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February News Part 1
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Quote of the Day

"You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don't try."

Beverly Sills

Super Brawl on K-5

Remember there's Super Brawl on K5 tonight at about 1:00 am!

New Relson Gracie Academy in Kaneohe

Starting this Saturday, the Relson Gracie Kaneohe Academy will open its doors. Big Ron Shiraki will be the main instructor, so if you are in the Windward area please stop by and check out his academy. He is a very nice guy and will help to increase the strength of the Relson Gracie team.

As is the norm for Hawaii affiliated academies, it is $40 a month, $20 more and you can free train at the main academy on Queen Street and your first class is free.

Relson Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Kaneohe Academy

Kaneohe, Oahu, Hawaii

Ronn Shiraki, Instructor (Purple Belt)
Relson Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Kaneohe Academy
45-1052 Kamehameha Highway, 2nd Floor
(Inside Smith Tae Kwon Do Center)
Kaneohe, Hawaii 96744
(808) 387-1961

Class Schedule:


Mixed Levels

Murilo Bustamante:
UFC Middleweight Champion on TOP!

The latest edition of Brazil's legendary Gracie Magazine features a rare sight indeed - a smiling Murilo Bustamante! The cover features Murilo with the UFC gold!

The UFC's latest Middleweight kingpin, known for his serious demeanor, may have reason to be happy! He took home the UFC Middleweight title at the last UFC, with a stunning knockout over Dave Menne. After returning to Brazil, word is that Bustamante has turned down a 6 figure offer from Japan to stay on with UFC.

It is rumored that the offer, from the DEEP organization, was against a major Japanese star. Bravo to Murilo! It should be noted that ZUFFA clearly makes an extra effort to keep their champions exclusive, so kudos to them for any 'behind the scenes' work they may have done to keep Bustamante happy.

What is next for Bustmante? He may attend the March 9th HOOKnSHOOT in Indiana, where several young TOP TEAM fighters will be competing.

Immediately on the horizon at 185 lbs. is probably the winner of Pat Miletich and Matt Lindland at the upcoming UFC. Look for Dave Menne to square off against Andrei Semenov in an upcoming show, with the winner of that bout also emerging as a potential opponent for Bustamante. Menne, ever the workhorse, may have to do a hard fight before getting his rematch.

If you can read Portuguese, visit the GRACIE MAGAZINE WEBSITE!

Source: Abu Dhabi

PT 1&2: The 'ALL-NEW' UFC And
The New Revisionism:

Part 1

It seems that many in the mixed martial arts world are so hungry for mainstream press coverage that anytime some reporter figures out that he should speak to some of the fighters and actually watch a couple of fights before writing a piece about them, they are automatically thrilled. So after mixed martial arts had endured years of totally irresponsible and scandalously horrid reporting, now that it is getting some mildly positive reporting, few are still ready to criticize gross inadequacies in these pieces.

Take the case of the recent article in the ESPN magazine, in their Feb. 04 edition, as they label it, entitled 'Love Taps,' by Tim Struby. For whatever reason, it took over half a year for this to be published, since it mainly focuses on the UFC 32 show of June 29 at the Meadowlands. One doubts all this extra time was used up in fact-checking.

For starters, we are told about Struby's visit to Huntington Beach where he encountered 'four big, menacing white guys' in a car -- I'll assume he got the model right -- who are 'Huntington Beach's corps of ultimate fighters.' These four 'white guys' included Tito Ortiz (who is of Hispanic and white descent) and Ricco Rodriguez (who is of Puerto Rican and Italian descent).

Now, there are some in the mixed martial arts world that have expressed, at least privately, the hope that it can become the great white alternative to boxing. But nothing can undo what Jesse Owens, Joe Louis, Jackie Robinson, Muhammad Ali, and so many others of so many diverse racial and national backgrounds have done in the world of sports. For those uneducated on this topic, since this is Black History Month (also usually ignored in mixed martial arts), check out any number of the shows and articles on the desegregation of professional sports, including some on ESPN's very own television network, for elaboration on this point.

While Struby may have not had any ill intentions, it is inexcusable for a journalist to make such a blunder. This is especially true since besides the live fights he covered, he spent five days in Huntington Beach with Tito, Ricco, and their crew.

Struby continues by telling us, 'The executives at Zuffa LLC, which bought UFC last year, have made it a warmer, fuzzier place, implementing five weight classes and a litany of rules -- no groin attacks or spinal shots, for starters -- while standardizing equipment and judges. The makeover -- and the promise of new tax revenues -- was enough to prompt both Nevada and New Jersey to sanction Mixed Martial Arts, the 'sport' of the ultimate fighter.'

Certainly Zuffa deserves tremendous credit for the way in which they have dealt with athletic commissions. But the rules mentioned above, such as outlawing groin shots, were all adopted long before there was a Zuffa, most in 1997 or before, and when states like Nevada and New Jersey refused to consider sanctioning UFC. In fact, New Jersey hosted, and its athletic board sanctioned, both UFC and IFC shows in Sept. 2000. Zuffa didn't buy UFC until Jan. 2001. In Dec. 2000, future Zuffa brass Lorenzo Fertitta and Dana White still represented Tito Ortiz, and joined him in the Octagon following his defeat of Yuki Kondo in the UFC 29 in Japan.

Further, as I mentioned in 'The Ultimate Resurrection' article on this web site in Dec., Marc Ratner, executive director of the Nevada State Athletic Commission, commented about former UFC owner Bob Meyrowitz, 'He deserves a lot of credit. He was the father of it. If the company still was his, we would have approved it.'

The point here is not to downplay what Zuffa accomplished in the legal and political fields. Rather, it is to demonstrate that what they did was a continuation and extension of what others had started and gone quite far with in reorganizing the mixed martial arts as a sport, long before they set foot on the scene.

What this also means is that this new revisionist view that there is some wall between the 'old' and 'all-new' UFC's is inaccurate. Yet this is exactly the theme that seems to underlie Struby's piece -- and, not coincidentally, the positioning by Zuffa of UFC in its marketing.

