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November News Part 1


Quote of the Day

"Always look at what you have left. Never look at what you have lost."

Robert H. Schuller

Breaking News: Eddie Yagin vs. Shaolin Ribeiro



 Kazeta & Eddie Yagin

  Yagin punching Jay R. Palmer

An insider has just notified us that Hawaii's own Eddie Yagin (Grappling Unlimited) will be facing Vitor "Shaolin" Ribeiro in the WFA. Yagin has been on a tear in MMA with his "go for broke" style and he will meet another freight train in Shaolin. Shaolin is a Nova Uniao black belt with a 3-0 record. The two will meet due to Chris Brennan, Shaolin's former opponent, pulling out of the fight due to injury.

PS - This is not the huge match up that is in the works. Stay tuned for that one.

Margarita Coming to Hawaii?

There is a rumor floating around that Fernando Pontes, better known as Margarita is coming to Hawaii to do a seminar. Margarita trains with the Brazilian Top Team and has won his weight class and the absolute in the Pan Americans and the Mundial. He is the only man to have beaten Saulo Ribeiro twice, in one tournament, once by submission via a choke. Margarita leads the charge of BJJ guys away from sweeping their opponents and winning on points and getting back to submitting their opponents. When solid information is gathered we will let everyone know about this.

Relson Gracie International BJJ Tournament This Weekend!

Do not forget, the International tournament is set for this Saturday at Kaiser High School. This will be the first Gracie tournament to include a no-gi division to help grow the sport and allow the no-gi guys more opportunties to compete. The gi portion of the tournament will start promptly at 8:30AM and the no-gi is expected around noon. The no-gi division is using standard BJJ rules and has 4 weight classes (<155, 156-175, 176-200, 200+).

Volunteers are being sought to help judge (basically keep score), time keepers and videographers (press the record & stop button and zoom in and out). People from all schools are encouraged and welcomed to help out!

Please call the Gracie Academy for more information @ (808) 589-2524.

News From PRIDE

In a decision by DSE/PRIDE this week, the main event of Nobuhiko Takada vs. Kiyoshi Tamura has been moved down.

Many believe that this is due to the diminished 'drawing power' of both Tamura and Takada.

Tamura, who has just made horribly bad decisions in his opponents, was mauled by Bob Sapp in his last outing in PRIDE, loss to Vanderlei Silva before also due to TKO and is coming off a decision win in DEEP over Ikuhisa Minowa eight weeks ago.

Takada, who's overall 'record' is 3-5, was one referred to as the Hulk Hogan of Japan and gained an enormous following back in the mid-1990's. This was in the 'strong style' pro wrestling/fighting that was UWFI.

He eventually had his first legitimate fight on 10/11/97 in PRIDE against Rickson Gracie where he was armbarred easily in the first round. This was one of two losses to Rickson Gracie.

He then ran up a few wins but many question the legitimacy of the wins. Kyle Sturgeon, Alexander Otsuka and Mark Coleman. The latter of the three looked incredibly bad for a 'real' fight.

If the Tamura vs. Takada fight is legit, it will be interesting. If they do it UWFI style, it will be entertaining but today's MMA fan, it will be a slap in the face.

Who is being elevated to 'main event' status? You guessed it, the long awaited return of Kazushi Sakuraba.

Returning from a serious eye injury sustained against Mirko 'Cro Cop' Filipovic in August, Sak is going against the advice of his doctors.

The relatively unheard of, Gilles Arsene, is the next victim...um....opponent for Sakuraba who achieved superstar status by defeating a long list of Gracies (Royler, Royce, Renzo and Ryan).

Source: ADCC


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt Edson Diniz to the team!

Edson brings an impressive list of credentials with him. He is a multiple Pan-American champion, Mundial Champion, & NAGA Champion. He also has a few wins in MMA.

Edson will be teaching Gi & No-Gi at the academy as well as continuing his fight career.

We look forward to great things from Edson in the future.

AMERICAN TOP TEAM welcomes Edson to the family!

Source: The ATT

Mama said Never Talk To Stranglers
Hawaii411 Interviews Chris Brennan

Breakfast with the Strangler - Chris Brennan AKA The Westside Strangler
Chris puts up his Dukes

This interview comes from our good friend Joey, the artist formerly known as Joel Ching, and the Hawaii411 guys. If you have not checked out
Hawaii411.com, check it out. It is a great web page on a variety of subjects all related to Hawaii. It is kind of like this page except that it deals with a wider scope of subjects and the guys who run the page have talent...but we are much better looking than they are...and more modest. Enjoy...

The Westside Strangler has been a visitor to the Islands as a competitor, a coach, and now an instructor. He is the 2X King of the Cage Middleweight World Champion, a UFC XVI finalist, UFC 35 vet, Extreme Challenge 22 Superbout Champion, and the Reality Super Fights tournament winner. He's training for an upcoming match On November 23rd in Las Vegas Nevada at the Aladdin Hotel against Vitor "Shaolin" Riberio, a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Champion. The Hawaii411 crew took him to Duke's Breakfast Buffet, which undoubtedly will put him a few pounds back in his quest to make weight. Join us for breakfast with the Strangler as we discuss Mixed Martial Arts, and his plan to open a school in the islands.

Hawaii411: How'd you get the name "Strangler?"
Chris Brennan: A lot of my fights ended with the Guillotine, even in training I used to use the choke on a lot of guys. It kind of changed now because I like to arm lock and kimura everybody, but when I started it was because I choked everybody. I think Mikey Burnett had the Eastside Assassin so one of my students took that and called me the Westside Strangler.

H411: How long have you been fighting?
Chris Brennan: This December it'll be 10 years training and I've been fighting for 8.

H411: What got you started?
Chris Brennan: Todd Medina, who fought in UFC, was my friend. We were body-building together and he started to get into Jiu-jitsu. We bounced at a club together and would always get into fights. I'd do pretty good in the fights - I wasn't a trained fighter, just a street-fighter, but I figured with some training, it might be fun. The first UFC came on TV, and the owner of the bar we bounced at had it on the big screen. I saw it and said, 'man I want to do this.' By the 3rd UFC, I was training.

H411: Did you ever do underground type fighting?
Chris Brennan: My first three fights were underground.

H411: Was that just crazy?
Chris Brennan: Yeah, it was like IBC rules: elbows, headbutts, even soccer kick in the ground - everything was legal

Fun Strangler Fact:
His favorite Hawaiian food is Poi. "It must be what gives you Hawaiians the punching power." Give him some Kalua Pig too, and he's in heaven.

H411: You used to be a surfer, did you ever catch any of Hawaii's waves?
Chris Brennan: No, the last time I went surfing was in '95 in Brazil.

H411: Tell us about Brazil
Chris Brennan: One of my friends from Torrence was teaching at the academy. He set me up with a place to stay. I showed up with four bags in my hand, no friends, showed up at the gym and stayed for a year.

H411: You got to train with some of the Gracie Family. How did it feel to train with legends?
Chris Brennan: When I first started I was in awe of the whole thing, but then I realized that my goal wasn't like every other student who was there - they just wanted to be good in Jiu-Jitsu while my goal was to have my own school and to fight professionally. I started to get on a friendship level it Royce (Gracie) instead of just being so 'oh-my-god, I'm talking to Roryce Gracie.' We used to go to Magic Mountain together and hang out and stuff. Anytime people in the class wanted to ask Royce a question, but didn't have the balls to ask, they'd ask me to ask him.

H411: What was training under Frank Shamrock like?
Chris Brennan: I didn't get to train under him. I trained with him a couple of times and he's good. He's different than a regular Jiu-Jitsu guy on the ground. He doesn't care what position you're in, he never stops moving. He's always bouncing around and you never feel secure with him, even if you're on top. I was excited about training with him because he's my favorite fighter. I think e was the first person to bring stand-up, ground and supreme conditioning together.

H411: You ever meet Ken Shamrock?
Chris Brennan: A couple of times.

H411: Any predictions on his UFC match with Tito Ortiz?
Chris Brennan: I like Ken, but however much money I have at the time, I'm gonna put in Tito. I think Ken is skilled, but he's getting old and he's too angry at Tito. He fights with too much emotion. He's going to be so angry that at the end of the first round he's going to be tired. I think Tito's going to play the same game that Frank played with him. He's gonna take his time and then turn it on when Ken gets tired.

H411: You want to be a champion, so you have a specific goal?
Chris Brennan: No I just like to fight. I've fought in just about every event now besides Pride. I don't know if I'm big enough to fight in Pride or if they have a weight class for me. I'd like to fight there, but if I don't I'm pretty happy with what I've done so far. I've had the opportunity to win a lot of belts... as long as I put on a good performance and I train hard and do my best, I'm happy. I think it's very hard to be a very good teacher and a very good fighter, but I think I've succeeded pretty well doing both. It's only going to be a bit longer that I'll be fighting, then I'll be training and teaching my guys.

H411: Who's been your toughest opponent so far?
Chris Brennan: You know even some of my losses weren't tough fights, because I think I beat myself. I think the only person who I had a hard time re-matching who I lost to, would be Pat Miletich because he's so well rounded and so experience. We fought three times- he can take you out of your game and make a good guy seem really boring.

H411: What is your strength?
Chris Brennan: Ground for sure. I think my ground and submissions are underestimated by some people. I think my takedowns are underestimated. I never wrestled, but I took Gomi (Takanori Gomi - last fight for the Strangler, ending in a decision loss in Shooto Japan) down five times, and he was never taken down once before. If I go into a fight and my goal is to get you to the ground, I'll get you to the ground.

H411: Do you focus more on Stand-up to balance that out?
Chris Brennan: Not more, I still like to train stand-up, but I try to consider myself a smart fighter. If a guy wants to stand up then I'll try to take him down, if he want to go to the ground, then it's an opportunity to work on my stand-up. I see a lot of guys here in Hawaii, because they have heavy hands, they like to stand in the middle of the ring and throw bombs. I'm not down for that... I'm not going to trade bombs and see who's going to win the fight.

H411: Who catches your eye from Hawaii?
Chris Brennan: I think all they guys from Jesus is Lord, Ray (Bradda Cooper), Ronald (Juhn) Bozo (Stephen Paling), Bob-O (Ostovich) even, they got good hands and good chins and that's dangerous. Egan Inouye, I think he's a stud. Another one of my favorite fighters is BJ Penn. He's got phenomenal ground and his stand-up is underestimated. I like his old-style better, where he was aggressive and tried to kill the guy. Now he kind of paces himself. I think his old style would suit him better.

H411: Why do you think Hawaii puts out so many top fighters from a small state?
Chris Brennan: I think they've been doing it since day one. They were fighting before they were training to fight. I don't know, maybe it's the way they were brought up. Like I said, they all have heavy hands and they all can take a punch.

H411: With only a few more bouts left in your fighting career, who do you want to fight?
Chris Brennan: I would really like to fight Jens Pulver, because he's like Pat ( Miletich). I think I could solve the Rubik's cube this time. Even though BJ is one of my favorite fighters, I'd love to fight him because it'll be a good test of my ground skills. I want to fight Gomi again. The guys from Shooto are all exciting. People thought my fight with Gomi would be boring, but I promised none of my fights would ever be boring. Anybody at my 155 weight class... I feel I can dominate at that weight.

I was watching Matt Hughes' last few fights and he just crushed everybody. He had great ground skills, but his wrestling wasn't that good. Then all of a sudden his ground got better, he was passing Carlos Newton's Guard and the same with Sakurai. I knew my ground was already that good, so if I had the strength and power to go with that and good conditioning, I knew I could fight for a belt.

H411: How has the weight loss helped you?
Chris Brennan: As started to get light, I was so much more flexible, and my bottom game came alive. I'm a lot faster, plus I'm still strong.

H411: You're going to be doing a seminar in Hawaii. Why Hawaii?
Chris Brennan: This is the sixth time I've been here in a year, and all of the people treat me great. I love it here. I enjoy all of the guys over here, and I want to keep coming back. By the middle of next year, I'd maybe like to open a Next Generation fighting academy here in Hawaii. I've learned from a lot of different people, so I have a lot to show to everybody.

H411: Tell us about your Next Generation Academy.
Chris Brennan: Size-wise, it's one of the biggest in the US - 60' x 60' mat space, a full-sized 21 foot Octagon, plus two bedrooms for my live-in guys, a front office that looks like an executive suite in a building, a nice lobby with two bathrooms, and plus it's very big and very nice and well kept. That's one of the thing I learned from the Gracie Academy, people come in and see a clean school and they're going to come back. It think student enrollment-wise, it's gotta be one of the biggest too.

H411: You do a lot of person hands-on training at Next Generation, would you be in Hawaii teaching too?
Chris Brennan: At my school now, I teach all of grappling and jiu-jitsu teaching unless I'm training for a fight. At my school here, it would probably be Jeremy Williams teaching. His ground is very good, and I would be here once a month. Still, I'd have to be at my California school a lot. The school here will do well, but I don't think it will be as big because I won't be teaching here all the time. People come to my school because of me, and if I'm not there, the enrollment goes down. That's one of the reasons I'm going to stop fighting too. I need to be at my school more.

H411: People have been critical of Mixed Martial Arts being more offensive rather than just self defense, and there is a lack of discipline. How do you respond to that?
Chris Brennan: I definitely think you shouldn't teach people to go out and beat people up. I've had problems with that in the beginning when I was teaching. I was like that myself when I was first learning from Royce - I felt I was invincible. I'd go out and never start a fight, but if someone were to start one with me, there was no talking - it was on. Now I try to keep my guys as mellow as possible so they don't get into fights. I also have a lot of police officers in my school, so if my guys were to get arrested fighting, it wouldn't look good. I try to keep everyone out of trouble, but I do agree that the discipline is not there like regular martial arts.

H411: What drives you to succeed?
Chris Brennan: As far as fighting goes, it's fear of failure. I hate to lose. I had nothing going into starting this school, but fear of failing kept me from failing. Now I'm married with three children - and that will drive me to have a successful school. Plus I love teaching. I want my fighters to succeed as well.

H411: You're one of six brothers - was there a lot of scrapping growing up?
Chris Brennan: Not bad between us, but me and my older brother used to get into a lot of fights together against other people. He used to smack me around a little bit, but not anymore.

H411: You have three boys now. Are you going to encourage them to step in the ring?
Chris Brennan: Not into the ring - my wife would kill me. But definitely encourage them to train for self-defense purposes. I just got custody of my 10 year-old when he was seven, so I don't push him to do it at all. My two-year old will definitely do it, but whether he wants to continue is his choice. Hopefully they'll all want to train like Dad. If they want to fight, I'll back them up 100%.
H411: With your seminar in Hawaii, you say that you are infamous for sharing ALL of your secrets. Do you think that hurts you in the ring?
Chris Brennan: No. I don't care really. It took me probably three or four times longer than it took my students to get good. I think if you're paying me to learn, then I'm going to show you everything I know. You're not going to know it or master it today, but if you continue to practice, you'll get good. I'm not affiliated to any other schools so I figured I'm going to make a group of guys really good really fast and have good training partners. Now I have good training partners. My mom always says, 'Don't show them everything, or they'll use it on you.' I hope they use it in me, because I know all the counters. I train on it every day.

In my video series I don't hold anything back because when I was training, I could see every day that the instructors were holding back and not telling me everything. I was really frustrated and angry with that and I didn't think that was fair. If someone shows me something today, I'm going to teach it tonight.

H411: You had some trouble getting here to Hawaii, any shout out to those who helped you?
Chris Brennan: Yeah, everybody. Bazo is a guy on the internet who hooked me up with a buddy pass. STP is another young guy from the internet who tried to help. Bran42 picked me up from the airport. James Wong from Fairtex sponsored my whole team. He also was trying to get me a pass. Even though Brennan didn't come through, he introduced me to all these nice people in Hawaii. Phenom, Hitman, and Big Bear fitness support my team. My family, I thank for supporting me and putting up with my trips. You guys (Hawaii411) and everybody who helped out. We pulled it off and here we are in Hawaii.

411 conclusion:
It's just been brought to my attention that I may have misheard Mama's advice about not talking to stranglers... It's 'strangers' that I'm not supposed to interview. And that's good, because Chris Brennan is definitely no stranger to Hawaii. A big mahalo goes out to the Westside Strangler - Not only for providing Hawaii with some fantastic entertainment, but also for caring enough for our local fighters to help them learn through his technique seminars and hopefully a Next Generation Fighting Academy to the islands.

Check out the Next Generation Website. www.chrisbrennan.com. There you can buy Chris' Instructional Tapes, Strangler Shirts, Fight Gear, and Stickers. Next Gen is one of the largest training facilities in the nation, and one with a great reputation for turning out winning fighters.

Source: Joey Ching & Hawaii411.com


Quote of the Day

"Better to do something imperfectly than to do nothing flawlessly."

Robert Schuller

Shooto Hawaii Match Released:

Shooto Class A 65kg 143.3
Stephen "Bozo" Paling (JIL) VS. Ryan Ackerman

Source: Event Promoter

UFC 40: Mir Out, Wiuff In

Hawaii fans will remember Travis Wiuff was the guy to pick up Cabbage like a sack of potatoes twice in the Return of the Heavyweights Tournament.

It is apparent that Frank Mir is out of the upcoming UFC 40.

Mir, ready to redeem himself after a loss to Ian Freeman in England sustained an injury during training. He will have to wait to make his return to UFC.

A definite letdown for not only Mir but for Vegas fans. Mir was the hometown guy who got a huge ovation last year in his UFC debut beating Roberto Traven in seconds.

The injury, sustained to his ribs, will more than likely heal quickly. Mir was wanting to fight but results from the doctor indicated that he would be unable to train or fight.

Travis Wiuff out of Minneapolis, MN will be Mir's replacement.

Wiuff boasts a 10-2-0 record in MMA and is 270lbs and is going to have a big weight advantage over Vladdy. He may have to cut a few to make the 265lbs limit but it shouldn't be a problem.

The 'Diesel' began his MMA career just this nine months ago and has been on a role. The majority of his wins came in his hometown where he racked up six victories for Brad Kohler's ULTIMATE WRESTLING.

Wiuff's only decisive loss is to Wesley 'Cabbage' Correia in which he tapped from repeated strikes. His other loss is a medical stoppage.

Wiuff vs. Matyushenko will be interesting to say the least. Wiuff is rumored to be an accomplished wrestler and will have at least a 45lbs weight advantage going into the fight.

Source: ADCC

From the event's promoter:

Ice-T On Board for WFA 3
WFA Press Release - Las Vegas - Unbreakable rhymes. Hardcore action – both in the cage - and now on the mic. Enter: the Original Gangster. Continuing to raise the bar for mixed martial arts entertainment, the WFA is proud to announce the addition of rapper-turned-actor Ice-T to its Level 3 show! Ice-T, a self-professed MMA fan, will perform live for the WFA’s November 23rd return to Las Vegas, and the combination of thrills, lights, sounds, and beauties will make for an unparalleled experience.

World Fighting Alliance Invades Grapplers' Quest

Las Vegas, NV (November 12) Las Vegas' hometown fight production, the World Fighting Alliance, will set up shop at this Saturday's Grappler's Quest West III.

Along with the customary bevy of WFA beauties, title hungry fighters Frank "Twinkle Toes" Trigg and Marvin "The Beastman" Eastman will grace the Durango High School auditorium to represent the finest in sports fighting today. Trigg and Eastman, both WFA veterans, will compete for the Welterweight and Light-Heavyweight Titles respectively. Joining the mix for autograph and picture opportunities will be Huntington Beach stand-out "Razor" Rob McCollough.

Along with their official merchandise, tickets for the WFA's Saturday, November 23rd event will be on sale. So hit up the WFA booth from 12-3 PM located right next to all the great grappling action.

For more information, please contact: Paula Romero, WFA Marketing & Promotions at promerorromero@yahoo.com

Source: FCF/Event Promoter

Pound for Pound: "Minotauro" Looks Towards 2003
By Thomas Gerbasi

For anyone else, it would have been panic time.

Staring across the ring at a fighter outweighing him by over 100 pounds, you could have excused Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira for feeling a bit intimidated when he took on former pro football player Bob Sapp at Pride Shockwave in August.

Add to this the fact that within seconds of the opening bell, the 350 pound Sapp picked up the Pride heavyweight champion like a rag doll and slammed him on his head.

So what went through the mind of the Brazilian when he was in such dire straits?

"I was thinking, 'He's gonna get tired, he's gonna get tired,'" Nogueira told Maxfighting. "Every time he did that I felt good because I know he spent a lot of strength to do those moves."

That's the essence of the man they call "Minotauro", and like the mythical creature, the 26-year-old is half man, half bull, and all fighter.

For a better analogy, picture world featherweight boxing champion Marco Antonio Barrera - all 126 pounds of him, squaring off against 250-pound heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis - and winning.

Nogueira survived Sapp's brutal early onslaught and managed to not only survive the bout, but also force the American to tap out. It was a fight that captured the beauty of the sport in a nutshell, the battle of wills between two differently styled fighters of vastly different sizes. Sure, it was a mismatch on paper, but Nogueira is not your average fighter, and according to him, the fight went according to plan.

"In the fight with Bob Sapp I was waiting to make him tired," said Nogueira. "But he was in good shape and had good endurance. I couldn't make him tired in the first round, so in the second round I changed my mind and I put more on more action in the ring and I went for the submission."

Next week, Nogueira returns to the ring for the first time since his epic battle with Sapp, taking on veteran Semmy Schilt in a non-title bout at Pride 23. And though he competes under the guise of Brazilian jiu-jitsu and is a submission ace, "Minotauro" will not shy away from hand-to-hand combat with a man considered to have the edge on Nogueira in the standup game, not to mention in reach.

"I'll try to get close to him since he's very good at a long distance with long legs and long arms," said Nogueira. "He's a very good striker and I'm very good as grappling but I can strike also. I guess if the fight goes to the ground, for me it's much better, but we can exchange some punches standing also. And I will try to submit him if I can."

On the ground or standing, Nogueira is a threat to take you out anywhere. He has submitted Sapp, Mark Coleman, and Gary Goodridge, among others. He has choked Enson Inoue into unconsciousness, and knocked out quality fighters like Sanae Kikuta. And if you want to see him in a war of wills and skills, take a look at his title winning decision over Heath Herring, a bout many consider to be among the greatest heavyweight fights ever in the sport.

Its abilities like this that have made him a near consensus choice as the top fighter, pound for pound, in the game today. It's a title he's proud of.

"I feel good because I've been fighting since I was four years old," said Nogueira. "I never fought for money before. I did because it felt good. And now they pay me, I'm a professional, and they tell me that I'm the best fighter. I feel very proud about that. I'm in good shape now and I want to continue."

But when you're at the top, everyone wants a shot at knocking you off the mountain. Nogueira is no different, and top heavyweights Josh Barnett and Ricco Rodriguez have been vocal in their desire to step into combat with "Minotauro".

Rodriguez, the newly crowned UFC heavyweight champion, called out for Nogueira after his victory over Randy Couture in September, and even holds an Abu Dhabi victory over the Brazilian.

"I'm ready to fight him anytime," said Nogueira of Rodriguez. "I would like to have a potential fight with him in no rules, and I think it will be a good, interesting fight. He's a tough fighter, and I am too. It would be a very good show. And I'm pretty confident I can beat him."

Nogueira is also confident of victory against Barnett, the former UFC champion whom he is expected to battle sometime in 2003. For fight fans, it's a true dream bout.

"He's got some skills," said Nogueira of Barnett. "He's good on the ground, and he's got some good standup, but I'm better than him standing, I'm getting better on the floor, and I think I have better positioning than him. I think I can beat him, but I've got to respect him because he's fought a lot of good guys."

Fans shouldn't hold their breath for a Nogueria-Rodriguez bout anytime soon because of each man's commitments to their respective organizations, but the bout against Barnett should be relatively easy to pull off, especially if the bout is held in Japan, not yet a foregone conclusion since Nogueira's contract with the Pride organization is coming to a close shortly.

But if treated fairly, Nogueira would have no qualms about returning to Pride to continue his reign as heavyweight champion.

"I want to be in Pride again because they're the biggest organization and I like to fight in Japan," said Nogueira. "I look forward to fighting there. But I am a professional now. They have to offer me a good deal so I can continue to work with them."

Wherever Nogueira winds up in 2003, the title of best fighter in the world will follow. If you haven't seen him, you need to. He's that good, and coming from the Brazilian Top Team, which also houses his brother Rogerio and UFC middleweight champ Murillo Bustamante, that's no surprise.

"This school used to have the best jiu-jitsu team in the world, and around ten years ago, we started to train in no rules, and now we train in wrestling and boxing, and we train everything together," said Nogueira. "We used to be the best jiu-jitsu fighters, very tough fighters. And now we have improved in boxing, wrestling, muay thai, put everything together and we have started to become very good fighters. There we have like fifty professional fighters training together. Yesterday I could see like 60 guys on the mat. All professional guys. They don't do anything but train."

Not bad for a young man who was told he might never walk again after a near-tragic car accident put him in a coma for four days at the age of ten. He's a mixed martial arts phenomenon not seen since the early days of fellow Brazilian Vitor Belfort, and with his dedication to the game and willingness to test his skills anytime against any opponent, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira is here to stay.

"It's not like karate or boxing, but everything together," said Nogueira when asked why he loves the sport. "It makes me feel tough, and the training is very hard. Before I did no rules, I used to do boxing, judo, and jiu-jitsu like a robot, and it made me feel tired after my training. And now I can fight in something that makes me feel good."

Source: ADCC

PRIDE 23: Championship Chaos II Card Match Order

The match order for PRIDE 23 has been adjusted, and Sakuraba is now fighting last, rather than first. PRIDE 23 takes place November 24, in Tokyo:

Jerrel Venetiaan vs Hirotaka Yokoi

Kevin Randleman vs Kenichi Yamamoto

Murilo “Ninja” Rua vs Ricardo Arona

Heath Herring vs Fedor Emelianenko

Rodrigo “Minotauro” Nogeuira vs Semmy Schilt

Wanderlei Silva vs Mitsuhiro Kanehara

Don Frye vs Hidehiko Yoshida

Nobuhiko Takada vs Kiyoshi Tamura

Kazushi Sakuraba vs Gilles Arsene

Source: Sherdog


Quote of the Day

It's the constant and determined effort that breaks down all resistance and sweeps away all obstacles.

Claude M. Bristol

A Huge Match Up Is In the Works

An inside word is that a huge match is being worked on as we speak. It is slated for early next year. The match is almost secured as both parties have agreed to the terms. As more details come out and are finalized, we will bring them to you.

ADCC's Brazilian Trials - ONE MONTH AWAY!!!


Brazil is eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Brazilian Qualifiers, now roughly 1 month away. In typical ADCC fashion, the full lineup will not be announced until showtime, scheduled For mid-December, in Rio De Janeiro.

Word is that last year's champions will return, which insures an extremely high level to attain already!

Previous Champions:
under 65.9 KG: Robson Moura (finished 3rd place at the World Champonships)
66-76.9 KG: Leo Santos (finished 3rd place at the World Champonships)
77-87.9 KG: Nino Schembri (finished 3rd place at the World Champonships)
88-98.9 KG: Renato Babalu
99 KG +: Marcio 'Pe de Pano' Cruz (finished 3rd place at the World Champonships)

Several HUGE names from the world of Jiu Jitsu have also thrown their names into the hat, all looking to assure a spot at the 2003 World Championships.

