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3rd American National BJJ Championships
(Torrance Unified School District, Torrance, CA )

Brazilian Team Titles

International Masters & Seniors BJJ Tournament
(Tijuca Tenis Clube, Tijuca, Brazil)

World BJJ Championships (Mundial)
(Tijuca Tenis Clube, Tijuca, Brazil)

5/7-8 & 14-15 & 21-22/05
Brazilian National BJJ Tournament
(Youth, Adult, Master & Senior)
(Tijuca Tenis Clube, Tijuca, Brazil?)

Pan American & Team Title USA vs Brazil BJJ Tournament
(California State University Dominguez Hills, Carson, CA)

The Second Annual Maui Jiu-Jitsu Open
BJJ tournament

(Maui War Memorial Gym, Wailuku, Hawaii)

Hawaii State High School Wrestling Championships
(Blaisdell Arena)

So You Think You Tough 7
(Boxing, MMA)

UFC 51: Super Saturday
(Las Vegas, NV)

Kid's BJJ Tournament
(Relson Gracie Main Academy, Honolulu)

Punishment In Paradise 9:
Hawaii vs. Mainland

(MMA, Kickboxing)
(Kapolei H.S. Gym)



(MMA, Kickboxing)

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December 2004 News Part 2

Wednesday night and Sunday classes (w/ a kids' class) now offered!

For the special price, click on one of these banners above!

Tuesdays at 8:30PM on Olelo Channel 52
New Time!

Mike is selling his Integra...again!

Just when you thought that his Integra was long gone, it is recovered and still in great shape. Of course, there is no stereo, but all the wiring is in place for someone to install a new stereo. All the bolt-on components are still there (Akimoto Intake, DC Sports Stainless Steel Header, JET Chip, Greddy Exhaust, but the exhaust will need to be changed soon). Three out of four 17" rims and tires are on it right now so if you want to buy new rims, you just have to buy one tire and you are good to go. The car is very reliable and I did all the maintenance on time. In fact, I did more than the scheduled maintenance because I was not driving the car that much.

The finishing touches are being put on it as we speak. I am selling the car for $9,000.00 which is way lower than any other car near this year with way more mileage than the just over 46,000 that I have on it is going for. I want to get rid of this car as soon as I can.

For more details and pictures click on:

If you are interested, please contact Mike by phone (381-9530) or email me at


Quote of the Day

"Success is not to be pursued; it is to be attracted by the person you become."

Jim Rohn, American Businessman, Author, Speaker, Philosopher

Another Pro Wrestler Added to Pride Card

Japanese pro wrestler Yoji Anjoh has been added to the December 31st Pride event, and will be taking on Ryan Gracie, who has three straight wins in Pride over Shungo Ohyama, Kazuhiro Hamanaka and a controversial decision victory over Ikuhisa Minowa.

As noted, Anjoh is primarily a pro wrestler, but does have some MMA experience, although he's never won a fight, posting an 0-4-1 record, with a number of matches in UFC at their Ultimate Japan events to Murilo Bustamante, Matt Lindland and Tank Abbott. Ryan Gracie is 4-2, with the two losses being against pro wrestlers Tokimitsu Ishizawa (wrestles under the name of Kendo Ka Shin) and Kazushi Sakuraba.

There's a bit of a backstory here, as this match pertains to an infamous feud between Anjoh and the Gracie family that actually inadvertently led to the birth of Pride. Anjoh, at the time a pro wrestler for UWF-I which was a shoot-style (meaning the fights looked as real as possible but were still worked) pro wrestling company which had Nobuhiko Takada as its big star, decided to venute into the Gracie studio in Torrance, CA to challenge Rickson Gracie to try and make a name for himself, figuring that with his submission wrestling training and size advantage, he would be able to defeat Rickson. Rickson was a big name in Japan at that time because he was considered the "king" of the Gracie family, and had won two straight annual tournaments in that country. As it turned out, Rickson was able to mount and bloody Anjoh in their challenge match. The fight was videotaped, and when word got out in Japan regarding the story, people wanted to see Nobuhiko Takada exact revenge on Rickson, because Takada, of course, was the major star of UWF-I. People in Japan didn't know that UWF-I was worked and thought Takada was legit and a very skilled fighter, and couldn't understand why he didn't fight Rickson. UWF-I, which was a huge hit at one point, saw its popularity shrink, and eventually it folded. Takada had formed a smaller shoot-style promotion named Kingdom, but took the opportunity to fight Rickson Gracie in a legit match at the debut Pride event at the Tokyo Dome in 1997. Takada lost the match, and lost the subsequent rematch a year later, and never won a legit match in his career.

Source: Maxfighting

Update on K-1 Grand Prix Judging Controversy

K-1 recently issued a statement by Nobuaki Kakuda regarding the controversy of the ringside judging at the December 4th K-1 Grand Prix Finals event at the Tokyo Dome. The controversy was regarding three fights specifically, the two first round matchups of Ray Sefo vs. Musashi and Ernesto Hoost vs. Remy Bonjasky, and the finals between Musashi vs. Bonjasky.

They claimed that the judges' observation was fair, and concluded that there was nothing wrong with the judging on that night. Sefo had complained openly regarding the judging in his fight against Bonjasky, and Hoost complained about the judging in his fight against Bonjasky, feeling that he landed more combinations than Bonjasky. Hoost made a call for international judges in K-1, which of course makes no sense because Hoost lost to another Dutchman and it's not like international judges would have made a difference there. K-1 claimed that Hoost vs. Bonjasky was a very close fight, and that if they had awarded the decision to Hoost instead of Bonjasky, that it would have been Bonjasky complaining instead.

K-1 also claimed that the reason they sent the finals between Musashi and Bonjasky into the fifth round was that the final match of the tournament can be sent into a second overtime if there is a half-point difference in scoring. I personally feel Bonjasky dominated the fourth round of the fight against Musashi and that the fifth round was not justified and the judging was bad.

Source: Maxfighting

UFC Movie

From the Daily Variety...


John Herzfeld will write and direct an untitled film that taps into the no-holds-barred world of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Station Casinos owners Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta, who also own UFC, will exec produce the film via their Insomnia Entertainment banner. Insomnia's Trent Othick will produce.

UFC matches boxers, wrestlers and martial artists from every discipline. The gladiators square off in an octagonal ring in five-minute rounds. They pound, kick and half-nelson each other until one is KO'd or quits. Padding is minimal, and blood is common.

Herzfeld, an amateur fighter from New Jersey before he became a writer and director, said fight choreography has been a priority in his films, from the catfight between Charlize Theron and Teri Hatcher in "Two Days in the Valley" to a scrap between Robert De Niro and former UFC champ Oleg Taktarov in "15 Minutes."

