team. Do you represent them now?
Machida: No, not for while. I trained there after my submission match against Rafael Lovato Jr, but I couldn't keep myself there because I got sick.

MaxFighting: Sick? What kind of sickness?
Machida: I prefer to believe that I had problems with the jet-lag and then my body didn't adapt itself well. So I returned to Brazil to see a doctor and I'm not sure if I'm 100&, but we'll see...

MaxFighting: What were your impressions about ATT?
Machida: I adored all guys there, and made many friends there, even though a stayed a short period of time. Ricardo Liborio was a real nice to me, and I talked to him about my 'health problem' and that I had to return to Brazil. He told me the ATT's doors were open for me. I hope to have more time to spend there in the future.

MaxFighting: A lot of people were surprised by your participation in a submission event. I know this is not the first time you fought a submission event. How did this opportunity arise for you?
Machida: My former coach and organizer of L.A. Sub - Ricco Chiaparelli - called me to take part in the show, because he thought my presence would be interesting for this kind of event.

MaxFighting: Do you think you left a good impression about your ground techniques?
Machida: Until nowadays my fights were not focused on the ground and because of it I still did not have good idea of how I would fair. Now I've had an opportunity of testing and seeing if what I trained works or not.

MaxFighting: You last MMA match was at Jungle FC 6 and you faced an up & comer in Dimitri Wanderley. Did you expect him to be as tough as he was?
Machida: Always. When I prepare myself for fighting, I focus my training to face strong fighters in all aspects. That opportunity was not different, mainly because I knew I would face him 3 days prior to the fight - so I could not hesitate on that fight. I did not study his game and I did not know anything about him. Wanderley is a tough fighter who goes ahead all the time and never gives-up.

MaxFighting: Did he surprise you during the match with his aggressive style?
Machida: Like I mentioned, I always trained a lot to face any kind of fighter. Wanderley was an unknown to me; I did not have any idea about what I would have in my front. When the fight started, I had to feel him, and then to impose my game. He is really a tough fighter.

MaxFighting: You had not fough since 2005 when you beat BJ Penn at HERO'S. Did you feel the ring rust from this gap from time out of the ring?
Machida: Yes, but I don't think it affected me. I believe a long, but not monotonous fight, pleases the crowd more than a quick one. I tried to show a high technical level for the audience. A few of them like, others dislike - I can not please everybody.

MaxFighting: You fought in the first Jungle FC. How do you compare the first edition to this last one?
Machida: Jungle FC was always a high-level event and in each edition the organization and the quality of the fights increase.

MaxFighting: You were an Inoki Office fighter. Did you have any problems getting out of that contract?
Machida: About Mr. Inoki, I do not have anything to mention. I had little problems with the contract I had with them, but I got to stay free of them.

MaxFighting: I did not believe your next fight would come in America instead of Japan? Was there interest from the Japanese promotions?
Machida: I do not know about the Japanese's interest in me. I did not go to Japan for around 6 months, so I can not say whether they have interest in me or not. For a while there was not any contact from there.

MaxFighting: You trained at ChuteBoxe last year, was there any possibility of you to represent this team?
Machida: The training at ChuteBoxe is excellent. The team is a family and it is a positive point in their favor. In my opinio,n their sessions are very-good and complete in all. They invited me to be a ChuteBoxe representative, but I was involved in others commitments and had to refuse.

MaxFighting: Your next fight is against Vernon White at WFA "King Of Streets". What do you expect from this event?
Machida: My biggest deal is to surpass all expectations; this means the fans and my own. I hope to have a good fight at the WFA. I am training a lot for it.

MaxFighting: Even though this is your first time fighting in America, you have a decent fame there by beating two American idols in Rich Franklin and BJ Penn in Japanese events. Do you think you can show the American fans who Lyoto is at WFA?
Machida: I want to make a show at the WFA. I do not want to play. I want to make people feel pleasure by watching my fight against Vernon. My intention is to make the fans feel themselves satisfied with my performance.

