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Pride Bushido 5
(Yokohama Arena, Japan)

Ring of Honor 6
( Kickboxing/MMA)

NAGA Hawaii State Grappling Championships
(BJJ & Sub Grappling)

Ring of Honor 6

( Kickboxing/MMA)

Hawaiian Grappling Challenge
(Submission Grappling)

Pride All Stars Show

Bushido 4
(Nagoya Rainbow Hall, Japan)

Submission Wrestling Tpurnament

(Sub Grappling)
(Kahului, Maui, Hawaii)

July 9-12
BJJ World Cup (CBJJO)
(SESC gym, Salvador, Brazil)

Shooto Hawaii
(Blaisdell Arena)

Kickin' It
(Palama Settlement)

Punishment In Paradise

(Campbell H.S. Gym)

Pride Heavyweight Grand Prix

UFC 48: Payback

Super Brawl 36
(Blaisdell Arena)

Ring of Honor 5

(Sub Grappling)
(Campbell H.S. Gym)

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May 2004 News Part 3

Wednesday night and Sunday classes (w/ a kids' class) now offered!

For the special price, click on one of these banners above!

Tuesdays at 6:00PM on Olelo Channel 52


Quote of the Day

"Watch your "Thoughts," they become words. Watch your "Words," they become actions. Watch your "Actions," they become habits. Watch your "Habits," they become character. Watch your "Character," for it becomes your "Destiny.""

Frank Outlaw

Help a little Angel!

A lot of people have asked us who created our site or some returning visitors were shocked to see how cool our new site was, well, it is all the work of master flash artist, Marc Ebalaroza and his company Pacific Design Community. He is a close friend and we highly recommend him to anyone who wants a site that will have everyone talking and sets it apart from the hum drum sites out there.

Marc's heart is as big as his creative ability. You may have heard about a message board type site that was set up for our US troops to communicate with family. It was on the local news stations and papers, Marc and his team were behind that. Now he is asking for your help with a 2 week old baby. Joey Ching of is a close friend and also has a heart of gold by helping out with the site.

My heart goes out to this family. As some of you may know that my terrible twosome (my twins) were in Neonatal Intensive Care for the first couple of weeks of their lives and had to fight their way to health. My family feels for Angel's family. So if you have been blessed this year or recently, please share the blessing with family who could use an extra share from everyone.


I recently just donated a website to a friend of mine who's granddaughter is hospitalized in San Francisco for a Diaphragmatic Hernia of the Heart. Although only 13 days old the family are keeping their faith on her recovery. He informed me of the news on Wednesday regarding the financial situation his family was in because of all the hospital and travel expenses. And after gathering the information of his granddaughter's prognosis and his financial situation I just couldn't walk away without doing anything. So I decided to construct him a website where people can go to and send their support and prayers. Joey Ching of also generously donated server space and a domain name.

I did contact all the news stations, however it seemed that maybe 'Jasmine Trias' is just too important at this time because no one called Sonny (Angel's Grandfather) for any media attention.

If you are willing to show your financial support in anyway, I WILL add your link / logo to the website along with your name / company. We are working on getting the family a fund raiser account and an online donation form, however for now
please feel free to contact Sonny Cuson at 808.864.0496 for any monetary donations.

For more info visit the website at:
Please pardon the inconvenience of the site, however being that it was a spur of the moment decision the site is still undergoing some maintenance, I just wanted to launch it ASAP to get all the support we can for this little girl and her family.

Please keep Angel Alapai and her family in your prayers. ~ Aloha Marc.

UFC Titles: Condition Critical
Commentary by Jake Rossen

After Zuffa's latest dust-up, this one involving the defection of lightweight/welterweight phenom
BJ Penn, the MMA faithful are circling a slightly wounded UFC like wolves out for a kill. Fight fans are like jilted lovers: make all the right moves - in their eyes - and they'll preach undying devotion. Do something radical and be prepared to hide the bunnies and hot water.

The level of venom directed at management in this industry is unlike anything I've ever seen. Nowhere else can you find page after page of knee-jerk criticism, name-calling, and demands that the executive chairs be vacated. If something doesn't make superficial sense, then it must not make any sense at all. Speculation becomes rumor becomes rock-solid reality by the time a message thread enters Page Two. The bottom line is irrelevant when it comes to the fever dreams of fans. They want what they want, common sense be damned. And if you don't provide it, you are cruising for a public bruising.

The UFC has its share of problems. Big problems. Some situations were unavoidable. Some were not. The sport as it exists in America (and make no mistake: the UFC is the sport in the States) seems to be permanently in flux. No one knows what's going to happen tomorrow. If Zuffa owns this promotion in two years, I won't be surprised. If they don't, I won't be surprised.

Foremost among their headaches: the lack of clearly defined weight classes and champions. Visit the UFC's web page, click on "Title Holders," and marvel at a bunch of blacked-out faces with big question marks. It's embarrassing. It's unnecessary. It needs to be resolved.

Your more optimistic fans will shrug a shoulder and say that titles don't precipitate great fights. That may be true, but a sport without structure or purpose isn't going to invite the kind of acceptance it's been begging for. Who would run a race with no finish line? Who's going to watch a race with no finish line?

Everyone wants closure, including the athletes. Breaking down the kind of system that all combat sports are fueled by smacks of careless direction. The sport needs champions. So do fans. And even in spite of the UFC's crummy luck, it's not something they can ignore.

Yes, "luck." Did Zuffa strip Jens Pulver on a whim? Pulver - despite being the most sensationally dull champion of all time - thought he was worth more money. Did the guy win fights? Absolutely. Did he grab the attention of the crowd, which is the primary factor in determining prize purses? Absolutely not. Chris Byrd has outboxed nearly everyone he's faced. So has John Ruiz. These guys win, and win ugly. But do they occupy the same financial atmosphere as washouts like Tyson? Nope.

Murilo Bustamante thought he could get a better deal elsewhere. Zuffa didn't strip him: he left. And when he wanted to return, the offer was no longer on the table. For those of you who supervise others: do you let them go job-hunting for months at a time and then roll out the red carpet when they're done playing the field?

You do? Pass along your fax number. I want to work for you. Be in by 11.

The list goes on...Josh Barnett wanted to head for the Japanese wrestling scene, and nothing was going to keep him in the UFC; Tim Sylvia tested positive for steroids.

And Penn. As a pound-for-pound great, he was an incredible addition to the UFC's roster. And when he was a contender, there was no issue in having him fight elsewhere, even against a huge threat in Takanori Gomi. But as a title holder, playing musical chairs ceases to be an option. Does anyone see Vanderlei Silva fighting in K-1? Fedor heading for the UFC? Hell, do any King of the Cage champs pop up elsewhere?

It doesn't happen. Any promoter not suffering from a lobotomy doesn't let their figureheads boost up someone else's business. And yet it's the UFC that's chided for being "selfish" and "difficult." This directed at a company that gave Dreamstage Chuck Liddell and Ricco Rogriduez, while getting exactly Jack and Shit in return.

Let's say Penn does fight Ludwig. Forget about the outcome. If you afford Penn the chance to cash in elsewhere, you have now set a precedent for all of your champions to do so. There would be no excuse not to. What happens when Tim Sylvia (or Mir) gets a huge offer to fight Fedor at around the time you need him to defend his belt? Now the UFC's schedule - already hampered by egos, contracts, managers, injuries, and slots - is going to be predicated on when Pride wants to poach your champions?

That way lies madness, gang. And so Penn was told to pack his bags: not because of petty behavior, but because it made absolutely no sense to do anything else.

You've got one champ in Vitor Belfort, and you're set to crown another one on June 19 with Sylvia and Mir. All things considered, two warm belts is an accomplishment.

But there's no reason to stop there. Matt Hughes and Renato Verissimo is a bout tailor-made for the vacant welterweight championship. Penn's departure may sour fans for some time to come, but it can't hurt to fill the void he left without delay. As the former champ, there's nothing more to be said about Hughes' worthiness. Verissimo just defeated a game Carlos Newton, and for those who like a little drama, he just so happens to be Penn's mentor. Two title defenses on one card used to be the norm. Both guys deserve a shot. There's no reason not to do this. Your number-one contender is going to be decided with Trigg/Hallman that same night. It's all gift-wrapped. Take it.

Middleweight doesn't have to be far behind: take the winner of Baroni/Tanner on June 19 and slot him against Matt Lindland in August for the strap. I'm not happy advocating the dismissal of David Terrell, but there's a larger situation that needs to take priority. You could have Lindland fight Terrell before taking on the "Payback" finalist, but now we're talking late in the year for resolution.

It's inconceivable that you host a middleweight title bout without Lindland, easily the most dominant 185 lb. guy out there. If he gets Baroni, well...make it count, Phil. And if he gets Tanner? If you're on the same team in the same weight class, then you better damn well be prepared to mix it up. If not, then one of them needs to be shown the door.

Boom, boom, boom. By late August, your title lacerations are stitched up and healing nicely. And no, I didn't forget about the lightweights. Cut them loose. Juggling five weight classes on a Pay-Per-View-exclusive event is only going to dilute the product. There's simply not enough time to make sense of all the divisions. And like it or not, the smaller guys are traditionally the least enticing to fight fans. Until TV hits, it's time to put the lightweights on the shelf.

The UFC has been burned so many times by title holders that trying to crown more is probably like palming a hot plate. But there's simply no other alternative. To be taken seriously as a viable commodity by both fans and future business partners, you need to have a grasp on the basics. If an arena full of fans boos groundwork, is the solution to hold the show in an empty event center? You just can't ignore the essentials.

The road to a championship is the underlying theme to every sport out there. Without it, you're just treading water. The fans - even the surly ones - deserve better

Source: Maxfighting

Brazilian National Titles Final Results
Xande Ribeiro is the Man!

First name is the winner:

The Brazilian Nationals have just ended. With great fights and lots of the top fighters participating, this year's Nationals was one of the best ever. In the Brown Belt Absolute it was American born, Brasa Jiu-Jitsu Clube's Robert Drysdale taking the cake!

The story of the tournament however was Xande Ribeiro. After a year living in Ohio, Xande returned with a vengeance. Proving that he only got better from his USA experience, Xande took the weight and the Absolute division with a resounding 8 x 0 victory over young sensation Marcelo Garcia. In the Absolute finals Xande swept and mounted forcing the dangerous Garcia to turn over his back. Xande caught Garcia's back once more for the 8 x 0 win.

Rooster - Daniel Moreno 7 x 2 Felipe Costa

Super-feather - Carlos Holanda over Robson Medeiros by decision

Feather - Fredson Paixao 2 x 0 Fredson Alves

Light - Rodrigo Magalhaes 0 x 0 Marcelo 'Pulginha' Pimentel

Medium - Garcia by quick submission

Medium-heavy - Jacare and Marcel Losada closed the bracket. Jacare subbed everyone he fought

Heavy - 'Xande' Ribeiro 3 x 0 Jefferson Moura

Super- Heavy Eric Wanderlei 2x1 (Adv.) Roberto Tozzi

Over - Claudio Godoi won 0 x 0 Montagna

Absolute - 'Xande' Ribeiro 8 x 0 Marcelo Garcia

Team Results:

1- Gracie Barra
2- Brasa Jiu-Jitsu Clube
3- BTT

Source: ADCC

Chuck Liddell to fight Vernon White?

What happens when an "Iceman" fights a "Tiger"? That question could be answered at UFC 49. A chat with Chuck Liddell's trainer John "Pitmaster" Hackleman revealed that it is a strong possibility that Chuck Liddell will be facing Vernon "Tiger" White at the UFC 49 event to stay sharp before he fights the winner of the Randy Couture vs. Vitor Belfort fight that could take place in Nov. Vernon White makes his UFC return after a draw with Ian Freeman.

Source: MMA Ring Report


Our friend Zac Arnold over at is reporting these fights as the final Pride Match Ups for June 20th's show.

Mark Hunt vs. Hidehiko Yoshida

Quinton Jackson vs. Ricardo Arona

Kazushi Sakuraba vs. Antonio Nino Schembri

Grand Prix Match Ups:

Fedor Emelieneko vs. Kevin Randleman

Giant Silva vs. Naoya Ogawa

Minotauro Nogueira vs. Semmy Schilt

Heath Herring vs. Sergei K.

Source: MMA Weekly


We have seen smaller promotions really make a name for themselves in the past couple of years. Companies like Rumble on the Rock, Hook N Shoot and others have really grown in the past couple of years, but a show that continues to get bigger and biggers is World Extreme Cagefighting. All you need to do is look at the picture above to see how popular WEC is becoming with the fans.

World Extreme Cagefighting proved once again that it is one of the top MMA shows in the nation with it’s sold out "WEC X Bragging Rights" show produced last Friday May 21st at The Palace Indian Gaming Center in Lemoore California. Crowd estimates topped 5000 and created an evening of all out excitement for both the fans and the fighters. The event is believed to be the largest Mixed Martial Arts event ever held in California.

When a fighter comes out and the sound system is literally shaking the entire venue and they see a crowd of over 5000 fans cheering them on, it just makes for more exciting and compelling fights" states Scott Adams, President and match maker for the WEC.

Reed Harris, who is in charge of production of the show was very pleased with the event and wanted to extend his thanks to all those who helped make the show a success "I especially want to point out to the fans out there that these shows would not take place without the absolute commitment of the staff and the tribe at The Palace Indian Gaming Center…The have become some of MMA’s biggest supporters! I especially want to thank Christian Printup, The Events Manager at The Palace."

"He is not only the best event manager on the West Coast, but understands the sport, the fighters and most of all, what the fans want to see. We approach every show as a team with the goal of putting on the best show possible." "As always, Paul Smith Commissioner of the IFC was on hand and oversaw the sanctioning of the event and we always appreciate his expertise".

While the WEC continues to work together as a team, it's interesting to note how many fighters in the WEC have gone on to fight in the Octagon. Eight fighters from recent shows have not only competed in the Octagon but won their matches, including Nick Diaz KO'ing Robbie Lawler at UFC 47. This organization has made a commitment to bringing in world class level fighters.

Chuck "The Iceman" Liddell attended the last show and as Scott Adams, told MMAWeekly "the last time I saw him he was still signing autographs about 45 minutes after the show had ended and still had about a 100 people crowded around him…he has always supported WEC and we really appreciate it. He is a credit to the sport".

Another reason why MMA is so great because the fighters truly love the fans and the fans appreciate the effort fighters give everytime they step in the ring. When was the last time you Shaquille O'Neal sit around and talk with the fans about his upcoming game in the NBA Playoffs?

WEC is one of the few shows that is working with television networks. WEC 10 was filmed by HDNET, the high definition television network owned by Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks. The network recorded two different shows for future broadcast, as the broadcasting team was made up of MMA broadcast veterans Jeff Blatnick, Ryan Bennett and Stephan Quadros.

The latest word from HDNET is that WEC X "BAGGING RIGHTS" will premier on Wednesday June 2 at 7:00 p.m. Pacific 10:00 Eastern.

It's amazing to see this promotion grow up over the past two years. The WEC has gone from being a new promotion, to one of the most successful promotions in not only California, but the United States as well. The WEC's next show will be in August on the 20th. In the meantime WEC will continue to grow as they now have become on of the premiere companies in the United States.

Source: ADCC

Kira Gracie Gets Her Brown Belt

Kyra Gracie has won the purple belt division in the Brazilian Nationals and has now been promoted to the rank of brown belt by Carlos Gracie Jr.. Congratulations Kyra.

Source: Gracie Fighter

VEF: Thales, Maiorino & Jamelão win

The I Vitória Extreme Fight ruled Espírito Santo on last Saturday (29). With good fights, an amazing production and big surprises, the tournament proved as big as others in the country. Thales Leites (Nova União) got the middle category after submitting Flávio Moura (his first opponent) via Kata-Gatame, On the final, Thales defeated the local athlete Lúcio Linhares. Lúcio got his rib hurt and didn't return to second round.

Over the heavyweight division, Eduardo Maiorino (Champions Factory) won Chico Melo bu KO, after a high kick in 3 RD. On the other side of the bracket, Danilo Motoserra (Gracie Barra Combat Team) did his debut in Vale-Tudo and got everyone surprised with his aggressiveness. Motoserra ruled Aílton Jacaré (RVT) with ground n´pound and the referee Carlão Barreto had to stop the fight. In the final, between Maiorino and Motoserra, the audience went nuts with the whole movimentation on the ring. After lots of exchanging punches, Maiorino got the title winning by 2x1.

During one of the super fights of the night, Jameão got his sweet revenge from Marcelo Uirapurú (Gracie Barra BH) and impose the fighter his third defeat. Lots of exchanging punches and clinche was the way. Uirapuru also got few kick and Jamelão attacked back with punches every time. When the fight went to the ground, Uirapurú almost got the foot-lock, well defended by Jamelão. The unanimous decision for Jamelão was contested by Vinícius Draculino, Uirapurú's teacher. 'Local audience ruled the decision," protested Draculino.


Circuit under 88kg:
Thales Leites (Nova União) submitted Flávio Moura (GBCT) via Kata-Gatame
Lúcio Linhares (Alliance) defeated Júlio César (Champions Factory) by referee's decision
Final: Thales Leite deefated Lúcio Linhares. Lucio didn't return to 2RD

Circuit under 100kg:
Danilo Motoserra (GBCT) defeated Aílton Jacaré (RVT) by referee's stoppage
Eduardo Maiorino (Champions Factory) defeated Chico Melo (Top Brother) by KO in 3 RD
Final: Eduardo Maiorino defeated Danilo Motoserra by 2x1

Super fight:
Bruno de Paula (Alliance) defeated Danilo Sherman by referee's decision
Gimar de Andrade defeated Luiz Pimpolho (NU/ RVT) by referee's stoppage
Final: Eduardo Jamelão (Belfort Team) defeated Marcelo Uirapurú (GB BH) by unanimous decision

Source: Tatame


Quote of the Day

"Life is 10% what you make it and 90% how you take it."

Irving Berlin, 1888-1989, Russian Composer

Help a little Angel!

A lot of people have asked us who created our site or some returning visitors were shocked to see how cool our new site was, well, it is all the work of master flash artist, Marc Ebalaroza and his company Pacific Design Community. He is a close friend and we highly recommend him to anyone who wants a site that will have everyone talking and sets it apart from the hum drum sites out there.

Marc's heart is as big as his creative ability. You may have heard about a message board type site that was set up for our US troops to communicate with family. It was on the local news stations and papers, Marc and his team were behind that. Now he is asking for your help with a 2 week old baby. Joey Ching of is a close friend and also has a heart of gold by helping out with the site.

My heart goes out to this family. As some of you may know that my terrible twosome (my twins) were in Neonatal Intensive Care for the first couple of weeks of their lives and had to fight their way to health. My family feels for Angel's family. So if you have been blessed this year or recently, please share the blessing with family who could use an extra share from everyone.


I recently just donated a website to a friend of mine who's granddaughter is hospitalized in San Francisco for a Diaphragmatic Hernia of the Heart. Although only 13 days old the family are keeping their faith on her recovery. He informed me of the news on Wednesday regarding the financial situation his family was in because of all the hospital and travel expenses. And after gathering the information of his granddaughter's prognosis and his financial situation I just couldn't walk away without doing anything. So I decided to construct him a website where people can go to and send their support and prayers. Joey Ching of also generously donated server space and a domain name.

I did contact all the news stations, however it seemed that maybe 'Jasmine Trias' is just too important at this time because no one called Sonny (Angel's Grandfather) for any media attention.

If you are willing to show your financial support in anyway, I WILL add your link / logo to the website along with your name / company. We are working on getting the family a fund raiser account and an online donation form, however for now
please feel free to contact Sonny Cuson at 808.864.0496 for any monetary donations.

For more info visit the website at:
Please pardon the inconvenience of the site, however being that it was a spur of the moment decision the site is still undergoing some maintenance, I just wanted to launch it ASAP to get all the support we can for this little girl and her family.

Please keep Angel Alapai and her family in your prayers. ~ Aloha Marc.

Major Super Brawl Announcement
Vitale to face Japanese Superstar June 18th!

Yushin Okami 9-1 Wajyutsu, Tokyo Japan
Okami is 2-0 in the biggest event in Japan, Pride. His style, like most of the top Japanese stars is tremendously exciting. He is not afraid to stand and trade bombs and combines his striking prowess with a solid Judo background. Look for him to fight Niko's aggressive style with more aggression.

Niko Vitale 17-3, Grappling Unlimited/808 Fight Factory
Vitale is coming off an impressive victory of former UFC Champion Dave Menne. Although he still has his sights set on the UFC a win over Okami could easily land him in one of the biggest events in Japan. Vitale understands the opportunity before him. "Although this fight may be my toughest to date, the payoff is well worth it. I dreamed of fighting in the UFC and succeeded. One of my other dreams is to fight in the Pride organization and I will not let Okami stand in my way. Don't expect him to be standing at the end of the fight." Niko Vitale

Source: Super Brawl

Monday Night Fights
"FalseCrack Monday"

Monday Night Fights
June 21.2004 @ Volcanoes Night Club

We are holding Hawaii's first Mixed Martial Arts & Kickboxing Monday Summer show ever. We are hosting 8-10 bouts once a month on a Monday. We're doing this to keep athletes busy during the summer. We are going to do Toughman style fights, Mixed Martial Arts and Kickboxing bouts. If you are a fighter and want to sign up for either of these three styles email or call 808-330-4483 for more information.

Ticket Information
Promoter Brennan Kamaka
808-330-4483 or

Bulls Pen in Kalihi
Dino Fernandez
808-330-7108 or
1111 Dillingham Blvd
Kalihi, Hawaii
(Across Honolulu Community College & next to Subway)

Source: Event Promoter

Shooto World Ranking
April 2004

Bantamweight / -56kg
C Mamoru, Shooto Gym Yokohama, Japan
1 Robson Moura, Nova Uniao, Brazil
2 Junji Ikoma, Chokushinkai, Japan - Up / def. Murata
3 Yasuhiro Urushitani, RJW Central, Japan - Down / Up Ikoma
4 Homare Kuboyama, Shooto Gym K'z Factory, Japan
5 Hiroaki Yoshioka, Paraestra Tokyo, Japan
6 Masatoshi Abe, AACC, Japan
7 Takeyasu Hirono, Keishukai Gods, Japan
8 Ichaku Murata, New Ground, Japan

Featherweight / -60kg
C Ryota Matsune, Paraestra Matsudo, Japan
1 Kentaro Imaizumi, SK Absolute, Japan
2 Masato Shiozawa, Keishukai, Japan
3 Marco Louro, Nova Uniao, Brazil
4 Masahiro Oishi, Shooto Gym K'z Factory, Japan
5 Jin Akimoto, Akimoto Dojo Jungle Junction, Japan
6 Akitoshi Hokazono, Cobra-kai, Japan / Up, def. Osawa
7 Kimihito Nonaka, Purebred Omiya, Japan - Down / Up Hokazono
8 Shuichirou Katsumura, Shooto Gym K'z Factory, Japan - Down / Up Ikoma
9 Ryan Ackerman, Grappling Works, U.S.A.
10 Hudson Rocha, Brazilian Top Team, Brazil

Lightweight / -65kg
C Alexandre Franca Nogueira, World Fight Center, Brazil
1 Stephen Paling, Jesus is Lord, U.S.A.
2 Joao Roque, Nova Uniao, Brazil
3 Norifumi 'Kid' Yamamoto, Purebred Tokyo, Japan
4 Hiroyuki Takaya, Tanaka Juku, Japan
5 Hiroyuki Abe, AACC, Japan
6 Jens Pulver, Team Extreme, U.S.A.
7 Makoto Ishikawa, Purebred Omiya, Japan
8 Naoya Uematsu, Shooto Gym K'z Factory, Japan
9 Tetsuo Katsuta, Shooto Gym K'z Factory, Japan
10 Hideki Kadowaki, WKSS, Japan

Welterweight / -70kg
C Vacant
1 Tatsuya Kawajiri, Team TOPS, Japan
2 Kaoru Uno, Keishukai, Japan
3 Takanori Gomi, Kiguchi Dojo Wrestling School, Japan
4 Ryan Bow, Purebred Omiya, U.S.A.
5 Kotetsu Boku, Purebred Tokyo, Japan
6 Kohei Yasumi, Paraestra Tokyo, Japan
7 Mitsuhiro Ishida, Team TOPS, Japan
8 Takaharu Murahama, Gracie Barra VT Team, Japan
9 Daisuke 'Amazon' Sugie, Alive, Japan
10 Takumi, Paraestra Osaka, Japan

Middleweight / -76kg
C Vacant
1 Jake Shields, Team Scandinavia, U.S.A.
2 Jutaro Nakao, Shooto Gym Osaka, Japan
3 Ray Cooper, Jesus is Lord, U.S.A.
4 Akira Kikuchi, Shooto Gym K'z Factory, Japan
5 Ronald Jhun, 808 Fight Factory, U.S.A.
6 Chris Lytle, Integrated Fighting Academy, U.S.A.
7 Manvel Gamburyan, Team Gokor, U.S.A.
8 Seichi Ikemoto, Riroots Conan, Japan
9 Sauli Heilimo, Team Scandinavia, Finland
10 Shigetoshi Iwase, Team TOPS, Japan

Lightheavyweight / -83kg
C Masanori Suda, Club J, Japan
1 Dustin Denes, Cesar Gracie Academy, U.S.A.
2 Egan Inoue, Grappling Unlimited, U.S.A.
3 Shiko Yamashita, Paraestra Sapporo, Japan
4 Martijn de Jong, Tatsujin Dojo, Holland
5 Scott Henze, Freelance, U.S.A.
6 Curtis Stout, American Jiu-Jitsu Academy, U.S.A.
7 Jon Fitch, Americn Kick Boxing Academy, U.S.A.
8 Shonie Carter, Shidokan U.S.A., U.S.A.
9 Ryuta Sakurai, R-Gym, Japan
10 Lance Gibson, Gibson Pankration Academy, Canada

Pacific Rim Ranking
April 2004

Featherweight / -60kg
C Vacant
1 Kentaro Imaizumi, SK Absolute, Japan
2 Masato Shiozawa, Keishukai, Japan
3 Masahiro Oishi, Shooto Gym K'z Factory, Japan
4 Jin Akimoto, Akimoto Dojo Jungle Junction, Japan
5 Akitoshi Hokazono, Cobra-kai, Japan - Up / def. Osawa
6 Kimihito Nonaka, Purebred Omiya, Japan - Down / Up Hokazono
7 Shuichirou Katsumura, Shooto Gym K'z Factory, Japan - Down / Up Hokazono
8 Hisao Ikeda, Purebred Omiya, Japan - Down / Up Hokazono
9 Akira Komatsu, Cobra-kai, Japan
10 Alfie Alcarez, Nickwan Kick Gym, U.S.A.

Lightweight / -65kg
C Vacant
1 Stephen Paling, Jesus is Lord, U.S.A.
2 Norifumi 'Kid' Yamamoto, Purebred Tokyo, Japan
3 Hiroyuki Takaya, Tanaka Juku, Japan
4 Hiroyuki Abe, AACC, Japan
5 Makoto Ishikawa, Purebred Omiya, Japan
6 Naoya Uematsu, Shooto Gym K'z Factory, Japan
7 Tetsuo Katsuta, Shooto Gym K'z Factory, Japan
8 Hideki Kadowaki, WKSS, Japan
9 Katsuya Toida, Keishukai Iidabashi Toi-Katsu Dojo, Japan - Again / def.
10 Bao Quach, Team Oyama, U.S.A. / Down, Again Toida

Welterweight / -70kg
C Vacant
1 Tatsuya Kawajiri, Team TOPS, Japan
2 Takanori Gomi, Kiguchi Dojo Wrestling School, Japan
3 Ryan Bow, Purebred Omiya, U.S.A.
4 Tetsuji Kato, Purebred Omiya, Japan
5 Kotetsu Boku, Purebred Tokyo, Japan
6 Takumi, Paraestra Osaka, Japan - Up / def. Nakakura
7 Kohei Yasumi, Paraestra Tokyo, Japan - Down / Up Takumi
8 Mitsuhiro Ishida, Team TOPS, Japan - Down / Up Takumi
9 Takaharu Murahama, Gracie Barra VT Team, Japan - Down / Up Takumi
10 Daisuke 'Amazon' Sugie, Alive, Japan - Down / Up Takumi

Middleweight / -76kg
C Vacant
1 Jake Shields, Cesar Gracie Academy, U.S.A.
2 Jutaro Nakao, Shooto Gym Osaka, Japan
3 Ray Cooper, Jesus is Lord, U.S.A.
4 Akira Kikuchi, Shooto Gym K'z Factory, Japan
5 Ronald Jhun, 808 Fight Factory, U.S.A.
6 Seichi Ikemoto, Riroots Conan, Japan
7 Shigetoshi Iwase, Team TOPS, Japan
8 Kuniyoshi Hironaka, SSS Academy, Japan
9 Hayato 'Mach' Sakurai, Mach Dojo, Japan
10 Deshaun Johnson, HMC, U.S.A.

Source: International Shooto Commission

Brazilian National Titles Quick Results

Congratulations to winners Brasa Jiu-Jitsu Club's Robert Drysdale medium-heavy, Vitor 'Koral' who closed the bracket with teammates Chico Mendes & 'Miudinho (Miudinho = 'tiny'; is the 5'3' & 286 Lbs 1/2 guard wizzard!).

Other winners included TT's Andre Galvao taking the medium-weight despite flying the night before from LA. Congratulations to Mexico's representative Jackson Correa from TT/Valente, getting 3rd in the same division.

Black Belt absolute finals scheduled for tomorrow will be Marcelo Garcia v Xande Ribeiro. Garcia submiited Marcio Corletta & Eric Wanderlei with chokes from the back, while 'Xande' defeated Rodrigo Santoro (adv.), Marcel Losada (refs dec.) & Roberto Tozi (pts). Ronaldo 'Jacare' did not compete in the absolute.

Tomorrow the full Black Belt divisions, the finals of the absolute and the Absolute Brown take place!

Source: ADCC/Kid Peligro

PRIDE Management to Visit Brazil
by Marcelo Alonso / Team Tatame

A large delagation of Pride management will arrive in Brazil on May 31st, along with Fuji TV crew. Mr. Nobuhiko Takada, Mr. Shinoda and MR. Kawasaki are already confirmed for the trip, with the big boss, Mr. Sakakibara, not confirmed yet.

The first stop will be in Curitiba, where the PRIDE Team will attend a hard training session of Chute Boxe members, as well as visit Wanderlei's new mansion. This is all for a report to appear on Fuji TV.

The promoters will alsofly to Minas to see one of the biggestspectacles in modern 'futbol': Brazil x Argentina in Mineirão Stadium. This is also for a special report to appear on Fuji Tv.

After Minas, they will arrive in Rio on June 2nd to visit the Brazilian Top Team headquarters and to visit the mansion of PRIDE Champion 'Minotauro'. On June 4th, Mr. Takada and his crew will witness Meca 11. 'More than ever, the fighters have to give their blood to make good fights. Regardless of their team, the fighter who makes a good impression will have the opportunity of their life - to be invited to fight in Pride' said Rudimar Fedrigo.

Source: ADCC

Jamelão debuts in MMA facing Uirapuru in Vitória Extreme Fight
Submitted by: Luca Atalla

Very expected for many fans and athletes from the martial arts world, the MMA debut of Eduardo Conceiçao “Jamelao” promisses to be the greatest attraction of the Vitória Extreme Fight, competition that will be held on Saturday (29th)in Espirito Santo, Brazil.

Jamelao is going to face Marcelo “Uirapuru” Azevedo, who replaces Rafael Capoeira. The Gracie Barra Combat Team athlete had a knee injury during his training and was not able to step into the ring. Despite the replacement of his opponent, Jamelao, who left the Master Team to join the Belfort Team, is very confident in his performance in VEF.

