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July 9-12
BJJ World Cup (CBJJO)
(SESC gym, Salvador, Brazil)

Shooto Hawaii 2
(Campbell H.S. Gym)

Sometime between Arnold-Gracie & Pan Ams
Pac-Rim BJJ tournament
(BJJ & Sub Grappling)

Rumble On The Rock 5
(Blaisdell Arena)

Arnold Schwarzenegger World Gracie Professional Submission Championships
(BJJ & Sub Grappling)
(Columbus, Ohio)

First Maui Invitational of Jiu-Jitsu

(BJJ & Sub Grappling)
(Kahului, Maui, Hawaii)

Punishment in Paradise 2
(MMA & Kickboxing)
(Campbell H.S. Gym)

Amateur Fighting Compeition 5
(Campbell H.S. Gym)

Ring of Honor 3
(Sub Grappling)
(Campbell H.S. Gym)

Super Brawl 32
(Blaisdell Arena)

UFC 46: Super Natural
(Mandalay Bay Events Center, Las Vegas, NV)

Ring of Honor 2
(MMA & Kickboxing)
(Campbell H.S. Gym)

Second 2 None Submission Grappling Tournament
(Sub Grappling)


(Kobe Wing Stadium, Kobe, Japan)

UFC "Ultimate New Year's Eve"
Pay per View

Pride's Special Otoko Matsuri 2003

(Kickboxing & MMA)

Rumble On The Rock 5
(Hilo, Hawaii)

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December News Part 3

Wednesday night and Sunday classes (w/ a kids' class) now offered!

For the special price, click on one of these banners above!

Tuesdays at 6:00PM on Olelo Channel 52

 12/31/03 Happy New Year!

Quote of the Day

"Hold on to your dreams for they are, in a sense, the stuff of which reality is made. It is through our dreams that we maintain the possibility of a better, more meaningful life."

Leo Buscaglia, American Expert on Love, Lecturer, Author Wishes Everyone a Happy New Year!

Thank you for making and Fighters Club TV explode in popularity this past year. We appreciate all the great comments we have been receiving and thank you for your support. Please feel free to email us with any comments, suggestions or basically anything that you want to see more or less of on this page or in the show. We hope to double our audience this next year with your help. Please tell your friends about us and, as always, feel free to email us any Hawaii related stories, articles or annoucements and we will be more than happy to post them.

We hope everyone has a great New Years! Stay safe and don't drink and drive, unless you are drinking non-alcoholic eggnog. I love that stuff!

All 3 Super Show's Fight Cards

Pride SP card line-up (in match order):
December 31st, 2003
Saitama Super Arena
Omiya, Japan

1. Ikuhisa Minowa vs. Quinton "Rampage" Jackson
2. Heath Herring vs. Giant Silva
3. Hayato "Mach" Sakurai vs. Daiju Takase
4. Akira Shoji vs. Murillo Ninja
5. Hidehiko Yoshida vs. Royce Gracie
6. Don Frye vs. Gary Goodridge
7. Wataru Sakata vs. Daniel Gracie
8. Yuki Kondo vs. Mario Sperry
9. Kiyoshi Tamura vs. Ronnie Sefo
10. Kazushi Sakuraba vs. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira

Kazayuki Fujita vs. TBA
Josh Barnett vs. Semmy Schilt
Stefan Leko vs. Kazunari Murakami
Yasuhito Namekawa vs. Masayuki Naruse
Tadao Yasuda vs. Ricardo Liborio
Rich Franklin vs. Ryota Machida
Amar Suloev vs. Din Thomas
Hiromi Amada vs. Pedro Rizzo
Alistair Overeem vs. Vladimir Matyushenko
Alexandre Emelianenko vs. Angelo Araujo
Hiromi Amada vs. Pedro Rizzo

Bob Sapp vs. Akebono
Francois Botha vs. Yusuke Fujimoto
Ernesto Hoost vs. Montanha Silva
Francisco Filho vs. TOA
Jan Nortje vs. Masayuki Naruse-MMA
Genkie Sudo vs. Butterbean-MMA
Alexey Ignashov vs. Shinsuke Nakamura-MMA
Cyril Abidi vs. Sylvester Terkay-MMA
Kristof Midoux vs. Tom Howard-MMA
David Khakhaleishivili vs. Yoshihiro Nakao-MMA

Source: MMA Weekly

Rickson in Japan for K-1
by: Luca Atalla

The official press conference for K-1's Dynamite New Year's Eve show went smoothly as usual. The news of the day was the announcement that Rickson Gracie would be at the Nagoya Dome to watch the fights. In addition to that, a live satellite broadcast from Hawaii will have Mike Tyson sending a message to all fans.

Inside the ring, an exciting night is expected. The main event will pit former Sumo Yokuzona Akebono, from Hawaii, versus former NFL player Bob Sapp. Sapp attended the press conference with his arms tied and a mask like the one worn by Anthoby Hopkins in the movie 'Silence of the Lambs'. K-1 superstar Ernesto Hoost will face Brazilian giant (and former basketball player) Montanha Silva. One of the organisation's hottest new fighters, Biel- Russian Alexey Ignashov will make his MMA debut versus pro-wrestler Shinsuke Nakamura.

Former professional boxer Francois Botha will take on Yusuke Fukimoto (K-1 Rules), while French top MMA fighter Kristof Midoux is set to face American pro-wrestler Tom Howard, in the event's opening match. Another interesting match up is the one that puts former Barcelona Olympic Judo Gold Medal Winner David Khakhaleishivili, from Georgia, versus amateur wrestler Yoshihiro Nakao. Brazilian Kyokushinkai Karate expert Mauricio da Silva will replace an injured Cyril Abidi in a MMA match against the huge pro-wrestler 'The Predator'.

K-1 Dynamite!!
31 December 2003
Nagoya Dome, Nagoya, Japan
Starts at 16h local time

K-1 matchups:
- Bob Sapp vs. Akebono
- Ernesto Hoost vs. 'Montanha' Silva
- Yusuke Fukimoto vs. Francois Botha
- Francisco Filho vs. TOA 'The Samoan Beast'

MMA matchups:
- Alexey Ignashov vs. Shinsuke Nakamura
- Genki Sudo vs. Eric 'Butterbean'
- Mauricio Silva vs. The Predator
- David Khakhaleichivili vs. Yoshihiro Nakao
- Tom Howard vs. Christopher Midoux
- Jan 'The Giant' Nortje x Masayuki Naruse

Source: ADCC


Inoki's show has taken a bit of step backwards. In a bizarre story, former Heavyweight Boxer Ray Mercer has not showed up in Japan as he missed his flight to face Kazayuki Fujita.

Nobody knows who will step in to fight Fujita, but according to various published reports the top candidate seems to be Tsuyoshi Kosaka. It will take a large chuck of change however. According to Zack Arnold at Puroresu Power he said quote "There are questions as to which pro-wrestler will be sacrificed to Fujita. Here's a dark horse candidate - Tsuyoshi Kohsaka, and at a cost of a million dollars."

In other news Fedor Emelianenko vs. Yuji Nagata is official. It will be very interesting to see the legal ramifications in the future because of what happened by DSE. Cyril Abidi has dropped out and is replaced by Mauricio Silva in his match against Sylvester Terkay.

Source: MMA Weekly


Royce Gracie. That's all you need to say. Everyone knows that name... or, at least, they know of the Gracie part of the name. The family has been around from the start of vale tudo in Brazil and Royce has been there since the beginnings of modern day mixed martial arts when UFC 1 gave birth to today's modern style of combat.

Royce Gracie won the very first UFC tournament... and the second... and the fourth. He defeated fellow legend Ken Shamrock, whom he was inducted with as the premier entries into the UFC Hall of Fame. He has defeated Kimo, Keith Hackney, Dan Severn, and Nobuhiko Takada. His only loss, in fourteen bouts, is to Japanese fighting legend Kazushi Sakuraba. His grappling expertise is second to none.

And yet, his reputation as one of the best fighters in the world has consistently been questioned by the recent MMA community. The predominate argument being that Royce is from a different time when no one understood his art of Gracie Jiujitsu; that he fought when fighters were stuck in one dimensional styles, not the well-rounded skill sets of today's fighters.

Since his infamous draw with Ken Shamrock in 1995, Royce has fought under MMA rules only twice, his loss to Sakuraba and a win over Takada. Also among that time was his controversial loss in a special rules "jacket" match with his opponent on New Year's Eve, Hidehiko Yoshida.

This match is primarily a war of retribution for Royce. He has the opportunity to exact a measure of revenge for the loss to Yoshida, his foremost interest, and he has the opportunity to prove to the critics that he is still one of the best fighters in the world and that Gracie Jiujitsu still has its place in the sport.

Royce is one of the most amazing ground technicians in the world. Where he may have some trouble is with the strength that Yoshida possesses. He will need to get this one to the ground and keep Yoshida from gaining a dominant position where his strength would be a big factor.

Royce cannot knock Yoshida out, if Silva couldn't do it neither will Royce. His best chance is to work and wait for a mistake by Yoshida to capitalize on, something he is extremely good at; otherwise, he will have to remain very active and hope for the decision win, something that isn't too probable.

Win - Art Jimmerson - Submission - UFC 1 - 11-12-1993
Win - Ken Shamrock - Submission (Rear Naked Choke) - UFC 1 -
Win - Gerard Gordeau - Submission (Rear Naked Choke) - UFC 1
Win - Minoki Ichihara - Submission (Gi Choke) - UFC 2 - 3-11-94
Win - Jason DeLucia - Submission (Arm Bar) - UFC 2 - 3-11-94
Win - Remco Pardoel - Submission (Gi Choke) - UFC 2 - 3-11-94
Win - Pat Smith - Submission (Punches) - UFC 2 - 3-11-94
Win - Kimo Leopoldo - Submission (Arm Bar) - UFC 3 - 9-9-94
NC - Harold Howard - (Threw in the Towel) - UFC 3 - 9-9-94
Win - Ron Van Clief - (Rear Naked Choke) - UFC 4 - 12-16-94
Win - Keith Hackney - Submission (Arm Bar) - UFC 4 - 12-16-94
Win - Dan Severn - (Triangle Choke) - UFC 4 - 12-16-94
Draw - Ken Shamrock - UFC 5 - 4-4-95
Win - Nobuhiko Takada - (Unanimous) - Pride - 1-30-2000
Lose - Kazushi Sakuraba - TKO (Corner Threw in the Towel) - Pride - 5-1-2000

Source: MMA Weekly


Though he has only four actual mixed martial arts bouts under his belt, Hidehiko Yoshida sure draws a lot of the attention afforded the sport. A highly decorated Judoka with an Olympic gold medal and multiple world championships, Yoshida started to draw the attention of MMA fans when he fought to a controversial ending with Royce Gracie in a special rules "jacket" match. With Royce's reputation in MMA, many fans were immediately crying foul.

His first entry into a full rules MMA bout with Don Frye faired Yoshida's reputation no better. Frye fought uncharacteristically and many fans were sure the Pride was protecting their countryman and that the fix was in. The story didn't change after a quick finish of Kiyoshi Tamura in the opening round of the Pride Middleweight Grand Prix.

Everything seemed to change when Yoshida went toe-to-toe with Pride Champion Wanderlei Silva for 15 minutes in the semi-final round of the Grand Prix with Silva winning the decision. Yoshida earned more respect in that loss than in his first 3 MMA bouts combined.

Now, he gets a chance to silence the critics. Yoshida faces MMA legend, Royce Gracie, in a full MMA rules match. No one has really questioned whether or not he has the ground game to roll with Royce, but after his bout with Silva, many may wonder if Royce has the stand-up game to trade kicks and punches with the much stronger Yoshida.

After weathering the storm of Silva's awesome striking, Yoshida would seem to come into this bout the more impressive of the two on the feet. The two appearing to be a stalemate on the ground, and with strength on his side, Yoshida may do well to defend Royce's takedown attempts and strike with him.

If he can come out of this one with a clearly clean finish for the win, Yoshida would silence the naysayers and solidify himself as one of the top fighters in the world.

Win - Don Frye - (Ref Stoppage Arm Bar) - Pride 23 - 11-24-2002
Win - Masaaki Satake - (Front Choke) - Bom-Ba-Ye 12-31-2002
Win - Kiyoshi Tamura - Submission (Gi Choke) - Pride - 8-10-2003
Lose - Wanderlei Silva - Decision (Unanimous) - Pride - 11-9-2003

Source: MMA Weekly


Review by Niko Motiee

Yuki Kondo (PANCRASEism) vs Mario Sperry (Brazilian Top Team)

Perhaps the most intriguing match-up on any New Years Eve card is this battle between the Brazilian grappling legend and the explosive Pancrase star. Kondo has spent the better part of the last 8 years establishing himself as the most polished Japanese stand-up fighter, while repeatedly capturing a number of King of Pancrase titles. Having accumulated convincing victories over Semmy Schilt, Frank Shamrock, Guy Mezger, Ikuhisa Minowa, Masakatsu Funaki and Sanae Kikuta, Kondo brings instant credibility to this Pride event [as much or more than any other native Pride has brought in over the last three years]. Mario Sperry has overcome several minor injuries over the last year, and will attempt to re-establish himself as a player in the title picture with a win over the red hot Kondo.

Initially Sperry was set to fight Don Frye, but due to this being Gary Goodridge's swan song, the match-ups were accordingly altered. In actuality, Kondo had hoped to parlay his dominating late November performance against Sanae Kikuta into a fight with Brazilian Middleweight Champion Wanderlei Silva. Unfortunately, Silva was ruled out due to surgery to correct minor elbow inflamation. Nevertheless, if Kondo wins this fight convincingly, Sakikabara and company will most likely grant Kondo's wish of a bout with the Axe Murderer (that is if Mr. Ozaki of Pancrase, who has been known to be stingy with the distribution of his fighters, allows it).

The thing that makes this fight so appealing is the contrasting styles that both fighters bring into the ring. Kondo is the protypical dynamic striker, with a multitude of flying knees, kicks, alongside a devastating left hand. Several fighters have commented to me over the years that being hit by Kondo is unlike anything else they had experienced throughout the course of their MMA careers. They, like all fight fans who have seen Kondo in action, marvel not only at his lightning quickness, but his deadly striking precision.

Contrastingly, Sperry epitomizes submission grappling. Sperry's Jiu-Jitsu technique has long been heralded by peers and fans alike. Sperry has the nuances of grappling down to an art [as evidenced by his unmatched instructional videos]. However, unlike some Jiu-Jitsu based fighters, Sperry also is a strong wrestler, with a wide variety of takedowns in his grappling arsenal. His striking is not up to par with Kondo's, but he has shown himself to be adequate in taking (see Ninja-Sperry) and delivering strikes.

The key to this fight is simple, how quickly can Mario Sperry take this fight to the mat? One thing Sperry does so well on the ground is control his opponents entire body. If Sperry can land a takedown (it could be a leg trip, but Kondo has deceptively strong upper-body), he could position himself to initially strike Kondo, and then submit him. However, Sperry should not only be weary of shooting for a leg (Kondo could easily catch him with a flying knee or barage of knees after a sprawl), but he should not take Kondo lightly on the mat. Kondo exhibited oustanding groundwork in his first bout with Kikuta earlier this year (which is one of my top 5 fights of the year), and has shown himself to be quite adept at scrambling out of precarious positions.

It is pretty safe to say that Kondo will almost immediately throw a high kick or a flying knee out of the gate, so Sperry should have his guard up early. Sperry should also be very weary of Kondo's left hand, [specifically his left hook]. One thing Sperry can not revert to is attempting to exchange strikes in the heat of the moment (like he did against Ninja Rua), because he will inevitably get put on the mat. However, if Mario (who is normally a strong tactician) can stick to the gameplan of smothering Kondo's offense by taking him down, he can win this fight.

In the end, this fight can most likely go one of two ways. Either Sperry continually lands takedowns, controls Kondo (who is smaller than Sperry) on the mat, and wins a decision, or Kondo decimates Sperry on their feet. Let us also remember Pride's recent stringency towards action on the mat. If Mario is not *incredibly* active in a dominant position on the ground, this fight will get stood up. DSE wants an action packed fight that will keep Fuji TV viewers tuned in, and the Saitama fans energized (not to say Mario can't do that with his superb submission skills), so Sperry must continually look for the finish if he grounds Kondo. While it is also interesting to note Paulo Filho's (Sperry's teammate) decision victory over Kondo (where Filho controlled Kondo on the mat), it is also pertinent to point out how much Kondo has improved since 2001. Nevertheless, I look for this fight to go the full three rounds, with Kondo receiving a close (perhaps split) decision.

Source: MMA Weekly

New Year's Eve Preview - Part II
By Jason Probst

Talk about competition making for a better product. It’s going to be a great New Year’s Eve in Japan where three major fight cards, featuring mostly mixed-martial arts action along with some K-1-style competition, will be aired on three of the largest terrestrial Japanese television channel.

Dueling PRIDE’s intriguing card (today’s featured breakdown) are Antonio Inoki’s Bom-ba-ye show and a much-ballyhooed K-1 effort, including the talk of the island nation: Bob Sapp versus Sumo Yokozuna, Akebono.

With some of its biggest stars (Sakuraba, “Rampage,” Yoshida, Herring …) competing on 12/31, PRIDE has pieced together the most meaningful event of the night, the repercussions of which will surely be felt throughout the coming year.

Hayato Sakurai vs. Daiju Takase
Like the bigger Takase here in a good match of submissions aces. Takase is one of those little guys that’s used to taking on monsters, and Sakurai was the last guy to be a betting favorite over Matt Hughes (imagine that!). Take Mach by decision.

Daniel Gracie vs. Wataru Sakata
Gracie versus a Japanese guy, wow, what an idea! Is it just me, or do Japanese surnames always have 50% vowels? Sakata only needs to spell “TAP,” and he’ll do just that. Gracie by submission.

Gary "Big Daddy" Goodridge vs. Don "The Predator" Frye
Billed as a retirement match for “Big Daddy” Goodridge, who’s probably fought more top fighters than most. He loses and goes down swinging, and brings the ruckus, so to speak. This is their third meeting, with Frye scoring two stoppages.

Don Frye should be smart and take this one to the ground, but Frye admittedly is too macho in trading shots. Take Frye by decision. We’re all getting a little older … but Frye’s Magnum P.I. moustache will always rock harder than front-row seats to Molly Hatchet.

Quinton Jackson vs. Ikuhisa Minowa
This could be grim. If you’ve ever seen a big dog tear up a little dog, you’ve seen it before. Minowa’s record of 23-17 shows he’s tougher against American fighters, who haven’t submitted him nearly as often as you would expect given his numerous stoppage losses to his countrymen (draw your own conclusions). He’ll probably bulk up to 190 pounds from his usual 180, which won’t help much.

Jackson is on a roll right now and showed how tough he is with performances against Murilo Bustamante, Chuck Liddell and Vanderlei Silva. This is a fight where he can do pretty much anything he wants, and he should bang Minowa around before taking him out in the first round.

Mario Sperry vs. Yuki Kondo
A hard one to call, pitting “The Zen Machine” against Kondo, one of the most active top-level Japanese fighters in the sport. At one time Sperry was one of the top grapplers in the game, and was a threat to submit anyone; but his MMA career never really took off and we didn’t see him as often as we would’ve liked. Go with Kondo by decision, especially since it’s in Japan and he’s been competitive against heavyweights.

Hidehiko Yoshida vs. Royce Gracie
It would be a clever move if Yoshida showed up without the gi in a surprise move. Or somebody got KO’d from standup without it ever going to the ground. It would also be cool if I was being stalked by Christina Aguilera, an equally probable scenario.

This one is going to be a gi-fest, grappling match, and it’s got rules that are so anti-striker as to completely eliminate the possibility of someone being beaten with strikes. Going to the canvas will prompt a ten count, and the ten-minute rounds guarantee a Gracie guard-fest. It’ll be tough for Royce to overcome Yoshida but hopefully this one will at least have a definitive ending, unlike the controversial first one.

Go with Yoshida by decision. His confidence is rightfully high after his showing against Silva in the PRIDE Grand Prix, and he’ll control the action and land a few strikes on the ground en route to a decision.

Source: Maxfighting


Quote of the Day

"You don't become enormously successful without encountering some really interesting problems."

Mark Victor Hansen, American Motivational Speaker, Author

Help One of Hawaii's Best Raise Funds For The Olympics

Taylor Takata is selling t-shirts in order to raise funds so that he can make it to the 2004 Olympics. We don't have a picture of them, but they are black with red lettering. It says "Takata" and Judo with a picture of two guys throwing each other on the back. They are pretty cool.

The cost is $14 for kid sizes, $16 for adult sizes, and $17 for XXL.

If you are interested, you can contact Zack Pang via e-mail ( or call him at 551-4421. Taylor would like the orders, if any, asap so he can give the printer an accurate count without over or under ordering.

For those of you that have never heard of Taylor, he is one of the best Judoka at the Shobukan (off Liliha Street), the same dojo that the Sunada's came from. Taylor has more Judo titles than you can count and I think I still have a piece of Tatame stuck in my back from over 6 years ago when he just about threw me through the floor.

Fighters' Club TV Episode 17 Tonight!

Tuesdays 6:00PM on Channel 52 (Oceanic Cable)

Just when you thought we couldn't possibly get any better, along comes
Episode 17. It's action packed from start to finish--and showcases our best
"acting" yet.

Fighters' Club TV has also recently been named Olelo's "Best
Sport's Program of 2003"!

Fighters' Club TV Episode 17 features:

-Highlights from Rumble on the Rock (Oahu)
-Ross Ebanez vs. Gabe Casillas
-Renato "Charuto" Verisimo vs. Gil Castillo
-Gilbert Melendez vs. Stephen Palling
-Ronald Jhun vs. Shawn Taylor (+ intvw w/ Ron)
-DeFranco vs. Deshaun Johnson
-BJ Penn vs. Takanori Gomi (+ intvw w/ BJ--his personality shines through in
this one!)
-intvw w/ UFC president Dana White on BJ's fights and ROTR

Technique of the Week (back by popular demand)
-Enson "Yamato Damashii" Inoue

and, stay tuned for the credits where you can see out-takes of your favorite
personalities: Mike and Chris Onzuka, and Mark Kurano mess up their
lines--not to mention, Chris doing his Ludacris impersonation.

This Episode will air for the next 4 Tuesdays
(Dec 23rd, 30th, and Jan 6th and 13th).

Comments, Questions, and Suggestions to:

We're still looking for that "right" female to help host the show--resumes
w/ pics attached to the same email address.

Happy Holidays from the TOUGHEST SHOW ON TELEVISION!

Brazilian Portuguese Classes

Farrington Community School for Adults

Registration Dates: Jan. 7-17, 2004
Monday-Thursday 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Friday 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Saturday 8:00 a.m.-12:00 noon

$24.00 plus books

Ph# 832-3595
Saturday classes start on 2/7/04
Beginner classes 8:00 a.m. Advance 10:00 a.m.

Ring of Honor 2
(MMA & Kickboxing)

Campbell High School Gymnasium, Ewa Beach, Hawaii
January 24, 2003

$15.00 in advance and $20 day of the event
Tickets at all participating schools or call 671-4140 or 330-9484.

Here is the tentative card subject to change.