Look no further than Struby's phrase about the 'old' UFC: 'its biggest star, David 'Tank' Abbott.' There it is, on p. 92, if you care to look it up. Now, Tank was certainly ONE of the early UFC's biggest stars. I, for one, think he should be considered for a return to the Octagon whenever his old pro 'wrestling' contract allows (if that hasn't happened already), but that is another issue.

To anoint Tank UFC's 'biggest star' is just false. To use but one of many measures, here again is the list of the UFC's with the highest buy rates on U.S. pay-per-view television, with their main events, according to Showtime Entertainment Television's Decade in Review report, covering the 1990s:


1 -- UFC 5, April 7, 1995, Ken Shamrock vs. Royce Gracie, Dan Severn wins tournament -- 240,000 buys
2 -- UFC 4, December 16, 1994, Royce Gracie vs. Dan Severn in tournament finals -- 190,000 buys
3 -- UFC 7, September 8, 1995, Ken Shamrock vs. Oleg Taktarov, Marco Ruas wins tournament -- 190,000 buys
4 -- UFC 8, February 16, 1996, Ken Shamrock vs. Kimo, Don Frye wins 'David vs. Goliath' tournament -- 160,000 buys
5 -- UFC 6, July 14, 1995, Ken Shamrock vs. Dan Severn 1, Oleg Taktarov wins tournament -- 150,000 buys

Part II

The only show of these on which Tank fought was the fifth one on the list, as he tapped out in the finals of the UFC 6 tournament to Oleg Taktarov. This was also his UFC debut, and it is doubtful that many tuned in specifically to see him at that time, since he was then largely unknown to most no-holds-barred fans (we called it that in those days, folks).

Who was actually UFC's 'biggest star,' what was his impact, and how does this relate to today's UFC? You probably won't be surprised at who he was, but you will have to wait to find out more until Part Two of this critique continues tomorrow, same URL, same telling it like it is. The one name that dominated UFC in its early days was, of course, Royce Gracie. Anyone even vaguely familiar with it then knows this. Royce won the tournaments in UFC 1, 2, and 4, and has a total of 11 victories in the Octagon, still a record.

Yet the name Royce Gracie is nowhere to be found in any of the four oversized pages ESPN Magazine accorded Tim Struby's piece on UFC in its Feb. 4 edition.

Taking nothing away from any of the early UFC stars, whether on the list of the most watched five shows or not (see Part One of this article), the one man who stood above all the rest in impact was Royce Gracie. In fact, it was watching him defeat Ken Shamrock, Dan Severn, and a host of other bigger and seemingly tougher fighters by means of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu that put UFC on the map and revolutionized the martial arts and the combat sports in general.

Interestingly enough, UFC buy rates peaked with the Ken Shamrock-Royce Gracie draw in UFC 5. They never reached the same high level (for a variety of reasons, of course, including cable company censorship, too long to elaborate here). This fight would have been a victory for Ken Shamrock had there been judges and any kind of scoring system at that time. This draw also punctured the myth of Royce's invincibility.

Whether it was Struby or his editors that were responsible for this glaring omission about Royce Gracie, we do not know. But right now this published piece is about as good as one on 20th century baseball history that omits mention of Babe Ruth.

Struby contends, 'But with no storied history, the new owners are marketing their sport in a glitzy, babes-and-brawlers, WWF way.' The latter part of that sentence is indeed true. If the author had bothered to investigate it, however, he also would have found that this ersatz WWF approach has been a bust, and that the 'Carmen Electra Era' of UFC yielded buy rates on pay-per-view that were so low and so embarrassing that to this day, Zuffa has not lived up to its promise of releasing these numbers publicly.

As to the first part of that sentence, UFC has 'no storied history' only to those who do not bother to investigate it. Struby does quote in this article people like longtime UFC referee John McCarthy. When he was writing the story he was actually a guest on my old eYada 'No Holds Barred' show. Thus he had access to plenty of people who could have set him straight.

By eliminating discussion of Royce Gracie and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, the article is then able to offer its own critique of the style of the 'all-new' UFC. Struby comments that 'it's often real dull.' His mouth waters at 'the occasional flash knockout,' but then he laments, 'usually the fighters end up on the mat.' He continues, 'From there, one man works his way on top to launch a barrage or the two grapple until somebody applies a submission hold. Neither is all that artful.'

Excuse me? It was not 'all that artful' when Royce Gracie revolutionized the fighting world with a series of armbars and chokes in that now-despised 'old' UFC? It was precisely word-of-mouth about what he was accomplishing that made UFC the only successful pay-per-view-only sport. And while the ill-advised emphasis on blood and gore did play its part in the success of the early UFC's, the guy who got everyone's attention and was the biggest draw was that artful, technical master, Royce Gracie.

It may be a matter of taste to moan that submissions are not 'all that artful.' It is someone's right to be as tasteless as Stubby apparently is. It is also a fact that Royce's real artistry sold far better than the 'all-new' UFC ever has, with all the benefit of its millions spent on marketing.

One thing Struby does get right is the thought expressed in a quote from Zuffa head Lorenzo Fertitta. 'We have to reeducate people. That's a huge uphill battle,' he is quoted as arguing.

But such a process of reeducation can only start with a fair assessment of the early UFC. If Zuffa seeks to disassociate itself totally from the traditions started in the Royce Gracie era, it might as well tap out, or sell UFC to someone else.

Its past, its future, its magic, its unique place in the fighting world, can all be found in one place -- on the ground, with one fighter submitting the other. It can never hope to outbox boxing, outwrestle wrestling, or outkick kickboxing or muay Thai. Those sports feature the world's most compelling versions of those styles of competition and techniques.

Of any sport in which striking is allowed, mixed martial arts' greatest attraction is the submission hold. It may be 'a huge uphill battle' to reestablish that view, but no whitewash or revisionist version of the history of UFC and the mixed martial arts in general can reverse that point.

Sure, overall the athletes in UFC are much better today and have a more varied and well-rounded arsenal of techniques, all making submissions more difficult. But if mixed martial arts devolves primarily into a display of two grapplers kickboxing with each other on their feet and punching each other on the ground, then indeed in North America it will never even return to the popularity it achieved in the Royce Gracie days, much less break out of the tolerated but marginal status in which it is now subsisting.