As was the trend with the North American Trials, look for the Brazil Trials to feature only South Americans, and look for lots of new faces!

More to come as the event develops it's true colors.

Source: ADCC

Kid Peligro Jiu-Jitsu News
It's Official - 2003 Pan-Ams on the West Coast!

2003 Pan-Ams Date and Location Confirmed

A conversation with CBJJ's President Carlos Gracie Jr today confirmed the rumors that had been floating around: The 2003 Pan-Ams will be on the West Coast, more precisely Irvine! The Pan-Ams will be returning to the same location where the first Pan-Ams was held in 1995, the Bren Center at U.C.Irvine Campus and will happen on May 10 & 11th. For more information stay tuned to ADCC News or go to the CBJJ Web page at CBJJ Web Site

The CBJJ also released the complete results for the U.S. Trials, you can get the entire pic. at U.S.Trials results

'Pe de Pano' wins in Manaus!'

On Saturday Nov. 9th the 1st Desafio Olivertur de Lutas Casadas took place in Manaus, the Capitol of Amazon. In the main event, Marcio 'Pe de Pano' Cruz defeated Fernando 'Terere' avenging the loss that he had on the 2001 Brazilian Titles Absolute . According to the Gracie Magazine Web Site Pano stated: 'Now I feel like I am the best in the World!' In other matches, Fredson Paixao defeated Robson Moura and Marco Aurelio 'Loro' lost to Biiano Fernandez in the last minute. There were 16 matches in total. Congratulations to the promoters and participants!

Source: ADCC

Interview with Dave Menne
by: Keith Mills

Both parts of this interview were conducted the night of the Tennessee Shooto Championships where Dave was a guest referee. The next day he conducted a seminar in Clarksville.

KM: What is the name of your academy?

DM: Minnesota Combat Arts.

KM: All I’ve seen is that one guy that fought in Ultimate Wrestling in Minnesota…

DM: Daryl Guthmiller. Randy Irvine fought a few times for Brad (Kohlar, UFC vet and promoter of Ultimate Wrestling) and Monte a few times. There are various other guys that want to start fighting and there are other guys that do submission-grappling matches.

KM: I missed the last two Ultimate Wrestlings. Did any of them fight or do they have anything coming up?

DM: I cornered Travis Wiuff for the last Ultimate Minnesota (defeated Jason Godsey by decision Oct 19th) and he’s been coming in the studio a little bit here and there so we’ll see if he continues to train. We’re talking with him. I helped corner (Greg) Wikan (defeated Johnathan Ivey by TKO in :43 of round 2) and he’s trying to move back in to my area so he can start training again, he’s living in southern Minnesota. Right now he’s not training that much. There’s other people coming in to try it out and it’s just a matter of some people are really excited and decide that’s what they want to do but it’s a matter of putting the time in and really doing it every day. There isn’t too many people that are willing to do that, they’re willing to be excited about it for a month but they’re not willing to be excited about it for a year and when you want to start to make headway you need to make the commitment that this is what you are going to do and you’re going to give it a true try. Things don’t always catch on the first try.

KM: About your tattoos, I’ve had so many people asking if there is significance to the necklace…

DM: The necklace I designed. I designed the flames to draw the two tattoos together. One tattoo being a raven, it’s got a little bit of my grandmother’s maiden name which means raven or black or unknown. The other tattoo is a tiger, my name, and it means descendant of strength. Tattoo in the middle is also just has an ‘x’ in it, kinda strange but ‘x’ is just supposed to be signifies x-factor or unknown variable. I was considering getting a back tattoo with some language and I’m not sure what language but something that signifies strength, maybe in Sanskrit or some older language.

KM: You seem to put a lot of weight on the meaning of words or the meaning of names.

DM: I just decided if I was going to have tattoos it should signify something, I didn’t want something just pretty on me. That’s why I went the road of having no color in them. I didn’t want any color to start with and was never going to have any color with my tattoos because they were supposed to mean something to me. For the most part the only people that see them is when I fight.

KM: (paraphrased) Was there significance to the timing?

DM: Sometimes you think about something and you do it not entirely knowing the reasons, it just feels right. I spent a lot of time designing, I spent probably six years deciding to get a tattoo, knowing I wanted to get one but knowing I wasn’t going to until I had it down to what I wanted. I guess I was looking too somewhat for the Western aesthetic getting the chest tattoo and the two shoulders. Asian aesthetic necessarily isn’t symmetry, it’s non-symmetry.

Dave didn’t have any other seminars planned but said although he can’t be reached there anybody interested in either booking him for seminars or participating in an upcoming one should call his school at (651) 982-6780.

Source: ADCC

Soccer Anyone?

This isn't martial arts related, but Soccer is Brazil's national sport. We are still working on making Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu its national sport. And this is to help out a friend. As a side funny note, there was a soccer team here that was made up of Brazilians, but they got kicked out of the league after getting into a huge team vs. team fight on the field. Professor Helio was in attendence and would point at people of the opposite team and tell one of his guys to watch out for that guy. It was pretty funny hearing the story when it first happened.


I'm currently recruiting for a new men's soccer team (name TBD) that will play in the Hawaii Ranger League (HRL), Makule Division (age 30+).

Games are on Sunday mornings (8:30 or 10:15), at Waialae Iki near Kahala, Waipio Soccer complex in Waipahu, or Waiola (also called Central Oahu Regional Park) across from the Waipio Gentry Shopping Center on Kamehameha Hwy. Most games will be at Waiola. There are occasional make-up games on Saturday.

The next season will start in late December 2002 or early January 2003 and run for six months. There are about 20 games per season.

The cost per player will be $50.00 per season, not including uniforms. The team will need to purchase uniforms, with numbered jerseys.

The team can roster up to 25 players, a good number that will allow for occasional work conflicts of other family commitments.

If you would like to play, I need to collect your season fee by November 18, 2002. HRL team registration is on November 19, 2002.

Please forward this email to anyone who might be interested in playing.

Lori Hoffman
Work email:
Work phone: 471-8755
Home address: 91-1071 Namahoe St., Apt.D, Kapolei, HI 96707
Home email:
Home phone: 693-8859


Quote of the Day

"The longest journey of any person is the journey inward."

Dag Hammerskjvld


Frank Shamrock Guest of Honor at Shooto Hawaii
Lahaina Civic Center, Maui, Hawaii
Saturday, December 7th, 2002

Shooto Hawaii is honored to have Frank Shamrock as a special guest to our new show. “I cannot believe that Frank (Shamrock) is coming to support us”, Promoter Monica Cooper said. “This is very exciting”. Frank, hearing about the circuit and the reasoning behind its creation (and always the one to step up and put the gloves on for a cause) made the decision to come out and show his support. Not only will he show his support to the show by coming out and being the guest of honor, but he also is making this his Hawaiian stop on his “Beat-Down” World Seminar Tour. “This will be fun”, Shamrock spokesman Vikki VanHoosen commented. “This is an excellent excuse to take a vacation, train with an MMA living legend and icon, and see a great show of great up and coming fighters ready to bust out on the world.”
Shooto Hawaii is a new circuit that was created by Ray and Monica Cooper. The goal of the organization is to offer a circuit where future generations will have a place to compete given the attempted consolidation and control by current promoters in MMA. Ray, 2nd ranked Shooto contender will be headlining the card against Jay Buck and the audience surely will not be disappointed by his heavy handed striking and expert submissions.

This will surely be an event not to be missed!

Superheavyweight +100KG 243lb and over Opponent Change

Jeremy Bell will not be fighting Tim Tynan from 808 Fight Factory. Instead we will have Anthony Villianor (Freelance, Maui) VS. Tim Tynan.

Source: Event Promoter

PRIDE NEWS - Can You Believe This?

Last week DAILY SPORTS, one of the morepopular sports newspapers in Tokyo, reported that Nobuhiko Takada suffered a bizarre injury that could hamper his training for the upcoming PRIDE event.

The injury is 'frostbite' from an apparent ice pack applied to both his left knee and elbow. The report says that the icepacks were colder than expected and left a circular 'blister.' After seeing a doctor, he was advised to rest for a few days before continuing training.

Takada, a long time draw in the UWFI back in the mid-1990's, will face Kiyoshi Tamura in PRIDE's main event in just two weeks. Both fighters have had humiliating losses in the past (most recently, Bob Sapp destroying Tamura in seconds). Both fighters will earn PRIDE major crossover pro wrestling interest in Japan, as the two were top draws in the old UWFI promotion.

Speaking of Tamura, there will be an apparent statement to the press later this week by DREAM STAGE ENTERTAINMENT (Pride's parent company).

Tamura told PRIDE execs that he isn't happy with Kenichi Yamamoto appearing on the show. From some reason, Tamura had words with DSE and says he 'distrusts' Yamamoto, perhaps from their involvement in RINGS.

It will be interesting to see what DSE will say about the situation.

Source: ADCC

Sakuraba Set to Return to the PRIDE RING!

Kazushi Sakuraba will step back into PRIDE in just two weeks but his fully healed? That's the big question.

Originally, PRIDE wanted Sakuraba vs. Vanderlei Silva 3 but felt that Sak needed a 'warm-up' fight.

In a recent interview, Sakuraba admitted that he knew 'nothing' about his opponent and had little strategy going in the fight.

There were original rumors of him fighting Ryan Gracie but now the fight stands with him fighting Gilles Arsene, a frenchamn without a lot of 'big name' appeal to the MMA fans out there.

In a recent press conference Sakuraba was in good spirits about his opponent. 'My opponent's job description is the 'Hyper Little Cyborg.' This will be the first time for me to fight a cyborg. I hope to be careful, win my match and support Takada in his retirement fight.'

Sakuraba is back to training after an agreement between Sakuraba and DSE. His personal physician who advised him NOT to fight and to continue to take time off after breaking his eye socket.

Even against the advice of the doctor, Sakuraba didn't want to miss fighting on Takada's retirement night. Takada is the mentor of Sakuraba.

But another big question is that how much training can Sak do in a month?

Pride figurehead, Naoto Morishita, said in a recent public interview that they didn't want to use Sakuraba recklessly any longer. This fight will be a nice change of pace for Sakuraba who looks to get on track and has contemplated dropping a weight division.

Will he be the same Sakuraba? This will be answered on PPV in less than two weeks!

Source: ADCC


Quote of the Day

All difficult things have their origin in that which is easy, and great things in that which is small.


When Midgets Attack!

Your trusty reporter used his powers of negociation and boyish charm to con his wife out of a romantic evening and get her to go to a bar to watch Bloody Midget Wrestling.

Tito, Chris, Patty and Puppet. As you can see Puppet took a special liking to my wife.

It was a lot of fun, the midgets (actually one was a dwarf) were hillarious and if you are a fan of '80 rock you are going to love Gussie L'Amours. The band Slug opened and did '80s rock covers. It took me back to my long hair, guitar playing, high school band days.

Here are some pictures that try to depict the action. They went around the whole bar grabbing chairs, using pool sticks, jumping off the DJ stand on to the other one with chairs stacked on him. You name it and they did it.

If you can make it, they will be performing tonight (11th) and tomorrow (12th) night at 9:00PM at Gussie L'Amours by the airport (next to the Plaza hotel). It was the most fun I had in a long time.

They start off with boxing gloves, here is Tito with a liver shot

Puppet pays Tito back with a suplex on some a plywood stage. That's why they call it hardcore baby!

Tito is cutting Puppet's head open with a broken beer bottle. He is really doing that. No joke.

Puppet catches Tito with a groin shot.

Tito fighting his way back against a bloody Puppet. There is T. Jay scouting talent for Super Brawl.

Tito about to slam a steel chair on Puppet.

 T. Jay Thompson telling Puppet that he only had a 2 count and the match is still on. Believe it or not, T. Jay lost his voice doing the blow by blow. It was that crazy.


Tigre pre-Cabbage fight & post-Cabbage fight

Numerous Brazilian sources are reporting that Marcello 'Tigre' is facing serious felony charges following an event that took place last week. Marcello, known for his bizarre fighting practices and numerous fights that have ended in disqualification or controversy, is facing criminal battery and possible attempted homicide.

According to reports, the incident started earlier in the day when Marcello showed up at the home of Ana Lucia Souza (age 18). Souza reject Marcello's advances and ended up slapping him in the face.

'Tigre' reportedly became interested in Souza while he was dating her 14-year-old cousin. 'I told him I was engaged and was not interested. He became verbally abusive at which point I slapped him' said Lucia. 'Saying nothing, he left the house. Later he came back with his friends.'

Later in the day, Marcello and four of his friends entered the home of Souza and 23-year-old Leandro Menendez.

Menendez reported being punched in the stomach and was knocked to the ground. 'Tigre' then turn his sights on Lucia who he punched in the eye and allegedly shouted 'I don't know who I'm going to kill first....you or him.' He then delivered several knees to Lucia's stomach and chest as his cohorts assaulted Menendez on the ground with stomping and kicking.

Marcello 'Tigre' has had a ton of negative press in the past from his fights in SuperBrawl and Rage In The Cage (both events from Hawaii). Many of his fights ended in near riots as Marcello's followers clashed with competitive camps.

It's apparent that Marcello will be facing serious sentencing if convicted.

Source: ADCC

Referees, Time Keepers, Point Scorers, etc Needed!

There has always been a lot of talk, some would describe it as arguments, about refereeing at BJJ tournaments. We want to change that. It is not new to anyone that Mike & I have always helped or were open to help referee or do things to help at everyone else's tournaments. We would like for each school to provide some volunteers to serve as time keepers, point scorers or referees to help ensure that we can run an unbiased tournament. The schools that help out can expect that we will return the favor. This will only help to allow the tournament to run smoother and get through faster so there is less waiting around for your matches. Competition is good for all of our schools because it helps to elevate all of Hawaii's athletes. I believe it is no surprise that we have so many World champions from Hawaii and the fact that our fighters can compete with anyone in the world. I feel that it is important to support ALL grappling tournaments because every school will gain from it. All boats rise with a rising tide. If you have any students from your academies that would like to help out, please call the Gracie Academy at 589-2524 or email me and I will forward the information to the academy. Thank you for your help.

We need help moving the mats on Friday, November 15th between 2-5pm at Kaiser High School gym. If you are available, please stop by.

- Chris Onzuka

What: 11th Annual Relson Gracie Jiu-Jitsu International Tournament

Where: Kaiser High School Gym
511 Lunalilo Home Road, Honolulu, Hawaii 96825
When: Saturday, November 16th, 2002
Time: 8:00AM - 8:30AM Viewing of the brackets
8:30AM - 8:45AM Rules Clinic
8:45AM Tournament Starts
4:00 - 4:30PM Awards Ceremony
Cost: $5.00 Spectator Admission; 14 years and under are free!
For more information or a registration packet: Call (808) 589-2524 Gracie Academy

Tournament Is Open To All!
All martial arts schools are invited to participate! There will be divisions for white, blue, purple, brown, and black belts, by weight categories. (See Weight Categories chart for gi division, see below for no-gi weight categories). Age divisions for the gi divisions; kids (17 & under), adults (18-30), masters (31-40), and seniors (41 & up). There will be only one age division for the no-gi division.

Friday, November 15th, 2002
10:00AM - 2:00PM or 3:00PM - 7:00PM
Relson Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy, 2nd Floor
844 Queen Street
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813
(808) 589-2524
(808) 589-1592 fax
*Competitors that are not on Oahu can fax or mail their completed registration forms along with payment to the address above and confirm their weight on the day of the tournament. If you do not make the weight class that you indicated on the registration form, you will automatically be disqualified from your division and lose your registration fee. This is to avoid delays, while trying to accommodate our off-Oahu competitors.

Registration Fees:
Cash & Credit Cards Only, no checks.
(Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, and Discover Card accepted)
$45 Gi division ($5 extra to enter the Open weight division)
No-Gi division ($5 extra to enter the Open weight division)
$65 Both divisions (Gi & No-Gi, $5 extra to enter each Open weight division)
Every competitor will receive an official tournament shirt!
Both the gi and no-gi division will be held under standard BJJ rules.

Door Prizes and Giveaways!
Hold onto your pink ticket stub and listen for the prizes!!! Competitors as well as spectators have a chance at winning cool prizes from our sponsors. You could be the next winner!

No- Gi Divisions

Age Divisions:
There will be only one age division for the no-gi division.

Skill Level Divisions:
Beginner Less than 1 year grappling experience*
Intermediate 1-2 years grappling experience*
Advanced Over 2 years grappling experience*
*Prior wrestling, Judo, or related grappling experience counts toward total grapping experience.

Time Limits
Kids: 11yrs & Under 12-15 years old
Beginner 3 minutes 4 minutes
Intermediate 3 minutes 4 minutes
Advanced 5 minutes 5 minutes

Beginner 5 minutes
Intermediate 6 minutes
Advanced 7 minutes

Weight Divisions:
Under 155lbs
201 & Over

Rules & Point System:
The No-Gi division will be scored using the same rules as the gi division, using standard BJJ rules.
· Holding or grabbing on to your opponent's clothing IS allowed.
· The only two leg locks allowed are the standard foot lock and outside toe hold (your hand is placed on your opponent's big toe/top of the foot and pressure is applied straight down toward the sole of the feet and NOT applied at an angle.) ALL OTHER LEG LOCKS ARE PROHIBITED. Any competitor caught using an illegal leg lock will be disqualified immediately.
· The referee has the discretion to stop the match at any time when he thinks that a competitor is in danger of becoming injured.


The ADCC's Submission Wrestling World Championships will be held in Sao Paulo, Brazil on the dates of Saturday May 17th and Sunday the 18th, 2003!

PICS: Action from the ADCC's North American Trials! SHOTS BY: KEITH MILLS

It is the dates and the news that the grappling world has been waiting for! Finally, the Abu Dhabi COmbat Club's hardest working man, Guy Neivens has revealed the dates for the 5th Submission Wrestling World Championships.

On the weekend of May 17th and 18th, the greatest grapplers in the world will gather in Sao Paulo to determine who will be the World Champions in one of the fastest growing martial arts out there!

The World Championships consist of 16 man, single elimination tournaments in grappling matches where just about all submissions are legal. The first 4 editions were held in the sport's origin country, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. These events are legendary, as they have turned out to be a showcase for the modern Mixed Martial Artist to display their skills.

- 65.9 KG
- 66-76.99 KG
- 77-87.99 KG
- 88-98.99 KG
- 99 KG +

Previous participants and champions include Royler Gracie, Jean Jacques Machado, Renzo Gracie, Marcio Feitosa, Ricardo Arona, and Mario Sperry from Brazil, Mark Kerr, Jeff Monson and Ricco Rodriguez of the United States, Sanae Kikuta of Japan and many more.

For the 5th edition, the ADCC has started developing the system of International Qualifiers, with the North American Qualifiers coming off to great success earlier this year in San Diego, CA. Up next at the end of the month of November will be the AUSTRALIAN Qualifiers, followed by the Brazilian Qualifiers in mid-December. Scandinavia will have a Qualifier in mid-January and there is word that plans are in the works for a Qualifier in Japan. The international seeds are being planted!

- 65.9 KG: Eddie Bravo (Machado JJ)
- 66-76.99 KG: Paplo Popovich (American TOP TEAM)
- 77-87.99 KG: David Terrell (Cesar Gracie)
- 88-98.99 KG: Dean Lister (Lister JJ, City Boxing)
- 99 KG +: Mike Whitehead (TEAM VICTORY)

Contact GUY NEIVENS of the ADCC to apply directly for the World Championships!

Source: ADCC

Latest Official PANCRASE Rankings
(as of 11/5/2002)

the 9th Open-weight K.O.P. Semmy Schilt (Holland/Golden Glory)
#1 Yuki Kondo (PANCRASEism)
#2 Yoshiki Takahashi (PANCRASEism)
#3 Kiuma Kunioku (PANCRASEism)
#4 KEI Yamamiya (PANCRASEism)
#5 Sanae Kikuta (Pancrase GRABAKA)
#6 Tim Lajcik (U.S.A./Gladiators Training Academy)
#7 Osami Shibuya (PANCRASEism)
#8 Katsuhisa Fujii (Stand)
#9 Ron Waterman (U.S.A./Colorado Stars)

Heavyweight (199lbs. under 221lbs.)
the 1st Heavyweight K.O.P. Yoshiki Takahashi (PANCRASEism)
#1 Katsuhisa Fujii (Stand)
#2 Jason Godsey (U.S.A./I.F. Academy)
#3 vacant

Light heavyweight (181lbs. under 199lbs.)
the 2nd Light heavyweight K.O.P. Sanae Kikuta (Pancrase GRABAKA)
#1 Yuki Kondo (PANCRASEism)
#2 KEI Yamamiya (PANCRASEism)
#3 Yuki Sasaki (Pancrase GRABAKA)
#4 Osami Shibuya (PANCRASEism)
#5 Mitsuyoshi Sato (Pancrase GRABAKA)
#6 Ikuhisa Minowa (PANCRASEism)
#7 Eiji Ishikawa (Pancrase GRABAKA)
#8 Daisuke Ishii (PANCRASEism)
#9 Akihiro Gono (Pancrase GRABAKA)
#10 Paulo Filho (Brazil/Brazilian Top Team)

Middleweight(165.7lbs.~ under 181lbs.)
the 2nd Middleweight K.O.P. Kiuma Kunioku (PANCRASEism)
#1 Chris Lytle (U.S.A./I.F. Academy) *UP from #2
#2 Izuru Takeuchi (SK Absolute) *IN!
#3 Nathan Marquardt (U.S.A./Colorado Stars) *DOWN from #1
#4 Kazuo Misaki (Pancrase GRABAKA)
#5 Yuji Hoshino (RJW/CENTRAL) *DOWN from #3
#6 Shonie Carter (U.S.A./AIKI Training Hall) *DOWN from #5
#7 Daiju Takase (Wajutsu Keishukai Tokyo Hombu) *DOWN from #6
#8 Takafumi Ito (PANCRASEism) *DOWN from #7
#9 Kosei Kubota (PANCRASEism) *DOWN from #8

Welterweight (152.5lbs.~ under 165.7lbs.)
the 1st Welterweight K.O.P. Kiuma Kunioku (PANCRASEism)
#1 Takafumi Ito (PANCRASEism)
#2 Koji Oishi (PANCRASEism)
#3 Hiroki Nagaoka (Rodeo Style)
#4 Kenichi Serizawa (RJW/CENTRAL)

Lightweight(141.4lbs.~ under 152.5lbs.) VACANT

Featherweight(under 141.4lbs.) VACANT

Source: Mr. Oitate

MECA 7 Worth the Wait!
by Eduardo Alonso

A packed house of 4,000 spectators and a live pay per view audience witnesses a action packed night of fights, with only one fight out of nine going the distance. At 9 pm Brazilian time the lights went out and music started playing on the arena, it was the sign that MECA 7 was beginning, as it was its pay per view broadcast. From Brazilian Top Team members like Mario Sperry, Rodrigo Minotauo and Murilo Bustamante, to Chute Boxe stars like Vanderlei Silva, Murilo Ninja and Anderson Silva, going trough famous veterans like Jorge Macaco Patino and Johil de Oliveira, all the Brazilian fighting community were on hand for the show that started with an exhibition fight from two kids from the Chute Boxe school, showing NHB has a great future ahead! It was amazing to see the technique displayed by kids who couldn't be more than 6 years old, and they traded some strikes, worked some takedowns and got the crowd clapping all the time! After that brief exhibition it was the time for the fights to begin, and the fighters intro movies started playing on the two big screens placed in the arena.

Carlinhos vs. Gaze
Carlinhos vs. Gazé:
The first fight of the night was designed to be a barnburner, matching up two strikers. Gaze came in to the fight as the favorite, and started off by landing some good strikes and getting everybody to think he would take care of his Brazilian Impact Karate opponent. However, after even getting a knockdown on his opponent, Gaze ate a huge punch during one exchange and seemed lost after it. Exchange after exchange Carlinhos started to gain confidence and soon Gaze was doing butt scoots to protect himself, much for his master Luis Alves desperation. In the end Carlinhos was able to do more damage and control most of the fight to earn a fair Judges decsion win after three rounds of fight.

Carneiro vs. Esponja
Juan Carneiro vs. Carlos "Esponja":
Juan Carneiro came in to this fight willing to show that his loss to Anderson Silva at MECA 6 couldn't be used as a measurement of his skills, and he surely did that! With the Brazilian Top Team in his corner and no personal problems to interfere with his training, Juan started the fight throwing a low kick that made "Esponja" fall to the ground, and got the immediate reaction from the crowd! After a brief exchange the BTT member took his opponent down with ease, and used his superior ground game to land some strikes and get the mount, from where a helpless "Esponja" gave his back only to receive more punishment from a very game Juan Carneiro who got the win by tap out due to strikes still in the first round.

Cabelinho choking Fontinelli
Haroldo "Cabelinho" vs. Claudionor Fontinelli:
Both fighters are very experienced and tough therefore everybody was expecting a war! The clips of Fontinelly training Muay Thai with Artur Mariano before the fight got the crowd impressed, and everybody was feeling like "Cabelinho" was in for a difficult task. However, Haroldo's skills made the task easy and he was able to impress everybody with a steady game plan and a tight ground game. As the fight started "Cabelinho" immediately took Fontinelli down and quickly proceed to work his Jiu Jitsu techniques to pass the guard and get Claudionor's back, from where he worked on a rear naked choke, finally getting it at 2:47 of the first round. "Cabelinho" is definitely a new fighter after all his training with the BTT and is ready for some new challenges.

Cristiano sets up & sinks the triangle
Cristiano Marcello vs. Jadson:
A lot of people thought this would be an easy fight for Cristiano, but Jadson proved to be a very tough competitor as he surprised Marcello and the crowd in several stand up exchanges. Jadson was able to take Cristiano Marcello down in some opportunities, from where he worked on landing some punishment with punches and even foot-stomps, getting everybody worried about the Chute Boxe Jiu Jitsu teacher. However, after some punching exchanges, and after another takedown by Jadson, it was Crisitano's Jiu Jitsu that proved superior as he worked on some submissions until finally getting a triangle to secure the win late in the first round.

Titi vs. Riscado
Luizao vs. Dave Phillips:
In one of the best fights of the night Luizao showed himself as a mature fighter with skills, patience and heart to defeat a very tough and game Dave Phillips. Dave has been training Muay Thai at the Chute Boxe academy, and he wasn't afraid to trade strikes and got the support of much of the crowd! However, Luizao showed that he learned a lot from his master Mario Sperry as he displayed a similar style from his master and was able to control the action, even when he found himself in trouble. The fight was very exciting and presented the fans with back and forth moments as Orlando was scoring takedowns and landing punishment, even securing a nice triangle for a good amount of time, while Phillips would fight himself out of positions with heart and give his all in striking. In the end the BTT fighter showed he is probably going to appear in events abroad as he worked from position to position landing very tough strikes to the American fighter who was out on his feet when the first round was over, leaving no option to the doctors but to stop the fight after one round of action.