Kids Kickboxing 3 x 1 minute rounds
55.lbs Tristin Kamaka (808 Fight Factory) vs. Tristin Prebra (Ewa Beach Fight Club)

Adults Kickboxing 3 x 1:30 minute rounds
170.lbs Teddy Piko (808 Fight Factory) vs. Ryan Oasay (House of Pain)

Adults Kickboxing 3 x 1:30 minute rounds
130.lbs Kai (808 Fight Factory) vs. Hans Lee (Animal House)

Amateur MMA 2 x 3 minute rounds
155.lbs Nestor (Bulls Pen) vs. Chase (BJ Penn Mixed Martial Arts Academy)

Adults Kickboxing 3 x 1:30 minute rounds
140.lbs Nick Corriera (Makakilo Kickboxing) vs. Kaniala Stanton (Ewa Beach Fight Club)

Amateur MMA 2 x 3 minute rounds
145.lbs Brandon Antolin (Jesus Is Lord) vs. Kevin Delima (Bulls Pen)

Adults Kickboxing 3 x 1:30 minute rounds
140.lbs Josh Baker (House Of Pain) vs. David Balicao (Hawaii Self Defense)

Amateur MMA 2 x 3 minute rounds
130.lbs Geraldo Arevalo (808 Fight Factory) vs. Ikaika Silva (House of Pain)

Adults Kickboxing 3 x 1:30 minute rounds
155.lbs Royce Akiona (House Of Pain) vs. Ben (Hawaii Self Defense)

Amateur MMA 2 x 3 minute rounds
170lbs. Russell Strong (BJ Penn Mixed Martial Arts Academy) vs. Jason Nicholson (808 Fight Factory)

Kids Kickboxing 3 x 1 minute rounds
57.lbs Kai Kamaka III (808 Fight Factory) vs. Kiana Baker (House Of Pain)

Amateur MMA 2 x 3 minute rounds
160.lbs Robert Villapando (808 Fight Factory) vs. Ben George (Bulls Pen)

Adults Kickboxing 3 x 1:30 minute rounds
180.lbs Scott Redoble (Hawaii Self Defense) vs. Allan Ulip (Animal House)

Amateur MMA 2 x 3 minute rounds
185.lbs Ron Foster (808 Fight Factory) vs. Ryan Baqui (Kodenkan)

Adults Kickboxing 3 x 1:30 minute rounds
185.lbs Andy Ahsing (Ewa Beach Fight Club) vs. Shelton Guerro (House of Pain)

Amateur MMA 2 x 3 minute rounds
140.lbs Shane Nelson (BJ Penn Mixed Martial Arts Academy) vs. Ryan Lee (Bulls Pen)

Adults Kickboxing 3 x 1:30 minute rounds
170.lbs Alvin Ulip (Animal House) vs. TBA

Main Event:
Professional MMA 3 x 5 minute rounds
170lbs. Ron Jhun (808) vs. TBA

Source: Event Promoter

Ring of Honor 3
(Submission Grappling tournament)

Campbell High School Gymnasium, Ewa Beach, Hawaii
February 8, 2003 (the day after Superbrawl)

$30.00 in advance and $40.00 the day

There will be matches for 3rd and 4th Place. There will be team awards for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

Source: Event Promoter

'Pe de Pano' Speaks!
by: Luca Atalla


Controversy has been added to the Submission Wrestling Open 1! Multiple BJJ World Champion and ADCC over 98.9 kg champion Marcio 'Pe de Pano' Cruz is the first big name to officially sign for SWO 1, an event scheduled for Florida, USA, this Feb 28th. The match will be held under official ADCC Submission Wrestling rules, a format both Cruz and his opponent are familiar with. 'Pe de Pano' will face former ADCC worldchampion Jeff Monson in one of the event’s superfights.

'Pe de Pano', known for his hot mouth, began the interview in a calm tone, saying he’s very happy to participate in a submission wrestling tournament again, since he spent the second half of 2003 competing with a gi. But the soft words finish there!

As he starts to talk about his opponent, the heat rises right away. the outspoken one states ‘Monson is a very tough guy indeed. Especially because he doesn’t like to go for it, he stalls a lot. Are the rules exactly the same as the ADCC World Submission Wrestling Championship?’ he asks. Not waiting for the answer, he resumes: ‘If so, I am the winner already! Those rules are amazing!’

Cruz bought up another incident from the ADCC 2003 World Championships. On the possibility of Monson losing his temper and getting naked after the bout like he did in Sao Paulo last May, 'Pe de Pano' is emphatic: ‘Another man’s nudity is not my business, but if he needs to lose to get naked, he can start undressing right now.’

Pe de Pano finishes: ‘But get naked like he did is easy. I want to know if he can take off his trunks over his head this time,’ finishes Cruz as he signs the contract to participate in the tournament.

The Submission Wrestling Open 1 is on!

Source: ADCC

New Year's Eve Preview - Part I
By Jason Probst

Talk about competition making for a better product. It’s going to be a great New Year’s Eve in Japan where three major fight cards, featuring mostly mixed-martial arts action along with some K-1-style competition, will be aired on three of the largest terrestrial Japanese television channel.

Dueling PRIDE’s intriguing card are Antonio Inoki’s Bom-ba-ye show and a much-ballyhooed K-1 effort, featuring the talk of the island nation: Bob Sapp versus Sumo Yokozuna, Akebono.

Here are the breakdowns of the latter two, with a PRIDE preview to come Tuesday.

Inoki Bom-Ba-Ye
Riddled with threats of lawsuits from Pride because of their claimed exclusivity rights to Fedor Emelianenko and Antonio Nogueira, Inoki’s show still offers guaranteed matchups that are decent. The latest reports have Fedor and Nogueira off the card because of contractual obligations, and it’s been a game of musical chairs with matchups.

However there are still compelling matches, and here’s a look at those that are solid, all of which are MMA.

Josh Barnett vs. Semmy Schilt

Barnett beat him once, and he’ll beat him again, as Schilt’s still basically a huge kickboxer with limited takedown defense. Barnett by submission, first round. Too bad he’s been AWOL in the states since beating Randy Couture in UFC 36, because he might be the best heavyweight out there.

Rich Franklin vs. Ryoto Machida

Take Franklin by decision. His ground skills should carry him through a long fight and back up his solid standup as Machida opts for a floor war.

Alistair Overeem vs. Vladimir Matyushenko

Overeem brings a lot of takedown defense into his match with Vladdy, and this could be a repeat of Matyushenko’s fight of Andrei Arlovski if he can’t take it to the mat early.

Amar Suloev vs. Din Thomas
Tough match for smooth, skilled Din Thomas, who steps up in weight vs. Suloev. However, have a feeling here Thomas is getting better with each fight; pick here is Suloev in tough distance win.

Kazuyuki Fujita is also fighting on the card versus an opponent to be named.

K-1 Show
(Kickboxing Fights)

Bob Sapp vs. Akebono
Akebono might have edge in foot speed given his sumo background, but getting punched by Sapp should be a weird experience for him, if not a memorable one. This freak show is the draw of the K-1 card, and even a hardened MMA observer like myself will be guilty scanning the net for the results.

Take Sapp by knockout or DQ after Akebono reverts to form, tossing him down and squishing him.

Ernesto Hoost vs. 'Montanha' Silva
Badman Hoost has too many weapons, skills for bigger but raw Silva. Little axe chop down big tree.

Shannon Briggs vs. TBA
Briggs by knockout in what may be a seminal crossover fight, building toward larger things.

Francois Botha vs. Yusuke Fujimoto
The Japanese love to see Americans -- any American -- in against their own. Maybe it’s some lingering love-hate relationship with our culture? Who knows. Botha may replicate Butterbean’s first round KO of Fujimoto, but then again, he never had that much power. Take Fujimoto by hard-fought decision.

Francisco Filho vs. TOA 'The Samoan Beast'
Filho is a top K-1 fighter, take him by knockout, and nickname cancellation, in two.
MMA matchups:

(MMA Fights)
Genki Sudo vs. Eric 'Butterbean' Esch
For freak show rating, this might even surpass Sapp-Akebono. Lord help little Genki if he falls to guard against Esch, whose 340-pound frame (or 320, or 380, depending on when he’s last eaten) is twice his size. It might be an interesting object lesson to see if an armbar or leg lock can be executed and implemented properly against such a huge opponent (imagine Sudo going for an omo plata against Bean’s pumpkin-sized shoulder), but we’ll go with Sudo and the rear-naked choke in two rounds, after some posing and general bizarre feeling out in the first.

It should resemble a walrus fighting a terrier, albeit a terrier with good submissions.

Other fights on the card are mostly kickboxers doing MMA and serving as filler for the night:

Alexey Ignashov vs. Shinsuke Nakamura
Cyril Abidi vs. Sylvester Terkay
David Khakhaleichivili vs. Yoshihiro Nakao
Tom Howard vs. Christopher Midoux
Jan Nortje vs. Masayuki Naruse

Source: Maxfighting

Sakakibara Press Conference

"There is one Japanese fighter that I would like to face Sakuraba, no matter what it takes, and I'd like for the media to help me." That was what Dream Stage Entertainment's President Nobuyuki Sakakibara had to say to reporters gathered at the 12/23 press conference held at DSE headquarters. He didn't mention any names but there's no doubt that he's talking about a tough-minded fighter who wears red shorts.
Kondo versus Sperry, Minowa versus Rampage, Goodridge versus Frye … it was right after Sakakibara announced these fights that he really got warmed up. "There were rumors that Sakuraba's opponent would be Rogerio Nogueira. Rogerio is definitely a candidate but DSE feels that there is one guy even more appropriate for this event. We've been constantly after him, asking him what it would take to fight for us in this event. He's a Japanese fighter. We at DSE will give our absolute best but we will need the help of the fans and the media."

It was an unusual statement. Even without saying a name, it's obvious whom he's talking about. Sakuraba's mentor, PRIDE FC General Director Nobuhiko Takada, admitted that he was a man among men. To make this public appeal is a big gamble for PRIDE FC as they are still in the negotiation-stage.

Asked why the fighter didn't immediately accept the New Year's Eve fight, Sakakibara replied, "I don't know. If he has a reason, it's probably personal. He's not the kind of guy to be in a hurry just because of the money or the size of the event. He doesn't really like to fight in events with giant themes or with other Japanese fighters. But, that's exactly why we want to see him."

Sakuraba has already agreed to fight him. According to DSE, Sakuraba said he would fight him even if it weren't finalized until the 30th. If the negotiations fail though, there'll be nothing for him to do but wait and it may be trouble for the company broadcasting the event, Fuji Television. Realistically, negotiating up till the day before the fight is impossible but according to Sakakibara, he plans on pursuing this fighter until the last possible minute.

The hardheaded guy with the red shorts has already refused DSE several times, however, DSE has been refused by him before but was finally able to successfully negotiate his appearance in the past. Sakakibara says that he's going to keep on pushing the offer until he gets thrown out of the negotiating room.

Sakuraba versus the mystery fighter was the most requested match-up by the fans participating in the 11/9 fan survey at the Tokyo Dome. "This is one of the greatest Japanese match-ups ever, right up there with Yoshida versus Tamura." Sakakibara continued, "This is a card that I want to make happen at any cost."

President Sakakibara has a lot on his mind. The eyes of the martial arts world will be on the New Year's Eve fights. It seems his willingness to do anything to help the MMA world led him to ask for assistance from the media this time.

After hearing about Sakuraba, the mystery fighter said, "If the fans want it, the media wants it and we want it, and that voice is loud enough, I'll fight." The fans want it, the media wants it and his opponent, Sakuraba, wants it. The only thing left is for him to make a decision.

Additionally, President Sakakibara addressed the reports of the PRIDE FC Interim Heavyweight Champion, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira's appearance in another event. "We received a request for that but we haven't held any discussions. We've officially refused to let Fedor Emelianenko participate but have decided to loan Semmy Schilt to them. DSE wants to be helpful and share our strengths as much as possible but they cannot continue to decide things in such a one-sided manner. Nothing has been decided at all about Nogueira's appearance."

Source: Pride

Shockwave Press Conference

A press conference was held on December 23rd at Dream Stage Entertainment's headquarters to announce three fights for the upcoming December 31st PRIDE SHOCKWAVE 2003 show. Two former Pancrase fighters, Ikuhisa Minowa and the current Pancrase Light-Heavyweight Champion, Yuki Kondo, will stand in the PRIDE ring. Additionally, PRIDE FC's gatekeeper, Gary Goodridge, will fight in his retirement match.

The battle for the New Year's Eve spotlight continues and PRIDE FC has started firing back, as some very big Japanese names will be appearing on the SHOCKWAVE card.

Yuki Kondo … He's Pancrase's fighter ace and defeated Sanae Kikuta on 11/30 to become the "King Of Pancrase" Light-Heavyweight Champion. After seeing the fight, DSE President Nobuyuki Sakakibara declared it as the best Japanese vs. Japanese fight of the year.

His opponent in PRIDE FC, is none other than the head of the Brazilian Top Team, Mario Sperry. Sperry suffered a recent loss to the younger Murilo "Ninja" Rua, but is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu master with victories over such formidable opponents as Igor Vovchanchyn, Wataru Sakata and Andrei Kopylov.

Although Kondo's appearance was arranged rather quickly, he remains confident. "I was already training as if I would have a fight. Nothing changes because my opponent has been decided. My training theme is to be able to fight anyone, anytime." Finally the curtain will be opened and PRIDE FC fans will be able to see the flying-knee and "the brute", Kondo's vicious left hook, that took out Kikuta in one hit. It looks like Kondo may have his eyes set on PRIDE FC's Middleweight Champion, Wanderlei Silva, too. "I don't want to just have one fight and say, okay, that's it. I want to connect this fight with something in the future." If he gets through Sperry, Silva will be one step closer. Kondo is generally thought of as being one of a very small handful of Japanese fighters that have a chance at beating Silva.

The second Pancrase fighter is the man who calls himself a "real pro-wrestler", Ikuhisa Minowa. He left the Pancrase organization in May of this year, traveled to Brazil and is now returning to Japan to fight after a 6-month training session with the Brazilian Top Team. "He is one of the best, young Japanese fighters," President Sakakibara commented about Minowa, "He went to Brazil, without being able to speak the language, and successfully trained with the Brazilian Top Team. That is no easy task. He is a fighter that DSE has been after for a long time." The President of his former organization, Ozaki, readily agreed to his appearance and Minowa has earned his first chance to climb into the PRIDE FC ring.

It will not be an easy climb, however. His opponent will be Quinton "Rampage" Jackson, who placed second in the PRIDE Grand Prix 2003. President Sakakibara seems confident about the newest fighter to PRIDE FC, "Minowa is 85kg and Rampage is 95kg. There is a weight difference but if there is anyone who can make up for it, it's Minowa." Minowa himself has long expressed a desire to fight bigger opponents, "Pro-wrestlers have to fight opponents of all sizes. A small guy's victory over a huge guy is the greatest win."

Both fighters are skillful in their use of the power-bomb and fans will have to pay close attention to see which one will slam, and which will be slammed.

Also of interest in the Shockwave show, PRIDE FC's gatekeeper, Gary Goodridge, active since PRIDE 1, is going to hold his retirement fight. According to "Big Daddy," the damage he has acquired over his years in fighting and the physical and mental damage he received in his loss against Fedor in August brought him to the decision to retire.

It was Goodridge who brought the offer to DSE. "I want to fight again. I want my last fight to be against someone tough." His opponent, it turns out, is one of the toughest men alive, Don Frye. Frye has lost only once in the UFC and as one of the toughest guys in PRIDE FC, he had no choice but to accept. Both sides agreed upon the fight very quickly. Said Goodridge, "With Frye as my opponent, I'm sure it will be a fitting final match." Gary Goodridge, a man who has devoted his life to PRIDE FC, will step into the PRIDE FC ring and stand before his fans for the final time as a true man and as PRIDE FC's gate keeper.

This now brings the total number of matches for PRIDE SHOCKWAVE 2003 to six matches. Excluding Sakuraba, there are 2 more Japanese fighters that may participate in the scheduled 10 fights. "I want to start announcing the fights tomorrow, as soon as they are finalized." (Pres. Sakakibara)

Source: Pride


Quote of the Day

"Treat a man as he is and he will remain as he is.
Treat a man as he can and should be and he will become as he can and should be."

Stephen Covey, American Speaker, Trainer, Author of ''The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People''

Rumble On The Rock 5 Results!

Edith Kanakaole Tennis Stadium, Hilo, Hawaii
December 27, 2003
By Chris Onzuka -

(All of these lovelies are Tahitian dancers and can shake some booty like you wouldn't believe)

Rumble went back to the town that it originated, Hilo, Hawaii and brought in some of the best production ever seen in Hawaii for an MMA event. Light racks, two large screens, an entrance ramp, smoke, fighter video introductions and instant replay treated those who were in attendance at this event. The event brought a full card of twelve matches and played the entire match between BJ Penn and Takanori Gomi. The action started off with a 4-man lightweight tournament with a fighter from BJ Penn's academy and a fighter from Oahu's 808 Fight Factory meeting in the finals. Some of the highlights were the war between Villapondo and Castro with tons of reversals and even though Villapondo controlled the match, you had the feeling that Castro could steal it from Villapondo at any moment. Another came via KO from the hands of Abraham Cortes-Kalaupa being delivered to Gaven Mata. The finals of the lightweight tournament was also a war when Villapondo fought off Robison's take down attempts or was able to fight his way back up to his feet and pounded Robison, while Robison was relentless with his take down attempts and had Villapondo in some bad positions, keeping Villapondo on his toes for the entire fight. The Sonnen-Moore fight was pretty uneventful, with Sonnen peppering Moore for the whole fight and Moore getting a few take downs, but not capitalizing on the positioning. The judges made an error awarding the decision to Moore only for the fight to be reviewed on tape at the request of Sonnen, causing them to reverse their position on the fight, giving Sonnen the victory.

Lightweight Tournament Semi-Finals:
2 Rounds - 5 Minutes:
Abraham Robison (BJ Penn's MMAA) def. Jerry Saribay (Bull's Pen)
Submission due to rear naked choke at 3:00 minutes in Round 1.

Lightweight Tournament Semi-Finals:
2 Rounds - 5 Minutes:
Robert Villapondo (808 Fight Factory) def. Ashton Castro (Young Guns DeLuta Club)
Unanimous Decision [(20-17), (20-17), (20-17)] after 2 rounds.

2 Rounds - 5 Minutes:
Paul Laga (Bull's Pen) def. Eric Beach (BJ Penn's MMAA)
TKO, Beach could not answer Round 2.

2 Rounds - 5 Minutes:
Abraham Cortes-Kalaupa (BJ Penn's MMAA) def. Gavin Mata (Shirotaka Kenpo & Kajukenbo)
KO (right upper cut) at 1:27 minutes in Round 1.

2 Rounds - 5 Minutes:
Mark Rodriguez (Rudy Valentino) def. Pete Sefo (808 Fight Factory)
Verbal submission due to strikes from the cross position at 20 seconds in Round 2.

2 Rounds - 5 Minutes:
DJ Delfin (BJ Penn's MMAA) def. Eric Devers (Shirotaka Kenpo & Kajukenbo)
TKO, referee stoppage due to rear naked choke (Devers was about to go unconscious) at 49 seconds in Round 1.

2 Rounds - 5 Minutes:
Mike Aina (BJ Penn's MMAA) def. Mike Bickers (Vendrell's Martial Arts)
KO (right hook) at 22 seconds in Round 2.

Pro-X Division: 3 Rounds - 3 Minutes (no grappling)
Kaleo Padilla (Koden Kan/Kona Boxing) def. Mark Moreno (Bull's Pen)
Unanimous Decision [(30-26), (30-26), (30-27)] after 3 rounds.

2 Rounds - 5 Minutes:
Kaynan Kaku (BJ Penn's MMAA) def. Harris Sarmiento (808 Fight Factory)
Unanimous Decision [(20-18), (20-18), (20-18)] after 2 rounds.

Lightweight Tournament Finals
Tournament Finals:
2 Rounds - 5 Minutes:
Robert Villapondo (808 Fight Factory) def. Abraham Robison (BJ Penn's MMAA)
Majority Decision [(20-17), (20-18), (19-19)] after 2 rounds.

Semi Main:
2 Rounds - 5 Minutes:
Ross Ebanez (BJ Penn's MMAA) def. Shawn Beckett (Fusion Fight Team)
Unanimous Decision [(20-18), (20-18), (20-18)] after 2 rounds.

Main Event:
2 Rounds - 5 Minutes:
Chael Sonnen (Team Quest) def. Homer Moore (Brausa Academy)
Unanimous Decision [(20-18), (20-18), (20-18)] after 2 rounds.


K-1 'Premium 2003 Dynamite'
December 31st, 2003
Nagoya Dome
Nagoya, Japan

"The image of defeating Sapp? I usually dream about it." Akebono told the media at a press conference. "Christmas present for Sapp? I want to give him the video of my training." Akebono is very confident predicting a knockout against The Beast.

The lineup has been described as a circus by many media outlets as Sapp vs Akebono and Genki Sudo vs Butterbean are the two matches that highlight this strange card.

- Christopher "Phoenix" Midoux vs. Tom Howard(MMA)
- Jan "The Giant" Nortje vs. Masayuki Naruse(MMA)
- David Khakhaleichivili (Judo) vs. Yoshihiro Nakao (amateur wrestling)(MMA)
- Cyril Abidi vs. The Predator(MMA)
- Genki Sudo vs. Butterbean(MMA)
- Alexey Ignashov vs. Shinsuke Nakamura(MMA)
- Frans Botha vs. Yusuke Fujimoto(K-1)
- Francisco Filho vs. TOA(K-1)
- Ernesto Hoost vs. Montanha Silva(K-1)
- Bob Sapp vs. Akebono(K-1)

Source: MMA Weekly

PRIDE FC - First Japanese Event To Announce Full New Year's Card!
by: Marcello Tetel

December 31, 2003
Saitama Super Arena Tokyo, Japan

The air is beginning to clear in the Land of the Rising Sun, as PRIDE FC becomes the first of the New Year's Eve events that announces a full card. Still to be announced are Japan's K-1 and the Inoki BOM BAY YE events, in what has been a brutal, cutthroat competition for TV ratings. PRIDE has beaten the other events to the punch, revealing their full plans just three days prior to the event occuring.

There are rumors of further changes in the air, mainly around the opponent of Japanese star Kazushi Sakuraba. Rogerio Nogueira is the opponent of record for Sakuraba, but there is word Rogerio may fight Murilo 'Ninja', and Sakuraba would face Matt Lindland instead. When Rogerio Nogueira left Brazil on the 26th of December, he was supposed to fight Kasushi Sakuraba, but in the back of his mind, he was aware that Pride could change the match at the last minute, due to the pressure of the TV ratings.

When he left Brazil, Murilo Ninja did not have an official opponent yet. Now, his opponent will be the last victim of his brother Shogun, Akira Shoji.

ONe of the first changes involved Mario Sperry, who was supposed to fight Don Frye, but his opponent switched to Japanese star Yuki Kondo.

There is word that Ryan Gracie is out, and his spot goes to his cousin Daniel Gracie.

Due to the New Year's competitions and the pressure from Japanese TV, this year seems more frenetic than usual. Another Japanese star, Kiyoshi Tamura was mentioned as an opponent for Sakuraba in what would have been a classic all-Japanese bout, but they Tamura will face Ronny Sefo as of this time.

Pride FC wisely signed as many Japanese fighters as possible for this card. The only matchups wihout a japanese fighter are the retirement match for Gary 'Big Daddy' Goodridge against Don Frye and the Heath Herring versus 'Giant' Silva bout.

Former SHOOTO star and champion Hayato Sakurai takes on fellow countryman Daiju Takase, who comes off a big win against highly regarded Anderson Silva.

- Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson v. Ikuhisa 'The Punk' Minowa
- Heath Herring v. 'Giant' Silva
- Hayato Sakurai v. Daiju Takase
- Murilo Ninja v. Akira Shoji
- Royce Gracie v. Hidehiko Yoshida
- Don Frye v. Gary 'Big Daddy' Goodridge
- Daniel Gracie v. Wataru Sakata
- Ze' Mario Sperry v. Yuki Kondo
- Kiyoshi Tamura v. Rony Sefo
- Kazushi Sakuraba v. Rogerio 'Minotouro' Noguiera

Source: ADCC

ADCC NEWS - TOP 10 MMA Competitors
Debut of the NEW LIST


For 2004, ADCC NEWS re-introduces it's TOP TEN MMA fighters list, to be updated monthly. A panel of 6 delegates (1 from each continent) contributed to the voting for ADCC's Top Ten. The 'unified' weight categories used in the USA to categorize the competitors, resulting in ratings for 6 weight categories.


under 145 lbs.
#1 Alexandre 'Pequeno' Nogueira (Brazil)
#2 Norifumi 'Kid' Yamamoto (Japan)
#3 Jens Pulver (Team EXTREME, USA)
#4 Joao Roque (Nova Uniao, Brazil)
#5 Stephen Palling (USA)
#6 Tetsuo Katsuta (Japan)
#7 Ivan Menjivar (Costa Rica)
#8 Cole Escovedo (USA)
#9 Hiroyuki Abe (Japan)
#10 Jeff Curran (USA)

145.1 - 155 lbs.
#1 Vitor 'Shaolin' Ribeiro (Nova Uniao, Brazil)
#2 BJ Penn (USA)
#3 Duane 'Bang' Ludwig (USA)
#4 Yves Edwards (3rd Column, USA)
#5 Hermes Franca (American TOP TEAM, USA)
#6 Joachim Hansen (Team Scandinavia, Oslo, Norway)
#7 Takanori Gomi (SHOOTO, Japan)
#8 Genki Sudo (Japan)
#9 Matt Serra (Team Renzo Gracie, USA)
#10 Din Thomas (American TOP TEAM, USA)

155.1 - 170 lbs.
#1 Matt Hughes (Team EXTREME, USA)
#2 Carlos Newton (Canada)
#3 Sean Sherk (USA)
#4 Jutaro Nakao (Japan)
#5 Frank Trigg (USA)
#6 Robbie Lawler (Team EXTREME, USA)
#7 Ray Cooper (USA)
#8 Karo Parisyan (Team Gokor, USA)
#9 Chris Lytle (Integrated Fighting, USA)
#10 Nick Diaz (Cesar Gracie, USA)

170.1 - 185 lbs.
#1 Murilo Bustamante (Brazil)
#2 Anderson Silva (Brazil)
#3 Matt Lindland (USA)
#4 Kazushi Sakuraba (Japan)
#5 Evan Tanner (USA)
#6 Masanori Suda (SHOOTO Champion, Japan)
#7 Amar Suloev (Red Devil, Russia)
#8 Ricardo Almeida (Team Renzo Gracie, USA)
#9 Yuki Kondo (Japan)
#10 Denis Kang (Soares JJ, Canada)

185.1 - 205 lbs.
#1 Wanderlei Silva (Chute Boxe, Brazil)
#2 Randy Couture (UFC Champion, USA)
#3 Dan Henderson (USA)
#4 Tito Ortiz (USA)
#5 Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson (USA)
#6 Vitor Belfort (Brazil)
#7 Renato 'Babalu' (Brazil)
#8 Rich Franklin (Team EXTREME, USA)
#9 Ricardo Arona (Brazilian TOP TEAM, Brazil)
#10 Chuck Lidell (USA)

205.1 lbs and Up.
#1 - Emilianenko Fedor (Red Devil, Russia)
#2 - Rodrigo 'Minotauro' Nogueira (Brazilian TOP TEAM, Brazil)
#3 - Mirko Filipovic (Serbia)
#4 - Tim Sylvia (Team EXTREME, USA)
#5 - Josh Barnett (NJPW, USA)
#6 - Semmy Schilt (Holland)
#7 - Roman Zentsov (Red Devil, Russia)
#8 - Andrei Orlovski (Belarus)
#9 - Frank Mir (Pires JJ, USA)
#10 - Ibragim Magomedov (Red Devil, Russia)

Source: ADCC

Royce Gracie News

Royce Gracie Rules Meeting: Yoshida demands shorter fight!