“It is going to be a very special moment. I will have the opportunitty to show my fighting techniques to those who live in the city where I´ve been living for 12 years. I´ve been training really hard to win”, said Jamelao. Uirapuru and Jamelao have fought twice before under Jiu-Jitsu rules. Uirapuru won the first one and the second fight was interrupted with no winner.

Marcelo Uirapuru is an MMA fighter with two losses in two fights, both in Heat, in 2003. In the first one he was defeated by Renato Babalu and in the second fight he was beated by Alexandre Vaca. Expert in capoeira, he´s been training Jiu-Jitsu for seven years and muay thai for seven months. According to him, it´s time to achieve the first victory. “I am foccused on my training and it will be an honor be part of the envent´s main fight. I´ll try to win and provide a good show for the audience”, stated the fighter.

The Vitoria Extreme Fight will be realized in Alvares Cabral gymnasium, with the capacity for seven thousand spectators. “Our main goal is to put the Vitoria Extreme Fight in the MMA Brazilian scene, and after that, become the best and biggest event of our country”, said the promoter Gabriel Silva. To provide the public the best structure, the organization invest almost US$ 30.000.

Check the card below:

Bruno de Paula (Alliance Jiu-Jitsu) x Danilo Cherman (Andre Pederneiras /Nova União)
Gilmar de Andrade (Leitai Sanshou Freestyle Team) x Marcelo Sallazar (Brazilian Top Team)


Eduardo Jamelão (Belfort Team) x Marcelo Uirapuru (Gracie Barra - BH / Abada Capoeira)


-88 Kg:
Thales Leites (André Pederneiras / Nova União)
Flavio Moura (Gracie Barra Combat Team)
Lucio Linhares (Alliance Jiu-Jitsu)
Júlio Cesar (Champions Factory)

-100 Kg:
Eduardo Maiorino (Champions Factory)
Chico Melo (Top Brother)
Ailton Jacare (Ruas Vale-Tudo)
Danilo Motosserra (Gracie Barra Combat Team)

Source: ADCC

Minotauro set to face Herring, Brazilian Top Team looking to triumph in Korea, Wanderlei Silva continues to hit Brazilian mainstream and a solid card for MECA 11!

The Brazilian Beat:
By Eduardo Alonso

In the last Brazilian Beat of May of 2004 the focus is already set for June, as next month promises a lot of interesting things for an MMA fan, being him from anywhere in the world. June will bring the second round of the PRIDE GP, that because of the card's single matches, such as Quinton Jackson against Ricardo Arona, promises to be more interesting than the first round of the same Heavyweight GP. Also, June will treat Brazilian fans to MECA 11, in one of the best cards every put together at this Brazilian promotion, with some intriguing match-ups. Besides those two marquee happenings for any Brazilian fan, June will witness to first big MMA show ever in Korea, with plenty of PRIDE and UFC veterans taking part on the card, and a handful of Brazilian fighters competing in it. So, with the eyes set on June we enjoy the last hours of May with news from both present and near future of the Brazilian MMA scene, FCF brings yet once again another Beat straight from the often hot, and now cold weather of Brazil [believe it or not it's damn cold here now], enjoy the news!

As the second round of the PRIDE Heavyweight GP approaches and the date of departure for Japan grows near, the Brazilian Top Team headquarters is extremely busy. Rodrigo Minotauro Nogueira is, although not officially confirmed, going to face Heath Herring in a rematch of the bout that gave Nogueira the PRIDE Heavyweight belt for the firs time back at PRIDE 17. Training has been tough as not only Mino is preparing for Herring, but Arona for his PRIDE comeback against Quinton Jackson, in two fights that are bound to be worth the ticket alone!

The PRIDE GP is not the only thing causing noise and keeping everybody busy at the BTT training camp, as four fighters from the team are preparing for the major Korean show that will take place in June as well. Although rumored to be facing Alistair Overeem in the show, Minotauro's brother Rogerio Minotoro Nogueira will be fighting the "Brazilian Killa" Alex Stiebling, in a crucial match for both guys career. The other BTT members will have Japanese opponents at the Korean promotion, as Paulo Filho will fight Daijiro Matsui, Fabiano Capoane will be fighting Namekawa, and Claudio Godoy will be facing Hamada. Former Chute Boxe fighter Anderson Silva, who's facing Jeremy Horn at the same show, has been training with Minotauro every now and then to help in Nogueira's preparation for Herring, as well as his preparation for Jeremy Horn, of course.

Speaking of the PRIDE GP Second round, among the special fights featured for the show besides the ones from the tournament, one will more than likely feature Nino "Elvis" Schembri is his debut as a Chute Boxe fighter in a rematch against Japanese superstar Kazushi Sakuraba. Rumors have been high for a long time in Brazil about this match up, and it is indeed going to happen as Nino has been preparing for the fight and hoping to repeat the outcome of their first outing.

Speaking of Chute Boxe, PRIDE Middleweight Champion Wanderlei Silva continues to be making some noise in the Brazilian mainstream media. This week Silva came to Sao Paulo once again to hit some TV shows, as well as Radio ones. Silva's knee has been fine lately as he is already training regularly at Chute Boxe and is likely to face Yuki Kondo in PRIDE's August show. Another interesting PRIDE related piece lately in Brazil is that DSE public figure Nobuhiko Takada is expected to be coming to Brazil soon, for a two-week stay following training in academies such as Chute Boxe and BTT, as well as following the next MECA Vale-Tudo.

This last May 22nd, the 10th edition of Champions Night brought the already traditional minor show from the Brazilian Northeast region to the south of the country for the first time ever. Taking place at the city of Marilia, in the state of Sao Paulo [financially the most important in the country], the show counted with seven MMA matches as well as four Muay Thai bouts. The standouts of the show were Deep veteran Gleison Tibau, and former Chute Boxe fighter Emerson Naja, both scoring quick and impressive wins. Here are the results of the MMA matches:

Ricardo Alves def. Adriano Maciel by triangle choke in R1
Pedro Akira def. Luis Popo by KO in R1
Regiclaudio Kexada def. Alex dos Santos by referee stoppage in R1
Junior Killer def. Fabio D'amore by TKO in R2
Fabricio Robo def. Robson da Silva by armbar in R1
Gleison Tibau def. Daniel Muralha by armbar in R1
Emerson Naja def. Marcelo Barbosa by KO in R1

This Saturday, May 29th Vitoria Extreme Fight will take MMA to yet another Brazilian capital, continuing to spread our sport around the country. The capital of the state of Espirito Santo, near Rio de Janeiro, the city of Vitoria will see some experienced fighters battling inside the ring, as HEAT veteran Marcelo Uirapuru was confirmed as the replacemente of Rafael Capoeira, facing Jiu-Jitsu standout and local hero Eduardo Jamelao. UFC veteran Flavio Moura is another experienced fighter taking part on the card, facing Thalles Leite from Nova Uniao in the first round of a middleweight tournament. The show will also count with K-1 veteran Eduardo Maiorino battling Chico Mello, this time in the 1st round of the heavyweight tournament. Check out the card:

Middleweight Tournament:
Flavio Moura vs. Thales Leite
Lucio Linhares vs. Julio Cesar

Heavyweight Tournament:
Eduardo Maiorino vs. Chico Mello
Danilo "Motoserra" vs. Ailton Jacare

Single Fights:
Marcelo Salazar vs. Gilmar Andrade
Bruno de Paula vs. Danilo Sherman
Eduardo Jamelao vs. Marcelo Uirapuru

Still on the subject of MMA shows in Brazil, the 11th edition of MECA Vale-Tudo is coming up on June 5th, at the city of Teresopolis, near Rio de Janeiro, with a very interesting card! Names such as Gustavo Ximu, Nilson de Castro, Tony de Souza, Luis Azeredo, Jorge Macaco Patino, Daniel Acacio and others are guarantee of a good spectacle, as this is clearly the strongest MECA card in recent time. FCF will bring you all the action from MECA 11, and here is the card for Saturday, June 5th:

Fabricio Monteiro vs. Fernando Boi
Alex Gaze (Boxe Thai) vs. Andre Bispo (RFT)
Suyan Queiroz vs. Luciano Azevedo (RFT)
Junior Besouro (RFT) vs. Luis Brito
Luciano Cardoso vs. Parazinho
Ivan "Batman" vs. Alexandre "Baixinho" Barros (Gracie Barra Combat Team)
Jadyson Costa (Chute Boxe) vs. Milton Vieira (Brazilian Top Team)
Daniel Acacio (Chute Boxe) vs. Eric Tavares (Ruas Vale Tudo)
Delson "Pe de Chumbo" (Gracie Barra) vs. Jorge "Macaco" Patino (Chute Boxe)
Tony de Souza (Nova Uniao) vs. Luis Azeredo (Chute Boxe)
Gustavo Ximu (Gracie Barra Combat Team) vs. Nilson de Castro (Chute Boxe)

Vitor Belfort's quest to find any information about his missing sister Priscila Belfort continues. "The Phenom", who was planning a trip to the USA at the next June 7th to prepare for a rematch against Randy Couture granting a chance to focus more into fighting, has been appearing in TV shows every week pleading for information on his sister, who's missing for more than four months already. The reward for any information that can lead to Priscila is up to 10,000 Reais, which is around US$3,300. With the announcement of the reward the Brazilian police has been receiving new information lately, and hope is now getting bigger again to at least finally find out what exactly happen with Vitor's sister. FCF continues to hope for the best and if somehow you have any information regarding Priscila, please contact the Brazilian Police.

Source: FCF


K-1 is continuing to say to the Japanese media that they have lost contact with Bob Sapp since his loss to Kazuyuki Fujita.

Sapp was scheduled to do a pro-wrestling matchup this coming Thursday, but noone have been able to contact him.

Sources in the Japanese media are saying that this whole scenario is most likely a K-1 angle to ease Sapp's work load without upsetting his many pro-wrestling fans. K-1 have already stated they wanted Sapp to do less pro-wrestling matches so he can concetrate more on his K-1 rules and MMA fights.

Source: Fight Sport


Yomiuri Sports reports that K-1 has signed Japanese judo star Yoshihiro Akiyama.

Akiyama made controversial news at the judo world championships when his first three opponents complained that his judo jacket had some slippery substances applied to it. This was a charge he had also been accused of in the Japanese selction tournament.

After being ordered to change his jacket to an IJF issued jacket, Akiyama lost and ended up without a medal.

Source: Fight Sport


In yet another exclusive, my source, who goes by the name of 'In the know', has informed me that if Ken Shamrock defeats Kimo Leopoldo, he will get a rematch with Tito Ortiz.

As you all know, the first match between Shamrock and Ortiz was the highest grossing fight under the Zuffa regime. UFC president Dana White feels that a rematch would have the same success in ticket and pay-per-view sales.

Also, many websites have been incorrectly reporting that Matt Hughes vs. 'Charuto' Verissimo will be a title fight. This is not true as the title fight will be held at a later show. The winner of the Matt Hughes vs. Charuto Verissimo matchup will face the winner of the Dennis Hallman vs. Frank Trigg to determine the welterweight title at a later show.

Source: Fight Sport


Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson told the media that he's willing to fight Antonio Tarver.

"I'll fight him and show Roy how it should have been done -- one round," said Tyson.

Tyson went on to say that he's not interested in a fight with Roy Jones Jr., and added, "Roy's going to have to knock that guy [Tarver] out. He's got to beat that guy for any credibility".

Source: Fight Sport


As first reported last year, the UFC has no plans to ever crown a lightweight champion again, and will most likely drop the lightweight division in the future.

The UFC continues to prove our scoop correct when they announced that the Yves Edwards vs. Josh Thompson fight scheduled for UFC 49 will not be for the vacant lightweight title as was previously speculated.

Source: Fight Sport


K-1 matchmaker Sadaharu Tanigawa recently spoke with the Japanese media and went into further details about K-1's future plans with Mike Tyson and HBO.

Tanigawa re-itirated that they have a signed contract with Tyson, and that all that's left is to agree upon an opponent for Tyson. The fight would be promoted under K-1's 'Fight Entertainment Group (FEG) subsidiary. The fight would be under boxing rules, and would take place in either July or August in either New York, Las Vegas, or Los Angeles.

Furthermore, Tanigawa stated that Tyson's fight purse would be close to what he makes in boxing. Opponents that K-1 would like to match against Tyson include Bob Sapp, Jerome LeBanner, or Shannon Briggs. Tyson's camp would like to see journeyman boxer Kevin McBride as Tyson's opponent.

Tanigawa also added that a deal with HBO to televise the Tyson fight, as well as televising both the regular K-1 and K-1 MMA brands on a regular basis, is very close to being finalized.

K-1 can already be seen on ESPN as is. A deal to be on HBO would further propel the K-1 brand into the American mainstream.

More news to come on this in the next few weeks.

Source: Fight Sport


Nobuhiko Takada announced that DSE intends to make a strong effort to expand the PRIDE brand into the U.S. and Brazilian markets in 2005.

Source: Fight Sport


DSE/PRIDE officially announced to the Japanese media that the Vanderlei Silva vs. Yuki Kondo matchup will take place as a single fight on their PRIDE Heavyweight GP Finals card on August 15th.

Source: Fight Sport


UFC middleweight contender Phil Baroni answered some questions for his fans on the UG forum and had the following to say about potential opponent Lee Murray:

Phil Baroni on Lee Murray's powerful strikes: "Nobody's ever seen Lee Murray's hands. They're afraid to let that Pele video out but I plan on breaking his jaw."

Phil Baroni on the self promotion: "I'm just being me. Lee Murray is saying the shit that I said two years ago. He's reading the book that I wrote, and Tito's a total different ball game.

Source: Fight Sport


In yet another exclusive, Josh H. from Las Vegas tells the FS 24/7 News staff the following:

"Vernon 'Tiger' White was recently involved in a massive brawl relating to his bouncing job. The first details we have received indicate a group of criminals attempted to attack the bouncing crew where Vernon White works. Vernon defended himself and knocked out six or seven opponents, most of whom were his size or larger.

When analyzed, this event is in stark contrast to Tito Ortiz's well publicized humiliating loss at the hands of a much smaller Lee Murray in the streets of London. More details to follow within the next day." -Josh H.

Source: Fight Sport

Sven Bean Part 1
By Arnold "The Sushiboy" Lim

Sven Bean is the Manager of MMA and K-1 stars Duane Ludwig and Pete Spratt among others as well as the promoter of the Ring of Fire show out of Denver Colorado. He was gracious enough to spend some time with “The Sushiboy” and had much to say about Duane Ludwig, Pete Spratt, Pat Smith, Ludwig's upcoming bout with BJ Penn and more...

MMARR: Duane didn’t do to well against Parr, What happened to Duane Ludwig against John Wayne Parr?

SB: he cut too much weight too fast, he was out there by himself in Japan, I didn’t get to Japan until actually an hour before the fight started because I had a death in the family.

MMARR: I am sorry to hear that.

SB: It is alright, our other coach that was going out there got delayed because of weather and had to spend the night in San Francisco and didn’t get there until three hours after the weigh in. and Duane was cutting over 18 pounds to get to the weight, he went in a little heavy, because …he went in a lot heavy because he went in with a hurt ankle so he couldn’t run leading up to the fight he couldn’t run at all and that is how he keeps his weight down by running. He couldn’t run at all and he came in heavy, turned out to be a big deal because we have a pretty good system for cutting weight, but since he was there by himself, his support team wasn’t there he was trying to cut the weight he panicked a little bit he did it the wrong way and he was very weak, he just cut too much weight too fast, Parr didn’t ever hurt him, he never hurt him, all the knockdowns were flash knockdowns, Duane would go down and pop right back up and look over at us kind like “What the hell” not out at all, not hurt at all, and then the weight was such a big difference they made us wear ten ounce gloves and he wore 8.

MMARR: Are you allowed to do that and have different size gloves?

SB: K-1 can do whatever they want. And also everyone wore 8 ounce Reyes…

MMARR: What is 8 ounce Reyes?

SB: Reyes is a type of glove, it is a Mexican glove and they are made with horse hair so they are known as one of the hardest hitting gloves out there, even specifically for boxing and the lightweights because, the lightweights don’t have a whole lot of punching power with the little flyweights and straw weights, they want to gives them as much power as possible. The these gloves are very tiny. And they gave us these ten ounce gloves that were not Reyes, they were some kind of promotional glove I had never seen them before. I put the Reyes next to the gloves that they wanted us to use, they looked like my 16 ounce trainers that I used to spar with. There was like a 2 and a half difference in size. Combine all that stuff together, against fighting John Wayne Parr with who even fighting on an even level is going to be a tough fight and you are in a no win situation. But people put a lot more in the losses here in North America then they do in Japan.

MMARR: I was told that John Wayne Parr at one point was training together with Duane Ludwig.

SB: Yeah years ago.

MMARR: How did that pan out? Were they friends at all?

SB: They were living together basically, in a dorm situation with the Roufus brothers and John Wayne Parr and Angela, now Angela Parr, because of that training camp they hooked up. Anyway it was just a month and a half in the summer time so nothing big.

MMARR: But they knew each other pretty well I guess then.

SB: Oh yeah, we have been following Parr’s career, we know each other, we see each other all the time at different fights.

MMARR: What were the weight limits for the max fight?

SB: 154lbs, 70 kilo’s

MMARR: You got Pete Spratt taking a couple of losses here. He has been having a little bit of a difficult time here. What is next for Pete?

SB: He just fought a month ago in a kickboxing fight and beat an undefeated fighter, I got him in the super league, and I am also negotiating for a fight in Sturgis, possibly with the IFC but it will probably be just a stand up fight. It might be kind of cool, it is going to be a cage, they are going to have MMA gloves on but it is going to be under Mui Thai rules.

MMARR: Very Cool

SB: Yeah that would be pretty neat and he tried out for the boxing reality show and the producer called him personally and told him how impressed he was they really like the whole.. that he is an ultimate fighter, and he was never a pro boxer and they are totally into it so if that happens that is actually what he is going to do for three months because that is how much time it will take.

MMARR: Can you tell us a little more about that boxing reality show? Is that the one with Sylvester Stallone?

SB: Yeah the one with Stallone, he tried out in Dallas, Sylvester Stallone’s brother Frank Stallone, pulled out his personal video camera to record it, got on the phone and called Sylvester Stallone and said you gotta see this guy, The producer of the Phone called Pete personally and that is the same producer that does all the reality shows. Mark…

MMARR: What are his thoughts on MMA right now is he still interested in persuing that at all?

SB: Totally but he is just going to take a slow process getting back, I am going to probably bring him out here, to fight on Ring of Fire, but it looks like it will be a kickboxing match as well.

MMARR: Was it difficult on him mentally to lose those two fights?

SB: You would have to ask him that.

MMARR: Pete was out here in Montreal when he was supposed to fight Georges St Pierre the first time. Was he more mentally prepared that first day then he was the second time?

SB: Oh Yeah…totally. He had a lot of stuff going on and you always hear that from people but the reality of it is we are humans and if our mental state isn’t there then you are not going to perform.

MMARR: I think the second time out I believe it was the American thanksgiving, I am not one hundred percent sure about that…

SB: You are correct, both of us we were away from the family and stuff…

MMARR: who else do you manage as well?

SB: Jay Jack, Amanda Buckner, couple of big K-1 fighters, I have got negotiations with Aaron Brink right now, I will probably pick him up.

MMARR: Jay Jack will be headlining an event here pretty quick can you tell us a little bit about that?

SB: yeah he is going o fight John Cronk who is a KOTC fighter and he is a shoot boxing world champion which is, like San Shou what Cung Le does. He is also a kick boxing champion, tough guy he has got a lot of fights. Probably has a 100 fights under all his styles. It is kind of a bad Blood fight, the guys don't necessarily like each other, John was kind of the bad boy around here for a long time and Jay came up and everybody started you know…”looking at Jay and saying wow there is something there” and so John kind of took it as a challenge to his status as the top guy at that weight in this area.

MMARR: How about Amanda Buckner, she is dating Mr. Jack correct?

SB: Correct

MMARR: Does she have anything on the go in the near future?

SB: Yeah she was supposed to fight and she got an injury and we were offered Amanda Buckner vs. Jennifer Howe, which would be a rematch and on the same card, Jay Jack vs. Jeremy Horn, so it would have been boyfriend girlfriend vs. boyfriend girlfriend I talked with Monte (Cox) about it yesterday and the guy didn’t have the money to pull that off, I mean it sounded good on paper and everyone had no problems doing it but the guy just didn’t have the money to pull it off it was a small show so…It is tough to get fights for fighters and the females it is twice as hard….

MMARR: How did you get into managing and how did you get into the sport?

SB: How I got into the sport was as a fighter, training with all the guys…it is in my blood and I would much rather be a fighter then a manager and a promoter but I am old. I had another successful business at the time and two little children and my wife told me she didn’t want me fighting so I just got out of it but I still continue to train….

MMARR: Were you geared more towards standup or were you a grappler?

SB: Standup, I fought bare knuckle knockdown style karate, and I am a kickboxer.

MMARR: So how many fights do you have? What is your record?

SB: I don’t want to get into that. It is just something in my past, let us put it that way. I could have been…I know ….It was just an opportunity that went by and I really wanted it so it is kind of a hard issue for me. I wanted to do it but circumstances wouldn’t let you , so when you got something you really want to do in life, like telling Dale ernhardt jr sorry you just can't race now go get behind a desk. So anyways the way I stayed close to the fight game and the fights was I kept training and I was working with some guys and we would go to different shows and I would just look around to different events and go ”if I was doing it I would do this” or if this was my show I would do that. And people got tired of hearing me say that and they said then why don’t you do it and I did. And I started promoting and I started working with Duane and Pete and a few other guys, the main thing is I never really wanted to be a manager, if I like a guy I just want to make sure they get what is coming to them, fighters don’t need to deal with the business end of it.

MMARR: Their job is to fight.

SB: yeah, before I really switched over to doing the fight game full time, my other business and Duane would work for me at that, and he was like, he knew I knew how to do business deals and I was working with billion dollar corporations like GE capital and you know,…I can negotiate with King of the Cage I guess…. Laughs

MMARR: We talked about you having a successful business what type of business did you have?

SB: I did project management doing modular corporate office moves like 300 people or more. I guess when I get looking at some of my shows, it is just another project. Just a another project that has got deadlines and I have got everything just like I was doing in my other business.

MMARR: I think at UFC 45 there was some talk about getting Pat Smith coming to fight. Do you still manage Pat Smith?

SB: No I don’t manage Pat.

MMARR: Not anymore?

SB: Not anymore.

MMARR: is that an issue you mind getting into?

SB: I don’t mind getting into it.

MMARR: You picked up Pat Smith obviously people hadn’t heard from him for a long time, it was the news for a little bit. What happened?

SB: When I first started working with Pat it was at the suggestion of my coach. Clarence Thatch, out of respect to him I said I would do it, even though I was a little hesitant, just because Pat Smith doesn’t have the best reputation. So I did it, but when I was working with him he failed to mention….his goals were like get me back into the UFC, so I said well I could do that. Let’s do it. Then he failed to mention that he was on suspension from the Nevada State Athletic commission. And I didn’t find that out untill I had already gotten an offer from the UFC. So we get this offer and are like great Pat you are back and they call us and we are like he is suspended indefinitely. So I had to go through jump through the hoops and talk to Nevada commission and find out what needed to be done and the list was long. There was like 30 items that needed to be done, every test imaginable. Every medical test imaginable, drug screening, not just blood tests but drug screening everything and we did it all. We did it all and everything was submitted and turned in and it was about ten days out from the UFC, and the UFC called and said well you know what, we are pulling the plug on the fight. And I didn’t understand why, and they said it just isn’t going to happen Nevada is dragging their feet, and they are not going to pass him. So I said well we have ten days left you don’t know that. And they basically said yeah we do know that, they are not going to pass him. And then I asked him why what happened there and again he didn’t tell me any of this before but he had gotten into a verbal altercation with the Nevada State Commission 5 years earlier when they didn’t sanction Ultimate Fighting. And it was over a boxing match and basically told the whole commission to “Fuck Off”…not basically...he did. He flipped everybody off and said that is OK, I don’t need to box, I will just go fight Ultimate fighting anyway and fuck you guys. Well that was 5 years ago and it is all the same people so now when his name comes across the board to get sanctioned by Nevada, obviously people remembered that very well so he made some enemies they made him jump through hoops, and I hear, I spoke with Marc Ratner, two weeks ago at K-1 that they are still trying to and that he has got some new people working with them and I guess they are close and maybe he will get his license back I think Pat’s Window of opportunity is very small.


SB: So at that point it was like so what else can we do? What else can we do? And I had got an offer from King of the Cage to fight Paul Buentello which we accepted and then that was fine but then I was talking to my coach saying I got Pat a fight, it is a big title fight, how is his training going? He is like I haven’t seen him he is not training here. And then he had a big falling out with my coach and it just was like, this just isn’t working because the guys that I manage, like Duane and Pete and everyone else I have a personal relationship with them. And it just wasn’t there and it just didn’t work out on everybodies part I don’t think he was all that necessarily happy with me and I don’t know it was kind of Mutual.

MMARR: there was a little bit of controversy in that fight. What did you think of that fight and how do you think that fight would go around the second time.

SB: I think Duane Ludwig won that fight under the way the rules stated. We won under those rules. If the rules were different he wouldn’t have won that fight, we accept that. We have offered the rematch, Genki has turned it down.

MMARR: So it was Genki that turned it down?

SB: Yeah well when we were offered the rematch we said no problem, in the UFC. I don’t know so much that Genki turned it down, I think maybe his management did because they were trying to get it done in Japan. I think they kind of knew that K-1 MMA was coming and Genki and Bang are both K-1 fighters as well as UFC fighters, they must have had the inside track and said we will just wait this one out so…which is great because it works out for everybody and we definitely want to fight for the UFC still it is not like that at all but we are also not going to turn down money. It is serious money especially for 155er’s are notoriously known for getting underpaid, if you are not a heavyweight, it is tough to get a really, really good payday, and this is a good payday, I mean seriously good payday.

MMARR: So basically holding out for better money down the road is better for everyone kind of deal…

SB: In that fight that particular fight, yeah It was nothing that we did I am just speculating on what the Genki camp did, I am sure that is probably the case.

MMARR: When Duane Ludwig fought at the UCC show that fight was pretty decisive did you expect the fight to go quite like that?

SB: I knew that Duane was going to knock Jens out.

MMARR: You knew it?

SB: I knew it.

MMARR: What was it that…

SB: I knew it because I knew they underestimated him, the camp as a whole did and I also, knew where Duane’s head was at the time, his training was right, his head was right, everything was just perfect, and I just knew how hard he hits at that weight the reach, everything I knew that Jens was going to have a hard time getting Duane down, he has got a good sprawl, Genki did it the right way with the upper body locks and stuff Genki and Jens are two completely different fighters and they match up differently then Duane, Duane had the height the reach when we went into that fight, for me it was funny listening to all the crap on the internet because I had the inside track. I just knew, I knew it was going to play out like that I didn’t know it was going to go that quick but I thought it was going to be maybe a round of feeling out and maybe Jens trying to push the issue, then he would eventually get caught, and no disrespect to Jens, I spoke to Jens in Vegas about this, weeks ago, if they did it now obviously it would be a completely different fight because he would change his game plan. I just think he had the wrong gameplan going in and underestimated Duane and Duane was just at the top of his game, it was his night and no one was going to beat him that night. You saw it, his reaction was just…he was just on. I had a hundred percent confidence that night. And that was it.

MMARR: Do you have any up and comers in the camp or guys that you know are going to be coming up pretty soon and are going to make some noise?

SB: Yeah, Ali Abdelaziz he is a Judo guy, he is going to be the first guy, actually Judo player besides Yoshida, he is going to be the first Judo guy that is going to really really going to make a big statement in MMA.

MMARR: More so then Karo Parisyan?

SB: Oh Yeah,

MMARR: what does he weight?

SB: 170

MMARR: Who has he fought so far?

SB: he is just 3-0 he has fought in all of my events. He is from Egypt he finished 8th or 9th in the Olympics.

MMARR: Sydney Olympics?

SB: I think 96 Olympics

MMARR: Barcelona?

SB: yeah Barcelona He is just a physical specimen, he trains with Mike van Arsdale and all the guys at the Olympic training centre, he has got really good hands for a ground guy, I mean his last fight ended in 17 seconds, he threw 7 left hooks in a row and just destroyed this guy. He does things like, he is so creative he did a summersault guard pass to land in full mount, and he has such good Judo literally if he puts his hands on you… you go flying through the air, I mean he is really, really good and he is just a freak genetically.

MMARR: How old is he

SB: 26

MMARR: Who else do you got, anyone else?

SB: Christian Allen,( at 170lbs) he is going to be fighting in Shooto, Christian fights very similar to Mark Hominick, same kind of style, same kind of body type, same everything. Actually he was supposed to be fighting Tommy Lee but now Tommy Lee is fighting on the TKO card now Christian is fighting Carvalho….He is fighting him in the Ironheart Crown, and it is for the number one ranked Shoot in North America so he is going to get exposure on that and that show is going to be filmed for Japan and so we are really hoping that I am sure whoever wins that fight is going to get to go to Japan and fight in Shooto. Ali and Christian are my two main guys, I got some heavyweights that I am working on, actually I have a whole team of guys but the two guys that are the closest to really making it to the next level are Ali and Christian and Jay jack, I think Jay Jack should be in the UFC he has got A level skills with his only loss coming to Pete Spratt via Knockout and you know that is just one of those things…if Pete hits you chances are you are going to go down, if he hits you before you take him down.

MMARR: Anything else on the go for Sven Bean?

SB: For me? Trying to take over the world, same as it ever was… nah just plugging away, getting my guys opportunities and trying to build Ring of Fire. My DVD’s ( Ring of Fire Best of 1-3) that is a crazy process, a lot of it is on the UPC code which we are a little bit hung up on now I guess. DVD’s are getting out, I have got a little TV show that I am trying to get together just local on the UPN network, that is a slow process but it is going to happen.

Best of Ring of Fire 1-3 will be available in Best Buy across the nation. Mr. Bean also runs F.Y. productions. (Depending on whether Mr. Bean likes you or not F.Y. stands for either Flaming Yang if he likes you or if he doesn’t like you... (I think you can guess the other one.) Duane Ludwig will be fighting BJ Penn on May 22 the same night as Sven Bean’s Ring of Fire show in Colorado.

Source: MMA Ring Report


Quote of the Day

"Life is 10% what you make it and 90% how you take it."

Irving Berlin, 1888-1989, Russian Composer

Ring of Honor Submission Grappling Tournament Postponed

Ring of Honor Submission Grappling Tournament has been postponed to June 13th!

It was previously scheduled for this Sunday, May 30, but due to scheduling conflicts at Campbell High School, the tournament had to be pushed back to Sunday, June 13th. Registration forms and more information will be available shortly.

Campbell High School Gym
7:30-9:30AM Weigh-ins
10:00AM start

$30 pre-register, $40 on the day of the event

Source: Event Promoter

Maui Open 2004
Submission Grappling Tournament

Wailuku, Maui Hawaii
July 24, 2004

Dear Friends,

It is our great pleasure to invite you and your organization to attend and compete in the 1st Annual Maui Open Submission Grappling Tournament. The event will take place on Saturday, July 24, 2004 at the War Memorial Gymnasium in Wailuku, Maui, Hawaii.

Competition will consist of Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced skill levels and all weight divisions, modified Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu rules apply. There will be medals, prizes, and individual achievement awards to the winners. We are also planning to have several professional exhibition matches between top level grapplers with prizes and cash purses. Please contact us if you are interested.