Titi vs. Riscado
Rodrigo "Riscado" vs Cristiano "Titi":
Titi started the fight impressing everybody, with a good Muay Thai game and also scoring take downs and proceeding to ground and pound. As he started to feel confident it started to seem clear that he would become the winner, however this is why he have the fights! As the fight went on Cristiano started to feel tired and couldn't perform in the same intensity anymore, before he expected he found himself in a nice triangle by Rodrigo "Riscado" who got him the win leaving "Titi" and the Barra Gracie camp lead by Vinicius Draculino disappointed.

Mauricio "Shogun" Rua vs. Rafael "Capoeira":
This was the most exciting fight of the night as both fighters are all about heart. In the begging of the fight "Capoeira" was able to take Ninja's brother down to the gound and smartly avoided the exchanges. Shogun vs. Capoeira The Chute Boxe corner would tell Mauricio to stay calm and trust in his training, and the young fighter did it perfectly and one couldn't even tell this was his debut, as he got himself out back to his feet to showcase amazing Muay Thai Skills. Yes! Amazing skills! He truly lived to all the hype and in a truly battle on the feet he went after Rafael non-stop, delivering strike after strike, blow after blow, and using all sorts of kicks and punches while "Capoeira" would courageously try to respond by throwing strikes of his own. It was truly a war, and after several kicks and punches "Shogun" managed to knock his opponent down with the trademarked Chute Boxe knees, from where he punished him with foots stomps, punches and kicks until the fight was re-started standing, from where the Chute Boxe star of the future knocked out his opponent cold with a beautiful round house kick at around 4 minutes of the first round! Like his brother Murilo Ninja, Shogun seems no never tire, and he is going to be the real deal, mark my words.

Cyborg wins!
Evagelista Cyborg vs. Silvio Urutum:
Silvio Urutum came into the fight needing the win badly, and trained hard to achieve it. As the fight started Urutum showed the typical aggression of a Chute Boxe fighter and went right after Cyborg, landing a quick combination of punches. However, Cyborg was able to back down and defend himself, and ended up landing a powerfull counter punch that hit Urutum straight on the chin. It was an instant knockout and after that Silvio didn't even know what was going on. It was very sad for Urutum as he was very well trained, and hopefully he will be back. For Cyborg it was a needed win to give his career a boost, so we will se more of him in the future.

Nilson vs. Lucas
Nilson de Castro vs. Lucas Lopes:
Nilson de Castro has been ready to fight in major events for a good while, as his K-1 win earlier this year clearly showed. Coming to the fight very well trained, the Chute Boxe fighter dominated the action standing up, and showed his trademarked knees much to the desperation of Lucas Lopes. Lucas on the other hand was game and tough, and tried what he could, however Nilson de Castro is on another level at this point, and demolished Lopes both standing and on the ground, hitting him with punching combinations, kicks, foot stomps and knees. After several exchanges and some referee re-starts standing, Nilson de Castro finally got the TKO with some hard punches and brutal stomps to the head in the best Chute Boxe fashion to get the win with around 7 minutes of the first round. For Nilson de Castro the next step may be PRIDE or the UFC, only time will tell.

In an event where the focus was to develop new talent, one can say MECA 7 achieved its goal as some future stars of the sport may have been born at the Palacio de Cristal ring in Curitiba, on November 8th of 2002. Mauricio "Shogun" Rua lived to all the hype and presented us with probably the most exciting fight of the night! Brazilian Top Team member Luis Orlando Brito showed resemblances of his master Mario Sperry against Kopylov and controlled his fight against a very game opponent in Dave Phillips. Juan Carneiro proved he couldn't be measured by his MECA debut against Anderson Silva and showed a perfect game plan and Crisitano Marcello showed a lot of heart and the ground game that got him the Chute Boxe Jiu Jitsu teacher position. If this is not enough, veteran Haroldo "Cabelinho" Bunn showed that he is now in a different level than before and with the BTT in his corner he is going to rebuild his career, as on the other hand Chute Boxe newest star Nilson de Castro once again demolished his opponent erasing any doubts that his future is fighting abroad.

With all of those accomplishments, MECA World Vale Tudo 7 was what can be called an action-packed exciting event that displayed submissions, knockouts, fast paced ground action as well as furious stand up exchanges! The night of fights also included a challenge from Assuerio Silva to Carlos Barreto for a fight in a future MECA event, and Marcelo Giudici to Eugenio Tadeu, also for a future fight, plus a tribute to Murilo Bustamante, Vanderlei Silva and Rodrigo Minotauro. Another interesting facet of the event was the referees -- "The Axe Murderer" Vanderlei Silva, Carlos Barreto, Eugenio Tadeu, and Marcelo Giudici were among those controlling the action in the ring. The event managed to continue its growing rhythm and gave us all hope of even better ones for the next year. The pay per view sales numbers will surely pay a huge toll on MECA's future, but one thing is certain, MECA is here to stay.

Source: FCF

 11/10/02 Updated 1:00PM

Quote of the Day

Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Bloody Midgets Is On Tonight!

You know that Onzuka.com is serious about its coverage of important events and issues that affect the Hawaii community and in keeping with our journalistic integrity...I AM GOING TO WATCH SOME MIDGETS BEAT EACH OTHER INTO A SENSELESS PULP! WHOOOHOOO!

Bloody Midget Wrestling is tonight and the next two days at Gussie L'Amours by the airport. Two of the midgets were at Super Brawl last night giving the crowd a preview of what to expect.

Alright, I am really going because one of the midgets almost got T. Jay last night and I am going to see if they are going to jump him and finish the job.
This is right after Midget #1 stole the mike away from T. Jay.
T. Jay is in the background laughing, but he is really crying on the inside.

Super Brawl 27 Results
Blaisdell Arena, Honolulu, Hawaii
November 9, 2002
By Chris Onzuka -

Even though this fight card only had seven matches, these fights filled the night with action and some interesting results. Other than the two mismatches which were the Japanese fighters being matched up with two of Hawaii's promising up and comers, all the other fights were action packed. The Kalama-Moreno fight was a seesaw battle, where Moreno's punches were matched against Kalama's knees. Then two big boys went at it, both in their second fight, but Tynanes' power punches and kicks squeezed him out the victory over a tough Seraile. The Carter-Jhun fight was a war where everything conceivable was thrown out there. It was the conventional fighter in Jhun pitted against the unconventional fighter in Carter. The fight was fairly close for the first two rounds, with Carter squeaking out the first round and Jhun squeaking out the second round. However in the third round, Jhun planted a nice punch that sent Carter to the mat for a second, but by Shooto rules he was given a standing count, which should automatically make that a 10-8 round, but somehow two of the three judges didn't see it that way and ruled it a draw to a surprised Carter and a disappointed Jhun. Niko Vitale proved that he is ready for a shot at the big time by dropping an out of shape, Sean McCully, with a devastating right hand. Somehow McCully stood up only to be overrun by Vitale, who saw McCully's foot sticking out and grabbed it for a toe-hold submission. The main event had Jason Lambert getting frustrated trying to take down Cabbage. To his credit, Lambert did get Cabbage to the ground and won the first round only to take a solid left hook that dropped him in the second. The referee should have called the match at that point because Lambert was groggy and only stood up and walked forward because he is a warrior. Right after that Cabbage rushed in to finish off Lambert sending him to the canvas, winning the first ever Super Brawl Heavyweight Championship.

Shooto B Class
Kaipo Kalama (Grappling Unlimited) drew with Mark Moreno (Bulls Pen)
Majority draw [(19-19), (18-19), (19-19)] after 2 rounds.

Shooto B Class
Miles Tynannes def. Ray "King Kong" Seraile (Grappling Unlimited)
Majority decision [(19-19), (20-19), (20-19)] after 2 rounds

Shooto A Class
Akira Kikuchi (K'z Factory) def. "Ice Cold" Kolo Koka (Grappling Unlimited)
Submission via key lock (Americana) at 3:09 minutes in Round 1.

Shooto A Class
Jutaro Nakao def. Deshaun Johnson (HMC)
Submission via key lock (Americana) at 4:29 minutes in Round 1.

For the Super Brawl Middleweight Championship
Shooto A Class Ronald "The Machine Gun" Jhun (808 Fight Factory) drew with "Mr. International" Shonie Carter (Combat-Do)
Draw [(29-28), (28-29), (28-28)] after 3 rounds.

Shooto A Class Falaniko Vitale (Grappling Unlimited) def. Sean McCully (LA Boxing)
Submission via toe hold at 51 seconds in Round 1.

For the Super Brawl Heavyweight Championship
Shooto A Class
Wesley "Cabbage" Correira (Grappling Unlimited) def. Jason Lambert (Williams Combat Grappling)
Knock out at 1:48 minutes in Round 2.



(Las Vegas, November 8, 2002) With November 23rd drawing near, the World Fighting Alliance has been working on overdrive to bring fans the very best in mixed martial arts entertainment. Returning to Las Vegas, WFA: Level III event promises even more electrifying sights and sounds, this time at the beautiful Aladdin Hotel & Casino's 5,000-seat venue. Matchmaker and co-promoter John Lewis has held fast to his commitment of assembling the best fight card possible. The fans have spoken and the WFA has answered...the WFA is proud to welcome Dennis "Superman" Hallman to its ranks of ever-growing stable of impressive fighters. Doing battle where "The Fight Club Meets the Nightclub," Hallman will meet Frank "Twinkle Toes" Trigg in the WFA cage for the Welterweight Title bout. The winner will face Pat Miletich at WFA: Level IV show. Miletich will be ringside to commentate for the match and to gaze upon his next opponent... whoever he may be. The quest for the undisputed welterweight champion has begun!

Dennis Hallman, representing Team Quest/Victory Athletics, is known throughout the world for his phenomenal submission skills. A high school state wrestling champion, his experience clearly shines through with a MMA record of 43-5-0-2. He's caught number-one world ranked welterweight and current UFC champion Matt Hughes in his slippery holds-- not once, but twice. This makes him a deadly opponent for anyone on the ground. Fresh off an explosive submission victory (what else!) at KOTC, Hallman says he is ready to take his world-class wrestling adversary on. "Trigg's a big, tough guy that's beaten up a lot of submission guys. When big, giant scary guys come after you, you have to fight full blast. I usually do well in these types of situations."
Rolling with the punches, Frank Trigg says, "I don't have a problem fighting anybody. I'm ready to rock and roll." Just what are the RAW fighter's thoughts on taking on Superman Hallman? "Honestly, I don't know anything about this cat, but I don't really need to." With top-notch takedown skills and "ground and pound" perfection, could Hallman's days be numbered?
Pat Miletich, recovering from two bulged disks and a herniated one all in his neck, has his own thoughts on these two contenders. "Hallman is a lot stronger than he looks and he's a very, very good submission guy. Trigg better be careful, because at any time, Hallman can get something on him. Trigg will most likely have Hallman on his back and will be rifling that left hand at him, so he could do plenty of damage himself. I think it's a phenomenal fight." Any preference to which warrior he'd like to meet for the coveted title? "Either or is fine with me. They've both had bad things to say about our gym, so whatever happens, happens."
Fifteen days to go and counting! Get your tickets NOW by purchasing them directly through the Aladdin Resort & Casino's box office (877-333-9474) and through all Ticketmaster locations (702-474-4000 or www.ticketmaster.com). Ticket prices range from $30, $50, $60, $100, $150, and $200 (18 years of age and over). Visit www.WFA.tv, the official web site of the world's hottest MMA experience, for the latest news and updates.

For additional event information, please contact:
Paula Romero, WFA Marketing & Promotions at
Source: FCF

Joe Rogan joins announce team for UFC 40


Friday, November 22, Live Pay-Per-View Fight Features Defending Light Heavyweight Champion Tito Ortiz Vs. Legend Ken Shamrock at the MGM Grand

New York, November 7, 2002 –Joe Rogan, the well-known host of NBC’s Fear Factor, is joining Ultimate Fighting Championship 40: Vendetta at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, Friday, November 22 as color commentator. The live pay-per-view event is attracting significant media attention due to the main event: a super-fight between the brash defending light-heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz and the returning hard-core legend, Ken Shamrock. UFC40: Vendetta starts live at 10:00 P.M. (EST).

Rogan is most closely associated with his hosting duties for the immensely popular prime time reality series, Fear Factor and his starring role on NBC’s hit comedy series, NewsRadio where he played Joe Garelli, the resident electrician at WNYX Radio. He also recently released a groundbreaking debut comedy album on Warner Bros. Records titled “I’m Gonna Be Dead Someday.”

What fans may not know is Rogan’s life-long passion for martial arts and specifically Ultimate Fighting Championship’s mixed martial arts’ blend of boxing, kickboxing, wrestling, jiu-jitsu and karate. Rogan earned a black belt at 15 with just two years of training. Soon he became the Massachusetts full contact tae kwon do champion four consecutive times. By the age of 19, he won the U.S. Open Tae Kwon Do Championship, and as the lightweight champion, he went on to beat both the middle and heavyweight title-holder to take home the Grand Championship.

“Fans of the UFC know Joe is a regular at our events. So when I asked him to be the color commentator for UFC40 with Ken and Tito in the main event, I didn’t know if he could do it with his busy schedule. But I knew with all of his experience, he was the right man, “said Dana White, president of the UFC. “Joe and I have become friends over the years and his intimacy with the sport and his knowledge of the fighters is going to be a huge benefit for the viewers at home.”

“I’m excited to give the fans the information that I think will provide some perspective on this big event,” said Rogan. “I’m fortunate to know more than the average guy about the athletes’ backgrounds, the training required leading up to the event and the rules of mixed martial arts. It will be very cool to have that direct connection with the fans.”

Visit Ultimate Fighting Championship on the web at www.ufc.tv.

MECA VALE TUDO: Quick Results!

Military Gym, Curitiba, Brazil - November 8th, 2002


- Carlinhos (Brazilian Impacto) def. Alexandre Gazé (Muay Thai/RJ) - Judges Decision

- Roan Jucao Carneiro (Brazilian Top Team) def.. Carlos Gomes (Esponja - Jiu Jitsu) - Verbal submission

- Haroldo 'Cabelinho' (Brazilian Top Team) def. Claudionor Fontinelli - Rear naked Choe.

- Cristiano Marcello (Royler Gracie/CB) def. Jadison (Muay Thai) - Triangle

- Luiz Orlando (Brazilian Top Team/Mario Sperry) def. David Phillips (Chute Boxe) - TKO

- Mauricio 'Shogun' (Chute Boxe) def.. Rafael 'Capoeira' (Barra Gracie) - KO

- Evangelista 'Cyborg' def. Silvio 'Urutum' (Chute Boxe) - KO

- Rodrigo Riscado (Jiu Jitsu) def. Cristiano Lazarini (Titi - Jiu Jitsu) -Triangle

- Nilson de Castro (Chute Boxe) def. Lucas Lopes (Jiu Jitsu/Boxing) - Ref. Stopage

Source: ADCC


Quote of the Day

"The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled."


Super Brawl 27 Tonight!
Blaisdell Arena, Honolulu, Hawaii

Mark Moreno (Bulls Pen) vs. Kaipo Kalama (Grappling Unlimited)

Ray "King Kong" Seraile (Grappling Unlimited) vs. Miles Tynannes

Akira Kikuchi (K'z Factory) vs. "Ice Cold" Kolo Koka (Grappling Unlimited)

Jutaro Nakao vs. Deshaun Johnson (HMC)

Falaniko Vitale (Grappling Unlimited) vs. Sean McCully (LA Boxing)

Main Event:
Ronald "The Machine Gun" Jhun (808 Fight Factory) vs. "Mr. International" Shonie Carter (Combat-Do)

Wesley "Cabbage" Correira (Grappling Unlimited) vs. Jason Lambert (Williams Combat Grappling)

PRIDE & The UFC - PPV The Same Weekend!

Is PRIDE running a PPV the same weekend as UFC a bad move?

Those MMA fans who have a 'spending limit' will more than likely purchase the UFC and not PRIDE. But PRIDE has no expenses in running on U.S. PPV and haven't drawn much of a rating in the past (other than Frye/Shamrock).

PRIDE is using many of the old UWFI guys (Takada, Tamura, Kanehara and Sakuraba) which is expected to draw major interest from Japan. Inside the United States, many will pass on the show because they have no idea who many of the Japanese fighters are (aside from Sakuraba) and view them as insignificant.

It's expected that the UFC will gets it's biggest buy rate in years off of the Shamrock/Ortiz show. Many believe UFC will try to capitalize on this momentum into the next event which will feature new talent (which has proven to be a winning move as seen in the Bellagio show).

At the present time, it's unknown if UFC will run a January event or wait for the March date in Florida, which seems to be a strong rumor that Dana White recently confirmed in an interview.

PRIDE's next event will take place at the Fukuoka Marine Messe on 12/23/02 and is looking once again to the heavyweights.

Current plan is for the winner of Semmy Schilt vs. Rodrigo Nogueira to face the winner of Heather Herring vs. Emelianeko Fedor.

Source: ADCC

Saulo Ribeiro Interview

FIGHTWORLD Brazil: TFC FightZone isn't a big event on the NHB scene. Do you think that you're on the right path?
Saulo Ribeiro: I think this is very similar to what happens in Jiu Jitsu. You start in smaller events to finally get to the big ones such as the MUNDIALS of Jiu. Smaller events give you some fight practice and every athlete needs this experience. So to fight in smaller shows give you some experience to prepare for fights in events as UFC and Pride.

FIGHTWORLD Brazil: So do you consider your fight with Yuki Kondo on the Collosseum2000 a mistake?
S. Ribeiro: In my opinion it wasn't a mistake. I just went to fight on Colosseum2000 without experience and for the wrong reasons. I fought because I'd get paid well, and I'd immediately get some international attention. Besides this, I didn't train as I should. So what can I say? Today I'd have been much more prepared for that show. I think that an athlete reaches a peak in his physical and technical aspects after the age of 27 years old. At this age he's ready to join the techniques, the tactics and the philosophy, especially on the NHB where I can mention Murilo Bustamante and Rickson Gracie as examples of this. These guys are always relaxed in the ring even when they're under tough situations. That's why it is almost impossible to beat them.

FIGHTWORLD Brazil: What can you say about that fight against Jason Ireland?
S. Ribeiro: Ireland was the champion of the event with a 23-3 record. He was very experienced in the octagon. This was the 16th FightZone edition and he fought in almost all of them. Besides that, he hasn't never lost in his hometown and the crowd was all in his favor. It was a great experience because I already knew that he had some good stand up skills and had a left hand. So I had to be very calm on my feet, to take him down and develop my ground game. I think that the Muay Thai and Wrestling were more important than Jiu Jitsu in this fight, because in someway Jiu Jitsu is already incorporated to my NHB game.

FIGHTWORLD Brazil: What's your opinion about your Wrestling and Muay Thai skills?
S. Ribeiro: Well, they're better than before, but still far from the ideal. I've started to feel more comfortable using my Muay Thai and my Wrestling; in this fight for example, I was able to throw a right hand to Ireland's face which opened some space to take him down.

FIGHTWORLD Brazil: The fight was very quick. Did he offer any kind of danger for you?
S. Ribeiro: The people who watched or will watch the fight can say that this was an easy opponent for me. But when you're able to perfectly develop your fights plans, a win can look easy because you totally annul your opponent's game. You can see this in Rodrigo 'Minotauro' Nogueira and Bustamante's fights. They make their opponents look inferior, but actually it is the Jiu Jitsu which keep us comfortable.

FIGHTWORLD Brazil: Tell us about Saulo Ribeiro x Jason Ireland.
S. Ribeiro: I threw a punch to his face and took him down. He applied a typical guillotine choke, trying to avoid the ground game. But I was with his guard passed, trying to put my knee on his and I got his back. I prefer to not hit him too much to get a better position. I got this position and he tried to escape for me, but I throw some punches which connected and finally submitted him with a rear naked choke.

FIGHTWORLD Brazil: Did you feel any kind of pressure to not lose this fight and to prove that you also can be a good NHB fighter?
S. Ribeiro: Actually I put this responsibility on my back in 2000 and this was really bad for me, I'm not a 'NHB black-belt'. Guys such as Jose Mario Sperry, Vanderlei Silva and 'Minotauro' are. I just put a lot of responsibility on my back due to my resume in Abu Dhabi and in Jiu Jitsu. Maybe this year I can get my blue belt in the NHB. (laughs)

FIGHTWORLD Brazil: Did you arrive relaxed and tranquil?
S. Ribeiro: I told myself that I wasn't injured and trained really hard to make a good fight. So I put it all in GOD's hands and tried to do everything which I trained on for the months before the fight.

FIGHTWORLD Brazil: A few fans don't know that this was your third NHB match. Tell us something about your first NHB match.
S. Ribeiro: I fought NHB in 1996 in Rio de Janeiro in an event called Circuito Carioca de FreeStyle-'Jiu Jitsu vs. Kung-Fu'. This event happened the week after the MUNDIALS '96 of Jiu Jitsu. Besides me, Muzio DeAngelis, 'Sarruco' and Chris Brennan fought too. It was a quick fight, I took my opponent down, got the mount position, so he gave me his back and I submitted him with a rear naked choke. I just had received my black-belt few months before this show and weight something near 76kg.

FIGHTWORLD Brazil: Even with three fast fights, your first fights were held in a ring. Do you feel some difference in fighting on a cage as happen on the FightZone?
S. Ribeiro: The first thing which I wished when I entered on the cage was to get out of there as fast as I can (laughs). You look like a locked dog or a bird in a jail with all the crows screaming for a KO or a submission. I don't know how to explain the difference but the sensation was a mixture of anxiety and adrenaline. Once again, I realized that everybody should applaud any NHB fighters.

FIGHTWORLD Brazil: Besides the unquestionable victory and the belt, what does this victory represent for you?
S. Ribeiro: A victory is always a very representative thing. I had success in my return to the rings, so this's very important, mainly because I've a very well structured team looking for NHB. My students are really focused, and this helps me a lot in my training. Guys such as Caio, Jorge Britto, Fabricio 'Morango' Cames, Jorge, Gustavo and Alexandre are very determinated. I also got good support from Artur Mariano (Muay Thai), Darrel Gholar (Wrestling) and Paulo Caruso and Steve Maxwell (conditioning), and obviously in Jiu Jitsu from my master Royler Gracie and Vinny. So I just wish good things for the future.

FIGHTWORLD Brazil: When will you be fighting again?
S. Ribeiro: I'll be facing Adrian Serrano on December 13th. He's a very experienced fighter and after this fight I'll try to start some negotiations with Pride or UFC.

FIGHTWORLD Brazil: Will be this your first title defense?
S. Ribeiro: Yeah. Serrano was in the event and he's the first contender since he was defeated by Ireland in a very tough fight.

FIGHTWORLD Brazil: Abu Dhabi on the next year? What's your opinion about the event in Brazil?
S. Ribeiro: I think that it'll be the only chance for us, the fighters to show our value on the national and international scenario. The event will have a lot of money, great press coverage and some of the best grapplers in the world will be here. So there aren't any reasons for us to not show our potential. If the Brazilains make the majority of the champions, we'll be showing the dedication of the Brazilian fighters. I'm talking about this because it's unacceptable that fighters such as Vanderlei Silva, Bustamante and 'Minotauro' don't get the recognition which they deserves. They only get coverage on the fight media here in Brazil.

FIGHTWORLD Brazil: Let's talk about NHB again. After your fight on the TFC FightZone, many internet fans said that you're ready to face Sanae Kikuta or Yuki Kondo again. What do you think about this?
S. Ribeiro: I really appreciate this recognition but I don't want to make the same mistake which I did before. So, to face one of them I think that I have to get more NHB experience than I have right now. Both, Kikuta and Kondo, are Pancrase fighters; so they fight on a very regular basis. Fighting NHB for them is similar to competing in Jiu Jitsu for me. Maybe next year I can face one of them. Who knows...

FIGHTWORLD Brazil: MUNDIALS2002 of Jiu Jitsu, how do you analyze your performance compared with your participation last year?
S. Ribeiro: I think that I was 100% better this year. Because I did better preparation, but since I didn't fight in the smaller events I entered the Mundial without good fight practice. If I had fought on the Brazilian Championship of Teams, Pan American or State Championship, maybe I've had a better result at the Mundials which's a very tough competition. The number 1 this year was Márcio 'Pe de Pano' Cruz (Gracie Barra), because he fought in all of these events which I mentioned. So he was in better fight training. To train is very important, but the difficulties appears more often during the tourney, that's was my biggest problem.

FIGHTWORLD Brazil: Theorically, the absolute class is harder than your
weight class (middle-heavy). Is this true?
S. Ribeiro: For sure. Because we always face heavier opponents and when this happens, the difficulty is bigger. So I think that this year I faced tougher fighters than I faced in the last one, especially on absolute. I faced Gabriel Napao(who defeated Rodrigo 'Comprido' Medeiros), Roberto 'Gordo' Correa and Fabio Nascimento. And I was the lightest fighter in the absolute class. But I insist to say, that the lack of competition before the event was my biggest problem at this Mundial.

FIGHTWORLD Brazil: So, the middle-heavy was easier?
S. Ribeiro: Everything happened as I expected. My tactic was to not lose a lot of gas, since I fought the absolute class the day before. So I wanted to fight without getting tired, only doing the necessary things to get the title. This was the way which I found to win my weight class and to face 'Pe de Pano' in the absolute final.

FIGHTWORLD Brazil: Which were your mistakes in the absolute final?
S. Ribeiro: What happened is that I took too long to block his sweep. 'Pe de Pano' was in fighting shape since he was fighting a lot and I didn't. I had not competed in any Jiu Jitsu events since 2001. So he knew the exact timing to execute that movement and that swept gave the victory to him.

FIGHTWORLD Brazil: Why did choose to fight in the Mundial (CBJJ) rather than Copa do Mundo(CBJJO)?
S. Ribeiro: Because my team preferred to fight in the MUNDIALS, so if I had decided to fight the Copa do Mundo, I'd have been dumb. I think that MUNDIALS's title is more important than Copa do Mundo's title. There's no problem where I fought since my 'brother', Eduardo 'Jamelao' Conceicao (Alliance) won our weight class on the Copa do Mundo.

FIGHTWORLD Brazil: Ok champion

Source: ADCC

A Statement from the BRAZILIAN TOP TEAM Headquarters

The Brazilian Top Team wanted to let everybody know that they are planning towards a big 2003. The first big item of news involves the BTT and Pancrase - a verbal agreement to start a new partnership for the next year in Japan exists between the two groups.

Pancrase returned in 2002, with good quality shows and they planning to run a show every single month starting January 2003. BTT members will be participating by sending representatives to each event.

Which nrings up of a political situation involving Pancrase, Brazilian Top Team and Shooto.

It is known that the relationship between Pancrase and Shooto is not the best. BTT was looking forward to negotiating with SHOOTO about sending representatives to fight in SHOOTO as well. It turns out that SHOOTO has their own representative in Brazil, Joao Alberto Barreto. Apparently, BTT management is expected to talk to this representative,to secure a spot in Shooto. The problem is that the SHOOTO representative charges 20% of each fighter's purse and the BTT management cannot agree to that.

Recently, 135 lbs. BTT fighter Hudson Rocha to fight in Shooto. SHOOTO even was counting on Husdson's appearance, listing him as a tournament contender. It was determined that the Brazilian Top Team will not send representatives to SHOOTO unless they negotiate directly. As no response from SHOOTO was heard, it appears that BTT nember won't be fighting in SHOOTO any time soon.