Late breaking news from Japan. In about 2 hours there will be a rules meeting and word is that Hidehiko Yoshida is now demanding 2 x 10 minute rounds instead of 3 x 10 minute rounds. Royce's camp commented: 'It is funny isn't it, at first they offered us unlimited rounds and we accepted it, supposedly it was accepted by Yoshida. Then it was going to be 3 x 10 minutes and we agreed. Yoshida even commented that Royce is the one crying about the rules but now he is the one, just two days before the fight, requesting a shorter match! We have always asked for less interference and more fighting! More rounds = more fighting!'

More to come on this late breaking development as we get news directly from Japan!

Royce Gracie Training on Schedule

A fiesty Royce Gracie told us today that his training and preparation for the big rematch with Hidehiko Yoshida is going right according to schedule. Cousin Rodrigo has arrived already and is adding some great insight and new energy to the team. In Japan are also Renzo, Ryan & Daniel (Ryan was there to fight until he got hurt and replaced by Daniel) adding to the team of Royler, Rolker, Nono, Evaldo & Pat!

According to his camp Royce is ready for battle! Comes December 31st it will be a war in the ring they promise.

Source: ADCC

Josh Barnett Interview
By Derek Callahan

On New Year's Eve "The Baby Faced Assassin," Josh Barnett will continue to march on in another defense of his King Of Pancrase Open-weight title. Although now doing some work as a pro-wrestler, his KOP title defense will be an MMA match against the near 7-foot-tall Semmy Schilt - a rematch of their UFC 32 outing, which Barnett won via armbar.

FCF: Since your leave from the UFC what have you been up to?
Josh Barnett: 6'3" so nothing has really changed. Oh and touring on the New Japan Pro-Wrestling circuit and still fighting in MMA in between. I dabble.

FCF: How does what you're doing now in Japan compare to the old UFC fights?
JB: Well I have to say that I like the rules a lot better since there is more freedom and I also like that most fights in Japan are judged on damage and effectiveness to end the fight, not control. It awards the guy trying to finish and as I have only had 2 decisions in my career so far that's good news for me. I do miss Big John though; he was a character, literally. I told him that I couldn't stand his character in the UFC game. His front kick would practically kill you with one hit and [is] almost impossible to beat. Way too aggravating. So I told him that one day I was going to turn and attack him during a fight one of these days. Big John, I haven't forgotten all those times you infuriated me through that video game and I know you had this planned all from the beginning to drive me mad. I still have my sanity and I will savor my revenge.

FCF: PRIDE heavyweight champion Fedor Emelianenko ran into some trouble with PRIDE when he tried to fight in another show. It seems as if many of the great heavyweights are in PRIDE where there are good fights for you. Do you foresee any similar troubles in fighting outside of Pancrase?
JB: No, because I signed my contract with Vaseline, which makes it easy for me to slip out of my obligations and fight wherever I choose.

FCF: You're facing Semmy Schilt next for the KOP title, how has your training been altered for this fight?
JB: Well this is something that never changes, but I can say again that I always train the same except for some emphasis towards a weakness in my opponent. I believe that I should be ready for any and everything.

FCF: What are the advantages/disadvantages of fighting someone in a rematch?
JB: Simply the fact that you have already beaten them and they stand to gain much more than you stand to lose externally as well as internally. Of course you are both now more familiar with each other's styles, but that's not always a factor because sometimes there wasn't that much you could pick up from the fight. Maybe it was over quick or either one was not able to utilize their strengths. Still, going in with one over them is never going to hurt.

FCF: What was the driving force behind your accepting this bout?
JB: They asked and he said yes. Oh and a red-hot poker.

FCF: This is your first top contender at your weight in a little while, how do the emotions change while facing a known threat as compared to a lighter and/or seemingly overmatched opponent?
JB: As a fighter I understand other fighters and their strength a lot better than someone who isn't. Kondo, Takahashi, and Ambriz were not weak or easy opponents and weight doesn't mean as much as people make it out to. If I won quickly or dominated a fight it isn't because my opponents aren't good, I just trained really hard and did what I do better than they could do at what they do. Before me, Ambriz was undefeated and KOTC Super-heavyweight champ with all wins by finish and 60lbs heavier. Because I beat him in the first round laymen want to cry "bum." Kondo was smaller, but had fought many, many times at unlimited and had defeated Semmy three times before. Takahashi was at the top of his game when he showed up at Ultimate Crush 2 and is known to be a real tough guy and weighed 210, which is heavyweight. The only people who think that those guys weren't any good are people who aren't training for a fight. Personally I don't take people lightly and I don't care who ranks them where or what weight or how great people talk of him. I can tell who can bring it and who just sings it.

FCF: You've submitted your last two opponents and have previously beaten Schilt by armbar. Are these stats any hint at a possible strategy?
JB: Hell no! I don't give hints or play twenty questions. You never know what I'll do, except that it'll be as exciting as possible. I have to say there aren't many who can claim to have pulled off a rolling German suplex in a fight. In fact just two I know of. Someone already did the giant swing, and [Bob] Sapp used the powerbomb so maybe I'll try a Death Valley Bomb. What the hell is that you say? Guess you'll have to watch.

FCF: After Schilt, what's next for you?
JB: You buddy. Hot sauce eating contest with the gloves off. Loser has to rub "the Bomb: Ground Zero" in his underwear and wear it. Then maybe PRIDE, or really anywhere that will give me the chance to show the most exciting fights in the world.

Source: FCF

Lindland Not Fighting Sakuraba

The story below probably confirms what I did after talking to Chael Sonnen and Rob (sorry, forgot his last name) of Team Quest who said that when they left to go to Hawaii, Lindland was not planning on fighting anyone in Japan.


Matt Lindland will be today's featured guest on MMAWeekly Radio. Lindland had his bags packed ready for Japan to face Sakuraba, but things changed over the weekend. Listen to what Lindland had to say about the situation.

Source: MMA Weekly



Despite DSE coming out with a Press Release warning legal action against Fedor, Yuji Nagata vs. Emelianenko Fedor was announced for Inoki's 12/31 Kobe Wing Stadium show on Nippon TV on Monday morning.

DSE put out a press release a week ago saying they would take legal action against Fedor if he fought on Inoki's show. Well it appears Fedor will fight as he arrived in Japan on a secret trip at Kansai International Airport. According to Zack Arnold "Fedor met and hugged Miro Mijatovic, his power agent. The two left in a car immediately from the airport. Initially, there was only a limited press pool at the airport to see Fedor's brother, Alexander, arrive for the Kobe show. However, when Fedor showed up, it caused a big stir. At first, the reasoning was he was going to second his brother. Then the story started changing. That's the story. A press conference will take place on Tuesday with Fedor and Nagata present."

Source: MMA Weekly


Last time we saw Josh Barnett battle Semmy Schilt was at UFC 32 at the Meadowlands as Barnett used an armbar to finish Semmy. Now two years later the same two fighters meet again in a MMA fight on Inoki's show.

Barnett has spent much time in fighting in MMA. He has fought in MMA three times this year with wins against Jimmy Ambriz, Yuki Kondo and Yoshiki Takahashi.

Barnett has flourished in his pro wrestling career for New Japan Pro Wrestling. He is up for a few awards by many members of the Japenese Media including Rookie of the Year and Newcomer of the Year in Professional Wrestling. He will focus on going 4-0 this year in MMA and there could be a future fight against Minotauro Nogueira sometime in 2004.


Inoki Bom-Ba-Ye update
December 31st, 2003
Kobe Wing Stadium
Kobe, Japan

Main Event (winner gets $900,000/mixed-MMA rules):
- Kazuyuki Fujita vs. Ray Mercer
- Josh Barnett vs. Semme Schiltt
- Stefan Leko vs. Kazunari Murakami
- Rene Rooze vs. Tadao Yasuda
- LYOTO (Ryoto Machida) vs. Rich Franklin
- Din Thomas vs. Amar Suloev
- Emelianenko Alexander vs. Angelo Araujo
- Hiromi Amada vs. TBA (expected to be Pedro Rizzo)

Source: MMA Weekly


Din Thomas and his American Top Team crew has made it to Japan and Din said his training has been going very well for his upcoming fight against Amar Suloev.

American Top Team teammate, Ricardo Liborio makes his return to MMA facing Tadao Yasuda also on the card. Thomas told MMAWeekly "It's great to see Liborio fight. He is one of the best in the world and it will be cool to see him in there doing his thing.".

Thomas will try to do his thing against the much bigger Suloev. Din also mentioned that he isn't putting on much weight for this fight. It looks as though he plans on weighing around 160 because he didn't want to lose any speed by "bulking" up for this fight. He believes Suloev will weigh somewhere around 190.

When asked why he is doing it. Din said "I'm a fighter, that's what I do." Thomas alluded that he was receiving a very good pay day which was double what he has made in previous fights.

Source: MMA Weekly


So it's the big question to the Japanese fans. Does Minowa have a chance against Quinton Jackson? A chance? Yes. A prayer....not likely.

Minowa is one of the most charasmatic Japanese fighters in the game today. He has been in there with some tough guys, but the biggest problem is the fact that he hasn't beaten too many of the "big names." Jackson on the other hand has been absolutely dominant as of late, with his only loss to Vanderlei Silva in a stretch that included Vovchanchyn, Randleman, Bustamante and Liddell.

With that said Minowa is one of the most exciting fighters in MMA, and you know the veteran, will get after it in the fight. It's unfortunate that Minowa isn't fighting someone closer to the 185 pound range for this fight like a Renzo Gracie, but none the less you know he will try to bring the fight to Quinton.

MINOWA FILE: Detailed Record

-Loss Yuzo Tateishi Decision 3-30-1996
-Win Haygar Chin Submission (Kneebar) Pancrase - 7-20-1997
- Loss Satoshi Hasegawa Decision (Unanimous) Pancrase - 7-21-1997
- Loss Yuki Kondo Submission (Toe Hold) Pancrase - 8-9-1997
- Draw Kousei Kubota Draw Pancrase - 9-6-1997
- Loss Takafumi Ito Submission (Toe Hold) Pancrase -10-29-1997
- Loss Osami Shibuya Decision (Lost Points) Pancrase - 11-16-1997
- Loss Jason Delucia Submission (Choke) Pancrase - 12-20-1997
- Loss Satoshi Hasegawa Submission (Leg Lock) Pancrase - 1-16-1998
- Loss Satoshi Hasegawa Decision (Majority) Pancrase - 4-26-1998
- Win Adrian Serrano Decision (Lost Points) Pancrase - 6-2-1998
- Draw Kousei Kubota Draw Pancrase - 6-21-1998
- Loss Evan Tanner Submission (Triangle Choke) Pancrase - 7-7-1998
- Draw Travis Fulton Draw Pancrase - 10-4-1998
- Win Daisuke Ishii Decision (Unanimous) Pancrase - 10-26-1998
- Win Satoshi Hasegawa Submission (Armbar) Pancrase - 11-29-1998
- Win Daisuke Watanabe Submission (Armbar) Pancrase - 1-19-1999
- Win Daisuke Ishii Decision (Majority) Pancrase - 2-11-1999
- Win Kousei Kubota Decision (Unanimous) Pancrase - 3-9-1999
- Draw Susumu Yamasaki Draw Daidojuku - 4-8-1999
- Draw Osami Shibuya Draw Pancrase - 5-23-1999
- Loss Jason Delucia Decision (Unanimous) Pancrase - 6-11-1999
- Win Daiju Takase Submission (Triangle Choke) Pancrase - 8-1-1999
- Win Daisuke Watanabe (Triangle Choke) Pancrase - 8-2-1999
- Win Minoru Toyonaga (Rear Naked Choke) Pancrase - 8-2-1999
- Loss Semmy Schilt Decision (Unanimous) Pancrase - 9-18-1999
- Win Adrian Serrano Submission (Heel Hook) Pancrase - 10-25-1999
- Draw Chris Lytle Draw Pancrase - 12-18-1999
-Win Massive Ichi Submission (Rear Naked Choke) Pancrase - 2-27-2000
-Win Joe Slick TKO (Cut) UFC 25 - 4-14-2000
-Win Masaya Kojima Submission (Toe Hold) Pancrase - 7-23-2000
-Win Tony Ross Submission (Armbar) 7-23-2000
-Win Brian Gassaway Submission (Toe Hold) Pancrase - 2000 Anniversary Show 9-24-2000
- Loss Keiichiro Yamamiya Decision (Unanimous) Pancrase - 9-24-2000
- Win Magomed Ismailov Submission (Armbar) Pancrase - 12-4-2000
- Draw Ricardo Liborio Draw DEEP 2001 - 1-8-2001
- Loss Paulo Filho Decision (Unanimous) Pancrase - 3-31-2001
- Win Yuki Sasaki Submission (Toe Hold) Pancrase - 5-13-2001
- Win Kenji Akiyama Submission (Guillotine Choke) Pancrase - 7-29-2001
- Loss Sanae Kikuta TKO (Cut) Pancrase - 9-30-2001
- Win Hiroshi Shibata TKO (Cut) Pancrase - 12-1-2001
- Win Kazuki Okubo Submission (Armbar) DEEP 2001 -12-23-2001
- Draw Yoshinori Momose Draw Pancrase 3-25-2002
- Loss Mitsuyoshi Sato Decision (Majority) Pancrase - 5-28-2002
- Loss Kiyoshi Tamura Decision (Unanimous) DEEP 2001 - 9-7-2002
- Win Yuki Sasaki Decision (Majority) Pancrase - 11-30-2002
- Loss Ricardo Almeida Decision (Unanimous) Pancrase - 2-16-2003
-Win Silmar Rodrigo Submission (Leglock) -9-19-2003

Source: MMA Weekly


Quote of the Day

"The best way to predict the future is to create it."

Peter Drucker, 1909-, American Management Consultant, Author

Rumble On The Rock 5 Tonight!
Hilo, Hawaii
December 27, 2003

Eric Beach (BJ Penn's MMAA) Vs Paul Laga (Bull's Pen)

Abraham Robison (BJ Penn's MMAA) Vs Jerry Saribay (Bull's Pen)

Robert Villapondo (808 Fight Factory) VS Ashton Castro (Young Guns DeLuta Club)

Abraham Kalaupa (Freelance) VS Gavin Mata (Shirotaka Kenpo & Kajukenbo)

Pete Sefo (808 Fight Factory) VS Mark Rodriguez (Rudy Valentino)

Lightweight Tournament Finals

Mike Aina (BJ Penn's MMAA) VS Mike Bickers (Vendrell's Martial Arts)

DJ Delfin (BJ Penn's MMAA) vs. Eric Devers (Shirotaka Kenpo & Kajukenbo)

Kaleo Padilla (Koden Kan/Kona Boxing) VS Mark Moreno (Bull's Pen)

Kaynan Kaku (BJ Penn's MMAA) VS Harris Sariento (808 Fight Factory)

Semi Main:
Ross Ebanez (BJ Penn's MMAA) VS Shawn Beckett (Fusion Fight Team)

Main Event:
Chael Sonnen (Team Quest) VS Homer Moore (Brausa Academy)


Inoki has been making recent announcements to his upcoming card. Yesterday Inoki met with a few reporters about the Fujita vs Mercer fight, as well as Stefan Leko fighting against Murakami. Here's what the card now looks like.

Inoki Bom-Ba-Ye
December 31st, 2003
Kobe Wing Stadium
Kobe, Japan

Scheduled matchups:
Josh Barnett vs. Semmy Schilt
Rodrigo 'Minotauro' Nogueira vs. Yuji Nagata
Kazuyuki Fujita vs. Ray Mercer
Stefan Leko vs. Kazunari Murakami
Ricardo Liborio vs. Tadao Yasuda
Rich Franklin vs. Ryoto Machida
Alistair Overeem vs. Vladimir Matyushenko
Amar Suloev vs. Din Thomas

Source: MMA Weekly


It looks like Mike Tyson will be a part of the next K-1 event. MMAWeekly's Scott Petersen reports from Japan that K-1 is going to use Tyson via satellite to be used as a color commentator on the Bob Sapp vs Akebono fight. Tyson is rumored to be the man facing the winner so they will try to build this as an angle for a future fight.

Also they are changing rules for the upcoming Butterbean vs. Genki Sudo fight. They have changed the round limits. The orginial rules were to have three five minute rounds. They have no removed a round to make it two five minute rounds which should help Butterbean.

K-1 'Premium 2003 Dynamite'
December 31st, 2003
Nagoya Dome
Nagoya, Japan

K-1 matchups:
Bob Sapp vs. Akebono
Ernesto Hoost vs. 'Montanha' Silva
Shannon Briggs vs. TBA
Francois Botha vs. Yusuke Fujimoto
Francisco Filho vs. TOA 'The Samoan Beast'

MMA matchups:
Alexey Ignashov vs. Shinsuke Nakamura
Genki Sudo vs. Eric 'Butterbean' Esch
Cyril Abidi vs. Sylvester Terkay
David Khakhaleichivili vs. Yoshihiro Nakao
Tom Howard vs. Christopher Midoux
Jan Nortje vs. Masayuki Naruse

Source: MMA Weekly

Alessio/Santiago battle for KOTC Welterweight belt
by: Keith Mills

Sunrise, FL - The next King Of The Cage event will take place January 24th at the Office Depot Center, featuring two title matches and a Superfight. One of the title matches is for the Welterweight belt.

It’s American Top Team taking on Bad Intentions for the Welterweight belt as Jorge Santiago of ATT challenges current champion John Alessio in his first Welterweight title defense. 2002 was Alessio’s biggest year so far, with a win over Chris Brennan for the Superfight title and a debut in Pride bringing his 2002 record to 5-0. This year he lost his UCC (now TKO) Welterweight belt to Jason Black by decision and won the KOTC Welterweight belt by defeating Ronald Jhun, both by decision bringing his 2003 MMA record to 1-1. Looking back on his career in the past three years, about the time he moved to California and started to train with Millennia Jiu-Jitsu, his one loss was by decision while of his seven wins 58% have been by KO or TKO, 28% have been by submission, and 14% have been by decision.

Jorge Santiago of the American Top Team has some of the best trainers and highly skilled teammates with which to work, but has a more checkered career since his debut in March. Santiago started out this year with two wins in HOOKnSHOOT by KO and submission in March and July. In his KOTC debut in August he lost by KO to Manvel Gamburyan in 0:31. From there Santiago picked up wins against Derrick Noble and Laverne Clark before losing to Keith Wisniewski by TKO in AFC December. That brings Santiago to 4-2 for the year. Breaking it down by statistics Santiago’s two losses have been by KO or TKO while 50% of his wins have been by submission, 25% by KO, and 25% by decision.

Although it would be inaccurate to describe this fight as a striker versus a grappler, there is no doubt Santiago’s style is grappling based while Alessio has preferred the stand-up game. With Alessio’s two decisions this year against other up-and-comers with a grappling base and Santiago’s 33% KO/TKO loss record this one looks to either end fast or go to a decision. Either way chances are it won’t end in a submission.

Source: ADCC

Minotouro In, Minotauro Out

Rogério 'Minotouro' faces Sakuraba in Pride

by Gleidson Venga / Team Tatame

It´s confirmed! One fight on the Pride event scheduled for December 31st will feature Rogério 'Minotouro' Nogueira taking on Japanese idol Kazushi Sakuraba. The match was confirmed last week and the Brazilian is has already undergone intensive preparation!

'The match was confirmed a bit late, almost with no time, but I will give get there at least 98%.' states the 'Minotouro'.

Even knowing he will face a very versatile opponent, Rogério will go to hit him! He states 'I think I will fight with him standing, I´m not going to bring it to the ground, I will fight against him standing all the time. Sakuraba is a good guy, I have wanted to fight him for years, he´s someone who you can fight standing.'

Minotouro´s champion brother promises a victory as well, and Minotouro also speaks about the Japanese star's reputation as a brazilian´s hangman. 'I will do my best to beat him, since he has disappointed many Brazilians in the past. He made jokes about the Brazilians and now it´s time for us to hit him real hard. It´s Brazilian revenge and I want to return the favor to him. I hope everybody is supporting me, because I´m going there to win and give my best.'

This match will certainly be one to watch come New Year's...

'Minotauro' out of Inoki Bom Ba Ye
by: Marcello Tetel

Despite several rumors that reported Pride FC's interim Heavyweight champion Antonio 'Minotauro' Nogueira as fighting on the new year's eve INOKI BOM BAY YE event, it seems that PRIDE and Inoki's organizations could not reach an agreement.

Minotauro's participation in the show was never confirmed 100%, although 'Minotauro' was reportedly in the process of getting his visa for Japan, looking to perfom in the Inoki Bom Ba Ye show against Japanesse pro wrestler Yuji Nagata. It seems that DSE and Inoki's production did not agree about Pride Champion fighting for a different organization, specially now with a TV audience war going on.

'Minotauro' was scheduled to leave Rio de Janeiro for Japan already, along with his teammate Angelo Araujo, who will be facing Alexander Emilianenko. Going to Japan with Araujo will be coached Bebeo Duarte and Paulo Nikolai.

Source: ADCC

Minotauro guesses Minotouro's fight

"A crossed punch and end." This is what the Pride's heavyweight champion Rodrigo Minotauro said about his brother Rogério Minotouro's fight at Pride on December 31st in Japan. Minotouro will face the Japanese idol Sakuraba and Minotauro is sure about the final result. "Is it going to be a hard fight. I cannot tell you how many rounds, but if Minotouro fights half of what he has been training, I am sure he will win Sakuraba", said Minotauro.

The twin brother confirms that he has never seen Minotouro so confident in his life. "Rogério is recovering himself and he is not 100% prepared yet, but since he found out he would fight Sakuraba he has been training hard. In our new house, he weak up early and start to do some jogging on the street. I am amazed", stated Minotauro.

Source: Tatame


MMAWeekly's Scott Petersen reports from Japan that it looks like Sakuraba will face Matt Lindland in the upcoming Pride show in Japan.

Petersen talked with a few members who have been training with Sakuraba and they confirmed the match to Petersen that it has been discussed and looks to be signed today.

Matt Lindland has been training, working with team mate Randy Couture, getting Couture ready to go for his fight against Vitor Belfort this month, so it's believed Lindland is in shape for the fight. Once again Petersen breaks the story that Lindland vs Sakuraba looks good to go for December 31st

Source: MMA Weekly

by: Eddie Goldman/ADCC Wrestling Editor

Having covered countless live events in the many disciplines and styles that constitute the combat sports, it has always bothered me that I rarely see the same groups of people at events which feature these different styles. I regularly see boxing people who still stare quizzically when I tell them that I cover wrestling, even after explaining that it is real wrestling to which I refer. There are still plenty of wrestling people who bristle at the mention of any type of combat sport involving striking, be it boxing, kickboxing, mixed martial arts, or any other. And there are people who frequent one or a few styles of grappling events, but who do not venture down the road to witness wrestling. You can add any combination of your own, and the problem will probably still exist.