Weigh-ins will be held on Friday July 23, at Shapemaker Fitness, on 250 Alamaha St. #N3 (near the airport). Opening ceremonies and late registrations will held at the War Memorial Gym at 9:00 am, Rules briefing at 9:30 am, Competition to begin promptly at 10:00 am. Post Event BBQ (food & entertainment) to follow!

Neighbor Island competitors can weigh-in on the day of the event, but it is strongly urged that all competitors weigh-in on Saturday in the interest of starting on time.

We will be reserving a block of hotel rooms to ensure accommodations for our neighbor island clubs. Any interested clubs or persons may contact us to set up room accommodations.

It is our hope that you and your organization will join us in the spirit of sportsmanship and competition, and help us in promoting the sport of Submission Grappling throughout the State of Hawaii.

See you on the Mats!

Lee Theros & Ira Hookano
Event Coordinators

Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions.

1st Annual Maui Open
732 Makaala Drive
Wailuku, Maui, Hawaii 96793
Ph. (808) 298-7698
(808) 357-5463

Kickin’ It Scheduled for June 26th

The kickboxing event Kickin’ It returns to Palama Settlement on Saturday, June 26th. Tentative fight card to follow soon.

Source: Event Promoter

Youth Kickboxing at 50th State Fair

There will be possibly up to six kickboxing matches for kids under 19 years of age under the tent at the 50th State Fair. Kickboxing is not new to the 50th State Fair, but has not been featured for a while. This will give the general public a chance to check out the champions of tomorrow. The matches will be held on Saturday, June 5th, at 3:00-4:00PM under the tent. Check it out.

"Poor Performance" MMA Suspensions Enacted In New Jersey
By Loretta Hunt

"Mismatch" can be a dirty word in MMA, a touchy subject that is often acknowledged when it happens, but quickly dismissed as an inevitable occurrence of a young sport still in the throws of development. The New Jersey State Athletic Control Board, however, has chosen not to perpetuate such occurrences in its own backyard. Following April 24th's Ring of Combat 6 event held in Elizabeth, NJSACB Chief Inspector Sylvester Cuyler flagged two competitor's performances as less than acceptable within its jurisdiction.

Straight Blast Gym Hamilton fighters Bret Perchaluk and Jon McCaffrey were placed on indefinite suspensions for "poor performance," a reflection of the NJSACB's determination that these fighters might have been overmatched against their respective opponents that night. In an effort to alert additional regulatory bodies, as well as promoters in and outside the state of its findings and ultimately prevent reoccurrences in the future, the NJSACB has registered these suspensions with the central registry currently utilized by boxing commissions across the country to gauge a fighter's readiness to compete. Explains NJSACB Counsel Nick Lembo, "Our primary goal with any combat sport is to do our best to attempt to ensure the health and safety of the competitors. Secondary, is also to ensure public confidence and trust that when they're purchasing a ticket, they're buying to see even-matched competitions, and I think that's in the best interest of the sport for everybody involved." A first for the sport of MMA, Lembo says he hopes this registry of "checks and balances" will be adopted by others in the future. To find out more about this groundbreaking system enacted in New Jersey, check out the rest of Counsel Lembo's exclusive interview in the current issue of Full Contact Fighter.

Source: FCF

2004 Brazilian National Titles
Largest ever Black Belt Contingent Fighting

The final stage of the 2004 Brazilian National Titles is going down this weekend in Rio de Janeiro. Satrting Saturday, May 29th at The Brown and Black Belts adult, Master and Senior fight for the title of National Champions at the Ginásio da Universidade Gama Filho. This year, a record 184 Black Belts are signed up and competing inckuding stars like Ronaldo 'Jacare', Marcelo Garcia, Fredson Paixao, 'Xande' Ribeiro. Fredson Alves, Marcio Corletta, Felipe Costa, Eduardo 'Portugues', Pedro Duarte, Claudio & Roberto Godoi, Roberto Tozi, Eric Wanderlei, Marcus Norat & Eduardo Telles.

All fight brackets are available at:

Source: ADCC/Kid Peligro

Black Belt GP's card available now

The 16 names who will fight at Black Belt GP challenge has been announced. Due to some problems with DirecTV Music Hall, the organization decided to postpone the event for June 24thin São Paulo. Because of the problem, the Black Belt GP leaves DirecTV Music Hall and goes to Clube Espérrea hall. "We had some troubles, but we assure the event will rock! The whole production will be the same as the old place, with two big screens and a stage," guarantees Fernando Lopes, known as Fepa.

On the mat, the best names of national BJJ under 70kg promises a great show. On the list, stars as Mário Reis, Daniel Moraes, Leonardo Santos, Carlos Eduardo Português, Márcio Feitosa and Frédson Paixão, among others. One of the best ones, Leonardo Vieira (Brasa) will not be able to fight. Vitor Belfort's trainer, Leozinho will travel with UFC champion to US on June 9th, where Belfort will train hard to fight Randy Couture, in August. The tickets for Black Belt GP will be available next Monday (31), from 12h to 20h. It costs R$30. Tickets are also found at major gyms in São Paulo.

COMPLETE CARD (subject to change):

- Mário Reis (Sul Jiu-Jitsu);
- Carlos Eduardo Português (Cia Paulista);
- Daniel Moraes (Gracie Humaitá);
- Frédson Paixão (Gracie Barra);
- Reinaldo Ribeiro (Brasa JJ);
- Leonardo Santos (Nova União);
- Danny Abu (Macaco Gold Team);
- Tiago Gomes (Barbosa);
- Márcio Feitosa (Gracie Barra);
- Frédson Alves (Gracie Humaitá);
- Laércio Fernandes (Lótus);
- Gustavo Falciroli (Godoi/BTT);
- Rodrigo Damm (Alliance);
- Ocimar Costa (Chute Boxe);
- Leandro Fidelis (Infight);
- Luciano Nucci (Gracie SP)

Source: Tatame

Anderson in Rio thinking on Korea

Announced on June 26 Gladiator's card, Anderson Silva is going to Rio de Janeiro to close his practice series before departing to South Korea. Silva is arriving in Rio in the beginning of June and, besides preparing himself for the tournament, he will help Rogério Minotouro and Rodrigo Minotauro on their training. As Anderson, Minotouro will fight in Korea and Rodrigo Minotauro is confirmed on Pride GP Heavyweight second round, next June 20.

Anderson doesn't confirm, but the Muay Thai Dream Team fighters probably will face American Jeremy Horn, who has an impressive record of 66 wins, 12 losses and five draws and was defeated by Renato Babalú at IFC - Global Domination final round. Still in Curitiba, Anderson is training badly, focused on Wrestling, Judo, Jiu-Jitsu and just sharpening his Muay Thai techniques.

Since he left Chute Boxe, Anderson is going to Rio frequently to train with Nogueira brothers. He considers this interchange important for the developing of the sport in Brazil. "We always have to think on the developing of our techniques. I don't have any intention to face any Brazilian fighter", states Silva, who also do some practices with CWB people, in Curitiba.

Source: Tatame


MMAWeekly's Scott Petersen reports from Japan that there seems to be a common belief that Bob Sapp could be done with the fight game after his crushing defeat at the hands of Fujita this weekend in Japan.

Sapp was scheduled to make a few appearances in Japan; however, Sapp went back to the United States immediately a few days ago without giving any friends or promoters any notice.

K-1 producer Tanigawa was caught off guard by this move and told the Japanese media, “Sapp totally lost his fighting spirit. We also suggested he could fight (for) a non-title for upcoming match but he refused it."

One person close to Sapp said that he went back to the US because his eyes were swollen shut and he needed to see his doctors and get his eyes treated but in the same breath he said "I have no idea of his returning to Japan.” Sapp was supposed to take part in K-1's Shizuoka on June 26 but that is looking more and more unlikely.

Petersen talked with a few people close to Sapp in Japan who said, "I think we have seen the end of Bob fighting period. I don't care if it's K-1, MMA, or anything else. If he wants to do pro-wrestling, so be it, but his other goals have taken away from training in the fight game...." Petersen reports the "other goals" being acting and public appearances which left very little time if any, to train and fight.

MMAWeekly tried to contact Bob Sapp for comment, but was unable to reach him. One of Sapp's friends in Japan went on record saying "Bob led many to believe after the loss to Fujita he was done with fighting all together and I believe that. He's made his money, he may get the part in the upcoming Marvel comics movie as Ben Grimm in Hollywood, why go through all this fighting when your heart isn't in it. I don't think you will see Sapp fight again in Japan, the US, anywhere. He is done fighting in my opinion."

Source: MMA Weekly


In all the years we have done daily news at MMAWeekly, never has there been a topic where we have received so many emails.

The UFC has some major public relation issues they will have to mend with the hardcore fans regarding the BJ Penn situation. Many of you emailed us about the situation and through the hundreds of emails, this letter summarized how most fans feel about the current situation of the UFC.

Reader Matt Bowen created a thread about this subject on the Soundoff Forum and he also created an open letter to UFC President Dana White. White has decided not to address the issue on the radio show or the MMAWeekly website at this time.

Dear Mr. White:
I have been a fan of MMA for almost 3 years now and I follow the sport pretty closely. Recently, you have been under some harsh criticism for actions you have taken, and I for one have not taken part in that thinking that you really know what you are doing. However, the more I think about it, if you have a plan and you know what you want to do, then why are we all in the dark.

Currently, the UFC is the only major source of MMA in the US. Currently you have 1 champion, 4 vacant titles, and a lot of unanswered questions. So I am taking the time the time to list some concerns that people have, myself included, in hopes that you can take the time to finally give us some answers.

First of all, let's talk about the title situation. You currently have 4 vacant titles, and you only current champion is Vitor Belfort, who while he is a great fighter, did win the title somewhat controversially. Recently you stripped BJ Penn of the welterweight title, which is understandable, because like it or not, BJ made a decision that the money was more important than the UFC title. It's bad business for the UFC to let their champs fight elsewhere, and that's fine with me.

Here is what I don't understand.... you have had the middleweight and lightweight title vacant for some time now, and there seems to be no end in sight. In the lightweight division, you seemed to have an easy fix to the problem but no one seems to want to fix the problem. Josh Thomson beat Hermes Franca who was the also beat by Yves Edwards. So logic would tell you that since all three are top 10 lighweights and Thomson and Edwards both won, that you could put Thomson and Edwards in a title match and you could finally crown a lightweight champion. Now while logic would tell you that, reports coming out today state that this fight will not be for the title.... and it leaves many of us wondering why.

Now the 185-title picture has also been very clouded as well. Since Murilo Bustamonte left, there hasn't even been mention of a title fight, let alone plans for one. Not even some sort of tournament format to crown a champion. There is plenty of talent at 185, but the only fight we ever seem to see is Matt Lindland vs. Phil Baroni. Why can't we crown a champ at 185, bring in some new talent and crown a champ...

One other question that has come to mind for me is in regards to the heavyweight title picture. It seems that you don't even want to crown a champion at middleweight and lightweight, because you have not even addressed the issue for years, however, once Tim Sylvia was lifted from his suspension, you were more than willing to spoon feed Sylvia two title fights, the first being cancelled due to his test results not being cleared in time. Now I am a huge Tim Sylvia fan, but is it fair to the fighters that you can't crown a champ in two divisions, but you are more than willing to put a heavyweight title fight together as soon as you are able. It almost seems a little contradictory.

One other thing, what is up with the TV deal???? It's been close, real close, almost done, but nothing has ever happened. The last I seem to remember hearing is you hope to be on TV by fall, but fall is coming quickly. Can you give us an update???

Finally, I want to bring up the subject of talent. I understand that the UFC is a business and as such, you must have entertainment as well quality fighters. But in two examples, Phil Baroni and Wes Sims (even Tank Abbott fits here), their entertainment value far exceeds their talent as fighters. Now don't get me wrong, I am a fan of both fighters (Baroni and Sims), but it's hard for me to watch these two continually on PPV when there are people like Jeremy Horn, Jens Pulver, Sean Sherk, Babalu, Rich Franklin, Ricardo Almeida, Joe Doerkson, Ronald Jhun, Gil Castillo, etc. who don't even get a shot. I don't understand.

It seems as though you are more interested in attracting the casual fan, as opposed to listening to what the fans who watch now (the hardcore MMA fans) would like to see.

In the end, I'm not going to sit here and bash you because quite frankly I realize you have a very tough job and it's not as easy as a lot of people think. All I am asking is that you give us some answers.

I thank you for your time.

Respectfully yours.

Matt Bowen

Source: MMA Weekly

K-1 World GP 2004 Card

K-1 announced their upcoming boxing vs K-1 card called the K-1 world Grand Prix. They will have three fights that will be Boxing vs K-1. The rest of the matches will be under K-1 rules.

K-1 World GP 2004
June 6th, 2004
Nagoya Aiichi Rainbow Hall
Nagoya, Japan

K-1 vs. Boxing matchups:
Ernesto Hoost vs. Francois Botha
Alexey Ignashov vs. Ray Mercer
Musashi vs. Vassily Jirov

K-1 rules matchups
Peter Aerts vs. Gary Goodridge
Carter Williams vs. Petr Vandrechek
Martin Holm vs. Marvin Eastman
Alistair Overeem vs. Takeru
Jan Nortje vs. Naoufal Bennazouz

Source: MMA Weekly

Interview – Gustavo Ximú
By: Gleidson Venga / Team TATAME

Gustavo Ximú is in the final phases of preparation for his match with Nilson Castro at Meca 11 on June 5th. Away from the ring since his xontroversial match against Allan Góes in Heat 2, Ximú hopes to please his fans with a spectacular show.

How´s your preparation going for the match? It´s going pretty well. It seems that match after match I´ve been get more well prepared, getting way better. Because at each fight, at each place I pass through, things get harder, then I gotta be always well prepared to get into the ring 100%.

And what´s your planned strategy for the match? I´m well prepared physically and technically, wherever the fight takes place, if it goes on stand or on the ground, I don´t care. I have no choice, as the fight goes, we will see what will happen. But my opponent is a very on stand fighter, he has many KOs by blowing with knees, but that´s it, in the ring it´s only me and him, there´s no one else. I hope I would be better than him and then, I will go for it, there´s nothing programmed, scheduled. I know his game and as the fight goes on we will see what happens. I´m prepared to be on stand and on the ground. The truth is that two gets in the ring and one leaves as the champion.

Nilson comes from some defeats in a row, do you think these events could make him become more dangerous? Of course he will come more trained, prepared, but in despite of this defeats, even if they were victories, for me, nothing changes, because I consider him as a very tough opponent. His defeats don’t mean he´s weaker, for he has built his name, he´s really a tough guy and it will be a very tough fight.

This fight was scheduled for a long time, no? This fight was supposed to happen before, but since I went to fight the King of the Cage it couldn´t be done, and due some problems with my stock as well, and since I fought by the end of December and have been training for a long time without competing, I have accepted the invitation to fight with Nilson, because it doesn´t worth for me if I would fight against someone with less name, beat him and people say 'ah, it was an obligation for you to beat him'. So, it will be a fight that will add a lot to my career.

Everybody has already seen your fight on Heat 2 against Allan Góes on PPV. Have you already talked to him in order to schedule a new match? I don´t speak with him anymore. Once I went to train Boxe at Nobre Arte and he went on the day after, because he never goes on the gloves´day, because he´s a coward, he goes only to technical classes. And I don´t speak with him anymore because there´s no reason for that. If he had broken his hand or some other serious thing, that´s allright, I´m a professional and I would take it in an sportive way, but it could be the opposite, but he wanted to win trickery, it doesn´t exist. He screwed up a work I did for three months to get there, because he truly saw I was going to knock out him, he ran away from me. There´s no reason for me to fight against him again, there´s no motive. He were tricky, he asked the guy to stop it and he didn´t do it. Referee error, allright, but he wasn´t offensive when he had to come over and stop it, but it was his trickery, everybody saw that. He has a bad fame cheating the others, money stuff, cheating his alumnus in United States, it´s all written there.

You´re at the 85kg category, where Pride has been investing, on Bushido. This fight would be useful as a showcase in order to get some fights there, right? For sure, I´ve already fought and won some fights there in RINGS, I fought at Deep as well, I thought I was going make it, but they didn´t continued that with me there, they didn´t call me again. And once more I will be waiting for their presence, I´ve heard that Kawasaki and Sakakibara will be here. Once more I´m gonna invest in it and try to go to Pride.

What do you think about these many events that have taking place in Brazil? The cards have been coming way better. The Brazilian fighters are the toughests ever, the fights here are awesome. Actually, there are many new fighters willing to come out and they´re not looking for the financial side. I think this is right too, when I was younger I was used to think this way, 'fuck the money, I want to come out', but now they´re using this statement with the older fighters which has been difficulting the stock negotiations. I think they should pay us better, the owners of the events come and say 'But this is Brazil, not Japan'. I know we´re in Brazil, but it could be a little better. I like to fight here, I have already fought in Natal, on Meca (Curitiba) twice. I think the rooter will be at my side there too, of course rooter doesn´t win the fight, but there will be lots of people supporting me, it will be damn cool, many people from Rio will be in Teresópolis to see my match. There will be many people from Rio and Niterói in Meca to watch out my fight. The rooters will not win the fight, but that´s an unique opportunity to show my jog to my friends, since many of them have never seen it at live, just by videotape, they will see the real thing.

And what do you think about these surprises among the MMA world? Strikers being knocked out by grapplers, grapplers being submitted… Nowadays, in the MMA world, there´s no one invincible forever, at the first sign carelessness from one of the fighters, the other takes advantage on it. Talking about Ebenezer, I haven´t seen his fight yet but I think that in a moment when he let down his guard, his opponent came in and blasted him. Then you go and fight 15 or 20 minutes, you have to be on all the time, because if my opponents gives me a chance, I will take him at this chance. There are people training to make their reputation over good fighters. Ebenezer is a real tough guy, with many Prides and stuff like that, the guy defeated him and at the end, on the interview, said 'damn, I don´t believe this'. At your academy, you can be submitted, you gotta do wrong there, training, there, on the ring, you have the opportunity, that´s it, that´s the image that will be recorded in people´s mind. The Vale Tudo is an sport I love but at the same time it´s very ungrateful, because it´s individual, if you win you´re the champion, if you lose you´re nothing.

Any final comments? This fight in Teresópolis will be seen over ppv live. I hope to see everybody rooting for me, I will give my best effort, I have been training well. I hope I don´t get tired, that everything goes fine. I hope to win by knockout or a submission, but I prefer the knockout since he´s a very tough opponent and if I knock him out, I believe this would be very good for my career. I will devote this victory to everyone who will be there watching me, I´m back, and that´s it!!!

Source: ADCC

Drew Fickett faces Kyle Brees tonight deciding Arizona’s top welterweight fighter
by: Joseph Cunliffe

Undoubtedly one of the top fighters to come out of Arizona, Drew Fickett scored wins over UFC veterans Edwin Dewees and Dennis Hallman in building his impressive 21-2 record. The 24-year-old is coming off a second round submission win over Brazilian Top Team black belt Fabio Holanda in the WFF earlier this month in a fight considered to have been an all out war. Just one month earlier, Fickett defeated Carlo Prater of Team Thugjitsu and Shaun Beckett of Fusion Fight Team to win the welterweight tournament at Rage on the River in California. Fickett faces a formidable opponent in Kyle Brees of Team SRJ tonight in Evolution Combat at the Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix, Arizona.

Born in Tucson, Fickett grew up Arizona, Florida and South Carolina, as his father sold real estate and had various ventures throughout the country. These moves didn’t stale the energetic kid. Fickett was a jock all the way playing baseball, basketball, football, golf, tennis, and training in traditional martial arts since he was 10. Fickett wrestled 4 years in high school, then in junior college, but a near fatal motorcycle accident in 2000 side-lined the aspiring champion.

JC: You had a near fatal motorcycle accident? DF: I was about 20-years-old when that happened. I got hit head on by a pick up truck. [solemn] I nearly bit it, but I am still here because of God. It took about 1.5 years to recover. That pretty much ended my wrestling career.

JC: Is that why you didn’t fight MMA in 2001? DF: Yes, that is correct.

JC: Did you attended college? DF: Yes, I attended college at the University of Arizona. I changed my major a few times. I was first a Philosophy major and then after a 1.5 years I transferred over to Pima Community College in Tucson so I could wrestle on the junior college team. The first year I wrestled half way through the season I was hit. I then changed my degree to Education and started coaching wrestling at a local high school. I also attended Arizona State University for a semester after Pima.

JC: Did you graduate? DF: No, I am still in school.

JC: Do you look to work in the education field upon graduation? DF: No, actually there probably isn’t enough money in that for me. I want to try and make it in fighting and open my own gym and go back to school and maybe get a nutritional degree or sports science degree.

JC: No money in education, but in MMA? DF: [laughing] Not at all, but it’s really what I love to do. $500 off an MMA fight is like free money.

JC: How are you academically? DF: I’m like a straight A student.

JC: How did you become involved in MMA? DF: It was kind of funny. Me and my buddy, Walie Zariffi, who actually fought about 8 fights, were really into martial arts, you know how traditional martial arts isn’t practical for fighting, back in 1999 we didn’t know that. I wrestled. We boxed a little bit and did some karate. That’s about all we did. We went to the second Rage in the Cage and we saw those guys fighting and we thought we could beat those guys. Roland Serria got on the microphone and asked that anyone who wanted to fight sign up. We thought we would look into it. We weren’t thinking of this as a career; just thought we’d try it out. We fought in the next show and we both won. I just started fighting from then. The more I kept winning the more serious I got about it.

JC: The turning point for you is when you kept winning and continued with it? DF: Yeah. At first it was a lot of fun. I was a wrestler as a kid, so I had a little psychopath way of training [laughing] and working out. I really just enjoyed the fights. The more I won the tougher my opponents became and the more and more serious I got.

JC: When did you start training in MMA? DF: I’ve really always been open minded, especially for a wrestler, it really came together for me when I moved up to Phoenix and I was training with Gustavo Dantas and Trevor Lally at Arizona Combat Sports. The 2 best teachers I have ever had, and some of the best instructors overall, whether wrestling or other sports.

JC: Do you train in a Gi? DF: I don’t train, but I compete, [laughing] and I have only lost 1 match in a Gi out of about 30. I don’t like the Gi. I’m a wrestler and I like the high intensity and I like to out position people and I think the Gi just slows me down. Guys grab a hold of my Gi and it drives me nuts. I see the positive aspects of the Gi and I think it helps you technically on your ground game, and when you take it off it makes you faster. Being in MMA, and trying to train specifically, I really don’t have the time to train Gi.

JC: You’ve boxed too? DF: Yeah. I probably had 10 amateur boxing fights. I went 9-1, loosing my first one.

JC: What is a typical training day? DF: I do treadmill sprints for cardio, which for me is harder then a fight. Every time I do it I fear it. I do 3 sets of 2 minutes and 3 sets of 1:15 minutes on a 15% incline running speed as fast as I can. I take a 1-minute break between the 2 minute sets and a 45 second break between the 1:15. I have someone stand behind me with their hand on my lower back to hold me up. I may do 8 sets depending on the duration of the fight. I’ll do some JJ in the morning and do some submission grappling. I’ll take a break and later in the afternoon I’ll get in a hard wrestling practice. I do a lot of drilling wrestling, technical wrestling a lot of slow heated drilling. Every other day or third day I usually spar of lift. Depending on what I lift I will either kick box or box. I lift quite a bit for functional strength and power with a lot of dead lifts and squats and cleans. I do a lot of swimming too. I love to swim. Interval swimming is great... 25 meters or 50 meters. I’ll cool down with some underwater no breathers. It really opens up the lungs.

JC: Where do you fit all of this in to your daily schedule? DF: Right now I have a part time job at a market research firm. I don’t go out. I don’t have a car. I sacrifice everything for fighting. I feel the sacrifices will be worth it in the end.

JC: When and where was your first MMA fight? DF: It was RITC in Phoenix, Arizona, at the Rock N’ Rodeo.

JC: How did it go for you? DF: It went real well. I fought a guy who weighed about 200 when I weighed about a buck 50. I was just crazy and I fought him. I was doing a lot of wrestling and throwing him around. I was going for submissions. I had a lot of karate kicks to his head. It was open hand, so I hit him with an open hand a few times. I won the Majority Decision.

JC: What are some promotions have you fought in? DF: USCF in Seattle, Washington; KOTC, RITC and WFF.

JC: You have wins over UFC veterans Dennis Hallman and (2 over) Edwin Dewees. What are your thoughts on your fights, defeating the opponents you have and still being in Arizona? DF: I’m definitely not happy being in Arizona. The last year and last fight in Arizona I just cannot get a fight in Arizona. Kyle Breeze was the last fight I had in Arizona. I can look at it and be frustrated, but I look at it positively, and say my time is going to come. I have already beaten guys in the UFC. It will come. I just have to be persistent and not be discouraged. It’s a business. I have to think about promoting myself and not take it personally. I think most promoters have misguided values. I know if I take a couple more big fights against big names it will get me where I want to go. I’m not too worried about it. The longer they wait to match me up against these opponents that I want is the better I will get. I already think I am one of the most well-rounded fighters in the world.

JC: What has been you most memorable fight? DF: Definitely Hallman because there was so much emotion involved. I was so scared shitless before the fight. Also Sean Beckett was a great fight. It was a stand up brawl. It just came down to me being in better condition and a better wrestler.

In Part 2, we’ll explore highs and lows in MMA for Fickett, what drives him to succeed, where he looks to go and he’ll have a message for professional fighters.

Source: ADCC

Ernie Perea KOTC Interview
Posted by James Baker

It is May 24, 2004 and Ernie Perea is on his way home from an exhausting 10-hour workday. From what I have learned from talking with Ernie, it is a blessing when his workday is just 10 hours. Ernie is a law enforcement officer in Southern California.

What does law enforcement have to do with a MMA interview you ask? Ernie is about to open the floodgates to an untouched resource of talent in the law enforcement and fire services departments respectively. Men and women who dedicate their lives in serving and protecting our community’s everyday, and now MMA exclusively King of the Cage is inviting these professionals to compete.

During Ernie’s drive home on I-10 in Southern California, he was able to spend a few
minutes with me on his cell phone and explain his plans for King of the Cage, as well as the rest of the MMA community;

Baker: Who is Ernie Perea?

EP: I am 31 yrs old, 5’8, 160lbs married with three daughters, Madison, Shelbie, and Eliza. As you already know, I am a law enforcement officer in Southern California and have been fighting crime for over 8 years now. I have lived in Southern California all my life, exclusively in the San Bernardino and L.A. areas.

I grew up with family members going in and out of jail, and l was exposed to the streets at a very young age. I never hung out on the street corners looking for trouble, but trouble would always find me due to my close-knit family ties. As I am sure many of your readers can relate to, when you have a big family, over 100 cousins like I do, you are taught at a young age to always have your family members back, right or wrong. The funny thing is I seem to remember having more fights with my cousins then street fights. It was my family’s way of toughing me up I guess.

When I was 15, 16 yrs old, I began to see what direction many of my cousins were going in and I wanted no part of it. I used to be made fun of by uncles, cousins, everybody, when I would tell them that one day I would be a cop. I can remember the ass whoopin’s I used to endure because the cops were the bad guys in many of my cousins eyes. Now, here I am 15 years later a law enforcement officer, the first law enforcement anything with in my family.

Baker: What department do you currently work for?

EP: Out of respect for my organization, I’d rather not say who my current employer is until I get their permission to do so. I can say, I used to work for the Department of Corrections as a correctional officer in several prisons through out the state. Great job! I recommend C.D.C. to anyone who wants to throw his or her hat into the law enforcement pool. It is a great way to start a career and learn from men and women, who are serving time. The knowledge I gained from this career was so valuable, because it further gave me an understanding of people and how to communicate without trying to come across as something your not. Respect is a huge word in state prison and I have carried that term with me into the streets in which I patrol.

Baker: What about your Martial Arts background? Is your law enforcement occupation the reason you train in martial arts?

EP: “Laughing”, No, no, not at all. Crime fighting would be a good reason to start though. I began training in kickboxing when I was about 19, 20 yrs old. My reasoning behind why I began training had to do with my upbringing and the amount of pressure my cousins put on me to fight. Growing up I was short, skinny, small frame; I was not comfortable with my physical statue. Believe me my cousins made sure I knew just how short and skinny I was. Even though I am Mexican, at least that is what my mom tells me, I look like a white boy and these same cousins would constantly tell me I was not part of the family due to my green eyes and light hair.

Baker: I understand you are competing in an upcoming event of King of the Cage, what are the circumstances behind this?

EP: I have two important reasons for competing in King of the Cage. My dad is huge boxing fan. He is real sick with cancer and battling this disease that has no cure. If there was one thing I ever wanted to do to make my dad proud of me before he leaves, is to have him see me compete and win by way of knock-out, his favorite. My dad has always been a competitor, and I am no different, my desire to win is intense, “Just ask my wife during an argument!” Just kidding…

My second reason is a businessman and friend by the name of Terry Trebilcock. I have always been a die-hard fan of MMA. I turned one of my rooms inside the house into a mat room and filled it with MMA posters, pictures, and all kinds of cool stuff, “Especially from KOTC events.” I have had many battles inside my “Fight-room!” I personally trained an ex-KOTC fighter by the name of Richard Solis for all of his fights with-in this room.

Terry has been asking me for about a year or so to compete for his organization. How can I turn down a man who has been nothing but respectful to me and the people I bring to his events? Terry has always made sure that the law enforcement community which I bring to KOTC events is taken care of and felt as if we are all part of the show, not just fans.

From the first KOTC show I have brought with me judges, lawyers, officers from all over the West Coast, medical professionals, firefighters, etc. I can go on and on. Now KOTC’s fan base has reached some high profile professionals, who have major influence on the future of not only KOTC, but also other MMA events.

Baker: You mentioned before this interview that there are some untouched talent in martial arts waiting in the wings. Care to explain?

EP: Just like the MMA community in California is trying to get this sport legalized and sanctioned by the State Athletic Commission, in a way so is the professional community. I am trying to bring an understanding of this sport to my administration, my union, and my co-workers. With-in my department I am the liaison, “expert”, on the MMA scene. Whenever the district attorneys office or its members has a question regarding our sport they ask me. When that big unfortunate fiasco about two years ago, occurred at the Casino in Cabazon, Ca. during an MMA event, a few of the prosecutors involved in that, asked me for advise and to consult with their office regarding the circumstances of that day.

By participating in King of the Cage, I will give others a chance to compete with their employers blessing and understanding. Did you know that a two-time Vale-Tudo/MMA champion is also a law enforcement officer in Southern California? This guy is famous in Brazil; die-hard Vale Tudo fans will know whom I am talking about.

Baker: I did not know that. Is this MMA champion going to be competing also?

EP: I am not sure, Tedd Williams from Gladiator Challenge just asked me a few weeks ago if I thought my partner would be interested in fighting in his event, anything is possible. Everyone at work that is aware of my upcoming fight is keeping an open eye out and an ear to the ground, waiting to see what happens when the dust settles. My administration is just not educated enough to give its complete blessing. “YET!”

The Police and Fire games Judo/TaeKwonDoe four time champion is also my partner out in the street and he is waiting patiently for an opportunity to compete in King of the Cage also. This guy is a solid 180lbs of lean muscle, if he competes at 170lbs watch out! Another officer, a brown belt in Brazilian Jujitsu under Pedro Calvahlo, 6’1 205lbs, who is so smooth and precise it’s intimidating to watch him roll in practice. He is also waiting for the right opportunity to make a splash in King of the Cage.

There are so many police officers, fire fighters, etc. that are so athletically gifted and currently train in martial arts it is scary. I have personally been approached by a dozen or so officers/fire fighters who have told me if I compete they want to compete also.

Baker: What is in the future for Ernie Perea both in the MMA world, as well as your everyday life?