MaxFighting: What do you expect from Vernon?
Machida: Nothing less than a tough and experienced opponent. Due to these my expectations, I'm training extremley hard. I never expect an easy fight and I had one month to study his game enough.

MaxFighting: Is you career 100% focused on the WFA now?
Machida: I want to fight each time more and more. If possible every month. I only need the promoters to keep making their proposals to me, so I will fight.

MaxFighting: A lot of people still insist on calling you Ryoto. Did you already give up of the intention of telling people that you real name starts with "L"?
Machida: My full name is Lyoto Carvalho Machida, but I have no problem of the fans calling me Ryoto if they prefer.

MaxFighting: Would you like to add anything else?
Machida: Thanks you for the opportunity of being interviewed and for the attention of all people who contribute with the MMA development.

Source: Maxfighting


Quote of the Day

"One of the most adventurous things left us is to go to bed. For no one can
lay a hand on our dreams."

E.V. Lucas, 1868-1938, English Writer

EAST vs WEST weigh ins

Thursday July 20 @ 808 fight factory(Waipahu)
6pm Sharp

All MMA fighters must bring ID to verify age..

We will start on time so if you're late and didn't see your opponent weigh in it is your fault. There will be food and drinks for all fighters!!

If the fighter don't make weight we will not talk to opponent management it is up to you guys to settle it if possible if not NO FIGHT!!


Make sure you bring the ticket money and what ever tickets you didn't sell!!


Multiple sources have confirmed that former UFC lightweight champion Jens Pulver has been signed to coach the Ultimate Fighter Season 5 on Spike TV.

Pulver just recently signed a contract to bring him back to the Octagon where he was the one and only 155-pound champion that the company has ever known. While it still hasn’t been announced as to when Pulver will actually fight, the placement for him to be a coach is a sign that the UFC is committed to showcasing the lightweights from here on out.

It would also lend credence to the speculation that Season 5 is set to feature lightweight fighters for the first time in the history of the series. Stocking the show with the lightest class in the UFC has long been rumored, but bringing Pulver in as a coach would seem to make those rumors much more concrete.

The history of the show could lend some insight as to whom the other coach may be as a showdown with Pulver being the end result. The list of fighters who could possibly step in as the other coach could include B.J. Penn, who has also signed with the UFC and has a history with Jens Pulver.

Another possibility could be the winner of the proposed match-up featuring Sean Sherk and an as yet unnamed opponent that is rumored for the August 26th show. This could explain why the UFC was so fast in attempting to put together a fight between the former top-ranked welterweight and Ultimate Fighter Season 1 veteran Kenny Florian.

No official announcement has been made for a time or date for the debut of Season 5, but Jens Pulver will anchor down one coaching spot with the other still left to fill.

Source: MMA Weekly


When Pride runs its first show in the United States on October 21st at the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas, the drug testing will be different than it normally is in Pride. For one thing, there will be drug testing. Pride's fighters are not drug tested in Japan, but that will obviously not be the case in the United States.

Keith Kizer, the Nevada State Athletic Commission's Executive Director, told MMAWeekly, "Testing for Pride would be the same as for other promoters." Kizer was previously the Chief Deputy Attorney General for the state of Nevada. Kizer is now the Executive Director of the NSAC after previous Executive Director Marc Ratner was hired by Zuffa to work for the UFC.

What this means for Pride is that any fighters who participate in championship fights will be drug tested. The NSAC also has the option of randomly drug test other fighters, but has not used this option with MMA events more than a handful times in recent years.

If there are no title fights on any given MMA card, including Pride's October show, the NSAC could choose to drug test the two main event fighters, or two fighters who are randomly selected out of all the fighters competing on the event.

The NSAC's drug policy is such that when Wanderlei Silva challenges for the UFC Light Heavyweight Title, which could happen in November, there is a 100 percent chance that he will be drug tested, as is the case with all fighters in title bouts.

The same will apply for any other Pride fighters who compete in the United States, whether they're competing on a UFC show or a Pride USA show. If it's a title fight, the fighters are definitely going to be drug tested. If it's not a title fight, the fighters are very unlikely to be drug tested.