So it was with added pleasure last Saturday when I turned around at the New York Athletic Club Christmas Wrestling Championships and ran into an old friend whom I am always delighted to see: NHB and jiu-jitsu legend Renzo Gracie.

'I can't believe how many wrestlers in good shape there are,' he said with awe while looking at the competitors grinding away at each other on the mat. 'So I'm having a great time, and it's nice to see such unbelievable athletes here.'

Renzo continued on about the way he was so impressed with the conditioning of the wrestlers.

'What I like a lot about them is the discipline of training,' he said. 'It's amazing. To get in such good shape, you have to really dedicate a lot of your time into it.' He thus saw the wrestlers' conditioning as something that the jiu-jitsu competitors should emulate.

'Even though we are now having a lot of guys who are getting into unbelievable good physical condition, definitely they should have looked forward to be athletes like those people here. They would make their game much better,' he stated.

Unlike jiu-jitsu in the U.S., however, wrestling already has a network in place in the schools, as well as support on the national level through the Olympic Training Center and the U.S. Olympic Committee.

Renzo said that jiu-jitsu can match this kind of support. 'I can see the jiu-jitsu, even the sport jiu-jitsu, is able to raise that kind of money,' he argued. He urged 'the promoters to look into it and make it happen. This will be possible, I think.'

Even at this event, the crossover in the combat sports was obvious. The tournament's freestyle heavyweight champion, Steve Mocco, has been a judo player, and his array of foot sweeps showed it. Olympic Greco-Roman wrestler Kevin Bracken, in attendance here though sidelined with an injury, has fought on several mixed martial arts shows. Yet the organizations running these sports do not have much cooperation, a situation Renzo agreed should change.

'I believe everything comes down to one point: All those styles come down to a fight. So we are fighters. They are fighters,' he analyzed. 'So it's just a matter of time before we find the perfect rules for everybody and the perfect style for everybody.'

He continued, 'Fighting is the most entertaining sport ever. It's much better than any other sport. And it's much better than any ball game or anything like that. So it's just a matter of time before it becomes huge. And I can see that in the near future. I hope I'm still alive to see myself fighting on those kind of competitions.'

For himself, however, he will be taking an involuntary break.

'I had a torn ACL,' he explained. 'It happened to me the last time I fought in Pride, against Carlos Newton. So I'm going to be taking a little vacation.'

But he does not see that as simply a bad thing. 'On one hand, I won't be able to train,' he said. 'But on the other, I will be able to eat whatever I want, and to have sex as many times as I want,' he added with a laugh. 'The good and the downside.'

One of Renzo's protégés, Ricardo Almeida, has also added to his fighting arsenal by training with wrestlers. 'Ricardo is in unbelievable shape. He's training with a lot of good wrestlers, and he's putting up an unbelievable fight,' said Renzo. 'He fought the last King of Pancrase against Nathan [Marquardt].' On November 30 in Tokyo, Ricardo Almeida defeated Nathan Marquardt by a choke at 4:53 of the first round to become the 4th Middleweight King of Pancrase. 'It was an unbelievable fight that he came out as the winner. So I'm very proud of him,' said Renzo.

But, at least as of last Saturday, it was still not clear if Renzo's controversial brother, Ryan Gracie, would be fighting on Dec. 31 at the Pride New Year's Eve show at the Saitama Super Arena in Japan.

'Ryan is not feeling so good,' Renzo said. 'He's having a problem in his ribs, and I don't know if he's going to be fighting. It's still not decided yet. But Royce is fighting his rematch against the Japanese judo champion [Yoshida]. It's going to be fun for some Gracies in Japan having sushi, and for the others it will be eggnog here in America and New Jersey.'

For himself, Renzo said that he intends to resume his own fighting career as soon as possible. 'I want to see how my knee will come out of this operation,' he said. 'And I will definitely be looking forward to fight again. There's nothing that I like more than fighting, so I can't wait to be in the ring again.'

Before we started speaking, we had a photo taken by Gary Abbott of USA Wrestling with 1984 Olympic gold medalist and U.S. National Greco-Roman Coach Steve Fraser, 2000 Olympic gold medalist and 2001 World Champion Rulon Gardner, 2000 Olympic wrestler Kevin Bracken, and Renzo and myself.

'That picture was my pleasure,' commented Renzo. 'I felt small near those giants of this amazing American sport. And it's a great pleasure.'

Also, I must admit, Renzo was quite glad to run into me: 'It's a pleasure to be here. Especially I couldn't believe what my eyes saw, my dear friend Eddie Goldman.'

And hopefully we will all start to run into all sorts of people from the various combat sports at all sorts of different events. On this wish, Renzo concluded, 'I agree with you 100 percent.'

-- Eddie Goldman,

Source: ADCC

Now or never for the UFC?

The UFC has always been the premier MMA organization in America. Indeed, its name ("Ultimate Fighting") is a common synonym for mixed martial arts. Since most people think that "as the fate of the UFC goes, so goes the fate of MMA in America," I thought I would take a quick look at where the UFC stands heading into the new year.

And, to be truthful, as I look at the promotion I see a lot of problems.

First and foremost, where is the T.V. deal? I predict that the UFC as we know it will be dead if it does not land a deal to broadcast a regular show on a major cable network in 2004. It will either close up shop or be sold to a new owner. After more than three years under Zuffa management, the UFC is supposedly still in the red on its shows, all of which are on PPV and some of which have had earned in excess of a million dollars at the live gates. When you couple those losses with the UFC's inability to significantly grow the PPV audience, you can see that things cannot continue like this forever.

The only thing that can turn those bad numbers around is a weekly T.V. show that pumps up interest in the PPV events. People in the T.V. industry will tell you that you can get such a show any time you want if you are willing to pay for it. But, paying to air a show requires faith that you will make a return on your investment through merchandising, PPV, advertising, branding, etc. Zuffa obviously does not have faith that it can make back its money. Nor has it had the ability to sell its show to any network. So, for now, we sit and wait to see if any network will take a chance on the UFC.

The failure to grow the PPV audience has been exacerbated by the UFC's match making. The UFC has demonstrated no ability to build up fighters in the public's eye in order to create interest in its shows. Some fighters, such as Sakurai and Frank Trigg, have made their UFC debuts in championship fights. How is the general public supposed to get pumped up for a championship fight if it has never seen the challenger? I know that hardcore MMA fans know who these guys are and why they are great. But, that does not mean squat when it comes to building a PPV audience.

Moreover, the UFC does not appear to have well thought-out criteria for deciding whether the a fighter will continue to appear it its shows or get dropped. Really, the only thing certain about a UFC fighter's future is that if he asks for more money, especially if he is a champion, he will be shown the door (see Jens Pulver, Josh Barnett and Murillo Bustamante). A UFC contract does not seem to depend on wins or exciting fights, but rather on the mood of UFC management. Murillo Bustamante, who was exciting, ridiculously talented and the champion at 185 lbs. (the exact kind of guy you want for your promotion), was shown the door because he dared to say that he wanted to see what his market value was when his contract expired. The UFC has to decide whether wins or exciting fights will keep a fighter in the UFC (I vote for exciting fights, myself). Its current system just does not cut it.

The discussion of champions being shown the door, of course, leads to another major issue for the UFC. Right now it has no champion at 155 lbs., 185 lbs. or heavyweight. The UFC does not even have a marketable pool of good heavyweights (with the exception of Frank Mir and maybe Andrei Arlovski) - most of who are fighting in Japan for Pride. The fact that the UFC ended the year with five weight classes and only two champions speaks to an incredible lapse in management and planning. Plus, if the the UFC follows through on its apparent intent to drop the 155 lb. championship, despite the fact that this division one of its few areas of strength, well . . . you probably already know my thoughts about that.

In its defense, the UFC has complained that it simply cannot feature enough fighters on its PPV shows to support all its weight classes. But, the UFC cannot explain why, then, it never created a feeder show or at least aligned with another promotion to act as its official feeder. Imagine this . . . during a break in the UFC action, the PPV telecast shows a highlight from a couple of fights at its latest feeder show, and hypes the winning fighters who will be appearing in the next UFC. At the next UFC, the UFC shows the same highlights to remind the audience why it got excited three months ago. All of a sudden we have interest in new fighters, and there are tons more slots open to fighters who are angling to get on (or stay on) the UFC's cards.

The bottom line is that the UFC has blown the momentum it created when Zuffa took control, helped get MMA sanctioned in Nevada and returned the show to cable PPV. Unless the UFC turns the corner this year, when they write the story about Zuffa's management it will most likely be a story of missed opportunities and mismanagement. What will make the story even sadder is that the failure of the UFC could end up crippling the sport of MMA in America for years to come. UPDATE: "Insiders" who have read this article have told me that we should be hearing some big UFC news within the next week or two. Lets hope it helps bring the much needed spike in PPV ratings.

Source: Whaledog


Quote of the Day

"Your enthusiasm will be infectious, stimulating and attractive to others. They will love you for it. They will go for you and with you."

Norman Vincent Peale 1898-1993, American Christian Reformed Pastor, Speaker, Author

Delay in News?

Due to extraneous circumstances, our news page may not be updated for a day or two. Mike flying to Kauai today and I will be in Hilo for Rumble tomorrow. If I can get an Internet connection, the page will be updated, but if not it might not be updated until later Sunday when I fly back. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Rumble On The Rock Tomorrow!

Here are the fighter profiles courtesy of the Rumble staff

(I think Jodi gathered this)

Fight 12 Main Chael Sonnen VS Homer Moore
Name: Chael Sonnen
School: Team Quest
Record: 7-2-1
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 205 lbs
Strengths: Wrestling
City: Portland
State: Oregon

Name: Homer Moore
Nickname: The Rock
School: Brausa Academy
Record: 19-3-2
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 205 lbs
Strengths: Submissions, Takedowns, Strength
City: Phoenix
State: Arizona

Fight 11 Semi Main: Ross Ebanez VS Shawn Beckett
Name: Ross Ebanez
Nickname: DA BOSS
School: BJ Penn's Mixed Martial Arts
Record: 4-1-0
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 170 lbs
Strengths: Submissions, Striking
City: Hilo
State: Hawaii

Name: Shaun Beckett
School: Fusion Fight Team
Record: 4-3-0
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 170 lbs
Strengths: Submissions
City: Chico
State: California

Fight 10 Kaynan Kaku VS Harris Sariento
Name: Kaynan Kaku
Nickname: The Barbarian
School: BJ Penn's Mixed Martial Arts Academy
Record: 3-0-0
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 155 lbs
Strengths: Submissions
City: Hilo
State: Hawaii

Name: Harris Sariento
School: 808 Fight Factory
Record: 9-3-0
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 155 lbs
Strengths: Submissions, Kickboxing
City: Honolulu
State: Hawaii

Fight 9 Kaleo Padilla VS Mark Moreno

Name: Kaleo Padilla
Nickname: "The Pervert"
School: Koden Kan/Kona Boxing
Record: 6-3-0
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 185 lbs
Strengths: Boxing
City: Kona
State: Hawaii

Name: Mark Moreno
School: Bullspen
Record: 3-4
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 170
Strengths: Boxing/Wrestling
City: Honolulu
State: HI

Fight 8 DJ Delfin vs. Eric Devers

Name: DJ Delfin
Nickname: Different Level
School: BJ Penn's Mixed Martial Arts Academy
Record: Debut
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 140 lbs
Strengths: Boxing, Grappling
City: Hilo
State: Hawaii

Name: Eric Devers
School: Shirotaka Kenpo & Kajukenbo
Record: 1-1
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 150
Strengths: Strikes and legs, Hands and feet
City: Ludington
State: MI

Fight 7 Mike Aina VS Mike Bickers
Name: Mike Aina
School: BJ Penn's Mixed Martial Arts Academy
Record: Debut
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 155 lbs
Strengths: Kickboxing, Submissions
City: Hilo
State: Hawaii

Name: Mike Bickers
School: Vendrell's Martial Arts
Record: 0-1
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 155 lbs
Strengths: Kickboxing, Submissions
City: Kona
State: Hawaii

Fight 6 Lightweight Tournament Finals
Winners of Fight 2 and 3

Fight 5
Pete Sefo VS Mark Rodriguez
Name: Pete Sefo
School: 808 Fight Factory
Record: Debut
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 360 lbs
Strengths: Boxing
City: Honolulu
State: Hawaii

Name: Mark Rodriguez
School: Rudy Valentino
Record: Debut
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 330 lbs
Strengths: Kickboxing
City: Hilo
State: Hawaii

Fight 4
Next Fight Abraham Kalaupa VS Gavin Mata
Name: Abraham Kalaupa
Record: Debut
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 135 lbs
Strengths: Boxing
City: Hilo
State: Hawaii

Name: Gavin Mata
School: Shirotaka Kenpo & Kajukenbo
Record: Debut
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 135
Strengths: The Lord Above
City: Hilo
State: HI

Fight 3 Robert Villapondo VS Ashton Castro
Name: Robert Villapondo
School: 808 Fight Factory
Record: Debut Fight
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 155
Strengths: Wrestling
City: Honolulu
State: Hawaii

Name: Ashton Castro
School: Young Guns DeLuta Club
Record: Debut
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 155
Strengths: Boxing
City: Hilo
State: HI

Fight 2 Abraham Robison Vs Jerry Saribay

Name: Abraham Robison
Nickname: The Wolverine
School: BJ Penn's Mixed Martial Arts Academy
Record: Debut Fight
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 155
Strengths: Wrestling, submissions
City: Hilo
State: Hawaii
Song: Linkin Park "Faint"

Name: Jerry Saribay
School: Bullspen
Record: Debut
Weight: 155
Strengths: Boxing
City: Honolulu
State: Hawaii

Fight 1 Eric Beach Vs Paul Laga

Name: Eric Beach
Nickname: Animal
School: BJ Penn's Mixed Martial Arts Academy
Record: 0-1
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 155
Strengths: Jiu-jitsu
City: Hilo
State: Hawaii

Name: Paul Laga
School: Bullspen
Record: 0-2
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 155
Strengths: Wrestling
City: Honolulu
State: Hawaii

2004 Arnold World Gracie Submission Championships

The 2004 Arnold World Gracie Submission Championships website is available for online registration and general information Please note that we have added both a Professional Black Belt and Brown belt competition to next years event!

Source: ADCC

by: Fred Sternburg


LAS VEGAS, NV (December 24, 2003) - Gary Shaw announced today that SUGAR SHANE MOSLEY, boxing's most exciting world champion, and WINKY WRIGHT, the sport's most feared world champion, have agreed to lay it all on the line in 'The War at 154,' to determine the undisputed world champion in the 154-pound division for the first time in 29 years. Unlike their predecessors who have held world titles in the 154-pound division, Mosley, the WBC/WBA/Ring Magazine super welterweight champion and Wright, the IBF jr. middleweight champion, will rumble for the historic opportunity of becoming the division's undisputed world champion, Saturday, March 13, at Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino. The fight, promoted by Gary Shaw Productions, LLC and Pound-for-Pound Promotions, in association with Square Ring, will be televised nationally on HBO World Championship Boxing.

'The minute Sugar Shane won the world super welterweight title, Team Mosley said they would only seek out the biggest fights,' said Shaw, Mosley's promoter. 'Mosley-Wright IS the biggest fight in their division. Everyone has had an excuse for not fighting Sugar Shane or Winky. But when the opportunity presented itself to fight for the undisputed title, Sugar Shane and Winky offered not excuses, but pens to sign their contracts. This fight belongs at Mandalay Bay, which has hosted the most memorable fights in the history of boxing. Tony Alamo deserves all the credit for bringing the fight to this magnificent property.'

Mosley, 39-2 (35 KOs), from Pomona, CA, (fight-by-fight record captured his third world title in as many different weight classes, September 13, 2003, in front of a sellout crowd in Las Vegas, NV, when he overpowered WBC/WBA super welterweight champion Oscar De La Hoya en route to a 12-round unanimous decision in their long-awaited rematch.

The fight, which was televised by HBO Pay-Per-View, was the second-highest non-heavyweight pay-per-view in history, with over 975,000 buys and $50.2 million in pay-per-view revenue. It was the second time Mosley had dethroned De la Hoya from his world title perch, having beaten him in 2000 for the WBC welterweight championship. Mosley held that title for nearly two years, successfully defending it three times.

Mosley captured his first world championship, the IBF lightweight title, in 1997. Mosley's lightweight title reign lasted two years through eight successful defenses - all by knockout -- before vacating to move up two divisions to welterweight.

'I have accomplished a lot in my career' said Mosley. 'No one has defeated De La Hoya twice and not many can boast three world titles in three different weight classes. Now I want to add the undisputed 154-pound world championship to my trophy case. History is always a little sweeter when you add some Sugar to it.'

'I am so happy for Winky that he has finally been given the career-defining fight he has deserved for so long,' said Roy Jones, Jr., a world champion in four different weight classes, including the undisputed light-heavyweight title, AND Wright's promoter. 'I have been in enough big fights to know that they do not come any bigger than this one in the 154-pound division. I also know I am promoting the Wright man in this fight. Mosley has a lot of guts stepping into the same ring with Winky.'

Wright, 46-3 (25 KOs), a native of Washington, D.C., now residing in St. Petersburg, FL, (fight-by-fight record is in the third year of his second tour as world champion. Nearly 42% (20 to you non-math majors) of Wright's fights have been on foreign soil earning the supremely self-confident champion the moniker 'International Man of Misery' (to his opponents!). Wright has fought professionally in eight different countries on four different continents. He captured his first world title in 1996, defeating WBO jr. middleweight champion Bronko McKart in McKart's hometown. Wright then traveled to England, successfully defending his title three times in succession against the top world-rated British contenders. Wright lost his title to South African Harry Simon via a highly controversial majority decision in 1998. The fight, which took place in South Africa, was first announced a 'Draw' but after a so-called 'error' was discovered in the addition of one of the scorecards, Wright was informed in his locker room that Simon was awarded the title via a recalculated majority decision. After losing another controversial majority decision to then-undefeated IBF jr. middleweight champion Fernando Vargas in 1999, a fight the vast majority of the media and spectators alike thought Wright won handily, Wright regrouped and captured the IBF title vacated by Felix Trinidad in 2001. He has successfully defended it four times.

'Shane Mosley and I will make boxing history and personal history on March 13,' said Wright. 'Shane and I are the only two people in this division man enough to risk it all to become the undisputed world champion. Trust me, I know. I have offered the same opportunity to De La Hoya and Vargas over and over and over again. Now they are on the sidelines where they belong. March 13 is reserved for the big boys.'

'This is a match-up boxing fans have long anticipated and will talk of long after,' said Tony Alamo, Sr. Vice President of Mandalay Resort Group (Mandalay Bay's parent company). 'My hat goes off to Gary Shaw, the man who brought this event together, and to these two competitive, professional athletes who choose to rise above what others cannot, to settle in the ring the question of who is more deserving of these championship belts. Mandalay Bay is proud to host this historic event as it represents what we strive to deliver to our customers above all else - Boxing at its Best.'

The last time the 154-pound division had an undisputed world champion was when Koichi Wajima reclaimed the title from Oscar Albarado via a 15-round decision, January 21, 1975, in Tokyo, Japan. Since then, the title has been splintered with only Terry Norris, De La Hoya and now Mosley ever holding two of the three belts simultaneously.

Source: ADCC


An Ex-Lineman and Wrestler Becomes a Star in Japan

OKYO, Dec. 24 — It was a sign, Bob Sapp knew, that his self-described Beast phenomenon had gone too far: he shaved his chest for a television commercial and someone swept up the hair and sold it for $500.

It was also a sign of how far Sapp had helped take K-1, Japan's kick-boxing league. Since arriving in Japan nearly two years ago, Sapp, a former N.F.L. lineman and pro wrestler, has become perhaps the most popular entertainer and sports figure in the country. His ring name, the Beast, has come to symbolize not only his fearsome 6-foot-7, 375-pound build, but also a media frenzy that has turned a burly fighter into a multimillion-dollar enterprise.

Sapp, who will take on Akebono, a Hawaiian-born former Sumo grand champion, on New Year's Eve in a baseball stadium, says he has fought 3 pro wrestling matches and 10 kick-boxing bouts in the last year. He also says he has been interviewed 1,000 times, made 200 television appearances and 10 commercials, and been the subject of four books. Hundreds of products — from clocks to dolls to a video game — have flooded the market with his image.

His promoters are now trying to arrange a fight with Mike Tyson next year; the format, K-1 or traditional boxing, is still to be negotiated. Sapp, who is 29 and calls Seattle home, also has hopes of becoming a Hollywood action hero.

While Sapp ate dinner recently at a restaurant in Tokyo, dozens of people walking by stopped to take pictures of him through the window. Two young assistants worked on his schedule on a laptop computer; his two daily training sessions, media appearances and other commitments were blocked out in different colors.

"How do you say no to that?" Sapp asked, pointing at the computer. "It's so hard. This stuff is really selling."

The main product Sapp is selling, K-1, was created 10 years ago by Kazuyoshi Ishii, a Seidokan Karate school owner who wanted to settle the age-old question: which fighting style trumps all? Ishii set up single-day tournaments in which fighters competed in three three-minute rounds, with the winners working their way to a title bout.

The K in K-1 stands for karate, kick-boxing, taekwondo and kung fu, all styles that can be used during the short and often violent fights. The 1 represents the winner. Knockouts are the most common outcome, and more than a few fighters leave the ring bloodied. The nature of the fights conjures up images of gladiators.

Sapp is an unlikely star of the sport. After a brief and unhappy career in the National Football League with the Minnesota Vikings, Sapp, who is not related to Warren of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, joined a pro wrestling league that soon folded. Ishii's organization spotted him boxing in a celebrity event against William Perry, the former Chicago Bears defensive lineman. Facing the prospect of working at a funeral home, Sapp went to Japan to fight in K-1, a sport he knew nothing about.

Although not much of a kicker, Sapp used his size and tongue-in-cheek character to become an instant hit with the Japanese. Purists say his fighting style has turned the sport into a farce. Other critics accuse him of reinforcing negative stereotypes of African-Americans; among other things, he has appeared in advertisements eating bananas.

Sapp's critics are offset by thousands of fans who adore him and dozens of companies that are eager to use his image.

"As Sapp gets more popular, he gets more endorsements, which lead to bigger sponsorship deals and then bigger purses," said Daisuke Teraguchi, the international operations manager for K-1. "It's like a chain reaction."

Sapp missed a shot at the K-1 world championship when he was disqualified for hitting his opponent while he was down during a match in October. Still, Sapp received a huge round of applause when he appeared at the K-1 World Grand Prix finals on Dec. 6; he was there to promote the idea of a fight against Tyson.

Sapp remains so popular that tickets for his Dec. 31 fight with Akebono sold out in a day. The bout will be held in a domed baseball stadium in Nagoya, a two-hour bullet-train ride south of Tokyo.

Source: MMA Weekly


Puroresupower had these news and notes from many upcoming shows...

Inoki's Show - Yuka Tsuji's opponent for her 12/31 Kobe Wing Stadium fight is Kalliopi Yeitsidou (kickboxing). Meanwhile, Antonio Inoki delayed revealing the full card line-up for his show. Inoki said that if he can't announce Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira for his show, he will determine who Yuji Nagata's challenger will be on Friday. Inoki also stated that the winner of the Kazuyuki Fujita/Ray Mercer fight would be awarded 100 million yen ($900,000).

(K-1) According to a news wire report posted on Sports Nippon, Kazuyoshi Ishii's two cronies who helped him with corporate tax evasion are likely headed to jail for a year-and-a-half. Sentencing for the two will occur on February 17th officially, while Ishii's sentencing will be coming in January. Meanwhile... Norika Fujiwara, Kyoko Hasegawa, Takanohana, Rickson Gracie, Masato (Kobayashi), Takanori Hatakeyama (famous boxer), Toshihiko Koga (Judo star), and many other famous Japanese celebrities will appear at the promotion's 12/31 Nagoya Dome show.

(Inoki) Sanae Kikuta's participation on Inoki's 12/31 Kobe Wing Stadium show is very much in the air, as Kikuta has not been interested in the offers for opponents he has been given so far. Meanwhile, Pancrase boss Ozaki says that he expects to appear at Inoki's show, but hasn't made a final decision, yet.

Source: MMA Weekly

USA quake affects MMA community

Take a look at this report published by our partners by

We are sure many of you heard about the California Earthquakes on the Central Coast yesterday. Many of the MMA community was affected by this 6.5 Earthquake. The most damage was received in the small town of Paso Robles which is a half hour north of San Luis Obispo. San Luis is of course the home of Chuck Liddell, Gan McGee and the fight gyms of SLO Kickboxing and the Pit which is in Arroyo Grande.