EP: I just want to get through this one opponent with a win and then I will take it one day at a time. Besides I promised my wife a vacation immediately after this fight, so we can both unwind after 8 weeks of intense training.

Tyson Johnson, “KOTC ring announcer/MMA fighter”, who is a fitness machine, keeps me motivated and keeps my cardio at a high level. Tyson is great for fighters or anyone who wants or needs intense and extreme mental/physical conditioning. I have been an advocate of Tyson and the law enforcement community in hopes of having him training our officers in basic grappling techniques and the importance of health/fitness. Tyson once told me that he enjoys teaching officers; “they are people to be respected for their hard work and efforts. If they are going to put their lives on the line for me and other possible victims, then I want to make sure that they are able to overcome any physical adversity and training imaginable.”

In fact, Phillip Miller who is also a world MMA champion, is on the brink of becoming a law enforcement officer. I am doing everything I can in getting him through the door, and on his way of fulfilling his dream of fighting crime. Bad boys beware if you decide to take on Officer Miller, what a mistake that would be! Phillip is also a great trainer who breaks each move down for me and explains each movement. Whatever law enforcement department picks him up will be very fortunate; he’s a great kid.

Baker: Is there anything else that you would want to say to the people who are
reading this article?

EP: The flood gates will open with new talent real soon, some of our biggest heroes in MMA are soon to be firefighters, officers, dentists, etc., with no other reason to be in this sport other than to compete and be the best. I want to thank Tedd Williams and Terry Trebilcock for giving me an opportunity and opening the door for professionals to step through. Thank you for interviewing me, I’ve never been interviewed before, my family will be impressed.

Baker: I am sure your family has been impressed by your accomplishments for a long time now, and the best seems yet to come.

You can see Ernie “The Piranha” Perea making his King of the Cage debut on Saturday June 12th 2004 at 7p.m. and aired on Pay Per View T.V. on Friday June 25th at 7p.m. Check out for further information.

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Quote of the Day

"One can never consent to creep when one feels an impulse to soar."

Helen Keller, 1880-1968, American Blind/Deaf Author, Lecturer, Amorist

Penn Opens up After Easy Win Over Ludwig
by Steven Curtis

After bolting the UFC for K-1, “The Prodigy” still #1

Saitama, Japan: BJ Penn was loose and relaxed, and he had every reason to be. Only minutes before, he had crushed Duane “Bang!” Ludwig in one of the most eagerly awaited debuts in K-1 history. While he admitted to being “nervous” about his first fight in Japan during the post-fight press conference, now he was basking in the moment, and was along for the ride in an exclusive interview.

“After I beat Duane,” BJ said, “I told him, ‘I’m sorry; I’m the best in the world right now.” While he admitted regretting that remark – “I shouldn’t have rubbed his face in it,” he said- – who can argue with the man? With this win, hot on the heels of his submission victory over Matt Hughes at UFC 46, it’s clear that Penn is on a mission to conquer the MMA world and he won’t be denied.

“My next plan is to go to China, then Africa,” he joked.

BJ admitted that he had a little trouble convincing Zuffa & Co. over at UFC to let him take the fight at all.

“UFC was worried about what would happen if I lost,” he said, “And I was like, “What’s there to worry about? You want the belt? Fight me in UFC!”

By letting BJ do his thing – which is to fight anyone, anytime, anyplace - UFC now has another champion taking care of business in Japan, which is, after all, the biggest MMA market in the world. And while BJ said he had every intention of fighting in both Japan and U.S. for the foreseeable future, it was pretty clear to us where his heart lies.

“I want everyone to know,” said Penn, “that I am the champion, and I will be defending my title in the UFC before the end of the year.” (Does this mean that he is not stripped?) BJ asked us not to reveal his potential opponent, but we can tell you that if it happens, it’s going be a superfight of epic proportions.

As for K-1, BJ has already gone on record as saying that he wants to fight Genki Sudo, whose star is definitely on the rise after crushing Royler Gracie. Ditto the Japanese media and fans, all of whom are excited by the prospect of a hometown hero in a country that hasn’t produced many aside from the great Sakuraba. But earlier, during the post-fight press conference, BJ accused Sudo of ducking him. “I don’t want to disrespect him,” he said, “but Genki was my first choice, and he didn’t accept.”

After tonight, can you blame him?

Source: Sherdog

Rodrigo Gracie and K-1 hook up

A short while back we announced that Rodrigo Gracie was in negotiations with K-1. Now, with Rodrigo's fifth consecutive win against Japan's Hayato 'Mach' Sakurai, K-1 knew they had to make a move. So the deal is done: Rodrigo Gracie signed a 3 fight deal with K-1!

The details of the fights are not yet available and opponents have not been discussed, but it is now confirmed that Rodrigo signed a 3 fight minimum/ 1 year deal with Mega event K-1 MMA. The contract includes a 3 year management deal with K-1 for promotions and other considerations in Japan.

Rodrigo, will be accompanied by his cousin Royce Gracie for his fights in Japan .

We caught up with Rodrigo to find out what’s up.

KP: You must be very excited to have signed this deal
RG: Yes, we have been working on the deal for a while now, and I am very pleased that it has been finalized. Its time for Gracie's to start competing in K-1 events.

KP: Have you started training, even though you do not have an opponent yet?
RG: I have been training and staying in shape, an opponent is not important for training, only for fight strategy, so yes, I have been training and keeping myself in shape.

KP: You are currently undefeated in MMA competitions, does that put pressure on your for your fights?
RG: I am a Gracie, that puts pressure on me for the fights, the record is just a record. Its what's in your heart that matters. Anything can happened in the ring, the only way to know that is to step in to the ring.

KP: Your cousin Royce Gracie will be going to Japan with you, anything to say about that.
RG: Yes I am very happy to be able to have him around. I have been talking to him a lot, he has a lot of experience in MMA and inside into fighting, I think its a good person for me to listen and learn. I still train with Renzo, the family now is more united than ever.

KP: Anything you want to add
RG: Just want to thank all my fans and supporters in the US and Japan, my students and family. I am very excited about this opportunity and I think you will see a more focused and determined fighter this time around in K-1

KP: Thank you
RG: My pleasure

Source: ADCC/Kid Peligro

New team: Brasa, Braza or Brazza?

Now it's official. Leonardo Vieira, Rodrigo Comprido, Ronaldo Jacaré and other BJJ fighters got together with Leo Castello Branco and released Brazza team. The only missing thing now is deciding how do spell this new team name: with s, z or zz. "Over the subscription is written Brazza, but it probably will be with a "s". The idea is relate the name to coal," explained Felipe Costa, BJJ black belt. The name has been already used by fighters at BJJ Brazilian tournament held last weekend at Gama Filho University in Rio de Janeiro. 'I always had a great relationship with them and it has been a while they wanted to join the group together. Now this dream became true,' explained Castello during the tournament.

Source: Tatame

After the gold, Juliana will fight BJJ

After conquering the first gold medal at Luta Olímpica Pan-American, Juliana Borges plans to fight the BJJ World Cup, which happens in Salvador, Bahia in July. The fact is the female fighter from Goiana, besides the three years of Wrestling, is also a BJJ black belt. She already won three gold medals. Blue belt, purple belt and brown belt. Fernando Boi's pupil, Juliana wants to do a great exhibition at BJJ World Cup. "Last year I didn't fight because I was traveling with Luta Olímpica team, but this year I wanna rock the event down and get another medal," warns Juliana.

Source: Tatame

Claudinho comments Royler's KO

Back in Brazil, Nobre Arte's Boxing trainer Cláudio Coelho, who did Royler Gracie's trains for K-1 Romanex, commented the knockout applied by Japanese Genki Sudo on last Saturday (22). Coelho also declares the referee was fair and acted right. 'There was no negligence. The referee was precise when interrupted the bout,' stated Claudinho, showing sorrow for the fight result:

'Royler was fine. He clinched, put him down, and he didn't allow Sudo to do his game. Royler got the key-lock and he didn't allow his to stand up. What really happened was Sudo tried to stand up and Royler committed a mistake on the ground, when he tried to embrace Sudo's legs. Then he threw the fatal knee,' analyzed Claudinho, adding: 'Royler took all control of the fight. He did block Sudo's game well and gave him a hard time all the time.'

Due to both events proximity, Claudinho went to the Pride and checked out the challenge among Gracies and Japaneses at Bushido. "Ryan did a nice fight and was much more aggressive. Ralph got KO'd by a knee, but it was a completely different situation from Royler's case," said the Boxing trainer. Check out later today the Pride Bushido's Photo Gallery here at Don't miss it.

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With all the problems the UFC has encountered with their champions, it probably shouldn't come as a big surprise that it appears there will be no title on the line when Yves Edwards faces Josh Thomson in the 155 division.

A subdued Edwards questioned if there will ever be another lightweight champion in the UFC yesterday on MMAWeekly Radio. He went on to say, "I love fighting and I love to do this but, ultimately what's the real goal? The situation is "frustrating" and Yves compared it to, "Kinda like driving with no destination." He added, "It's unfortunate that the powers that be don't really care to see a champion," and that he wouldn't be surprised if the lightweight division "went away."

Yves made his boxing debut in Houston recently in impressive fashion. He, like some other Mixed Martial Artists like Din Thomas and Chris Lytle, have made the cross over from MMA to boxing. Yves scored a knock out victory and said, "I had a good time."

"It's a big difference," commented Edwards, who knew nothing about his opponent until stepping in the ring with him. Yves pointed out that he didn't have to worry about being taken down. I got the sense that he is boxing to stay busy and as a part of his MMA training. "Fighting's fighting, so it's definitely going to help my MMA career," stated Edwards.

You heard Monte Cox talk about it Tuesday, New Jersey putting on an eight man 155 pound tournament later this year. Yves stated, "I definitely want to throw my hat in that mix." Edwards described the lightweight division as, "One of the most competitive weight classes in the world....Arguably the most competitive weight class out there." To win this eight man tournament with such names rumored as, Rich Clementi and Hermes Franca, would mean a lot to Yves.

Right now, Edwards is doing regular training to stay in shape. The first week of July, he will step up the routine and focus solely on Josh Thomson. He would like to box again in September but he'd rather compete in the tournament more.

Source: MMA Weekly


This past Sunday at PRIDE’s Bushido 3 show, MMA superstar Carlos “The Ronin” Newton lost a controversial decision at the hands of Daiju Takase. Upon returning home to Canada, Newton spoke with MMA Weekly’s Mick Hammond about the fight.

When asked about the decision Newton commented, “It was disappointing for me and especially my trainers. However I accept the decision as part of the sport and am not discouraged. I’m mostly looking forward to my next fight at the 185lb weightclass.”

Newton also spoke about his impressions of his developing stand up game and how it related to the fight by saying, “I thought Takase was a formidable striker who has a reach advantage on me. But my skills have come along further than I had thought they were and I was able to show some superiority. Trust me I was just as surprised as everyone how well I stood up with him.”

Newton went on to further discuss his decision to move up in weight by stating, “I will stay at 185 from now on. Fighting at welterweight (170) has been stressful for me with school and the pressure to cut weight. As a middleweight I feel I can guarantee my fans an exciting fight and that’s all that matters to me.”

When asked what his plans are at 185, Newton said, “I am strongly considering challenging the UFC middleweight division.” When current top-ranked UFC middleweight Matt Lindland was brought up, Newton replied, “It would be a great fight, he’s a really strong fighter. I think I need a little more time to get comfortable at this weight and explore my strengths and weaknesses. Things move at different speeds at this weightclass and I’d like to get in a fight or two before challenging someone like Lindland.”

Newton closed out the conversation by saying, “I want to thank my fans, MMA Weekly, and I hope everyone enjoyed the fight. Don’t let the decision bog you down, as I’m not letting it bog me down. I’m a new fighter at a new weight with a new outlook and am really looking forward to it. Also be sure to check out, it’s been redesigned and really looks great.”

Source: MMA Weekly


Word broke earlier this week about the possibility of a welterweight fight between Karo Parisyan and Nick Diaz at UFC 48 this upcoming August 21st. MMA Weekly’s Mick Hammond was able to contact Karo and get his thoughts on the possibility of this fight.

Karo stated, “The UFC brought up the idea to me and yes, I will fight him. I haven’t signed the contract yet but will soon.” Parisyan continued by saying, “I just started getting back into training after taking a few days off after my fight with Shonie (Carter at WEC 10 this past Friday). It’s too early to say what’s going to happen in the fight as anything is possible, but I’m going to go out there, keep up the pressure, and give him the heat.”

When asked about his WEC Welterweight Championship fight with Shonie Carter, Karo responded “I haven’t seen the fight yet and am hoping to get a tape of it soon. I know it was a good fight and Shonie is a great fighter, but it’s just another day at the office for me. I learned one thing from that fight for sure, I don’t want to stand and get kicked anymore (laughs).”

Diaz is coming off a surprise KO victory over Robbie Lawler at UFC 47 this past April and is widely considered a top contender for the recently vacated UFC Welterweight title. This fight will be Parisyan’s first in the UFC since losing a unanimous decision fight against George St. Pierre at UFC 46 in January.

Source: MMA Weekly

Remco Pardoel - Interview
by Daryl Callahan

With the unmatching images of a stocky schoolyard bully out for lunch money and the humble, honest personality that he displayed in UFC 2, Remco Pardoel became as unique an attraction as anything MMA has since seen. He came from Holland, a land of kickboxers, yet was most comfortable on the ground. His respect and admiration for those he fought contrasted the brutal dark side that was let loose in the cage: a brief UFC star, Pardoel has since continued to fight on in more modern MMA.

Derek Callahan: How did you first start up in MA?

Remco Pardoel: There was an ad in a magazine in Holland, called KO magazine. I reacted that I wanted to fight in this event called the UFC.

DC: What made you want to enter the UFC?

RP: I believed in my style and I wanted to look how far I could get in this kind of an event. It is always a hot item, which style is the best. Holland is a pro Thai boxing country and I want to prove them wrong.

DC: How did your impression of the event change from before to after you competed in it?

RP: My belief in jiu-jitsu only went stronger. I knew about the Gracie's. I invited Jacare in November 1993 over for a seminar after I met them at the world championships in Denmark at that time.

DC: How come so many fighters from the early UFCs are gone and you're still fighting?

RP: I love to compete. I was out for two years in 1996 due to a complicated broken leg I broke my shin bone, crushed my calf bone and my ankle was in four pieces. That happened in a judo match. I still have the urge to prove that I belong to the best 20 in the world.

DC: How has the game gotten tougher/easier for you since UFC 2?

RP: A lot of people now go in to survive the 2 or 3 rounds. At that time there was only one winner. So people went for it. The skills of different fighter has moved up a lot. A year ago nobody ever thought someone could beat Minotauro. Look what Fedor did to him.

DC: I'd like to hear about your fights with Marco Ruas, Orlando Weit, and Royce Gracie please.

RP: Orlando Weit: He is a Thai boxing legend. I really looked up to him. He never was kayoed in his entire career until the UFC, I really had the thought that [I] would not survive this one. Everything went as planned with the shoot and the takedown, than it was a kind of rush. The rest is history. Royce Gracie: The best way to learn something to compete in it. Royce was the man to compete against. He was, and I still think, the better man. He won fair and square. I am proud that I am one of people who had the honor to compete with the legend of the cage. Marco Ruas: This is a different story. He was not really fair. He used grease. So at that time I did not had the experience to fight a guy with oil over his body. I loved to get a rematch. He declined.

DC: Why have you slowed down your schedule as of late?

RP: Ask Dana White. I had a bad promotion. Bas Boon was my manager. I could help Gibert Yvel and Heath Herring with the promise that I should get some fights offered. I waited 18 months. If I asked him for a fight the answer was that I should train more. Yeah right.

DC: What can we expect from you in the future?

RP: I really don't know I hope that someone can offer me a good deal in an event like Gladiator Challenge, King of the Cage or the UFC.

DC: We see many kickboxers from Holland, but not many jiu-jitsu guys like yourself. Why do you feel that's so?

RP: I tried to build up BJJ in Holland. In 1996 we had an descent team. We played 3-3 against a pro Japanese team as amateurs. Some guys were jealous and got it as far that we split up. I could start from scratch. I helped some fighters and we are getting back on track again. The second thing is, the magazines and other media are Thai boxing orientated also. For instance, judo and jiu-jitsu is big in Holland, 240,000 people train judo and jiu-jitsu, and we have many big stars and there is nothing about that in the magazines. That is sad I believe.

DC: Would you ever like to be back in the Octagon? If so, how do you plan on getting there?

RP: It is better to ask Dana White this question.

DC: How have you evolved as a fighter since the UFCs?

RP: I trained some boxing, won a few fight standing, made the classic mistake to forget my ground game in some fights. I am over that and ready to take any challenge.

DC: As evidenced by your KO of Weit, how were you able to overcome the thoughts of, 'hey, I may have to really hurt a guy here?'

RP: He would do the same with me when he had the chance. MMA is the strangest sport around. Before and after you can make really good friends with some people, fighters. When it is in the ring or cage it will be war.

DC: Tell me about the emotions that ran through the backstage areas before the early UFCs, what was the 'behind the scenes' like?

RP: For me it was kind of hectic. It was all new. I never fought outside a tatame, on the street once or twice, but never for a packed arena. I am used to sleep before a fight. That makes me relaxed and focused, so I'm not seeing a lot before the fights are on.

Source: Sherdog


Quote of the Day

"It is never too late to be what you might been."

George Eliot, 1819-1880, British Novelist


Shooto is taking their show on the road as they have scheduled fights at the Blaisdell Arena on July 9th. Hawaiian fighters will be well represented on the card as there will be two title matches and 3 current Shooto champions.

Fight Night Blaisdell Arena July 9:

Hawaii & Japan union vs. World

- Jake Shields vs. Ray "Bradda" Cooper (Middleweight vacant title match)

- Masanori Suda vs. Dustin Denes (LHW Shooto title match)

- Jens Pulver vs. Stephen Paling

- Rumina Sato vs. Bao Quatch

- Vitor "Shaolin" Ribeiro vs. Mitsuhiro Ishida

- Alexandre "Pequeno" Nogueira vs. TBA

Source: MMA Weekly

Downloadable Videos of K-1

Here is a link to videos from K-1

BJ Penn vs. Bang Ludwig

Bob Sapp vs. Kazuyuki Fujita

Genki Sudo vs. Royler Gracie

Source: Kyle O.

Ruas taught Fujita how to KO Sapp

Kazuyuki Fujita's victory over Bob Sapp, at K-1 Romanex last Saturday in Japan, had a Brazilian mind behind. During three weeks, Marco Ruas has trained Fujita in United States and set up all the strategy to defeat the American giant. 'The whole thing was made by Ruas. The time he had was damn short to teach an athlete and because of it, Ruas looked after with best Fujita's quality: Wrestling,' explained Pedro Rizzo, who arrived from Japn this week, where had trained for two days with the wrestler.

'How is hard to take Sapp down with double-leg, Marco told Fujita to use the single-leg, reach Sapp's side and kick him, because he is damn strong and slow,' declared Rizzo. This was the second time Marco Ruas trains Kazuyuki Fujita for a Vale-Tudo bout. The Brazilian also was contacted by Antônio Inoki's office to help Fujita to get ready to Imamu Mayfield at December 31st's Inoki Bom-Ba-Ye.

Source: Tatame

Lightweight stars at Black Belt GP

In a new format, the challenge Black Belt returns on June 9th promising a real show with the BJJ lightweights. Now, with a Grand Prix, the competition will feature BJJ fighters as Leonardo Vieira, Mário Reis, Frédson Paixão, Bibiano Fernandez, Leonardo Santos, Daniel Moraes, Márcio Feitosa, among others. They will run for a R$10,000 casho prize, besides the belt. The matches will be held at DirecTV Music Hall, in São Paulo, and the athletes will be separated in a single 16 bracket. Champion and vice champion will do four bouts.

The tickets are available at TicketMaster at the local, at the Credicard Hall and at Sala São Paulo. Tables cost R$30 and vip seats R$60. The organization also asks for a 1kg food donation, which will be donated by a careless institution.

Confirmed athletes (subject to change):
Leonardo Vieira, Mário Reis, Fredson Paixão, Bibiano Fernandez, Leonardo Santos, Daniel Moraes, Carlos Eduardo Vieira, Reinaldo Ribeiro, Gustavo Falcerolli, Luciano Nucci, Danny Abu, Thiago Gomes, Pablo Rodrigo, Laércio Fernandes, Márcio Feitosa and Ocimar Costa

Source: Tatame


Yesterday we told you there was a solid chance that Karo Parisyan vs Nick Diaz could happen very soon. Today it's being confirmed on the website. Here is what they had to say...

"We are confirming that Nick Diaz will be facing Karo Parysian at UFC 49 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Parysian is coming off of a 3 round decision win over Shonie Carter and is hoping to reestablish himself in the UFC's 170lbs division. Diaz is coming off of a KO win over Robbie Lawler and is looking to work his way up for a title shot. This has the potential to be a very good fight."

Source: MMA Weekly


Recently, MMAWeekly talked with "The World's Most Dangerous Man," Ken Shamrock about his return to the octagon bout against Kimo Leopoldo at UFC 48, June 19th. Ken discusses his up coming fight, his brother Frank Shamrock, and much more...

MMAWeekly: How are you man, how's everything going? How's the injury?

Ken Shamrock: You know what, I've been training, probably pretty hard now for two and a half to three months with some of the guys down in L.A. man. I feel great man. I feel really good. I feel real confident, the best I've felt in probably five years.

MMAWeekly: People have wondered how you would return from that injury. You're are telling me right now, you know, you're training hard on it. Is it 100%?

Ken: Well, you know, it isn't 100% yet but when the bell rings June 19th, I'll show how 100% I am.

MMAWeekly: Everybody's looking forward to it. Ken, what are you going to weigh against Kimo? Kimo's a pretty big guy, what do you want to weigh at, coming in?

Ken: I'll probably be at 217. It's a good fight weight for me. I usually weigh, I walk around probably around 220. When I start training hard, I put on more muscle but I lose a little bit of weight. I'll be there around 220-217. I like 217, I feel really good. My leg's strong. There's some little things I've got to work out there, so I'm probably about 95% right now.

MMAWeekly: Are you worried, I mean, Kimo's probably going to be 240-250, are you worried about giving up that much weight?

Ken: No. You know what, I love guys that are bigger than me. I just feel that I'm just as strong, I'm quicker, I'm in better shape. I feel good when I fight a bigger guy.

MMAWeekly: Ken, of coarse, we talked to Kimo not that long ago. He was talking a little bit about you and he said, hey, I respect Ken Shamrock. He's done a lot for the game, but he goes, the thing about Ken is I don't know how much he's improved since we last fought. Kimo says, hey, I've improved a hundred fold. How do you respond to that?

Ken: [laughs] It's easy to respond to. Last time, I beat him in what, four minutes? This time it may take me eight minutes. He's improved a whole bunch. His striking is good, his kicks, his grappling is improved but, you've got to remember, it didn't take much for me to beat him. So, let's say he's gotten better, I haven't gotten worse. Actually, the fight it, I've gotten a lot healthier, so now, I'm back on my game. Where I should be. I just say it may take me a little bit longer. you know, he's probably gotten better defense but the result is going to be the same.

MMAWeekly: Ken, what do you want to accomplish still in this sport? People are saying, man he's coming off that tough knee surgery, how many more fights does he have in him? How long do you want to stay in this fight game?

Ken: It's not about how long I want to stay in it. It's not about trying to prove anything. It's because I don't want to sit on the couch right now and be a couch potato. I enjoy going out and training and I enjoy fighting, and I enjoy my career. I'm going to do it as long as I'm capable of doing the hard training and being competitive out there. Hey, you know what, people lose fights. Just as long as they're out there and they put on good shows and they fight hard. I hate losing. I don't want to lose, that's why I train hard and that's why I keep working hard. I'm 40 years old man, I feel like I'm 25 right now. I feel great. When I step in the ring June 19th, to fight Kimo at the Mandalay Bay in Vegas, then people can go Wow, hey he should fight for ten more years.

MMAWeekly: I know there was a lot surrounding you fight with Tito Ortiz at 205. Let me ask you, just the weight at 205, did you feel a lot weaker than say 217?

Ken: It wasn't the weight, you know, we had a lot of things going on there. I fought through, not only, cutting weight for the first time in fifteen years, you know, I had some injuries that I needed to take care of. I've always been able to overcome injuries. I've always been able to win. I put myself in to a corner that I couldn't get out. Now, I think that's the biggest difference in that Tito Ortiz fight. Hopefully, after this Kimo fight, I'll get to challenge Tito Ortiz and see if he'll take that challenge. I really don't want to step out and let that fight go. I want to get back in there and fight the way I'm capable of fighting. I'm not going to say that the outcome will be any different with winning and losing. That's why you fight the fight, you never know but, I do believe that I am better than I showed.

MMAWeekly: Why do you feel confident that a second time against Tito could be different, in your opinion?

Ken: Well, let's just say I've got some things taken care of. I'm able to fight the game that I need to fight. I can go to the center of the ring. I can move around. I can shoot. I can do submissions. I can punch, kick, I can do all those things I need to do that I wasn't able to the first time in there.

MMAWeekly: I thought you were crazy fighting with a torn ACL. Seriously, that fight, you were fighting with the same injury correct?

Ken: Yes.

MMAWeekly: What were you thinking man?

Ken: I know dude, it's the hard hard headedness. You kick yourself in the butt but, you know, my whole career I've had a broken hand, and I've had a broken foot and I fought with those things and I won. I really thought that when I stepped in with Tito Ortiz, with this ACL, that I could win the fight. Sometimes being an athlete, being hard headed, being so driven in your training and driven in who you are that you overlook the fact that, you know, you have to be 100% to beat some of these guys. You can't go in half assed and that's what I did. I went in there thinking I could just whoop Tito Ortiz no matter what kind of injury I had. He's not the kind of guy you can just go in there and beat up with an injury.

MMAWeekly: I think some of the greatest moments at UFC 47, not only were the fights but, some things that happened behind the scenes. I don't know how much you want to talk about this but one of the coolest things I saw was Ken Shamrock giving a hug to Frank Shamrock. It seemed like, to me, that things look pretty good between you. Can you talk a little bit about your relationship with Frank and how that's going?

Ken: Yeah, you know, Frank kinda went his own way and that's a personal family problem between me, him and my dad. Things happen in families, you see it all the time. I don't like to put my family problems out in air, in the public but I try and always make sure that I try and keep my family close because, you know, when you die, family's the only thing you have. I always try to keep my relationship open with Frank, no matter what. So, that's what that was, just making sure that Frank knew that I'm still here, still there and he's still my brother, no matter what decisions or things that happened in the past. He's still there. He'll always be my brother and hopefully things will keep working the way they're working and we get some things ironed out and have a relationship.

MMAWeekly: What would it take to bring the Lion's Den back with Frank Shamrock?

Ken: I think Frank's in a different direction. You know, he's kinda got his own system. You know, it's kinda like, you don't want to screw things up. You want to try and keep your relationship going and keep things well and I think anytime you mix business and family together, you alway have problems. So, I've decided to keep it just family. He's kinda got his own thing going. He's doing very well. The Lion's Den's always been going and that's what I'm in charge of. Frank needs to be the leader of his group.

MMAWeekly: Will you train with him at all? I mean, do you guys train together even though, like you just said, you're kinda on different teams so to say?

Ken: I would definitely open my door up to Frank training, working out with me. This fight here, I've already got people there, scheduled training routine and regiment. Every thing's already going so this fight wouldn't work but if he just wanted to come in and roll around and help me, be one of my sparring partners, because I've already got a trainer, so that's who I'm with right now. Like I said, I'd open it up to Frank if he'd like to come down and roll around and work out with me as a training partner but, you know, he's real busy.

MMAWeekly: There were some rumors that Guy Mezger might come back to the UFC, what's the latest with that?

Ken: Yeah, there was talk about him fighting Tito Ortiz but I don't think...Guy fights overseas, different places, England, places like that and he makes pretty good money. I just don't think the UFC's in his ballpark right now. Which is, you know, that's just business.

MMAWeekly: Let me ask you about the Lion's Den. You guys still training together or is that one of those things that you guys kinda went your separate ways as well?

Ken: No, no, the Lion's Den's still together. I trained with different guys for this fight because I've been training with my guys for 10-12 years and, you know, I need to shake things up. I didn't want to leave home again with going to Dallas to train up there so, I stayed home and I'm going to L.A. I train with a lot of different people, different faces come in all the time. They're not regular faces and present different challenges to me.

MMAWeekly: This fight with Kimo, what do you see as the outcome? Obviously you think you are going to win but, I mean, are you going to win with a submission, what do you think? If you envision this fight, how do you think it's going to go?

Ken: I don't know because it depends on what Kimo does, you know, then that's what my game will be. I believe I will beat him at any aspect, whatever depends on how he comes at me and that's what's going to happen. I'm prepared for everything. I know his whole thing is very aggressive so if he comes out aggressive, it will be a quicker fight but if he come out and he's more strategic, then it might go a little longer.

MMAWeekly: People want me to ask you about Royce Gracie. I know it's a fight you would love to see. Do you think that will ever happen?

Ken: Not here in the United States. [laughs]

MMAWeekly: That would have to happen in Japan you think?

Ken: Yes, because Royce won't fight under the rules here. He likes to make his own rules. So, I've always fought under whatever rules I've been at. He kinda likes to put his own rules together and if it were to happen, it would happen in Japan. Like I said, I told the last person who asked me that, I said, you know, Royce Gracie can put whatever rules he wants in there. He can have no time limit, no rules, it doesn't matter to me because I'd beat the hell out of him. I would, I'd beat him down. He wouldn't have to worry about any rules because it ain't going to happen, I'd beat him down.

MMAWeekly: I'd love to see it a third and final time. There's a couple of guys that I think you would like to get in there. One's Royce Gracie and maybe Dan Severn.

Ken: Dan Severn, yep. I tried to get that to happen too and it didn't but I think Dan's done.

MMAWeekly: He's getting up there. I can't believe he's still fighting to be honest.

Ken: Well, he isn't fighting. He's going in there and collecting a pay check.

MMAWeekly: Let me ask you a little bit about your future. We've seen Japan really come in and they're spending a lot of money on fighters. BJ Penn, we've seen other UFC fighters leave to fight in Japan. What about you man? I'm sure they've got their eye on you and have seen what you can do. I'm sure they'd love to have you back. Is there any thought about fighting in Japan again?

Ken: I ain't thinking about that. The only thing I'm thinking about, right now, is Kimo, June 19th. That to me, right now, is not the important thing to me. I'm not about worrying about what's going to happen in the future. My future is June 19th.

Source: MMA Weekly


Quote of the Day

"If your ship doesn't come in, sail out to it."

Jonathan Winters, Actor


Since BJ Penn was stripped of the UFC title at 170, the big question is what the UFC will do with the welterweight title.

A quick fix would be have to Charuto Verissimo fight the former UFC Champion, Matt Hughes for the the vacant title.

It appears though that is not likely. Both fighters are currently training for three rounds, NOT five rounds. Verissimo told MMAWeekly last night “I haven’t heard anything about fighting for a championship. I’m just trying to get ready for Matt Hughes....”

Part of getting ready for Hughes is trying to simulate his power and strength. Verissimo has been working out with a few olympic caliber wrestlers from the Olympic training facility in Colorado Springs.

“Training has been going very well and I’m just trying to workout with these wrestlers to prepare me for the fight” Charuto said. For now it seems Verissimo will be preparing for a three round fight not a five round championship fight at UFC 48.

Source: MMA Weekly

Mercado & Yagin Do Not Fare Well in Guam

Pacific Xtreme Combat event in Guam.

The bout served as a tuneup for Horn, who will face Anderson Silva in South Korea next month.