Source: ADCC



(Las Vegas, Nevada, November 7th) Jeff Curran, one of the rising hottest featherweight stars in mixed martial arts today, will now face local Las Vegas fighter Todd Lally at the World Fighting Alliance’s highly-anticipated Novermber 23rd show. Stepping in to replace Nigel Hudson, Curran brings a solid game and a mean left hook to the WFA cage - as exhibited by his brutal KO of Hawaiian stud Baret Yoshida at a recent Superbrawl/ UCC event. A brown belt under Pedro Sauer, Curran‘s winning streak will surely be tested by talented Lewis/Pederneiras Vale Tudo fighter Lally.

The rest of the card remains stacked with top talent. Add to this mix: the ladies, the lights and sounds you’d find in any hot nightclub, and you’ve got the makings of a night to remember! See these two promising competitors battle it out! Get your tickets NOW by purchasing them directly through the Aladdin Resort & Casino's box office (877-333-9474) and through all Ticketmaster locations (702-474-4000 or www.ticketmaster.com). Ticket prices range from $30, $50, $60, $100, $150, and $200. Check out
www.wfa.tv for a detailed seating chart and for the latest news and updates.

For additional event information, please contact:
Paula Romero, WFA Marketing & Promotions at

Source: ADCC

Mixed Martial Arts Media Top 10
November 1, 2002

The MMA Media Top 10 rankings combine votes of mixed martial arts journalists from across the globe to form a comprehensive top-10 listing of six weight classes:

Heavyweight (205-265 lbs.)
Light Heavyweight (205-185 lbs.)
Middleweight (185-170 lbs.)
Welterweight (170-155 lbs.)
Lightweight (155-145 lbs.)
Featherweight (145-135 lbs.)
These weight classes conform with those outlined by the Nevada State Athletic Commission and New Jersey Athletic Control Board.

Heavyweights - 205 lbs. and up (93 kg and up)
Rodrigo "Minotauro" Nogueira 160
Josh Barnett 140
Ricco Rodriguez 120
Heath Herring 112
Randy Couture 94
Mario Sperry 58
Pedro Rizzo 54
Fedor Emelianenko 27
Igor Vovchanchyn 51
Semmy Schilt 8

Light Heavyweights - 185 - 204.9 lbs. (92.9 -83.9 kg.)
Vanderlei Silva 150
Tito Ortiz 147
Chuck Liddell 135
Ricardo Arona 107
Dan Henderson 94
Murilo "Ninja" Rua 79
Vitor Belfort 44
Quinton Jackson 42
Evan Tanner 26
Kevin Randleman 18

Middleweights - 170 - 184.9 lbs. (77.1 - 83.9 kg)
Murilo Bustamante 158
Kazushi Sakuraba 129
Matt Lindland 118
Phil Baroni 100
Paulo Filho 91
Anderson Silva 80
Dave Menne 61
Jose "Pele" Landi-Jons 31
Ivan Salaverry 21
Renzo Gracie 18

Welterweights - 155 - 169.9 lbs. (70.3 - 77.1 kg)
Matt Hughes 160
Hayato Sakurai 132
Carlos Newton 127
Frank Trigg 117
Sean Sherk 75
Gil Castillo 63
Pat Miletich 57
Tetsuji Kato 44
Nathan Marquardt 41
Shonie Carter 17

Lightweights - Up to 154.9 lbs. (up to 70.3 kg.)
Jens Pulver 160
BJ Penn 140
Takanori Gomi 130
Caol Uno 111
Din Thomas 81
Dokonjonosuke Mishima 78
Matt Serra 51
Javier Vasquez 38
Vitor Ribeiro 29
Genki Sudo 22

Featherweights - Up to 144.9 lbs. (up to 65.9 kg)
Alexandre "Pequeno" Nogueira 156
Joao Roque 120
Tetsuo Katsuta 108
Hiroyuki Abe 104
Stephen Palling 92
Katsuya Toita 82
Norifumi Yamamoto 81
Baret Yoshida 38
Jeff Curran 22
Noaya Uematsu 20

MMA media who participated in the balloting this month:
Eduardo Alonso (Brazil) Full Contact Fighter
Aaron Crecy (USA) Full Contact Fighter
Martins Denis (Brazil) ADCC News
Thomas Gerbasi (USA) MaxFighting
Josh Gross (USA) MaxFighting/FightSport
Joe Hall (USA) MaxFighting
Hidetake "Shimauo" Hirashima (Japan) SHOOTO World Network
Yoshinori Ihara (Japan) BoutReview
Arnold Lim (Canada) MMARingReport
Shinji Nishimura (Japan) STAND
Scott Peterson (USA) MMAWeekly
Garret Poe (USA) Sherdog
Jake Rossen (USA) MaxFighting
Jeff Sherwood (USA) Sherdog
Mike Sloan (USA) Sherdog
Russell Taylor (Canada) FightCenter

Source: Sherdog

The 1st Annual Dale Earnhart Jr. Classic

To have big sponsors like this for a BJJ tournament is huge! Hopefully this turns out well and grows the sport.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitors & Submission Grapplers get ready! An event like no other is going to take place on Saturday, January 25th at the Cabarrus County Arena in Concord, NC!

Joe Hurst Jr. & Garrtt Barger present The 1st Annual Dale Earnhart Jr. Classic!!! Two of America's "fastest growing sports", NASCAR & Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, are teaming up to bring you one of the LARGEST events of its kind!!!

This event has the potential to take our sport to the next level! Dale Earnhardt Jr., contacted Budweiser and requested them to come aboard as major sponsor, providing much needed funds to make this event a success. Brazilian based kimono giant Atama Kimonos have also been listed amongst the sponsors of this event.

The tournament will be held in newly built Cabarrus County Arena, is a 28,000 square foot facility that can seat up to 6,000 spectators. Joe promises this to be a first class event, with 2 x 20ft jumbo-tron screens following the action on the mats. There will be both GI and No-GI divisions. There will also be a Pro-Division, which the winners will take home $1,500.00! The Pro-Division are usually reserved for Purple Belts and above. However, the organizers of this event have decided to have an OPEN REGISTRATION and is open to all that fill they are skilled enough to enter. If you are not ranked in any kind of "grappling system", just use you own judgment. Remember, this event is attracting some of the best grapplers in America, so make sure you are ready!!!

And if that was not enough, Gift baskets will be given to all participants in the Pro-Division! There is even a rumor of a national recording artist may open the event with a performance!

NASCAR memorabilia and a real Dale Earnhardt Jr. race car will be on display, along with Dale Earnhardt Jr. himself present at the event. And to top it all off, did I mention that the guest of honor is MMA LEGEND ROYCE GRACIE!

As if the Dale Earnhardt Jr Classic wasn't already making HUGE splashes with its plans for the Biggest BJJ Tournament ever in America, news comes from Organizer Joe Hurst Jr. of their TWO Superfights!

Superfight #1 will match Marcio Feitosa (ADCC World Champion and World BJJ Champion) against Daniel Moraes (Gracie Pacific Rim,World BJJ Champion, and Pan Am Champion).

Superfight #2 will match American Black Belt Marc Laimon (Grappler Quest, PanAms, and Abu Dhabi competitor). He will go against Brazilian Black Belt Marcello Clemente (Royler Gracie).
Feitosa Vs. Moraes & Clemente Vs. Laimon will both be fighting for a $2,000.00 winner purse!

I will keep you all posted for any updates that will arise in the coming weeks. However, the website for the event is COMING SOON!!!

The 1st Annual Dale Earnhart Jr Classic is already looking to go down as one of North Americas most memorable grappling events!

For more information, please email:

Joe Hurst Jr. - jiujitsujoe@hotmail.com

or Call:


Source: Rebecca Motte


Quote of the Day

"Am I not destroying my enemies when I make friends of them?"

Abraham Lincoln

Super Brawl Press Conference/Weigh-ins Today

Place: 24 Hour Fitness (Kapiolani)
Time: 1:00PM

SB Internet Feed
For those who read about the Internet broadcast of Super Brawl, only the island of Oahu is blocked out. Neighbor Islands and the rest of the world can get the Internet feed via a link on the Super Brawl web site.

Bloody Midget Wrestling at Gussie's

I don't know about you, but I was just thinking, "if only a group of midget pro-wrestlers would come to Hawaii and beat each other bloody, I could die happy." Well, if you were thinking the same thing, I have the number to a great Psychologist...and information on the event called Hardcore Midget Wrestling. You know that I am all over this show. I'll see you sick people down there!

The Hype is Beginning - SHAMROCK has a Song!

I say he is going to be "Gettin' it, Armageddon it."

While Tito Ortiz has the likes of Limp Bizkit and Fred Durst, Ken Shamrock has now been given a theme song for the next UFC.

Gary Hoey, who wrote the soundtrack for 'Endless Summer 2' has apparently wrote a song entitled 'Shamrockin.' The song is a hard driving anthem laced with powerful music that will be debuted at the MGM Grand as Shamrock fights Tito Ortiz.

Hoey, a Surfdog Records recording artist, collaborated with Tom Casey, a friend of Shamrock and fan of MMA to create 'Shamrockin'. Not to mention he has production credits for producing albums for Jewel and other artists. He has also worked on Disney projects.

The song is reportedly being timed with Shamrock's walk to the Octagon.

Get more info on the song at www.surfdog.com/ghoey.html.

Source: ADCC

Miletich Out of WFA

One of the most anticipated bouts signed for the November 22 weekend has given way to injury it was learned on Wednesday. A pinched nerve will force veteran competitor Pat Miletich out of the World Fighting Alliance main event Frank Trigg.

MaxFighting's Peter Lockley confirms that top-10 welterweight Nathan Marquardt has been approached to take Miletich's place for the Nov. 23 fight at the Aladdin Resort & Casino. However, Marquardt is recovering from a broken hand suffered October 29 and is unsure whether he can recover in time to take the fight. A replacement for Miletich could be announced as early as Friday.

Source: Maxfighting




LOS ANGELES, Calif. – November 7, 2002 – PRIDE Fighting Championships, the mixed martial arts (MMA) phenomenon, has confirmed the full fight card for PRIDE 23 – CHAMPIONSHIP CHAOS II. The final additions to the star-studded event include current heavyweight champion Rodrigo “Minotauro” Nogueira battling Semmy Schilt in a non-title match as well as Kazushi Sakuraba vs. Gilles Arsene, the renowned jiu-jitsu stylist from France. PRIDE-23 will also feature the highly anticipated Heavyweight Championship Elimination bout between Heath Herring and Emelianenko Fedor. The winner of the elimination will have the honor of matching his skill, strength and courage against Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira for the PRIDE Fighting Championships Heavyweight Championship title. Additional bouts on the PRIDE-23 card that have not previously been announced include Kevin Randleman vs. Kenichi Yamamoto and Jerrel Venetiaan vs. Hirotaka Yokoi.

Presented by Dream Stage Entertainment, CHAMPIONSHIP CHAOS II will premiere on Sunday, November 24, 2002 on Pay-Per View, broadcast from the Tokyo Dome. CHAMPIONSHIP CHAOS II/PRIDE-23 can be viewed by U.S. audiences on DIRECTV, Dish Network, TVN, Viewer’s Choice Canada and Bell ExpressVU.

The full fight card is:

Vanderlei Silva vs Mitsuhiro Kanehara

Heath Herring vs Emelianenko Fedor

Rodrigo “Minotauro” Nogeuira vs Semmy Schilt
Don Frye vs Hidehiko Yoshida
Nobuhiko Takada vs Kiyoshi Tamura
Murilo “Ninja” Rua vs Ricardo Arona
Kazushi Sakuraba vs Gilles Arsene
Kevin Randleman vs Kenichi Yamamoto
Jerrel Venetiaan vs Hirotaka Yokoi

Originating in Japan, PRIDE Fighting Championships combine the most highly skilled MMA competitions with a 21st Century entertainment philosophy to create the next generation in cutting edge sports entertainment. PRIDE competitions include athletes from across the globe, including the United States, Japan, Brazil, Europe, Russia and many other countries. PRIDE allows techniques from a myriad of martial arts and combat sports, solidifying its place as an authentic and unique fighting style that is built on tension and excitement, appealing to the growing audience of 21st Century entertainment fans.

Source: ADCC

The Brazilian Beat By Eduardo Alonso

Belfort Forms New Team, Ninja is Eager and Rizzo is Traveling the Globe!

What better way to start the month of November with the country's biggest NHB event? MECA 7 will kick off a month that comes promising lots of NHB action, with two events in Brazil, MECA 7 and Bitetti Combat, plus probably the year's two biggest shows abroad, PRIDE 23 and UFC 40! As always, Brazilian fighters are a big part of it, things couldn't be more heated in the last few days on the Brazilian NHB scene. Since "The Beat" is leaving soon to Curitiba to bring you all the action of MECA 7, we'll make this text short but leave you with the latest from behind the scenes in the home of the two PRIDE champions, as we bring you Rizzo's recovery, Belfort's new team, all the heat between Ninja and Arona, and more! Catch the rhythm and enjoy the beat, as we're already flying away...

RVT fighter and UFC Heavyweight contender Pedro Rizzo is already back in training! After the usual initial post-surgery struggling, Rizzo is now feeling better and not only doing his physical training, but also doing some light technical training as well, from wrestling to striking. "The Rock" told FCF that he expects to do sparring sessions again around the end of December, and full training in January. Pedro is leaving Brazil today, November 6th, for the USA where he will help the final preparation of his teammate Renato Babalu for his UFC 40 bout against Chuck Liddell. Busy as always, the Brazilian fighter will go from the USA straight to Thailand to help his long-time friend Peter Aerts in his preparation for the K-1 Grand Prix. This will be the first time Rizzo goes to Thailand, and he will also be accompanying the Dutch striker to Japan for the K-1 mega event. Pedro Rizzo will finally be back in Brazil in mid-December, and FCF continue to follow his recovery.

While recovering from his knee surgery, Vitor Belfort has formed a new NHB team! Forming a team has been in Belfort's plans for a good while, and now his plans have borne fruit. Brazil Fight Club is the country's newest NHB team and will include "The Phenom" himself, along with Jorge "Macaco" Patino and other interesting names on the roster. Jiu-Jitsu star Fernando Terere is reported to be training with the team as well and the team is welcoming pro fighters who are willing to join them and be part of the new NHB force in Brazil. We will get together with Belfort and his new team soon to bring you the details and the names that may take the fighting world by assault soon.

Brazilian Top Team member and PRIDE veteran Mario Sperry broke his hand during a Muay Thai training session last week. "The Zen Machine" had, in fact, broken his hand during his fight against Andrei Kopylov at PRIDE 22 but didn't notice it. Despite the pain he was feeling, Mario kept training and was unaware of the fact he had a broken hand, but after a hardcore Muay Thai training session, the pain was enormous prompting the Jiu-Jitsu legend to get x-rays which revealed the broken hand. Mario Sperry is now limited to light training and expects to be better in about a month or so, he will, however, continue to train his teammates and is going to Curitiba in the following days to attend at MECA 7.

Chute Boxe sensation and PRIDE veteran Murilo Ninja Rua is very eager to face former Brazilian Top Team member Ricardo Arona at PRIDE 23. In his own words, Ninja said he will "crush and demolish" Arona, because he feels the former RINGS champion talks to much and will pay the price in the Tokyo Dome ring. Murilo Ninja Rua has been training a lot at the Chute Boxe camp and is reported to be showing amazing cardio condition and sharp Muay Thai skills. This Friday he will be cornering his brother in his NHB debut at MECA 7.

On the other hand, two-time PRIDE winner Ricardo Arona has been training very hard for his PRIDE 23 clash against Ninja and isn't taking the fight lightly by any means. Arona has been reported to be training a lot of wrestling and Muay Thai and is more powerful than ever! Out of all this rivalry and increasing fire and interest for the Arona vs. Ninja fight, one thing is for sure; the fans will be treated to a true battle in the Tokyo Dome ring at PRIDE 23!

PRIDE Middleweight champion Vanderlei Silva is continuously training non-stop for his title defense against Hiromitsu Kanehara at PRIDE 23! Silva told FCF that he is feeling as fast as ever on the exchanges, and that he is hitting even harder with his right hand now. Vanderlei has been doing several sparring sessions with both Anderson Silva and Murilo Ninja, but training isn't the only thing going on in the life of the "Axe Murderer." Vanderlei Silva told Full Contact Fighter that he will be making a very special announcement at MECA 7 and his fans will be very pleased with the nice surprise he has been keeping from everybody! The Axe Murderer's secret will be revealed on Friday, November 8th. FCF will be on hand to bring it to you.

The city of Sao Paulo will be holding a well promoted Jiu-Jitsu event on December 3rd, at the Direct TV Music Hall, an extremely nice facility that is usually used for pop and rock concerts. The event is called 1st Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt Challenge, and will feature only single matches between Jiu-Jitsu stars, with good prize money going to the winners. Fights like Leonardo Vieira vs. Fredson Paixao, Roberto Tozi vs. Saulo Ribeiro and the participation of names like Fernando Terere, Robson Moura and Jorge Macaco Patino will surely bring lots of excitement to the event. Stay tuned to FCF for future developments.

MECA 7 is just around the corner and FCF is going to Curitiba tomorrow to bring you the best possible coverage of Brazil's biggest NHB event nowadays. According to the promoters, the vast majority of the tickets have already been sold and a packed house will await the fighters on this Friday the 8th of November. PRIDE's Koichi Kawasaki is already in Curitiba and all the fighters will also be arriving in Curitiba this Thursday. The rules meeting and weigh-ins are going to be held on the same Thursday at 7:00 PM Brazilian time, at the Caravelle Palace Hotel. Keep checking back for a MECA 7 preview and constant updates and results of all the NHB action in Curitiba.

Source: FCF

HMA Society Update

Please go to our website for NEW UPDATES!!!




Visit www.hmaisociety.com for more Information & Updates!

Prof. Jaime Abregana Jr.
Hawaii Martial Arts International Society
P.O. Box 2106
Ewa Beach, HI 96706 - USA
(808) 271-0225

Source: Jaime Abregana Jr.


Sitting one on one with Quinton "Rampage" Jackson is all about getting to know "Mr. Personality." He's full of life, full of fire, and full of character. MMA Ring Report had the chance to sit and chat with him briefly and it was all pleasure, full of fun, and no holding back. Yup, "Rampage" was on the rampage at the recent King of the Cage in Reno, Nevada, with his quick thoughts on PRIDE, his influences, and Vanderlei Silva.

MMARR: Give me your thoughts on Vanderlei Silva:

QRJ: Well, I think that Vanderlei Silva is an excellent fighter. I don't think he's a true champion. I don't like his attitude towards other fighters and stuff. I think a true fighter should be nice and humble.

MMARR: Recently, Kevin Randleman had a lot to say about your teammate Tito Ortiz. He feels pretty strongly that Chuck Liddell will beat Tito and that Tito cannot outwrestle him. He also stated his personal opinions (in the most negative way) about Tito (and how he felt about him). Care to comment on that--on behalf of Team Punishment--your team?

QRJ: I would say that there's no room in this sport for all that bullshit. If Tito and him have a problem with each other than it's between them but just be mature--you know? We can talk shit at the show but when we try and get personal with that, that's when it's bullshit!

MMARR: You just beat Igor, what does that win do for you?

QRJ: Evidently, it ain't shit because that was my last fight on the PRIDE contract and they tried to hand me some bullshit number so, evidently it didn't do shit.

MMARR: How do you think you would do in the Light Heavyweight Division in the UFC--is that a place for you as a fighter?

QRJ: Well, I think I'd do pretty good but the UFC is not where I really want to be. I'm gonna let Tito hold it down in the UFC. I think I'd do pretty well but I'd like to explore other places. I don't have to always fight in the big events. I made my money and I got my money saved up. I can fight for chump change here and there. It's all about respect you know?

MMARR: Are you being treated well with the PRIDE organization?

QRJ: Well, I don't think PRIDE treats me the way I feel I should be treated. Like for one fight, they gave me a yellow card in my locker room cause I wore some painting on my back. They do shit like that to me all the time. They give me last minute fights. I just feel like they don't respect me. I won K-1 and it seemed like they were upset that I won. They didn't say "Good Job" or anything.

MMARR: Are the Japanese fight fans respectful of you as a fighter, as an American?

QRJ: Oh yeah, the Japanese fans are the best. I love Japanese fans. They give you gifts and they respect you. As long as you fight hard, they love you.

MMARR: Let's talk about that chain around your neck for a moment. Do you feel that it's important to have a calling card, a character to be remembered as a fan favorite?

QRJ: I just do it. You know me, I like to put on a show no matter where I go. I think you should stand out. I'm a different kind of person. I'm different from everybody else in the world. It's my fighting career. I don't want people to look at me as another ultimate fighter or just another fighter. I want to stand out. Like aww…shit I'm about to put on a show.

MMARR: You got your start with King of the Cage. How did you get there?

QRJ: Well, I was training with Fabiano Iha and Terry Tribelcock needed a fighter, last minute. I had been training with Fabiano for a while and he asked me if I wanted to fight. I was like FUCK YEAH…I'll fight two weeks notice and shit. I put down the cigarettes and did a lot of training.

MMARR: So, Terry Tribelcock had helped you get your start. Care to elaborate on that?

QRJ: Oh yeah. I'll tell you what. I love Terry Tribelcock. He's the nicest man. He helped me out a lot. Most people don't like promoters and stuff because they're promoters--it's their job but Terry took time out and helped me out. He's done a lot of things to help me out. I got into some bullshit ass trouble when I first started fighting Sakuraba, went to jail, and Terry bailed me out for shit he didn't even have to do you know? He got me a hotel room, took care of me, and made sure I got to the fight the next day. It's just shit like that that makes you remember. Terry can ask me--"Rampage, I need this right here." If I can do it, I'm doing it for Terry. Cause I'll never forget what he's done for me. He promoted me to PRIDE to have me fight Sakuraba and it boosted my career.

MMARR: Where did Quinton come from? What was your background like and who or what were your influences?

QRJ: I came from the streets. I didn't have any influences. I was a street thug. I got my money from street shit. My mom had too many kids to feed and I had to do my thing to survive. I was pretty much a street thug, dropping out of school. It wasn't until I started wrestling. That changed things for me. Before then, I had to deal drugs and do all that bullshit. Wrestling turned me around. One of my uncle's is a preacher and one day he said "you ain't going to live long if you don't change." So, I said--you know, you might be right. So, I decided to change. My mom moved to another neighborhood and I started wrestling at the high school and I was tired of failing out of school. I got pretty good at wrestling. I was 17 years old in the 9th grade. I told myself that if I failed one more time, I was going to drop out of school. So, wrestling did it for me, turned me around.

MMARR: Who's the next opponent for you?

QRJ: They want me to fight Arona or Dan Henderson. I train with Dan so I don't want to fight him. If I had to, I would but I prefer not to. I'm not an egomaniac. I know I can back out of the fight and I'll know that I'm not a coward. I'm pretty good friends with Dan. I'd rather fight Arona cause I don't know him and he's in the fucking video game and I'm not.

MMARR: How is Team Punishment working out for you? Is there any competition between you and Tito?

QRJ: Good. The only way I'd leave Team Punishment is if Team Punishment wasn't working for me. I don't really care for the belt. Tito is doing his thing and I'm doing my thing.

MMARR: So, what else is on your mind? What else does "Rampage" have to say to us?

QJR: I just want everybody to know that I'm training hard and whether I win or lose, I'm going to bring the action. I'm gonna try to knock the motherfucka out! Go to my Web site and I got T-shirts and shit that says "Rampage." Don't forget about it! I'm hollering at you!

MMA Ring Report could've sat with Rampage all day. He has a lot to say and he's very passionate about his career, his peers, and the industry. Check out his Web site and take the time to chat with Quinton when you see him. He's one of the most approachable fighters out there. Guaranteed, he'll take the time to "holler" at you because if anything, he loves his fans. We wish Rampage lot's of luck in his future PRIDE match-up.

Source: MMA Ring Report


Quote of the Day

"It's not what happens to you; it's what you do about it that makes the difference."

W. Mitchell

Marcelo Tigre to be charged for attempted murder

Here is a story featured in Brazilains Journal, ''Correio Brazilaiense'' that someone posted in the Portuguese section of MMA.tv.

A couple, Leandro Menezes Da Silva and Ana Lúcia Souza, had been attacked in their house, in Samambaia, by a champion of vale tudo Marcelo Tiger. The fighter, who had gone out with a cousin of Ana Lúcia, counted on aid of friends in the aggression. The couple attacked by a gang of fighters of the World vale tudo champion, they invaded the house and beat the fiancés to avenge a previous rejection by her. Ana Lúcia Barbosa Souza, 18, and Leandro Menezes Da Silva, 23, had been attacked in their house, for the World vale tudo champion Marcelo Tiger, 29, in the afternoon of the last sunday. According to Ana Lúcia, Marcelo and his friends; Adaílton, Jose Luís and Diego had invaded their residence in Samambaia, while Jorge, another friend of Marcelo, distracted the minor N.S.B., 14, cousin of Ana Lúcia and of Marcelo. After they entered the house, Marcelo punched the mouth and stomach of Leandro, fiancé of Ana Lúcia, who fell immediately. Having knocked down the fiancé, Marcelo jumped on top of Ana Lúcia. After that, he gave one punch in the right eye of the girl. Before she could arise, Marcelo pulled her hair and gave, according to victim, five or six knees to her thorax. While Marcelo attacked Ana, his friends were put in charge to beat Leandro. They had been many punches, kicks and stomps in the head of the victim. When attacking Ana Lúcia, Marcelo made comments about killing the couple. "He cried out: I do not know who I am going to kill first. You or him." Everything started for a futile reason: it, although to go out with her cousin, gave the impression of being unemployed. "I am with my fiancé, never had any interest in it", said Ana Lúcia. Still according to victim, in the night of Saturday, Marcelo was in his house and she told him to leave. He refused the request. Fighter easily lose patience and take it as a moral insult. In response, Ana Lúcia granted one covers in the face of Marcelo. "Although he had a weapon at that time, he did not react, but simply left house", she recounts. After to filing a police report with the 21ª Police station of Policy, Taguatinga, the couple was subjected to an examination of body of the offense in Instituto Médico Legal (IML). In accordance with the commission agent João Carlos Lóssio Son, of 21ª DP, Marcelo could be fit by three crimes: illegal transport of weapon (art. 10 of Law 9,437/97), threat (art. 147 of the Brazilian Criminal Code) and attempt of murder (art. 121, in combination with art. 14, also of the Brazilian Criminal Code). Added the penalties of articles above, Marcelo, if convicted, can be imprisoned for 7-23 years. Already his friends Adaílton, Jorge, Jose Luís and Diego are going to be accused as accessories in the attempted murder.

Thanks to Tommy D. for the scoop.

Source: MMA.tv

Minotauro to face Schilt at PRIDE 23!