John Hackleman who runs the Pit told MMAWeekly "My house is a mess right now. I have everything knocked off my walls, but everybody is o.k. The gym is fine. Chuck and my family is o.k. so I'm alright." SLO Kickboxing didn't sustain much damage. A few tiles hit the floor but the gym is o.k. If you travel up north towards the town of Paso Robles that is where you start to understand the damage. MMAWeekly's Ryan Bennett lives just 10 minutes away from Paso Robles and his story was of course was much different.

"I was upstairs and felt the earthquake. I thought it would just go away and it didn't. My house was literally moving. It just started swaying, so I ran downstairs and told my wife and girls to get under the door frame. My kids had a horrible look of fear as I told them to get under the doorway. After a quick headcount I realized my baby boy was upstairs asleep so I went running up my staircase to get my 10 month old. Then the staircase started swaying a foot each way. I was scared beyond belief. It was hell just trying to get up the stairs. I grabbed my boy and my knee buckled on the stairs because my staircase was swaying back and forth. It feels like I tore my ACL again."

"It was like a scene in a bad movie as the quake just continued to get more violent. We are in cleanup mode as I have T.V.'s DVD players and stereo's on the floor, water from my fish tank all over the living room floor. Luckily my house doesn't have any structural damage as the builders have constructed this place for earthquakes. I am 10 minutes away from Paso Robles. I know they were not as fortunate and are in much worse shape."

Source: Tatame

Kazushi Sakuraba Press Conference

A press conference was held at Dream Stage Entertainment's Tokyo office to officially announce the participation of Takada Dojo's Kazushi Sakuraba in the December 31st PRIDE FC SHOCKWAVE 2003 show. Although his injuries are not completely healed and his opponent has yet to be decided, Sakuraba is ready to fight.
"I was thinking about just staying at home on New Year's Eve and watching Doraemon cartoons or maybe even appearing in a travel show. Then I came to my senses and decided that what I want to do is fight on the 31st. I've also decided to call myself the Vice-General Director. I hope you'll all enjoy the Sakuraba Theatre."

Hearing this, DSE President Nobuyuki Sakakibara commented, "I'm glad that he has decided to fight. We've been playing catch-up for a little while and I think this will help us strike back. There are still some things to be worked out but I want to make this the best New Year's Eve ever." Much to the surprise of the reporters gathered at the conference, Sakakibara continued, "The card has…not been finalized yet. However, time is running out so I hope to announce the entire card in the early part of next week."

Sakuraba was his usual self in regard to his upcoming opponent, "My injuries haven't fully healed so I would like to fight someone hurt." Sakakibara also addressed this issue, "We are going to choose an opponent while giving consideration to (Sakuraba's) condition." Although there were rumors of a fourth match with Wanderlei Silva, Sakakibara said that there was 0% of this happening. Silva has recently undergone elbow surgery and will not be prepared to fight any opponent for the December 31st show.

According to Sakuraba, he is now at 80% and working towards complete recovery, "I'll be fine by December 31st. No problem." There have also been rumors of a possible match up with Kiyoshi Tamura and Dos Caras Jr.. Either way, this will be a card worth looking forward too.

Source: Pride

 12/25/03 Merry Christmas!

Quote of the Day

"Spending time with the ones you love during the holidays are the best gift you can get...unless you get a Porsche 911 GT-2 Twin Turbo for X-mas."

Mike Onzuka - Philosopher, Male Model

Merry Christmas! would like to wish everyone a merry Christmas! We hope that you get everything you want, but more importantly spend time with the people you love the most. Although it is a cliche, it is better to give than receive so this is a great time of the year to do something special for the unfortunate. It could be as small as a good deed, but it will make you feel better.

A good example of a great deed would be to tell your friends and family about checking out daily and watching Fighters' Club TV every Tuesday at 6:00 pm.

If you are drinking this holiday season, please don't drink and drive. Also, take the advice of your friends and family if they say you had too much to drink, believe them. We need all the viewers to stay healthy in order to keep checking out our page.

God Bless and have a fun and safe Christmas!

So "The Phenom" Got Married!
By Eduardo Alonso

After endless speculation and a long romance with his fiancée Joana Prado, Vitor Belfort finally became a married man this past Saturday, December 20th, in the city of Sao Paulo in Brazil. Vitor and Joana have been living together for a long time already, but ever since they re-started their relationship during filming of a reality TV show called Casa Dos Artistas 2, a VIP version of Big Brother, talks had been going on about the couple's marriage. Keeping the flamboyant style, with Vitor being a usual guest on Brazilian TV Shows and even soap operas, and Joana Prado being a former Playboy Playmate, the marriage was broadcast live by TV Record, likely the 3rd biggest TV channel in the country. In spite of what many may think, "The Phenom" guaranteed FCF that he is still focused on his fight against Randy Couture at the next UFC, and the honeymoon will have to wait for after this challenge. FCF wishes nothing but the best for the couple in the years to come.

Source: FCF


According to puresopower "Kazuyuki Fujita vs. Ray Mercer was announced at a press conference in Tokyo on 12/24. Antonio Inoki was dressed in a Santa outfit while giving the news.

"Mercer is demanding a 20-second rule for ground-fighting, meaning this will be a standing fight. The fight will be five rounds at 3 minutes a piece, with 90-second intervals.

"There's still some things needed to be worked out regarding knee-strikes, but the format of the fight is pretty simple - mainly glove work only. Mercer is 42 years old. Fujita has been doing boxing-only training in Los Angeles for the last month. Yuka Tsuji (famous female fighter in Japan) was announced for the 12/31 Kobe show. She worked a big fight (and lost) on 7/13 for DEEP in Osaka against Anna Michele Dantes (Brazil).

Source: MMA Weekly

Ludwig to fight for ISKA world title

On Saturday January 10th in Castle Rock Colorado, Duane BANG! Ludwig will make his second attempt at becoming a WORLD CHAMPION in the sport of Muay Thai. In the main event of the Popular RING OF FIRE series BANG! will face off against one of the top Muay Thai fighters in the world, Thailand's Malapaiet Sitprapom.

Malapaiet has 154 fights under his belt and is star in the European promotion SUPERLEAGUE. He holds the IKBA World Championship and is a former stadium champion in Thailand.

Up for grabs will be the ISKA Light Middle Weight Muay Thai World Title belt (153.1-159 lbs/69.6-72.3 kg). This belt has special meaning to Ludwig. On the under card of the K-1 USA show in Las Vegas, Ludwig first fought for this belt with the legendary Alex Gong. This was a fight for the ages and everyone in attendance that night was treated to a true battle of champions. Gong edged out the decision and retained his title, while Ludwig finally broke through to the big leagues. Gong's untimely death earlier this year has left the title vacant.

"This title means a lot to me. I plan to keep the title here in the United States and keep a bit of Alex Gong's memory with it. Since his last defense of the title was against me, I have a little emotion wrapped up with this fight. I hope that I can keep the title here for a lot of reasons but one reason in particular and that's to keep it here in Alex Gong's memory." said Ludwig. It has also been just about a year since Ludwig has been able to fight in front of his home town fans. He has a busy year competing for the UFC and K-1 in Japan. " I love fighting at home.. I get a lot of energy from the crowd. Denver has some of the best fans in the world!"

ISKA president Corey Schafer commented "We feel that Duane definitely should be first in line at a shot at this belt. This particular title has such a great history and legacy, and for the fight to be against a true Thai champion only adds to that history."

With a fight of this magnitude only a referee like the legendary Cecil Peoples could handle the duty. Peoples has refereed for the top promotions in the world and has more title bout experience than any other ref in the world.

Also on the card is UFC veteran Brad Gumm. Gumm will be fighting at 155 lbs for the third time in his career. All of his previous matches have been at 170 lbs and he feels that he can really make a statement in the light weight division. Facing Gumm is KOTC veteran and undefeated New Mexico fighter Carlos Condit. Condit has a MMA record of 9-0. He has also fought as a professional boxer and recently traveled to Japan to face one the top fighters in the world in Shootboxing.

Rounding out the main card, Jay Jack makes his long awaited return to the ring. Jack was scheduled to fight last month in the Canadian promotion TKO but had his opponent with draw at the last minute. His last appearance was at ROF 7 where he beat the game Isais Martinez (TX). Opposite Jack will be the tough Utah based fighter Steve Gomm. Gomm is a submission stylist who recently finished local wrestler Eric Heinz in the IFC. Gomm's last Ring Of Fire appearance was at ROF 8 where he submitted Cruz Chacon via choke.

Source: MMA Weekly


Our partners from Tatame have this following report regarding this weekend's shows.

Pride's Anderson Silva won on his first MMA fight after being left the Chute Boxe team. It was on the main event of the 1st Conquista Fight, yesterday night, in Vitória da Conquista, south of Bahia state. During the event produced by the Pride champ Rodrigo Minotauro, Silva showed a great Muay Thai with hard knees. His opponent Diamante Negro didn't resist in the first round and didn't return for the second one.

On the battle of the night, Cláudio Godoy and Pancrase's Evangelista Cyborg did a truth spectacle inside the ring. Godoy almost submitted Cyborg at the 1R by an armlock. Cyborg reacted at the 2R and knocked Cláudio's down. The fight got a decision at the last roundm when Godoy punished Cyborg from the mounted till the referee stoppage. On a fast fight, Júnior Buscapé passed over Devanir Marques at the 1R.


Muay Thai

- Manuel Fonseca (Artur Mariano) KO'd Rodrigo Aladim (Vander Valverde) with a kick on the rib at 0:38 3R;
- Emanuel David (BTT/Nikolai) KO'd Aloísio Barros (RVT) at 1:19 1R;
- Anderson Júnior (Anderson França) KO'd Clóvis Mileo (Artur Mariano) at 0:57 1R;
- Gerson Silva (BTT/Nikolai) def Diego Braga (RVT) by judges decision;


- Marcílio Márcio (Ricardo Carvalho) submitted Johnny Eduardo (Boxe Thai) by an armlock at 3:19 1R;
- Adriano Nasal (BTT) submitted Cláudio Alcântara (Ricardo Carvalho) by arear-naked-choke at 3:55 1R;
- Will Ribeiro (Brazil Dojo) def Gabriel Barros (Bu-shido) - gave up at 4:05 2R;
- César Profeta (Bu-shido) KO'd Averaldo (Aloísio Freitas) at 0:26 1R;
- Marcelo Salazar (BTT) def Alexandre Lima (Ricardo Carvalho) by unanimous decision;
- Yuri Fernandes (BTT) KO'd Aloísio Freitas (Aloísio Freitas) by punches at 1:06 3R;
- Júnior Buscapé (BTT) KO'd Devanir Marques (NU/Campos) by punches from the mounted at 1:10 1R;
- Cláudio Godói (Godói JJ) def Evangelista Cyborg (Brazil Dojo) by TKO at 2:23 3R (punches from the mounted);
- Anderson Silva def Diamante Negro (Ricardo Carvalho) - gave up at 2R.

Source: MMA Weekly


Rich Franklin was Thursday's guest on MMAWeekly Radio with host Ryan Bennett. Rich is fighting in the Dec. 31st, Inoki show but it won't be against Allistar Overeem.

His opponent will be a Japanese fighter that he knew very little about. Franklin spoke about his groin injury and how it is progressing. He said, it's a "slow process and a lingering injury." The fight will take place under MMA rules and Rich leaves for Japan on the 26th.

When asked about the curse, meaning fighters who have gone outside the UFC have blown chances to come back to the Octagon.... Franklin recognized that, "If I lose this fight it could set me back." Rich said if he wins in Japan, he expects to be back in the UFC in 2004. He said he would fight the "big named" guys if the money was right. If he is going to step up a level, then he feels the pay should step up a level.

Much of the show was dedicated to call ins. Frank Bishop called the show and gave an update on Forrest Griffin. Griffin is fresh off a first round victory over Edson Paredao in "HeatFC 2." Forrest broke his ulna during the fight but was still able to knockout Edson. His arm will need a pin and possibly six weeks in a cast. Forrest was supposed to fight Marvin Eastman in January but that fight is now in question.

Source: MMA Weekly

Interview w/UFC Co-Owner - Lorenzo Fertitta

Lorenzo Fertitta first was introduced to the sport of mixed martial arts while serving on the Nevada State Athletic Commission. As part of a fact-finding mission for an application to sanction events in Nevada, Fertitta traveled to Iowa to view a series of fights. That experience changed his perception of the sport dramatically and ultimately led to the resurrection of the UFC.

Recollecting the trip to Iowa, he told Forbes magazine in 2002, "The thing that really shocked me was the quality of the fighters . . . They were world-class athletes. I had this perception that these were just guys getting off a barstool and trying to hurt each other."

With the UFC bordering on collapse in 2000, then-UFC owner, Robert Meyrowitz asked Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta to buy a 50% stake in the operation. They were so impressed with the sport, however, they bought the whole company and renamed it Zuffa.

Since then the company has held sold out shows in Las Vegas and Atlantic City and entered new markets in Connecticut and Florida. With each show, the UFC comes closer to establishing MMA as a legitimate, mainstream sport. The next step is a national television deal that would bring MMA into households across North America on a regular basis.

Despite all of the good news, some commentators have speculated that the future of the UFC is questionable. Growing popularity and success haven’t translated into more revenues and the organization continually struggles to meet the bottom-line each show.

In this interview with conducted at the UFC 45 autograph session, Lorenzo Fertitta reflects on the tenth anniversary of the UFC, comments on the financial situation of the organization, and discusses the current state of MMA. Following the tenth anniversary show what is the future of the UFC?

Lorenzo Fertitta: I think the organization is on the launching pad right now. I talk a lot about the fact that we believe we are at the tipping point. I see a lot of positive signs. We are starting to break through and we are getting a lot of mainstream press. It seems like the fan support is growing constantly.

Over the next ten years, I think we really are going to build mixed martial arts into a mainstream sport. Are there any developments with the TV deal that you can share with us?

Lorenzo Fertitta: I hope so. I can't swear to you, but I hope there will be announcements soon. We certainly are talking to a number of different networks and there is a strong level of interest. However, until you get the offer, sign the contract, and actually get the product on the air, it's not done. Do you feel that Tim Sylvia testing positive for steroids was a step back for the company?

Lorenzo Fertitta: I feel that [the positive test] put us in a situation where the sport cannot afford to have continued wrongs like that. I think we got by that situation and we will continue to work through it.

At the same time, the fighters have to realize how serious an issue the use of steroids has become in the sport. The athletic commissions are going to test and the fines and suspensions are going to keep getting more severe until they get a handle on it.

What we're seeing is that it's extending into other sports -- baseball is starting to take it seriously and football is starting to take it seriously. We're fine. I think we'll get through this, but if we continue to have problems, I would be concerned about that. Ken Shamrock was just inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame, when do you see him returning? (Note: Ken Shamrock is a contributor to

Lorenzo Fertitta: Ken is interested in coming back and fighting for us in May I believe. We're anxious to get him back. At the same time, we want to make sure he takes the necessary time to allow his knee to heal correctly. So far, it looks like it is going well and March is a good time for him to return. What is the possibility of a Ken Shamrock/Royce Gracie rematch?

Lorenzo Fertitta: Sure -- there's always a possibility. At the end of the day, I really don't know where Royce is or what he wants to do with his career. There are so many issues we've had with his return -- like when he went over and fought in Pride and he had special rules…We're not going to do something like that. If we were ever match-up Royce with someone, it's going to be three-five minute rounds, UFC/Nevada rules (or wherever we are fighting) and that's it. Is the UFC interested in working more with Pride? Would you be interested in doing a special attraction fight, maybe with Pride in Japan -- where you could have the special rules?

Lorenzo Fertitta: I think there are some big opportunities. I think, cooperatively, we can put together some big fights that the fans want to see. The situation is no different than Bob Arum and Don King working together at times, as well as and other promoters.

In order to increase the exposure of the sport, I think it’s essential that we match their top guys with our top guys and let them go at it. I have no problem with that. I am more than willing to challenge Pride. We'll line up our champions versus theirs and let it rip!

Stay tuned with for part two of our exclusive interview with Lorenzo Fertitta.

Source: Boxing Insider

 12/24/03 X-Mas Eve (Did you finish your shopping? Last chance!)

Quote of the Day

"The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled."

Plutarch, 46-120 AD, Greek Essayist, Biographer

Rumble On The Rock 5 Fight Card!
Hilo, Hawaii
December 27, 2003

Fighter details coming tomorrow!

Eric Beach (BJ Penn's MMAA) Vs Paul Laga (Bull's Pen)

Abraham Robison (BJ Penn's MMAA) Vs Jerry Saribay (Bull's Pen)

Robert Villapondo (808 Fight Factory) VS Ashton Castro (Young Guns DeLuta Club)

Abraham Kalaupa (Freelance) VS Gavin Mata (Shirotaka Kenpo & Kajukenbo)

Pete Sefo (808 Fight Factory) VS Mark Rodriguez (Rudy Valentino)

Lightweight Tournament Finals

Mike Aina (BJ Penn's MMAA) VS Mike Bickers (Vendrell's Martial Arts)

DJ Delfin (BJ Penn's MMAA) vs. Eric Devers (Shirotaka Kenpo & Kajukenbo)

Kaleo Padilla (Koden Kan/Kona Boxing) VS Mark Moreno (Bull's Pen)

Kaynan Kaku (BJ Penn's MMAA) VS Harris Sariento (808 Fight Factory)

Semi Main:
Ross Ebanez (BJ Penn's MMAA) VS Shawn Beckett (Fusion Fight Team)

Main Event:
Chael Sonnen (Team Quest) VS Homer Moore (Brausa Academy)

Super Brawl 33 Rumours!

From the website - AWESOME CARD ON THE WAY!!!

This may be the biggest Super Brawl to date! Saturday night February 7th, the night before the Pro-Bowl. This will guarantee a house full of your favorite NFL stars. Bring your autograph book. And it looks like one of the strongest cards in Super Brawl history.

Vitale to face former UFC Champion!

Strong rumours of a Niko Vitale v former UFC Champion Dave Menne fight to headline the card.
This is, without a doubt, the toughest opponent Vitale has stepped into a ring with. Vitale is prepared for a war, 'I have a great amount of respect for Dave, has been a great fighter and a great UFC champion. But fighting at home will be exactly what I need to defeat him.'

Menne, who is always a man of few words was quoted as saying, 'I take all my opponents seriously, but I will leave his island with another victory on my record'.

Yagin to face Pulver!

In another treat for Hawaii fight fans, Super Brawl promoters have secured a verbal agreement from the management of former UFC Champion of the world, Jens Pulver to fight with 'The Fillipino Phenom', Eddie Yagin. Yagin states, 'This is the opportunity of a lifetime! I will be in the best shape of my life and plan on shocking the world on February 7th!'

Pulver is also excited. 'I am good friends with Warren Sapp (NFL Star) and it will be fun to fight in front of him. Tell Eddie he better be ready to throw down!'

Heavyweight Favorite to Return to Hawaii!

The last time Justin Eilers was in the Super Brawl ring he was cheered wildly by the crowd after losing a controversial split decision to Cabbage. Cabbage was booed. He plans on showing his debut performance was no fluke. 'I will come to Hawaii with guns blazin'! I don't care who they put in front of me, I will knock them out....guaranteed.'

Source: ADCC


LOS ANGELES, California – Three more matches are official for PRIDE FC’s SHOCKWAVE 2003 show, scheduled for December 31, 2003 from the Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan.

In his farewell match, PRIDE FC star Gary “Big Daddy” Goodridge will face career nemesis Don “The Predator” Frye. This will be the final mixed martial arts bout for the veteran Goodridge who is announcing his retirement from the sport. The 6’3”, 260-pound Goodridge was given the option of selecting the opponent for his farewell match … he chose Don Frye, one of the main rivals of his career. Frye dealt Goodridge two losses early in his career: the first a submission loss via punches at UFC 8: David vs. Goliath and the second a submission loss via exhaustion at UFC Ultimate Ultimate 1996. As the final match of his MMA career, Goodridge will have a chance to avenge both of those losses. “Big Daddy” is coming off a very quick TKO win at FINAL CONFLICT versus Dan “The Bull” Bobish and Frye is coming off a decision loss to Mark “The Hammer Coleman” at BAD TO THE BONE.

In the second announced bout, Grand Prix Finalist and top ranked middleweight contender, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, will face Japanese fighter Ikuhisa “The Punk” Minowa. This match pits the powerful wrestling and striking attack of Jackson against the submission skills of the veteran Minowa. Jackson’s impressive journey to the PRIDE FC middleweight tournament finals this past Fall garnered him victories over both Murilo Bustamante and Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell. “Rampage” was defeated in the tournament finals by PRIDE FC champion Wanderlei Silva, but remains the top contender for Silva’s belt in the middleweight rankings. A native of Gifu, Japan, Minowa is a veteran of both Pancrase and the UFC and is currently a member of the Brazilian Top Team. This will be his PRIDE FC debut.

In the third announced match, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu legend, Mario “The Zen Master” Sperry will take on Pancrase star Yuki Kondo. A prodigy of the legendary Carlson Gracie, Sperry is an accomplished master of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. During the late 1990s, he won numerous awards in the Abu Dhabi Submission Wrestling Championships, including the heavyweight and absolute divisions in 1997. This member of the Brazilian Top Team is coming off a win against Russian fighter Andrei Kopylov at BEASTS FROM THE EAST 2. Sperry’s opponent, Yuki Kondo, is a veteran of both the UFC and Pancrase and has held the prestigious title of “King of Pancrase.” His illustrious Pancrase career has included victories over Semmy Schilt, Frank Shamrock and Guy Mezger. This will be his debut in PRIDE FC.

Headlining the fight card will be the long-awaited rematch between Royce Gracie and Hidehiko Yoshida. These two submission artists battled at SHOCKWAVE 2002 and the result was the controversial finish in which Yoshida was victorious via gi choke, though Gracie protested that he did not tap and was not unconscious. This rematch continues the epic rivalry between Gracie Jiu Jitsu and Japanese Judo, which began over 50 years ago when Helio Gracie fought Masahiko Kimura in a match to prove who had the superior fighting style.

SHOCKWAVE 2003 Fight Card:

- Hidehiko Yoshida vs. Royce Gracie
- Gary “Big Daddy” Goodridge vs. Don “The Predator” Frye
- Quinton “Rampage” Jackson vs. Ikuhisa “The Punk” Minowa
- Yuki Kondo vs. Mario “The Zen Master” Sperry
- Hayato “Mach” Sakurai vs. Daiju Takase
- Wataru Sakata vs. Ryan Gracie

(Fight Card Subject to Change)

More matches to be announced soon!

Though SHOCKWAVE 2003 will not be available in North America via pay per view, travel packages are available on and a DVD of the event will follow in the first quarter of 2004.

Source: ADCC

Royce v Yoshida Rules Update

Update news on Royce v Yoshida. Background: It was previously reported by this column that Pride had introduced a 10-count in the event of a knockdown for this match but, on Royce's request, they have removed it from the rules.

Acording to Royce's manager Mike Kogan: 'The referee cannot interfere with the downed fighter except in the event of a KO; and we have a very specific definition of what a KO is!' Royce adds: 'This is going to be a war and I don't want anything that takes away from the real aspects of fighting! Let the fighters decide on who wins not the referee!'

Considering that Royce likes to do his fighting on the ground and is clearly not a striker, one would view this rule change as benefiting Yoshida, who traded very good punches with Wanderlei Silva during the Pride Grand Prix 2003!

Source: ADCC

St. Pierre in January UFC causes postponement of TKO 15

Montreal, QC - The recruiting of TKO Canadian Welterweight Champion George St. Pierre into the January UFC show means the TKO event originally scheduled for the day after the UFC has been postponed.

The new date for TKO is February 13th. No new information is available on the next fight card but at the post-fight press conference following TKO 14 we were told that the first TKO of the new year will feature the return of two-time UFC vet David “The Crow” Loiseau in a defense of his World Middleweight belt. The rumor stated his opponent may be current TKO World Light Heavyweight Champion Jeremy Horn, as Horn continues to try to move into the Middleweight division.

St. Pierre replaces Pete “Secret Weapon” Spratt in the UFC after St. Pierre beat Spratt in November’s TKO 14 by rear choke. Spratt was scheduled to fight in the next UFC against Karo Parisyan, but now St. Pierre’s victory has earned him Spratt’s place against Parisyan, the KOTC and UFC vet who fought an amazing fight against rAw’s Fernando Vasconcelos in KOTC 22 before getting a kimura on Dave Strasser in his UFC debut.