Another Team Extreme member, Rich Clementi, also fared well, defeating Eddie Yagin of Hawaii in a lightweight fight. Clementi opened a cut and battered a game, but undersized Yagin with knees throughout the fight. The doctor halted the bout after the second round.

Complete results...

Blake Fredrickson def. Justin Mercado via TKO at 2:55 of RD 1
Kultar Gill def. Dave Rivas via choke at 1:10 of RD 2
Adam Lynn def. Jason Medina via tap from kick at 2:05 of RD 2
Rich Clementi def. Eddie Yagin via doctor stoppage at end of RD 2
Chris Burb def. John Cing via TKO at 1:40 of RD 1
Buck Greer def. LaVerne Clark via Triangle Choke at 1:03 of RD 2
Jeremy horn def. Cameron Brown via head/arm choke at 1:30 of RD 1
Manny Chong def. Jay Santos via referee stoppage due to passivity in RD 3

Source: MMA Weekly

Lee Murray and Jason Miller out

LAS VEGAS, NEV, May 24, 2004.... Due to issues regarding his travel visa, Zuffa, LLC, owner of the Ultimate Fighting Championshipâ, has replaced Lee Murray on the UFC 48 fight card. Murray, from London England, is vigorously trying to resolve his visa problems but it appears that the matter can't be resolved until after the June 19 bout. Until Murray secures his travel visa no announcement will be made on when he will fight again.

South African, Trevor Prangley (21-2) will take Murray's place. Prangley will be making his UFC debut against Curtis Stout (7-3-1). Prangley is coming off a unanimous decision win over Andrei Semenov at EE - Russia vs. USA this past March.

Due to on going legal problems Jason Miller has been replaced. Taking Miller's place will be Jay Hieron (4-0). Hieron, from Long Island, NY will make his UFC debut against Georges St Pierre (6-0).

With these bouts in place here is what the rest of UFC 48 looks like.

The main event at UFC 48: Payback will feature Heavyweight Ken Shamrock as he returns to the Octagon. Shamrock, "The World's Most Dangerous Man," (25-8-2) and Kimo (10-3-1), will meet in a long-awaited re-match. Shamrock submitted Kimo with a knee bar at UFC 8: David Vs. Goliath and fans have anticipated a payback fight ever since. Kimo is coming off an impressive submission victory over hometown rival Tank Abbott at UFC 43: Meltdown last June in Las Vegas.

Tim Sylvia (18-0) makes his much anticipated return to the Octagon taking on Frank Mir (7-1) for the Heavyweight championship. Former UFC welterweight champion Matt Hughes (36-4) will meet Renato "Charuto"Verissimo (6-0-0). Power striker Phil Baroni (6-3-0) will battle Evan Tanner (30-4-0) in a re-match of their controversial middleweight fight November 21 at UFC 45: Revolution. Dennis Hallman (51-8-2) looks to avenge a previous defeat to Frank Trigg (9-2). Veteran lightweight Matt Serra (12-3) will meet Ivan Menjivar (13-2) in his UFC debut.

Tickets for the all-star, fight card are $350, $250, $150, $75 and $35, are on sale now at the Mandalay Bay Events Center box office in Las Vegas, at all Ticketmaster locations, and Tickets also may be ordered by telephone at 1-877-632-7400 or 1-702-474-4000. Ticket purchases are limited to eight per person and are subject to transaction fees. UFCâ 48: Payback will be available LIVE on pay-per-view at 10 p.m. EDT on iNDemand, DirecTV, Dish Network, TVN, Echostar, Bell ExpressVu and Viewers Choice Canada. The suggested retail price is $29.95.

Source: FCF

Jungle Fight Championship 2, A Look Back
by: Denis Martins

JFC 2 Proves To Be Full Of Surprises With A Jungle Backdrop!
Date: May 15th, 2004
Place: Studio 5 Centro de Convencoes in Manaus, AMAZONAS

Anacondas, panthers, Indians and the Amazon forest; all of these attractions were part of Mr. Antonio Inoki's and Wallid Ismail's second edition of Jungle Fight. And this time it had an addition to the name, that of 'Championship' now becoming the JFC.

Well, those were really good attractions but a KO provided by a Jiu Jitsu fighter and a submission flaunted by a Muay Thai fighter captured our attention to the action inside the ring. Although no surprise in the modern age of MMA, two fighters with unknown names in the sport had impressive wins over specialists in the fields they were dominated in. The super veteran Ebenezer 'PitBull' Fontes Braga got KO'd for the first time in his career by the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black-belt Fabricio Werdum in Round 2; ouch! This was after Braga failed to dictate the pace on the feet and escaped from a mount on the back in first round.

While Fabiano 'Pega-Leve' Scherer fell victim to a submission through a guillotine choke at the hands of Assuerio Silva... ...or should I say arms? Scherer did not sink his grappling game-plan all the time, but when he did, got caught. Both results were unexpected, but the pace of the entire event was high. The first fight of the card showed local fighter Charlie Brown and his 'pernadas'(low-kicks without technique, only using strength) and murros'(punches with the same characteristic). Brown was successful over Gabriel 'Napao' Gonzaga, who almost was KO'd by the second weapon ('murros'). The 45-year-old fighter gassed in Round 3 and asked told the referee 'I do not want anymore'.

Fredson Paixao, from Gracie Barra Combat Team, mauled the experienced Rany Yahyra during all three rounds of the fight. Yahya was very nervous and though he had some good moments trading punches on the feet, he was overwhelmed by the will of Paixao in a successful NHB debut.

An aggressive and consistent game on the feet guaranteed victory for French fighter Boris Jonstomp over Adriano Martins. Jonstomp did not have skills on the ground and Martins seemed to be a bit confused. When Martins ate a lot of bombs on the feet, he realized that he was not going to succeed standing so he took the fight down. Unfortunately for him, he was forced to stand back up and trade punches again. Martins acted as his own corner and stood with a smile on the face, waiting for the punches of Boris. Jonstomp ate a knee to the face in one of the more exciting exchanges and almost saw his victory get shipwreck. In the end he won a split decision.

ChuteBoxe fighter Daniel Acacio was able to give us another display of takedown skills and scored a KO in Round 2. His opponent, Buck Greer, did not display a good game and was dominated on the feet. Acacio stated; 'Greer had takedowns skills but he was slow in the stand-up game'. Even though Greer was a warrior, he did not last more than two rounds and was KO'd by the right-hand of Acacio.

Two fighters were more nervous backstage preparing for the fight than they were during the actual fight. The first of them was Japanese fighter Katsuyori Shibata. Shibata took his opponent down, passed the guard of the unknown The Ice Man and submitted the 'frozen fighter' by choke (hokenza-gatame) in one minute. Ronaldo 'Jacare' was the fastest bout winner. He scored a TKO victory over the Intercontinental Muay Thai champion Viktor Babkin via punches from the mount position and the bout lasted 56 seconds.

It was 'do or die time' for Carlos Barreto against Bobby Hoffman. Another defeat for Barreto would cause nightmares for the Brazilian fighter. When the fight began, Hoffman tried to land his trademark dangerous punches and Barreto was forced to fight from the bottom on the ground. Hoffman attacked the body of Barreto while the BTT fighter worked on a sweep he got via armbar attack. Then from the top, Barreto landed some punches and sunk an arm-triangle. Hoffman 'roared' and it seemed like only a matter of time before he tapped out but he survived and finished round 1. In Round 2, Barreto was pounded by a right-straight when Hoffman countered his slow low-kick. Barreto felt the strike and sat down on the ring floor.

Hoffman rushed forward like a tractor and tried to pass Barreto's guard using only his strength. Barreto was able to hold him at bay stopping Hoffman's momentum, swept him, and finished him with punches from the mount position. It was a good win and a victorious return for Barreto who had to battle like a lion for it.

All the enthusiasm that the fans from Amazon put in Leopoldo Montenegro fell on the ground when he chose to use his Jiu Jitsu game in the main event of JFC 2 against Travis Wiuff. The passive clinch game of Montenegro was answered with a hailstorm of jabs and knees. Montenegro pulled the fight to guard but, while he worked armbars and triangles, Wiuff smashed Montenegro's face with strikes. I would like to know what Montenegro had in mind when he held Wiuff in his guard. Leopoldo worked inefficiently for shoulder-locks, armbars and triangles while Wiuff showed Montenegro that this wasn't the road to victory for the Brazilian. It was then that one of these triangles stamped a sad end for Montenegro. After securing the triangle, he was lifted by Wiuff and slammed solidly to the mat. Montenegro fainted and ate 4 more blows in the face until the referee Marcus Vinicus stopped the contest, while still in Round 1.

Conclusions: With the exception of two quick fights, all of the bouts showed us very competitive matches and an event structure like no other Brazilian MMA event ever seen before. Barreto challenged Wiuff after the main-event, settling up a re-match.

Wiuff knocked Barreto's performance in Heat FC 2: 'Evolution'(12/17/03) and accepted Barreto's challenge. That bout is scheduled for September (Jungle Fight Championship 3). Mr. Inoki has a very singular way of seeing the forest preservation at the talking with Wallid that in next event the fighters should display their concern on preserving it; planting seeds and small trees.

- Gabriel 'Napao' Gonzaga (Gold Team) def. Charlie Brown (Academia Ajuricaba) by TKO
- Fredson Paixao (Gracie Barra Combat Team) decisioned Rany Yahya (Ataide Jr.) - unanimous
- Boris Jonstomp (Team Amoussou) decisioned Adriano Martins (Monteiro Carioca) - split
- Daniel Acacio (ChuteBoxe) KO'd Buck Greer (Next Generation)
- Fabricio Werdum (Winner-Behring) KO'd Ebenezer 'PitBull' Fontes Braga (RVT/Boxe Thai)
- Katsuyori Shibata (New Japan ProWrestling) choked The Ice Man (USA)
- Carlos Barreto (BTT) def. Bobby Hoffman (BullPen) by TKO
- Ronaldo 'Jacare' (Brazil Dojo) def. Viktor Babkin (Russia) by TKO
- Assuerio Silva (Muay Thai Dream Team) choked Fabiano 'Pega-Leve' Scherer (BTT)
- Travis 'Diesel' Wiuff (USA) KO'd Leopoldo Montenegro (Brazil Dojo) via slam!

Source: ADCC

Pé-de-Pano fighting again in US

BJJ black belt Márcio Pé-de-Pano is getting ready to return to United States. ADCC 2003 champion has practically guaranteed his participation at the 3rd Annual Nashville Grappling Open, which happens at Nashville town on June 12th. Pé-de-Pano's opponent will be Wade Rome, who was already defeated by the Brazilian at last Arnold Gracie World Submission Wrestling over a controversial confront. At that time, the fight ended 0x0 and the referee gave the victory to Pé-de-Pano, letting the adversary nuts.

According to Rome, the referee didn't compute two throws. 'I went to shake his hand and he attacked my legs. I defended putting my hand on the ground and then I spin. The rule was clear. It is only considerate a take down when I put my knee on the ground, what by the way, didn't happen. After that, I applied a kimura and he escaped, I swept and returned to the original position. So I don't know why he has been complaining about it,' states Márcio Pé-de-Pano, who due to this compromise, it will be out of Brazilian BJJ Championship.

Source: Tatame

Wagnney Fabianno submits at TKO

With Nova União's leader, André Pederneiras, by his side, Wagnney Fabiano got the Super Lightweight title's at CanadianMMA event TKO last Saturday 22. During the battle, Wagnney submitted the American fighter Tommy Lee via Katagatami. The Brazilian fighter dominated the confront all the time and took the opponent down for two different times. Over the second one, the Nova União reached the half guard, got the mount and won via Katagatami.

"I quickly talked with Wagnney after the bout, and he wasdann happy about the final result," celebrates his brother, the BJJ World Champion Leonardo Santos. Now, Wagnney Fabiano may fight Mark Homminick, one of the best fighters in his weight division, with Fabiano and Tommy Lee. This was his second victory in Vale-Tudo. On the first one, Wagnney defeated Charles Nestor by referee's decision at UCC 1, in 2000.

Source: Tatame

Bibiano fights tomorrow in Japan

Good new for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Japan. After the Pró Jiu-Jitsu Challenge promoted by Koral, in last November and Japan Open Championship, featuring Marcelo Garcia Vs Fernando Tererê's super fight, another event promises a great show in Japan tomorrow (26). The 4th Ground Impact will feature BJJ Black belt from Gracie Barra Bibiano Fernandes on the main fight of the night taking on Japanese Wado Toshiyuki. The other super-fight of the night will bring Japanese Yuki Nakai facing Hayakama Mitsuyoshi. The event will also feature Brazilians Luciano Pires, Frontin Cunha and Cristiano Kaminishi on the card. The Ground Impact 4 happens tomorrow at Kitazawa Twon Hall.

Check out the card bellow (subject to change):

Yuki Nakai Vs Hayakama Mitsuyoshi
Wado Toshiyuki Vs Bibiano Fernandes
Asakura Kouji Vs Taisho
Luciano Pires Vs Frontin Cunha
Cristiano Kaminishi Vs Sugie Amazon Daisuke
Kusayanagi Kazuhiro Vs Hayashi Shunsuke
Uematsu Naoya Vs Yamazaki Takeshi
Kataoka Masato Vs Takumi
Ouchi Takashi Vs Koutani Satoru

Source: Tatame


Nick Diaz was watching Karo Pariysan this past weekend and while impressed with Karo’s performance against Shonie Carter, Diaz said “Let’s get it on in August. Karo and me.” It looks like that could happen.

Fresh off his victory over Shonie Carter at WEC 10, a still excited Karo Parisyan joined MMAWeekly SoundOff Radio Monday. Parisyan's plans for the future are the UFC. He wants the 170lb. title. Karo said that he doesn't care who he has to fight. Nick Diaz was at the WEC event and a fight between he and Karo is what a lot of people would like to see.
Karo said, "I'd love to fight Nick Diaz." He discussed the enormous amount of pressure on him to win, the fight itself, and his future plans at someday getting a UFC belt.

1. Karo said, "This is redemption time for me...I had to show everybody that what happened with St.Pierre was a fluke." Karo dominated the entire fight with Shonie. When he talked to MMAWeekly before the fight, Parisyan said his only game plan was to keep the pressure on Carter and that's exactly what he did.

If there was a turning point in the match, it came at the first take down. Karo said, it was then that he knew it would be his night. "Everything just went well," he added. He threw submission attempt after submission attempt at Shonie and stated about Carter, "He's a tricky guy, they should call that guy Houdini." Parisyan felt like he fought a smart fight and made Shonie fight "his game."

Karo felt "unbelievable pressure" going into his fight with Shonie. He commented, "I had more pressure on me for fight than the Strasser fight." Adding to that pressure was a groin injury that only allowed him to train hard for two weeks in preparation for the bout. Karo went on to say, "In a way, my career was on this fight."

When he does come back to compete in the UFC, Karo will be fighting at 170 pounds. He admittedly had trouble making weight against Georges St.Pierre, having to cut sixteen pounds in three days. He stated yesterday that he doesn't like to cut weight but can. His fight with Shonie was at 180 pounds and Karo competes in Judo at 178. He stated that he felt great at 180 but will the drop back to 170 change anything?

Source: MMA Weekly


Hermes Franca is recovering well from his nose surgery and is starting to become active in training. Hermes plans on being cleared to fight in the Octobers Euphoria MFC 8 man lightweight tournament.

Jeff Monson recently fought his second boxing match and scored a KO for his first pro win. Jeff is now 1-0-1 as a pro boxer and plans on entering Euphoria MFC 8 man Heavyweight Tournament. Din Thomas also picked up his first professional boxing win recently by a unanimous decision and uped his record to 1-0-1.

Din will continue boxing professionaly but is looking to get another mma match under his belt this summer. Dustin "Clean" Dennes has been training hard for his long awaited and over due Shooto light heavyweight title shot against Manisouri Suda, which will be held on July 9th in Hawaii.

Aaron Riley recently took a short vacation to visit family back in Indiana and Kentucky and has just returned home to begin training for a fight in August which will most likey be down in Brazil for AFC Brazil. AFC will be in Wisconson on Saturday June 12th, this card will feature Wilson Goveia as well as the pro mma debuts of Petrus "Buffalo" Walker and Thiago "Jambo." Marcus Aurelio was victorious once again in ZST, he defeated Naoyuki Kotani by TKO at 3:34, RD 2. Marcus is interested in fighting in the next PRIDE Bushido show.

Source: MMA Weekly


Tito Ortiz has been talking to the fans recently on his chat room at He talked about a variety of topics. Ortiz mentioned he has an energy drink out now called "Ultimate Fuel" and had his first movie shoot for his latest acting venture. The movie is called "Vince Undercover."

He said that he will be fighting on the August UFC card against one of the following: Rich Franklin, Vernon White, Ian Freeman or Babalu. If it ends up being Ian Freeman, Ian would be the one coming down in weight rather than Tito going up. After being undefeated the last couple of years, Ortiz has sustained back to back losses for the first time in his career losing to Randy Couture and Chuck Liddell.

Source: MMA Weekly

Diego Sanchez: On the Brink
By Arron Barringer

Destroying his opponents with an unblemished 8-0 record, King of the Cage welterweight Diego "Nightmare" Sanchez has been waiting for a title shot for some time. His time is near, as he's slated to fight the winner of Jorge Santiago and John Alessio. "I hope that Alessio wins," says Sanchez. "I'm the number one contender and Santiago is the number two contender."

Diego speculates on the matchup of the fight: "John Alessio wants to defend his belt before he loses it, and I give him credit for that, but he should be fighting me."

Talking with the Nightmare it becomes increasingly obvious that his is a man on a mission. That mission is to prove to the world what Sanchez appears to already know: he is the best fighter. "Not many people are willing to fight me," says Diego confidently, "since I am the Nightmare and all."

Of his goal of fighting in Japan, Sanchez says he welcomes an opportunity to fight in PRIDE Bushido.

Before his fight for a King of the Cage belt, which should occur in August or September, Sanchez will be fighting in Brazil versus Eric Tacerez, a Marco Ruas student, in June at the HEAT event. This year, Sanchez will be a busy man, as he is also looking to compete in the Abu Dhabi trials in Vancouver as well.

He claims that the secret to his success thus far is no secret at all. He has a team that has molded him into a vicious and skilled fighter. "I give all my credit to God for my talent," he says. "But Greg Jackson has coached me better than I could have ever been coached."

Sanchez does not stop there, praising his entire team, especially Chris Luttrell, Joey Villasenor and Keith Jardine. "Keith is a pounder," explains Diego, "and the reason why my chin is so good!"

Source: Maxfighting


Quote of the Day

"If you don't have a dream, How you gonna have a dream come true?"

From Lyrics for Happy Talk, South Pacific

Fighters' Club TV Episode 21

Fighters' Club TV Episode 21 has been cut and submitted to programming. It
will air in our normal timeslot at 6pm Tuesday night on Channel 52 on the
following dates: May 18 and 25, then on June 1 and 8. Personally, I'm
proud of this one, even if some of the fights didn't go the way I'd hoped

Episode 21 features:

-Chris Onzuka's debut investigative piece on BJ Penn.
(What every local needs to know about Hawaii's most successful fighter)

-Highlights from Superbrawl 35
-Curran vs. Nonaka (+ interview w/ Jeff Curran)
-Doerksen vs. Fukuda (+ interview w/ Joe Doerksen)
-Enson Inoue vs. Tom Sauer (+ interview w/ Sauer)

-Technique of the Week
-Back by popular demand, Chris and Mike cover some half-guard passing
techniques that every fighter should know

+ Hawaii's 2 favorite FCTV hosts, Mike Onzuka and Mark "the other guy" Kurano.

Don't miss the credits--Matt Hughes talks about Hawaiian fighters, BJ and MMA...

Questions, Comments, Suggestions? (Ladies w/ resumes--pics attached)

email us at:

Are you ready for Brasa ? ! ? !

What is Brasa (embers)? A bird, a plane or a Super HOT Team? If you chose the latter one you are correct grasshopper! Leonardo Vieira, Rodrigo Comprido, Ronaldo Jacare, Ratinho, Ricardinho Vieira, Damien Maia, Reinaldo Ribeiro and a host of other top guys have reunited with former Alliance Co-leader Leo Castello Branco and created the new powerhouse team called Brasa.

The team had been in the making for quite some time, but with the Brazilian Nationals happening this past and following weekends the leaders could wait no more, so they made its official debut in the Nationals. The team will start of with BJJ and Submission but may later expand to NHB.

Leo commented: 'The kids had been trying to get me to come join them for some time but I was busy with other projects but finally they won over. I am very happy because we had a lon time friendship.'

Source: ADCC/Kid Peligro

The Grapplers Quest U.S. Nationals Event Results

The Grapplers Quest U.S. Nationals Event featured some of the best submission grapplers in the United States battling out to unify grappling an Official Team U.S.A.

The Team U.S.A. Trials champions will battle a World Grappling Team consisting of Canadian, Brazilian, and Japanese Grapplers at the World Championships later this year!

Lightweight (149.9 lbs. and below):

Quarter Final Round:
Dave Jacobs (Yamasaki) defeated Mike Fowler (Lloyd Irvin) via points, 4-0
Renato Tavares (ATT) defeated Jordan Damon (Tai Kai) by points
Alan Teo (Renzo) defeated Jeff Glover (Paragon) with a straight ankle lock
Mike Mrkulic (Royler Gracie/Dave Adiv USA) defeated Ulysses Gomez with a figure four toe hold

Semi-Final Round:
Renato Tavares (ATT) defeated Dave Jacobs (Yamasaki) via points
Alan Teo (Renzo) defeated Mike Mrkulic (Royler Gracie/Dave Adiv USA) via rear naked choke

Renato Tavares (ATT) defeated Alan Teo (Renzo) via points, 16-0

Welterweight (150-169.9 lbs.):

Quarter Final Round:
Pablo Popovitch (ATT) defeated Tony Torres-Aponte (Urban Jungle Self Defense)
by shoulder lock (Kimura) submission
Rob Kahn (Royce Gracie/Groundhog) defeated Ken Parham (Lloyd Irvin) by armbar submission
Diego Sanchez (Jackson's Fighting Team - Gaidojutsu) defeated Anthony Tolone (Marcio Simas)
via submission
Shawn Williams (Renzo Gracie) defeated John Hasset (Balance Studios) via points, 10-0

Semi-Final Round:
Pablo Popovitch (ATT) beat Rob Kahn (Royce Gracie/Groundhog) via points
Diego Sanchez (Jackson's Fighting Team - Gaidojutsu) defeated Shawn Williams (Renzo Gracie)
via points

Diego Sanchez (Jackson's Fighting Team - Gaidojutsu) defeated Pablo Popovitch(ATT)
by advantage

Middleweight (170-184.9 lbs.):

Quarter Final Round:
Nakapan Phungephorn (Lloyd Irvin) defeated Brad Pearce (Gustavo Machado) via points
Amal Easton (Colorado BJJ/Renzo Gracie) defeated Noah Spear (Balance Studios) by armbar
Joe D'Arce (Renzo Gracie) defeated Chris Moriarty (Alliance/Jacare) via points, 2-0
Thiago Jambo (ATT) defeated James Brasco (Wrestling) via points

Semi-Final Round:
Nakapan Phungephorn (Lloyd Irvin) defeated Amal Easton (Colorado BJJ/Renzo Gracie)
by advantage
Joe D'Arce (Renzo Gracie) defeated Thiago Jambo
via guillotine (front choke) submission

Joe D'Arce (Renzo Gracie) defeated Phungephorn in finals OT by points

Light-Heavyweight (185-204.9 lbs.):

Quarter Final Round:
Rick Macauley (Balance Studios/Hasset's) defeated Marco Delima (NYMAG/Gene Simco)
via kneebar submission
Justin 'ChimChim' Garcia (Groundhog) defeated Ken Kronenberg (Tai Kai) via points
Eliot Marshall (Boulder Brazilian Jiu Jitsu/Amal Easton) defeated Glover Teixeira (The Pit Fight Team) by armbar
Marcel Ferreira (ATT) defeated Rick Migliarese (Balance Studios) via points

Semi-Final Round:
Justin 'ChimChim' Garcia (Groundhog) defeated Rick Macauley (Balance Studios/Hasset's)
by points in a war
Marcel Ferreira (ATT) defeated Eliot Marshall (Boulder Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu/Amal Easton) by points

Marcel Ferreira (ATT) defeated Justin 'ChimChim' Garcia (Groundhog) via points

Heavyweight (205 lbs. and over)

Quarter Final Round:
Jorge Oliveira (Ralph Gracie) defeated Tim Carpenter (Balance Studios) by points
Glen Sandull (Planet Jiu Jitsu/Groundhog) defeated Tom Muller (Renzo Gracie/Serra Brothers)
by points
Marcos 'Machine' Oliveira (ATT) defeated Pat Stano (Balance Studios/Joe Priole) by points
Jamal Patterson (Renzo Gracie) defeated Lamont Tyler via submission

Semi-Final Round:
Glen Sandull (Planet Jiu Jitsu/Groundhog) defeated Jorge Oliveira (Ralph Gracie) by advantage
Jamal Patterson (Renzo Gracie) beat Marcos 'Machine' Oliveira (ATT) by guillotine

Finals: Jamal Patterson (Renzo Gracie) beat Glen Sandull by submission

Source: ADCC/Kid Peligro

Belfort in US gets ready for Couture

The final Vitor Belfort's preparation for the rematch against Randy Couture will be done in the United States. The Ultimate Fighting Championship Light Heavyweight champion departs on June 7th with his trainers Leonardo Vieira and Distac (Boxing). Vitor will rent a house and he will stay there until the fight against Couture at UFC 49, in beginning of August.

The Brazilian intention is being focused only for this fight. The winner will face the Chuck Liddell during the upcoming UFC editions. "Due to these problems with my sister, I haven't be able to focus on my training. That is the reason I decided to move to the US, where I have hired a few sparring guys to train with me," explained Vitor, who is still very upset about his young sister's missing Priscila Vieira Belfort.

Priscila is missing since last January 9th in Rio de Janeiro. Belfort family asks for help. If you know anything about her missing, please call (21) 2253-1177.

Source: Tatame

Fighting Words - Competition, Glory and Violence
by Tony Montana

Fighting is an emotional sport. Think about your state of mind when you watch a football, baseball or basketball game. Now contrast that with the blood that pumps through your veins when you watch MMA. Most people that have been to MMA events will contend the electricity in the air is unlike any other sporting event. This is because fighting appeals to certain primal instincts that other sports do not. Fighting is based on competition, glory and violence. Everything about MMA can be broken down into one of these three categories.

There exists an undeniable and innate human compulsion to prove oneself. Whether it is in the ring or in the office boardroom we have a need within us to be better than our colleagues. It’s part of every day life. You do not need to be a fighter yourself to appreciate the competition that takes place in a ring or octagon. And what better test of self is there than “mano a mano” combat?

Glory comes in many forms. Some people want a hero, others want someone to admire, and others simply want to be entertained. The purpose of having champions is to settle the otherwise never ending debate of who is officially the best. All fans admire him and all other fighters aspire to be him. The glory aspect of the sport is directly related to what is at stake. In one scenario, the heavyweight championship may be at stake. In another example, the fight may have to redeem oneself in a rematch. Kazushi Sakuraba’s upcoming “retirement series” is a perfect example of something that is primarily about glory.

Like it or not, the morbid fascination lies within each and every one of us. We want MMA to be safe. Yet we do not want to lessen the abilities of combatants to inflict damage upon one another. In other words we want maximum, acceptable violence per our buck! The early UFCs under the SEG group were all about marketing violence. Violence is instantaneous, mindless, gratuitous, satisfaction. And in today’s society, violence appears to sell more than competition and glory.

Japan sells glory
Japanese promotions like PRIDE and K-1 emphasize the glory aspect of MMA. The pre fight conferences look more like a meeting of the board of directors. The K-1 Romanex ring was painted gold in color which signifies importance. The elaborate Bushido pre-fight spectacle with drums banging, rain falling, pyrotechnics, and screaming fighter name introductions all emphasize the importance of the event at hand.

The post fight celebrations would lead you to believe that the fighter had just stopped the barbarian invasion! The elegantly dressed ring girls, decorations falling from the ceiling, the oversize trophies and the super sized pay cheques all emphasize the glory aspect.

The actual names of the events also appear to emphasize the glory aspect of the sport. “The Battle at the Bellagio” sounds more like a glorious war than a MMA fight card. “Critical Countdown” screams of dire importance. “Bushido” refers to the warrior spirit. “Final Conflict, Inferno, Shockwave” and so on are all words used to glorify the event.

North America sells violence
Nothing conveys barbaric violence more than a caged octagon. It certainly presents a more dangerous feel than does a ring. Two men locked inside a cage fighting until one is either knocked unconscious or submits is quite the premise for a sport trying to gain mainstream acceptance. Frank Shamrock who is involved in his own MMA production called Shootbox once said that TV will never allow sport in which men fight in a cage on prime time television.

Those of us that are enlightened enough to understand the safety precautions would argue adamantly against the misconception of “someone could die”. However, we must keep in mind that we are not representative of the general public. To the general public, appearances are of crucial importance. To the casual observer PRIDE FC looks safer than does the UFC. The brighter lights, the whiteness of the canvas and ropes, the paramedic-looking referees (also in white), and the 5 doctors immediately on the scene give an illusion that the violence in the ring is being controlled.

Contrast the North American MMA event names with those of Japan. “Payback” screams of violent retribution. “It’s On!” implies a grudge match between foes. “Rumble on the Rock”, “King of the Cage”, “TKO”, “Superbrawl”, “Rage in the Cage” are obviously not selling hand cream.

In Conclusion
Does the suit make the man or does the man make the suit? This is the question one may wonder when looking at certain MMA promotions and the fans they attract. Only in Japan do you see women pushing baby strollers into MMA events. The fans appear more subdued and appreciative of the action. They also appear to applaud the grappling aspect of the sport more than their American counterparts.

North American events cultivate boisterous fans yelling and booing throughout the fights. Fans are slowly becoming more educated, yet the average Joe in attendance just screams for blood. Do North American promotions promote this attitude with their violence-oriented marketing? Will the lowest common denominator always drive the market place? Can we evolve into a more appreciative, more glory focused society?

It is difficult to identify what makes a MMA fan tick. Similarly, it is impossible to paint an accurate picture with just one stroke of a brush. But perhaps we have some valued insight knowing that we have competition, glory and violence on our MMA pallet.

Source: MMA Fighting

More K-1 & Bushido Pictures

More K-1 and Bushido pictures can be seen on MMA Hopefully they fixed it because the pictures would not download for me at the time of this writing.

Source: MMA Weekly


Quote of the Day

"To accuse others for one's own misfortunes is a sign of want of education. To accuse oneself shows that one's education has begun. To accuse neither oneself nor others shows that one's education is complete."

Epictetus, 50-120, Stoic Philosopher

PRIDE BUSHIDO 3: Complete Results!

Sunday May 23rd, 2004
Yokohama Arena, Yokohama, Japan
By Mark Ginther

Challenge Matches

Bertrand Amoussou def Raou by KO (strikes) 29 seconds into the 2nd round

Shamoji Fujii def Kim Jin O by submission (choke) 2:58 into the first round

Alexandre Emelianenko def Matt "The Twin Tiger" by submission (choke) 3:16 into the first round.


Choi Mu Bae def Yoshihisa Yamamoto by unanimous decision

Kazuo Misaki def Jorge Patino Macaco by unanimous decision

Daijiro Takase def Carlos Newton by split decision

Akira Shoji def Tamakairiki by KO (strikes) 18 seconds into the first round

Kazuhiro Nakamura def Chalid "Die Faust" by submission (armbar) 4:45 into the first round

Mirko Filipovic def Hiromitsu Kanehara by unanimous decision


Main Event: Team Japan vs. The Gracies

Ricardo Almeida def Ryo Chonan by unanimous decision

Takanori Gomi def Ralph Gracie by KO (strikes) 6 seconds into the first round

Ryan Gracie def Ikuhisa Minowa by split decision

Source: ADCC


More details:

- In an untelevised match up, Choi Mu Bae defeated Yoshihisa Yamamoto via Unanimous Decision..