Herzfeld was a good match for the Fertittas, who formed a film division partly to finance pictures that focus attention on their entertainment interests, from casinos to poker. They took over UFC when the sport was on the ropes. UFC is now a major event in such venues as the MGM Grand and Mandalay Bay, and the Fertittas just completed 13 episodes of "The Ultimate Fighter," a reality series for Spike TV.

"I've watched the sport since its inception because I was fascinated by the mix of martial arts styles," Herzfeld said. "This movie will be about a soldier who returns from the Middle East and works his way up from backroom brawls, bar fights and last-man-standing tournaments, all the way to the UFC."

Herzfeld plans to cast a star, one who can be believable in the ring, and he will be surrounded by real UFC fighters. The director, who is also developing "Trophy Wife" at Mandalay, hopes to be in production by next summer.

Insomnia will either place the film at a studio or self-finance. Dana White, who runs UFC, will exec produce along with Insomnia's Tom Breitling.

Source: MMA Weekly


Quote of the Day

"When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on."

Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1858-1919, Twenty-sixth President of the USA

Casca Grossa's Boys' Status in Maui
Kyle Snyder-Olivares takes 3rd Place!

Kyle Snyder-Olivares (Pearl City)
Kyle came back with a vengence on Saturday. In the first match, he won by points 14-2 against an Oregon wrestler, the second match had Kyle up 9-0 against Roosevelt wrestler and then his opponent was disqualified because of his uniform (what we heard was that his boxers came out of his singlet. Go figure). He then beat his teammate, 12-1. And for 3rd place, he got revenge against the Zilla wrestler who beat him on Friday by a score of 4-3.

Brandon Low (St. Louis)
Brandon won his first match, but nothing more was given about him. Sorry.

Source: "Scoop" Olivares

Dispelling BJ Penn Rumors

It is not true that BJ Penn will be featured on the next UFC card against Frank Trigg. This was brought up on a couple of news pages, probably due to the postings that had BJ and JD Penn talking with UFC President Dana White at this past Super Brawl.

K-1 wanted BJ to be on the New Year's Eve card, but BJ is not 100% and he only goes into a fight when he is 100%, so that will have to wait.

Look for BJ to fight possibly in early 2005, possibly on the newly invigorated Korea MMA event.

1st Ever ALL KIDS BJJ Tournament

Plans are getting put together for the first ever ALL KIDS Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournament. This is being put on by the Relson Gracie academy, which is where it will be held, and organized by Kaneohe Team instructor, Ronn Shiraki. There is no limit on the age of the kids at this time, it depends on the amount of interest that is garnished by everyone. In BJJ, a 16 year old can be given an adult belt (Blue, Purple, Brown), so the tournament will probably be for kids under 16 years old.

The tournament is open to every school in the state and the tournament mission is simple, to help promote kids in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and grappling.

Please spread the word as plans are just getting put together so input, comments and suggestions are welcomed. For now, you can
email us and we will forward them on to Ronn.

Tanner Leaves Team Quest has reported that Evan Tanner has "officially left Team Quest." Tanner apparently contacted the website today and informed them of the news. It is unclear with whom Tanner will now be training with or what the circumstances were that led to his departure. What is clear is that on February 5th he will not have his old team cornering him as he faces David Terrell from across the Octagon.

Source: Gracie Fighter

Smack Girl 2004: "World ReMix"
Sunday, December 19, 2004
Twin Messe Shizuoka - Shizuoka City, Shizuoka - Japan

COMPLETE CARD (subject to change):


- Tama Chan Vs TBA;

Bracket A:

- Marloes Coenen Vs Youko Takahashi;

- Erin Toughill Vs Miwako Ishihara;

Bracket B:

- Megumi Yabushita Vs Amanda Buckner;

- Ana Carolina Vs Roxanne Modafferi.

Source: Tatame

Randy Couture on the cover of American Health and Fitness

American Health and Fitness will feature the UFC's Light Heavyweight Champion, Randy Couture, on the cover of their next issue. Randy Couture who just finished filming the new Spike TV reality show featuring himself and Chuck Liddell has been busy not only with the TV show but playing a role in Steven Segal's upcoming movie. Couture recently talked with Ryan Bennett and Frank Trigg on MMAweekly Radio, where he talked about filming with Liddell, who he will be fighting again in April at UFC 52. In which Couture said,"You know, Chuck and I have a similiar approach to this sport , we look at this as a competition and it's nothing personal, you know we get along great and we'll get along great after the fight no matter who wins....we'll hang out and beat the snot out of each other and have a good time doing it." He also talked about his experience with Steven Segal.

AHF magazine hits the stands January 4th.

Source: MMA Weekly


Quote of the Day

"My goal is simple. It is complete understanding of the universe,
why it as it is and why it exists as all."

Stephen Hawking, 1942-, British Theoretical Physicist

Casca Grossa's Boys' Status in Maui!

Kyle Snyder-Olivares (Pearl City), Shane Ahlo (St. Louis) and Brandon Low (St. Louis) left Honolulu today for the Maui Wrestling Invitational tournament. The tournament features mainland wrestlers against Hawaii's own and is a double elimination tournament.

Kyle Snyder-Olivares (Pearl City)
Although heavy at 171lbs, he received a bye in the first round and won in the second round 12-0 against an Iolani wrestler. He lost his third match by points to a Zilla High School wrestler. After a failed shot attempt by Kyle, his back was taken, he chased him to take it back, but could not. Kyle is still in the tournament and will wrestle tomorrow morning.

Shane Ahlo (St. Louis)
Loss his first two matches by pin.

Brandon Low (St. Louis)
Brandon received a bye in the first round and won in the second round by points. He lost his third match by points in over time. It was a very close match, but his opponent edged him out.

More news as it comes in.

Source: "Scoop" Olivares & "Double Scoop" Ahlo


Ø If you would like to go, please make your reservations today. There are only 60 tables, the event will sell out.

Ø Only 12 people can sit at a table, please let us know who you would like to sit with.

Ø Make your reservations today with your credit card. The deadline is January 17, 2005.


Seating Chart available at


TABLE 29 = Renzo Gracie & Guests

TABLE 25 = Royce Gracie & Guests

TABLE 38 = Lloyd Irvin & Guests

TABLE 19 = Hall of Fame Announcers/Staff

TABLE 20 = Ricardo Liborio & Guests

TABLE 21 = Jacare Calvalvanti & Guests

TABLE 33 = Joel Gold & Guests

TABLE 39 = Danny Schulmann & Guests

TABLE 37 = Bob Schirmer & Guests

TABLE 7 = Fernando "Cabeca" Sarmento

Grappling Hall of Fame’s Instructor of the Year = Fernando "Cabeca" Sarmento

Grappling Hall of Fame’s Magazine/Newspaper = Full Contact Fighter – Joel Gold

Source: Kipp Kollar

Official K-1 PREMIUM 2004 Dynamite fight card

K-1 PREMIUM 2004 Dynamite!!
Friday, Decenber 31, 2004
Osaka Dome, Japan

Hawaii's own 2 time BJJ Champ, Kendall Goo is reportedly flying to Japan to help Royce prepare for his fight against Akebono.