By Eduardo Alonso

In a surprising turn of events, despite the upcoming K-1 Grand Prix, DSE signed their Heavyweight Champion Rodrigo Minotauro Nogueira to face off against Dutch fighter and K-1 contender Semmy Schilt at PRIDE 23! The fight isn't set to be a title fight, since Minotauro will wait until PRIDE 24 in December to defend his title against the winner of the likely PRIDE 23 bout between Emelianenko Fedor and Heath Herring. Minotauro has already been training to be in fighting shape for a good while now, and Semmy Schilt will be an interesting opponent after his latest K-1 performances. Now the Tokyo Dome ring will play host to the two PRIDE champions, in addition to other exciting matches like Ricardo Arona vs. Murilo Ninja and Don Frye vs. Hidehiko Yoshida, so we'll have to just wait and see what other surprises have yet to be revealed for the PRIDE 23 card! FCF will keep an eye on the developments.

Source: FCF


Despite a multitude of rumors pointing to the opposite, it appears that PRIDE Havyweight Champion Rodrigo 'Minotauro' Nogueira is now confirmed to fight in the next Pride. DSE always confirms fights with very short notice, with less than 3 weeks left nefore the fight, they did it again to their Pride heavy weight champion.

'Minotauro' will face the former King of Pancrase Semmy Schilt in a non title match. As for contract issues, this is the last fight on the current contract for the champ, but an extension has been worked out that will make see Noguiera fight in December, defending his belt against the winner of the match between Heath Herring and Emilianenko Fedor.

Source: ADCC

Sakuraba is back!

Although it is well known that Dream Stage Entertainment only releases the full card for PRIDE the week prior to the event, behinf the senes the event is really doing a lot of work!!!

Kasushi Sakuraba seems to be back. Yoshida and Takada do not appear to be enough to insure a sell out of the Tokyo Dome. Since Kazuyki Fujita's injury, DSE does not have a good heavyweight representative, and Sakuraba in the middleweight division has been chosen as the one who could make excite the fans and increase attendance at the show.

It also seems that Sakuraba is getting fights in his weight division, which would make sense. The word now is that he might face a brazilian fighter: Chuteboxe's Anderson Silva. Anderson is undefeated in Pride, and is the shortcut for Sakuraba to get his 3rd fight against Vanderlei Silva. Rumours about Sakuraba facing Rodrigo Gracie were never more than just that - rumors. It seems we will not see Sakuraba facing another Gracie family member soon.

Source: ADCC


What: 11th Annual Relson Gracie Jiu-Jitsu International Tournament
Where: Kaiser High School Gym
511 Lunalilo Home Road, Honolulu, Hawaii 96825
When: Saturday, November 16th, 2002
Time: 8:00AM - 8:30AM Viewing of the brackets
8:30AM - 8:45AM Rules Clinic
8:45AM Tournament Starts
4:00 - 4:30PM Awards Ceremony
Cost: $5.00 Spectator Admission; 14 years and under are free!
For more information or a registration packet: Call (808) 589-2524 Gracie Academy

Tournament Is Open To All!
All martial arts schools are invited to participate! There will be divisions for white, blue, purple, brown, and black belts, by weight categories. (See Weight Categories chart for gi division, see below for no-gi weight categories). Age divisions for the gi divisions; kids (17 & under), adults (18-30), masters (31-40), and seniors (41 & up). There will be only one age division for the no-gi division.

Friday, November 15th, 2002
10:00AM - 2:00PM or 3:00PM - 7:00PM
Relson Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy, 2nd Floor
844 Queen Street
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813
(808) 589-2524
(808) 589-1592 fax
*Competitors that are not on Oahu can fax or mail their completed registration forms along with payment to the address above and confirm their weight on the day of the tournament. If you do not make the weight class that you indicated on the registration form, you will automatically be disqualified from your division and lose your registration fee. This is to avoid delays, while trying to accommodate our off-Oahu competitors.

Registration Fees:
Cash & Credit Cards Only, no checks.
(Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, and Discover Card accepted)
$45 Gi division ($5 extra to enter the Open weight division)
No-Gi division ($5 extra to enter the Open weight division)
$65 Both divisions (Gi & No-Gi, $5 extra to enter each Open weight division)
Every competitor will receive an official tournament shirt!
Both the gi and no-gi division will be held under standard BJJ rules.

Door Prizes and Giveaways!
Hold onto your pink ticket stub and listen for the prizes!!! Competitors as well as spectators have a chance at winning cool prizes from our sponsors. You could be the next winner!

No- Gi Divisions

Age Divisions:
There will be only one age division for the no-gi division.

Skill Level Divisions:
Beginner Less than 1 year grappling experience*
Intermediate 1-2 years grappling experience*
Advanced Over 2 years grappling experience*
*Prior wrestling, Judo, or related grappling experience counts toward total grapping experience.

Time Limits
Kids: 11yrs & Under 12-15 years old
Beginner 3 minutes 4 minutes
Intermediate 3 minutes 4 minutes
Advanced 5 minutes 5 minutes

Beginner 5 minutes
Intermediate 6 minutes
Advanced 7 minutes

Weight Divisions:
Under 155lbs
201 & Over

Rules & Point System:
· The No-Gi division will be scored using the same rules as the gi division, using standard BJJ rules.
· Holding or grabbing on to your opponent's clothing IS allowed.
· The only two leg locks allowed are the standard foot lock and outside toe hold (your hand is placed on your opponent's big toe/top of the foot and pressure is applied straight down toward the sole of the feet and NOT applied at an angle.) ALL OTHER LEG LOCKS ARE PROHIBITED. Any competitor caught using an illegal leg lock will be disqualified immediately.
· The referee has the discretion to stop the match at any time when he thinks that a competitor is in danger of becoming injured.

Ultimate Fighting Documentary:
The Smashing Machine -- on HBO

by: John Murphy

THE SMASHING MACHINE will premiere on HBO on January 12 as part of their America Undercover series. The film chronicles the life and struggles of Ultimate Fighting champion Mark Kerr who was dubbed The Smashing Machine. The film examines the man and the controversial banned-in-the-USA sport.

No holds barred fighting (NHB) has existed throughout history as one of the purest forms of human competition. NHB fighting emerged in the U.S. in 1993 in the form of The Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC). Although met with huge pay-per-view success, the UFC was eventually dropped from all cable networks and banned in forty-six states because of the graphic nature of the fights, as well as political opposition

Mark 'The Smashing Machine' Kerr made his way through the ranks of amateur wrestling. He was the 1992 NCAA wrestling champion, a national freestyle wrestling champion, and a 1996 Olympic team member. In 1996, due to the financial limitations of his sport, Kerr moved into the far more lucrative world of professional fighting. When the film begins, Kerr is the number one ranked fighter in the world. His success has brought him money, international fame, and a full-blown addiction to painkillers. The film chronicles Kerr's struggles as he battles demons both inside and outside the ring, including a confrontation with his former friend and mentor, Mark 'The Hammer' Coleman.

The Smashing Machine brings the viewer face to face with one of the most
dangerous men in the world in one of the most brutal sports in the world.
Are these men violent monsters with a penchant for hurting other people? Or are they skilled athletes functioning at the highest level of their chosen

Source: ADCC

SuperBrawl 27 Live Broadcast

If you have a computer and a high-speed Internet connection, watch SuperBrawl LIVE this Saturday, Nov. 9th at 9:30 PM PST. The line-up includes:

Ronald Jhun vs Shonie Carter

Jutaro Nakao vs Deshaun Johnson

Cabbage vs Jason Lambert
and 5 more fights.

Check out the video quality on these free fight clips (need to have free REAL One player installed):

Ricco Rodriguez loses to Bobby Hoffman
Cabbage KOs Renato Bruzzi

Every sign up through this URL, we receive an affiliate fee. Watch the event for only $7.95 and support Sherdog. [More]

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by: Eddie Goldman

There are few athletes with whom I have spoken in as many diverse places as I have with Chris Bono. New York's Little Italy this year; Atlanta, Georgia, at the 1996 Olympics; Ames, Iowa, at Iowa State University where he was an NCAA national champion and now assistant coach; numerous other wrestling tournaments scattered all throughout America; even Extreme Fighting in Des Moines in 1997, when he accompanied Kevin Jackson to the ring; and now in a place less known as a wrestling capital, Los Angeles, just a freeway or two's drive from Hollywood.

Chris Bono made his debut as a professional wrestler at the RealProWrestling taping on Oct. 26. Yeah, get used to the real wrestlers taking back the moniker 'professional wrestler,' just as the name 'wrestling' is being taken back by its rightful owners from the con artist phony-baloney promoters who have fleeced the public for decades while passing off their inane, steroid-bloated pseudo-entertainment as the world's oldest sport. Did you hear what WWE just recently did -- a necrophilia angle? I couldn't make this stuff up if I were kidnapped, drugged, and forced to at syringe-point.

OK, don't get me started, although it appears as if I already have. To return to the subject at hand, Chris Bono had his first match as a real, pro wrestler at the RealProWrestling taping on Oct. 26. In a freestyle bout at 66kg/145.5 lbs., wrestling for Team Black, Chris defeated Tony DeAnda of Team Red by a 6-3 score.

'It was fun,' Chris said at the post-event party. 'I appreciate it, Eddie, all the good comments you've said about me and the relationship we have with each other. But we've been around the country together, and we as wrestlers enjoy you following the sport and reporting on us.' I told him that the feeling was mutual from this former high school wrestler of no note.

While Chris was celebrating with his wife, friends, and his mentor, Iowa State's legendary coach Bobby Douglas, he did take time to offer his appraisal of this new endeavor.

'I really enjoy the rules,' said Chris, joining the unanimous praise for RealProWrestling's tweaking of FILA's rules. 'It created a lot of action tonight. You didn't see any 3-0 matches, 3-1 matches. There was a lot of action, a lot of high scoring. It was very fun to wrestle under these conditions.'

And, as so many others had pointed out, the grand champion of these new rules was the push-out rule.

'It's a great rule,' he continued. 'To make it entertaining for the fans, there has to be some points scored. So you got to stay on the mat. If you don't, you're going to give up a point. It shows that you're in total control over an opponent when you can run him off the mat. I think they did a great job of tweaking the rules a little bit and making them conducive for the fans.'

Coach Bobby Douglas has long advised wrestlers that wrestling at the edge of the mat is a dangerous strategy. 'I've always been taught not to wrestle on the edge of the mat, to score my points in the center of the mat,' Chris went on. 'But when you've got guys that want to wrestle on the edge of the mat and play the passivity game, you got to run them off. Run them into the stands, I've always been told. Coach Douglas emphasized getting their legs and running them into the stands, and you'll win matches. And that's what I've been trained to do, and that's what helped me tonight.'

Commenting on the other rule changes, he said, 'I like the two-point takedowns, but hey, it would have been basically the same score without the two-point takedown.' Chris's six points in his match were the result of three takedowns. 'I just went out and wrestled, and whatever the score was, I just made sure I had one more point than my opponent.'

He actually had three more, giving three team points to Team Black under the RealProWrestling rules that award the team of the victorious wrestler the difference in the score in the individual match. That tied the dual meet up at six points apiece at that point, with Team Black eventually winning 21-19. So Chris's early three points came in quite handy in this close dual. Each member of the winning team also earned an additional $500.

Even the accommodations met with his total approval. 'It's been great. We've been treated first class,' he said. 'Everything from the flights out here, to our hotel accommodations, to the venue, to the food. Everything has been first class. We've had no worries. Everybody, our spouses, have been taken care of. It's just been a fun event to wrestle in.'

So, I inquired provokingly, did he ever think he would do professional wrestling? 'This is still amateur wresting to me,' he replied, 'but it's still a lot of fun.'

Next up for Chris Bono is the Kurt Angle Classic on Nov. 8 in New Orleans. There he faces 2001 world champion Serafim Barzakov of Bulgaria, under FILA rules. The first session of wrestling begins on Friday, November 8, at 2 PM CST. The next two sessions are on Saturday, November 9, beginning at 10 AM and 2 PM, with each session expected to run about two hours.

But while he was still in L.A., Chris was taking some time to chill and reflect. 'I'd just like to thank Matt Case and Toby Willis for giving us the opportunity to come out here and looking forward to helping them any way we can to advance the sport of wrestling, and keep it alive,' he said.

Of course, this being L.A., this native of Philadelphia who grew up in Florida could not get everything he wanted in the food department. 'No cannolis out here in L.A.,' he lamented about that delicacy he gleefully consumed in Little Italy. 'Just some bruschetta. We got to go to Ferrara's to get some cannolis.'

I told him I'd take him up on it the next time he hits the Big Apple. And I added that we'd share some of Coach Douglas's favorite brew, MGD, at a dive I know that serves up pitchers for five bucks a pop. I just hope he doesn't have to make weight that weekend. What sacrifices we go through for wrestling!

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Quote of the Day

"He that cannot reason is a fool. He that will not is a bigot.
He that dare not is a slave."

Andrew Carnegie

The Future of Warriors Quest
By Chris Onzuka - Chris@Onzuka.com

Brennan Kamaka has been a fighter his whole life. He channeled his energy while in high school into wrestling and excelled. He became a Hawaii state wrestling champion and like others that are currently involved in the sport of MMA, Brennan had no outlet after finishing high school so he along with his family; brothers-in-law, Ray "Bradda" Cooper and Ron Jhun, brother, Kai Kamaka and some close friends started competing in MMA. Brennan's MMA record is far from stellar, but that is partially because he fought anyone that was put in front of him, whether he was injured or not. Brennan saw that there was room for improvement in the way that events were being held in Hawaii, so he stepped out of the ring and into the promoter's seat. Brennan took his experience fighting in a few different events, coupled with his large family to help run the events and used his brothers-in-law to headline the events. He started with a couple of amateur MMA events called Hawaiian Combat, which proved so successful that he took a chance and put on a larger event which he called Warriors Quest. Every event was bigger and better than the last one, with great match making combining the raw energy of first time fighters with the experience and talent of Hawaii's best fighters pitted against the toughest competition he could find for them.

Due to the scheduling battle between Super Brawl and other events over the limited number of days that are available at the Blaisdell Arena, attendance has faltered at the last couple of events. This along with some personal problems began to rear its head and affected the event behind the scenes. It was rumored that Shooto was going to suspend Warriors Quest's promoter's license and the rumor was supported by the fact that Warriors Quest 8 was sanctioned by Paul Smith's IFC Commission. I wanted to confirm or deny this rumor so I contacted Richard Santoro, Director of the U.S.A. Division of the International Shooto Commission for an official statement and Brennan Kamaka, who released a public response was in the form of a letter of apology.

After speaking with Brennan Kamaka, he assured me that Warriors Quest will continue. He stated that two of the primary reasons for having Shooto sanctioning Warriors Quest was that Shooto came to him, not the other way around, and because Shooto was an honorable organization that stood behind its promoters. Kamaka went on to say that he was surprised when Shooto was considering suspending his promoter's license without even speaking to him. Brennan is impartial to the Shooto sanctioning stating that the sanctioning costs outweigh the benefits. "After the sanctioning fee, flying down the Shooto guy and getting him a hotel, feeding him and being forced to hold so many "A" Class matches, there is nothing left. I am paying them and a lot of the fighters that I talk to, prefer not to fight under Shooto rules." Brennan said.

Brennan Kamaka's Response:

Letter of Apology

I would like to first apologize for getting off track in what my dream and
goal was for Warriors Quest. When everything was going good and Warriors Quest was getting bigger, I forgot all the things and people that helped me get to where I was. My purpose for Warriors Quest was to try and help fighters make their dreams become reality. I love the sport of MMA and sometimes people can forget why we do things when we get caught up in the spotlight. Also I made a big mistake by letting my personal problems get in the way of Warriors Quest. There is no excuse and I am to blame but I hope we all can get through this and press on. I have learned a big lesson and I just hope that I can be forgiven. I would like to thank all the fighters and spectators that have supported Warriors Quest from day one. I also know that it takes a big man to admit his faults but it also takes an even bigger man to learn from his mistakes and get back on track. Special Thanks to Kim & Ronald Jhun, Monica & Bradda Cooper, Kai & Girlie Kamaka, Kai Kamaka Sr., Joe & Janie Kamaka, Haru, the Onzukas', Joey from Hawaii411.com and to everyone who made Warriors Quest possible.


Brennan Kamaka

Super Brawl Superstars Replay

Super Brawl Superstars featuring "The Machine Gun" Ron Jhun, Falaniko Vitale and Wesley "Cabbage" Correira re-airs this week from Monday through Thursday at midnight on K5 channel 5.

Source: T. Jay Thompson

Hawaiian Freestyle Combat presents

Haru Shimanishi
"Trainer of Champions"

Off of www.hmckickboxing.com

Born 1959 in Kobe, Japan, Haru Shimanishi has studied Martial Arts for over 20 years in the form of Kempo, Boxing, Muay Thai, and Submission. Shimanishi is a former competitor and presently a respected trainer, teaching all over the world.

In 1991, Shimanishi established American Martial Arts Center (AMC), where he has successfully trained seven (7) World Champions. In 1992, he received the WKA "Trainer of the Year" Award.

The seminar will cover basic principles and elements of kickboxing, boxing, offensive as well as defensive techinique's applicable to self defense as well as an MMA enviroment.

Seminar is open to ALL schools!

Time: Sat. Nov. 30th @12:00 a.m.

Place: Gracie Kauai Academy, instr. Kendall Goo
4732 Pelehu Rd. Kapaa, Kauai

Cost: $30 for 2 hrs of quality instruction

Any questions? Contact Eric Goo @ (808) 381-7838

Joe Hall's October Notebook
By Joe Hall

Neither Pride nor the UFC ran a show in October, but plenty of smaller promotions picked up the slack. The highlights of the month include a Canadian working his way toward widespread recognition and a dominant Southern Californian beginning what could be a lengthy reign as a champion. Join me as I take a look at how October 2002 unfolded in the sport.


It was going to be the UCC's finest moment. Jens Pulver versus Duane Ludwig, a showdown between the top lightweight and possibly the top striker in the sport. A list of stellar matches would set the table for the meeting, including Fryklund-Vigneault, Black-Alessio and Jones-Loiseau. Then it fell apart.

The card suddenly deteriorated when a plague of injuries swept through lineup and persuaded UCC brass to postpone Pulver-Ludwig. Jeremy Horn headlined the adjusted card, calmly picking apart Christophe Midoux and submitting him with a choke in the second round.

Joe Doerksen notched his first UCC victory in the opening fight of the evening by triangle choking Dennis Kang. Doerksen, who was once ranked as a top-10 middleweight in the MMA Media rankings, appears to be back on track following a skid in late 2001/early 2002. He has an impeccable finish-to-decision ratio, rarely going to the judges even in defeat. His attention should now turn to making another run against top competition and testing his submission skill against more A-class middleweights.

The most noteworthy match on the card would have to be David "The Crow" Loiseau's victory over then-middleweight champ Jesse Jones. It was a bout that survived the curse of cancellations and may prove to be a breakthrough triumph for Loiseau. While Canadian MMA fans have been barking Loiseau's name for a couple years now, I've been reluctant to join the bandwagon. With this win, however, I'll admit that Loiseau is for real.

Jesse Jones is a hardnosed kid of the Midwest variety. He can fight standing or on the ground, and if after 15 minutes Loiseau convincingly beat him, I take my hat off. I don't think Loiseau has earned a spot in the top-10 just yet, but the potential is there. Let's see him step up another level of competition, against a Jermaine Andre or a Tony Fryklund.


UFC veteran Andrei Semenov dropped a decision in mid-October at the European event "Too Hot to Handle." He was beaten by Murad Chunkaiev, a fighter from Chechnya who represents Golden Glory and is associated with Gracie Barra. Fellow UFC vet Amar Suloev faired better, submitting tough Brit Paul Cahoon in the first round of their fight.


Cole Escovedo continued his accelerated ascension at World Extreme Cagefighting V. It was Philip Perez attempting to block his path this time, though the effort lasted only a couple minutes before Escovedo blasted him with strikes and finished the fight with a triangle choke.

Escovedo is quickly emerging as one of the top featherweights in the U.S. If he can't make a trip to Japan to take on one of the best 145-pound fighters in the world, I'd like to see him against another rising U.S. featherweight, Jeff Curran.

On the same card, the undefeated record of Rich Crunkilton couldn't have been in more danger when he was stunned early by Victor Estrada. The up-and-coming lightweight weathered the storm, however, and finished Estrada late in the first round.


Romie Aram is going to be tough to beat. His game was formerly restricted to ground-and-pound, but he is quickly becoming multi-dimensional, as evidenced with an improved game on the feet when he captured the KOTC welterweight crown from Joe Stevenson in mid-October. Without question, Aram's bread and butter is his takedowns, which is scary when you consider that he doesn't have an amateur wrestling background. He didn't even wrestle in high school. Just picked it up after the fact, like it was something everyone could do.

His wrestling serves a new purpose these days, though: it allows him to exchange strikes on the feet knowing that if he gets in trouble, he can always take the match to the ground. Additionally, Aram is surrounded by a solid team at Millennia Jiu-Jitsu, which currently boasts an incredible total of three KOTC champions. That asset combined with his striking, takedowns and an extensive Jiu-Jitsu background, make him the best not-widely-known welterweight in the world. With all due respect to Dennis Hallman, who is now fighting in KOTC, there's only one opponent on the KOTC roster that I long to see battle Aram: Fernando Vasconcelos.


Adam Durant avenged a previous loss to Kenneth Alexander at Rage in the Cage 39 by claiming a split decision. Alexander, who won via TKO in the first meeting against Durant, is best known for his win over "Razor" Rob McCullough in March.

Shonie Carter continued his undefeated run in 2002 with a win over gritty opponent Jay Buck at the Ironheart Crown in late October. Mr. International will be back in action on November 9 in Super Brawl against Ronald Jhun. Also at the Ironheart Crown, Jeff Curran was victorious over Ryan Ackerman. While Ackerman is unknown to most, I have been ringside for his performances in HOOKnSHOOT, and I can testify he's a tough kid. Credit another quality win to Curran.

Izuru Takeuchi knocked off former King of Pancrase Nathan Marquardt on October 29. Marquardt reportedly broke his hand in the second round, yet managed to finish the match only to lose a decision. In other action, Chris Lytle tapped Yuji Hoshino with a triangle choke.


Forrest Griffin. He scored another big win in late October, stopping Travis Fulton on a cut at the Cagefighter Championships. Griffin also holds a win over UFC veteran Jeff Monson.


Due to the lack of major shows this month and the fact that it's tough to promptly view the smaller events, the awards are abbreviated. November will compensate, I'm sure, as there will be plenty to dole out. Until then…

FIGHTER(S) OF THE MONTH: Romie Aram and David Loiseau. Aram beat a game Joe Stevenson, and Loiseau bested Jesse Jones. I'm not a fan of ties, co-champions or anything of the sort, but these two, together, are my fighters of the month.

SUBMISSION OF THE MONTH: Cole Escovedo triangles Phillip Perez. It was the main event of WEC V and the fueled encounter between a couple Fresno boys. Escovedo won it dramatically with his patented triangle, which is one of the best in the sport.

BUMMER OF THE MONTH: The cancellation of Pulver-Ludwig. Whether it will ever happen is unclear.

Source: Maxfighting

MMA Ramblings and other Assorted Goodies
By Josh Gross

It’s tough to believe that the mammoth promotion that is UFC 40 (that’s it, I’m done delineating fight shows by number or title -- a bit more on that later in this column) is less than three weeks away.

Seriously, doesn’t it seem like yesterday when some of you numbskulls in MMA land jokingly came up with the idea that I concocted the Ken Shamrock interview where he called out Tito Ortiz, and said there was a 90% chance the fight would happen?

Barring anything catastrophic the next 17 days (I feel ill even thinking it), this fight will happen. Both men will square off Nov. 22 probably sometime around 9:15 p.m. Vegas time, (though the last time Ortiz fought, someone forgot to keep time correctly) and the anticipated sell-out crowd of near 14,000 will be out of their collective minds.

MGM Grand execs will be ecstatic. (Hell, they should be already. As of Friday, Ortiz-Shamrock has reeled in roughly $1 million in ticket sales.) Before and after fight night, UFC fans will be able to gamble to their heart’s content in special UFC gaming sections on the casino floor. Commemorative chips featuring Shamrock, Ortiz and several other UFC related images will be used -- Thankfully, there’s no truth to the rumors that MGM dealers will be wearing grappling shorts.

Where’s the promotion?

It’s going to be a unique weekend of MMA in Las Vegas, and those of us lucky enough to attend already realize that. But what about the fans that can’t make the trek to Sin City, especially the newbies who’ve heard about Ortiz-Shamrock through the grapevine, or on the off chance they actually caught the antiquated heavy metal rock-riddled promo.

The UFC has a rare opportunity, but are they letting it slip through their fingers?

As a pretty robust television viewer, particularly anything sports related, I clearly remember the non-stop advertisements leading up to the Oscar de la Hoya-Fernando Vargas fight (or any other recent major boxing pay-per-view). For the life of me, I can’t recall seeing or hearing one UFC 40 (ugh) commercial -- other than the free one you can check out on MaxFighting’s right hand side.

I’ve been told the promotional and advertising “bombardment” is coming, but when?

Next week, UFC President Dana White is scheduled to start a West Coast tour to hype the Nov. 22 card. It’s San Diego first, then Los Angeles where he’s said to be appearing on a local radio (Power 106) morning show, before heading up the coast for the rest of the junket.

You can only wait so long. Remember, Arturo Gatti fights Mickey Ward on Nov. 23. Will people willingly give up a Friday and Saturday night to watch fights? The less-hardcore fans out there probably won’t, and it’s those people that the UFC (and MMA) needs to court in order to reach the next level.

La La Land
White and crew have gotten used to making the hour flight (it may be less via private jet) from Vegas to Los Angeles. If talk of a UFC “reality” television show comes to fruition, Los Angeles (or Hollywood to be more specific) could play a huge roll in the expansion of mixed martial arts into the mainstream consciousness.

According to sources who asked to remain nameless, several networks, including Disney’s ABC (said to be extremely interested) and Viacom’s CBS, have thrown their hats into the ring of contenders hoping to get a shot at what the UFC thinks will become their “Tough Enough”. FOX has also shown interest.

Considering FOX’s relationship with the UFC during the past year, one would assume that the NewsCorp-owned company would hold an inside track. However, sources revealed that separate talks between FOX Sports Net and the UFC may have slowed considerably, especially with White and UFC owner Lorenzo Fertitta heading to Bristol, CT -- ESPN headquarters -- sometime next week to discuss a weekly fight program. What that means for the “reality” show venture is unclear.

Either way, anticipate a significant amount of news on the television front to come your way Ortiz-Shamrock weekend.

“Rampage” back to KOTC?

The King of the Cage has re-upped their contracts with various satellite providers, including DirecTV, for another 18 months. Fresh off the heels of a successful pay-per-view from Reno, NV, KOTC promoter Terry Trebilcock was overheard in the Silver Legacy Casino and Resort lobby joyfully proclaiming the new contract situation. When asked the following day, co-promoter Bud Brutsman confirmed that the satellite companies were, for the most part, pleased at the Nov. 1 pay-per-view.

On hand at the event was PRIDE free agent and former KOTC participant Quinton “Rampage” Jackson. The always-flamboyant Jackson made it known that his new management group (Battle, which handles fighters Randy Couture, Dan Henderson, amongst several others) would negotiate contracts following his trouncing of Igor Vovchanchyn at PRIDE 22 (there are those darn numbers again).