- Kazuo Misaki defeated Jorge Patino Macaco via Unanimous Decision.

- Daiju Takase defeated Carlos Newton via Split Decision.

- Akira Shoji defeated Tsuyoshi Tamakairiki via KO in the first round in 18 seconds. In Shoji's 20th PRIDE appearance, he easily finished Tamakairiki with strikes.

- Kazuhiro Nakamura defeated Chalid “Die Faust” Arrab via Arm Bar in the first round at 4:45.

- Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic defeated Hiromitsu Kanehara via Unanimous Decision. Less than a month after getting knocked out by Kevin Randleman, Mirko Cro Cop looked sluggish in his return. Give the RINGS veteran Kanehara credit for going the distance and avoiding the knock out.

Japan vs. Gracies

- Ricardo Almeida defeated Ryo Chonan via Unanimous Decision.

- Top ranked lightweight Takanori Gomi defeated Ralph Gracie via KO in six seconds. Gomi won his PRIDE debut in a powerful fashion by quickly knocking out Ralph Gracie and following with punches. Before the fight, Ralph refused to touch gloves with Gomi.

- Ryan Gracie defeated Ikuhisa “The Punk” Minowa via Split Decision. Controversial finish that will keep mixed martial arts fans talking. Gracie had Minowa's back during the first round attempting the choke. Ryan Gracie received a red card in the first for kicking Minowa off after the referee paused the fight. Minowa fought back in the second round by ground and pound. Each time the referee would pause the fight to reset them away from the ropes, Minowa would lift Gracie and move Gracie back in the corner. After Ryan Gracie was awarded the decision, he called out Kazushi Sakuraba and Hidehiko Yoshida.

- Bertrand Amossou defeated Raou via KO in 29 seconds in Round 2.
- Katsuhisa Fujii defeated Kim Jin Oh via Rear Naked Choke at 2:58 in Round 1.
- Alexander Emelianenko defeated Matt "The Twin Tiger" Foki via Choke at 3:16 in Round 1.

Source: MMA Fighting

by Jade "Ninjamonkey" Prout

Members of the highly respected Gracie family (and one of their disciples) had a big weekend in the world of Mixed Martial Arts, and the results of their endeavors were "Mixed" as well.

The inaugural K1 MMA event "K1 Romanex" featured a match between Japanese superstar Genki "The Neo-Samurai" Sudo and the legendary Royler Gracie. Royler valiantly worked to finish his opponent despite being at a considerable weight disadvantage, but Sudo knocked out the diminutive Gracie to take the win. According to those who were there, Genki's entrance was just as spectacular as his in-ring performance.

Ricardo Almeida, representing Team Gracie in the Team Battle at Bushido 3, turned things around with a unanimous judges' decision over Ryo Chonan. This gave Team Gracie the lead in the Team Battle, and served to soften the blow dealt to the family at the K1 show.

If MMA enthusiasts were shocked by the result of Genki-Royler, they must have suffered coronaries when they learned that Takanori Gomi had knocked out the always-intense Ralph Gracie just 6 seconds into their match at. Team Japan bounced back from Chonan's loss in explosive fashion with Gomi's victory.

It all came down to the final match between the fiery Ryan Gracie and Ikihusa "The Punk" Minowa. Their fight went the distance, and the judges were split 2 to 1... in favor of Ryan! Team Gracie triumphed once again over Team Japan; and with the Genki-Royler fight added into the equation, they ended up in a draw with their Japanese adversaries.

My respect goes out to all of the fighters who competed, regardless of nationality or family name. They all put themselves on the line for the entertainment of the fans, myself included. I hope I speak for all of us when I say: we appreciate it.

As always, readers may feel free to contact the author by email at to discuss this article.

Source: MMA Fighting

Does ADCC 2005 Mean Redemption for 'Cacareco'?
Submitted by: Luca Atalla With R. Nogueira

Alexandre 'Cacareco' has expressed that he is disappointed with the Brazilian MMA market. 'I can’t fight because there are no good offers by the vale-tudo promoters. I make more money in small submission wrestling championships than in MMA”, revealed the 2nd Place finisher in the Absolute and 88-98kg categories at ADCC 2003. This is why Cacareco considers the next edition of ADCC as the must important challenge of his life: 'The money I won in the 2003 event paid all my debts. But, for the 2005 competition, in the United States, my intentions go beyond the money. This time, I want to develop my international career, show my stuff to foreign promoters and start to fight in the biggest MMA tournaments in the world”, explained the Gracie Barra Combat Team member.

Cacareco, 25 years old, also said that he made a pact with his academy teammate and ADCC Champion Mb: 'Just after the Jiu-Jitsu World Cup of 2004, me and Marcio are going to train specifically for the ADCC 2005. Last year, I practiced for just one month before the tournament, and almost got first place in two categories. For the next edition, I will train without the gi for more than five months. I think my chances of victory will grow if I follow this strategy”.

Source: ADCC

BJ Penn vs. Duane "Bang" Ludwig Pictures

Check out the pictures of the Penn-Ludwig fight on
MMA Weekly.

Source: MMA Weekly

Minotauro emphasizes Wrestling
By André Araújo

After the whole Boxing season in Cuba, Pride heavyweight interim champion Rodrigo Nogueira Minotauro got a sharpened Boxing and also received compliments from Japanese organization and press. However, his Wrestling skills showed some weakness. Minotauro confirms: "I do need to improve my Wrestling". His self-critic came after two take downs applied by Hirotaka Yokoi during the first phase of Pride GP, on last April. From Curitiba, where Minotauro has been training further, the champion talked to Team TATAME. The full interview you might read bellow. Check it out!

How is your training for the next phases of Pride GP?

I've started my training last week. My idea is improving my Wrestling for the following phase. I mean that because I suffered two take downs from Hirotaka Yokoi in my last fight. I've trained a lot of Boxing that I forgot to train other stuffs. It's okay my punches skill were good, whatever I didn't KO.

You had received a lot of compliments from the Japanese press due to your ring movements...

My work with Boxing was fundamental for my moves on the ring. I've learned to move myself better on the ring and I felt great with it. As I said before, whatever I didn't win by KO, I imposed my game and I submitted him.

Tell me about your impression about Randleman's KO over Mirko Cro Cop.

I thought Mirko threatened a high kick on the ring and Randleman realized it. I am sure Randleman's star shined at that moment... he was damn prepared. No way out it was a lucky move. He waited for the right moment, the one Mirko threatened to kick and stroke him. He meant it.

No, do you have a guess about your next opponent?

I have no clue about it..., but I've heard some rumors about ... Kevin Randleman or Heat Herring.

Changing the subject, you do make part of a Vale-Tudo Team in Brazil South, the CBW. When the idea of featuring this team came out?

I have been training in Curitiba for two years and in fact it is Nogushi's gym. Every time I was on vacation I used train in there. There are about 30 pupils, plus Anderson Silva. The team is good and some athletes are dealing with events as Shooto Switzerland... as I don't have conditions to be here everyday, every time I can I come in here and make a visit to the team...

What is the goal team, once you represent BTT?

We do want to set up our fighters in Brazil and abroad. The main goal is putting fighters to do international bouts. With my projection in Vale-Tudo and Japan, sometimes its easier to open some doors.

What is Katel importance on the team?

He is one of the most experienced fighters, winning also the last Shooto Switzerland on last February. He is damn good exchanging punches, has a good Muay Thai and I think I will see him fighting in Japan.

How Nogushi joint the team?

Nogushi used to do a supervision of Muay Thai classes. We also have teachers from all modalities as Fred Sukata and now He-man with Wrestling... we count with over 30 people fighting Vale-Tudo. I always come in here to pass a little bit about my fighting experience.

Source: Tatame

Leo Vieira ready for Black Belt GP

Black Belt GP promises to join together the best BJJ fighters nowadays and Leonardo Vieira does not want be out of it. Besides he is not confirmed at the competition, Leozinho has been training hard to face names as Frédson Paixão, Bibiano Fernandes, Leo Santos, Daniel Moraes, among others. Between the trains, classes and taking care of Vítor Belfort train for UFC, Leozinho is fine with the idea to fight for R$10,000.

"It's all set for me to fight. It just missing few details," stated Vieira. Asked about how this GP would be like old Mundials, before the Confederation's breakdown, Leozinho complains: "the thing is. They are joining together many weight categories on the same event and the heavier fighters will have more facility. I guess it would be better if they separated the GP."

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By Tape Lord

Hello my friends, my postal connections in the K-1 organization are telling me that after K-1 attempts to poach UFC heavyweight champion, that they will then go after the UFC's light heavyweight champion.

K-1 will also target some of the top contenders of both the heavyweight and light heavyweight divisions.

As was already mentioned a few days ago, K-1 will first make offers to both Tim Sylvia and Frank Mir after their title fight in UFC 48 on June 19th.

Then they will supposedly make offers to both Vitor Belfort and Randy Couture after their title fight in UFC 49 in August.

UFC heavyweight contenders Wes 'Cabbage' Correira and Andrei Arlovski are also two heavyweights that K-1 will try to sign very soon.

More info to come in the next few weeks.

Source: Fight Sport


The Japanese media report that K-1 held a staff meeting today to discuss the Bob Sapp situation.

K-1 matchmaker Sadaharu Tanigawa told the Japanese media that they discussed how they could prevent any further damage to Sapp's marketability, and decided to immediately implement plans to ease Sapp's busy schedule and give him more time to train and rest.

Sapp will also be spending more time improving his skills with New Japan's Kickboxing trainer Ihara.

Source: Fight Sport

by: Eddie Goldman/ADCC Wrestling Editor

INDIANAPOLIS, May 22 -- With a pin in the Challenge Tournament quarterfinals against Corey Farkas, and a 5-0 decision in the semifinals over Paul Devlin, an aggressively wrestling Rulon Gardner advanced to the finals of the 2004 U.S. Olympic Team Trials, which will be held Sunday at the RCA Dome in Indianapolis. Gardner will face the 2002 Greco-Roman world champion, Dremiel Byers, in a best-of-three series. This will be a rematch of both the 2004 U.S. Nationals' finals and last year's World Team Trials' finals. Byers defeated Gardner at this year's Nationals, but fell to him two matches to one at the 2003 Trials.

Gardner, the 2000 gold medalist and 2001 world champion at heavyweight in Greco, commented about his performances in both matches Saturday, saying they were, 'I hate to boast, but perfect. It's exactly what I wanted. It's exactly how I wanted to wrestle these matches.' He added that it helped him 'get my lungs opened up,' and that it also met his goal 'to make it out of here without causing any type of injury upon myself or my opponents.' As he spoke, 1996 Olympic silver medalist Matt Ghaffari, who has been cornering Gardner, wrapped a bag of ice around Gardner's healing right hand and wrist.

In his finals matches with Byers, Gardner pledged to 'do the same thing I did last year to him and knock him off.' He added, 'I'm just glad I just didn't have to put my shoes out there this match and leave everything on the mat,' referring to the custom of wrestlers retiring by leaving their wrestling shoes on the mat after their final bout.

Gardner said that he expects to make his mark against Byers late in their matches because 'that's where he makes mistakes.' Gardner called Byers 'so explosive, so powerful, and so energetic.'

Then he did his best to promote the entire Olympic Team Trials finals: 'Here's two world champions going at it, Olympic champion. Here's three of the last four years, here's the best people in the world putting it all on the line on one mat.'

He continued: 'You look at Cael Sanderson and Garrett Lowney. You have Sammie Henson, former world champion. Dennis Hall. Up and down the line it is an amazing matchup to watch, all the different weight classes. You're going to see some unbelievable throws. You're going to see some heartbreak. You're going to see some tears, and probably some broken bones tomorrow. But people are going to leave it on the mat. And that's all we ask for in wrestling.'

Gardner concluded: 'This is everything we could imagine for, the weekend before the Indy. And we're going to have the opportunity to hopefully show our best and hopefully have people understand our sport in a new light and hopefully enjoy it and come back and support it.'

Here are the results of the Challenge Tournament finals, as well as Sunday's matchups for the Olympic Team Trials finals:

Indianapolis, Ind., May 22, 2004

Championship Series Final Results

55 kg/121 lbs.
Sammie Henson, Highland Mills, N.Y.(Sunkist Kids) dec. Teague Moore, Stillwater, Okla. (Gator WC), 6-3
Henson to face 2004 U.S. Nationals champion Stephen Abas (Fresno, Calif./Sunkist Kids) in a best of three series on Sunday for a spot on the U.S. Olympic Team

60 kg/132 lbs.
Mike Zadick, Iowa City, Iowa (Hawkeye WC) won by ref. dec. Danny Felix, Charlottesville, Va. (Sunkist Kids), 2-1, ot, 9:00
Zadick to face 2004 U.S. Nationals champion Eric Guerrero (Stillwater, Okla./Gator WC) in a best of three series on Sunday for a spot on the U.S. Olympic Team

66 kg/145.5 lbs.
Jared Lawrence, Minneapolis, Minn. (Minnesota Storm) dec. Eric Larkin, Tempe, Ariz. (Sunkist Kids), 4-3, ot 7:34
Lawrence to face 2004 U.S.Nationals champion Jamill Kelly (Stillwater, Okla./Gator WC) in a best of three series on Sunday for a spot on the U.S. Olympic Team

74 kg/163 lbs.
Joe Heskett, Grover Beach, Calif. (Gator WC) pin Ramico Blackmon, Colorado Springs, Colo. (Team Excel), 1:34
Heskett to face 2004 U.S. Nationals champion Joe Williams (Iowa City, Iowa/Sunkist Kids) in a best of three series on Sunday for a spot on the U.S. Olympic Team

84 kg/185 lbs.
Cael Sanderson, Ames, Iowa (Sunkist Kids) dec. Muhammed Lawal, Stillwater, Okla. (Gator WC), 7-2
Sanderson to face 2004 U.S. Nationals champion Lee Fullhart (Colorado Springs, Colo./Gator WC) in a best of three series on Sunday for a spot on the U.S. Olympic Team

96 kg/211.5 lbs.
Tim Hartung, St. Paul, Minn. (Minnesota Storm) won by ref. dec. Tommy Rowlands, Columbus, Ohio (Dave Schultz WC), 2-2, ot, 9:00
Hartung to face 2004 U.S. Nationals champion Daniel Cormier (Stillwater, Okla./Gator WC) in a best of three series on Sunday for a spot on the U.S. Olympic Team

120 kg/264.5 lbs.
Tolly Thompson, Cedar Falls, Iowa (Sunkist Kids) dec. Steve Mocco, N. Bergen, N.J. (New York AC), 3-1, ot, 6:05
Thompson to face 2004 U.S. Nationals champion Kerry McCoy (Bethlehem, Pa./New York AC) in a best of three series on Sunday for a spot on the U.S. Olympic Team

48 kg/105.5 lbs.
Clarissa Chun, Colorado Springs, Colo. (Gator WC) dec. Sara Fulp-Allen, El Granada, Calif. (Menlo College) 5-3, ot, 6:33
Chun to face 2004 U.S. Nationals champion Patricia Miranda (Colorado Springs, Colo./Dave Schultz WC) in a best of three series on Sunday for a spot on the U.S. Olympic Team

55 kg/121 lbs.
Tela O'Donnell, Colorado Springs, Colo. (Dave Schultz WC) dec. Jenny Wong, Colorado Springs, Colo. (Sunkist Kids), 5-2
O'Donnell to face 2004 U.S.Nationals champion Tina George (Colorado Springs, Colo./U.S. Army) in a best of three series on Sunday for a spot on the U.S. Olympic Team

63 kg/138.75 lbs.
Alaina Berube, Escanaba, Mich. (New York AC) dec. Stefanie Shaw, Waterford, Conn. (New England Elite), 5-4
Berube to face 2004 U.S. Nationals runner-up Sara McMann (Colorado Springs, Colo./Sunkist Kids) in a best of three series on Sunday for a spot on the U.S. Olympic Team

72 kg/158.5 lbs.
Kristie Marano, Colorado Springs, Colo. (New York AC) pin Stephany Lee, Honolulu, Hawaii (Missouri Valley), 3:34
Marano to face 2004 U.S.Nationals champion Toccara Montgomery (Cleveland, Ohio/New York AC) in a best of three series on Sunday for a spot on the U.S. Olympic Team

55 kg/121 lbs.
Dennis Hall, Plover, Wis. (Sunkist Kids) dec. Lindsey Durlacher, Colorado Springs, Colo. (New York AC), 3-1, 6:20
Hall to face 2004 U.S. Nationals champion Brandon Paulson (Coon Rapids, Minn./Minnesota Storm) in a best of three series on Sunday for a spot on the U.S. Olympic Team

60 kg/132 lbs.
Joe Warren, Colorado Springs, Colo. (New York AC) dec. Glenn Nieradka, Colorado Springs, Colo. (U.S. Army), 3-0
Warren to face 2004 U.S. Nationals champion Jim Gruenwald (Colorado Springs, Colo./Sunkist Kids) in a best of three series on Sunday for a spot on the U.S. Olympic Team

66 kg/145.5 lbs.
Kevin Bracken, Colorado Springs, Colo. (New York AC) dec. Glenn Garrison, Colorado Springs, Colo. (U.S. Army), 6-0
Bracken to face 2004 U.S. Nationals runner-up Oscar Wood (Fountain, Colo./U.S. Army) in a best of three series on Sunday for a spot on the U.S. Olympic Team

74 kg/163 lbs.
Keith Sieracki, Colorado Springs, Colo. (U.S. Army) dec. Steven Woods, Colorado Springs, Colo. (U.S. Air Force), 9-0
Sieracki to face 2004 U.S. Nationals champion Darryl Christian (Colorado Springs, Colo./New York AC) in a best of three series on Sunday for the No. 1 ranking on the U.S. National team. The United States did not qualify for the Olympics in this weight class.

84 kg/185 lbs.
Jake Clark, Colorado Springs, Colo. (U.S. Marine Corps) dec. Aaron Sieracki, Colorado Springs, Colo. (U.S. Air Force), 3-0, ot, 9:00
Clark to face 2004 U.S. Nationals champion Brad Vering (Colorado Springs, Colo./ New York AC) in a best of three series on Sunday for a spot on the U.S. Olympic Team

96 kg/211.5 lbs.
Garrett Lowney, Kaukauna, Wis. (Minnesota Storm) dec. Dan Hicks, Colorado Springs, Colo. (U.S. Marine Corps), 3-1, ot , 6:23
Lowney to face 2004 U.S. Nationals champion Justin Ruiz (Salt Lake City, Utah/New York AC) in a best of three series on Sunday for a spot on the U.S. Olympic Team

120 kg/264.5 lbs.
Rulon Gardner, Cascade, Colo. (Sunkist Kids) dec. Paul Devlin, Cascade, Colo. (U.S. Army), 5-0
Gardner to face 2004 U.S. Nationals champion Dremiel Byers (Colorado Springs, Colo./U.S. Army) in a best of three series on Sunday for a spot on the U.S. Olympic Team

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Quote of the Day

"If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours."

Henry David Thoreau, 1817-1862, American Essayist, Poet, Naturalist

Royler KO'd by Genki, BJ Chokes Ludwig!

A couple pictures of the BJ-Bang fight are on MMA Ring Report and the choke picture is on MMA Weekly

K-1 MMA Championship ROMANEX
Held May 22, 2004
Saitama Super Arena, Japan

Gladiator def. Antoni Hardonk by unanimous decision
Blue Wolf def. Tom Howard by TKO 4:44 into R2, corner threw in towel
Lyoto def. Sam Greco by split decision
Gary Goodridge def. The Predator by KO (strikes) 1:22 into R1
Josh Barnett def. Rene Rooze by KO (strikes) 2:15 into R1
Genki Sudo def. Royler Gracie by KO (strikes) 3:40 into R1
BJ Penn def. Duane Ludwig by submission (choke) 1:45 into R1
Don Frye vs. Yoshihiro Nakao stopped in R1 due to cut over Frye's right eye; ruled no contest
Shinsuke Nakamura def. Alexey Ignashov by submission (choke) 1:51 into R2
Kazuyuki Fujita def. Bob Sapp by submission (strikes) 2:15 into R1

Source: FCF

K-1 Romanex Show: Sudo, Penn, and New Japan Pro-Wrestling All Win Big
Rising Sun Report by Keith Vargo

On Saturday night, MMA's favorite hippie idealist, Genki Sudo, pulled off the biggest win of his career by knocking out Royler Gracie. The Japanese fighter engaged Gracie in an impressive grappling display, where both fighters aggressively went through a catalogue of positions and defenses. But Sudo punctuated his escapes and reversals with punches, knees, and stomps and it made all the difference.

Royler may be the most active and accomplished grappler in the Gracie clan. But he's only occasionally an MMA fighter and it showed. Gracie seemed totally comfortably with Sudo when they were just grappling. He easily escaped being partially mounted a few times, tried setting up a couple of heel holds, and brushed off one Sudo attempt at getting his back. But he seemed to forget about the striking game entirely, until Sudo reminded him.

At around 1:40 in the 1st round, Sudo escaped a heel hold set-up and missed Royler's head with a stomp on his way out. When Gracie got up and tried to take Sudo down again, they locked up and exchanged knees to the body, with Sudo throwing the more effective ones. Gracie then pulled the
Japanese fighter to the ground and into his guard. But Sudo stood up, jumped over Royler's guard and stomped right on his face. He quickly tied up Sudo's leg again and seemed to be threatening a foot or ankle lock, but Gracie looked a little shaken. From there on, it was all downhill for the jujutsu

Sudo yanked his leg out hard and Gracie was dragged along with it and spun to the side. Sudo got to Royler's side and started punching. As the Brazilian turned into him and tried to clinch, Sudo sprawled and started kneeing Royler's head. Then Gracie tried to stand and clinch, but took two more knees to the face that put him on his back. Sudo seized the opportunity, landing eight solid punches to the jujutsu legend's face that bounced out his mouthpiece and left him starched.

Sudo by KO at 3:40 of the first round

Josh Barnett/Rene Rooze

Before this fight, Barnett promised that he would use pro-wrestling throws and finishing holds to beat this kickboxer. But Rooze decided to spoil those plans.

After pretending for about five seconds that he'd stand and trade with Rooze, Barnett charged in and clinched. As he struggled to get Rooze on the ground, the kickboxer punched him in the back of the head and hung on to the ropes. When Barnett finally got a good grip, lifted Rooze, and turned him around to slam him, Rooze actually reached over Barnett's shoulders and blatantly held on to the top rope with both hands.

After the ref got in Rooze's face about it (index finger two inches from his face yelling, "I WANT A CLEAN FIGHT!!! CLEAN FIGHT!!! OK?!?!") and gave him a yellow card, the fight continued. Barnett charged in and wrapped up Rooze again. Then he powered the kickboxer to the canvas, directly into a full mount. From there, it was just a matter of time as Barnett pounded away until the ref stopped it, making Rooze pay for mucking up his pro-wrestling gimmick.

Lyoto Machida/Sam Greco

Lyoto Machida was coming off an impressive KO win over the UFC's Rich Franklin at Inoki's New Year's Eve show. So many thought he'd make short work of aging K-1 karate/kickboxing stylist Sam Greco. But Greco must've really put in his time and done his homework before transitioning to MMA,
because he nearly stole a victory from one of Inoki's best.

Machida, of course, took the game to the ground, but found it hard to keep Greco on his back. He also attempted numerous arm locks that the kickboxer got out of surprisingly easily. When Greco did get the top position, the difference in his striking showed. Anytime Machida gave him an opening, he dug into it hard with punches. But, in the end, it was visibly worried Machida who was awarded the split decision.

Shinsuke Nakamura/Alexey Ignashov

Last New Year's Eve, Ignashov and Nakamura fought and the result was a controversial stoppage by the ref. While leading on the cards, Nakamura took a knee to the grill that put him on his back and gave Ignashov the win. But the pro-wrestler was on his feet again almost immediately and it seemed like a premature stoppage. So the fight was later declared a no-contest.

This time around, many people thought the hard hitting Russian would annihilate Nakamura. But Ignashov had foolishly fought a kickboxing match with Semmy Schilt two days before and looked weak. Nakamura, on the other hand, looked fresh and took the fight to Ignashov. He put the kickboxer on his back and kept him there while working a light ground-and-pound for most of the first round. Ignashov looked gassed as his corner tended to him between rounds.

In the second, Nakamura got the takedown easily and then surprised everyone. He passed to the side-position and leaned on Ignashov's windpipe with a forearm choke. The big Russian squirmed briefly, trying to escape and then tapped. After he stood up, he hacked and coughed and looked bitterly disappointed, leaving the ring almost immediately.

Kazuyuki Fujita/Bob Sapp

If Fujita were any kind of kicker, Bob Sapp would probably be paralyzed right now. After easily taking Sapp down and escaping a clumsy foot-lock by him, Fujita got side-position. Then he stood and, when Sapp tucked his chin and covered, soccer kicked him square in the back of the head.

Sapp looked seriously rattled and Fujita took advantage, trying to lay some punches and some legit soccer kicks on Sapp while he was struggling to get his bearings. Then Fujita did it again! When Sapp rolled to his side he threw a knee to the back of his head! After following that up with some
relatively light punches, Sapp rolled to his hands and knees and turtled up. So Fujita stood up and hit him with some more soccer kicks to the top of Sapp's head.

After a valiant attempt to stand, Sapp got put on his back again with leg trip off a front headlock. Then Fujita easily passed to the side and started punching as Sapp curled up in the fetal position. But Sapp covered and Fujita continued to hit him with legal punches, as well as more punches and knees to the back of the head. Sapp tapped at 2:15 in the first round. But it looked more like a mugging than a fight.

In other action...

BJ Penn/Duane Ludwig

B.J. Penn quickly put away Duane Ludwig early in the first round. He immediately took Ludwig down at first contact and quickly got him in full mount. From there, Penn laid on a number of hard punches to the face before cinching up a nice arm triangle choke.

Gary Goodridge/ Sylvester "The Predator" Terkay

Gary Goodridge hit Terkay with what looked like a grazing left hook early in the first round. But he dizzied the pro-wrestler with it and threw two more left hooks that dropped "The Predator". It looked like the referee gave him more of a fight than Terkay, as the lightweight official struggled to keep a pumped up Goodridge from going back to pound on the wobbly but back-on-his-feet pro-wrestler.

Don Frye/Yoshihiro Nakao

This fight was stopped early in the 1st round because of a nasty cut over Frye's right eye. Because the cut was the result of an accidental head-butt and it was too early to go to the cards, the fight was declared a no-contest.

Source: Maxfighting

K-1 Romanex
By Monte Dipietro

Sapp Stopped in Saitama
SAITAMA, JAPAN, May 22, 2004 -- Kazuyuki Fujita submitted Bob "The Beast" Sapp with a combination of kicks and punches to win the main event at the K-1 ROMANEX series debut. Fujita's upset victory capped a card of nine bouts fought under K-1's new mixed martial arts-inspired ROMANEX rules at the Saitama Super Arena (the official rules are here:

In the first matchup, Mongolian Dolgorsuren "Blue Wolf" Serjbuddee took on fellow pro-wrestler "Green Beret" Tom Howard of the USA. The Wolf has been fighting since he was a teen, and is the brother of Sumo Yokozuna (Grand Champion) Asashoryu. The versatile Howard, meanwhile, is a student of the relatively obscure martial art Sambo, a Russian discipline which combines judo and wrestling techniques.

The Wolf moved in from the bell, powering Howard backward for a takedown then quickly moving in. Howard tried to reverse several times, but spent most of the first round in the guard position. With more than half of Howard's white hair stained red from a gash at the top of the forehead, the referee stopped the action for a doctor's check but it was decided that Howard could continue. In the second, Howard resisted Wolf's takedown attempts, preferring to stand and strike, but soon found himself down in the guard again. Wolf moved for position, but could not strike to effect until, after Howard bucked him away, he was able to assume a reverse back trunk lock and push dozens of knees in on the top of Howard's head. To the bloodied and battered but never-say-die Howard's credit, it was his corner, convinced he had absorbed enough punishment, which finally threw in the towel.

K-1 legend Sam Greco, who turned 37 earlier this month, predicted his matchup with Antonio Inoki protégé Ryoko "Lyoto" Machida of Brazil would show that his "long journey from Karate to K-1 to wrestling to MMA proves that we can do anything if we only try." But Lyoto, who turns 26 later this month, was not inclined to play his role in Greco's allegory.

Lyoto got the first takedown early and moved into the side mount, but Greco was able to force a deadlock and so the fight was restarted from the standing position. Greco got the stand and strike fight he wanted, but Lyoto was equally comfortable here. Although there was a fair bit of clinching through the first, Lyoto looked smart, trading kicks and getting through with a good straight right late in the round.

The second began with more stand up fighting before Lyoto executed a takedown and got in. Again Greco's defense was good and he bucked the Brazilian midway through, but Lyoto was there with the kick to stop Greco from getting to his feet. Lyoto assumed a half mount position for some 30 seconds before Greco nicely reversed. But Lyoto twisted his way out, and the round again ended in stalemate, Greco standing, Lyoto defending from the mat.

There was further stand-up action in the third, and Greco's low kicks looked to be hurting Lyoto's lead leg. But again the Brazilian brought it to the mat, getting in with a half then working deftly to a full mount. Greco again bucked a reverse, and got on top to throw punches, but Lyoto's defense was sound.

In all an entertaining, back and forth fight. Judges surely had a tough time, but Lyoto took it by split decision.

Trinidad and Tobago's Gary Goodridge has 33 MMA bouts under his belt, and is a 3-dan Black Belt in Kuk Sul Won to boot. His opponent in the third fight was the big (197cm, 139kg) American pro-wrestler Sylvester "The Predator" Terkay, fighting in just his second MMA bout. "I have a dangerous opponent," acknowledged The Predator at the pre-event press conference, "but I'll do my best." Predicted Goodridge, who is known for his explosive starts: "The crowd will get plenty of action!"

And action is exactly what they got, as Goodridge stayed on his feet, softening his larger opponent up with punches. In a matter of about a minute, the Predator had become the prey. It was a left roundhouse that got set the big guy to wobbling, and a second left that dropped him good. Slumped clumsily against the ropes, The Predator was in no condition to defend himself as Goodridge closed in to deliver more punches, and so the referee quickly stepped in to stop the bout. A convincing KO win for Goodridge, who is now undefeated since August of last year (and that loss came against the very formidable Emelianenko Fedor).

With a surprising (and endearing) effort, the defending 10th King of Pancrase Josh Barnett addressed the pre-event press conference in good Japanese, promising that "Nobody can beat me tomorrow." The American's opponent here was Dutch kickboxer Rene Rooze.

Although Rooze has won all three of his MMA fights, the kickboxer clearly wanted to work his Team Aerts finesse rather than going to the mat with Barnett. Alas, soon after being assessed a yellow card for repeatedly grabbing the ropes to stymie Barnett's takedown attempts, Rooze fell victim to a good old fashioned 'ground 'n pound' attack which quickly resulted the referee stepping in and a KO victory for Barnett.

Much anticipated was the youth vs experience matchup between Jiu-jitsu fighters Genki Sudo of Japan and Royler Gracie of Brazil. Gracie hails from the mixed martial arts' most famous family, and has thrice won the Abu Dhabi 65kg Championship. Now 38 years of age, Gracie had not fought an MMA bout in more than three years -- how would he match up against the unpredictable Sudo, 13 years his junior?