[MMA Fight Rule]

Akebono vs. Royce Gracie
(Japan/Team Yokozuna) (Brazil/Team Gracie Jiu-jitsu)

Kazuyuki Fujita vs. Karam Ibragim
(Japan/INOKI Office) (Egypt/Free)
*Karam Ibragim got Gold medal in Greco wrestling at Athens Olympic

Mike Bernardo vs. Bobby Ologun
(South Africa/Steve's Gym) (Nigeria)

[K-1 Rules]

Masato vs. Norifumi "KID" Yamamoto
(Japan/Silver Wolf) (Japan/PUREBRED TOKYO)

Ray Sefo vs. Gary Goodridge
(New Zealand/Ray Sefo Fight Academy) (Trinidad and Tobago/Free)

Musashi vs. TBA
(Japan/Seido Kaikan)

Line up fighter:

Yoshihiro Akiyama (Japan)
Jerome Le Banner (France/Boerboel & Tosa Gym)
Bob Sapp (USA/Team Beast)

Source: Koichi "Booker K" Kawasaki

More match ups of PRIDE "OTOKO MATSURI"
Ryan Gracie Takes on Yoji Anjo

Date: December 31st 2004
Place:Saitama Super Arena
Open:15:30 Start:15:30

Yoji Anjo vs. Ryan Gracie
(Japan/Free) (Brazil/Ryan Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy)

Makoto Takimoto vs. Sentoryu
(Japan/Yoshida Dojo) (USA/Free)
* Takimoto got Gold medal in Judo at the Sydney Olympic

Stefan Leko vs. Ikuhisa Minowa
(Krefeld/Golden Glory) (Japan/Free)

Giant Silva vs. Choi Mu Bae
(Brazil/Free) (Korea/Team Tackle)

Ryo Chonan vs. TBA

Already announced

Kazushi Sakuraba vs. Wanderlei Silva
(Japan/Takada Dojo) (Brazil/Chute Boxe Academy)

Yuki Kondo vs. Dan Henderson
(Pancrase Ism) (USA/Team Quest)

Takanori Gomi vs. Jens Pulver
(Japan/Kiguchi Dojo) (USA/Team Extreem)

Fedor Emelianenko vs. Rodrigo 'Minotauro' Nogueira
(Russia/Red Devil Fight Club) (Brazil/BTT)

Hidehiko Yoshida vs. Rulon Gardoner
(Japan/Yoshida Dojo) (USA/Team Quest)

Source: Koichi "Booker K" Kawasaki


Obviously Fight Sport is not a big fan of Dana White.

UFC owners Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta will executive produce a film about the UFC. The film will be released via their Insomnia Entertainment banner.

John Herzfeld will write and direct the film, while Trent Othick will produce. Lifelong Fertitta cronie and former boxercize instructor Dana White (who has no background in big business or movie producing) will be handed a job as an executive producer.

Source: Fight Sport


MMA star veteran Don Frye has an acting part in the newest Japanese Godzilla movie.

Frye plays the submarine captain who seals Godzilla in ice, and then helps to release him in time to fight off an alien invasion of monsters.

Here is a description of Frye's performance according to the movie review site

"Tough-guy Frye gets the Schwarzenegger-style one-liners (gems like "There's two things you didn't know about Earth: me... and Godzilla", and utters them all with robotic gruffness."

Source: Fight Sport


Carlos Newton has been one of the most consistent forces in MMA since his debut almost eight years ago. He’s faced some of the toughest competition all over the world and remains one of the most popular fighters in the sport thanks to his humble and engaging personality.

Recently Newton suffered his third straight loss at Bushido 5 earlier this year to Ryo Chonan. After weeks of media silence to concentrate on his personal life Newton took time out of his busy schedule to spend a few minutes talking to MMA Weekly’s Mick Hammond about what’s going on with the man known as “The Ronin.”

Firstly Newton addressed why he’s been so quiet over the past few months and what he has planned for his immediate future, “I just got back from fighting in Japan and am putting some other things I’ve been working on, on the back burner again until early next year and take the rest of the year off. I probably won’t fight again until probably May of 2005. I’ve got to get some things wrapped up.”

Newton continued, “I’ve been on trips that are all basically business related. I also took my friend Wojtek (Kaszowski) down to the Pride tryouts. He was trying out and I went a long with him to give him some support, try to bypass some of the lines (laughs). It went very well I thought, the tryouts were pretty awesome.”

The conversation then turned to Newton’s lightly touching on what happened against Chonan in October, “Ryo was just ready. I don’t know what happened really, I had him in the arm bar he just didn’t give up and finally got out. Things went from there.”

Newton’s decision to take time off from fighting means he will not be competing at Shock Wave 2004. However he did think about it, “I really would like to fight on the New Year’s Eve show but I need the time off so I can come back stronger later. Your mind and body will tell you that they want to do it, but there is only so much you can do. At the end of the day sometimes you just look in the mirror and say ‘I’m tired.’ Even some of the Pride staff had told me, ‘you need a break, you haven’t been fighting as well as you can so go home and take a break and get yourself well.’ So I thought about it with my manager and decided that’s what I needed.”

Newton continued, “I am at a point now in my career where I need a break and really just have to take a step back and get some rest. I was constantly going from one fight to another and at the same time it doesn’t allow for personal things to happen. So I just need to get some rest and let my soul rekindle. I have a lot of important things in my life that I need to focus on. I just want to step back and allow myself that. I’m only 28 but that fire inside me has dulled a bit because of outside things so I want to get some rest and get it back to what it was when I first started and return with a fresh soul.”

When asked if his decision to not fight until May would effect his training routine Newton replied, “Yeah for the next five or six months I’m going to train lightly. I’m not going to do the hard rolling like I normally do, I’m basically staying away from second gear.”

As the talk ended Newton made sure to reiterate the fact to his fans that he was by no means retiring, only taking time off, “Just expect me back, I want to get back in there recharged and do what I do best and put on a great show.”