Source: Abu Dhabi/Eddie Goldman

'The Best' Line-Up Announced!

I thought this was funny because this event marks the return of the legendary Joe Son and it looks like he's the main event.


DATE: February 22nd, 2002
OPEN: 18:00 START 19:00
PLACE: Korakuen Hall (Tokyo , Japan)

On February 13th in Japan DSE/PRIDE announced the fight order of 'THE BEST'(February 22nd.

THE BEST (February 22nd at Korakuen Hall)







More Information:
THE BEST, to be held on February 22, 2002 will be broadcast live via the internet and a 360° (horizontal) camera to be installed ringside. You'll be able to see the fight as well as the seconds, the coaches and even turn the camera to see the fans. We're bringing you a 360° view!

Source: Abu Dhabi

 2/14/02 Happy Valentine's Day


If you have a girlfriend or wife and you have not picked up something for her, even as small as a card, DON'T BOTHER COMING HOME!

You have been warned.

On the other hand, don't go out and buy her a new car or anything large. Your woman will get used to it and expect it next year. Remember a dozen roses scores one point. A single rose scores one point as well. You do the math with the finances and decide which way to go.

The Man

Quote of the Day

"It's better to spend $1.50 on a card, then take physical and emotional beatings all year."

Mike Onzuka

UFC's March Offering
A Look at The Title Matches

The injury of Tito Ortiz, the top drawing card of UFC, has left the ZUFFA people with some work to do. Contrary to recent criticisms in the press, it would seem that Joe Silva does know what he is doing after all - adding the long awaited Josh Barnett versus Randy Couture Heavyweight Title match gives the UFC another bout between two men in the top 5 of the their respective weight class. Added to the solid Hayato Sakurai / Matt Hughes match, and this is looking like a solid show.

There were many negatives that came out of the Ortiz injury. It was a set back for the Zuffa crew. It was announced almost two weeks ago that Tito Ortiz suffered a knee injury serious enough to put him out of the main event at UFC 36 against Vitor Belfort.

Given the highly anticipated nature of the matchup, it would be impossible to please the fans with a replacement but Zuffa was willing to try, offering Belfort a fight with Chuck Lidell, and for the same amount of money, stated UFC President Dana White on FCF. Remarkably, Belfort refused the fight, though most experts considered him the favorite. Word is that he was lured back to the TV arena in Brazil. By the time this match actually happens, it's going to be one of the most anticipated bouts in recent UFC history.

Josh Barnett takes his unmatched 26-1 record back into the Octagon for his 5th appearance. Barnett is also coming off knee surgery but is stating he will be ready and waiting for 'gold.'

Seemingly underrated and underappreciated, Randy Couture is STILL unbeaten in the UFC and is coming off a decisive win over Pedro Rizzo and wishes to continue his reign as Heavyweight Champion. Both have trained together in the past, so it will be interesting to see what they say as it gets more close to the date, though Couture ussually does his talking in the ring.

Sakurai's first match outside of Shooto is monumental in many ways. It marks his U.S. debut, he faces the best ground and pound guy in the biz and he is one of the few 170lbs fighters considered to be a threat to MAtt Hughes. He has had trouble with similar opponents, such as rAw wrestler Frank Trigg. Trigg was able to take him down and land effectively him until Sakurai landed a knee in RD 2 that got a KO victory.

However, Matt Hughes is on a roll! Although the match with Newton was controversial, Hughes proved again that he can take down and launch any opponent like a rocket. Rumor has it that Hughes will be training at AMC Pankration for his fight with Sakurai. With training partners like Miletich, Pulver and Horn he can now add Hume, Barnett, Aaron Riley and Ivan Salaverry.

There's no one more down right now than Tito Ortiz. He was wanting to still do the fight after surgery (the guy doesn't stop)! In the meantime, credit for these title matches must go to the current team, and Joe Silva. Silva is steadily developing his fighters - of the 4, 3 have extensive UFC histories, and the bringing in of SHOOTO kingpin Sakurai shows he does have an eye for talent. Silva has taken the UFC firmly in the direction of competition, and away from the alligator surrounded, dog fighting antics planned by previous so called 'professionals'.

Source: Abu Dhabi

Card Announced!

Indiana's MMA company steps up with a packed card for March 9th, in Evansville Indiana's Memorial Coliseum.

"This is SHOOTO." starts HnS promoter Jeff Osborne. "We are glad to open 2002 with a bang, we think we are putting together a great card for HOOKnSHOOT OVERDRIVE. I know we say 'This is our best show ever' a lot, but I think it is a sign that we are doing something consistent" continues Osborne.
"The April 13th ladies show has commanded a lot of attention, and that will be a lot of fun, but this March 9th show will hopefully set the tone for the rest of the year." Osborne states. "We will have a lot more details in the days to come, but we wanted to release the lineup now."
"We want to thank the SHOOTO Commission in Japan and their people here in the USA - I think we are beginning to grow this 'union' as well." Osborne elaborates after stating that all the matches on the card would be OFFICIAL SHOOTO, sanctioned by the SC in Japan. This is a first in the US, something Osborne describes as "another HnS milestone and a feather in our underdog cap".
"Of course, this is subject to change, we hope we won't have to, but with what we have seen this year..." concludes Osborne.


2 RD: B CLASS (185 lbs):
Jim DeSouza (Massachusetts Submission Academy, Amherst, MA)
Angelo Popofski (Caique JJ, Detroit, MI.)

2 RD: B CLASS (155 lbs):
Hermes Franca (Silveira Brothers, Fortaleza, Brazil)
Mike Willus (Pittsburgh TOP, Pittsburgh, PA.)

2 RD: B CLASS (135 lbs):
Matee Jedeetipak (Integrated Fighting, Indianapolis, IN.)
Dan "Pennsylvania Hit Man" Swift (Kyle Saunders BJJ, Erie, PA.)