After improbably beating the gigantic Butterbean in his last fight, Sudo the showman was delighted to have somebody his own size to tango with. "It will be my first time against a real Jiu-jitsu fighter," smiled Sudo at the pre-event press conference, "I am looking forward to it very much."

A flashy interpretation of a traditional Brazilian dance heralded Sudo's entrance to the ring, but after that the Japanese fighter was all business. Gracie got the first takedown, but there were a number of reverses in the early going, a fast-paced fight that saw a lot of creativity. After Sudo escaped from Gracie's attempt at a legbar, he was able to get in position. Gracie twisted half free, but as he rose he met a decisive knee, and fell back to the canvas stunned. Sudo wasted no time coming in with a flurry of punches. After the third unanswered blow, Gracie's mouthpiece came flying out, and after the fifth, it looked like his lights would go out, so the referee came in to stop the punishment. An KO win which affirms Sudo's evolution from curiosity to contender.

Americans B.J. Penn and Duane Ludwig squared off in a 170 pounds (77kg) limit middleweight class bout which was over quickly. Soon after the opening bell, a double leg takedown got Penn in position. Ludwig tried to hold the guard but he was outclassed here. Penn slipped to a half mount then a full, all the while threatening with punches while working for position. Just 1:45 in, with Penn pressing an extended arm choke down, Ludwig submitted.

MMA marvel Don Frye is one of America's most respected MMA fighters, recently training with fellow legend Frank Shamrock. On this night he met the 2001 All-Japan Wrestling Champion Toshihiro Nakao. From the bell, Nakao went for the legs and a takedown, but Frye was persistent in his resistance. Unfortunately, head-to-head contact early in the scramble opened a deep cut directly over Frye's right eye. The referee let the two grapple on until Nakao got in and Frye slipped into a guard position, then called time and invited in the ringside doctor for a check on Frye's eye. With the blood free-flowing, the doctor had no choice but to stop the fight, much to the disappointment of the crowd. The head-to-head contact was ruled accidental, and so the bout was declared a "No Contest."

Remarked Frye afterward: "We were like a couple of long-horn rams buttin' heads, it was a stupid way to end the fight!" Asked about Nakao's abilities, the metaphor-blessed Frye had this to say: "He's got technique and he's got power and he's got balls the size of church bells. He's got a great future in this sport!"

A highly-anticipated fight on the card was the rematch between K-1 superstar Alexey "The Scorpion" Ignashov of Belarus and pro-wrestler Shinsuke Nakamura, the 34th IWGP Heavyweight Champion. In his MMA debut last New Year's Eve, an apparent victory over Nakamura was ruled a "No Contest" on appeal from Nakamura's camp when it was judged that the referee had prematurely stopped the fight. (Nakamura ate a knee, but then quickly jumped to his feet, ready to continue).

Here Ignashov again had to contend with Nakamura's superior takedown skills. In the early going, Ignashov was able to remain standing in the clinch for quite a stretch of time, his back toward the corner, his body hunched forward. He pushed Nakamura off with some vigor, and set up to spar, but was unable to connect with any good punches or kicks. And so Ignashov again was frustrated by Nakamura, who was able to get in at the legs for takedowns several times. Ignashov spent most of the first in the guard position, using his powerful long legs to try and keep Nakamura back, using his superior reach to strike out fairly well, but not well enough to do any real damage.

Nakamura is a patient fighter, and that is what won this for him. Although he didn't get the position he wanted in the first, he did get it in the second. After slipping nicely around Ignashov's guard to get into a high side mount, he brought the guillotine down and forced a submission.

The first thing Ignashov said to reporters when he entered the post-bout interview space was "Please don't ask me anything about the fight." This drew a round of laughter from those assembled, and a few minutes later, the Scorpion loosened up a little: "Well, I should say that arrived in Japan late, and so I wasn't really ready for the fight. Of course I do think Nakamura is very good, but I believe I'm better, and I hope I can have another chance with him to show that."

Nakamura had a quiet smile on his face during his interview, a smile that grew more pronounced after Ignashov's trainer, the classy Marco Calcavante, stepped up to give him a Varig Gym training jacket. "I was not surprised by the result," said Nakamura, "I felt confident from the start, it all went according to plan."

The main event pitted 162kg former NFL lineman and the ne plus ultra of K-1 stardom, Bob "The Beast" Sapp, against pro-wrestler and former IWGP Champion Kazuyuki Fujita. "There has been a lot of talk about this belt," boomed The Beast, who currently holds the IWGP honors, pre-fight. "But when I step into the ring, I will be fighting for honor and pride, and to show you that the Beast is the best!"

Sapp had not lost a fight this year, and was undefeated under MMA rules since the summer of 2002. But, his plan to stay standing and slug it out with Fujita went horribly wrong when he was taken down just seconds into the first round.

No sooner had this begun than it ended, and The End, it must be said, was wholly devoid of grace. After a fair bit of grappling, at which Sapp was not half-bad, Fujita finally twisted free while Sapp stayed down on his back, a position in which he proved about as mobile as, say, a turtle. Fujita circled round and began firing kicks at Sapp's head, which left Sapp nonplussed to say the least. When Fujita clocked Sapp's head with a knee, the American's body twisted to one side, and he lay there in the fetal position, as vulnerable as a baby. Fujita quickly came in with punches, landing a half dozen lefts from above and rights from below before the hapless Sapp tapped out. It wasn't pretty.

Said a modest Fujita afterwards in his interview: "Fighting Bob Sapp, I got a sense of his power, which is quite good. For me, it was great to be here in ROMANEX and I hope I have the chance to do it again soon!"

Bob Sapp did not appear in the post-bout interview space.

In an undercard fight, The Gladiator beat Antoni Hardonk by unanimous decision.

K-1 Event Producer Sadaharu Tanikawa was pleased with the event, "It was our first time doing this sort of thing, and I think we had some excellent matchups. I want ROMANEX to be unique in the world of mixed martial arts, we are not so concerned with who wins and who loses, the important thing is that we have fights of the highest quality possible."

'ROMANEX' derives from "Roman" and "Extra" and is a new production for K-1 and the Fighting Entertainment Group (FEG). The event attracted 14,918 fans to the Saitama Super Arena and was same-day broadcast in Japan on the TBS network. Check the K-1 Official Website for the official results: (

Special thanks to Monte Dipietro and K-1 for this write-up.
For more information about K-1 visit thier official website

Source: MMA Ring Report

Punishment In Paradise 4: “NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS”
Tentative Card

Campbell High School Gym, Ewa Beach, Hawaii
July 3, 2004

Super Middleweight MMA Championship
172lbs. 3x2 Minute Rounds
Mark Moreno (Bulls Pin) Vs. Wayne Pierin Jr. (Team Bigdogs)

Cruiserweight Kickboxing Championship
205lbs. 3x2 Minute Rounds
Mike Malone (Eastside Grappling) Vs. Andre Washington (Team Thunda)

Light Heavyweight Kickboxing Championship
179.lbs. 3x2 Minute Rounds
Tommy Pestana (808 Fight Factory) Vs. Kaleo Padilla (Westbrook Boxing)

Heavyweight Kickboxing Championship
215lbs. 3x2 Minute Rounds
Chris West (HMC) Vs. Bill Hall (Freelance)

Light Middleweight Kickboxing Championships
159lbs. 3x2 Minute Rounds
Dain Agbayani (808 F.F.) Vs. PJ Dean (Bad Intentions)

Lightweight Kickboxing Championship
137lbs. 3x2 Minute Rounds
Domi “Dominator’ Lopes ( Team Bigdogs) Vs. Steven Tandal (Waimanalo Kickboxing)

Super Welterweight Kickboxing Championship
153lbs. 2x3 Minute Rounds
Kaipo Gonzales (Eastside) Vs. .Preston Lee (Animal House)

Super Lightweight Kickboxing Championship
130lbs. 3x2 Minute Rounds
Stephen Paling III (Jesus Is Lord) Vs. K.C. (Wailuku Kickboxing, Maui)

Middleweight Kickboxing #1 Contender Match
165lbs. 2x3 Minute Rounds
Ikaika (Backyard Bombers) Vs. Frank Rebello (Advanced Kenpo)

Junior Heavyweight Kickboxing #1 Contender Match
100lbs. 3x1 Minute Rounds
Sage Yoshida (H.M.C.) Vs. Keola McKee (Wailuku Kickboxing, Maui)

Junior Bantamweight #1 Contender Match
60lbs. 3x1 Minute Rounds
Tristen Febria (E.B.F.C.) Vs. Abraham Reinhart (Wailuku Kickboxing, Maui)

Source: Event Promoter

Trevor Prangley Gets Called Up; Faces Curtis Stout At “UFC 48: Payback”
Submitted by: Joseph Cunliffe

South Africa native Trevor Prangley received the long awaited call from the UFC. The 31-year-old will be heading to Las Vegas, Nevada, for “UFC 48: Payback” on June 19. Prangley will face UFC, HOOKnSHOOT and M-1 veteran Curtis Stout in a middleweight fight.

Prangley has massed a mixed 24-2 record, or 7-1 professionally, competing in the XFA in Florida, Ultimate Monterrey in Mexico, Frank Shamrock’s Bushido in Arizona, Ultimate Athlete and Kick Down 8 in Colorado and Euphoria MFC in New Jersey.

In a March 2004 ADCC News interview, Prangley said, “this year is my year to step up in MMA” at his new fighting weight of 185. And Prangley did that when he faced UFC and M-1 veteran and Russian Red Devil Fight Team stand out Andrei Semenov in Euphoria MFC at the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, New Jersey, on March 13. Prangley earned the Unanimous Decision win over Semenov and it was hinted that he would be UFC bound. Stout suffered a loss to Semenov in M-1. Prangley’s only professional loss is to Renato “Babalu” Sobral.

Prangley owns the Idaho Lion’s Den with partner Derek Cleveland and you’ll find him training at AKA in San Jose, California.

'UFC 48: Payback' Updated Card; Hofstra Wrestler Hieron Replaces Miller
by: Joseph Cunliffe

UFC 48: Payback
Saturday, June 19, 2004
Mandalay Bay Events Center
Las Vegas, Nevada

�UFC 48: Payback� is less than 1 month away and up until this week the first announced card has remained untouched. Jay Hieron of Bellmore Kickboxing Academy on Long Island, New York, replaces Jason Miller on the 7 fight card. Hieron is 4-0 in MMA. The Rodrigo Gracie BJJ white belt is coming off a Decision win over Fabio Holanda of Brazilian Top Team. The Hostra University wrestler will face his most seasoned opponent to date in Georges St. Pierre.

Heavyweight: Ken Shamrock 25-8-2 vs. Kimo Leopoldo 10-3-1
Welterweight: Matt Hughes 36-4-0 vs. Renato �Charuto� Verissimo 6-0-0
Heavyweight Championship: Tim Sylvia 18-0-0 vs. Frank Mirv 7-1-0
Middleweight: Phil Baroni 6-3-0 vs. Evan Tanner 30-4-0
Welterweight: Dennis Hallman 51-8-2 vs. Frank Trigg 9-2-0
Lightweight: Matt Serra 12-3-0 vs. Ivan Menjivar 13-2-0
Middleweight: Jay Hieron 4-0-0 vs. Georges St. Pierre 6-0-0

Visit for more information.

Source: ADCC

by: Eddie Goldman/ADCC Wrestling Editor

INDIANAPOLIS, May 22 -- In news that just might change the overall structure of wrestling, the Real Pro Wrestling group has announced that they have a 'network television deal memo' for a regular weekly television show in the U.S. beginning in February 2005. An official announcement about this new show is expected within a week.

The deal would give Real Pro Wrestling a regular weekly show on a major broadcast network which is said to reach 98 million homes, according to both a Real Pro Wrestling executive and their web site. A February start date was chosen largely because that is when the NFL season has just ended.

Which network the deal is with and other show information will be announced when all the final details of the contract are worked out, which is also expected to happen in a matter of days. A deal for a television show in international markets is also in negotiations. A new television production schedule for 2004 will be announced shortly as well.

In related news, Rulon Gardner, coming off a pin today of Corey Farkas in the semifinals of the Challenge Tournament which precedes the finals of the Olympic Trials here Sunday, has repeatedly stated that if he loses here, he will retire as an active Greco-Roman wrestler. Gardner added that if he wins the Olympic Trials and gets to wrestle in Athens, that will be his last Greco competition.

But asked if he would consider returning to the mat for Real Pro Wrestling, he replied that he would, although perhaps not on as regular a schedule as he has been wrestling this year. Real Pro Wrestling is 'a great organization,' stated Gardner. So when Real Pro Wrestling gets its television show up and running, it just may feature the best-known active wrestler in America today.

Real Pro Wrestling is planning to announce more information about its television deal shortly on its web site, at: has results from the Olympic Trials at:

Source: ADCC

South Korea discovers passion for MMA!
by: Luca Atalla

June 26th and 27th, 2004
2004 Olympic Gymnastics Arena
Seoul, South Korea

In order to compete with their Asian neighbors the Japanese, the South Koreans will promote on June 26th and 27th the biggest MMA event ever in that country.

The show named Gladiators has famous names from all over the martial arts world such as Rogério Minotouro Nogueira, Dan Severn, Daijiro Matsui, Paulão Filho and Anderson Silva (former Chute Boxe Athlete).

Rogerio, PRIDE Champion 'Minotauro'’s twin brother, is going to face American Alex Stiebling, who used to be known as the Brazilian Killa until he was
KOed by Anderson Silva in Pride. ‘The Koreans are following the Japanese show's
steps. They are willing to receive the best fighters in the world in their events’ stated Minotouro in his interview at ADCC news.

Check the Gladiator´s line-up out and stay tunned to ADCC news to find out more details.

Cards Subject To Change:

- Tanimura Mitsunori x Tchourakov Edouard
- Yasuhito Namekawa x Fabiano Capoane
- Sung Chul Kim x Sakuragi Uji
- Dan Severn x Hidetada Irie
- Ikuhisa Minowa x Igor Borisov
- Kim Jong Wang x Brad Kohler
- Rogerio Minotouro Nogueira x Alex Stiebling

- Okuyama Koji x Matkine Serguei
- Hamada Jyunpei x Claudio Godoy
- Sultanmagomedov Kavkaz x Bae Chun Ho
- Jin O Kim x Shinji Katase
- Choi Mu Bae x Akhmedov Zourab
- Daijiro Matsui x Paulo Filho
- Jeremy Horn x Anderson Silva

Source: ADCC

Schutz over Castillo, Parisyan beats Shonie

WEC X Results
The Palace Indian Gaming Center, Lemoore, CA
May 21, 2004

Steve Ramerez def. Chino Esparza 0:47 R1 by rear choke
Lavar Johnson def. Levi Thronbrue 2:32 R1 by TKO
Richard Montoya def. Bill Coffman 0:47 R1 by TKO
Amir Rahnavardi def. Kengo Ura by TKO between rounds 1 & 2
Doug Marshal def. Anthony Aria 0:22 R1 by armbar
Bert Bergmark def. Daisuke Ishii 4:49 R1 by TKO
Poppies Martinez def. Gabriel Cruz 0:30 R1 by submission to strikes
Ryan Schultz def. Gil Castillo by split decision (3 rounds)
Alex Stiebling def. Tim McKenzie 2:25 R2 by arm triangle
Gilbert Melendez def. Olaf Alfonso 4:54 R3 by TKO (won lightweight championship)
Karo Parisyan def. Shonie Carter by unanimous decision (won welterweight championship)
Rafael Real def. Mike Serr 2:19 R1 by TKO (won heavyweight championship)

Source: FCF


Sources in the Japanese media are saying that the next K-1 'Romanex' card, which will most likely be in July, will feature the K-1 debut of Rickson Gracie.

It's not sure who his opponent will be right now, but retired Sumo grand champion Wakanohana seems to be the front-runner.

K-1 will also begin to market Genki Sudo as the new 'Gracie Killer', so a possible matchup between Sudo and Gracie will be most likely.

Look for Kazuyuki Fujita, Josh Barnett, and B.J. Penn to all be on the card as well.

Source: Fight Sport


K-1 will be putting on a 'K-1 vs. Boxing' card on June 6th, which will air on ESPN pay-per-view and Fuji TV.

The big news is that it appears that K-1 may have signed former IBF cruiserweight boxing champion Vassily Jirov to the show.

Here is the line-up that is being mentioned so far:

Ernesto Hoost vs. Ray Mercer
Peter Aerts vs. Francois Botha
Alexey Ignashov vs. Vassily Jirov

Source: Fight Sport


Fujita after beating Sapp.

The Japanese media is reporting that Kazuyuki Fujita has now been thrown into the mix as a possible opponent for Mike Tyson. Fujita himself announced after yesterday's win over Bob Sapp that he would like to face Tyson.

Source: Fight Sport


Quote of the Day

"Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional."

Buddhist adage.


SATURDAY MAY 22@ 9:45pm ET/6:45pm PT
Not sure what time it is airing Hawaii time.

The HBO telecast starts off with the exclusive delay broadcast of the world light heavyweight title fight between Roy Jones Jr. and Antonio Tarver. That rematch was held on May 15 at the Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas with Tarver scoring a stunning second-round KO win.

Source: HBO


MMAWeekly's Scott Petersen reports from Japan that when Bob Sapp was being interviewed by the media, Petersen overheard one of Sapp's cornermen talking about facing Cabbage at a future K-1 event.

Sapp himself said he was focusing on his fight with Fujita and wouldn't talk about any other fight. As for Cabbage he is trying to get a big fight, now that his suspension from the UFC may be longer than first thought.

As we reported last week, it appears Cabbage will be suspended even longer than first thought since his case has now been turned over to the Attorney's Office.

Cabbage's medical suspension was set to expire on May 18. However, Cabbage became in hot water with NSAC after failing to adhere to the terms of the suspension to fight on the Rumble on the Rock card. That was where he lost a unanimous decision to John Marsh. Cabbage violated the medical suspension by participating in the event and his future is in the air with Zuffa.

K-1 has stepped in and started talking to many people since they are diving into MMA as a great sport in the U.S. and the world.

No contracts have been signed; basically, they wanted to see if both guys would accept the fight and it appears both of them have verbally. It's unknown if Cabbage's loss has affected his standing at all with the K-1 company.

Source: MMA Weekly

Gracies in action this weekend
by: Luca Atalla

The Jiu-Jitsu world is focused on Japan, where the most traditional family of that style will have members fighting tomorrow and after tomorrow.

The first to act is the three times ADCC champion Royler Gracie, who will face Japanese Genki Sudo in K-1 Romanex. Royler, always well conditioned, intends to fight on the ground, and did the final training in Japan, along with boxing coach Claudio Coelho, BJJ teacher Vinicius Aieta and US representative David Adiv (photo). Despite having faced Nova Uniao teacher Andre Pederneiras back in 2000, Genki Sudo said: 'Finally I will face a real Brazilian Jiu-jitsu fighter.'

The day after Romanex, Pride Bushido will run its third event, featuring the team confront between Gracie Family and Japan. The Gracies will be represented by Renzo’s young brothers Ryan e Ralph and Renzo’s pupil and ADCC veteran Ricardo Almeida.

The three fighters, in Japan since last Wednesday, seem very sharp in the training sessions this week. The funny thing was the stationary bike bought by Ryan Gracie (Ralph is seen in the picture riding it), who wants to take the toy to the stadium to help him in the warm-up for his fight against Japanese star Ikuhisa Minowa, known as 'The Punk'.

Besides team Gracie, Brazilians fans have more reasons to keep their eyes in Bushido and Romanex. BJJ specialist and new Chute Boxe member Jorge Macaco will also fight on Sunday. He will face Japanese Misaki. And, for those who think Brazilians are only grapplers or chuteboxers, stay tuned to the fight in K-1 Romanex that will put Sam Greco against Lyoto Mashida. Lyoto, despite of the Japanese name, was born in Para, a state in North of Brazil, and in his 4-0
record in MMA, he always showed his great karate skills.

K-1 Romanex line-up
- Bob Sapp vs Kazuyuki Fujita
- Alexey Ignashov vs Shinsuke Nakamura
- Don Frye vs Yoshihiro Nakamura
- Josh Barnett vs Rene Rooze
- Gary Goodridge vs Sylvester 'The Predator' Terkay
- B.J. Penn vs Duane Ludwig
- Genki Sudo vs Royler Gracie
- Sam Greco vs LYOTO Machida
- Blue Wolf vs Tom Howard

Pride Bushido III line-up
- Ikuhisa Minowa vs Ryan Gracie
- Takanori Gomi vs Ralph Gracie
- Ryo Chonan vs Ricardo Almeida

Another fights:
- Tamakairiki vs Akira Shoji
- Mirko Crocop vs Hiromitsu Kanehara
- Yoshihisa Yamamoto vs Choi Mu Bae
- Kazuo Misaki vs Jorge Patino Macaco
- Daiju Takase vs Carlos Newton
- Kazuhiro Nakamura vs Chalid 'Die Faust'

Source: ADCC

Jungle Fight 2 Review:
Refusing to Surrender!
UFC and Pride veterans show they still have what it takes in the North of Brazil

By Eduardo Alonso

It has been a while since Travis Wiuff, Carlos Barreto and Assuerio Silva had a shot at the UFC or Pride and people often debate on whether certain fighters are done for the "big thing" or not. This past Saturday, entering the early hours of Sunday, up in the north of Brazil at Jungle Fight 2, those three fighters surprised many showing they not only have what it takes to have a shot at the "Major Leagues" of our sport, as well as they are in constant evolution despite the ups and downs an MMA fighter career can present. Among many things, Jungle Fight 2 also helped to show that with our sport becoming so even, with fighters going fast from the "next big thing" to a "tomato can", it's very important to give new chances to competitors that once were considered among the elite of mixed martial arts.

In the hot weather of the city of Manaus, counting with a interesting production and a good crowd on hand, Wallid Ismail and Antonio Inoki clearly saw an upgrade in the level of excitement from their first Jungle Fight venture to last Saturday night's Jungle Fight 2. In the fight that was maybe the most awaited one, former Chute Boxe fighter Assuerio Silva stunned most of the audience with his improved ground skills in a winning effort against Brazilian Top Team fighter Fabiano Scherner. The first round saw Scherner get a slight upper hand with some takedowns and a bit of ground and pound, but doing close to no damage to his opponent. However, in the second round Assuerio dominated the action with his Boxing skills, connecting with solid uppercuts only to make Fabiano fall victim of a guillotine choke that amazingly submitted the Jiu-Jitsu stylist. Following this fight, the main event saw a smart, fit and strong Travis Wiuff execute a perfect gameplan and give no chance to local hero Leopoldo Montenegro. After Montenegro's submission win over Mark Schultz at Jungle Fight 1, expectations were high among local fans, but what they saw was Wiuff hurting him on stand up early in the fight, controlling the takedowns and escape every submission attempt from the bottom, until Leopoldo tried for a triangle that made Wiuff slam him so hard on the mat he got semi-unconscious, so Travis would just finish him with hammer-fists and punches still in the first round.

Another highly awaited match-up had two UFC veterans battling each other in Carlos Barreto against Bobby Hoffman. Many doubted Barreto's chances against Bobby's pure aggressiveness, however the Brazilian Top Team fighter worked a Jiu-Jitsu clinic on Hoffman, attempting one triangle choke, one footlock, one kata-gatame choke from the bottom, another one from the top and one armbar from the guard, all in mere five minutes of fighting! Bobby came into the fight with a strategy to ground and pound Carlos, however the was forced to spend the whole fight defending, even being saved by the bell in the first round when he was caught in a tight kata-gatame choke from the top. The second round saw the same domination, as Barreto mounted him and pounded away until the referee saw indications that Hoffman wanted no more after one impressive outing by a fighter most call boring. Another UFC veteran, Ebenezer Braga, didn't had the same luck as he was controlling the fight against Fabricio Werdum, defending takedowns well and hurting him with knees and punches, until he was caught by a prayer in the second round that sent him do dream land in brutal fashion. To his credit, Werdum is an amazing grappler and proved he have a great chin and will only improve. As knockouts weren't rare in Jungle Fight 2, Daniel Acacio scored his first KO as a Chute Boxe member, completely dominating Buck Greer with better Wrestling and more aggressive stand up, despite the reach difference.

The other fights of the night saw Gabriel Napao fighting cautiously against 43 year old "Charlie Brown" because of his punching-power, and earning his win due to superior cardio and speed, French Kickboxer Boris Jonstomp controlling Adriano Martins on stand up, and prevailing with his cardio and agility, even though he got caught by a hard knee that almost got in out in the second round, Jiu Jitsu prodigy Ronaldo Jacare making quick work of Victor Babkin with a quick takedown followed by a mount that got the Russian helpless, Japanese Wrestler Katsuyori Shibata running over "Ice Man" needing around one minute to secure a side choke for the win, and BJJ world champion Fredson Paixao showing amazing heart and will in his MMA debut, imposing his pace and aggressiveness against a surprisingly passive Rani Yahira that didn't seem comfortable at any moment in the fight. Happy with the success of Jungle Fight 2, Wallid Ismail is already planning the third edition for September, and a rematch between Carlos Barreto and Travis Wiuff, who fought at HEAT FC 2 with Wiuff winning a judges' decision, is being considered for the main event.

Source: FCF

Post Fight Interview: ALBERTO CRANE
by: Keith Mills

On last weekend’s King Of The Cage show in New Mexico Alberto Crane returned to fight in front of his local fans. Crane was mainly known for his brief tenure holding the Lightweight belt when he defeated Javier Vazquez in February 2003, and his recent fight against Takuto Hida in ZST which he talked about in a previous interview prior to this win. Crane is now 6-1. On this night he took on John Mahlow of MASH, the man who fought Thomas Schulte for the belt after Alberto relinquished it last year. Schulte beat Mahlow to become the KOTC Lightweight champion but lost the belt to Joe Stevenson last November. In round one Mahlow kept the fight standing with the exception of a brief ground phase in which Mahlow prevented Crane from scoring. In round two Crane almost immediately took Mahlow down and choked him out.

KM: Congratulations. How do you look back at that fight? AC: Thanks. It was a good test for me. I didn’t expect him to do what he did. I thought he was going to try to take me down and I didn’t take into consideration I would need my takedowns. I was wrong but it was good because it tested me, see what I’m made of. I was able to come out of it with the win.

KM: It did look like he had the first round with the striking. What was going through your mind in that round? AC: ‘I better get it together, man. Calm down and think of what you are going to do’. I kind of did, I don’t really remember, trying to get him up against the cage and trying to get in some of my good positions but he was real strong. I wasn’t expecting him to be as strong as he was and I was never able to get into any good positions. In the second round I took him down, he tried some jiu-jitsu on me and I have some experience in that. I was able to counter and get into get into good position on my own and finish off of that.

KM: You finished right in front of me so I had a clear view of your legs trapping his arm and I noticed he was trying to throw knees to the head… AC: They were on the top of the head. It kind of got me mad and made me want to punch him, so it was kind of good. Like, ‘I better give it right back’ ad because of that he started to panic and I was able to get him. It was a great fight, he was a really tough opponent, I give him a lot of credit.

KM: It looked like you were trying to go for a crucifix and rear choke at the same time. How would you describe that submission? AC: Crucifucks. It fucks either way. In my first NHB fight I finished a guy with that.

KM: Is that something you train a lot to use? AC: Whatever people give me. It just happened to be there and I took advantage of it.

KM: Are you back in the running for the KOTC Lightweight belt? AC: Maybe, yeah. I think next I’m going against a world-ranked Japanese guy in Santa Fe on July 16th. I don’t know the details yet but I know it’s July 16th. I’m looking forward to it to test myself against one of the best in Japan and I think it will be a really big show.

KM: I take it as news comes out fans should check AC: Yeah, and the news, some guys like you hanging around.

KM: Anything you can say at this point about your up-and-comers? AC: Yeah, check out the show in July. Tom Pless won tonight, it was his second fight. He triangled the guy in the first round fighting a game opponent.

Looks like we’ll have to wait to hear more about the fighters Crane teaches. In the meantime keep an eye on for info on the July show he mentioned. No word is currently available if Crane will be invited back to ZST but if so it will happen after the July show he mentioned above.

Source: ADCC

K-1: press conference at the mall

Japanese innovated the press conference at this time at K-1 Romanex, MMA event which will happen on Saturday , May 22nd in Tokyo. The fighters were featured to the press inside a mall, the Venus Fort, at Odaiba district. Besides the card with huge stars as Royler Gracie, Josh Barnett, Genki Sudo and BJ Penn, one more time, the great name of it was Bob Sapp.

Dressed with a white toga and IWGP (International Wrestling Grand Prix) belt, Sapp drove the audience nuts and said he will rock Kazuyuki Fujita. 'Its gonna be quick and fast, because Fujita is tough and fast... so I will explode. I am aware he will try to put me down and punch me on the ground. If he tries to exchange punches with me, the fight will end soon, because I will KO him," stated Sapp.

Other confront that has been generating a lot of waiting is between Royler Gracie and Japanese fighter Genki Sudo. 'To reach K-1 is wonderful for every figther. I am really happy to be here and I am sure this bout will be great," guaranteed the diplomatic Royler. Sudo, was thankful to meet someone at his weight. During his last K-1 fight, last December, the Japanese (1,75m and 70kg) faced American fighter Butterbean (1,80m and 159kg) and he has beaten him. 'It will be the first time I will get a real BJJ fighter. I have been wanting that a while ago," celebrated Sudo.

Check out the card bellow (subject to change):

- Bob Sapp Vs Kazuyuki Fujita;
- Alexey Ignashov Vs Shinsuke Nakamura;
- Don Frye Vs Yoshihiro Nakamura;
- Josh Barnett Vs Rene Rooze;
- Gary Goodridge Vs Sylvester 'The Predator' Terkay;
- B.J. Penn Vs Duane Ludwig;
- Genki Sudo Vs Royler Gracie;
- Sam Greco Vs Lyoto Machida;
- Blue Wolf Vs Tom Howard.

Check out in our interview session the full interview with Royler Gracie here at

Source: Tatame

Fabrício Werdum
By André Araújo

Surprise at the Jungle?

BJJ black from Bhering Fabrício Werdum was responsible for one of the best moments of Jungle Fight 2, held on last May 15th in Manaus (AM). Surprising everybody, Werdum KO'd Ebenézer Braga (RVT), one of the most important Brazilian strikers, in second round. What was treated as a lock move by many people, Werdum says it was planned and this kind of surprises are always present in his game. Who does not remember Werdum's flyer kick over Gabriel Napão at Jungle 1? According to the BJJ black belt, that move was trained with his young brother, who is a Capoeira fighter. With the swing happened the same. Check out bellow the full interview.

A BJJ black belt KO'ing a striker. Lots of people got surprised. What do you think about it?

In fact, I did not planed to KO Ebenezer. Everybody was telling me this fight would not be easy. The thing was make the distance between us shorter and put his down. I got a lot of punches in my head, knees too and I got a bloody nose. I ended to pretend a leg attack and threw a punch. I stroke him in his head, near from his ear and he fell. At first Jungle I began with a flyer kick. Now I got Ebenézer with my surprising move.

Some people talk about this move as a lucky one...

During a fight like that, luck is always welcome. But it really didn't happen. I had been training that move with my brother Felipe Werdum at the Hotel Tropical and during the bout, I king of reminded it and threw the punch. It was really natural.

Tell me about this Chute Boxe story. Are you going to train in there?

For me Chute Boxe is the best Vale-Tudo team in the world. About Jiu-Jitsu, the best for me is Behring and my teacher Sylvio Behring. I've never said I would leave Behring. Once Behring, always Behring. Train at Chute Boxe for me is a dream. I want to train Vale-Tudo with the best ones. In Vale-Tudo, I wanna represent Chute-Boxe and over the Gi tournaments I want to represent Behring. In fact I was thinking even bigger., like a integration. Who knows?