Source: MMA Weekly

AFC Brazil features Gracie B. Vs BTT

The following edition of AFC Brazil may release a new phase of Brazilian MMA. Doing similar as Pride Bushido, the event's producers will be working to feature a special challenge on next March 15, in Nova Friburgo (RJ). They want to set up a challenge between Gracie Barra Combat Team and Brazilian Top Team.

- It would be like a Team BJJ competition. I guess it would improve the Brazilian fight scene. We are already thinking about a challenge between Nova União and BTT, Chute Boxe taking on Gracie Barra. We already have great teams like Ruas Vale-Tudo, RFT, Kimura. It will be everybody facing everybody - stated Bebeo Duarte, one of Brazilian Top Team's leaders.

Source: Tatame

Shooto changes Robinho's fight result

Still crying because his pupil Vitor Shaolin's loss at last Shooto, André Pederneiras arrived in Brazil yesterday with a good news for Nova União's crew. According to Dedé, after a long time evaluating the referee's decision of the bout between Róbson Moura and Mamoru, the Shooto commission called a draw. The dispute for the Bantamweight belt was contested even by Shooto's president Kazuhiro Sakamoto. Now Japanese are choosing a new date to the new confront.

Source: Tatame


Vanderlei Silva was recently interviewed for the PRIDE website. Here's what Silva had to say:

PRIDE: Many people have said that your fight against Quinton "Rampage" Jackson in PRIDE 28 was your best bout yet.

Vanderlei: I'm glad that they say that. I think that was one of my best bouts, too.

PRIDE: When did you begin training for this bout?

Vanderlei: From November, when I began to think about fighting. I train over-all, without just focusing on striking or groundwork.

PRIDE: You continue to have amazing fights but which do you personally feel was your greatest fight?

Vanderlei: Probably my first fight with Sakuraba, of course. That fight had the deepest meaning for me.

PRIDE: Is there one you think was your worst bout?

Vanderlei: Not at all. I think all fights are great fights.

PRIDE: What about the fights you lost outside of PRIDE against Vitor Belfort or Tito Ortiz?

Vanderlei: Those fights didn't turn out well but, for me, they were good experiences and that makes them good fights.

PRIDE: Why did you lose?

Vanderlei: I didn't have much jujitsu technique then. That's why I lost.

PRIDE: (DSE) President Sakakibara has said that he wants to invite those two and Randy Couture to the Middleweight Grand Prix planned for next year. Do you want to fight those guys?

Vanderlei: (answers without hesitation) Of course. I think it's good if they will really fight in PRIDE. I would like to fight all three of them.

PRIDE: After your fight with Jackson, you said that you'd like to fight Couture before he retires.

Vanderlei: Well, his age is what it is and he'll probably retire in the near future. So, I want to fight him before then. He's the UFC Champion, after all.

PRIDE: Do you think you have any weak points?

Vanderlei: Mmm... I've never thought about that. Even I don't know. I'm always training to get rid of my weak points.

PRIDE: Do you ever think about skipping practice and having fun?

Vanderlei: Never. I think I have strong perseverance.

PRIDE: Where does that power come from?

Vanderlei: I think it's God's power, of course.

PRIDE: Have you ever felt fear?

Vanderlei: Actually, I feel fear in every fight but every fighter feels that fear. It's important to make that fear work for you. When you feel fear, you have to face it head on and fight. That's the best. Running away is the worst.

PRIDE: Have you ever dreamed before a fight that you would lose?

Vanderlei: Honestly, yes. I've seen many nightmares. Sometimes it scares me and I jump out of bed when I see them because, for me, losing is my greatest fear.

PRIDE: Have you always had this strong mental drive to conquer your fears?

Vanderlei: No, not really. It just came to me as I grew up.

PRIDE: Is it something that you gained from training at Chute Boxe?

Vanderlei: Exactly.

PRIDE: Is the support of people around you important to you?

Vanderlei: Yes. I think it's all because of them and I think of everyone as my family.

PRIDE: What gives you the most strength?

Vanderlei: That's God. I think everyone has their own way of thinking and there are some that won't believe me or will think it's stupid, but God's power is really important to me. I'm always going to believe in God.

PRIDE: Do you pray to God before your matches?

Vanderlei: Praying before matches and asking for protection has become my custom. I ask Him to give me strength, to take my fear and to prevent injuries. Finally, I pray that He will give me the victory.

Source: Fight Sport


Quote of the Day

"Destiny is not a matter of chance, but of choice. Not something to wish for, but to attain."

William Jennings Bryan, 1860-1925, American Lawyer, Politician

BLOODLINE Presents..
Kapolei, Hawaii
Saturday, Jan 22, 2005


UFC Veteran Ron "Machine Gun" Jhun from Hawaii will face #7 Shooto Ranked Shigetoshi Iwase of Japan in what will be a THRILLER. Jhun has had his claims in titles like IFC, KOTC and Warriors Quest, Jhun is once again on a different quest SHOOTO title. Iwase a season shooto fighter who is currently ranked #7 will try to make his claim also for a title spot.

Shooto Light Heavyweight Class B

Casey Daniels (Team MMAD, Kailua)
Bob Ostovich (Jesus Is Lord, Waianae)

We will have tenatively 15 ACTION Shooto & Kickboxing Fights that will be
announced SOON!!


We wanted to show our apperciation to all fans and famalies that come out and support Hawaii fighters so we will drop our prices to OLD SCHOOL RATES.

Buy your tickets in advance and pay just $25.00 for any seat in the house by FRIDAY JAN 21,2005. Because the day of the event tickets will be back at $35.00


808-620-5638 or 808-330-9483

Source: Event Promoter

K-1 and Akebono Fly Special Trainer to Japan
by Jeffrey Thaler

K-1 and Akebono have flown in Mak Takana, a world renowned personal trainer, to Japan to help Akebono prepare for his December 31 fight against Royce Gracie. Takana, who has worked with a number of world champion fighters in the past, left his home in Los Angeles to working with Akebono full-time. was able to catch up with Takano, and speak to him about Akebono’s training. “It is an honor to train Akebono,” Takana said. “You have to remember that he is a grand champion of Sumo, and the fact that he wanted me to help him for this fight is an absolute honor.”

Takana has been helping Akebono work on his endurance and strength, and Takano reports that training is off to a fast start. “Akebono is doing very well. He has a very good attitude about getting involved in mixed martial arts, and it is so much closer to what he has done in the past than the stand-up he has been doing in K-1. But the experience he has had in K-1 is going to be invaluable for him because he has had a year of stand-up training and has fought top competition. I expect him to do quite well against Royce Gracie.”

Takana became known in the fight world after training Oscar De La Hoya during a three-year run of undefeated fights. He has gone on to train former UFC and current Rumble on the Rock champion B.J. Penn, super-lightweight boxing champion Genaro Hernandez, welterweight champion Vince Phillips, and cruiserweight champion Vassiliy Jirov. Takano has also trained NBA All-Stars Magic Johnson and Vlade Divac.