Battle, headed by ex-Hollywood agents Peter Levin and Jeremy Lappen, has not made many friends behind the scenes and it remains to be seen whether Jackson’s choice to use the group will be beneficial. Reportedly, his initial inquiry of $60,000 and $60,000 to DSE was quickly shot down.

If Jackson ends up getting shut out of a new fight contract, there’s a good possibility that he’ll end up fighting on February’s KOTC pay-per-view from New Mexico. Should that happen, he’ll most likely be part of a card that’ll feature KOTC welterweight champion Romie Aram taking on Dennis Hallman, who mowed down Betiss Mansouri last Friday.

The KOTC is also expecting to hold the first round of a heavyweight tournament that would include Paul Buentello and a fresh-out-of-prison Bobby Hoffman. While Hoffman may be the fashionable pick, I’m leaning towards Buentello. It’s tough to pick against the happy-go-lucky guy from Amarillo, especially when you consider how hard he’s worked with Javier Mendez and “Crazy” Bob Cook. Some of his effort was displayed when he resoundingly KO’d Mike Kyle with a beautiful straight right-left hook combination.

What’s in a name -- or a number? Nada

No more numbers, OK. The numbering of events from one organization to another is actually starting to get really lame. At what point are these promotions (which are sprouting up worse than athletes foot on a high school locker room) going to step up and market main events? It’s really not that difficult.

How about this from now on: “The Ultimate Fighting Championship Presents Tito Ortiz versus Ken Shamrock.” No more numbers. No more stupid titles. It doesn’t get any simpler. Ortiz. Shamrock. Mixed Martial Arts.

What else could you need?

Source: Maxfighting


Quote of the Day

"Good timber does not grow with ease.
The stronger the wind the stronger the trees."

Williard Marriott

Warriors Quests' Shooto Promoter License in Limbo

I am trying to get in touch with Brennan Kamaka to get his side of the story and his comments. Brennan if you read this, please give me a call - Chris

From: International Shooto Commission (ISC) - U.S.A. Division

Re: Warriors' Quest, official Shooto promoter's license

The ISC has suspended the promoter's license for the full-contact martial arts promotion known as Warriors' Quest. A meeting is scheduled to take place in Hawaii on November 9th, between a representative of Warriors' Quest and the Secretary General of the ISC, Mr. Toshiharu Suzuki. The purpose of the meeting will be to discuss the issues that have lead to the suspension and to seek a resolution to the situation. As to whether Warriors' Quest will retains its promoter's license is unknown at this time.

The ISC is the body that regulates and sanctions professional Shooto events around the world. It is the ISC that approves a promotion to hold official Shooto competitions and ensure that all of the standards established for the sport of Shooto are upheld.

A promoter must conduct him/herself and his/her promotion in a manner that is consistent with the values and goals the Shooto Association which are overseen and stewarded by the ISC. A Relationship will only be formed with a promoter who has the highest commitment to professionalism, integrity, and safety consciousness. The promoter must exhibit the appropriate level of ethics, reliability, loyalty and honesty, and he/she must utilize these characteristics as the foundation of all his/her legitimate activities.

Therein, lies the controversy regarding Warriors' Quest and its professional Shooto Promoter's License.

Richard Santoro
Director - U.S.A. Division
International Shooto Commission

Transvestite Kickboxer: The Movie

Monday, November 4, 2002 Posted: 8:40 AM EST (1340 GMT)

BANGKOK, Thailand (AP) -- When Assani Suwan was cast to play Thailand's most famous transvestite kickboxer, he thought boxing skills, looking good in makeup and enthusiasm were all it took to play the part.

But months have passed and Assani, 22, says he still has not been able to overcome the "challenge" of getting under the skin of the former male boxer with a woman's heart, whose life is being immortalized in the multilingual movie "Beautiful Boxer."

Director Ekachai Uekrongtham said Monday at a news conference that filming with debutante Assani, a professional kickboxer, will start in February.

The movie is about Parinya Charoenphol, who shocked the boxing world by appearing in the ring wearing lipstick and mascara, and kissing opponents on the cheek.

But his highly skilled classical style soon won him fans, fights and fame that spread to other parts of the world. Parinya began fighting at 13 and stopped in 2000 at age 19 after undergoing a series operations to change his sex.

Parinya then became an entertainer in a night club and a drama teacher for young children.
Since Parinya had won most of her 60 fights, the candidates for her role had to undergo two auditions -- including kickboxing skills and acting.

Assani, ranked fifth by the World Association of Thai Kickboxing, fit the bill, outclassing more than 300 candidates.

Finding feminine side
While fighting was "a piece of cake," the hours of ballet, singing, English and Thai musical folk drama lessons he has had to take were an altogether different story, he said.

"Although I think playing her role would help promote Thai kickboxing and make people understand her better, I never thought I had to do all these things," said Assani.

But that was the best way to have the lead actor get in touch with his feminine side, especially Assani, who was thrown into the masculine sport at the age of 12, said Ekachai.

"We need someone with enough confidence to be a man to express his gentle, female side without feeling awkward," Ekachai noted.

More roles
Asked if he feels awkward about playing the role of a transvestite, Assani -- who bears a striking resemblance to Parinya -- said: "If you play the role of a serial killer, it doesn't make you one."

He said he would like to act in more movies while continuing to kickbox.
Ekachai has produced and directed more than 100 plays and musicals in Singapore, where he is based, and in New York, Beijing and Bangkok. His most famous work was "Chang and Eng" -- the acclaimed musical about conjoined twins born in Thailand who gave birth to the term "Siamese twins."

The US$1-2 million budget "Beautiful Boxer" is targeted for released in late 2003. It will have subtitled versions in English and Japanese.

The movie will be co-produced by GMM Grammy, Thailand's largest multimedia entertainment company, which began producing movies five years ago.

Source: CNN.com

The First American National Tournament

Was more than a hit. The IBJJF is to be congratulated along with all the participating competitors, referees and colaborators. This was a first rate event in organization and skill. Anyone that was doubting the ability of these athletes to face Brazil's best should have come to this event and be amazed, the level of North American JJ is at par with anyone's right now!

All the divisions showcased great action in front of a host of Black Belts such as Rickson Gracie, Carlson Gracie, Jean Jacques, Rigan and Johny Machado, Fernando Margarida, Marcio Simas, Tinguinha, Gersinho, Franco de Camargo, Rodrigo Medeiros, Megaton Dias, Gustavo Machado, Caique Elias, Renato Magno, Cleber Luciano, Mario Aiello, Luis Palhares, Aloysio Silva, Micah, Francisco Neto, Leka Vieira and a few others that will certainly call me to complain about missing their names :) . Grandmaster Carlson Gracie brought a team of 'animals' from Chicago and they took many of the divisions they competed on. Carlson's team won the masters division with 3 firsts and 2 seconds. Carlson warns everyone: 'I am training some of these guys for NHB as well. I am preparing them to get the others!'

The best division however had to be the Bown Belt division, with noteworthy names such as Ryron and Rener Gracie, Rafael Lovato Jr, Mike Rose, Ryan Greg and others all fighting for the honor to represent the US.

In the heavyweight Division Rener Gracie took top honors by submitting his two opponents including a tough Arthur Ruff via chokes. Ryron Gracie submitted his first opponent and then faced Caique's Mike Rose in the finals of the Super Heavy. Rose used his craftyness and a tight game to beat Ryron by a score of 6 x 2 with 2 guard passes.

The Gracie duo returned to the absolute Division and submitted all their opponents on the way to closing the bracket with Ryron 1st and Rener 2nd. Although these two are still getting used to competing outside their rules, the fact of the matter is that when the game gets down to the meat and potatoes and it always does, the duo is pretty tough. A word of advice for any future opponents: 'Don't let these two mount on you!'

Full results will be at the CBJJ website soon

Source: ADCC/Kid Peligro

OTatame Magazine Celebrates 8 great years!

Congratulations go to Marcello Alonzo and 'O Tatame' Magazine crew for reaching a milestone: 8 great years! O Tatame has been doing a great job covering BJJ and the fight scene in Brazil and a big congratulations are due. the celebrating issue features a special tribute to Master Carlos Gracie who would be celebrating 100 years this same year. Carlos Gracie was the feature interview on the maiden issue of O Tatame. Again congratulations to Marcello, Luciano Andrade and the rest of the gang!

Speaking of 'O Tatame' , the magazine is assiting the Promoters of the Friendship Cup with their latest venture: The Black Belt Challenge. This event will take place in Sao Paulo at the plush DirectTV Music Hall on December 3rd. With R$2,000.00 first prize and R$500.00 second they have been able to attract great matches such as:

Comprido v Godoi
Leozinho v Fredson Paixao
Saulo Ribeiro v Roberto Tozi
Macaco v Fabio Leopoldo
Bibiano v Robinho
Terere v Gabriel Vella
Barbozinha v Shinzanato
Portugues v Marcello Garcia
Losada v Fabio Negao
Marcelo Garcia v Eduardo Santoro
Roger Coelho x Erick Wanderley

Source: ADCC/Kid Peligro

by: Eddie Goldman

The long-awaited film documentary about no-holds-barred fighter and champion wrestler Mark Kerr will make its American television debut January 12, 2003, as part of HBO's 'America Undercover' series. Check your local listings for times and rebroadcast dates.

This documentary originally premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York in May, 2002. The only change from that version will be the title, said producer Jon Greenhalgh, himself a former wrestler. It will now be called 'The Smashing Machine,' after Kerr's first nickname in Brazil. The original title was 'The Specimen.'

The film also features another champion NHB fighter and wrestler, Mark Coleman. (I have a small role in it as well as a narrator.)

Arrangements for international and video distribution have not yet been completed.

Source: ADCC

PRIDE NEWS: Sakuraba Returns - At PRIDE 23?!?

PRIDE's superstar Kazushi Sakurabahas been in the Japanese press announcing that he fully intends to return to the ring for the PRIDE 11/24 show.

Sakuraba has been out for a prolonged period of time, battling a broken eye socket obtained at the hands of Mirko Cro Cop, as well as the demons of alcoholism. Sakuraba was scheduled to begin training again in December, nw it appears that he will go against doctor's orders and face a TBA opponent at the Tokyo Dome PRIDE show to close out the year.

It is unknown of Sakuraba has started training or currently preparing for his match that will more than likely be against a foreign opponent and NOT a Japanese fighter.

Rumors of a rematch with Ryan Gracie are floating about, but nothing is official.

Many insider observers believe that Sakuraba desperately needs time to heal, after having one of the most intense set of opponents over the last three years (Vitor Belfort, Alan Goes, Mirko Cro Cop, Vanderlei Silva 2x, Royler, Royce, Renzo and Ryan Gracie).

Look for further announcements from PRIDE as they release their upcoming card...

Source: ADCC

Catching up with...
former UFC Champion JOSH BARNETT

We caught up with top heavyweight Josh Barnett recently, after his return from a long trip to Japan. Ussually ireeverent, Barnett was in rare form! Though the last few months have been tough on him, he seemed to be in good spirits. We asked him about the rumors of a fight in PRIDE as well as a move to pro wrestling....

FW: It's been a while since anyone has heard from you publicly. Just taking a rest or training?

JOSH: Well I felt like taking a break for a sec and wanted to keep a low profile. So, I went and hung out with Jimmy Hoffa and Elvis Presley for a while since they manage to keep out-of-sight fairly well. It was cool but, I swear Elvis cheats at cards! I never caught him in the act but, Jimmy agreed with me that Elvis’ luck was WAY to good.

After relaxing for a bit it was back to hard training. Every day you don't train is one more day for your competition to try and catch-up. Right now I don't even hear the footsteps of my opponents.

FW: You were in Japan for a long period of time last month, were you scouting pro wrestling opportunities there?

JOSH: I did scout some opportunities and hopefully I’ll be able to get something going soon. Most of my time though was spent on the large task of training Bob Asp and, as you can see, we were very successful.

FW: What are the odds of you appearing in Japan as a pro wrestler in the next couple of years?

JOSH: A lot better than a one-legged man winning a butt kicking contest but nothing is in stone yet. Within the next couple of years I expect to have at least a dozen matches under my belt.

FW: There's serious talk about you vs. Nogueira in January. Is that going to happen?

JOSH: Well that's really up too PRIDE or whoever holds the fight. I'm down to fight and by then it should be a reality.

FW: What's your honest opinion about Nogueira?

JOSH: Great guy personally. Great fighter and born a champion. Not good enough to beat me. He has proved himself to a great champ and has earned that belt, but I don't care much about belts. All I care about is fighting whoever is supposed to be the best and showing the world what I can do. I have no equal in the ring.

FW: How can you beat him?

JOSH: Set up with a few low-kicks, then hit him with a “Big Wheel Kick” for a knockdown. Raise him up, he throws a big right hand, duck it around to his back to a “German Suplex”, keeping the lock lift him for a second but, turn it into a “Dragon Suplex” for the KO. That's just the finish anyway.

FW: How have you and Bob Sapp worked together over the last several months?

JOSH: By playing “Rock, Paper, Scissors” over who pays for dinner. It's imperative that I win because you'd need a second mortgage to pay for his meals.

FW: There was a rumor of you, Sapp and Goldberg teaming up for the three-man team in Japan. Any truth to that?

JOSH: I’d like to say there is but then I’d have to kill you.

FW: If not Nogueira, then who will you fight and will it be for PRIDE?

JOSH: It doesn't matter to me who or where I fight as long as they can accept the fact that they're gonna lose. PRIDE, UFC, whoever. Maybe Jeff Osbourne in an exploding, electrified, barbwire, 10,000 thumb-tack, loser has to “pop-it” match.

Source: ADCC


Quote of the Day

"All successful men and women are big dreamers. They imagine what their future could be, ideal in every respect, and then they work every day toward their distant vision, that goal or purpose."

Brian Tracy

Shooto Hawaii Launches A Web Site!

We've uploaded Hawaii's first taste of Shooto Hawaii to our MMA servers. Check back often for exciting pictures, news, and event announcements.

Shooto Hawaii: Alpha
Lahaina Civic Center, Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii
December 7, 2002

Tentative Fight Card:

Shooto Class B - Lightheavyweight 83 kg 183 lb.
Wayne (Team Big Dog) VS John Naole (HMC)

Shooto Class B - Bantamweight 56 kg 123.5 lb.
Antonio Rodriquez (Team Big Dog) VS. TBA

Shooto Class B - Lightweight 65 kg 143.3 lb.
Neil Andres (HMC) VS. TBA

Shooto Class B - Welterweight 70 kg 154.3 lb.
David Padilla (Gamebred) VS. TBA

Shooto Class B - Lightheavyweight 83 kg 183 lb.
Robert "Bob-O" Ostovich (Jesus Is Lord) VS. TBA

Shooto Class B - Featherweight 60 kg 132.3 lb.
Kyle Takao (HMC) VS. Tim Nguyen (Wailuku Kickboxing)

Shooto Class B - Heavyweight 110 kg 242.5 lb.
Jeremy Bell (Team Big Dog) VS. Tim Tynan (808 Fight Factory)

Shooto Class A - Lightweight 65 kg 143.3 lb.
Stephen "Bozo" Paling (Jesus Is Lord) VS. TBA

Shooto Class A - Middleweight 76 kg 167.5 lb.
Ray "Bradda" Cooper (Jesus Is Lord) VS. Jay Buck (Hellhouse)
*Card subject to Change

Shooto Hawaii thanks Frank Shamrock for supporting the event.

Please email info@shootohawaii.com with any questions, and stay tuned to ShootoHawaii.com for more news about this exciting event!

Source: Event Promoter

Super Brawl 27: Battle For the Belts Preview
Blaisdell Arena, Honolulu, Hawaii
November 9, 2002

For Immediate Release: July 12, 2001

“Battle for the Belts!”
Wesley “Cabbage” Correira, Falaniko Vitale and Ronald “The Machine Gun” Jhun Prepare for Battle!

Without a doubt, Extreme Sports Productions biggest event to date will take place Saturday night, November 9, as local superstars, Cabbage, Niko Vitale and Ron Jhun will face his their toughest foes to date at the Blaisdell Arena in Super Brawl’s “The Battle for the Belts."

1. Mark Moreno 180lbs vs Kaipo Kalama 185lbs
(Bull’s Pen, Hawaii) 5-1 (Grappling Unlimited) 1-0

Two young fighters looking to break into the Super Brawl business. Moreno has been knocking all his victims out while Kalama is more comfortable on the mat. A fight decided standing will go to Moreno, while a fight on the mat should favor Kalama. Pick ‘em

2. King Kong 243lbs vs Miles Tynanes 240lbs
(Grappling Unlimited) 1-0 (Freelance) 0-1

Everbody likes the big boys! “Kong” is young, raw, and hungry. He is one on Egan Inoue’s “new breed” of fighter. What he is lacking in polished skill he will more than make up for in aggression and heart. Tyananes is coming off a disappointing loss to Cabbage in Super Brawl 21. He has taken the necessary steps to take his game to the next level. If he wants a rematch he will first have to get by one of Cabbage’s training partner’s “Kong”. Pick ‘em

3. Akira Kikuchi 167.5lbs vs “Ice Cold” Kolo Koka 167.5lbs
(Team Extreme) 32-21 (Grappling Unlimited) 7-1

Grappling Unlimited's young gun "Ice Cold" Kolo Koka does not get a break of any kind. After taking Shonie Carter the distance in SuperBrawl 25 and man-handling Canadian favorite Pain Peters in SuperBrawl 26, Koka will be tested yet again. This time by another star on his way up. Akira Kikuchi, hailing from the Land of the Rising Sun, is the latest prodigy to come out of the legendary K'z Factory gym (home of Rumina Sato). Kikuchi has been on a tear since his pro debut and is undefeated in his first 3 fights in Shooto, finishing his first 2 opponents by submission. Kikuchi 2-1 favorite

4. Deshaun Johnson 167.5lbs vs Jutaro Nakao 167.5lbs
(HMC Hawaii) 3-2 (Osaka, Japan) 14-8-2

Johnson is coming off a hard earned victory in Super Brawl 25. He trains with Haru Shimanishi, so expect a wide variety of skills with an emphasis on striking. UFC veteran Nakao choked former UFC champion Pat Miletich unconscious in Super Brawl 11 with the most lethal triangle choke in the business. Johnson has barely gotten his feet wet in the industry while Nakao is a veteran that has been in with the best in the world. Johnson will need a “career” night to hang with Nakao Nakao 4-1 favorite

5. Sean McCully 190lbs vs Falaniko Vitale 190lbs
(LA Boxing) (Grappling Unlimited) 11-1

McCully has fought all over the world. He is a skilled Thai boxer as well as staying active in the professional wrestling world in Japan. He matches up well with Vitale standing and will not be afraid to match skills on the ground. Perhaps the best athlete currently competing in Super Brawl, Vitale has been looking better and better with each outing. He is only one or two fights away from breaking into the UFC. These fighters aggressive styles will be sure to make this a “barn-burner!” Vitale 3-2 favorite

6. “Mr. International” “The Machine Gun”
Shonie Carter 170lbs vs Ronald Jhun 170lbs
(Combat Do, Chicago) 59-6 (808 Fight Factory) 22-11

This will be a beauty! The self-proclaimed “Player with a Passport”, Carter (who you may remember stripped to his speedos in his last Super Brawl appearance), has a tremendous arsenal of weapons. He throws spinning punches and kicks from all angles, as well as possessing elite wrestling and submission knowledge. Jhun will test the waters at this lower weight. Look for him to stay relaxed and attempt to withstand an early onslaught from Carter. He tends to finish strong in the later rounds. He will need to, to beat “Mr. International”. Carter 2-1 favorite

7. Jason Lambert 245lbs vs Cabbage 265lbs
(Williams Combat Grappling)11-2 (Grappling Unlimited) 13-4

This will be an exciting fight whichever way you look at it! Lambert has a chin rivaling Cabbage’s. He never backs up and has a solid wrestling base. Cabbage will attempt to defend the take-down and dish out as much punishment as he can while standing. Lambert will have to win this fight on the ground by controlling position and doing damage with punches. If he cannot get Cabbage to the ground he will be in for a long night. Cabbage is coming off a loss in the UFC and is very hungry. This may be the edge he needs. Cabbage 2-1 favorite

Tickets are available at the Blaisdell box office and all ticket outlets. Reserved seating tickets are $15 and $29 in advance and $34 the day of the show. There will also be a limited number of VIP ringside seats available for $50 each.

Pictures and Video Available upon request

T.Jay Thompson: E-mail- tj@superbrawl.tv Phone: (808) 371-2300

Source: T. Jay Thompson

**For Immediate Release**

November 1, 2002, New York, California , Karate Kidz Online made their Final choices for both the KKO Teacher Spotlight and the KKO Student Spotlight for November 2002. This month we had two inclusions for both Teacher and Student to be spotlighted for November 2002, we are receiving so much positve feedback and so many submissions for the spotlight sections that we had to include another opening for both sections.
Congratulations goes out to Professor Jaime Abregana for being The Teacher to be spotlighted for November 2002. Professor Jaime Abregana Jr., was born in Hilo, Hawaii. He first studied the martial arts of Kenpo, Karate, Jujitsu in 1968 under his father, Grandmaster Jaime Abregana Sr., founder the the Ewa Kenpo Karate Club. In 1978, Prof. Abregana was awarded his black belt. He was also an outstanding amateur boxer in the 1970's.

After receiving his black belt, he joined the United States Army. He earned his Bachelor Degree in Accounting in 1985. As a professional boxer, Prof. Abregana fought the ABF Flyweight Champion in 1986 sanctioned by the USBA. After retiring from professional boxing, he begun promoting professional and amatuer kickboxing from 1986 to 1989, sanctioned by the World Karate Association, Professional Karate Association, and The Karate International Council of Kickboxing. Prof. Abregana also studied the Filipino martial art of Karaan (Escrima/Kali) under the tutorship of Grandmaster Ralph Sisneros. Prof. Abregana has also won two (2) World Escrima Traditional (full-contact) tournaments in the Philippines in 1995 and 1996.

After the death of his father in 1994, Prof. Abregana became the successor to the Ewa Kenpo Karate Club, which he later took on the name, Abregana Self Defense Institute. In the 1990's, Grandmaster Ming Lum had Prof. Abregana expend his knowledge in the Chinese martial arts of Bak Mei and Haak Ga under the Tutorship of Professor Randy Choy of the Chinese Athletic Martial Arts Academy in Honolulu, Hawaii. He has also had the opportunity to study under Grandmaster Bing Fai Lau.

Prof. Abregana has received numerous awards from Politicians from Hawaii for his accomplishments in the martial arts. In 1999, Prof. Abregana received the Commendation Award of Grandmastership from the Philippines Consulate General-Hawaii and the Council of Elders from Mindinao, Philippines for his accomplishments in the Filipino martial arts of Karaan, winning the full-contact traditional tournament twice and being appointed to the Council of Elders.

In 1995, Prof. Jaime Abregana Jr., founded the Hawaii Kenpo Jujitsu Society, which is now known as the Hawaii Martial Arts Society, under the direction of the first senior advisors: Grandmasters Ming Lum, Sig Kufferath, Peter Choo, and James Muro. There are currently members from Hawaii, U.S. mainland, Puerto Rico, Canada, Australia, and Europe.
In 2001, Prof. Jaime Abregana was inducted into the World Head of Family
Sokeship Council, International Martial Arts Hall of Fame and the United
Martial Artist Association Hall of Fame and serves as the Hawaii director. He also serves as a Technical Advisor for the World Martial Arts Society based in the UK, and is a member of The Latin America Grandmasters and Soke Council. He is our choice for November 2002.

Congratulations goes out to Sensei Dominic Ohan for being the teacher chosen to be spotlighted for November 2002. With over 20 Years of experience Sensei Dominic Ohan along with his brother Sensei George Ohan are part of a winning team of teachers. Their goal is to give students the right experience in the martial arts world. The Ohan's have come a long way to provide you with skillful teaching. Their father Shihan Camille Ohan, was their teacher under centre Pierre Latour until 2nd Dan.

Now 6 years, The Ohan Brothers have achieved their 3rd Dan and are recognized by Japan, working independently under the North American Kyokushin Organization. (Shihan Henry Oh, teacher New York) (Shihan Claude Bouchard, teacher Montreal). The Ohan Brothers invite teachers from all over the world to teach them so they can always provide the best for their students. Presently at the school they have over 100 active students and that number is growing. Among the training of Karate the school also has many other activities. Their main goal is to Imply the right discipline to their students, teach full contact fighting, Kyokushin martial arts and to prepare their students for worldwide tournaments. He is our choice for November 2002.

Congratulations goes out to Alexander Abregana for being chosen as the
student to be spotlighted for November 2002. Alexander is currently 16 years of age and attends Kapolei High School in Kapolei, Hawaii on the Island of Oahu. He participates in Football, Wrestling and Judo, news writing and student government. Alex has been training in the martial arts at the age of 6 yrs. From 1996-98, Alex has won several Hawaii State Martial Arts Championships in Kumite, Forms and Weapons. He has been awarded the State of Hawaii Mayor's Award of Excellence and Inducted in the United States Martial Artists Association Hall of Fame. He also participates in Lion Dancing Competition. Alex is currently a member of the Honor Society in Washington D.C. for High School Students and the United States Student Ambassador for High School Students. In 2003, he will be traveling to Europe as an Ambassador for High School Students representing the United States. He is also a 3.8 GPA student. He will be attending the University of North Dakota Aero Space Studies to become a pilot.

Congratulations goes out to Jeremy Abregana for being chosen as the student to be spotlighted for November 2002. Jeremy was the Hawaii State Champion in Forms and Kumite from the years 1996-1998. He is currently a freshmen at Kapolei High School in Kapolei, Hawaii. He participates in Football, Wrestling and Judo. He has also received the Mayor award of Excellence for his accomplishments in the martial arts. Keep a sharp eye out for these brothers as they continue to accomplished great things in martial arts and in other areas of life, they definitely bring young martial artist to a different level. They are our choices for November 2002 Karate Kidz Online is dedicated to featuring the most talented and dedicated Instructors and Students worldwide. Keep tuned as we launch the KKO Auctions section in the upcoming weeks and The KKO Self Defense Section.

www.karatekidzonline.com, www.hmasociety.com, www.ohanbrothers.com

Source: Ucwent@aol.com

BITETTI COMBAT Brings NHB to Brazil's Northeast!
By Eduardo Alonso

Carlson Gracie black belt and UFC veteran Amaury Bitetti takes his prestige into yet another venture: Promoting! Alongside co-promoter Conrado, Amaury is using his name and know-how to bring the sport of NHB to Brazil's Northeast, a region known for beautiful beaches and that has being developing some great NHB fighters. Names like Rodrigo and Rogerio Nogueira, Jorge Navalhada and Assuerio Silva, among others, were all born in cities located in the Northeast of the country. The event will be held on November 28th, in the gorgeous city of Natal, the capital of Brazil's Rio Grande do Norte state, at the Machadao gymnasium, a facility that holds more than 10,000 spectators. The promoters expect a packed house with the ever-growing interest for NHB in the city. BITETTI COMBAT NORDESTE will be the freshman outing of an event that has plans to take place other Brazilian cities in the future, and it will deliver an 8-fight card, with a mix of some seasoned veterans and newcomers. Promoters are working hard and promise a great production for the event. Brazilian cable channel Sportv will cover the event. FCF plans to be there as well delivering you all the action! Keep checking our page as we'll release more news about the event in the coming days. Here is the event's card:

Dunga (RN/Kioto Jiu Jitsu) vs. Chicão (RN/Fighter Boxing)
Carlos Indio (RN/Kioto Jiu Jitsu) vs. Paulo Guerreiro (CE/Muai Thay)
Tibau (RN/Kimura Nova União) vs. Paulo Boico (RJ/Paulo Caruso)
Sandro Bala (RN/jiu jitsu-Kioto) vs. Charles Gracie (Team Sucata/Luis Barbosa- PB/Jiu Jitsu)
Glauke Eugênio (RN/Jiu Jitsu-CBJJO World's runner up) vs. Aranha (Fighter Boxing/Thai boxing)
Fabio Holanda (Brazilian Top Team-RJ) vs. Tiago Pitbull (CE/Brazilian Muay Thai Champion)
Silmar rodrigues (RN/Kimura/Nova União) vs. Raimundo Flamel (Brazilian Top Team-RJ)
Lucas Lopes (RN/kimura/Nova União) vs. Jorge Navalhada(Brazilian Top Team-RJ)

Source: FCF


by: Eddie Goldman

There are few, if any, people who have participated in as wide a variety of combat sports events as Tom Erikson. In wrestling, he was a U.S. national freestyle heavyweight champion in 1997, finished fourth in the 1997 World Freestyle Wrestling Championships, first in the 1992 World Cup, second in the U.S. Nationals a whopping TEN times (behind legendary four-time Olympic medalist Bruce Baumgartner), and was an All-American college wrestler at Oklahoma State. He now is an assistant wrestling coach at Purdue University.