2 RD: B CLASS (185 lbs):
Manuel Garcia (Independente, Asturias, Spain
Jason Rigsby (Ottawa Nautilus, Ottawa, IL.)

2 RD: B CLASS (265 lbs):
Roger Neff (Team Idaho, Couer D'lane, ID.)
Alexandro Aspas (Academia SHOOT, Valencia, Spain)

3 RD: A CLASS (170 lbs):
Alexandre Barros (Ruas Vale Tudo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
CJ Fernandes (PRO GYM, Belleville, IL.)

3 RD: A CLASS (185 lbs):
Chris Brown (Melbourne, Australia)
Moacir "Boca" De Oliveira (Brazilian TOP TEAM, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

3 RD: A CLASS (205 lbs):
Dustin Denes (Brazilian TOP TEAM, Orlando, FL.)
Dan "The Wolfman" Theodore (Self Focus Dojo, Lansing, MI.)

3 RD: A CLASS (215 lbs):
Rogerio "Minotoro" Noguiera (Brazilian TOP TEAM, Bahia, Brazil - pictured below in red t-shirt)
Jim Theobold (TEAM ROJAS, Chicago, IL.)

Hudson Rocha (TOP TEAM, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
(Champion) Ichaku Murata (HnS, Osaka, Japan)

(Challenger) Ivan Salaverry (AMC Pankration, Seattle, WA.)
(Champion) John Renken (EXTREME CF, Ft Campbell, KY.)

Interested in Tickets? E-mail hooknshoot@aol.com immediately!

Source: Abu Dhabi


Quote of the Day

"True friendship is like sound health; the value of it is seldom known until it be lost."

Charles Caleb Colton

SHOOTO's American Top Gun!

Wolfman: Before you started MMA, what experiences and training did you have in the martial arts? Bow: I started training when I was 15 under Sifu Hing Fai Chan in Shaolin Kung Fu and Wing Chun. When I saw the UFC I did Judo and started to dabble in a little bit of Brazilian jiu-jitsu and Muay Thai to learn everything but it was hard in Michigan.

Wolfman: Tell us a bit about working your way up through the different classes in Shooto and how something similar and organized could help U.S. organizations? Bow: I started as an amateur in amateur C class to amateur B class and then amateur A. I then earned the right to fight in the All Japan Tournament. I placed 3rd in the All Japan and you generally have to place at least 3rd until a gym will turn you pro. Once I turned Pro I worked my way up through Pro B class, into A, and then into the rankings where I am currently ranked 5th. With a win in December against Mishima I will earn a title shot and become ranked #1. I think the UFC could learn from Shooto and build an amateur and Professional B level league to ensure the fighters have experience before being thrown in over there heads before they are ready.

Wolfman: Besides MMA, what other sports both combat and otherwise, do you enjoy being a fan of? Bow: I've been a fan of American Football since I was young and grew up in a family of great wrestlers so it is funny that this is one of my weaker points but I am working on it.

Wolfman: Is your goal to be Shooto Champion or do you have other goals too? Bow: First and foremost is to beat Mishima and win the Welterweight Title. Furthermore, I always wanted to be the best in more than one sport so currently I am pursuing a career in Shootboxing and submission wrestling. Eventually I would even like to try my hand at Muay Thai and move to Thailand if need be.

Wolfman: Lately you have put even more value on diet, weightlifting, and supplements besides already putting a strong importance on your cardiovascular conditioning. How important is all of this to make it to the top level and make yourself-the Ultimate Athlete? What have you been doing? Bow: Obviously any weak point a fighter has can be taken advantage of so I have been going heavy on the weights recently doing a full body workout 3 times per week and cardio 6 times per week. I'm also taking a multi-vitamin and recently begun using Creatine, Whey Protein, BCAA, and Glutomine so that my body can perform at the level it needs to.

Wolfman: Where have you been training and what does that do for you? Bow: Basically been training at Cesar's Shootboxing gym. Shootboxing is good because we incorporate takedown defense, knees, circling out, underhooking, Thai clinching, throwing, as we as boxing and Muay Thai blended together. For grappling I train mainly at Keishukai where I have learned a lot recently from fighters like Caol Uno, Takase, and Toita. I also train at RJW for wrestling and S.K. Absolute for a blend of everything.

Wolfman: How are you associated with Frank Shamrock? Bow: I tried out for Franks Professional Team in 99' and made it. Unfortunately I can only train with Frank every so often do to living in Japan. Frank is a wealth of knowledge and I've learned not only the technical game but also the importance of being mentally and physically prepared. He has a special ability to simplify techniques and make them understood.

Wolfman: Who do you feel are the top guys in your weight class? Bow: Me (laughs). I feel Shooto has the strongest guys in this weight class by far as others have not been tested as much. However, fighters such as Jens Pulver and BJ Penn are no doubt some of the best out there. Gomi is probably the #1 guy right now until I get my rematch.

Wolfman: In your upcoming Shooto fight Dec. 16th with Mishima, what is your goal and what are you going to try and accomplish in that fight? Bow: My goal is to be Shooto's Welterweight Champion and Mishima is standing in front of me and he is between me and the title so taking him out of the picture is my 1st concern. He is a great fighter whom I respect, but I think I am better rounded and will be able to beat him in the upcoming fight. (Authors biased prediction is Bow by 3rd rd. TKO/Ref./Doc. Stoppage.)

Wolfman: If you beat Mishima you then get a title shot at the winner of the Gomi/Sato fight that is happening on the same card. What are your thoughts on a fight with Sato and what would be different now with a rematch with Gomi? Bow: (Ryan rumbles something in Japanese) Rumina Sato is the ace of Shooto so without a win over him people forever will wonder so fighting him would be a great challenge and honor. Gomi on the other hand is a great fighter as well and I would like a rematch (Ryan broke Gomi's eye orbital bone in the first fight with a knee). I guess the only thing I would do different is break both of his eyes so I will win the decision I felt I deserved the 1st time.

Wolfman: Good luck and anything else you would like to tell the readers of ADCC News? Bow: Kato-chan Pe! (Ryan holds two figures up to his nose. It is some famous joke whose meaning or lack thereof escapes me that Ryan used to have the whole crowd laughing at the 11/25/01 Shooto show)!