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Below the matchups that have been officially announced for the PRIDE show on December 31st. The final card is scheduled to have a total of ten match ups:

Officially announced matchups:
Rodrigo 'Minotauro' Nogueira vs. Fedor Emelianenko
Rulon Gardner vs. Hidehiko Yoshida
Vanderlei Silva vs. Kazushi Sakuraba
Mirko 'Cro Cop' Filipovic vs. Kevin Randleman
Crosley Gracie vs. Ryo Chonan
Jens Pulver vs. Takanori Gomi
Dan Henderson vs. Yuki Kondo
Stefan Leko vs. Ikuhisa Minowa
Henry 'Sentoryu' Miller vs. Makoto Takimoto
'Giant' Silva vs. Choi Mu Bae

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By Josh Grossman

PRIDE New Year show: The matchup of Crosley Gracie vs. Ryo Chonan is a done deal for the December 31st show. This will pit two fighters coming off big wins in the recent PRIDE Bushido show.

K-1 New Year show: K-1 is actually entertaining the idea of having Bob Sapp face the small Thai Boxer Kaoklai, who KO'ed 'Mighty' Mo Siligia in in the K-1 GP Finals.

UFC 51: B.J. Penn will make his return to the UFC, and will face Frank Trigg. The number one contender ranking will be on the line. Apparently Penn has been calling Zuffa trying to get back in the show for a while now.

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The Japanese media reports that Rodrigo 'Minotauro' Nogeuria has added in some new knee strikes to his arsenal for his upcoming fight against Fedor Emelianenko on December 31st.

The Japanese media also reports that according to Fedor, his strategy for defeating Minotauro is now complete.

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Maybe it's how quiet he is, maybe it's how he carries himself in and out of the ring. Chris Lytle may be overlooked by some. But, if you ask his opponents, they will tell you how tough he really is.

It’s been a great year for Chris Lytle. He’s gone undefeated in both MMA and boxing in 2004 but still remains one of the most underrated fighters in the world today.

It’s hard to believe that even though he’s won all but one of his matches in the UFC, he still finds himself on the outside looking in as far as a title shot goes. MMAweekly’s Mick Hammond caught up with Lytle to discuss his year and what lays ahead for him both in the octagon and the boxing ring.

When asked what he’s been up to since his last MMA fight, a victory over JT Taylor at WEC 12 in October, Lytle said, “I had a boxing match not too long after that. It was on a riverboat here in Indiana and I won, and that’s about it. Training has been good. It’s been good to have a little time where I don’t have to fight immediately. I can concentrate more on the whole technique type things; instead of, just constantly worrying about having a fight come up in a couple weeks and having to do this, this, and this to get ready. I get a little bit of time, I can actually work on other things.”

Looking back over 2004, it’s easy to understand why Lytle is enjoying the short bit of rest he has had after successfully competing four times each in MMA and boxing, “Yeah it’s been a good year. I’m really happy with it. You win all your fights, you can’t complain. I’m sure there are some things I could have done a little bit better; especially, in MMA. I mean all year fighting tough competition and not losing, I think is pretty impressive because everybody is getting so good at this sport. I don’t think people realize that there are not a lot of easy fights anymore. Even if you’re fighting on a smaller show, it’s still a dangerous fight.”

Lytle has been fighting in MMA going on five years, but has only been boxing for two and he credits that for his improved striking, “Well, actually people don’t realize that I haven’t been boxing that long. So give me a whole other year of boxing and having professional fights it could get better. That’s why my stand up has come a long way. I think that’s the main area that I’ve improved on lately.”

With his success in boxing it’s understandable that fighters in MMA would avoid standing and trading shots with Lytle, he addressed this by saying, “It all depends on if my striking is going well, then people are going to keep me on the ground more. It all depends on how people approach me. I still work on my ground to try to tweak things here and there and make it harder for people to get me to the ground and get in dominant position.”

Recently, word has broken that Lytle will be facing Karo Parisyan at UFC 51 in February. Lytle seemed very enthusiastic about the match-up with the possibility of it being a very competitive bout with title implications, “Yeah that’s kind of what I’m hoping for with this fight. It sounds like a pretty good match-up to me, anytime I get to fight in the UFC it’s a good thing. I’m really looking at we’re both coming off of really good wins, so I’m hoping this will lead to fights against upper echelon competition and working towards get a title shot. That’s what I’m going to do and that’s why it’s a good match.”

Lytle then discussed gameplans for the fight, “If he’s had a lot of time to work on his gameplan and look at some tapes he might have spotted some holes in my game but you never know. I’ve had times where I watched tapes and saw someone was left handed and does this, this, and this and then the guy came out right handed and I was all confused because he didn’t come out as I expected. So I try to make sure I train for a little bit of everything, but there are areas I try to concentrate on.”

“I like to go out there with a gameplan but most of the time the fights go nothing like my gameplan,” continued Lytle. “Of course I’m going to try to keep him from doing things out of the clinch where he’s good with Judo. I’m going to try to work on keeping him in striking range or taking him down and being in the dominant position so I can work my submissions. It all kind of depends on how he comes out, if he comes out throwing then I’m going to push him against the fence and try to counter what he’s doing. If he tries to take me down right away I’ll try to counter and reverse him and get myself in good position to do what I have to do to win.”

With the current state of the welterweight division in the UFC it is very plausible to think the winner of Lytle and Parisyan could become the number one contender for Matt Hughes’ title. Lytle discussed the possibility, “Of course, I’d really like a title shot but that’s not my decision to make. I’m not sure exactly what their (the UFC) take on it is. To me it makes sense the winner of me and Parisyan gets a title shot. The other people on top like Frank Trigg have already had title shots and us two haven’t. We have about the same amount of wins in the UFC, so it doesn’t make much sense to me for them to have a rematch when you have guys who haven’t had a shot at the title yet. Like I said though that’s not my decision. Of course I try to push for it, but it’s out of my hands.”

When asked his thoughts on getting an opportunity to face Hughes down the line Lytle said, “There’s not really a fight I’m exactly thrilled about, but that’s the person who has the title. For right now I have things in front of me that I have to concentrate on first and foremost and that’s not easy to take care of. I think a lot of times people start to think too far down the road and that doesn’t pay off. So I’m concentrating on what’s coming up and I’ll worry about the other stuff later.”