The NSAC's drug tests screen for steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs, as well as a number of illegal recreational drugs. They do not currently test for abuse of Human Growth Hormone (HGH), nor does any other major sanctioning body, due to the fact that a reliable test for HGH abuse has not yet been developed. However, the World Anti-Doping Agency claims to be close to developing a reliable test for HGH abuse.

One specific fighter who you might think would be competing on Pride's U.S. debut show is Josh Barnett, but he will not be allowed to fight on the show unless he takes and passes a drug test.

After Barnett won the UFC Heavyweight Title in March 2002, he failed his NSAC post-fight drug test when banned anabolic steroids were found in his system.

The normal procedure for such a situation is that the fighter gets suspended for a certain number months, then they have to take a drug test and pass it, and then their license to fight in Nevada is reinstated when they prove that they're clean. That's the process that Tim Sylvia and Nathan Marquardt went through after they failed drug tests in 2003 and 2005, respectively.

However, that's not what happened in Josh Barnett's case. In Barnett's case, he failed a drug test, got suspended, went to Japan, and never fought in the United States again. He has never been re-issued a license by the NSAC because he has never taken a follow-up NSAC drug test.

When asked whether Barnett would have to pass a drug test before he could be licensed to fight by the NSAC, the NSAC's Keith Kizer told MMAWeekly, "Josh Barnett would have to provide a clean urine test before licensure, as did others in the same situation."

In addition to passing a drug test sometime before the event takes place, Barnett would also be overwhelmingly likely to have to take another drug test immediately after his fight as well.

In general, when a fighter has failed an NSAC drug test in the past, that fighter is subjected to more drug testing than any fighter who has never failed an NSAC drug test. In the specific cases of Sylvia and Marquardt, even after they served their suspensions and passed drug tests in order to get their licenses back, they were also drug tested immediately after their first fights back from suspension.

Source: MMA Weekly


MMAWeekly has recently learned that Ian Freeman will continue his return when he battles Mark Epstein on September 30th. Cage Rage 18: Battleground will feature Freeman and Epstein battling for the promotion's British Light Heavyweight Title.

Freeman was recently unsuccessful in his bid to take the Cage Rage World version of the title when he was knocked out by Melvin Manhoef in 17 seconds of the first round. Epstein is looking to continue his five-fight winning streak, but arguably hasn't faced an opponent the caliber of Freeman since his knockout loss to Evangelista "Cyborg" Santos more than a year ago.

Also highlighting the card is a rumored bout between the "New York Bad Ass" Phil Baroni and Cage Rage British Middleweight Champion Mark Weir. Both fighters are looking to get back on the winning track after losing in Pride Bushido; Baroni to Japanese talent Kazuo Misaki and Weir to Denis Kang, who is undefeated in 18 consecutive bouts.

UFC veteran Trevor Prangley will return to Cage Rage as well, along with several other British title bouts.


-Ian Freeman vs Mark Epstein (British Light Heavyweight Title)
-Mark Weir vs Phil Baroni (International Super Bout)
-Rob Broughton vs Robert Berry (British Heavyweight Title)
-Paul Daley vs Sol Gilbert (British Welterweight Title)
-Trevor Prangley vs Gregory Bul (International Bout)
-Dan Severn vs TBA (International Bout)
-Brad Pickett vs Robbie Olivier (British Featherweight Title)

*Card is unconfirmed and subject to change.

Source: MMA Weekly


Quote of the Day

"Getting ahead in a difficult profession requires avid faith in yourself.
That is why some people with mediocre talent, but with great inner drive,go
much further than people with vastly superior talent."

Sophia Loren, Italian-born Film Actress


Friday July 21@ Dole Cannery

Ticket Information

Just to let all the MMA fans now that all tickets has left my hands. The tickets I had are sold already so whatever left are with the teams. I’m not sure what each team has left but I do know that we couldn’t give everyone what they wanted because of previous tickets that were sold.

Please be POLITE and PROFESSIONAL when calling these people, Remember I don’t know if all schools still got tickets..