Source: Abu Dhabi

TITO ORTIZ: Undergoing Surgery Next Week, To Help on Mar. 30th MMA Event
in CA.

Tito Ortiz may be on the shelf for several months as he recovers from knee surgery, scheduled for next week, but don't expect him to be very far from the fight game while he mends.

The UFC light-heavyweight champion, and that organization's brightest star, will undergo full reconstructive knee surgery following a training injury a week and a-half ago as he prepared for his seemingly ill-fated fight with Vitor Belfort at UFC 36 on March 22 in Las Vegas. That fight, also postponed from UFC 33 in September following a training injury to Belfort, has been cancelled from this show, although UFC hopes it will be rescheduled in the future.

The surgery will replace Tito's entire ACL with one taken from a cadaver, he told us by phone. (Does that mean that the donor will also get his name on the championship belt, maybe with an asterisk? Just asking.)

Tito projects his return to fighting on either the planned July or September UFC shows. After the surgery he will have physical therapy, with a return to his full training regimen in about two and one-half to three months. 'Right now I can box,' he said, and also 'just wrestle.'

In the meantime, Tito will be working with his old wrestling coach, Paul Herrera, himself a former UFC fighter and All-American wrestler from Nebraska, as well as Dave Thomas, on a mixed martial arts show scheduled for March 30 at the Cahuilla Creek Casino in Anza, California. Tito describes his role as a 'half-promoter,' while Paul is the 'full promoter' and also doing the matchmaking. The casino has a web site at http://www.cahuilla.com/. This is the same location where Mark Hall ran shows.

This show is done with UFC's blessing, and aims to provide a showcase for up-and-coming fighters. UFC is 'supporting me 100 percent,' Tito said. He indicated that there will just be 'B-level fighters' on the card, but this will allow them to 'work their way up to getting into UFC, I'm hoping.'

The card will feature two four-man tournaments, one at heavyweight and the other at 185 pounds, and four single fights. The event will use the unified rules of mixed martial arts, the same as UFC, and be held in an octagonal cage, about 20 feet across, he said.

As for his own return, Tito still wants to fight Vitor Belfort. 'We're hoping so, we think so,' he stated. Ah, an optimistic man!

Tito also said he liked the recent piece on him and UFC in ESPN magazine and thought the writer, Tim Struby, was 'cool,' but that is another story on which we will comment later this week.

Source: Abu Dhabi

More Talent Signed For 'Return of the Heavyweights'

Four more tournament fighters for Extreme Challenge 46: Return of the Heavyweights have been announced by promoter Monte Cox.

Ben Rothwell and Ron Faircloth of Wisconsin, Jarvis Weiss of Minnesota and Seth Peters of Missouri will take part in the 8-man tourney scheduled for Feb. 16 at the 7 Flags Event Center in Clive, Iowa.

Tickets for the event are on sale at TicketMaster, order by phone at (515) 243-1888.

Rothwell is a solid puncher from the Dave Strasser camp and boasts a 9-1 record, losing only a decision to undefeated Tim Sylvia; Faircloth is an aggressive striker, also from the Strasser camp; Weiss is a muscular wrestling coach trained by UFC veteran Brad Kohler; and Peters is a wrestler with striking skills.

In an alternate match, Johnathan Ivey of Tennessee will face Russ Speers of Minnesota.

'I think the second set of fighters gives us a very balanced event,' Cox said. 'As I said before, we were looking for young, unknown talent... not names that everybody would recognize. We're hoping to find a star out of this group.'

The winner and runnerup in EC 46 will earn a berth in the mega 16-man heavyweight tourney in Honolulu, Hawaii, on April 25-26. The winner of that event will pocket $10,000.

Jason Brilz, who was previously announced, has withdrawn from the event due to an injury. A replacement is currently being sought.

The newest tournament fighters...

Ben Rothwell
6-5, 250, Kenosha, Wis.
MMA record: 9-1
Strengths: Striking

Ron Faircloth
5-10, 230, Madison, Wis.
MMA record: 5-2
Strengths: Striking

Jarvis Weiss
6-3, 270, Minneapolis, Minn.
MMA record: 2-0
Strengths: Wrestling, power

Seth Peters
6-1, 240, Cape Girard, Mo.
MMA record: 1-1-1
Strengths: Wrestling, striking

Fighters previously announced...

Mike Radnov
6-1, 260, Dallas, Texas
MMA record: 5-2
Strengths: Submission wrestling

Kerry Schall
6-3, 270, Cincinnati, Ohio
MMA record: 11-3
Strengths: Wrestling, jiu-jitsu

William Hill
6-2, 240, Aurora, Ill.
MMA record: 0-0
Strengths: Boxing

Source: Abu Dhabi


Quote of the Day

"A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out."


Warriors Quest 4
March 29, 2001
Blaisdell Arena, Honolulu, Hawaii
Tickets on Sale Now!

Get it at the Blaisdell Box Office or any Tickets Plus Locations or Charge by Phone at 808-526-4400. Advance General Admission $25.00, on the event Day $28.00, Ringside $45.00.


A brief interview, across the language barriers with Rumina Sato, perhaps SHOOTO's greatest star ever, despite a bad streak the last 18 months.

Wolfman: When did you become involved in martial arts and why?
Sato: When I was 19 years old because I liked Professional wrestling.

Wolfman: What gives you the confidence, or why do you, go for so many submissions?
Sato: Because during my training I can finish successfully with submissions, so why not the same in the fight?

Wolfman: Some American fans probably know you best from seeing clips on the internet of your flying armbar on Charles Taylor or jumping on the back and choking Yves Edwards. What is your most memorable finish or move in the ring?
Sato: vs. Charles Taylor in 6 seconds - flying arm bar!

Wolfman: What are your thoughts going into your Welterweight Title against Gomi is your 3rd shot at the title. What do you feel will be the difference this time?
Sato: The opponent is different. The mental state of mind is always the same.

Wolfman: Would you like to fight in the UFC and would you like to fight for both the UFC and Shooto during the year concurrently?
Sato: Yes! I'd like to fight both, but I think about Shooto first.