Another athlete dealing with Chute-Boxe is Gabriel Napão, the same one you fought at Jungle 1. Are you okay with that?

That would be great. Napão is such a tough guy. We also met at Jungle 2 behind the scenes and we commented that bout. I am sure that would be great to train with him.

How is BJJ scene in Spain nowadays?

I wonder to release the Europa Top Team. As US has America Top Team, Brazil has Brazilian Top Team and Russia, the Russian Top Team, I would like to release a Vale -Tudo team in Europe. Jiu-Jitsu in Spain is getting better even better. We do count with five black belts in there now. We also got few champions at 4th Spain BJJ Cup, BJJ event promoted by Robin Gracie. Actually I teach from Monday to Friday in Madri. Saturday and Sunday I try to reach other localities outside Madri.

How is your agenda now?

I am in Europe now and I will be back to Brazil on next July 1st for the Mundials. I guess I will be at Jungle Fight 3's card, but I do have a fight scheduled in Valencia, the Spain Vale-Tudo. I will face the French fighter Damien Riccio on the next June 26th.

Talking about Gi tournaments... Are you up to next Mundial and BJJ World Cup?

I am not sure. I only know I will be fighting at BJJ World Cup. Being at the Mundial it just depends of a MMA event promoted by Hunter, the Hunter Combat Submission MMA, where I do have chances to fight... both events happen on the same day.

You do an old issue with Márcio Pé de Pano over BJJ events. With the GI tournaments getting close, how is this thing between you two?

For me, he is the best in the world, well, he is the absolute champion. I really want to met him over the BJJ championships. However in my opinion this year he will not win a thing. At most second or third place.

Source: Tatame

The Best of the Rest

by Ken Pishna

Though there are really only three highly competitive bouts on the K-1 Romanex card, there are some other fighters that will stand out to MMA fans. Among them: Josh Barnett, Don Frye, Gary Goodridge, Alexey Ignashov, and Ryoto “Lyoto” Machida.

Josh Barnett
Despite a dominating 12-1 record and being a former UFC heavyweight champion, Barnett’s rating as one of the best heavyweights in the world has been brought into question lately. The primary reason being that he has only fought four times since departing from the UFC over two years ago, pursuing a primary career in professional wrestling. Never mind that he won all four and those wins included King of Pancrase Yuki Kondo and the 7’0” tall Semmy Schilt.

At Romanex, Barnett faces Rene Rooze, a fighter from Holland that is more known for his kickboxing expertise than his MMA skills, despite a 5-2 record in the sport. This should be another notch in Barnett’s King of Pancrase belt as he possesses ample standup skills to fend off Rooze and get him to the ground for a submission.

Don Frye
Don Frye is quickly becoming the stereotypical profile of the athlete that just doesn’t know when to call it quits. He has had a glorious career that includes winning the UFC’s Ultimate Ultimate 96 and has wins over the likes of Gary Goodridge, Tank Abbott, Gilbert Yvel and Ken Shamrock. But “The Predator” had his knee shredded at the hands of Shamrock and has serious medical concerns about his neck and has been told to stop fighting. Still he continues on.

Frye is probably the most John Wayne-type character in MMA which makes it all the more difficult to watch him quickly fade into obscurity. He has lost his last three bouts. There was a time when facing a Japanese pro wrestler with one MMA bout under his belt, such as is the case with his opponent Yoshihiro Nakao, would be a walk in the park for Frye. With his declining health, it’s hard to tell if Frye takedowns and ground and pound will be able to carry him through. Hopefully, it will and Frye will end his career before it is ended for him.

Gary Goodridge
Having retired after his win over Don Frye at Pride’s New Year’s Eve Shockwave show, Gary Goodridge has quickly been lured out of his rocking chair by K-1. And why not? He has what should be an easy opponent with only one MMA bout for experience in professional wrestler “The Predator” Sylvester Terkay.

Goodridge has always been a big, strong competitor in MMA, but has spent a lot of time over the past year or so improving his striking game and even has a win over K-1 standout Mike Bernardo under K-1 kickboxing rules. Expect Goodridge to fend off Terkay’s takedown attempts, keep the fight standing, and knock him out, possibly with the same type of high kick he used to KO Don Frye on New Year’s Eve.

Alexey Ignashov
Having already forged a stellar career in K-1 kickboxing with wins over Carter Williams, Mike Bernardo, Jan Nortje, Cyril Abidi and the legendary Peter Aerts, Alexey Ignashov is testing his mettle in the MMA arena. Despite only one MMA bout to his resume, Ignashov is a superior striker and is being groomed to be K-1’s version of Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic. He’ll get that chance in this rematch with Shinsuke Nakamura, another Japanese pro wrestler, who carries a 2-2 record in MMA including a New Year’s Eve loss to Ignashov.

Ryoto “Lyoto” Machida
Though not widely known throughout the world, Lyoto carries into the ring with him a 4-0 record including a head turning TKO win over Rich Franklin and wins over Michael McDonald and Kengo Watanabe. Though he will be facing legendary K-1 fighter Sam Greco, who is 1-0-1 in MMA, Lyoto’s standup is solid and should be good enough to get him past Greco’s standup and to the ground where he should control the fight. His win over Franklin created a nice buzz, a win over Greco would help to grow that buzz a little louder and move Lyoto towards a higher profile bout his next time out.

The Leftovers: Blue Wolf vs. Tom Howard
My only question is this: Why is this bout taking place on an MMA card? Both are popular pro wrestler’s in Japan, Blue Wolf (Dolgorsuren Serjbudee) under the New Japan banner and Tom “The Green Beret” Howard under the Zero-One banner. Still I ask, “Why? Why? Why?” I don’t know why and, frankly, I’ve given up trying to understand why some Japanese promotions make these types of matchups. All I know is that this one will probably end by Mongol Slam or Special Technique #1-100.

Source: MMA Weekly

PART II by Mick Hammond

MMAWeekly's Mick Hammond gives us Part II of his breakdown of the Pride Bushido show this weekend. If you missed Part I, read it on yesterdays news.

Lastly, the series finishes off with the largest of fighters on both sides going at it. Ikuhisa “The Punk” Minowa is no stranger to MMA or PRIDE fans having fought an astounding 50 fights (going 23-19-8), most recently coming off a KO loss to Wanderlei Silva at the last Bushido.

This former Pancrase fighter turned Brazilian Top Team member is known for his balanced attack both standing and on the ground. Physically strong and always a hard worker, Minowa is known for giving his all every time out and is not a fighter someone can take a break against without paying for it. Currently training with the BTT only makes him a better fighter and, despite recent losses to top notch opponents (Silva and Quinton “Rampage Jackson”), Minowa is the type of fighter who can beat anyone at any time.

Facing Minowa will be the most hot-blooded of the Gracie clan, Ryan. Originally slated to fight Hayoto “Mach” Sakurai at the last Bushido, Ryan was forced out of that fight due to injury, but returns to PRIDE for his first fight since participating at the inaugural Bushido last year. A member of his cousin Renzo’s team, Ryan (3-2) is known for being a physically strong fighter and possessing good striking ability along with his family’s trademark Jiu-Jitsu.

This fight could very well come down to emotion, as both fighters are known for an aggressive streak in their nature. Minowa nearly got into a post-fight brawl with Quinton “Rampage” Jackson after their match at Shockwave 2003, while Ryan had to be held back by family members as he proceeded to verbally barrage Hidehiko Yoshida after he defeated Yoshida prodigy Kazuhiro Hamanaka at Bushido 1. If cooler heads don’t prevail, this fight could be brutal and quick. Look for Minowa to try to slam Gracie and both fighters to look for submissions on the ground, this one looks to be anyone’s fight.

The fights of the triple main event are not the only intriguing match-ups at Bushido 3. On the undercard, there are also two PRIDE veterans returning to the ring to make a statement after embarrassing losses. Firstly is Japanese fan favorite and adopted son Carlos “The Ronin” Newton who will be making his return to Japan and PRIDE since defeating Renzo Gracie at Bushido 1 back in October of 2003. Newton (12-9) is coming off a unanimous decision loss to Renato Verissimo at UFC 46 and will be looking to rebound against veteran journeyman Daiju Takase (6-9-1) who is coming off a win over former King of the Cage Champion Chris Brennan at Bushido 2.

Look for Newton to take the fight to the ground and work his very smooth Jiu-Jitsu style in hopes to gain a submission victory. Takase, while not possessing a great record, has had success defending submissions and hasn’t lost via submission in almost 5 years. So this fight could very well come down to who outworks the other fighter and impresses the judges the most earning a hard fought decision victory.

Also looking to bounce back at Bushido 3 is heavyweight striker supreme Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic. After his surprising KO loss to Kevin Randleman at PRIDE Total Elimination 2004, Cro Cop (9-2-2) has said he will rebound back to top form and show the world he deserves another shot at a heavyweight title. Opposing Filipovic will be Rings veteran Hiromitsu Kanehara (15-10-1). The announcement of this fight was no surprise to many as Kanehara had made it quite clear he wanted to fight Mirko at Total Elimination 2004, but was unable to be signed in time for the event.

While many do not question Kanehara’s heart in wishing to fight Cro Cop, many will be questioning his sanity as if recent history teaches us anything, Mirko will be looking to end the fight fast and ferociously with his trademark striking style. Both Ron Waterman (PRIDE 27) and Yoshihisa Yamamoto (Bushido 2) can attest what it’s like to be on the end of a vengeful Cro Cop strike looking for redemption. Kanehara, a submission specialist, will be fighting for the first time since late 2002 when he was dominated by Wanderlei Silva at PRIDE 23. He will look to survive the onslaught of punches and high kicks from Filipovic and try to take the fight to the ground to work a submission or survive long enough to have the fight go to a judges’ decision.

Other notable fights on the card will be Hidehiko Yoshida trained fighter Kazuhiro Nakamura (2-1) taking on German born Khalid “Die Faust” Arrab (5-2) in a match of young rising heavyweights. And in what may well be his last shot at PRIDE glory, veteran gatekeeper Akira Shoji (11-10-5) will face off against former Sumo wrestler Tamakairiki making his MMA and PRIDE debuts.

Even without Silva VS Kondo, PRIDE Bushido 3 has shaped up to be a great card full of top class fighters in intriguing fights. From the three on three team battle to the return of two MMA superstars and everything in between this show looks to be a perfect transitioning point to PRIDE’s Critical Countdown 2004 show in June.

Source: MMA Weekly


Quote of the Day

"Too often we underestimate the power of touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around."

Leo Buscaglia, American Expert on Love, Lecturer, Author

Help a little Angel!

A lot of people have asked us who created our site or some returning visitors were shocked to see how cool our new site was, well, it is all the work of master flash artist, Marc Ebalaroza and his company Pacific Design Community. He is a close friend and we highly recommend him to anyone who wants a site that will have everyone talking and sets it apart from the hum drum sites out there.

Marc's heart is as big as his creative ability. You may have heard about a message board type site that was set up for our US troops to communicate with family. It was on the local news stations and papers, Marc and his team were behind that. Now he is asking for your help with a 2 week old baby. Joey Ching of is a close friend and also has a heart of gold by helping out with the site.

My heart goes out to this family. As some of you may know that my terrible twosome (my twins) were in Neonatal Intensive Care for the first couple of weeks of their lives and had to fight their way to health. My family feels for Angel's family. So if you have been blessed this year or recently, please share the blessing with family who could use an extra share from everyone.


I recently just donated a website to a friend of mine who's granddaughter is hospitalized in San Francisco for a Diaphragmatic Hernia of the Heart. Although only 13 days old the family are keeping their faith on her recovery. He informed me of the news on Wednesday regarding the financial situation his family was in because of all the hospital and travel expenses. And after gathering the information of his granddaughter's prognosis and his financial situation I just couldn't walk away without doing anything. So I decided to construct him a website where people can go to and send their support and prayers. Joey Ching of also generously donated server space and a domain name.

I did contact all the news stations, however it seemed that maybe 'Jasmine Trias' is just too important at this time because no one called Sonny (Angel's Grandfather) for any media attention.

If you are willing to show your financial support in anyway, I WILL add your link / logo to the website along with your name / company. We are working on getting the family a fund raiser account and an online donation form, however for now
please feel free to contact Sonny Cuson at 808.864.0496 for any monetary donations.

For more info visit the website at:
Please pardon the inconvenience of the site, however being that it was a spur of the moment decision the site is still undergoing some maintenance, I just wanted to launch it ASAP to get all the support we can for this little girl and her family.

Please keep Angel Alapai and her family in your prayers. ~ Aloha Marc.

Martial Arts Tournament
Kumite Kata Weapons


Martial Arts Tournament

Sunday, June 6, 2004
King Intermediate School


Karate vs. Kung fu vs. Tae Kwon Do vs. Kempo vs. Kickboxing vs. Jujitsu vs. Shootfighting

Registration and Weigh-Ins starts at 8:30 a.m.

Competition begins at 9:30 am Sharp!

Entry Fee: $20.00 per event/division

For more information contact Kempo Unlimited at 778-3601 or Yin Kui Tsin Hao Kempo at 220-7113.

Saturday, May 22, 2004
Saitama Super Arena

The Card:
Bob Sapp vs. Kazuyuki Fujita
Alexey Ignashov vs. Shinsuke Nakamura
Don Frye vs. Yoshihiro Nakao
Josh Barnett vs. Rene Rooze
Gary Goodridge vs. The Predator (Sylvester Terkay)
B.J. Penn vs. Duane Ludwig
Genki Sudo vs. Royler Gracie
Sam Greco vs. Ryoto “Lyoto” Machida
Blue Wolf vs. Tom Howard

With their show dubbed “Romanex,” K-1 makes their first full-fledged foray in MMA with an exciting card that features such matchups as Bob Sapp vs. Kazuyuki Fujita, B.J. Penn vs. Duane “Bang” Ludwig, and Genki Sudo vs. Royce Gracie. Also on the card will be fighters Josh Barnett, Don Frye, Gary Goodridge, and Lyoto.

Bob Sapp vs. Kazuyuki Fujita
The main event, of course, will feature “The Beast” Bob Sapp in what could actually be one of his toughest bouts to date, despite his loss to Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira. Sapp will be facing the man with the head made of stone, Kazuyuki Fujita, and that’s not a put down nor an exaggeration.

Fujita is 10-4 in MMA competition and has not been knocked out despite facing both Fedor Emelianenko and Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic. The closest anyone has come was a doctor stoppage due to a cut at the hands of Filipovic. Also a professional wrestler, Fujita has a strong background in grappling and carries a lot of power on his 6’0”, 250 pound frame. His wins include Mark Kerr, Ken Shamrock and Gilbert Yvel.

Although he is 5-1 in MMA, Sapp has yet to earn the respect of most fans around the world. At 6’3” and 375 pounds, he wins most of his bouts through shear size and isn’t widely respected for his skills which are still that of an advanced beginner. In fact, the only time that Sapp has faced a top ten competitor, Nogueira, he lost, despite outweighing him by more than 100 pounds.

With his strong wrestling background and size, it is likely that Fujita will be able to get Sapp down and wear on him with a ground and pound attack, possibly getting a ref stoppage or opening him up for a choke. Sapp, on the other hand, has tremendous power that emerges from his mountainous size and can end most fights with one big swipe of his bear claw. Fujita though has been able to withstand tremendous punishment, so it will be interesting to see if he can get Sapp down or if Sapp will be the first to rattle his cage.

BJ Penn vs. Duane “Bang” Ludwig
Of all the bouts on K-1’s MMA debut card, BJ Penn vs. Duane Ludwig has to be the most highly anticipated, at least by American fans, for many reasons. Chief among those reasons has to be that Penn had just won the UFC welterweight title in his last fight, defeating Matt Hughes, but due to his signing with K-1, the UFC has stripped him of that title. Another interesting aspect to this one is that Ludwig, who was on fire in the MMA world after knocking out Jens Pulver and a controversial decision win over Genki Sudo, took this fight on just two and a half weeks notice after having spent the better part of the last year focusing totally on kickboxing.

Despite being born and raised by the UFC, Penn has grown up and decided to strike out on his own. With a 7-1-1 record, his only loss to Jens Pulver, Penn felt both the financial and emotional pull of Japan. Despite being one of the UFC’s most popular fighters, he yearned for more, believing that K-1 would be able to spread his popularity to a wider audience and I’m sure the extra financial incentives don’t hurt either.

Despite getting his start in MMA because of his phenomenal background in Brazilian Jiujitsu, Penn made an immediate impact with his vicious striking. His first three MMA bouts ended due to his striking. After losing a close decision for Jens Pulver’s title, Penn went into a slump of sorts, although he was still winning, until he “went back to his roots” in Hawaii and emerged with successive submission victories over two of the top fighters in the world in their respective weight divisions, Takanori Gomi and Matt Hughes. Now, he leaves the UFC and the title he won from Hughes behind to make his way in Japan.

Duane Ludwig has earned a reputation, especially with the KO of Pulver, as being the most feared striker in the MMA lightweight world. Despite a lack of respect for his ground game, Ludwig has enough skill on the ground to have parlayed his striking skills into a 10-2 record in MMA. That goes along with a 45-4 record in Muay Thai.

If he can catch Ludwig, Penn does have the power to knock him out as he displayed in his 11 second KO of Caol Uno, but he will most likely want to get Ludwig on the ground were his abilities are far above Ludwig’s. Of course, Ludwig will want to do the opposite. He has a good sprawl and takedown defense and will try to keep Penn on his feet and use his superior striking skill to knock him out.

The X factor in this one is Ludwig’s attitude. He accepted this fight on short notice, comes in the lighter fighter, and knows that few people expect him to win. The odds are stacked against him and he knows he has nothing to lose. This is when a fighter can be most dangerous, just ask Kevin Randleman.

Genki Sudo vs. Royler Gracie
The last of the three bouts that really highlight K-1’s first all MMA card is “Neo-Samurai” Genki Sudo against Royler Gracie. Sudo is immensely popular in Japan and so is the Gracie clan. This should be one of the more popular fights on the card in Japan.

Sudo, 9-3-1, is somewhat of an enigma in MMA. He has a strong background in jiujitsu and in striking, but is really known more for his enigmatic ring entrances and a very awkward, unorthodox style in the ring. Sudo brings excitement with him wherever he fights, but the knock on him has been that he won’t face the top opponents. He has reportedly turned down a rematch with Ludwig and also shied away from an opportunity to face BJ Penn on this same card.

Despite lacking the experience that Sudo carries with him, at 3-1-1 in MMA, Royler’s only loss was to Japanese legend Kazushi Sakuraba. He is also regarded, along with Rickson, as the most technical of the Gracie fighters. Royler has fought in many top-level grappling events throughout the world, but this will be his toughest MMA fight next to Sakuraba.

Sudo always has that awkward style that tends to through most fighters off of their game. It will be interesting to see how his style will affect Royler. He will have to hope that his style does give Royler some fits and that he will be able to outstrike the grappling master because the ground isn’t going to be a friendly place against a Gracie.

Royler, for his part, has reportedly been training quite a bit on his feet for this fight. Still, the quirky style of Sudo’s will be tough to ignore. If Royler can stay patient and time it right, he can through just enough strikes to get in on Sudo, get him to the ground, and possibly submit him or control him long enough for a decision win.

Source: MMA Weekly

Russians against Minotauro in Pride GP?
by: Luca Atalla with Raphael Nogueira

The last edition of GRACIE Magazine features an article entitled “Russian Threat” as it's cover report. The article is a “spy file”, warning Brazilian fans about the possibility of their star Rodrigo 'Minotauro' confronting both Fedor Emelianenko and Sergei Kharitonov, two of the top Russian fighters who are still in the Pride GP.

Emelianenko and Kharitonov are sambo practitioners Sambo is a martial art developed in the russian army and whose techniques on the ground are very similar to Jiu-Jitsu. Standing, sambo is a mix of judo and freestyle wrestling. That’s why russians are considered “complete fighters”, it means that they are able to play in every part of the ring, in every situation of a match.

Boxing is another virtue of president Putin's compatriots. Kharitonov defeated Murilo Ninja by knockout in the first night of Pride Heavyweight Grand Prix. It was not by chance that 'Minotauro' himself went to Cuba some months ago, to develop his boxe techniques. “Lot of fighters learned how to run away from ground combat. That’s why I need to train more boxing. I need to move myself faster than the enemy when I’m on my feet', said Minotauro, who has already lost to Fedor, in Pride 25.

Source: ADCC


under 145 lbs.
#1 Alexandre 'Pequeno' Nogueira (Brazil)
#2 Jens Pulver (Team EXTREME, USA)
#3 Norifumi 'Kid' Yamamoto (Japan)
#4 Joao Roque (Nova Uniao, Brazil)
#5 Ivan Menjivar (Costa Rica)
#6 Stephen Paling (USA)
#7 Tetsuo Katsuta (Japan)
#8 Hiroyuki Abe (Japan)
#9 Hiroyuki Takaya (Japan)
#10 Mike Brown (Team Elite, USA)

145.1 - 155 lbs.
#1 Vitor 'Shaolin' Ribeiro (Nova Uniao, Brazil)
#2 Yves Edwards (3rd Column, USA)
#3 Genki Sudo (Japan)
#4 Joachim Hansen (Team Scandinavia, Oslo, Norway)
#5 Josh Thompson (Team AKA, USA)
#6 Caol Uno (Japan)
#7 Takanori Gomi (SHOOTO, Japan)
#8 Hermes Franca (American TOP TEAM, USA)
#9 Marcus Aurelio (American TOP TEAM, USA)
#10 Matt Serra (Team Renzo Gracie, USA)

155.1 - 170 lbs.
#1 BJ Penn (USA)
#2 Matt Hughes (Team EXTREME, USA)
#3 Sean Sherk (USA)
#4 Jutaro Nakao (Japan)
#5 Rodrigo Gracie (Team Renzo Gracie, USA)
#6 Nick Diaz (Cesar Gracie, USA)
#7 Renato Verrisimo (Nova Uniao, Brazil)
#8 Chris Lytle (Integrated Fighting, USA)
#9 Carlos Newton (Canada)
#10 Frank Trigg (USA)

170.1 - 185 lbs.
#1 Yuki Kondo (Japan)
#2 Jeremy Horn (Team EXTREME, USA)
#3 Anderson Silva (Brazil)
#4 Matt Lindland (USA)
#5 Masanori Suda (SHOOTO Champion, Japan)
#6 Kazushi Sakuraba (Japan)
#7 Ricardo Almeida (Team Renzo Gracie, USA)
#8 Evan Tanner (USA)
#9 Amar Suloev (Red Devil, Russia)
#10 Denis Kang (Soares JJ, Canada)

185.1 - 205 lbs.
#1 Wanderlei Silva (Chute Boxe, Brazil)
#2 Randy Couture (Team Quest, USA)
#3 Vitor Belfort (Brazil)
#4 Dan Henderson (USA)
#5 Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson (USA)
#6 Chuck Liddell (USA)
#7 Antonio Rogerio Nogueira (Brazilian TOP TEAM, Brazil)
#8 Tito Ortiz (USA)
#9 Ricardo Arona (Brazilian TOP TEAM, Brazil)
#10 Kevin Randleman (Hammer House, USA)

205.1 lbs and Up.
#1 Emilianenko Fedor (Red Devil, Russia)
#2 Rodrigo 'Minotauro' Nogueira (Brazilian TOP TEAM, Brazil)
#3 Josh Barnett (NJPW, USA)
#4 Andrei Orlovski (Belarus)
#5 Tim Sylvia (Team EXTREME, USA)
#6 Mirko Filipovic (Croatia)
#7 Semmy Schilt (Holland)
#8 Frank Mir (Pires JJ, USA)
#9 Ibragim Magomedov (Red Devil, Russia)
#10 Heath Herring (Golden Glory, USA)

Source: ADCC

Hieron in for Miller

East Coast stand-out Jay Hieron will step up to take over for legally-plagued Jason Miller at UFC 48.

Undefeated in MMA (4-0) and kickboxing, Hieron will fight Georges St. Pierre at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada on June 19th.

Check back soon for more info.

Source: FCF

Tererê out of Brazilian Championship

2003 Brazilian Openweight champ, Fernando Tererê will not defend his title on this year edition, next May 29 and 30, in Rio de Janeiro. After beating Marcelo Garcia at Japan Open Championship, last May 15, Tererê now is in US to do a tour of seminaries around the country. From San Diego, where he's practicing with his mentor Carlos Valente, TT Jiu-Jitsu black belt will also go to Las Vegas and Atlanta, returning to Rio only at the end of May.

Who will defend TT Jiu-Jitsu's name this time is the brown belt André Galvão, that ruled on 2003 Worlds and 1st America Golden Cup First Open. Galvão also fought in Japan and now is in US with Tererê, returning on May 24 specially for the Brazilian Championship. "I can't fight this Brazilian and now I'll focused only on 2004 Worlds", announces Tererê, who will do his practicing with Wágner Motta and Edmilson Dantas.

Source: Tatame


By Mick Hammond

In only its third edition, PRIDE’s Bushido show has become one of the foremost MMA events in the world. Created to showcase fighters in the lower weight classes, Bushido has provided some of the most entertaining moments over the last year with some of the best talent in the world. Using special rules designed to keep the action going, fights are rarely boring and holding the events in smaller settings gives this series a distinctly more intimate feel than it’s larger regular series counterpart.

This third volume of the series, taking place on May 23rd, shows no sign of letting up the short but great tradition that’s already been forged. As a sign of the series’ growing popularity, for the first time, the show will debut via tape-delay on PPV the same day as the event itself still at the special reduced price of only $19.95.

As for the fight card itself, originally the show was to be headlined by the highly anticipated matchup of PRIDE Middleweight Champion Wanderlei Silva and Light-Heavyweight King of Pancrase Yuki Kondo, but due to a knee injury Silva could not compete. Even without that fight the card is looking very solid and includes what is becoming the staple of the Bushido series, a multi-fighter team battle, this time featuring a best of three series between Team Japan and Team Gracie.

This time representing Japan in the team battle is Ryo Chonan, Takanori Gomi, and Ikuhisa “The Punk” Minowa, three of Japan’s top fighters. On the opposing side, the Gracies will be represented by Ricardo Almeida, Ralph Gracie, and Ryan Gracie.

This series presents a triad of interesting match-ups starting with U-File Camp fighter Ryo Chonan (6-3) against Middleweight King of Pancrase Ricardo Almeida (7-2) representing Renzo Gracie Jiu-Jitsu. Chonan, a veteran of DEEP who is coming off a victory over the Takada Dojo’s Daijiro Matsui this past January, is a scrappy fighter in the vein of teammate Kiyoshi Tamura. He’s a good striker with decent ground skills known for going the distance against his opponents. Facing him is Ricardo Almeida, making his second appearance in PRIDE and first fight since defeating Nathan Marquardt for the Middleweight KOP title last November. Almeida, the only non-Gracie on the team, was personally selected by Renzo Gracie to represent him in the series and is an expert Jiu-Jitsu fighter with good striking skills. Look for the more experienced Almeida to take the fight to the ground and use his superior skills there to try to secure a submission.

The second fight in this best of three series could possibly be Team Japan’s best shot for a win as highly ranked Takanori Gomi (15-2) of the K’z Factory takes on Ralph Gracie (6-0) representing his own school. Gomi is widely regarded as one of the top 2 or 3 fighters in the world at his weight class and his only losses have come to fighters generally grouped in the same class as him (BJ Penn and Joachim Hansen). Gomi is a master ground fighter, able to quickly take opponents down and either dominate them with a barrage of strikes or take a submission opportunity when it presents itself. Few fighters can finish on the ground as Gomi can.

On the other side, Ralph Gracie is a life long practitioner of the form of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu that bears his famous name, but he has only had six MMA fights and has faced decidedly weaker competition than Gomi. However, Ralph cannot be completely counted out. His tenacious style has earned him his “Pit Bull” nickname and he is a hard worker no matter what the situation. Of course, his Jiu-Jitsu skills are that of a Gracie’s and he has used them to finish off four of his six fights. This fight, like the previous one, will go to the ground and it will be up to Gomi to avoid Ralph’s submission attempts while using his superior speed to land shots and possibly go for his own submission. This could be the quickest fight of the night, so don’t blink.

Source: MMA Weekly


Karo "The Heat" Parisyan recently spoke with MMAWeekly about his up coming WEC match against Shonie Carter tomorrow night.

His also discussed his loss to Georges St. Pierre and his past fighting accomplishments. Karo has been fighting in competition for more than half of his life. The 21 year old first started competing in Judo when he was just nine years old. Since then, he has gone on to win seventeen national titles, four international titles, along with a Silver Medal in the Pan Am Championships.

There was a buzz around Karo Parisyan before he made his UFC debut in September, 2003 at UFC 44. His style of throws and submission attempts out of nowhere, impressed and wowed spectators. In just under four minutes, Karo submitted the veteran fighter, Dave Strasser.

At UFC 44, Parisyan faced off against Canadian sensation Georges St.Pierre. St.Pierre would become the second person to defeat Karo when the judges handed down a unanimous decision in favor of Georges. Parisyan's other two loses are to Sean Sherk. Karo stated that St.Pierre is a tough guy but, "St.Pierre did not beat Karo Parisyan, Karo Parisyan beat himself before the fight."

Karo explained that he had "a lot of stuff" going on in his life at the time and he took St.Pierre lightly. He also had trouble making weight for the fight. Parisyan said he had to cut sixteen pounds in three days. As a result of having to cut so much weight, Karo said he felt dehydrated and weak. He wants a rematch with St.Pierre to prove to everyone that his loss was a "big fluke."

Friday night, Karo has a tough match-up against "Mr. International", Shonie Carter. Parisyan characterized Shonie as, "A veteran of the sport and he does a lot of crazy stuff." Karo isn't a fighter who goes into fights with a game plan. He commented, "If I have to throw my hands, I'll throw my hands. If I have to take him down and submit him, I'll take him down and submit him." His only plan going in, is to press the fight and keep the pressure on Carter. He just wants to win the fight. He went on to say, "I want that win on my record." His prediction for the fight was, "Don't blink...just watch."

Source: MMA Weekly


The ruling came on Tuesday evening that Wes Sims' appeal to the Nevada State Athletic Commission to get his knockout loss to Mike Kyle overturned and made into a No Contest, was denied. On Wednesday, Wes was featured on MMAWeekly Radio and discussed the ruling, as well as his future plans in Mixed Martial Arts.

Sims said the ruling is "upsetting." It has been disputed and argued over; whether or not, Mike Kyle bit Wes in their match at UFC 47. Following the fight, Sims did have teeth marks on his chest and they were still present, some time later, at the post fight press conference. According to Wes, the bite came early in the fight, right after the two fighters went to the ground. Wes went on to say that Kyle attempted to bite him more than once in the fight.

Called into question was the restart of the fight after referee John McCarthy stood the fighters up. Sims pointed out that the commission has stated before that the referee is in there to protect the fighters but contradicted themselves in their ruling by taking the stance that the referee is only in there to stop the fight. Wes clearly had his back turned to Kyle when the fight was restarted and Wes stated, "John made a mistake, it's as simple as that." Sims will get his chance to appear before the commission and give his account of what took place in the octagon on April 2nd.

Wes took the fight with Kyle on one day notice after Tim Sylvia's banned substance test came back with traces of steroids remaining in his system from the previous positive test result. Wes commented, "That fight was my fight to win and I got screwed." When asked if he would like a rematch with Mike Kyle, Wes didn't hesitate to say he would accept a rematch. "This time, I'll get to train for it and I will beat his ass," stated Sims.

Wes still has one fight remaining on his UFC contract and a favor owed for stepping up and taking the fight against Kyle that really, in a lot of ways, allowed the event to be so successful. He would like to stay in the UFC and be a fixture there for a long time to come. Right now, Wes continues to train and waits for his next opportunity.

Source: MMA Weekly

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