Cisco Bringas 620-3004

John Kukahiko 351-4898

Bulls Pin 330-7108

HMC 841-5144

Kaleo Kwan 723-0773


John Visante 688-3613

Zack Rapal 225-3776

808 Fight Factory 671-4140


590-3824(P.I.P PROMOTER)

Wand trains for the Pride' semifinal

The trainer of the Chute Boxe star Wanderlei Silva, Rafael Alejara is very happy about the victory of his pupil over Kazuyuki Fujita in the GP OW. He commented about what changes in Wand's preparation for his next confrontations: "We had to change Wand's physical preparation work because of his injury. I am Wanderlei's physical trainer, so I have exclusivity", said the proud professor. About the preparation for the semifinal and final stage, Rafael guarantees that the works were already started. "He is very happy and we already started the physical preparation for the next stage", he said.

Source: Tatame


The Internet fan boy forums are buzzing with shock and horror over the interview with Dana 'BLAF' White and Rich 'Cable Guy' Franklin on the 'Fox News O'Reilly Factor'. I'm not sure what they expected O'Reilly to say but it was one of the softest pieces on Ultimate Fighting that I have ever seen on mainstream TV. Sure, O'Reilly feigned some concern over the long-term potential injuries to the fighters but he obviously didn't have too much of a problem with the sport. Any comments that could have been seen as negative, were fuelled by the poorly thought out responses of UFC President Dana White, who was unable to sell the sport as a safe alternative to boxing. White was left with no answer to O'Reilly's quoting of medical statistics that say MMA is far more dangerous than boxing, then he botched up his response to O'Reilly's allegations that the former heavyweight boxing champion Mohammed Ali 's illness had been caused by boxing.

Rich Franklin did not help matters by admitting that he once knocked out a man in a fight who then took twenty minutes to regain consciousness, or that he would gladly risk death by fighting in the UFC because it was his dream to be a fighter. He also suggested that being a no holds barred cage fighter was a more noble contribution to society than being a schoolteacher is. Maybe he is correct but the statement failed to give credence to his argument.

Despite these two ZUFFA cronies ineptly shooting themselves in the foot, O'Reilly was reserved, restrained and polite, he did not display his tactics of shouting over his guests, or turning off their microphones like he has done on several occasions when he doesn't agree with the guest's views.

This was a blatant ad for the UFC, nothing more, and nothing less. A banner on the screen through much of the interview advertised 'Pay Per View Ultimate Fighting' and another banner promoted the finale to The Ultimate Fighter; this is inconsistent with the belief by many UFC fan boys that O'Reilly is truly against the sport.

I doubt that very many Fox News viewers would be upset by watching footage of the Mohawk adorned skinhead, Chuck Liddell, beating on African-American fighter Vernon White and Rich Franklin beating on African-Canadian fighter David "The Crow" Loiseau. The only other footage that was shown was a clip featuring the skinhead Chuck Liddell vs the skinhead Jeremy Horn and mexican fighter Tito Ortiz being punched by the smaller white fighter Forest 'Gump' Griffin.

How many typical Fox News viewers are going to be outraged by such footage or what O'Reilly said about Mohammed Ali? Remember, these are the same people who believe that Saddam was behind 9/11, Sean Hannity is fair and balanced and Anne Coulter is a hot blond. If anything, this fluff piece on 'The O'Reilly Factor' might gain the UFC many new viewers from Fox News' main viewer base in the heart of good old boy America. Fox's predominantly white redneck audience were probably salivating at the footage presented by the skinhead President of the UFC and calling their PPV provider before the segment had even finished.

It's obvious to me that the interview was some sort of advertorial for the UFC and it was no more genuine than the rumored "boxing match" between the Tito "Mexican Uncle Tom" Ortiz and Dana "BLAF" White will be, if it actually takes place.

People say that this Fox piece has set the sport back five years, but in reality it is the Pro-wrestling type publicity stunts that ZUFFA are constantly pulling these days that has truly set the sport back and made a mockery of it.