In NHB, Erikson fought in one of the first events, the one and only MARS show on Nov. 22, 1996. He won his first two fights, and then had a controversial 40-minute draw with Murilo Bustamante. He showed that this wrestler could launch a solid punch by knocking out Kevin Randleman in just 1:11 at the Brazil Open on June 15, 1997. He beat Gary Goodridge by decision at Pride 8, before losing to Heath Herring at Pride 11.

This September, Erikson made his kickboxing debut in K-1. He gave pro boxer and kickboxer Mike Bernardo all he could handle, and even knocking him down twice, before finally losing.

In submission wrestling, Erikson also was in the one and only event known as 'The Contenders,' on Oct. 11, 1997. There he scored a decision win over Tsuyoshi Kohsaka, even passing the guard along the way. In the 2001 World Submission Wrestling Championship in Abu Dhabi, Erikson beat Roberto Traven by points in the first round but lost to Jeff Monson in the second round.

So with this kind of background and experience, it would be hard to find anyone with a broader range of experience against which to judge the RealProWrestling pilot, taped on Oct. 26 in Los Angeles. At this event, the 38-year-old Erikson was in a somewhat new role -- in the announcer's booth, doing backstage post-match interviews.

'When we left the Contenders, we left with the people at each others' throats,' recalled Erikson. 'Different organizations were at each other's throats. All the rules were supposed to be this. The interpretations were off.'

Here he compares RealProWrestling most favorably to 'The Contenders.' 'One of the things with the rules with this event is, we had baseline rules,' he continued. 'The FILA rulebook was our baseline of rules. Now, we deviated from that on certain positions, pushing off the mat, and things like that, where everybody understood why we were doing that and was for the best interest. I really didn't hear any complaints out of Greco or the freestyle guys as far as the rules. They understood them, and they went out there. Unlike 'The Contenders,' they went out there.'

Erikson also saw the decision to tape a pilot by RealProWrestling as another plus compared to 'The Contenders,' which rushed to pay-per-view with no demo or practice event.

'Another big difference is, it was free to get in. This event was designed to promote their idea, their concept,' he said. 'Whatever that is, and they're going to shape that through the cutting room floor. 'The Contenders' was put off to start something and make some money. They wanted to recoup some money. They charged people to get in. The purses were significantly higher, but they charged people to get in. It's amazing how things work out when you're not trying to make money. When money's not an issue to you, when Toby Willis and the backing that he had, when money was not an issue, it was here. Let's go put on a show. Let's see what we come up with. The Contenders was out, let's start something but let's make some money. While we're doing it, let's make some money. You got a lot of hurt feelings. A lot of pride and egos were stepped on during 'The Contenders' as far as the interpretation.'

Taping a pilot also had other advantages, according to Erikson. 'When you go pay-per-view, working with the production, I get a little different view,' he said. 'We have the luxury of making mistakes. So what if you made a mistake? There's no pressure on us as far as production. There's no pressure on us as far as what's going to happen, because you know what? We don't like it, we cut it. We're going to dump it on the cutting room floor. We want a different type of rule change, a different type of interpretation, we're going to change it in the post-production. We're going to make it better for the next event.'

While, like everyone else at the RealProWrestling event, he was very positive about it, he would make some changes. 'Probably move around the mat a little bit,' he counseled. 'That drew some excitement as far as the way the mat was placed out there, and the people coming off. And it was kind of interesting how people would come off the mat. From action sequences, I think I'd have more replays. We showed it relatively live on the screen, but I purposely would put a lot more replays up on the screen. Great action, there's a stop, let's find out what's going on. When you had the TV Challenges, let's get it out there. Let's see what's going on. Let's let the fans figure it out, too.'

He also suggested borrowing from the NFL the procedure in which they carry out each instant replay, called a 'TV Challenge' at RealProWrestling.

'The way freestyle and Greco wrestling is set up, you got three officials, and they're all relatively close to the mat. You got the referee on the mat, table judge, side judge. Different views, different angles,' said Erikson. 'The way this was set up, you had an official on the mat. You had an action meter official, which basically called the passivities, and your head judge up in a booth that was 30 feet high, and 50 feet away. So you're basically giving one man the complete power to make decisions on the mat, without knowing what the camera angles are. You don't know what the camera angles are. That's where those three people on the mat can make the decision. That's where they can tell you what's being judged. On the screen they tell you, 'TV Challenge!' But when they came back up, they just held up points. If we're trying to sell the sport, which they're trying to do, you need to tell the fans what just happened. And our officials aren't capable of doing that. They're not used to doing that. If we're going to keep going on with this event, we need to get the officials online, kind of like the NFL. And say, 'Hey look. You got to tell the fans. You're miked. Tell the fans. Look, tell the TV audience, whoever, it was upheld the challenge for this. It was upheld for this reason. The way it was called on the mat is the way it stays. The head judge overturned it, and it's going to be called this.' And I think they could probably do more of that. That would be a great point, one way to help solve some of the problems, kill the time.'

Overall, Erikson gives this event a very good grade. 'Wrestling, I'd give the pure wrestling an A,' he said. 'You had some of our best guys there. I think there's probably only one match might not have been in there normally. It was a Greco match, Chael Sonnen and then Dean Morrison is a freestyle guy. That's a match probably shouldn't have been in there. Otherwise, we had one of our top-ranked guys in the other weight classes.'

Regarding the production, he said, 'It's hard to rate the production, but the effort, you got to give them a solid B, maybe an A, and I am honest. You got to give them that much because there seemed like there'd be a lot of effort. The final grade sees what comes off the cutting room floor. Whatever they cut in the finished product, that's when I can give you the final grade.'

All this means that while he remains very positive about RealProWrestling's chances, he is still cautious.

'They've got a lot of quality information. How they do it, and how they want to divvy it up, that remains to be seen,' he concluded.

Source: ADCC


Quote of the Day

That it will never come again is what makes life so sweet.

Emily Dickinson Submitted by Stephen Hedrick

Super Brawl 27 Tentative Card
Blaisdell Arena, Honolulu, Hawaii
November 9, 2002

Main Event:
Wesley "Cabbage" Correira (Grappling Unlimited) vs. Jason Lambert (Williams Combat Grappling)

Ronald "The Machine Gun" Jhun (808 Fight Factory) vs. "Mr. International" Shonie Carter

Falaniko Vitale (Grappling Unlimited) vs. Sean McCully

"Ice Cold" Kolo Koka (Grappling Unlimited) vs. Akira Kikuchi

TBA vs. Jutaro Nakao

Ray "King Kong" Seraile (Grappling Unlimited) vs. Miles Tynanes

Deshaun Johnson (HMC) vs. Mark Moreno (Bulls Pen)

Kaipo Kalama vs. TBA

Kyle Takeo vs. TBA

Source: T. Jay Thompson

Shooto Hawaii Matches Annouced
Lahaina Civiv Center, Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii
December 7, 2002

Main Event:
Ray "Bradda" Cooper vs. Jay Buck

Semi Main Event:
Stephen "Bozo" Paling vs. TBA

7 Bouts To Be Announced

Special Guest Appearance To Be Announced Soon!!!

Source: Shooto Hawaii Promoter

Catching Up With... DAVE MENNE
by: Keith Mills

KM: Your last fight in the UFC, the Baroni KO, what happened?
DM: I just got caught, got clipped and just rolled downhill from there. I just need to get back in and see how the car runs, how the gears go and just take it one step at a time I guess. I just had a pretty bad year personal life and fights and everything. I'm just hoping to put the year behind me and start anew and build something again.

KM: I was noticing this seems to be an off year for you. I also noticed a slow down in the amount of fights you were taking with 6 in '97, 6 in '98, 12 in '99…but only 3 in '02.
DM: I've had more than that. There are fights that aren't documented so for a while I averaged at least 10 a year. The slowdown, part of it is the UFC exclusivity contract and letting you…where you can fight, stuff like that. Last year also I was injured much of the year, another part of the year I was spending in the hospital with my brother and family so I've been out of the loop the last year with injuries and helping my family try to help my brother back on his feet.

KM: Is he ok?
DM: He's ok in the sense he's alive but he's had some brain damage and actually now has to live in a nursing home. A lot of sideshow stuff besides the fighting going on.

KM: You didn't come out and say anything when you lost the belt to Bustamente about having the stomach virus but didn't you have one in between that and the Baroni fight? Open hand UAGF against Ferguson?
DM: He slipped in the third round and my contention is he got leg kicked for the 6th or 7th time and I saw him drop dead on the mat so as far as I'm concerned it was a knock down. He never got back up, his corner helped him out of the ring and they refused to do the overtime. After they refused to do the overtime they tried to bicker about that it was this way or they agreed to that but even before the fight they were changing what they said they agreed to. I said I was at a certain weight and they said 'you have to be under that weight'. I actually was, I was 189 and earlier in the day I was at 186. They go 'no, you have to be at 184 or 82. They changed their story two or three times while we were talking to them. We agreed to cut the agreed time limit down to two rounds with an overtime and then they decided 'no, we didn't agree to an overtime' afterwards. He refused to finish the fight and afterwards he contended 'oh, I could have kept on going' but an individual that can't walk on their own obviously can't continue to go on and if he was so primed and ready he should have just put his money where his mouth is and finished the fight.

KM: We've heard rumors of you in UCC.
DM: There's a possibility of UCC. (Manager Monte Cox) has been talking with them and other people and I think we're still in dealings with the UFC so it's yet to see exactly what's going to happen with that. We're going to try to go out and have some good performances, take the year as it comes I guess and hopefully have a better year than last.

KM: When the UFC first started going for mainstream media, at the time you had the belt and you were being projected as I wouldn't use the term sensitive but more educated and appealing to the mainstream. I remember reading about your cooking and classical studies.
DM: I like reading classical literature, philosophy, and some other various things.

KM: Going back to the Greeks?
DM: Back to the Greeks, French Revolution, anything. I like understanding ideas, understanding how ideas affect people's thinking and how someone clings to a certain ideologue how it may affect the way they act or the way they carry themselves through life.

KM: From a philosophy, not a psychology point of view?
DM: I'm interested in the philosophy and the psychology but I'm interested in the idea of 'truth' and ideas in general.

KM: Having never made it all the way through Zen And The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance as soon as you said the idea of 'truth' I cringed.
DM: And I read some of the pop philosophy. I've read Zen And The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance and I've read some of Watt's stuff and Christian Mertoux and other stuff like that. Plato…

KM: What have you been reading lately?
DM: The Underground Man by Dostoevsky, The Confidence Man by Melville, and a stupid horror book by Ludlum from this era…

KM: His Necroscope kind of stuff or his Lovecraft takeoffs?
DM: I don't even know what it was called. I didn't have anything with me in the airport and I grabbed it and read it through. It was ok. I bought I forget the name of it about Takamoto's grandfather that grew up in the deep South and died a few years before he got to know him and he's recounting his life through the stories the family knows about this guy. That's reading at the moment and dipping into Confidence Man and Underground Man, which I've already read but I'm trying to read once again.

KM: How do you feel about being projected, again I hesitate to use the term 'sensitive', but that way?
DM: I guess I don't really care about projection. I don't take them much into consideration. Maybe that's part of my problem, never forced a projection of myself out there. Any projection tends to be, especially with me, an untruth because there are so many other facets of my life. I do like reading classical literature, I like cooking, but at the same time I like stupid action shows and I like watching horror movies. To pigeonhole anything and pigeonhole anybody is a hard thing to do. With me I typically look at something and if I like it I like it and I don't necessarily decide if it gels with what I want people to think about me. At this point in my life I don't know if I really care that much.

KM: Several women I know who see some of the shows but don't follow the scene know who you are. They're like, 'how is that reader doing?' or 'when is that necklace tattoo guy fighting again?' You are the one they think of first as a consequence of that projection. Most eligible bachelor of MMA. Still single, right?
DM: Still single. Like I said I don't think its projection, its just things that I like to learn. I sometimes battle with that with training. I love training, I love fighting, the only thing that bothers me about training and fighting is I don't get the time to do some of the stuff I want to do. I don't get time to read a lot and there are things that I'd like to learn about, things that I'd like to do, and I don't get the time to do that when you're training a lot. Along with the time you don't have energy or the force to finish some of the things you start, so have a little time off you try to dive into some of the stuff you don't get to do. I think that's the only drawback of what I do is I spend a lot of time in the gym, most of my extra time in the gym doing that stuff. Only thing I probably take time to do is I run home after training and I take time to cook dinner every once in a while, spend an hour, hour and a half cooking dinner. Beyond that there isn't always a lot of free time for me and that can be a little irritating, you start to see your years pass away and there's so many things you want to do. That's just the nature of life; there's never enough time in the day.

Speaking of which you'll have to wait until part 2 to hear Dave speak about his school and his tattoos.

Source: ADCC


by: Eddie Goldman

He is usually an amiable, pretty laid-back sort of guy. Giant physical specimens like Rulon Gardner often are that way. So when we were posing for a photograph before commencing our interview right after the taping of a television pilot for RealProWrestling at the Los Angeles Center Studios on Oct. 26, we were requested to strike a casual stance.

'I've never been a professional, so I wouldn't know what casual is,' he cracked. And I replied that he is a real, professional wrestler now, with a record of 1-0.

But when I asked him about the proposed dropping of one style of wrestling by a commission of the International Olympic Committee (I.O.C.), the banter stopped. Now there was a touch of anger in the voice of this usually genial grappler. His response showed that not only could he wrestle with anyone on the mat, but also in a mental wrestling match as well.

'You look at freestyle, Greco. It's not a matter of which style,' Rulon said. 'It's an insult by the I.O.C. to even think about dropping one of the two original sports. If the I.O.C. is concerned about revenue and about money, the I.O.C. is the wrong place we need to be as wrestlers. We are one of the original sports. You look at the history of where our sport came from. That's a slap in the face and we shouldn't be associated with a group that is willing to go out there and throw us away because of revenue. You look at one sport that has had more interest or more spark after Kareline and my match over in Sydney. Freestyle, we had so many just tremendous moves and so many situations, so many great matches in Sydney, the people in Sydney were like, 'This sport is incredible! Where did it come from?' And they even talked about possibly dropping it before Sydney. And these are the people that had never heard of it, and they said, 'This sport is absolutely amazing.''

On a roll, he continued, 'To see people open their eyes, all you have to do is see wrestling, see it on TV, see it becoming RealProWrestling, to be able to see that, opens your eyes to a whole new world of wrestling. I think Greco here was more exciting. You saw people throwing. You had me and Billy [Pierce], where I came from in the last few months, and where Billy came from. He came out of retirement. You have some great athletes, great wrestlers, out here putting their love and putting everything they have on the line. There's really no money in wrestling. But we do it because we love the sport. If the I.O.C. is willing to cut us for that, for typical reasons to go out and add golf or add one of these other sports, to have more revenue, so be it. I think FILA is going to have a great idea. And if they don't want us to be an Olympic sport, that's fine. They don't deserve to have us as an Olympic sport, if the first thing they want to do is drop one of the original sports.'

I noted that if the I.O.C. does drop one style of wrestling, then the role of RealProWrestling becomes even that much more critical.

'That's one of the things we're going to have to deal with,' he said. 'We don't want to. We want to keep and promote the sport and build it back up, build college wrestling, build every aspect. Toby [Willis] coming in and Matt Case, all these people coming in and building, a great place like this, to have this studio where we can come in and wrestle. To have this place is absolutely amazing. And it gives the wrestlers and the sport of wrestling a new window and a new vision on the future.'

The wrestling world is also clamoring for a showdown between Rulon Gardner and this year's world champion heavyweight, Dremiel Byers. Rulon said he will face his American rival in the not too distant future.

'Oh, most definitely,' he assured us. 'They were trying to set us up at the Kurt Angle Classic. It didn't happen, so the next one may be Concord. The one after that may be the Schultz. If it doesn't happen there, we're going to wrestle at the Nationals. And if we don't meet there, we're going to meet at the Trials. We're going to meet sooner or later. I'm doing everything I can within my power to keep my feet under control and in my power. But Dremiel is a great wrestler, and he won the World Championships. He's the best in the world. I'm starting at the bottom. I got to come all the way back up to the top to be number one again. And if you're going to be the best, you got to beat the best. And he's definitely the best by far. So I got a challenge ahead of me. And when I meet him, I'll look forward to the situation. Until then, all I can do is everything within my power to be the best wrestler I can.'

I commented that even Dremiel Byers will be happy to see Rulon back out on the mat again.

'Ehhh, I don't know,' he replied. 'I don't know if he's going to be happy. I don't know if I'm going to be happy to see him. Truly, you know, who wants to really beat a world champion to make your team? That just tells you how competitive we are at heavyweight. Most people for years said heavyweights aren't that good. I told them, I said, 'Watch your back. Heavyweights, we're the best weight class by far in America.' And hopefully now people start to see the commitment that we have as heavyweights, and hopefully they can be successful. I'm not saying they have no commitment. You know, Kevin Bracken, just the work ethic everybody has. Sometimes calls go your way, sometimes they don't. And I've been lucky, I've been blessed, and I get to come back and hopefully I get to pursue my dream for another two or three years and hopefully win a gold medal. And if not, so be it.'

For many years the U.S. Greco-Roman wrestling team was an also-ran to the Soviets and later Russia and the former Soviet Republics. But now, between him and Byers, Americans have won the gold three years running at heavyweight. Rulon was clearly pleased at the development of the U.S. Greco program to a world-class level.

'You look at Americans. It's just the way we've always been,' he said. 'The heavyweights, we've been blessed to come out and win three in a row, but every weight class commits 100 percent. Every weight class is getting better, every style. American wrestling is getting a development from juniors, cadets, kids wrestling, all the way up to seniors, to veterans level. Every class of wrestling is getting better every day. And I think in America, Greco-Roman has taken the challenge. When we took the challenge, when Steve Fraser came in -- Mike Houck turned it over to Steve Fraser -- Steve Fraser said, 'Hey, you guys are going to be tough. You guys are going to come out and you guys are going to start winning world championships.' And that's the challenge we took. And I took it for two years. Byers took it this year. Next year somebody else is going to take it, and the year after. I think America -- Kevin Bracken is on the verge. Jim Gruenwald, Dennis Hall is on the verge. Every weight class. Quincey Clark, Matt Lindland. All of these guys are right on the verge. Brandon Paulson. Every one of these wrestlers has placed at the Worlds. Why can't we be the best in the world? We took third last year. This year we were in Russia. Things happen in Russia that maybe are tougher on Americans. But you know what? We are willing to step up and take the challenge every day and protect America and keep it strong and keep it, hopefully improving the wrestling to be better.'

So October 26 was a red-letter day for Rulon Gardner. He successfully returned to the mat, participated in the historic pilot for RealProWrestling, and earned his first victory as a pro.

'Everything I hoped for,' he concluded. And hopefully RealProWrestling will be everything everyone else involved had hoped for as well.

-- Eddie Goldman, wrestlingeditor@yahoo.com

Source: ADCC


Quote of the Day

"Looking to the stars always makes me dream, as simply as I dream over the black dots representing towns and villages on a map. Why, I ask myself, shouldn't the shining dots of the sky be as accessible as the black dots on the map of France?"

Vincent Van Gogh Submitted by Stephen Hedrick

by: Keith Mills

Las Vegas, NV-Tickets are now on sale for WFA3 in Las Vegas to be held at the Aladdin on November 23rd. With one more fight rumored to still be under wraps the rest of the card has been released and it looks like a good one.

Miletich vs. Trigg headlines the card and looks to be one hell of a fight. Trigg will want it to go along the lines of Miletich/Lindland where Pat would get mounted and pummeled by a superior wrestler while Miletich will want the fight to go like Trigg/Sakurai where he keeps the fight standing and waits for that one shot that will put Trigg away. Trigg has had two years since Sakurai to learn from his mistakes and improve his striking as well as being possibly the first fighter to be at Pat's true weight since Pat won the UFC belt, an advantage that is part of what has made Pat so successful. Pat's biggest strength is his teammates, and with UFC Welterweight champ and wrestling icon Matt Hughes fighting the night before in UFC you can bet the mortgage Pat and Matt will be spending a lot of time training together. Although Pat has talked about going into pro boxing don't be surprised if since Matt is training to fight Gil Castillo, known as a less than exciting decision grabber, Pat spends more time training to defend the takedown and wear Trigg down in his guard. Look for this one to be well chosen strikes on the feet but stalled on the ground with possibly the clinch being where the fight will be decided, possibly by cut in the later rounds.

A classic striker vs. grappler by today's definitions anyway, Eastman vs. Steibling will surely be a ground war. Steibling started in HOOKnSHOOT before losing a very boring decision to Matt Hughes' brother Mark in UFC 28. After winning a 16-man tournament a year ago in IVC (vale tudo rules) he fought in Pride, picking up a decision win over Wallid Ismail and a TKO over Allen Goes before falling to Anderson Silva. Ihis most recent fight was in September when he lost by decision in Pancrase to armbar terror Yuki Sasaki. Eastman, a vet of the first two WFAs as well as KOTC, is no BJJ stylist but more of a ground and pounder with incredible strength used to fighting heavier than Steibling. Both fighters need this win, for Steibling to get his limelight career back on track and for Eastman, who technically broke his two loss streak at the last WFA but against literal last minute replacement Tom Sauer, to legitimatize the belt.

Sure to be the show stealer Chris Brennan fights for his second time at 155 against Shooto #7 ranked Vitor 'Shaolin' Ribeiro. Brennan has been all over MMA for years at 170 with appearances in UFC and KOTC but it wasn't until his fight against #1 ranked Gomi in Shooto this summer that he dropped to 155. Brennan didn't seem to have the trouble cutting weight many people thought he would as he took the top ranked Gomi to a judges decision loss in Japan. 4-0 Ribeiro on the other hand is relatively new to MMA debuting at WFA 1 where he demonstrated his striking ability with repeated elbows and strikes to Charlie Kohler before picking choking unconscious Takumi Nakayama in HOOKnSHOOT and Joe Hurley in WFA2. His most recent win was by decision in Shooto against Hiroshi Tsuruya. Brennan will have the weight and experience advantage but Shaolin will have speed and age so definitely keep your eyes on this one.

Further down the card Rob McCullough vs. Josh Thomson will be a stand-up war, Mike Van Arsdale vs. Chris Haseman will be two Heavyweight wrestlers going at the ground and pound, and Todd Lally vs. Nigel Hudson will be two newcomers testing themselves at this level early in their careers.

WFA Welterweight Title Bout:
Pat Miletich vs. Frank Trigg

WFA Light Heavyweight Title Bout:
Marvin Eastman vs. Alex Steibling

WFA Co-Main Event:
Chris Brennan vs. Vitor Ribeiro
Mike Van Arsdale vs. Chris Haseman
Rob McCullough vs. Josh Thomson
Todd Lally vs. Nigel Hudson

Naughty By Nature are confirmed for a guest performance as well as the 'fightclub meets the nightclub' motif WFA is already famous for. Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased directly through the Aladdin Resort & Casino's box office (877-333-9474) and through all Ticketmaster locations (702-474-4000 or www.ticketmaster.com). Ticket prices range from $30, $50, $100, $150 and $200. A seating chart is available at www.aladdincasino.com and the WFA's website at http://www.wfa.tv/main.php

Source: ADCC

Kurt Angle Classic Update
by: Gary Abbott

USA Wrestling South Regional Training Center To Open on Nov. 8 in Metairie,
La. 10/31/2002

John Fuller/USA Wrestling

USA Wrestling First Vice President and Louisiana State Chairperson James Ravannack will unveil the new USA Wrestling South Regional Training Center at 6:30 pm.m. on Friday, Nov. 8 in Metairie, La.

The training center will be home to the Gator Wrestling Club, also founded by Ravannack, as well as provide training grounds for amateur wrestlers in the Southern Region in the U.S.

'We have nothing in the South for our kids to be able to train at an elite level,' Ravannack said. 'This will provide kids an opportunity to live out their dreams of becoming Olympic wrestling heroes without worrying about where to train or how to get there.'

The training center is 12,000 square feet. The wrestling room holds three and one half mats and it includes a state-of-the-art 40 feet by 40 feet weight room, the first of its kind in the South.

The idea for the training center began with the emergence of several wrestling stars from the South, including 2000 Olympic freestyle gold medalist Brandon Slay, who originates from Amarillo, Texas, 2000 U.S. Freestyle Olympic Team Trials runner-up Kerry Boumans, who is from Lafayette, La. and 2001 NCAA runner-up and 2002 Pan-American champion Daniel Cormier, also from Lafayette, La. Cormier was a three-time high school state champion and recently won the Sunkist Kids/ASU International Open in freestyle.

Ravannack feels that the training center has already paid dividends in the South region, though.

'These kids in the southern states know that they are going to have an opportunity that they have never had before. The wrestling community in the South and especially in Louisiana is excited about having this here in order to help develop Olympic champions,' Ravannack added.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony will be held on Friday, Nov. 8 at the South Regional Training Center, located at 1901 Severn Ave. in Metairie, La. Media are encouraged to attend the ribbon-cutting, which will also hold a 1996 Olympic medal reunion, which will include gold medalists Kendall Cross, Tom Brands and Kurt Angle.

The ribbon-cutting is part of the weekend*s festivites leading up to the Kurt Angle Classic, part of the 'Show of Strength', a competition that will include body building, power lifting, arm wrestling and a strong man contest. Included will be a hall with over 300 exhibits of products, supplements and other resources useful in athletics.

'I am excited and honored to be hosting this event along with USA Wrestling,' stated Angle, who after capturing Olympic gold in 1996 went on to become a WWE superstar. 'This is my way of giving back to the sport of wrestling. It should be an incredible atmosphere and putting the top wrestlers in the world against each other should help the sport of wrestling as well.'