TKO 15 would mark over one year since Jason Black won the World Welterweight title in his decision victory over John Alessio but the World Welterweight belt is not to be decided on this next show. TKO has separate belts in all divisions for the Canadian and World champions, with St. Pierre holding the Canadian and Black holding the World Welterweight belts. Most recent word was whether he wins or loses, St. Pierre would fight for the World Welterweight belt on the TKO show following his UFC debut but two weeks isn’t enough time to prepare. Black, Horn, and Team Extreme in general haven’t fought in the Canadian promotion since last January when Tony Fryklund fought Loiseau and Jens Pulver fought Duane Ludwig in fights that earned both Loiseau and Ludwig berths in the UFC. This absence was also due to monetary disputes, which have reportedly since been for the most part rectified.

The third belt on the line may be the Canadian Middleweight belt. Currently Steve Vigneault still holds the Canadian belt, despite his loss of the Canadian Light Heavyweight belt in TKO 14 to Patrick Cote. Latest rumor was Vigneault would defend against Denis Kang, a fighter many fans have thought for quite some time was one of the most underrated Middleweights on the international stage. One week after Vigneault lost the Light Heavyweight belt, Kang picked up a draw against Andrei Semenov in M-1 in a fight that should have been a decision win for Kang. Now it looks like these two Canadians will finally meet in what could be a show-stealer.

Also look for fan favorites like Donald Ouimet and Pain Peters to round out the card. Hopefully fans will also see a return of Jonathan Goulet and Jeff Joslin, two fighters who put on one of the most exciting back-and-forth battles in TKO 14 which ended with a decision win for Goulet. Expect more announcements from TKO Communications early in next year.

Source: ADCC

SHOOTO Returns to Tokyo January 24th

January 24th, 2004
Kourakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan

Japan's SHOOTO returns to Tokyo at the end of January with a card that already has 4 'A' class bouts announced. Of particular interest to observers is the return of Nova Uniao's Joao Roque, who has won his last 6 MMA matches, including SHOOTO wins over highly regarded Naoya Uematsu and Hiroyuki Abe. His opponent in January is Hiroyuki Takaya, who is 3-0 and making the jump to a 3 round fight for the first time in his career.

Below is the card so far, however expect more matches to be announced...

Class A - 3 x 5 minutes rounds

Welterweight [-70.0Kg]: Kohei Yasumi vs. Koutetsu Boku
Lightweight [-65.0Kg]: Tetsuo Katsuta vs. Makoto Ishikawa
Featherweight [-60.0Kg]: Marco Louro vs. Shuichiro Katsumura
Lightweight [-65.0Kg]: Joao Roque vs. Hiroyuki Takaya

Source: ADCC


Zach Arnold of Puroresupower reports that a press briefing was held Monday in Tokyo with Antonio Inoki announcing that Yuji Nagata would work his 12/31 Kobe Wing Stadium show. It was then followed with the news that Emelanienko Fedor would not work the show.

Inoki said that Semmy Schilt's contractual obligations to PRIDE were cleared and he will fight Josh Barnett as scheduled. An announcement will be made shortly on the heavyweight boxer who Kazuyuki Fujita is facing.


Zach Arnold of puresopower has this following report about Inoki's show. "In a strange and short press conference, an announcement was made regarding the participation of Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic for Inoki's 12/31 Kobe Wing Stadium show. The press briefing was over an hour late and key figures (Inoki, Nippon TV producers) did not show.

Nikkan Sports claims that through Miro Mijatovic, comments have been made indicating that Filipovic is 'undecided' as to whether or not he will work the show after all (he claimed a back injury for cancellation earlier). The Japanese press is calling Mirko's tactics "sheepish" and claim that Inoki's card (along with PRIDE's card) are in a state of confusion.

Couple of interesting notes from the press briefing - Kazuyuki Fujita's current opponent being negotiated with is a boxer. As MMAWeekly reported, Rich Franklin will be fighting. His opponent was announced as LYOTO (Ryoto Machida). Emelianenko Alexander (Fedor's brother) was announced for a fight on the show. When asked if Fedor's opponent for Inoki's show would be a Japanese pro-wrestler, it was acknowledged with a 'yes'. Yuji Nagata or Hiroyoshi Tenzan is going to get slaughtered.
One final note. ADCC news is reporting that Mario Sperry vs Don Frye will not happen as speculated, however they report that Yuki Kondo has taken Frye's place.
There isn't another night in MMA to compare with what is happening December 31st. You have some great fighters competing, you have different organizations bidding over talent and you have possible lawsuits on the line depending on who fightes who.

MMAWeekly reader Charles Liebermen emailed us a possible schedule of what fights you mma fans in Japan could expect for December 31st. The only bad part of this card is the fact that these shows will not be shown in America.

Here's the list of POSSIBLE matches. Remember the full card for these three shows have NOT been confirmed.
December 31st, 2003
Saitama Super Arena
Omiya, Japan
Officially confirmed matchups:
Royce Gracie vs. Hidehiko Yoshida
Ryan Gracie vs. Wataru Sakata
Hayato Sakurai vs. Daiju Takase
Unoffical matchups:
Rogerio 'Minotoro' Nogueira vs. Kazushi Sakuraba
Murilo 'Ninja' Rua vs. Kiyoshi Tamura
Heath Herring vs. Dos Caras Jr.
Ikuhisa Minowa vs. Quinton Jackson
Yuki Kondo vs. Mario Sperry

K-1 'Premium 2003 Dynamite'
December 31st, 2003
Nagoya Dome
Nagoya, Japan
K-1 matchups:
Bob Sapp vs. Akebono
Ernesto Hoost vs. 'Montanha' Silva
Shannon Briggs vs. Francois Botha
Francisco Filho vs. TOA 'The Samoan Beast'
-Din Thomas vs Amar Suloev
-Kimo vs. Michael Mcdonald
MMA matchups:
Alexey Ignashov vs. Shinsuke Nakamura
Genki Sudo vs. Eric 'Butterbean' Esch
Cyril Abidi vs. Sylvester Terkay
David Khakhaleichivili vs. Yoshihiro Nakao
Tom Howard vs. Christopher Midoux

INOKI BOM BA YE 2003 - Rumors
- Takayama vs Mirko Cro Cop
- Josh Barnett vs Semmy Schilt
- Murakami vs Stefan Leko
- Rich Franklin vs. Lyoto Machida
- Emelianenko Alexander vs. Angelo Araujo Reis
- Emeliankeko Fedor vs. Kosaka
- Kazuyuki Fujita vs Mike Bernardo
- Tadao Yasuda
- Jan "The Giant" Nortje.

Source: MMA Weekly


Chuck Liddell just celebrated his 34th birthday and he received his biggest birthday present to date when a fight he desperately wanted with Tito Ortiz most likely will happen after Ortiz signed to fight Liddell at UFC 47. talked with Liddell over the weekend about the possibility of the fight and Liddell smiled and said "I can't wait for this fight. I'm looking forward to it. I'm looking forward to knocking him out."

Liddell will resume training in January for the upcoming fight as he looks forward to getting back into the Octagon. "I think this break will be good, but I just look forward to getting back into the Octagon. It's been awhile.

For now fans will have to wait a bit as the UFC 46 card will be the immediate focus as Randy Couture will face Vitor Belfort. The winner of that fight could face the winner of Liddell vs Ortiz which would be great for the Iceman.

"I would love another shot at Randy or Vitor. Couture fought a great fight against me and basically I didn't fight a great fight so I would love to redeem myself against him but right now all my focus will be to K.O. Tito."

It was a fight many fans thought would never happen, but now if we are lucky, the fight we've been waiting for ...for two years will finally take place in three months.

Source: MMA Weekly


Quote of the Day

"Problems do not go away. They must be worked through or else they remain, forever a barrier to the growth and development of the spirit."

M. Scott Peck, M.D. , American Psychiatrist, Author

Fighters' Club TV Episode 17 Debuts Tonight!

Tuesdays 6:00PM on Channel 52 (Oceanic Cable)

Just when you thought we couldn't possibly get any better, along comes
episode 17. It's action packed from start to finish--and showcases our best
"acting" yet.

Fighters' Club TV has also recently been named Olelo's "Best
Sport's Program of 2003"!

Fighters' Club TV Episode 17 features:

-Highlights from Rumble on the Rock (Oahu)
-Ross Ebanez vs. Gabe Casillas
-Renato "Charuto" Verisimo vs. Gil Castillo
-Gilbert Melendez vs. Stephen Palling
-Ronald Jhun vs. Shawn Taylor (+ interview with Ron)
-DeFranco vs. Deshaun Johnson
-BJ Penn vs. Takanori Gomi (+ interview with BJ--his personality shines through in
this one!)
-interview with UFC president Dana White on BJ's fights and ROTR

Technique of the Week (back by popular demand)
-Enson "Yamato Damashii" Inoue

and stay tuned for the credits where you can see out-takes of your favorite
personalities: Mike and Chris Onzuka, and Mark Kurano mess up their
lines--not to mention, Chris doing his Ludacris impersonation.

This Episode will air for the next 4 Tuesdays (Dec 23rd, 30th, and Jan 6th
and 13th).

Comments, Questions, and Suggestions to:

We're still looking for that "right" female to help host the show--resumes
with pics attached to the same address.

Happy Holidays from the TOUGHEST SHOW ON TELEVISION!

Stephen Abas Wrestling Clinic Today!

Date: December 23, 2003
Time: 9:00 AM
Place: Moanalua High School
Price: $10 or $200 per team

This guy is an animal. Read below to see the stats that I researched on Stephen Abas.

Stephen Abas Quick Bio

Three-time NCAA National Champion 1999, 2001, 2002
Four-time All-American 1998, 1999, 2001, 2002
Number 1 Ranked in the USA at 55 kg/121 lbs.

Fresno State: (2001-02) Proved himself to be the undisputed best wrestler in the nation in the 125 division for the third time … was consistently ranked No. 1 in the 125 division throughout the entire season … beat Iowa's Luke Eustice 8-4 in the finals at the NCAA Championships in Albany, N.Y., to win his third national championship … won the West Regional Championships and led Fresno State to a second-place finish … completed a perfect season, going 35-0 overall and 19-0 in dual meets … racked up 12 pins, three technical falls and nine major decision victories … is Fresno State's first three-time national champion and second four-time All-American … set a Bulldog record in season win percentage (1.000) and career win percentage (.973) … finished his Fresno State career with a record of 144-4 … topped his brother, Gerry, in the record books for wins in a career … led the Bulldogs to a 19th place finish at the 2002 NCAA Championships.

(2000-01) Top ranked 125 division wrestler in the nation … captured his second national title at the NCAA tournament and became a three-time All-American … won the Western Regional Championships … was the first Bulldog to go undefeated through an entire season with a record of 34-0 … was voted among Fresno State's Top-25 greatest athletes.

(1999-00) Took the year off from school and wrestling to train for the 2000 Olympics. Abas placed fourth in the US Olympic Trials.

(1998-99) Captured the national title at 125 pounds, becoming the second person in Fresno State history to earn such an honor in wrestling … had only one blemish in his national championship season (37-1), a loss to three-time national champion Eric Guerrero … was the WAC champion for the second straight year … had a dual match record of 14-1 … voted Fresno State's male athlete of the year … ranked second in Bulldog history with a single season win percentage of .974 … picked up the WAC Outstanding Wrestler honor for the second year in a row … racked up 11 technical fall victories and six pins.

(1997-98) One of the top freshman in the country … made an immediate impact in his first collegiate season with a 38-3 overall record while going a perfect 15-0 in dual meets ... was ranked as high as second in the nation at 118 pounds ... capped his standout season going 5-2 at the NCAA Championships to earn a fourth place finish and All-America honors ... was named the WAC Wrestler of the Year and conference Freshman of the Year after winning his first WAC championship at 118 ... opened the season winning his first 24 matches ... took first place at the Cliff Keen Las Vegas Invitational, All-California Open, UC Davis Aggie Open and at the California Collegiate Invitational ... was named Outstanding Wrestler of the Tournament at the Las Vegas Invitational ... four times earned

Quick Talk With SHOOTO CHAMPION 'Pequeno'

'The Brazilian legend' 'by Alexandre Lobo

Alexandre 'Pequeno' has arrived home in Brazil from Japan, where he defeated the Japanese legend Rumina Sato at the December 14 Shooto event. The Lightweight champion impressed the Japanese public once again, using his signature move in submitting Sato in roughly 30 seconds. Now the Brazilian will take some time off, but he spoke to us in this quick interview.

Tell us about your fight against Rumina Sato. Man, the fight was really fast.
He started by giving me a low-kick, I defended and count-attacked with a kick to the ribs. He’s really fast, he held my leg and took me to the ropes. Sato is a showman, and he tried to take me down, so I took him with my typical guillotine choke. He tried to fool me by faking and feinting, to see if I let him go. I almost did, but I decided to wait and see if he would tap out or sleep.

Sato is a Japanese legend. What was the fans reaction like?
The producers are impressed. Nobody was expecting that Sato could lose so fast! He’s so loved in Japan that, when the fight ended, the fans from the audience tried to wake him up.

I heard that Japanese did a tv show about your way of fighting...
It’s true! A friend of mine recorded it for me. Rumina Sato’s trainer was the Shooto promoter Sakamato, and that is who trained and taught him all of my techniques. I was astonished, the guy knew everything! At the show, they talked about what I do inside the ring, how to defend… They also put a guy like me simulating my blows and positions.

When will you return to the Shooto ring?
All I know is that I will probably defend my belt in August, against 'Kid' Yamamoto. But, I can fight before that. Being out of the ring for such a long time isn’t good.

Thanks Champ!

Source: ADCC

SHAOLIN - Quick Notes on his SHOOTO Title Bout!

Recently returned from Japan, where he won his first MMA title, Vitor 'Shaolin' Ribeiro talked briefly with us about his December 14 Shooto bout against Joachim Hansen.

“Everything fell into place for me like never before. During training I didn’t get hurt and I started losing weight at the right time!”, comments Shaolin.

Focusing on the fight, 'Shaolin' says he knew he couldn’t be passive inside Hansen’s guard. “I saw his match with Gomi, when he won the belt and Gomi stayed inside the guard position. Hansen’s punches from the bottom are really hard, so I decided to keep moving to avoid the punches and try to pass his guard”, reveals the new Welterweight champion. After submitting Hansen by a Katagatami choke, 'Shaolin' was overcome with emotion. “I was so happy that I don’t know if I shouted or just celebrated with Dedé (Pederneiras, Shaolin’s trainer) and Robinho (Róbson Moura, Shaolin’s partner). This title was really important for me. I think I have established myself in Mixed Martial Arts like I did in Jiu Jitsu. With the UFC in dissarray, and PRIDE being for bigger guys, this is th emost prestigious title in my weight class in te world today” states a proud title holder. But for now, Shaolin is preparing himself for another adventure, a barbecue with his Nova União friends on December 27th.

Source: ADCC


MMAWeekly's Tom Call had a chance to go one on one with David Terrell who is competing in tonight's Pancrase show in Japan...

The Main Event for this weekends show in Japan features Japanese Fighter Yuki Sasaki against American David Terrell. Yuki Sasaki is a MMA veteran with fights in several organizations including Pride, Shooto and Pancrase. Sasaki has quality wins over Alex Stiebling and Ronald “Machine Gun” Jhun.

Dave Terrell fights out of Santa Rosa California and has an MMA record of 6-1 with the only one “controvertial loss” to Vernon “Tiger” White back in the early days of the IFC. Dave fights for the talent rich Cesar Gracie Jiu-Jitsu.

Terrell has been away from MMA since January 13, 2001. During the layoff Dave earned his Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu from Cesar Gracie and opened his school in Santa Rosa. David is a true full time fighter. He trains all day and teaches at his school in the evenings. David’s school is quite successful, he has students of all ages from 5 to 40 years old. I was able to spend about 10 minutes with Dave at his Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy in Santa Rosa Wed. night before he left for Japan.

I asked about his layoff, his training, and his future fights. Terrell’s last fight ended by TKO. A vicious head kick put Marcos da Silva out at the beginning of the fight and he did not answer the bell for round two. That fight was over but don’t expect any cage rust from David as he has been very busy. When asked about the layoff Terrell explains that he turned his full attention on this year’s Abu-Dhabi tournament in Brazil. David finished third after a very controversial decision to Saulo Ribeiro. Dave is considered one of the best grapplers in the world. He has defeated many decorated grapplers including Dean Lister twice, Ricardo Almedia, Ricardo Cachorrao, and Pride veteran Akira Shoji. Dave is only 25 years old and now has his eyes set on Japan. Dave told me he loves the way the Japanese fans are so knowledgeable about the sport and jumped at the opportunity to fight in Japan. Dave’s eventual goal is to fight in a PrideFC Show.

Dave smiled with confidence when I asked him about going to Japan to fight a very active and popular Japanese fighter in the main event. “I don’t hear anything outside the ring once the fight starts.” I believe the confidence comes from training with such a solid team. Dave explains “There is someone world class to train with everyday. Gil Castillo, Nick Diaz, and Jake Shields just to name a few.”

Dave has been studying Jiu-Jitsu since he was 15 years old. I believe Dave Terrell is a future star of MMA. Hardcore fans may want to remember the name.


American David Terrell looked very impressive this weekend in Japan as he defeated Yuki Sasaki by knockout in the second round. Terrell inflicted the damage at :15 seconds into Round Two. Here's the full results from this weekends action.

PANCRASE 2003 Hybrid Tour Results
December 21, 2003
Tokyo, Japan

Kenji Arai vs Daisuke Hanazawa was ruled a Draw (19-20, 20-20, 19-19)
Takafumi Ito def Linson Simanjuntak by submission at 3:46 Round 1
Koji Oishi def Takahito Iida by Decision(20-18, 20-18, 20-18)
Yukiya Naito def Hur Sung Jin by submission at 2:34 Round 1
Osami Shibuya def Tsuyoshi Kurihara by Decision (20-18, 20-18, 20-17)
Eiji Ishikawa def Hidehiko Hasegawa by Decision (30-27, 30-28, 30-27)
Keiichiro Yamamiya vs Bret Bergmark was ruled draw (30-30, 30-29, 29-29)
David Terrell def Yuki Sasaki by KO at :15 of Round 2

Source: MMA Weekly

Catching Up With... CHRIS LYTLE

On January 2nd Chris Lytle takes on Pete Spratt in RSF Shooto in Belleville, IL.

KM: The last couple of months you have been emphasizing the standup but this is against Pete Spratt, one of the best strikers. Are you looking to stand with Spratt?
CL: My gameplan is always go out there and see how it is going to go. I train a lot on standup and a lot on the ground. I’m always wanting to test myself to see how good my standup is. I think I know where it is at but when you get out there things change a little bit. I’ve always felt really comfortable on my feet lately. Right now I’m thinking I’m going to go in there and see how it goes on my feet. I’m not going to go out there and just say I’m going to go to the ground. I’m going to see how it is on my feet and if it’s going how I think it will and I like it I’ll stay on my feet, if not I’ll try to adjust.

KM: I was wondering if you would be so interested in testing yourself against such a striker that you wouldn’t go for what could be an easy win.
CL: I feel I’m probably more used to being on the ground than he is so that is probably to my advantage. I’m sure I’m not going to get tunnel vision on ‘I’m a standup guy now’. I’ll take a win however I can get it. The win is the bottom line to me, not to go out there and prove I can stand up. I’m going to try to keep it open and do whatever. I’ll go there to get the victory and whatever I have to do to do that I’m going to do.

KM: Did you hear about Spratt’s last fight against George St. Pierre?
CL: Yeah, I heard the guy choked him.

KM: He gave up his back twice to try to stand up.
CL: You get a really technical ground guy, that is exactly what they want you to do.

KM: That is pretty much how I can see the fight going with you.
CL: That is pretty much my gameplan as well. I’m going to take any opportunity I get to end the fight. On my feet if I get a good punch off that’s fine. If it is going to be on the ground with a submission that is fine too. It’s not going to hurt my ego to go to the ground.

KM: He beat Lawler by injury and then Lawler beat you by decision. A lot of people are going to look at you as the underdog.
CL: I love it. I just want to keep fighting people that are like ‘ah, he doesn’t have a chance’. I have no problem with that. It keeps the pressure off me. Hopefully that is what Pete is thinking.

KM: It could be like when Pedro beat Barnett, Couture beat Pedro, and then Barnett beat Couture.
CL: It’s all about matchups and styles.

KM: Like rock/paper/scissors?
CL: Exactly.

KM: What does this fight mean to you?
CL: He’s fought in UFC three times; I’ve fought there too. To me we are both pretty high up in the mix in that weight class. To me this means a lot not only for who gets right back in the UFC probably immediately after this but where our status is going to be. Obviously my ultimate goal is to fight for the championship and this is a major step towards it or a major step back from it. This fight means pretty much everything at this point I think.

KM: In the long term it’s like how many chances are you going to get to take on someone of Spratt’s caliber outside the UFC.
CL: They kind of said we’d both be back in, it’s just the winner will probably immediately be back in. The loser is going to have to do a few more things.

KM: Are you looking beyond this fight in any way?
CL: No, not at all. A lot of people when they are in this position, they try to take safe fights but I’m fighting a three-time UFC veteran and he’s fighting a two-time so we’re both saying ‘I’m going to lay it on the line right here’.

KM: There is a lot more video on Spratt. It must be a lot easier for you to scout him out than he you. Do you see that as ay kind of advantage?
CL: Maybe. You can pick up some things from watching some tapes and see tendencies but at the same time I remember I was fighting in Japan a guy I’d seen a couple times on video and he was a southpaw. I came out and was planning on doing all these things and he came out there and fought right-handed. Kind of threw my whole gameplan off. It can be an advantage or disadvantage. I’ve watched some of his things and I know some of the things he is trying to do.

KM: Most fans are going to refer to your fight against Lawler. That was an amazing fight! It seemed more like a sparring match at times, the way you were clapping and stuff like that.
CL: I didn’t intend to do that. It was kind of how the fight played out. Honestly I was expecting more of a straight-ahead us both going at each other.

KM: This fight is on January 2nd. Is training during the holiday season any different for you?
CL: Only thing is it’s a little harder to get a good solid base of people coming in at all times because everybody is busy. Everybody I’ve been training with has been really good about being in here right now. Holiday isn’t going to affect me; I don’t go out and party or nothing too much anymore. New Years Eve or whatever, I don’t care.

KM: At least it’s not as bad as what Spratt had to endure. Spratt’s last one was right after Thanksgiving in the US. Here it is a food and family holiday and he had to make weight the next day two time zones away.
CL: That is a rough thing. I’m pretty lucky right now I’m not losing too much weight, like eight pounds or so.

KM: But traveling for the family or whatever isn’t in any way interfering?
CL: No. My family is pretty good about helping me out here. It is kid of hard; you can hear I got the kids in the background playing around here. I just feel bad it’s a little time from them I got to miss. I figure I got to do this now.

Source: ADCC

DENIS KANG... The Website!

2003 has been a good year for French/Canadian fighter Denis Kang. Since April of 2003, he has competed in the Submission Wrestling World Championships and he has gone an impressive 5-0-1 in Mixed Martial Arts competition.

In May of 2003 he won his 2nd fight in a row, defeating tough UFC veteran Keith Rockel in Rockel's hometown by KO, and followed that with 2 solid wins in one day at SUPERBRAWL 30 'Size Does Matter' in June. In September he fought on Canda's TKO against well regarded Stephan Potvin where he won impressively. Most recently he comes of a draw in Russia against Andre Semenov, however observers have all noted Kang's dominance throughout that fight as well.

To find out more about Denis Kang, who is a BJJ practitioner under Master Marcos Soares and currently resides in Vancouver,BC Canada, look at his new website.


Source: ADCC


NEW YORK, Dec. 21 -- It may not have been the prettiest match ever wrestled, but Rulon Gardner won this latest battle of World Champions by squeaking past Dremiel Byers by an overtime referee's decision in a 2-2 match in the 120 kg/264.5 pounds Greco-Roman wrestling finals at the New York Athletic Club Christmas Championships on Sunday evening. In doing so, Gardner, the 2000 Olympic gold medalist and 2001 World Champion, kept his number one spot in the U.S. rankings over Byers, the 2002 World Champion. Gardner was also named the tournament's Outstanding Wrestler in Greco.

An upset took place in the women's finals at 72 kg/158.5 pounds. Two-time World Champion Kristie Marano, who won gold at the 2003 Worlds down one weight at 67 kg/147.5 lbs., was wrestling at this higher weight because no one else was entered in this event at 67 kg. Marano got to the finals for the second year in a row at this tournament, only to face two-time silver medalist Toccara Montgomery, also for the second year in a row. While Montgomery prevailed last year, the result was far different this time out. After tying up the match 3-3 in the beginning of the second period, Marano was able to turn Montgomery and pin her at 4:00. For her effort, Kristie Marano was named the tournament's Outstanding Wrestler in women's wrestling.