Source: Fight Sport

Randy Couture and Bas Rutten opens WFA training center

Bas Rutten and Randy Couture have teamed up to open a new school that will serve as the official training center of the World Fighting Alliance (WFA).

Located in Hollywood, California, the "Legends" gym will provide classes for mma, boxing, Muay Thai, jiu jitsu, and general fitness.

Jason "Mayhem" Miller, and Karo Parisyan will join the two owners as mixed martial arts instructors. 10th planet Jiu Jitsu's Eddie Bravo is listed as one of the jiu jitsu instructors.

For more information on the Legends Mixed Martial Arts Center visit the official site.

Bas Rutten fights Kimo at WFA: King of the Streets from the Forum in Los Angeles on Saturday, July 22nd.



Quote of the Day

"No bird soars too high, if he soars with his own wings."

William Blake, 1757-1827, English Poet and Painter

Fighters' Club Television Episode 40
Tonight at 7:00 PM!

Fighters' Club Television Episode 40 is cut and submitted to Olelo Programming. It will air in our timeslot of
7:00 pm Tuesday nights on June 6, 13, 20, and 27.

Episode 40 features:

- Highlights from Rumble on the Rock's 175 lbs tournament:
- With special interviews done by our guest host, Jason "Mayhem" Miller from the weigh-ins
- Interview with tournament winner Jake Shields

- Featured bout from Brennan Kamaka's Punishment in Paradise between
Ryan Cayetano (Smith TKD) vs Ikaika Choi Fu (JIL)

- Featured bout from Icon Sport: David "Kawika" Padilla vs Adam Bass

- Technique of the Week:
Jason Miller demonstrating his famous "D'arce" Choke.

and don't miss the credits where you can catch FCTV's Mike and Chris Onzuka (and the other guy, Mark Kurano), hamming it up after the fights. Somebody actually "threw in the towel" on us - you don't want to miss that!

Questions, Comments, Suggestions:

United States National Junior Olympics Results!

Relson Gracie Kaneohe Team and Shobukan Judo Club Students do well at Junior Olympics the first leg of the US Judo National Triple Crown!

Nahoa Salera 1st place
Jacob Palimo'o 1st place
Teshiya Alo 1st place
Hikina Gaughen 2nd place
Teniya Alo 2nd place
David Terao 2nd place
Joshua Terao 2nd place
Zorich Palimo'o 3rd place

Congrats to all!!!!!


Friday July 21,2006 @ Dole Cannery


Shooto Middleweight Pacific Rim Championship (3x 5 Minute Rounds)

Keita Nakamura (Shooto, Japan) Vs. Ronald Jhun (808F.F, Waipahu)

Lightweight Shooto Bout (3x5 Minute Rounds)

Hayate Usui (Shooto, Japan) Vs. Ed Newalo ( 808 F.F, Kaneohe)

165lbs. PIP Kickboxing Championship (3x2 Minute Rounds)

Kaleo Kwon (Eastsidaz, Kailua) vs. Wayne Perrin (Team Bigdogs, Waianae)

165lbs.P.I.P Kickboxing Championship K Bout (3x2 Minute Rounds)

Keoni Bryant (Jus Rush, Kailua) vs. John Visante Jr (Sit You Down, Waianae)

140lbs.P.I.P Kickboxing Championship Bout (3x2 Minute Rounds)

Ryan Lee (Bulls Pin, Kailihi) Vs. Domi Lopez (Team Bigdogs, Waianae)

135lbs. P.I.P Kickboxing Championship Bout (3x2 Minute Rounds)

Nui Wheeler ( Team Soljah, Waianae) Vs. Bronson Mohika (808 F.F.,Kailua)

15Olbs. P.I.P Kickboxing Championship Bout (3x2 Minute Rounds)

Marcus Moreno (Bulls Pen, Kailihi) Vs. Duke Saragossa (808F.F, Wahiawa)

183lbs. Light Heavyweight Amatuer Shooto Bout (2x3 Minute Rounds)

Jesse Ware (Kaneohe Team, Kahalu’u) Vs. Joey Corn (Universal Combat Sport, Waianae)

160lbs Kickboxing (3x2 Minute Rounds)