Wolfman: What do you think of BJ Penn and Jens Pulver as possible opponents someday and how do you think their title fight will go?
Sato: They're very tough guys. I'd love to fight them. If it finishes fast, the winner will be B.J. If it finishes with a decision, then Pulver.

Wolfman: Do you think MMA organizations should eventually have unification title fights?
Sato: This sport should be united like boxing.

Wolfman: Thank you for your time, anything else you would like to say to your American fans?
Sato: Please watch and support SHOOTO matches as well as amateur Shooto, in the USA and in Japan

Source: Abu Dhabi

SHOOTO: Feb 11th Results
Kobe, Japan

Class-B (132 lbs - Featherweight)
Akira Kibe v. Akitoshi Hokazono: draw at 5:00 of rd 2

Class-B (143 lbs - Lightweight)
Masashi Kameda def. Masanori Sugatani: arm-bar at 4:34 of rd 1

Class-B (167 lbs - Middleweight)
Yasuyuki Tokuoka def. Hirofumi Hara: decision at 5:00 of rd 2

Class-B (154 lbs - Weltereweight)
Tsutomu Shiiki v. Naoki Matsushita: draw at 5:00 of rd 2

Class-B (200 lbs - Cruiserweight)
Masaya Inoue def. Kaichi Tsuji: decision at 5:00 of rd 2

Class-A (167 lbs - Middleweight)
Takuya Wada def. Seichi Ikemoto: decision at 5:00 of rd 3

Class-A (154 lbs - Welterweight)
Dokonjonosuke Mishima def. Ben Thomas: TKO at 3:07 of rd 3

Special Notes: Mishima is the current number 1 contender for the SHOOTO Welterweight title and he should be lined up for a shot at the new champion Takanori Gomi. Mishima was scheduled to face Gomi for the belt after it was vacated by Kaoru Uno but he was injured and had to step aside for Rumina Sato. Now he is primed and ready for his rightful chance at the championship. Also by winning in this event, Akira Kibe and Tsutomu Shiiki advance to the 2nd round of SHOOTO 2002 Rookie's Tournament. The Rookie Tournament is something that will be taking place over several events this year. More tournament matches are on their way March 13th and 15th in Tokyo. There will be more on the brackets for this tournament later.

Catching Up With... ZE MARIO SPERRY

We had a brief conversation with the quiet Mario Sperry, star in PRIDE, ADCC and BJJ for many many years. We talked about his recent match with Igor Vovchanchin and his future in MMA - read on!

Mario, tell us some of your thoughts about your fight against Igor.
MS: I am pretty glad not just because everything went the way I planned. I was also happy for a great showing because a lot of people said that I would not take a hard fight.

Did you expect that easy fight?
MS: I would not say that the fight was easy. I was ready for everything. Like I said before, everything that I planned happened. He made a mistake and he got caught. It all about training and timing. That is what I had.....

Some people are saying that it was a bad night for Igor, do you feel you are still not getting your due?
MS: I do not feel underrated at all. People can say what ever they want, it is normal, especially when they do not know what the fighters go through. What people do not understand is that some guy's game do not fit with certain other guys. When Pride offered Igor to me, I was glad in all aspects: he was very famous, dangerous on his feet ,and he was not shy about fighting on the ground. So, the best thing that I could do was to take him down and try to submit him.

What's next for you now?
MS: I do not know, but I am planning to fight a lot this year.

How long do you intend to fight still?
MS: I am feeling great now. Just the time can tell me.

Are you planning to come back to ADCC in 2003?
MS: Of course! I love the Emirates and it's people. I have a lot of friends there. Moreover, I love the ADCC Tournament, the competition.

Are there any opponent that you really wish to fight?
MS: In ADCC: for sure Kerr. As a lot of people would say - ''I had a bad night'. Just kidding. I think if I change my fighting game I can win. In NHB, I will fight against anyone.

Source: Abu Dhabi


UFC 36 is right around the corner and the lightweight division is hitting its peak with several new additions. Matt 'The Terror' Serra being one of them. I spoke with Matt this past week about his training program, his fight with Din, and his move to the lightweight division. Read on!

Matt has always been 'energetic' in speech, which seems to spill over to the ring style. Matt's no guts no glory style has attracted fans from all over the world. Matt's first fight in the UFC was one of the most exciting matches of the past year, his continuous submission attempts placed everyone's attention to a new thing - an American with ability to match anyone in the world in submission holds! Though Matt lost the fight to wily veteran Shoney Carter, he learned from it and moved on, not letting it keep him out.

His next fight in UFC was against one of the toughest welterweights in the world, (who by the way is also moving down to lightweight) Yves Edwards. Matt proved on that night that he could stay alive against one of the toughest and strongest punchers in the sport. Matt once again displayed his incredible ability to keep the fight on the ground against a tough standup fighter, staying active and earning the victory.

Many are concerned that Matt will not be able to make weight for this upcoming fight at 155 lbs. Matt responded, 'I am in the best shape of my life, I am working with a nutritionist and personal trainer. I am watching my diet, I am not eating everything I want, but I am in great shape.' The move will put Matt at the top of the weight class size-wise, a fact that combined with his skill has him rated as one of the premiere fighters at this weight class already!

DIN THOMAS....Din is a legend in the ring. He will be Matt's toughest opponent to date. Din, who has beaten current UFC champion Jens Pulver and a tough Brazilian opponent in Fabiano Iha, has discussed this fight on several forums and flat out told the world that he will beat Serra. Matt's response was simple, 'Bring It!'

I asked Matt about his training for this fight. Matt responded 'I train hard every fight.' Matt goes on to say that he respects every fighter he get into the ring with, therefore he gives 100%. Matt is sparring as much as six hours a day with various opponents in different styles. He is not taking Din lightly. 'I have watched his tapes and will be ready to go fight night' promises the Terror.

I asked Matt to respond to the trolls out there who say he is a good grappler, but doesn't have a chin. 'Anybody at anytime can get knocked out. Was Din not a good stand up fighter when BJ knocked him out?' was Serra's response.

Matt has been working his game on all levels and will be ready to bring it on March 22. Matt's ultimate goal is the title as is everyone in this division. With Pulver's win over BJ, could we see Serra and PENN sometime this year?