The conversation finished out with Lytle discussing what he has planned for the future, “As far as the whole MMA thing goes I hope to get a shot at the title. That is one goal, my other plans are around boxing. It’s possible to get some pretty good fights lined up, possibly an intercontinental fight over in Germany. I’ve had two times where they talked to me about boxing on ESPN 2 but they’ve fallen through, which is disappointing but I’ll be on there at some point. Other than that I’m just trying to keep my options open, trying to get better at boxing and in all sports basically.”

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The Japanese media is reporting that an mma-rules matchup of Heath Herring vs. Sam Greco will take place on the K-1 card on December 31st.

The Japanese media added that Herring has left DSE/PRIDE, and will be fighting for the K-1 organization.

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Getting to Know Sean O'Haire
by Marco Antico

MA: Sean, I sense a buzz about you that normally doesn’t exist for fighters after only one fight. I think people are excited at the prospect of a pro wrestler making the transition to MMA. Do you think this gives you a running start at building up your reputation in the sport?

SO: Well, I hope so (chuckling). I was on TV. Many wrestling fans recognize my name and many wrestling fans are MMA fans. So if that helps me, great!

MA: On the flip side, do you think there are people out there that are going to be suspicious because of your experience at executing pre-determined pro wrestling fights.

SO: Oh ya, of course. But, once they see me in the ring I think any doubts they have are going to go right out the window.

MA: There have been internet rumors that you may be fighting LeBanner or Fujita on the K-1 NYE show. Care to comment?

SO: I don’t think there’s any substance to that at all. I think some people got excited after watching me knockout Oyama at Rumble on the Rock and started talking about that. But, to my knowledge there’s nothing to those rumors.

MA: Do you know what’s next for you?

SO: Nothing signed right now. My management is in negotiations with one of the big promotions though.

MA: Hypothetically speaking of course (pause), if that organization was K-1, would you like to compete in MMA or kickboxing?

SO: I prefer MMA.

MA: Why MMA and why professional fighting in general?

SO: Oh man, I’ve been fighting for the longest time! I’ve fought in Georgia in Toughman competitions and in some other local shows. Basically, where ever I could get a fight I was there.

MA: MMA is quite the leap from shows like Toughman of course. What are you doing to sharpen your MMA skills?

SO: I train at the Shark Tank will Eddy Millis. That’s in Rancho Cucamonga, California. Mighty Mo is there with us. My background is in Thai Boxing. I’m now trying to focus on my wrestling and submissions.

MA: Why’d you cut your hair?

SO: Uhm, because I was tired of looking like a male stripper?

MA: (laughing) Ya, I guess you did have that Fabio/Patrick Swayze kind of look going on.

SO: Never again am I ever going to have long hair. I hated it! I needed to change my image when I went to the WWE so that’s what I did it.

MA: What pays better, wrestling or MMA?

SO: If you’re one of the top guys in wrestling you’ve got the potential to make a lot of money. As for my professional wrestling career, I’d say that I was popular but never famous. MMA has the potential to pay well too so I’d say they’re pretty similar in pay.

MA: Are there any MMA athletes that you try and model yourself after?

SO: Ken Shamrock for sure. I had the pleasure of meeting him and watching him train with Guy Mezger for the UFC 50 fight. What a shame that was what happened to Guy. Ken’s precision of doing things really impressed me. His technique seemed flawless. I’d also have to say I admire Tito Ortiz for the intensity he brings with him into the ring.

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The Japanese media is reporting that a rematch of Anderson Silva vs. Hayato Sakurai may take place on either the PRIDE show on December 31st or on the next PRIDE Bushido card.

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Evan Tanner is currently one of the top ranked middleweights in the world. He’s a veteran of the sport and has seen and achieved just about everything. Now with the talk that the UFC is looking to crown a champion in their Middleweight Division for the first time in over two years, Evan Tanner sits at the forefront of that discussion. MMAweekly’s Mick Hammond spoke to Tanner about his career, growth as a fighter, and where he sees himself in the grand scheme of things.

MMAweekly: So Evan, tell us what you’ve been up to; since, your last fight at UFC 50.

Evan Tanner: Actually just kind of taking it easy. Just now getting back into training, the heavy training. I took a little bit of time off, been goofing around, Ebaying and stuff like that.

MMAweekly: So that’s where the fight checks go to huh?

Evan Tanner: (Laughs) No, it goes to making house payments and stuff like that.

MMAweekly: It’s been a pretty busy year and a half for you wouldn’t you say?

Evan Tanner: Yeah it’s been fairly busy; I’ve been fortunate enough to fight Phil Baroni twice and then Lawler. In this game as a fighter you’ve got to feel fortunate enough to have steady work and have something to do.

MMAweekly: Looking back over the year do you feel you’ve made good progress in your game?

Evan Tanner: Yeah, I think I’m really with the way things have progressed. I think I’ve found some holes in my game and have made a lot of progress in my stand up and ground game and all around working on my techniques and starting to fine tune my game.

MMAweekly: Obviously the decision to move down in weight has paid off.

Evan Tanner: Absolutely, going into 205lb fights I was weighing at 195/198lbs at weigh-ins with my pants on. It’s not a good thing, at that level it’s not a smart thing giving up that much weight. The guys at that weight are dropping down from 220lbs, at that level they’re not small, they’re a ripped 220lbs, not a chubby 220lbs. You definitely do not want to give up that much of a weight advantage to your opponent. At first I was just stubborn with it, because I started out at light heavyweight and wanted to stay there, but after really thinking about it, it really made sense to drop down to 185lbs. I feel much stronger and much more comfortable here.

MMAweekly: Has the change in weight affected your training/workout routines?

Evan Tanner: Yeah, I thought I was doing a bit too much weightlifting, building muscle for cosmetic reasons, just trying to look good out there, putting on muscle mass to gain weight to make weight at 205lbs. Dropping down to 185lbs changed my workout routine and the way I do things. Now, I’m not doing as much weights, I’m doing lots of push-ups and pull-ups, building functional strength, not the cosmetic muscle I was before. I changed that up a bit, it’s taken a little getting used to cutting weight, but again I’m much more comfortable now at this weight.

MMAweekly: Have you noticed any change in your quickness?

Evan Tanner: I can’t really say I’ve noticed a huge difference in that. We’ve been training the movement and stuff like that; feeling quicker and better is more just a result of training different styles and movement.

MMAweekly:From what we’ve heard, February could be a very interesting month for you.

Evan Tanner: Yes, there’s some things that are possible, I’ve had some names thrown out there, I haven’t signed anything yet. It could be a very interesting month for me.

MMAweekly: Let’s just say that if what many people are speculating comes true and you end up facing David Terrell for the UFC Middleweight Championship at UFC 51, how do you feel about that fight?