Dean Henze (Smith Taekwondo, Kaneohe) Vs. TBA(Discples of Puhui, Kuaui)

205lbs Cruiserweight Amatuer Shooto Bout (2x3 Minute Rounds)

JJ Richardson (Jus Rush, Kailua) Vs. Lee Jay Gatewood (Sit You Down, Waianae)

Welterweight Amatuer Shooto Bout (2x3 Minute Rounds)

Dominic Ah Nee (Universal Combat Sport, Maui) Vs. Hugh Jones (Fighters Union, Waianae)

200lbs Kickboxing (3x2 Minute Rounds )

Koali Castillo (Koden Kan, Kailua) Vs. Lance Ta’aFaasu (Sit You Down, Pearl City)

175lbs. Kickboxing (3x 2 Minute Rounds)

Weston Victorio (Disciples of Puhi, Kuaui) Vs. Zane Kamaka (Sit You Down, Waianae)

Middleweight Amatuer Shooto Bout (2x3 Minute Rounds)

Keoki Cyrpiano (Jus Rush, Kailua) Vs. David Pedro (Freelance, Kailua)

132.3lbs. Featherweight Amatuer Shooto Bout (2x3 Minute Rounds)

Chaz Schmidt (TEAM MMAD, Kailua) Vs. Jay Bolos (Animal House, Ewa Beach)

Middleweight Amatuer Shooto Bout (2x3 Minute Rounds)

Anthony Ornellas (Jus Rush, Kailua) Vs. Jason Bray (Sit You Down, Waianae)

145lbs. Kickboxing Bout (3x2 Minute Rounds)

Leonard Ja-reaux (Smith Taekwondo, Kaneohe) Vs. Erwin Celes (Sit You Down, Waianae)

140lbs. Kickboxing Bout (3x1 ½ Minute Rounds)

Jarret Matsumoto(Koden Kan, Kailua) vs. Christian Wong (Team Molokai)

135lbs. Kickboxing Bout (3x1 ½ Minute Rounds)

Cory Nemoto (Koden Kan, Kailua) vs. Dayne Tanaka (HMC, Kalihi)

80lbs Kickboxing Bout

Jesus (HMC, Kailihi) vs. Ronald Matautia (Sit You Down, Waianae)

70lbs. Kickboxing Bout (3x1 Minute Rounds)

Kai Kamaka III (808 F.F, Salt Lake) Vs. Jacoby Visante (Sit You Down, Waianae)

Heavyweight (3 X 11/2 Minute Rounds)

Sam Parker (Fight Unit, Ewa Beach) vs. Carl Sua (Fighters Union, Waianae)

Ruas analyses Fujita's performance

The Brazilian Marco Ruas, who trained the Japanese Kazuyuki Fujita for some weeks before the Pride OW, commented and analyzed his pupil performance, which was KO'd by the other Brazilian Wanderlei Silva (Chute Boxe). "He has potential, but just trained two weeks with me and this is not enough for who will fight in such a match like these one", analyzed Ruas, still saying good things about the Japanese performance, that was KO'd but showed his technique: "He came from the pro-wrestling, but just developed the techniques that I passed to him. He put him down, passed the guard, but when the judge put them to the middle of the ring he got disturbed", finished him.
Source: Tatame

Pride GP: Vítor believes in Minotauro

After rocking with the Japanese Yoshiki Takahashi with a KO in the second stage of the GP Open Weight, Vítor Belfort enjoyed the opportunity to talk about the performance of his old team mate Rodrigo Minotauro. 'I think that in the next time they will put Minotauro vs. Wand and Minotauro will win by submission or KO', said Vítor about the possible GP final that will probably be held in September 1st.

About the second stage of the GP Open Weight, which took place in July 1st, Vítor talked about his victory and about the importance of Luis Dórea as his trainer. 'The fight result was great. This is my style and I am getting it back. The kick hands Vítor is back. I was with no trainer of my side and after Carlson's death I was really sad. But now I have Dórea and it helped me to win', guaranteed him.

Source: Tatame

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