There will be three sessions of competition. In session one, a Louisiana high school all-star dual meet will take place on Friday afternoon.

Sessions two and three will pit the top U.S. stars in all three Olympic styles (men's freestyle, men's Greco-Roman, women's freestyle) battling against some of the top international competitors in the world.

'USA Wrestling is excited to host the first-ever Kurt Angle Classic,' stated Pete Isais, USA Wrestling Director of National Events. 'It is a great way for our athletes to earn more money this season. This event has been further enhanced due to the fact that our men*s freestyle World Team was unable to compete at the 2002 World Championships, so this will may be the only time some of these athletes get to see a competitor of this caliber for a while.'

Wrestling will take place in an entertaining atmosphere. Matches will be enhanced with music, up-close interviews and cutting-edge production techniques that are certain to make this one of the most fan-friendly and stunning amateur wrestling events ever.

For more information on the Kurt Angle Classic, visit www.showofstrength.com.

Source: ADCC

"Brawl" a Limp-Wristed Effort
Book review by Jake Rossen

Mama always said, if you don't have anything nice to say, keep your big yap shut.

As I got older, despite Mama's claims to the contrary, I eventually figured out that saying nice things all the time means anything you say will eventually lose all meaning. Give credit where it's due, and don't where it's not. If you act the genial host all the time, it's probably not long before you wind up being quoted on an "Eight Legged Freaks" poster as Ray Boran from WXBY-TV in Kapookla, Alabama: "A spine-tingling good time!" You know the type. Not a negative bone in their body.

So despite the venomous nature of the effort, it's with some measure of obligation that I do solemnly declare "Brawl: A Behind-The-Scenes Look at Mixed Martial Arts Competition" (Erich Krauss and Bret Aita, ECW Press, $19.95) to be a redundant, vacuous tome that would be a particular delight for MMA fans were it not for the pre-existing "No Holds Barred: Evolution" history penned by Clyde Gentry nearly a year prior. Those expecting Krauss and Aita to pick up where Gentry left off (somewhere around UFC's first jaunt into Japan in 1997) and dig deep into the five full years following will be sorely disappointed. This is one warmed-over offering.

To get just one thing straight, and in the interest of full disclosure: my byline can occasionally be seen in the pages of Gentry's "Ultimate Athlete" periodical, which might lead one to believe that I'm automatically predisposed to raking what may be seen as "the competition" over the coals in the interests of pleasing my sometime employer.

Nothing doing. While I feel Gentry's book was and is a unique and necessary component of any self-respecting fan's bookshelf, the fact is, I never see a dime from the sales. If "Brawl" had blown away Gentry's attempts in prose and fact-finding, so be it. With such a slim pickings in the way of accredited MMA titles, the more the merrier, and I would've been pleased to shout as much from the rafters. Editor Gentry would likely have seen fit to do the same in his own pages.

But such is not the case, at least not in my view. "Brawl" is simply a compilation of the old chestnuts that fans have heard kicked around for years, and were later documented in Gentry's book. The Gracies dominate the Brazilian scene. Rorion comes to America. SEG fires off the first UFC. Gerard Gordeau gets some of Tuli's teeth stuck in his foot. Tank Abbott is a boor. Politicians are evil. Etc.

There is nothing inherently wrong with any of this, should you be a new welcome to the MMA fold. Nor do I mean to imply that Krauss and Aita in any way plagiarized Gentry's work: more than likely, both projects were being researched at the same time. But even if "Brawl" had beaten "NHB: Evolution" to bookshelves, it wouldn't have made much difference. Gentry solicited help from several key players in the 1990s MMA scene, including Bob Meyrowitz and Tank Abbott. While the authors here certainly have their laundry list of quotables, it noticeably lacks participation from those and others deeply entrenched in the sport's genesis.

Oddly, many chapters from both books even seem to take on the same breaks with the same subject matter: both are fascinated (rightfully so) with Buddy Albin's descent into psychosis with his plagiaristic IFC show in Kiev and the resulting Mafioso drama. As a reader, I don't question the importance of such setpieces: I question the reason why I need to read about them twice over, with nary a new revelatory detail.

Things grow so redundant at one point that even perpetual foot-in-mouth patient John Perretti is left with nothing new to say regarding mentor Gene LeBell:

From NHB: Evolution: "After studying boxing, Perretti's thirst for martial arts wisdom took him to LeBell, 'who unceremoniously convinced me that I knew nothing about fighting.'"

From Brawl: "'I met Gene LeBell,' says Perretti, 'and I learned that I didn't know anything about fighting.'"

And so it goes, like a bad case of double vision, from the UFC's formative years to their battles with John McCain and the eternally clueless ragamuffin New York Athletic Commission. Deja vu all over again.

Only out of a sense of duty and as a completist did I make it through the first two hundred pages of "Brawl," at which point things picked up a bit with fighter profiles, including one on the oft-incommunicado Igor Vovchanchin. The authors' affiliation with Bob and Ken Shamrock also seemed to have a positive effect on their depiction of the re-emerging UFC star, with details about his formative years absent even in his own "Inside the Lion's Den" offering.

Of particular nuisance to both MMA history books are the plodding fight and event descriptions, which are of utterly no consequence to anyone who's got a dog-eared collection of UFC tapes that have seen heavy replay. I suppose it's necessary to excuse them in the interests of those who have never picked up a video.

I'm not exactly sure what I was expecting from "Brawl": perhaps some taboo anecdotes of late-night fisticuffs, or shady business deals, or training sessions gone awry. What I got was little more than a retread of an engrossing story already chronicled and polished by the capable Gentry. "Brawl" is neither poorly written nor factually incompetent. It's simply more of the same.

Source: Maxfighting


FIGHTWORLD Brazil: There's almost one year since you fought on the Brazilian NHB show called Brazilian Gladiators. Why did it take so long to us see you back on the ring? Jaoude: Because I competed a lot in Wrestling this year, and another opportunity in NHB appeared for me in July, but unfortunately things didn't happen because my opponent got injured.

FIGHTWORLD Brazil: You're a fighter who always make it very clear that you prefer to compete in Wrestling than to fight NHB. Why did you decide to fight NHB again? Jaoude: First off, I've been always very involved with NHB here at the Ruas VT System. I was one of the Marco Ruas's sparring partners when he fought and won the UFC 7, so I've been training NHB for a long time. Another reason is that I need money to keep myself training Wrestling and unfortunately I can't make the same money which I can get in NHB. The new Brazilian Wrestling Council has been helping me a lot but the older Council did a lot of bad things for the sport here in Brazil, so the people who're in front of the Brazilian Wrestling Council right now will need some more time to put everything in order.

FIGHTWORLD Brazil: How is the Brazilian Wrestling nowadays? Jaoude: The new Council is wonderful and we'll get much better! We've got some great advances since they assumed control, and for sure we'll see some great Brazilians Wrestlers fighting in NHB in the future, the same way that happens with the Americans Wrestlers.

FIGHTWORLD Brazil: How did this opportunity to fight on the Reality Fighting 2 appear for you? Jaoude: Well as I said before, this opportunity to fight in an international event appeared before, last July when I was scheduled to face Sean Alvarez. But he got an injury and he couldn't fight me. After this they chose another opponent to face me but for some reason he couldn't face me either. So I've been very anxious for my international NHB debut since then. Now I'll face a Renzo Gracie student (Rob Constance).

FIGHTWORLD Brazil: Is that true that you were also scheduled to fight on the WFA 3? Jaoude: Yes, I would face Mike Van Arsdale, but John Lewis chose to put an American fighter against him. So I'll have to wait until next year to have my opportunity to fight on this show.

FIGHTWORLD Brazil: Do you know something about this Renzo Gracie student who you'll be facing? Jaoude: I don't know anything about him.

FIGHTWORLD Brazil: How do you prepare yourself to face someone who you don't know anything about? Jaoude: Obviously he has a Jiu Jitsu background. So I'll try to keep the fight on our feet for a while. But since he's American, I believe that he has also a Wrestling background.

FIGHTWORLD Brazil: If you get a good result on the RF 2, do you think that you'll be able to administrate your career as a NHB fighter and also as a wrestler? Jaoude: I always take my training partner Renato 'Babalu' as an example who even with his NHB success is always fighting on Wrestling tourneys. So I don't think that this will be a great issue for me, even if I get the opportunity to fight in a bigger event than RF 2.

FIGHTWORLD Brazil: Do you've any plans to fight in Pride or UFC? Jaoude: Yes, I always have the desire to fight in Pride due the respect which the Japanese fans have for the fighters. But since I'm going to fight on the USA, maybe I get some recognition on the NHB community fighting there, and this can open some doors on the U.S.A for me. But I don't choose events. I just try to get the better opportunities.

FIGHTWORLD Brazil: Until the last year, the Heavyweight class was always considered the most difficult weight class in NHB. But today this weight class has been getting even tougher with fighters such as Bob Sapp appearing. Do you think that the Heavyweights fighters will drop their weight to try to avoid giants like Sapp? Jaoude: I don't think this way. Rodrigo 'Minotauro' Nogueira fought against Sapp and his technique spoke louder. I believe in the fighters heart, in the skills and the bravery. I saw many examples in NHB, Jiu Jitsu and Wrestling competition that the size isn't the most important thing.

FIGHTWORLD Brazil: It seems that fighters with Sapp's size will be seen more frequently in the NHB shows in the next year. Does it represent any kind of danger for you? Jaoude: The only way to see if they really represent a real danger for us when we see them in action. But before this, there'll be always a question about their skills.

FIGHTWORLD Brazil: What is your weight today? Jaoude: 107Kg.

FIGHTWORLD Brazil: Is this your ideal weight or would you like to be a bit heavier? Jaoude: I'm feeling very good at this weight, but I think that if I was weighing something between 110kg-112kg, I'd be feeling very comfortable too. I think that Ivery good weight range and I'm able to join my technique to my strength.

FIGHTWORLD Brazil: You haven't been training Submission or NHB, since you've been putting all your ifforts into the Wrestling. So how has your been preparation for this fight in RF II? Jaoude: You're right. At the start of my preparation, I had some problems training, since I was only focused on Wrestling. My arms were very slow for training in Boxing, and I had lost my fluid ground game. But today I can say that everything is ok.

FIGHTWORLD Brazil: Pedro Rizzo hasn't been training due his surgery on his nose. Who else are you training with now? Jaoude: I've been training with a fighter who fought among the Heavyweights - Ebenezer Braga, and Roberto 'The Spider' Traven. So I've been able to cover for Rizzo's absence, training with these tough guys.

FIGHTWORLD Brazil: Last words? Jaoude: I'd like to say thanx to SNC, Pedro Gama Filho, Gavea Gym and Dr. Marc Hudson. I want to win all my fights, but if I can't to do this, I'd like for the Brazilian fans to realize that I put a great show for them with with a lot of bravery and humility. Thanx

Source: ADCC


Quote of the Day

"Every great advance in science has issued from a new audacity of imagination."

John Dewey

A GLimpse at ZUFFA's 2003 Plans?

A news release in Japan today reports that the ULTIMATE FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIP is scheduling an event to take place in Japan for the first time in two years. The UFC, who has been securing venues around aall four corners of the U.S., and has branched out to the United Kingdom, is now looking at Yokohama, Japan as a site for their summer 2003 show.

WOWOW TV has been airing the UFC live in Japan for the past several shows and will be sponsoring the event to air LIVE on Japanese PPV instead of free cable.

In the past WOWOW sponsored Akira Maeda's RINGS show until they changed their format to 'real fighting.' The format change caused RINGS to lose much of it's popularity and forcing it to close after WOWOW cut funding.

This will be the UFC's first Japanese show under the Zuffa management and will take place at the Yokohama Arena. The last UFC Japan show saw Tito Ortiz submit Pancrase star Yuki Kondo with a neck crank back on 12/16/2000.

Source: ADCC

PRIDE 23 - 2 Additional Matches Announced!

DATE: November 24th, 2002
OPEN: 3:00 PM START 5:00 PM
PLACE: Tokyo Dome, Japan (Aichi-Pref , Japan)

PIC: Hiromitsu Kanehara with PRIDE owner in Tokyo on OCtober 31st

HOT OFF THE PRESSES: Today (October 31st) in Japan, DSE/PRIDE announced two additional matches for PRIDE 23.

PRIDE middle weight championship:
Vanderlei Silva vs Mitsuhiro Kanehara

Murilo Ninja vs Ricardo Arona


Nobuhiko Takada vs Kiyoshi Tamura
Don Frye vs Hidehiko Yoshida

Source: Booker K

The Brazilian Beat
By Eduardo Alonso

Minotauro likely not going to Battleship; Marco Ruas ready to go again; MECA 7 looking to sell out!

We're almost in November already and things are really heating up in Brazil! In a time where news about new events is popping up all the time, the "newest promotion in town," Battleship, has begun to draw attention from the press. Since "The Beat" maintains the policy of commenting on facts and correct information only, this column hasn't commented on this event until now, but with some rumors popping up around the 'net lately with Brazilian fighters names involved, we decided to clear up some things for the readers. Setting aside the to come in 2003, there are still several big shows taking place in the upcoming month of November of 2002, and PRIDE 23 is one of them with rumored fights becoming reality on a daily basis and MECA 7 heating up Curitiba for yet another night of pure Brazilian NHB action. In addition to all the upcoming event news, veteran NHB fighter and UFC legend Marco Ruas is ready to return to the ring, and since he always laid some beat downs on his opponents, take your seat and get ready to read a lot 'cause the "Brazilian Beat" is back in FCF!

NHB legend Marco Ruas is finally fully recovered from his broken hand. Marco suffered the injury while training for a UFO fight against Murakami Kazunari, and had to withdraw from the event that saw Wallid Ismail crush the Japanese fighter. Now the UFC 7 champion tells FCF that he is not only fully recovered, but training hard and ready to fight again! Despite several comments in NHB circles to the contrary, Ruas guaranteed us that he isn't thinking about retirement and hopes to get back in the ring - before the end of 2002 if possible. Still on the subject of the "King of the Streets," Marco Ruas and his wife just celebrated their 18th anniversary! FCF wishes the best for the couple and hopes they'll still happy and together in the years to come.

Ruas Vale Tudo team member Renato Babalu is currently training very hard in the USA for his upcoming UFC 40 bout against Chuck Liddell. This will be the last fight in Renato's UFC contract and the Brazilian fighter is very clear on the fact that this is the fight of his life, so he isn't taking "The Iceman" lightly by any means. According to his master, Marco Ruas, Babalu is dedicating himself to training with amazing discipline and has been looking to sharpen up his Muay Thai skills for the fight. Renato Babalu is also reported to be showing tremendous cardio condition and FCF will continue to follow his preparation.

Chute Boxe star Vanderlei Silva is continuously training hard for his title defense at PRIDE 23, probably against Hiromitsu Kanehara. Silva has been training full time and is no longer sporting the stitches on the gash he received during a training session with fellow teammate Jamanta. "The Axe Murderer" told Full Contact Fighter this week that he is amazed with the amount of punching power he is developing in training and is looking to a stand-up brawl against his next opponent.

Still on the subject of Chute Boxe and PRIDE 23, at this point is very highly likely that Chute Boxe star Murilo "Ninja" Rua and former Brazilian Top Team member/RINGS champion Ricardo Arona will face each other in the ring at the Tokyo Dome in November. The fight isn't signed yet, but it's considered a done deal among NHB circles in Brazil.

Jiu-Jitsu legend Mario Sperry is definitely out of PRIDE 23. Despite some early intentions from DSE to maybe use him on their November card, Mario told FCF he won't be competing in the show since he isn't training properly for a fight now and has been focusing on helping his students and teammates for their next fights. The Zen Machine's next step will be a travel to Curitiba to corner his student Luizao, and other BTT members Haroldo Cabelinho Bunn and Jucao for their MECA 7 fights.

Since some fans are always wondering and asking about Chute Boxe heavyweight Assuerio Silva, "The Beat" decided to give an update on his current status. The MECA and PRIDE veteran is currently fully healed from his knee injury that took him out of action for so long, and he is training as hard as ever with the Chute Boxe team in Curitiba. Assuerio is reported to be much stronger now, due to all the time he spent in the weight-room during his absence from the ring, and is eager to fight again. Assuerio is likely to make his return at PRIDE 24 in December.

There has been much talk lately about a new NHB promotion in America, called Battleship. Since there's Brazilian fighter's names being tossed around in relation to the new show, this column decided to clear some things up about the situation. The event will hold two 4-man tournaments - one middleweight & one heavyweight. It will most likely take place on January 31st and the prize money for the tourney winner is reported to be U.S. $250,000 Dollars. Contracts are flying around the globe looking to attract several top NHB stars. However, although it has been reported elsewhere that PRIDE heavyweight champion Rodrigo "Minotauro" Nogueira is close to signing for this event, this is not the case. In fact Minotauro is very likely NOT going to fight at Battleship and still has a fight left in his PRIDE contract, which will happen still in 2002.

UFC Middleweight champion Murilo Bustamante is training hard in Rio de Janeiro, both preparing his students and teammates and keeping himself in fighting shape. As of now Bustamante hasn't signed any deals with any events, and is still studying offers from several events. It is still too early to say if Murilo will be fighting at the Battleship promotion, return to the UFC or go to Japan to fight, the only sure thing is that "Bustamove" will be fighting again in 2003 and still plans to fight for several years to come.

MECA World Vale Tudo 7 is getting closer and things are heated in Curitiba! The promotion of the event is going at full force with advertisements on local radio stations and cars going around the city announcing the event over P.A. systems. Tickets are already on sale and the promoters are expecting a packed house as in the last show, however this time they'll open the gates earlier to try to avoid a situation with more than 2.000 people being left without a ticket like in MECA 6, due to the event's huge success. As the city's excitement over the biggest NHB event in Brazil is huge, fighters are also finishing up their preparations… Chute Boxe coach Rudimar Fedrigo told FCF that Mauricio "Shogun" Rua and Nilson de Castro are on the top of their games, and American fighter Dave Phillips is already back in Brazil and ready for his fight against Mario Sperry's black belt Luis Orlando. Also, as MECA is attracting more and more attention from the NHB world, PRIDE's Koichi Kawasaki has confirmed that he will be on hand as a special guest at the event on November 8th. Full Contact Fighter will continue to follow the last minute preparations for MECA 7.

Source: FCF

Busy 2002 Continues for "Superman"
By Jason Probst (October 31, 2002)

In the ups and downs of being a professional fighter, Dennis Hallman has faced the best, beat the best, and lost to the best. His most notable accomplishment is something no one else can claim: having defeated Matt Hughes twice, both wins taking a cumulative total of just over twenty seconds. It's what makes him a dangerous submission artist, yet the Olympia, Washington native disappeared from the big-fight spotlight after losing a decision to Jens Pulver in UFC 33 a year ago.

He's been active in small shows, and when he tangles with Betiss Mansouri Friday in King of the Cage, it will be the fifth fight this year for "Superman". Keeping busy in 2002, Hallman, who has fought notables such as Dave Menne, Amaury Bitetti, and Caol Uno, figures to be very effective in King of The Cage. His past habit of jumping up and down in weight - fighting everywhere from 155 to 185 - is gone now. He's the #2 ranked 170-lb. KOTC contender, and he's looking to start moving up again and get the championship.

"I was supposed to fight the champion in this fight but the Stevenson-Aram fight kept getting bumped," Hallman said (Romie Aram decisioned Joe Stevenson for the KOTC title October 19). "(Mansouri) is a jiu-jitsu guy. He beat one of my students, so I guess it's kind of a revenge thing." Placidly said, though, because Hallman has already dealt with a "bad blood" type of fight, his battle with Pulver, and took the experience of his tough defeat with him.

"I had torn shoulder before the fight, and got hit in the ear during the fight and broke my eardrum," Hallman recalled. "I cut too much weight and my IV didn't work properly. He's a good guy and a normal guy, a good champion." It was odd, though, to see a fighter who had debuted at UFC so spectacularly with his quick arm bar of Hughes to suddenly disappear from the event after the Pulver match. Hallman isn't particularly bothered by it, though.

"I just think they're afraid I'll beat their champion. They're trying to get a lot of up and coming fighters probably for financial reasons," Hallman said. It's a common refrain from MMA fighters, who tend to go through the revolving door of contractual ties to various events at a rate that would make an NFL or NBA GM blush. But the one thing remains: Hallman has beaten Matt Hughes twice, quickly and effectively. And as Hughes' stardom grows with his constantly improving game, Hallman's wins look that much more impressive. A state champion wrestler in high school at 135 lbs., he uses that background as a base while working on his striking.

One thing that makes Hallman fun to watch is his willingness to try unique moves, such as a flying double front kick, or his quick transition into a submission from virtually any angle. For a guy with a wrestling background, he fights more like a crowd-pleaser, and his submissions are a more likely outcome than the typical ground-and-pound used by wrestlers.

With a record of 10-6, he's fairly experienced for the sport. Mansouri's ledger stands at 3-0-1, and he figures to give Hallman a tough go with his ground skills. It's that willingness to try whatever works, whatever can be grasped in a split-second, that helped make Hallman the only man to beat Hughes twice. It's what he's hoping will happen again Friday night.

Source: Maxfighting

(Part One)

by Eddie Goldman

It would be hard to find anyone at the taping of a television pilot for RealProWrestling at the Los Angeles Center Studios on Oct. 26 who was happier about the event than Rulon Gardner. Sure, the 2000 Olympic gold medalist and 2001 world champion Greco-Roman heavyweight wrestler won his match against Billy Pierce by a 2-0 margin. But this was the first time that the mammoth native of Afton, Wyoming, who now trains at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, had competed since a February snowmobile accident that left him trapped overnight in subzero temperatures in a Wyoming forest.

Numerous skin grafts and the amputation of a toe followed. 'My doctor said at day two, 'You're going to lose both your feet. You'll never wrestle again,'' recalled Rulon. Yet here he was, six months and 12 days after nearly losing his life in the snowy woods, winning yet another wrestling match in front of 500 exuberant fans and the many television cameras capturing this event.

'I think my conditioning is probably about 95 to 98 percent to where it was at the Worlds and at the Olympics,' he said. 'The last few percent is a big jump, but right now everything is in order. Right now it was more of, how do the feet feel, don't do too much. Don't hurt your toes. Protect your toes as much as you can. So I tried to do that as much as I could, and the feet responded remarkably well under duress. And they came back. And every little situation I wanted to control -- I didn't want to give Billy a good situation -- and I was physically able to pummel inside with him, to pull him back up. If he got a good advantage, I could pull him back up and set him up. And if he continued to attack me, I hopefully was going to throw him on his head. And that was something that he knew was coming, and if he would have kept attacking. So he backed down and I ended up getting the victory 2-0.'

But he does admit that his injuries have not yet entirely healed. 'If I look at it, I probably have to say it's almost 80 percent of where it used to be,' he admitted. 'The ability to set my feet, to explode, push, dig, grab like I used to with my feet. It's not quite there, but a month ago I was at 50 percent. A month before that I was at maybe ten percent. So right now, every day it's miraculous to see them recover. And if you get a chance to look at my feet, you'd see where they are now. And if you had seen them two or three months ago, you'd have said it's a miracle.'

This also meant that he was savoring this victory as something special. 'One victory is a great thing, especially right now,' he said. Besides being a good sign of his own physical recovery, however, Gardner also saw this entire RealProWrestling event as being special.

'To have this production, you're wondering what the word production means. But to have wrestling put on a show like this and kind of in the mainstream, and to see real grappling, real wrestling technique used, and this format, it makes it exciting,' he said.

The new rules used by RealProWrestling did have a major effect on Gardner's strategy, especially the push-out rule that awarded a point when one wrestler pushed the other out-of-bounds. In addition, there was a five-foot sloping drop off the edge of the mat onto the concrete floor of the studio, with stuntmen trying to catch the wrestlers who fell or were thrown off the raised platform in which the mat stood.

'There was no way I was going to do anything crazy on the edge of the mat and try to score extra points,' Gardner said. 'I was just happy enough to keep it under control and neither of us to get out of position to where one of us got hurt going over the edge or something. And that makes a big impact on a wrestler's thinking. You definitely want to keep everything in the middle of the mat. You have to learn how to pummel different. You have to have controlled pummel. And it's a lot different than the wide-open pummel not caring if you go out-of-bounds or not. And I like it that way. I like it to be more of almost a technical sport, to where you can use technique, but then you can use conditioning to get the little advantage. Sometimes when you're in a wide-open match, you could be in a lot better shape than the guy that you're in, but he can run far enough to where it doesn't really penalize him.'

The push-out rule proved decisive in his 120kg/264.5 lbs. match where he represented Team Black in defeating veteran Billy Pierce of Team Red by a 2-0 score. Both of Gardner's points came as the result of push-outs. 'It made this sport, this RealProWrestling, exciting,' he beamed.

Because of this new push-out rule, there were no scoreless first periods, no overtimes, and thus no periods starting from the clinch position.

Gardner added his own analysis how these new rules affected the freestyle heavyweight match between Kerry McCoy of Team Red, who defeated Brian Keck of Team Black, 10-3.

'When Kerry stepped out first but he came around and scored, the ref didn't catch it,' noted Gardner. 'There's little, tiny mistakes a wrestler makes that can either cost you or could help you. And I think it was exciting. We didn't have to go to the clinch because one wrestler will make a little mistake, and that little mistake in this sport, in RealPro, was exemplified, and basically was put under a microscope, because that one little step that the wrestler would have made was no big deal before. That one little step is a catastrophic mistake. In my match, there were two catastrophic mistakes that won the match for me, and I didn't have to continue to be too aggressive. I was able to go out and do the things that were smart and important for me to win the match.'

Another of the new rules that proved critical in the McCoy-Keck match involved team scoring. In RealProWrestling, when there is a decision, the winning wrestler's team gets the differential of the score from the individual match. Going into the freestyle heavyweight match, McCoy's team was behind by a 21-12 score. That meant that the 2000 Olympian and two-time NCAA champion McCoy had to win by 10 points for his team to triumph.

'That's one of the things that Keck was waiting for. That was one of the things that was in his advantage,' Gardner said. 'He had to lose by ten. If he lost by ten, it would have been tied up. It would have been a different battle. But Keck played it smart. And McCoy did a great thing. McCoy kept on battling. You can't say, 'Oh gee, I look down on McCoy.' McCoy did what he did. He came ahead 10-1, and he ended up giving up two. It was 10-3. There's nothing more that McCoy could have done.'

McCoy was actually ahead 8-0 in the second period, then 10-1 after a takedown with about 22 seconds remaining. But he shot again with about five seconds to go, and was countered by Keck who scored a takedown of his own. That made the match 10-3 for McCoy, but still had his team losing the meet, 21-19.

'One of the things he could have done was make a bigger mistake and got caught and pinned for being too aggressive,' Gardner said of his fellow heavyweight and Olympian, McCoy. 'He decided, hey, he was happy with the victory personally. But then his team lost. You can't really put that upon him because he won his match, 10-3. He gained seven points for his team. And the other teammates should have carried a little bit more. But he did a great job. The last takedown was a little mistake on him, but he gave everything he had in the match, and that's all you can ask Kerry to give.'

To be continued. -- Eddie Goldman, wrestlingeditor@yahoo.com

Source: ADCC
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