Source: Abu Dhabi

Gladiator Challenge Results

Dan Quin 220 vs. Rick Vardel 4:57 R1 KO

Marvin Sloan 165 vs Jamal Perkins R1 :47 KO

Levi Thornbrue 215 vs Sammy Sleezerl :15 R1 KO

Arm Nick Ertl 155 vs. Tommy Osborn :40 R1

James Fanshier 205 vs. Pete Werve 2R Dec

Jamie Hants 175 vs. Mike O' Hagan :49 R2 Tap Punches

Mike Kyle Hwt vs. Nate Russak 2:39 R1 Tap Punches

Rob Snyder 160 vs Noah Schible 2R Draw

Ahmad Hempstead 185 vs. Brian Sleeman 2R Dec

Marty Armendas 180 vs. Brandon Segon (the 3rd round was 2 minutes
long) 3R Dec

Jermaine Watts (Black Cobra Kung-Fu) 165 vs. Albert
Hill R1 1:25 Tap Front Choke

Shawn Ramage 125 Title vs. Shane Cabiles R2 2:58 Triangle

Joe Hurley 155 vs. Rousko 'The Russian' R1 2:16 Arm

Cal Worsham Hwt. vs. Dave Fox R1 4:02 KO

Jeremy Edwards 205 Title vs. Buck Greer R2 3:00 Ref Stop


Quote of the Day

"Friendship is one mind in two bodies."


Egan Inoue to defend Title in Hawaii
Challenger Marcos De Silva is "Deadly"!

Saturday night, March 9, the Blaisdell Arena in Honolulu, Hawaii will rock as hometown favorite Egan Inoue and Brazilian submission specialist Marco De Silva battle for the coveted Super Brawl middleweight Championship belt.

This will be Inoue's toughest test to date. In his last appearance in Super Brawl, De Silva choked Hawaiian fighter, Ronald "The Machine Gun" Jhun unconscious in less than 3 minutes! "Marcos is big and strong. His submissions are deadly! These are truly two of the elite fighters in the world at this weight. This has the ear markings of an epic battle!" T.Jay Thompson, Promoter.

Inoue's record is unblemished in the 185lb class. He has retained a Super Brawl title belt for over 3 years. One, in the old heavyweight class (over 200lbs) by beating Marcelo Tiger in a controversial match in 1999. And most recently, he obtained the Super Brawl middleweight title by beating #10 World ranked Joe Doerksen in Super Brawl 22. "I really enjoy fighting in Hawaii. It means a lot to me to have the hometown fans behind me." When asked about how he thought the fight would go, Inoue responded, "This guy is no joke. I was there when he beat Ronald. I don't plan on suffering the same fate!"

De Silva, grew up in the mean streets of Fortunado, Brazil. He is a multiple Jiu-Jitsu champion and speaks little English, letting his fighting do the talking for him. "I respect Egan Inoue, but I will defeat him like the others."

Tickets are on sale at the Blaisdell Center box office, all tickets plus outlets or online at http://www.ticketplushawaii.com/

Contact: T.Jay Thompson tj@superbrawl.tv (808) 524-6062

Warriors Quest Announcement

On behalf of Warriors Quest, I would like to announce that 8 bouts from Warriors Quest 4 will be sanctioned by Japan's Shooto Organization. For me it was one of my goals when I first started, so as you can see it is like a dream come true. Warriors Quest is also pleased to report that we are working very closely with IFC's Paul Smith. Paul Smith has been a big help with matchmaking and helping Warriors Quest by getting names like Marquardt and Shields. Warriors Quest's purpose from the beginning was to help not only Hawaii fighters, but any fighter that wants to get the experience and the exposure they need to fulfill their dreams. On Behalf of Warriors Quest, we thank the fighters for making this possible it is their hard work and abilites that carry a show to profection.

Hawaii Boys Don't Fare Well in KOTC 12

King of the Cage 12 Results
Held February 9, 2002
Soboba Casino - San Jacinto, California

Fight One
Adam Lynn def. Brian Warren by judges' decision

Fight Two
Randy Velarde def. Tom Kenney by submission (tapped to arm bar), 3:15 R1

Fight Three
Thomas Denny def. Ray Porales by submission (arm bar) 2:31 R1

Fight Four
Phillip Miller def. John Hosegood by KO, 3:43 R1

Fight Five
Joe Stevenson def. Jerry Gummo by submission (rear-naked choke), 1:05 R1

Fight Six
John Alessio def.
Nassor Lewis by submission (rear-naked choke), 2:07 R1

Fight Seven
Fernando Vasconcelos def.
John Crisostomo by TKO (strikes), 3:00 R1

Fight Eight
Jason Lambert def. Jason Jones by TKO (strikes) 1:17 R2

Fight Nine
Dean Lister def. Jacen Flynn by submission (Kimura), 4:28 R2

Fight 10: KOTC Featherweight Championship Match
Charlie Valencia def. Dave Valasquez by submission (rear-naked choke), 4:43 R1

Fight 11: Heavyweight Championship Match
Dan Bobish def. Eric Pele by submission (corner threw in towel), 1:10 R2

Under the Big Top,
Frye and Shamrock Tussle

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 8, 2002 -- Pride came to town today. So did the circus. The Hard Rock Café inside West L.A.'s Beverly Center served as the final stop on Dream Stage Entertainment's (not Ringling Brothers, although today you wouldn't have known the difference) five-city promotional tour, hyping February 24th's same-day pay-per-view from Tokyo.

Ken Shamrock and Don Frye, who fight each other in Pride 19's main event, sat down at a table together in front of a relatively empty restaurant, talked a bit, stood up, scowled, bathed, wrestled and then ate lunch 30 feet from each other. Barnum and Bailey would have been proud.

With the recent rash of boxing related press conferences turned barroom brawls -- Lennox Lewis and Mike Tyson (more on him later), Oscar de La Hoya and Fernando Vargas, Marco Antonio Barrera and Erik Morales, Lennox Lewis and Hasim Rahman, and Bernard Hopkins and Felix Trinidad -- the sport has become ripe for ridicule from the mainstream press. It also caused more people to pay attention to boxing (remember, any press is good press) than at any other time in recent memory.