Evan Tanner: It’d be a great fight, Terrell beat my teammate Matt Lindland at UFC 49, so a little payback would be in order. It’d be a tough fight though, the kid is tough. He’s only been in one UFC, so we’ll see how he handles the pressure of another one, and not only a second UFC but jumping straight into a title fight after only one fight. It seems kind of odd to me, but you know if that happens I’m going to jump on that opportunity. It’s going to be a great fight.

MMAweekly: What are your thoughts about the possibility that someone who’s not been in the fight game as long as you have getting a shot at a title so quickly?

Evan Tanner: That’s always the way it is in this game. It’s a lot of politics, a lot of it is the people in charge deciding that “this fighter has the particular kind of charisma, look, or something about him that we think the fans are going to buy into so we are going to push this guy.” Sure I’ve been fighting a long time but I don’t think they’ve ever decided that I was a fighter to get behind or push.

MMAweekly:Speaking of looks, jumping back to your fight at UFC 50 for just a second, what was up with sporting the cornrows?

Evan Tanner: (Laughs) I wasn’t making any kind statement. It wasn’t any kind of racial thing or anything. I’m growing my hair out long again and just wanted to do something to keep it out of my way. You put it in a ponytail it comes out, you do other things it comes out, that’s a good way to get it out of the way and keep it out of the way. That’s basically all it was.

MMAweekly: So we’re not going to see you coming down to the octagon with any bling-bling with the cornrows in the near future huh?

Evan Tanner: (Laughs) No, I don’t think so. It was purely functional.

MMAweekly: You seem a lot more driven in your fights recently, do you see that continuing on into next year and to get even better?

Evan Tanner: Absolutely, I really feel that up until recently, I haven’t been taking the sport seriously or my career in this sport seriously, I’ve just been kind of goofing around. I think all that’s changing, if I dedicate myself full force to this I could do some things. I definitely expect things to happen next year and my skills to improve drastically.

MMAweekly: That could be a scary thought to a lot of fighters out there if you’ve only just now started to take things seriously and where you could go from here.

Evan Tanner: That’s what I’m thinking.

MMAweekly: Does the opportunity to become a champion and a focal point of a division for the UFC motivate you even more to succeed?

Evan Tanner: They’re still not pushing me; they can’t deny the fact that I’ve won fights. I don’t have what the UFC is looking for obviously. I’ve been fighting for them a long time and they’ve never gotten behind me. I don’t take that personally, it’s just business, they don’t feel I have what they’re looking for. But if a guy gets out there and wins fights he can’t be denied, that’s where I stand, I’ve been winning fights. That’s not the reason I’m more dedicated to the sport, winning a belt really was never my dream, I just was just kind of doing the sport fun. Having the belt would be nice. The reason I’m more focused and more dedicated is because I’m getting older and there’s potential if you’re the top guy in this sport at your weight you can make some money. I’m looking at making enough so I can save up and actually do something with it and take care of myself for the rest of my life with it.

MMAweekly: Well, your teammate Randy Couture does pretty good at his age and he’s a little older than you are.

Evan Tanner: (Laughs) Oh yeah, he’s an animal.

MMAweekly: So, there’s a good possibility that the best has yet to come for you.

Evan Tanner: That’s kind of how I’m looking at it. It could be, I think my highest achievement is in the future. Like I’ve said, I’ve been kind of dinking around in it until now.

MMAweekly: How much better can Evan Tanner get?

Evan Tanner: You know, I don’t know, I’ve been working everything. People were really surprised that I finished Robbie with a triangle, but what people don’t realized on the ground, underneath, and groundwork that’s actually my strongest point. I think people only know me for ground n pound because in my fights I happen to be better than the guy at takedowns, so I take him down and work the ground n pound and think that’s all I know. But actually working from underneath, working submissions and stuff like that is one of my strong points. That’s going to continue to improve, all around it’s going to improve, my striking, everything, I’m taking it to another level.

MMAweekly:I know Team Quest had made a commitment to not only supply the current crop of top fighters but also concentrate on producing the next generation of athletes in our sport. Have you ever considered maybe a few years down the road on doing something like training others?

Evan Tanner: I haven’t really pictured doing that. That hasn’t really been something I’ve seen myself doing in the future. I don’t see myself as a coach or teacher or anything like that, but you never know how things will pan out.

MMAweekly: So for now the thoughts of what to do after your fighting career is far off and the emphasis is to continue to concentrate on what’s going on for you and securing your place in the sport.

Evan Tanner: That’s what I’m going to do, is focus on my career and keep improving. A lot of it comes down to me liking the sport or I wouldn’t be doing it for so long. That’s one aspect of it, the other is to make a little bit of money doing what you like. That’s what I’m focusing on, everybody’s got to pay their bills, me included.

MMAweekly: Thanks a lot for the interview Evan, is there anything you’d like to say before you head out?

Evan Tanner: You’re welcome. I would definitely like to thank for all their help; they’ve helped make things easier financially so I can focus on training. I want to thank HCK for supplying my fight shorts that I wear in the ring, they’ve been great to work with and they have great gear. I want to thank Cobb 28; it’s been great working with them too. As far as the fans go, look for a great fight in February if it happens. I’m going to be bringing it all to the ring so keep your eyes open.

Source: MMA Weekly


Quote of the Day

"Learn to self-conquest, persevere thus for a time, and you will perceive very clearly the advantage which you gain from it."

St. Teresa of Avila, 1515-1582, Spanish Saint, Mystic

BTT leaders evaluate Vitor Belfort

Scheduled to face Tito Ortiz on February 5th at the UFC 51 main fight, Vitor
Belfort is in Rio de Janeiro training with his new team, the Brazilian Top Team. Former UFC light-heavyweight champion, Belfort, who used to live in Sao Paulo and moved to Rio to stay more focused, must defeat Ortiz to keep dreaming about a title shot against Randy Couture. We caught up with two of the BTT leaders and asked him how they evaluate Belfort´s shape.

‘Vitor stayed away from training for too long, but he is guy of much talent and has a genetic composition that helps him to have a fast physical recovery. Belfort is getting better every day and will be much more difficult for anyone defeat him when he is ready’, says Ze Mario Sperry.

According to Murilo Bustamante, Vitor’s determination to watch and learn during the trainings is one of the most important factors to get him back to the winning track. ‘He has a good boxing, is a good wrestler and knows how to fight on the ground. Our main goal is to adjust his skills to the strategy we are preparing to the fight against Tito. Vitor will be ready to win’, stated Bustamante.

Despite all the confidence, the BTT leaders agree that Ortiz needs to be respected. ‘He is considered a very dangerous fighter. He may have lost a couple of bouts, but he faced tough guys such as Randy Couture and Chuck Liddell, however, he has a very solid game and makes himself very comfortable in the octagon. He is a very difficult opponent to anyone’,
finishes Ze Mario.