In a rematch from the finals of the 2003 World Team Trials, Dean Morrison scored yet another victory over Tim Hartung in the 96 kg/211.5 lbs. freestyle finals, this time by a 5-1 score. At the Trials, Morrison won two of three matches against Hartung, before later losing to Daniel Cormier in a special wrestle-off for that spot on the U.S. World Team. At this tournament, Morrison was named the Outstanding Wrestler in freestyle wrestling.

The match between Gardner and Byers, also a rematch of the 2003 World Team Trials finals which Gardner had won two matches to one, began with a scoreless first period. That meant that the second period had to begin in the clinch. Byers won the toss, meaning he got to lock first. After a few false starts, both men locked up. Byers momentarily forced Gardner to his knees, but neither man broke his grip. Then they both broke their hands, with the officials ruling that it was Byers who had broken them first, giving a point to Gardner and a caution against Byers. Towards the end of the second period Gardner was put down, and Byers lifted him and began a throw. Before Byers could gain back exposure, Gardner maneuvered so that Byers only got one point for the turn. That made it 1-1 as regulation ended.

The overtime also began in the clinch, as so many of these Gardner-Byers encounters have. This time Gardner got to lock up first. But it was Byers who again forced Gardner to his knees and forced him to break his hands. That point put Byers ahead 2-1, just one shy of the necessary three to cinch the win. Gardner was then put down in the par terre position, but Byers could not turn him. Instead Gardner, still down 2-1, now went on the attack. He scored a takedown at the edge of the mat to tie it up at 2-2. But since Byers was behind in passivity calls, he had to score another point to avoid a loss. It would not happen, as his momentum faded and Gardner held him off. The finals score was 2-2, but since Byers had three passivity calls against him to just one for Gardner, it was yet another victory for the big man from Afton, Wyoming, Rulon Gardner.

One of the most closely-watched wrestlers at this tournament was the colorful two-time silver medalist, Karam Gaber of Egypt, world-renowned as a man who executes some of the most spectacular throws in wrestling. On Sunday, Gaber won his second straight championship at this tournament in Greco at 96 kg/211.5 lbs. by defeating in the finals Khoren Papoyan, originally from Armenia, by a lopsided 8-1 score. Leading 2-0 after the first period, Gaber kept up the action in the second by lifting and tossing Papoyan from the par terre position for a huge five-point throw, plus one more for the lift. The Egyptian wrestler thus established himself as one of the crowd favorites for the New York onlookers at this event for the second year in a row.

One of the many controversies of the tournament involving officiating came during the 66 kg/145.5 lbs. finals in freestyle. In the match between two-time World Team member Chris Bono and Jared Frayer, with about one minute left, Bono had narrowed Frayer's lead to just 4-3 after falling behind 2-0 in the first period. Frayer then seemed to begin literally running away from Bono. As Bono looked to the officials in search of a call against Frayer for passivity, Frayer raced back behind Bono and spun behind him. Bono later said that Frayer had controlled him by holding onto his singlet. Not only was Frayer not penalized for any of this, but he was awarded a point for a takedown, making it 5-3 with time running out. The match ended 7-4 in favor of Frayer, also an upset, but Bono was livid about the officiating.

In the semifinal match involving Gaber and Dan Hicks, which Gaber won 3-2, there was also a major controversy. At one point Gaber executed an arm throw on Hicks which landed him on the mat. But no points at all were given to Gaber, when it seemed that anywhere between one and three should have been awarded. Objections by Gaber's corner did not get this ruling changed.

Another wrestler many took note of was Diletta Giampiccolo of Italy. Wrestling at 55 kg/121 lbs., the muscular Italian defeated 2003 silver medalist Tina George in the semifinals 6-0 and then bested Tela O'Donnell in the finals, 3-1. Giampiccolo, who has been training in the U.S., finished 11th at the 2003 World Championships of Freestyle Wrestling.

The miracle run by Dawid Rechul came to an end in the semifinals, as the former Harvard wrestler fell to Tim Hartung in the 96 kg/211.5 lbs. freestyle semifinals, 11-4. Rechul had defeated 1993 World Champion and two-time Olympian Melvin Douglas on Saturday by a 7-4 score. Rechul did finish fourth here, as Jon Trenge edged him in the match for third place, 4-3. Douglas, by the way, earned the right to compete in the semifinals with a 4-3 overtime win in the repechage (wrestle-backs) over Trenge, but chose to withdraw from the tournament, allowing Trenge instead to advance.

While it was no surprise that Steve Mocco took first in freestyle at 120 kg/264.5 lbs., what was noteworthy was the precision with which he did it. He won the four matches he wrestled by a combined score of 30-2, including two technical falls. Only Orville Palmer, who fell to Mocco by a 4-2 margin, was able to score on him. Mocco, a 2003 NCAA Div. I national champion at Iowa, is taking an Olympic redshirt year to concentrate on freestyle. His performance at this tournament demonstrated that he is making the transition from the American collegiate style to freestyle nicely. However, like many American wrestlers, he still seems to need more work on wrestling from the par terre position, from which he surrendered his only points of the tournament on a reversal by Palmer. There were also plenty of people at this event who said that Mocco has a good shot at unseating Kerry McCoy for the top spot at heavyweight in freestyle on the American team when they will likely compete at the U.S. Nationals in April and the Olympic Trials in May. That showdown did not happen here, as McCoy was in attendance but did not compete.

Probably the main thing wrong with this event was that there was not enough of it. A match like Gardner vs. Byers should have been staged at a larger and more easily accessible arena. Several notables attended at least portions of this event, including jiu-jitsu legend Renzo Gracie; Wendy Hilliard, NYC2012's Managing Director, Sports; Malaak Shabazz, the youngest daughter of Malcolm X and Dr. Betty Shabazz; and Sports Illustrated Olympics analyst Brian Cazeneuve. But the event was not videotaped for future showing on television or release on video. There also was virtually no mainstream media coverage of it, despite it featuring so many past and future Olympians.

Still, the wrestling was superb and many in the scattered wrestling community got a chance to see each other in this holiday season. With the wrestling competition at the 2004 Olympics only eight months away, from Sunday, August 22, to Sunday, August 29, 2004, each tournament like this is a step on the road to Athens. It is thus the performances of the wrestlers here that will remain as the most significant accomplishment of the 2003 New York Athletic Club Christmas Championships.

Here are the results of finals in those weights which had final rounds, and the winners in those that did not:


55 kg/121 lbs.
Gold - Leroy Vega (Minn. Storm)

60 kg/132 lbs.
Michael Lightner (Dave Schultz WC) dec. Yero Washington (Sunkist Kids), 4-3, OT, 6:33

66 kg/145.5 lbs.
Jared Frayer (Dave Schultz WC) dec. Chris Bono (Sunkist Kids), 7-4

74 kg/163 lbs.
Joe Williams (Sunkist Kids) won by tech. fall over Matt Lackey (New York AC), 10-0, 4:16

84 kg/185 lbs.
Lee Fullhart (Gator WC) dec. Randy Pugh (New York AC), 3-2

96 kg/211.5 lbs.
Dean Morrison (New York AC) dec. Tim Hartung (Minn. Storm), 5-1

120 kg/264.5 lbs.
Steve Mocco (New York AC) dec. Mike Faust (Dave Schultz WC), 6-0

Outstanding Wrestler - Dean Morrison


55 kg/121 lbs.
Lindsey Durlacher (New York AC) won by ref. dec. over Alexei Shaipak (Belarus), 2-0, OT, 9:00

60 kg/132 lbs.
Joe Warren (New York AC) won by tech. fall over Willie Madison (USOEC), 11-0, 1:39

66 kg/145.5 lbs.
Harry Lester (USOEC) dec. Eduard Apelvich (Belarus), 11-7

74 kg/163 lbs.
Oleg Mivalovich (Belarus) dec. Ken Cook (Sunkist Kids), 3-2

84 kg/185 lbs.
Ethan Bosch (New York AC) dec. Keith Sieracki (US Army), 3-1

96 kg/211.5 lbs.
Karam Gaber (Egypt) dec. Khoren Papoyan (Sunkist Kids), 8-1

120 kg/264.5 lbs.
Rulon Gardner (Sunkist Kids) won by ref. dec. over Dremiel Byers (U.S. Army), 2-2, OT, 9:00

Outstanding Wrestler - Rulon Gardner


48 kg/105.5 lbs.
Mary Kelly (New York AC) won by tech. fall over Amantha Hordagoda (Dave Schultz WC), 10-0, 2:59

51 kg/112.25 lbs.
Gold - Malinda Ripley (Sunkist Kids)

55 kg/121 lbs.
Diletta Giampiccolo (Italy) dec. Tela O’Donnell (Dave Schultz WC), 3-1

59 kg/130 lbs.
Gold - Erin Tomeo (Sunkist Kids)

63 kg/138.75 lbs.
Gold - Sara McMann (Sunkist Kids)

72 kg/158.5 lbs.
Kristie Marano (New York AC) pinned Toccara Montgomery (New York AC), 4:00

Outstanding Wrestler - Kristie Marano

For full results and much more information, go to the special coverage section on at:

Source: ADCC


Quote of the Day

"The teacher, if indeed wise, doe not bid you to enter the house of their wisdom, but leads you to the threshold of your own mind."

Kahil Gibran, 1883-1931, Lebanese Poet, Novelist

Fighters' Club TV Episode 17 Debuts Tomorrow!

Tuesdays 6:00PM on Channel 52 (Oceanic Cable)

Just when you thought we couldn't possibly get any better, along comes
episode 17. It's action packed from start to finish--and showcases our best
"acting" yet.

Fighters' Club TV has also recently been named Olelo's "Best
Sport's Program of 2003"!

Fighters' Club TV Episode 17 features:

-Highlights from Rumble on the Rock (Oahu)
-Ross Ebanez vs. Gabe Casillas
-Renato "Charuto" Verisimo vs. Gil Castillo
-Gilbert Melendez vs. Stephen Palling
-Ronald Jhun vs. Shawn Taylor (+ interview with Ron)
-DeFranco vs. Deshaun Johnson
-BJ Penn vs. Takanori Gomi (+ interview with BJ--his personality shines through in
this one!)
-interview with UFC president Dana White on BJ's fights and ROTR

Technique of the Week (back by popular demand)
-Enson "Yamato Damashii" Inoue

and stay tuned for the credits where you can see out-takes of your favorite
personalities: Mike and Chris Onzuka, and Mark Kurano mess up their
lines--not to mention, Chris doing his Ludacris impersonation.

This Episode will air for the next 4 Tuesdays (Dec 23rd, 30th, and Jan 6th
and 13th).

Comments, Questions, and Suggestions to:

We're still looking for that "right" female to help host the show--resumes
with pics attached to the same address.

Happy Holidays from the TOUGHEST SHOW ON TELEVISION!


Three Title Fights Among Evening of Martial Arts Entertainment

SUNRISE, FLA. - The Office Depot Center proudly announces the King of the Cage no holds barred cage fighting competition on Jan. 24, featuring the biggest names in the sport. King of the Cage, Inc., one of the nation's top three mixed martial arts pay per view promotional organizations, teams with bodybuilding and pro wrestling's Stonecutter Event Promotions, Inc., to bring their brand of world championship cage fighting to the East Coast for the very first time. This event is co-sponsored by Bodyonics Pinnacle and Cytodyne.

The fight card includes a world title bout in the unlimited weight class between KOTC Heavyweight Champion Paul Buentello and Patrick Smith, an unlimited class superfight title bout between Dan 'The Beast' Severn and Seth 'The Silverback' Petruzelli and a world welterweight title fight between John Alessio and George Santiago. Also among the 12 fights scheduled is a tilt between lightweight division challenger Paul Rodriguez and Melvin Guillard.

Buentello has fought extensively in the USWC, Extreme Challenge and the International Fighting Championships and is the current KOTC Heavyweight Champion of the World. Smith is a Denver native, who uses a Tae Kwon Do fighting style. Severn is the world's only Triple Crown Ultimate Fighting Champion. He is also the winner of the UFC V 8-man tournament, the World Extreme Super Heavyweight Champion and the Continental Freefighting Alliance Super Heavyweight Champion. Petruzelli, a native of Cape Coral, Fla., won his first national karate title at the age of 13. The rising martial arts star trains in kickboxing, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, wrestling, sambo and karate. Alessio is the KOTC Welterweight Champion of the World. Santiago, a Brazil native now fighting out of the American Top Team in Coconut Creek, Fla., holds a black belt and is 5-2-0. Rodrigues is a Port St. Lucie, Fla., native now fighting out of Orlando. Guillard, known as 'The Young Assassin,' is 9-0-0 in his young career.

Also on the fight card is local fighter Manny Reyes Jr., from Miami. Reyes has won seven NASKA titles in the last 10 years, as well as two NBL titles, four ISKA titles, two PKC titles and three USKA titles in point tournament karate. From 2001-2003, Reyes went 14-0 in Full Contact Point Karate, winning the ISKA lightweight title and the Lords of the Ring Full Contact Karate World Title.

King of the Cage, headquartered in Los Angeles, promotes over 24 live casino-hosted events yearly in the United States. They broadcast four pay per view events yearly with worldwide exposure, distribute VHS and DVDs to major stores like MusicLand, Tower Records and Best Buy, just to name a few, and will have a video game on store shelves next year.

Featuring only professional, elite fighters from around the globe, 'King of the Cage' is a competitive event, pitting warrior against warrior in hand-to-hand battles of skill, honor and art. From Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to wrestling, Muay Thai to boxing, all styles are encouraged, but in order to consistently win, participants must be well versed in every aspect of the fighting game.

Office Depot Center is the home of the National Hockey League's Florida Panthers and host to more than 150 events annually. Owned by Broward County, the Office Depot Center is the preeminent sports and entertainment venue in Florida and among the best in the world, with more than 2 million customers entering its doors annually.

Source: ADCC

Minotauro on his way to Japan

A few hours after celebrating the success of his first promoted event I Conquista Fight in Bahia, PRIDE star Rodrigo 'Minotauro' Nogueira rushed to Rio de Janeiro by plane. The reason for the quick exit was that 'Minotauro' will try to get a Japanese visa in time to be part of the New’s Year's Eve show Inoki Bom-Ba-Ye. Rodrigo, Pride's heavyweight co-champion, was invited by the Inoki promoters, who apparently struck a deal with Pride’s promoters.

Minotauro's opponent is said to be a Japanese fighter. Rodrigo’s twin brother, Rogerio 'Minotouro', is already confirmed for the Pride event, miles away from Kobi, the city that will host Inoki Bom-Ba-Ye. 'Minotouro' will face Japanese idol Kazushi Sakuraba.

Source: ADCC


RESEDA, Calif. (Dec. 20, 2003) - Two weeks after older brother and 'People's Heavyweight Champion' Vitali Klitschko, blew out Kirk Johnson in two rounds, Wladimir 'Dr. Steelhammer' Klitschko needed only slightly longer to dispatch of Danell Nicholson Saturday night in Kiel, Germany.

Klitschko, who was making his second start since losing his World Boxing Organization (WBO) heavyweight title to Corrie Sanders in March, needed a while to get his distance, but once he did he dominated en route to registering an impressive fourth-round TKO.

'Nicholson is a veteran and was very difficult to fight because of his experience and because he seemed more interested in holding and clinching and grabbing me than fighting' said Klitschko (42-2, 39 KOs), who dropped Nicholson in the fourth with a left hook. 'It was frustrating at the beginning and I was not satisfied at all with the way things were going.

'But by the third round I started to feel better. I know I hurt him with a left hand in that round and that it was only a matter of time after that.

'It is not easy to look good in fights like this, but I am happy with the result and ready to move forward.'

Nicholson, who had a three-fight winning streak end, beat the count in the scheduled 12-round World Boxing Association (WBA) International heavyweight title fight, but Klitschko continued to connect with combinations until the referee halted the proceedings at 1:44 of the fourth.

Despite the tactics of Nicholson (42-5, 32 KOs), the accurate-punching Klitschko could not miss as he connected on 60 percent of his punches (52 of 87). Nicholson, who had a point deducted in the second for holding, was 23 of 72 (32 percent).

'Now that I have had two tuneup fights, I am definitely ready to fight any of the world champions' Wladimir, who trained for Nicholson in three different cities' Los Angeles, New York and Hamburg'“ said. 'It does not matter to me which champion I fight.'

'Next year is going to be the year of the Klitschko brothers. I am more than certain that Vitali will win the world title' hopefully, it will be in the rematch against Lennox Lewis -- and I am confident that I will, too.'

Both Wladimir and Vitali, who worked his corner Saturday night, plan to depart Germany and head to South America for vacation.

For more information on the Klitschko Brothers, please go the official Klitschko website WWW.KLITSCHKO.COM

Source: ADCC

Macaco is the name of Meca 10

After several changes in its card, Meca World Vale-Tudo 10 brought the confront between Pancrase veteran Nilson de Castro and BJJ fighter Carlos Baruk as the main event of the program that began at midnight of last Saturday in Curitiba, Brazil. But the unanimous decision of Baruk over Castro was not comparable with the most exciting match of the night, between Jorge Macaco against Luis Brito.

Macaco started the eighth fight of the card in an unbelievable pace, controlling the first 10 minutes of the fight in all aspects, hitting his opponent in a few occasion with strong punches (he got a knockdown once) and also getting the mounted position in a couple of times. Brito had the merit of resisting, using his Jiu-Jitsu technique to defend himself and not letting things get worse.

Even though the second half of the fight did not keep the same pace, both fighters surpassed their tiredness and kept attacking, drawing the following statement from the Pride middleweight champion Wanderlei Silva: ‘It’s one of the best fights ever!’

In the end, a less tired Brito got control of the fight in the final minutes but it wasn’t enough to convince the judges, that gave the split decision to Jorge Macaco, whose career completed 30 fights in a great fashion.

The former partner of Macaco didn’t have the same fortune that night. Roberto Godoi couldn’t resist the wildness of Meca veteran Daniel Acacio and tapped after eight minutes of the fifth fight of the night, when the winner of Meca 4, 6, 8 and 9 and new Chute Boxe member was punishing him from the mount position.

Another anticipated fight of the card was the bout between Ana Carolina and Carmem Casca-grossa. It was the first time in a Meca event that two females faced each other. The fight ended when a better grappler Ana Carolina submitted Carmem with a shoulder lock (Americana) from the side mount position.

Complete results:

Nelson Medeiros defeated Angelo Antonio by TKO at 3m of 1R
Waldir Cabeça defeated Rafael Tatu by verbal submission after the 1R
Jadson Costa submitted Marcelo Nigue with a triangle at 2m12s of 1R
Júnior Besouro defeated Fabricio Morango by desistance (knee injury) at 1m50s of 1R
Daniel Acácio defeated Roberto Godói by tap-out at 8m10s of 1R
Ana Carolina submitted Carmem Casca-Grossa by shoulder lock (Americana) at
4m25s of 1R
Delson Pé de Chumbo defeated Marcelo Pitbull by verbal submission at 8m
of 1R
Jorge Patino Macaco defeated Luiz Brito by split judges decision after 3R
Carlos Baruk defeated Nilson de Castro by unanimous decision after 3R

Source: ADCC


NEW YORK, Dec. 20 -- The first day of the 2003 New York Athletic Club Christmas International Championships was supposed to be routine, with the top wrestlers all defeating everyone else in their pools to set up the semifinals and then final matches for the second day of competition. With five former World Champions competing and a slew of World medalists to boot, the heavy action in men's and women's freestyle as well as Greco-Roman wrestling was all expected to occur Sunday. But this is wrestling -- real wrestling -- and real sports without contrivances like scripts and phony endings have a habit of developing compelling storylines just when you least expect them.

The first match at this tournament for 40-year-old Melvin Douglas, a two-time Olympian and a 1993 World Champion, in his latest comeback bid after taking time off was against Dawid Rechul. Douglas, sporting a few day's growth of beard along with a goatee of a few inches, was wrestling freestyle at 96 kg/211.25 pounds, after beginning his comeback at heavyweight at the Sunkist Open in October. His opponent, Rechul, is a talented wrestler himself, who presently trains full-time at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, and was an All-American by virtue of a seventh place finish at the 2002 NCAA Div. I Wrestling Championships in his last season wrestling for Harvard. But Rechul, originally from Poland and now wrestling for the New York Athletic Club, was not considered a major test for the returning Douglas. He was not even ranked in the top ten at 96 kg in's U.S. Senior Freestyle Rankings of Nov. 12, 2003.

Then their match began.

Showing little respect for the seasoned Douglas, Rechul shot in near the edge of the mat and scored, much to the chagrin of Douglas who complained that they were out-of-bounds. But the move had clearly been initiated by Rechul in-bounds, and suddenly it was 3-0 in favor of this much younger man. A one-point gutwrench by Rechul made it 4-0, and things seemed to be spiraling out of control for the veteran Douglas.

But there was plenty of time left for the crafty Douglas, who used every moment allotted to him to rise from the mat when the men were restarted, and called a few questionable injury timeouts to stretch things out even further. Now he controlled the pace, or, rather, lack of pace of this match, and began his comeback in this comeback match. One point for a takedown, another for a gutwrench, and a third shortly into the second period narrowed the score to 4-3. After another injury timeout, everything seemed to be in his hands.

Then, again near the edge of the mat, Rechul struck once more with a double-leg attempt. The two men again went out-of-bounds, with Douglas's back again being exposed to the mat. The officials signalled three points for Rechul. And, as if on cue, Douglas objected once more, but also to no avail once more. With time starting to dwindle, Rechul had pulled ahead by a 7-3 score.

Douglas would get one more point because of Rechul being called for fleeing the mat, but it was far too little, too late. The young Harvard grad had upended the methodical veteran, putting a crimp in Douglas's comeback run, while establishing himself as a force to be contended with in the 96 kg/211.25 pounds division.

Rechul won his other pool match, defeating Josh Pierce by a tech fall, 11-1. He thus assured himself a place in the semifinals on Sunday, along with Tim Hartung, Dean Morrison, and another wrestler who will be determined Sunday in the repechage (wrestle-backs) round. Douglas could still be the one to win that last spot in the semifinals by competing in that repechage round.

However he does Sunday, Rechul was realistic about his chances going in to his match with Douglas. 'I knew I was at a disadvantage technically,' he admitted after his win. 'I didn't come in here expecting to upset anyone like Melvin,' he added. Rechul credits his victory to working on the 'little things,' such as countering Douglas's duckunder attempts with double-leg shots. He had only wrestled Douglas before in practice, but obviously had scouted him well, which should not be much of a surprise for a wrestler from Harvard to do.

Besides training at the Olympic Training Center, Rechul is now doing graduate work at the University of Phoenix in Colorado Springs, working towards his MBA. 'I want to get better from tournament to tournament,' he said, a task in which he apparently is succeeding more quickly than even he expected.

The 96 kg/211.5 lbs. weight class in Greco also captured much attention on the first day of this tournament. That was all due to the electrifying presence of two-time World silver medalist Karam Gaber of Egypt. Known for his spectacular throws and lifts, Gaber did not disappoint either his throng of family and friends, or any of the other onlookers at the New York Athletic Club who were all transfixed on his two matches of the day. In fact, the match schedule was even adjusted to make his second match the final one of Saturday's competition.

Gaber's first victim was Gary Horner of Quest. A few huge throws into the first period made it quickly 13-0 for the Egyptian, enough for a tech fall. Gaber, who is staying with his brother in Brooklyn for a few weeks, returned to face Adam Wheeler of the USOEC. Gaber opened with a couple of three-point throws, and got another point and then a two-point turn to make it 9-0 at the end of the first period. Many were amazed that anyone was taking him into the second period, but when Gaber was put down, Wheeler executed a two-point turn, proving to those skeptics that Gaber is, after all, human. It ended 10-2, but for the second year in a row at this event, Karam Gaber was emerging as the tournament's biggest star.

The much-anticipated showdown between Rulon Gardner and Dremiel Byers, World Champion vs. World Champion, will have to wait for Sunday's competition, probably in the Greco finals at 120 kg. Both men were dominating in Saturday's action. Gardner even spent much of the tournament posing for photos, signing autographs, and even discussing politics after telling people that after the 2004 Olympics he might want to run for office. And, of course, he said he planned to do some more snowmobiling during the holidays.

Gardner also posed for a photo with a surprise guest at this event: Renzo Gracie. We hope to have that photo, taken by Gary Abbot of USA Wrestling, available soon, along with an interview with the jiu-jitsu legend about his impressions of watching these top wrestlers in action.

For full results and much more information, go to the special coverage section on at:

The New York Athletic Club is located at 180 Central Park South in Manhattan, at the corner of West 59th Street (Central Park South) and 7th Avenue. For general Information about the NYAC, call 212-247-5100.

There is a dress code to enter the NYAC through the main lobby at 59th Street. Men must wear a shirt and jacket, and women must wear casual business attire. Those dressed otherwise can enter through the rear entrance at 58th Street. Make sure to tell the attendants that you are there for the wrestling tournament, and you will be directed to it.