Think DSE and American Director of Publicity/Public Relations Jackie Kallen, now in her fifth month, didn't take notice? Kallen, who was quoted in Tuesday's Detroit Free Press saying "You can't gouge eyes" and "You can't bite" when asked what mixed martial arts rules consisted of (Doh!), introduced both men.

"This fight means a lot to the whole world of mixed martial arts, mainly because these two are the top two contenders," she said. Really? Nothing against Shamrock and Frye, they're tough guys, but calling either of them contenders for anything other than a retirement plan is ludicrous.

Kallen continued: "They are the most famous, most accomplished, the most skilled fighters. In reality, these are two men that don't like each other. They don't pretend to be friends. They don't pretend to respect each other. They really and truly feel that the other guy cannot contend and can't beat them."

The microphone went to Frye. "Ken and I were supposed to fight in the finals of the Ultimate Ultimate 2 back in 1996," he stated. "For reasons unknown somehow he broke his hand. I don't think there's any break in his hand it was just a lack of testicular fortitude on his part."

Shamrock glared at Frye, then dropped his head and chuckled.

"Then he got up and started talking shit about Dan Gable (the legendary wrestler and coach at the University of Iowa) amateur wrestlers and said he wanted to come back and fight the best," Frye continued of Shamrock. "I called up the UFC and told them I'd fight him. He said he'd fight anybody but me, so I've been chasing him for five years now. And finally they got him in a corner, they won't let him out and he's forced to fight me."

Kallen took the microphone again and asked if anyone had questions for Frye. There was no response except for a petite redhead -- a Gretchen Bonaduce (not sure if she's the Gretchen Bonaduce married to Danny) -- standing in back. "You guys are supposed to be good athletes, why haven't you fought before?" she said. Apparently she hadn't listened to Frye. Either that or she was too busy waiting for her cue.err.chance to ask the question.

"Like I said, he's been running," Frye reiterated. "We were supposed to fight in 1996 and he pulled out. And I haven't been able to find him since. I finally go a hold of him."

According to a source that wished to remain nameless, Shamrock and Frye were supposed to stand nose-to-nose and jaw back and forth, but nothing more than at that. Whether the emotions of the press tour, or a few more cameras aided in escalating it beyond that is unsure.

Shamrock grabbed the microphone and shot back. "I'm not going to sit here and listen to this punk ass bitch here talk crap," he said. "I'm going to tell you something, I don't duck anybody. I never have ducked anybody. This isn't a Mike Tyson (there's that name again) or a boxing thing here. You ain't going sit here and disrespect me and have me listen to it. I will beat your ass right now."

Frye stood and turned to look Shamrock eye-to-eye and the "World's Most Dangerous Man" shot back, "yeah, I can see it in your eyes little bitch. You're chicken." A full glass of water sat on the table begging for one of the fighters to toss it. Frye obliged dousing Shamrock's shirt.

Shamrock jumped forward, nearly knocking Japanese legend Antonio Inoki out of the way, and grabbed Frye. The two men wrestled back-and-forth in the clinch before they could be broken up. No punches were thrown, but Shamrock ended up with a small scratch to the left side of his face.

"You better enjoy it because that's all your going to get bitch," yelled Shamrock. "Next time I'm going to bust your face."

"Finish the job, finish the job," countered Frye.

"Oh, you can count on it," said Shamrock. "This isn't boxing you stupid fuck. I mean business asshole!"

"This ain't WWF boy," Frye blasted across the large room. He then offered to take it outside.

"Oh, you wanna take it outside stupid," bellowed Shamrock. "You know what, you better open your eyes right now because this is no game Don. You're about to get your ass handed to you."

Kallen took the microphone, and said both fighters would be available for one-on-one interviews. I don't know, I thought it was funny. We broke for lunch -- my penne with blackened chicken was about as tasteless as the scene described above.

More Sound "Bites"

Mike Tyson, is in trouble with just about anyone he could be in trouble with, yet the champion of press-conference fighting seems to be exactly the man Pride is targeting for a mega-fight and a massive payday in Japan. Why would Kallen and DSE feel it's smart to associate to the Hannibal Lecter of the sports world?

The odds of Tyson fighting in Pride are slim to none, however, by bringing his name up, to sportswriters, or anyone else that will listen gives Pride much needed publicity. We'll see what the backlash is, if any. Already there was an article in the Detroit Free Press mocking Kallen, Tyson and mixed martial arts. Hell, any chance to write about Tyson is a chance to trash someone or something.

"What we're hoping to do, with this particular fight, is challenge Mike Tyson to fight the winner of this fight on February 24th," said Kallen, the "First Lady of Boxing". "He's having trouble getting licensed to fight Lennox. The United States does not seem to want to have Mike Tyson fight for what they consider to be good reasons. Japan welcomes him. They would very much like him to come over there. He thinks he's a bad ass, these guys (Frye & Shamrock) think otherwise. So hopefully we can put something together, get him over there and let's find out just how tough Mike Tyson really is because I don't think he could stand up to either one of these guys."

Source: Maxfighting.com/Josh Gross

Grapplers Quest $1,000
8-Man Superfight Absolute Tournament

Brian Cimins is setting up a hot Tournament for his Grapplers Quest West. The event is to take place in Las Vegas, NV. on February 22nd and its is going to Rock. Here are the first round match-ups for the Professional No-Gi:

Javier 'Showtime' Vazquez (160 lbs., Current KOTC Lightweight Champion)
Ahmad Reese (195 lbs., Team Freedom)

Dennis 'Superman' Hallman (185 lbs., UFC/Extreme Challenge veteran)
Cameron Earle (175 lbs., Ralph Gracie Brown Belt)

Dean 'The Machine' Lister (2000 GQ-Absolute Finalist)
Bobby Southworth (American Kickboxing Academy, Pride Veteran)

David Terrell (Cesar Gracie)
Todd Margolis (3-Time Grapplers Quest Champ)

1st Alternate: Justin Ellison (Walt Bayless, World Pankration Champion).

For more info check out their website at www.grapplers.com
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