Here is the schedule for the second and final day of the 2003 New York Athletic Club Christmas International Championships (all times EST):

Sunday, Dec. 21
10:00 AM - Pools and repechage for all styles in the NYAC sixth-floor gymnasium
1:00 PM - Semifinals
4:00 PM - Championship finals

Source: ADCC


Quote of the Day

"Don't bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be better than yourself."

William Faulkner, 1897-1962, American Novelist

Sperry to face Yuki Kondo on New Year's Eve
by: Denis Martins

Once again, the rumors in the air over the 3 major Japanese New Year's eve events are changing. One match that has been talked about for a long time is Jose Mario Sperry (BTT) taking on former UFC champion Don Frye.

Apparently, things have changed and Japanese star Yuki Kondo has taken Frye's place. From a live crowd, in Japan perspective, this match makes more sense, as it brings Kondo's star power - Japanese promoters are counting on an exciting figh!

Kondo's star is on an upswing, having recently captured the lightheavyweight King Of Pancrase title with a KO over Sanae Kikuta. He has kept a high pace of fights in 2003 with 5 matches. On the other hand, Sperry has not fought since
Pride 22 last September 29th, 2002. It will be tough to pick a winner in this one!

Source: ADCC

K-1 New Year's Eve Card Announced
By Monty DiPietro

TOKYO, December 16, 2003 -- The K-1 Premium 2003 Dynamite card has been finalized -- almost. But for two or three matchups which remain to be set, the lineup for the New Year's Eve extravaganza was revealed today by Event Producer Sadaharu Tanigawa in a press conference at the Shin Takanawa Hotel.

The main event at Nagoya Dome will be a Bob Sapp vs Akebono showdown, will be fought under K-1 rules. Other K-1 rules fights will pit Kyokushin favorite Francisco Filho against New Zealand fighter Toa; and four-time K-1 World GP Champion Ernesto Hoost against a mountain of a man -- Montanha Silva of Brazil.

Four of the seven confirmed fights on the card will be 3x5min rounds, fought under the new K-1 MMA rules. (The rules are being finalized and will be posted here shortly).

Among these is a very anticipated matchup between K-1 star Alexey Ignashov of Belarus and 2003 IWGP Heavyweight Champion Shinsuke Nakamura, who this year beat both Jan "The Giant" Nortje and Shane Etiner in MMA bouts.

Ignashov does not seem particularly worried -- has not even studied Nakamura fight tapes: "I'm focused on training, " said "The Scorpion" at the press conference, "because it's a new world for me. I have a great trainer [Marco Cavalcante from the Varig Gym in Brazil] and so I am confident."

Said Nakamura: "This K-1 MMA tournament is a great chance for me, I have been doing Jiu-Jitsu training, and my condition is excellent."

Veteran Pro wrestler "Green Beret" Tom Howard of California will also step into the MMA ring: "This is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream," said Howard. "I'm looking forward to the opportunity to show the strength of myself as a green beret and of pro wrestlers in K-1 MMA. This is my first MMA fight, but I am a very big fan of all styles of fighting, I will take any opportunity to fight in any style."

Howard's opponent will be Team LeBanner fighter Kristof Midoux of France.

Another K-1 MMA rules fight announced today features French kickboxer Cyril Abidi, who will step in against "The Predator" [Sylvester Terkay, age 31]. The Pittsburgh-born Predator weighs in at 140kg and stands 200cm, and stomped into the press conference with a length of heavy chain wrapped menacingly round his fist. "I'm looking forward to grabbing a hold of somebody and beating them up," he scowled, "just like I always do. Pro wrestling is my number one style, but if my techniques work here then hopefully there will be more opportunities in the future for me to do MMA." The Predator is a former NCAA Heavyweight Wrestling Champion who also has experience in Muay Thai and Submission fighting.

Also on the card is a bout between popular American fighter Butterbean and Genki Sudo of Japan

These are the seven confirmed fights so far, but three more are expected to round out the card, with boxers Shannon Briggs and Francois Botha, wrestler Yoshihiro Nakao and Olympic Judo gold medalist David Khakhaleishvili are all likely to compete, although their opponents and rules have yet to be announced.

Source: Sherdog

Vitor Shaolin
By Alexandre Lobo

The brand new MMA champ

The team had the pleasure to receive this Wednesday the brand new Brazilian MMA champ, the Nova União fighter Vitor Shaolin. The three times BJJ World champ brought to us his new trophy and chated with our team. Check out the best of this chat, that passed by the before-the fight expectation, went to the fight nervousism and arrived at the celebration party, with a barbercue at the end of the month.

How was your training for this moment so important?

In spite of saying that I was calm, the fact is that I was very ansious to fight. The things were happening better than I thought they could and this was scaring me. I started losing weight in the right time and I didn't have such a good trainings before, nor on the feet, neither on the ground. Besides, I didn't get hurted!

Was like this till the day of the fight?

When I saw Joachim Hansen's fight against (Takanori) Gomi, I became impressed with the Japanese leaving the inside the guard position and prefering changing on the feet. Everything due to the punches on the face from a man who was under him! At the day of the fight I just thought: is he so strong?

How was going over the ring?

We started changing punches and I went to the single leg. When I took him down, I felt myself stronger and I started moving. I knew he punched well from the bottom and I couldn't be stopped. If I kept moving, I could pass his guard and so it happened. I scaped from his punches and also tried a Katagatami. During the second round, I won the middle of the ring, but he low kicked me. I lost my equilibrium, went to his leg and he took my back. I tried to scape and he felt in front of me. So, I took him by the Katagatami.

Than, you just celebrated...

Man, I didn't know what to do. I saw the audience shouting, Dedé (Pederneiras, Shaolin's coach) and Robinho (Róbson Moura, Shaolin's partner) went inside the ring, took me up and I was out of my mind.

Why do you think you had such a good preparation during all this time?

Of course, besides my team and my trainer, my friends from Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, Judo, Wrestling were very important for me. They handled me when I needed. Also my mother and my fiancée were very important. They knew how important was this fight and took all the problems away from me. Obviously this belt was important for me. But I also wanted it to give to my friends the opportunity to say I know a champ

What was the importance of Dedé Pederneiras, your trainer, on this victory?

Dedé is our leader and an example for us. The few I have, becomes from him. I fight Jiu-Jitsu for ten years and he was the only trainer that I had. He's a friend and a guy that is always where I need.

When do you return to the Shooto ring?

Maybe in May or April. But in January I'm back, because João Roque and Marcus Loro will fight on January 24.

We received a lot of messages claiming for a celebration party, with a barbecue...

Well, I'll do a barbecue next December 27 and I'll invite all my friends. I'll call for every one. I'm a stingy person, but not so much. (laughing)

Do you want to leave a message for your fans?

I would like to thanks for all who taught me a position, who traind with me. All of them were with me inside that ring I'm thankful for it. My trainers, Luiz Alves, Cláudio Coelho, Dedé Pederneiras, Márcio Pimentel and Jefferson, my special thanks. It was under your orientation that I am where I am now. Let's go to the barbecue!

Source: Tatame

Antoine Jaoude
By André Araújo

On the way to Athens 2004

After joining the first MMA tournament held in Brazil ever by K-1 organization, the major Brazilian wrestler Antoine Jaoude has the Olympic games in his major goals. During an exclusive to , the 2003 Pan Am silver medal talks about his defeat to Jefferson Tank at K-1 MMA, about his MMA plans and his major goal, join the Olympic Games in Athens in 2004.

How was fighting at the first MMA event promoted by the K-1 as part of the main event?

It was damn good. In fact, it was a honor. I wanted to represent Ruas Vale-Tudo and intended to win that fight to fight Japan in December. I stepped inside the ring confident, but the rules benefits the Muay Thai's fighters. I also got few good chances during the fight, but I wasted it unfortunately.

How did you assimilate this defeat?

I'm fine. It was a hard bout and I give the honors to Tank. I didn't adapt myself to the rules. I went there and at this time I just have the Olympic Games on my mind.

How come you didn't adapt yourself to the rules?

My strategy was to taking him down and submit him, but I didn't have enough time to do it. It was not like Pride. I couldn't work on my ground techniques, because the time was too short. There was no way out. I accepted the challenge and it was a great experience for me

Talking about the Olympic Games. How is your preparation?

We do have the Brazilian Olympic Committee support, but I don't have sponsors. I have been training in Brazil and I am going to Bulgaria fighting there twice. The first one is scheduled to February 1st and the second to 15th. I do have to be among the four ones during the first event and the second one I have be among the five first. I am sure I will get this trial. I want to represent Brazil in Athens. It has been a while Brazil is out of the Olympic Games and I want to take Brazil's name with me.

How is your team, the Ruas Vale-Tudo?

The team is strong and fine. Marco Ruas and Beto Leitão are trying to set up fights for everybody and there are lots of good new fighters as Beição, Baixinho, Ricardo, Edu, Diego, Jacaré...

And about Hook'n Shoot?

After they divided Hook'n Shoot in two divisions (west and east), I am not sure what its gonna happen. I should fight in February and I don't know if I will defend my title. The only thing I am sure is that I am ready to fight.

Source: Tatame

Wallid Ismael vs. Ryan Gracie feud - the facts once and for all

It seems that every couple of months a delusional Ryan Gracie fan comes on the Internet to talk about the Wallid Ismael vs. Ryan Gracie feud. These delusional fans say things like “Wallid was afraid to fight Ryan,” “Wallid never chocked Ryan unconscious,” “Wallid is a coward,” etc.

So, in order to clear up the confusion, I present this brief history of the Wallid Ismael vs. Ryan Gracie feud:

* In November 1999, Ryan signed to fight Wallid in the January 2000 WEC show, and went to NY to train with Renzo. Wallid delayed signing because he might have a fight in Pride. But, no matter, Ryan was in “great shape” and training hard at Renzo’s. Wallid signed the contract t fight Ryan 6 weeks before the fight, but suddenly Ryan dropped out because he did not have enough time to prepared for the fight. Ryan was supposedly in great shape, had been training for the fight a month, and he still had 6 weeks to prepare. But suddenly he could not possibly get ready. Class, can you say cheeken?

*Wallid and Ryan then signed to fight in the April 2001 WEC show, but that fight fell apart after Ryan got arrested for stabbing a man in a bar fight in February. This is the second case of Ryan dropping out of a fight against Wallid. Class, can you say cheeken?

*In December 1999, Wallid and Ryan got in a shouting match on Pepe beach in Rio. No punches were thrown. A few days later, Ryan walked into a gym where Wallid was working out. Wallid ran downstairs to confront Ryan. Ryan was afraid that Wallid was going to kick his ass, so he reached into his fanny pack and pretended to have a gun in order to make sure Wallid did not jump him. Class, can you say cheeken?

*In October 2000, Wallid and Ryan both attended the after party for the Bad Boy fashion show in Brazil. Ryan snuck up on Wallid and tried to sucker punch Wallid from behind. Wallid turned around, put Ryan in a guillotine choke, and choked Ryan unconscious. Class, can you say owned?

Oh, and for the Ryan Gracie jock riders, following are the original news stories that substantiate everything I taught you (with links, of course) in case you want to do some research for yourself.
ADCC 11/7/99:

"Ryan Gracie informed us that he has the contract in his hands and is ready to sign. They also said that Ryan is in great shape and is ready . . ."

Wallid has not yet signed the contract


ADCC 11/11/99

"We weren’t able to get Wallid’s reply but were lucky enough to get a hold of Ryan and he told us the following:'The Paraiba (Wallid’s nickname - a disparaging slang signifying a person from Northern Brazil) is running, he is better off signing, because I am either going to beat him and he is going to make $10,000.00 or I am going to beat him in the streets for free and he is not going to make anything. He said too many things and now he is running. Sign the contract and show up.'. . ."


ADCC 11/12/99:

Wallid told us that he will have a resolution next week and will let everyone know. He is for sure going to fight in January, he just hasn’t decide with whom. He said that "O Pau vai comer em Janeiro" (there is going to be a brawl in January), and that he is going to make his enemies cry and his friends will party hard to celebrate the success.


ADCC 11/13/99:

Wallid Ismail called us to inform us, that he is yet to make up his mind as to which event to fight, but he also said that he will have the big announcement on Monday. He said that he will make a lot of people happy with the decision. He is leaving Rio on Sunday and will arrive in Los Angeles the next day and will start intensifying his training for the fight. Check our news on late Monday, early Tuesday for his BIG announcement . . .


ADCC 11/13/99:

Jamie Levine, the Promoter for World Extreme Fighting show contacted us today with more information about Wallid x Ryan Gracie . Jamie told us that he has to have a decision from Wallid by noon Friday, otherwise he will have to CANCEL that Fight!


ADCC 12/2/99

"Wallid Ismail will face Ryan Gracie in the next World Extreme Fighting in January 15, Wallid told us earlier this week. He is expected to finalize the deal with matchmaker Jamie Levine today. (Levine has left Wallid anxious for the last several days - he's been out of town on a hunting trip!) Ryan Gracie has been signed with WEF for a long time now, but Wallid was trying for a rematch against Royce Gracie in Pride Grand Prix 2000, but money problems have kept him out. Wallid and Ryan will be in the main event of the WEF show and both are training hard. Wallid is in California now and some of his teammates will fly there to help him train. Look for a very high profile WEF event in Rome, Georgia!"


ADCC 12/10/99

"Jamie Levine, WEF matchmaker called us toady in regards to comments Renzo Gracie recently made on E-Yada's netcast No Holds Barred program. Jamie says that despite Renzo's apparent second thoughts about letting Ryan Gracie fight Wallid Ismail this coming January 15th, WEF has a signed contract obligating him to do so. Wallid now, according to Levine, is also committed on paper. As of Thursday night, Levine was trying to contact Renzo, who is handling Ryan, to straighten the matter out. "That fight WILL happen," Levine told us.

"It is known that Wallid has gone to considerable expense to fly trainers to the US for the bout. We'll have more on this soap opera as it develops."


ADCC 12/11/99

"The Wallid x Ryan soap opera continues. Renzo contacted us and told us that 'Ryan is already in Brazil, he had been training here for four months and Wallid was playing games, trying to get a fight in Pride, and that now that the Japanese have rejected him he signed. The problem is that it was too late, beyond the deadline. Ryan left his life in Brazil to train for this fight, he was here for four months and he had to return to take care of his affairs there. They can fight in April'. . . Wallid called us and he was fuming, he said that "they are all cowards, they can’t do that to me now. I have brought 7 people from Brazil to help me prepare, personal trainer, a boxing trainer and several sparring partners, all this cost me money. Backing out at this stage is shame full and they are not going to get away with that. His dad was saying that I was running away from the fight, who is running now?'"


ADCC 12/18/99

"Let us recap: Wallid Ismail and Ryan Gracie have a little family pride/personal feud thing going. Both said they wanted to fight each other. Wallid went as far as to say he would fight Ryan for free. WEF's matchmaker Jamie Levine went to extra lengths to find backers to put up money beyond the scope of his show's budget and Ryan signed to fight (and began to train for) the January 15th bout. Wallid however decided to play a little game with the promoters of PRIDE and see if he could play Levine's offer off against them for a bigger purse. It backfired. Wallid passed his deadline to sign, Ryan (says H ) quit training for the fight, and Wallid had to scramble to get the original deal from Levine. Now Wallid has signed and is training to fight Ryan Gracie. But hold on! Now Ryan Gracie is making excuses about why he won't fight. He says he had quit training because Wallid didn't sign his contract and he won't be ready by January 15th, though he would have had six weeks (which is what it takes the average fighter) to get prepared, besides which he had presumably trained very hard until only a few weeks before."


ADCC 12/24/99

"Wallid Ismail versus Ryan Gracie is officially off for January, 2000. The fight will take place in April on the following WEF card, so now fans will endure another three months of the soap opera before seeing if the two actually fight."


ADCC 12/28/99

"Ryan Gracie and Wallid Ismail almost gave a preview of the WEF main event for April yesterday. They crossed paths on Pepe Beach and the meeting was 100% predictable. They started bad mouthing each other and almost fought on the spot. After some intervention they went home, thank God!"


ADCC 12/30/99

A rumors is running rampant about an incident that happened in a Gym in Rio involving Wallid Ismael and Ryan Gracie and the alleged use of a gun. Since this is serious business we felt it was in the best interest of everybody to obtain an account from sources close to the whole situation. We turned to Luca Atalla from Gracie Magazine. We also contacted Ryan Gracie and he said that Alexandre "Soca" Carneiro was there at the time of the incident and here is their account of the story:

The day before yesterday, Ryan was going in to the Academia da Praia Gym in Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro. When he arrived there Wallid Ismael was waiting for him and challenged him to a fight. Ryan said that he wouldn’t fight there because they were both sponsored by the Academy and that it was disrespectful to do so there but he’d be willing to fight the next day at the school behind closed doors. Wallid didn’t back off and started to charge at Ryan. Ryan reached into his fanny pack and said you better stop, you’ll have to wait until tomorrow and then a lot of people left. There was an of duty police officer from the Policia Civil of Rio de Janeiro, Officer Reis (also known as Rambo) who was working out at the Academy at the time and officer Reis went over to Ryan and demanded to look into the fanny pack. He opened it and all he found was a shaving kit and deodorant! Ryan stated to me that he hates guns and doesn’t want anything to do with them, and that he is usually at the other end of them.

We then contacted Luis "Bebel" Duarte from Carlson Gracie Team who was there himself and said that he didn’t see any gun but that no one was sure whether there was a gun or not, and no one was going to pay to see. He did say that every time Wallid went towards Ryan that Ryan reached into his fanny pack. Bebel stated that he doesn’t condone either ones attitude and we both agreed that this is not good for the sport.

Kid hates to bring up these kind of stories because they present a bad side of a great sport, but these things are happening and we felt that we had to report the facts.

A little later today we spoke to Soca as well, who saw the whole incident, and he confirmed that there was no gun involved, period . . .


ADCC 1/3/00

"Wallid Ismail and Ryan Gracie signed their contracts for next April's World Extreme Fighting on the Hora da Luta television program three days ago. No shots were fired."


ADCC 2/14/00

"TV Globo in Brazil has reported that Ryan Gracie was arrested today for stabbing a man in a night club called Ilha Dos Pescadores (Island of the Fisherman). The nightclub is just west of Rio.

"The victims name is Marcos Vinicius. Apparently, in a brawl involving as many as 30 persons, Ryan stabbed Vinicius in the stomach and delivered several headbutts. The Police said Ryan the fled to his home town - Sao Paulo, where he was taken into custody without further inccident. No further word on the condition of Vinicius was available.

"Ryan is the brother of Ralph and Renzo Gracie and the half-brother of Charles Gracie. He is noted for his high-profile grudge match with Wallid Ismail which was to be resolved on a future WEF fight card, but which will now most likely be put on hold. Ryan is also infamous for an incident in which he reportedly bit off an opponent's ear in a challenge match. We at ADCC will keep you posted on further developements with this story!"


ADCC 2/20/00

Yesterday, the chief of police Napoleao Salgado put together all the accusations against Ryan Gracie.

Sought as the villain of the riot at the Ilha da Fantasia nightclub, Ryan Gracie, in his statement to the police, said that all happened because of an heroic gesture. The fighter - accused of attacking (punching) Mauricio Tadeu Carneiro Lima, president of the Jiu-Jitsu League, and wounding with a knife the sales rep Marcus Vinicius Da Rosa last Sunday night, said that he was trying to stop a man from being beaten, when the riot started. He gave his version in his statement yesterday, at the police department.

According to him, Marcus had the knife and tried to stab him. Ryan denied that he hadpunched the president of the League, at the same club, a few moments before the incident. Ryan's father, Robson Gracie, said that he received information that Marcus was connected to drug dealers and was setting up an ambush to kill Ryan.

The chief of police said that he will wait for Marcus statement to clarify everything. In his statement Ryan said that he was at the club when he saw a group of around fifteen men chasing a guy he did not know. The fighter then went to protect the man, afraid that the group would kill him. (Note from Carioca: Things like that are becoming commonplace in Rio.) That's when Marcus, whom Ryan says he never met before, called out to him and displayed the knife.

"I don't use knives. We fell down on the ground and people from his group started to kick me on the head. We rolled and he got cut with his own knife," Ryan said. He also denied that he had participated in the siege of a convenience store.

"I am always being provoked because there are way too many guys out there that want to show off and become famous through me. I am almost like Billy the Kid. Everyone in the west wants to defeat Billy the Kid because he was the best. With me it is the same. If the guys loses to me, no problem. If he wins, he beat Ryan Gracie," said Ryan.

According to the Jornal do Brasil, yesterday’s edition, they (the newspaper) are starting today to keep records. Records include: Name, Address, Rank, School, Phone numbers, Competition records. They call it the "Fighter's Database" ...

* * *

Behind the mess involving jiujitsu fighters at the night club FANTASY ISLAND, there is a much worse combat: discrimination against homosexuals. The president of the Rio de

Janeiro Jiujitsu league, Muricio Lima said that he was attacked by Ryan Gracie because of a letter, published in a jiujitsu magazine (note from Carioca: O Tatame), where he accused Ryan's father, Robson Gracie, of being prejudiced against homosexuals. Thanks to this letter, Mauricio was given a homage by the gay magazine SUI GENERIS. But, according to Mauricio, that got Ryan really mad..

"I criticized his father, and Robson did not retaliate. I don't get it. At the night club, Ryan said I was bad mouthing his dad and punched me in the chin. I didn't fight back." - said Mauricio Lima.

After learning about what Mauricio said to the police, Ryan said, Ironically: "Saddam (Mauricio's nickname) is an amoeba, and idiot. I never said anything about gays. Only thing is, during my TV show (Ring Heroes), we joked, when a guest of the show said that Mark Kerr looked a little feminine. I have nothing against gays. Saddam, for example, has a candid, delicate soul. Now, if he is gay or not is not my business. Personally, I think homosexualism is an ugly thing, two hairy men touching each other, . . ugh. Now, two women having sex is ok!.

* * *

Robson Gracie, president of the JiuJitsu Federation, criticized Wallid Ismael who had made declarations against his son and even got into a fight with him at a tourney last year. He winked to Ryan and stuck out his tongue, provoking him. I don't say that Wallid is gay, but I personally would not like to have a gay son. There are, though, brilliant individuals who are gay. Some are great artists . . .

Wallid, who has a fight scheduled against Ryan for the end of May, challenged: "If his son is so Macho, I wanna see if he is going to show to fight. Last time, he ran away"


ADCC 3/27/00

Wallid, what are you doing here in California?

Man, I live here. Here and Brazil. I'm here for about three weeks. I'm here to try and give Royce a rematch. He won't give me one! His cousin Ryan is the same way. He keeps saying, "I am going to beat Wallid." First in January, then I need more time to train. Ryan spent only ten days in jail. Man he rested in jail. He is not tired he is afraid I will do to him what I did to his other family memebers. Only worse becuase this is Vale Tudo! Royce on the other hand I used to respect. I used to talk good about him. Now I can't talk good about him. This guy is chicken shit of me. He won't fight me. This is bullshit!


ADCC 9/20/00

Sources in Brazil have told us of a fight that occurred between Wallid Ismail and Ryan Gracie. It seems that on 9/18/2000, according to witnesses Wallid was speaking to some friends at a party when he was approached by Ryan. Ryan then allegedly struck Wallid in the side of the face from behind. Wallid then turned and Ryan shot in. He was put into a guillotine and choked unconscious by Wallid. This is the story coming out of Brazil at this time. We will update you on future news of this when we receive more information.


FC Fighter 10/3/2000

Rio and São Paulo are getting too small for Ryan Gracie and Wallid Ismail. After spending time training in L.A., Wallid came back to Brazil straight to São Paulo (he lives in Rio) to take part in the summer fashion parade of his sponsor Bad Boy. As soon as he got there, he met Ryan, his #1 enemy, backstage at the event. The bodyguards had to act many times because both spent the whole night provoking each other. In the end of the night (around 1 am), the worst happened. Wallid gives his side of the story, "He pretended to fight me to make the security guard hold him. I told them to let him free because he was not enough man to fight me face to face. When they set him free, he disappeared. I turned around, and while I was talking with Leonardo Vieira (Alliance black belt), he came from behind me and tried to punch me. I was lucky enough to feel that something was strange, and turned around in time to escape his punch. After that, he tried to put me down but I got a guillotine choke on him and left him unconscious." Witnesses say that Ryan was drunk and unable to fight. It doesn't matter because the worst happened and the case reached O Globo, the biggest newspaper in Brazil, and once again Jiu-Jitsu was on the police pages. Everybody is praying to see this situation resolved. Promoter Sergio Batarelli is interested in finishing the problem in the right place: the ring.

Source: Whaledog

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