Source: ADCC

Leo Vieira: ADCC champion analyzes Brazil Trials

During the ADCC Brazil Trials final phase, realized on December 5th, in Sao
Paulo, a special spectator was in the audience cheering for his Brasa teammates but also observing possible opponents to the ADCC Main event, scheduled to May, in Long Beach, in California. Current –66kg Abu Dhabi Champion, Leonardo Vieira shared with us his impressions about the Brazil Trials.

`It was a high level competition. And some of the disputes were even more difficult than de ADCC itself. It can be explained by the fact that Brazil is the biggest talent exporters of MMA world. During the trials, every single competitor had chance to win’ says Leozinho.

Leo Vieira’s pupil, Demian Maia, from Brasa, was the only fighter to qualify to ADCC 2005 that fought the Brazil Trials first phase, realized in Campos, one week earlier. His fight against the former BJJ world champion Fernando Margarida was selected by Leozinho as one of his favorites. ´I liked the bout between Demian and Margarida a lot and Roger’s Gracie performance impressed me as well. He is very well prepared and showed a big technique superiority compared to the others competitors

Expected to defend his ADCC belt, Leozinho had the chance to observe one future opponent: Wagney Fabiano, winner of the Brazil Trials –66kg category. ´He is a very technical fighter and he is very strong. I consider him a dangerous guy because he also knows how to fight using the ADCC rules´, stated Vieira.

To be considered as “one of the favorites”, since he is the ADCC current champion, does not scare Vieira. ´I like this kind of pressure. Although I stay a long time away from the competitions, my mental force is very strong and I realize that is much more difficult to keep me on the top than drive me from there. I’ll be readyfor ADCC 2005 and I hardly can’t wait for it start´, finishes Vieira. Leo Vieira: ADCC champion analyzes Brazil Trials

Source: ADCC

UFC 51 preview...James Irvin (Mike Kyle's opponent and WEC Champion)

The UFC 51 fight between Mike Kyle and James Irvin looks like an interesting one, especially if you are familiar with WEC. Fans may remember it was winning the WEC Heavyweight belt in January that was Kyle’s last fight before moving up to the UFC where he fought in UFC 47 & 49. During this time Irvin left Gladiator Challenge and invaded WEC where he won what was supposed to be the first round of a four-fighter Heavyweight tournament for a Heavyweight Championship belt (as opposed to Kyle’s World Heavyweight belt). Below Irvin explains what happened with that.

Kyle was supposed to return to WEC to defend his belt against Irvin in October but pulled out, a decision which is still having a chain reaction of repercussions. In a recent update Kyle stated he still had the WEC belt while Irvin explains what those of us in attendance saw transpire, Irvin won the vacant WEC World Heavyweight belt. Now instead of fighting it out in WEC these two have the opportunity to take it to the UFC. Actually this isn’t all that surprising considering the amount of WEC/UFC “fighter ping pong” going on, a situation that so far has benefited everyone involved but the fans most of all who get to not only see UFC stars between their big time fights but also see some of the next wave of UFC fighters. Like James Irvin.

KM: What happened with you against Mike Kyle for the WEC belt? JI: We were supposed to fight two months ago for the Heavyweight Championship two months ago (WEC “Halloween Fury 3”, October 21st). Three months out he signed his contract and then about five days before hand he decided not to fight me and backed out. I had to fight someone else, so now I have his belt.

KM: So his belt was vacated and you won the World Heavyweight belt? JI: Yes, for WEC.

KM: At the Pride tryouts Kyle when asked if he was stripped of the belt or vacated it said, “I still have my WEC World title and James Irvin just won the Heavyweight tournament and that is the belt he got.” Do you know anything about that? JI: He’s a liar. He told everyone he had a football tryout and that was why he couldn’t fight me. He knew three months in advance and a week before the fight he calls Scott Adams and says ‘I can’t, I have a football tryout’. Scott Adams and the other guy call the football league he is trying out for and ask them to change the date. They say ‘absolutely, no problem’. They called Kyle and he still didn’t want to fight. Excuse after excuse. No, I’m the Heavyweight Champion. That is what they introduced me as when I won the belt. It’s on DVD now. The first time you saw me fight there was a four-man tournament but the other two Heavyweights beat each other up and they couldn’t find a replacement for the second round. I was bummed because that was a beautiful belt. Actually I was supposed to fight Mike Kyle for both belts, the tournament belt and the heavyweight Championship belt but since he backed out they got me a fight with that Iranian and since they didn’t know how good he was going to be they said it would be for the Heavyweight Championship.

KM: How do you feel about getting into the UFC? JI: It is a dream come true but at the same time I worked really really hard for this. They didn’t give it to me, I had to work my butt off for this. I’ve had help from a lot of people. I’m in Oregon right now training with Team Quest, me and a couple other guys. I’m feeling good but I earned this and I’m finally getting my shot in the big show. I’m happy about it.

KM: Since this is Kyle and the UFC is there any sense of rivalry or bitter feelings? JI: I haven’t fought anyone yet that I didn’t like or was mad at. I ran into him at a SportFight and he is a jerk. I don’t know what his problem is, why he acts so cocky. I’m amazed at how many strangers I have coming up to me that know I’m going to fight him that ask me to please beat him up. I’m not kidding. I have people that are more than willing to help me with little tips because he burnt them or said rude things to them. I don’t have a problem with the guy except for him being rude up there but February 5th we’ll see. I trained so hard for him this summer and the way he backed out I didn’t care who they put in there. I was so mentally focused on him. I have had six months training for Mike Kyle.

KM: How do you think this fight is going to go? JI: I’m sure it is going to be a lot of punching and striking going on. Most of his fights have ended real short like mine. I think I’m a better striker than he is but he’s a big, strong athlete. He played a bunch of football too, so I know he can move around. I think there is going to be some leather thrown.

KM: I saw you in WEC but not your Gladiator Challenge fights. Why the switch from the perceived GC->KOTC->Pride strategy to WEC->UFC one? JI: They wanted me to sign a contract. I have nothing but good things to say about Ted and Terry but they wanted me to sign a contract and now they won’t even let me fight for them unless I sign a contract. I understand with putting time and money into me but if I want to fight in the UFC I can’t sit back. I got bills to pay. I had to go my own way with that.

KM: Now that your priority is UFC are you going to be holding on to the WEC belt? JI: Scott Adams is very supportive. He is a good guy. I have a three-fight contract with the UFC so for the next year I’ll be fighting for the UFC. Doug Marshall had actually called me out a couple times, the WEC North American Heavyweight Champion. He’s a local favorite. Scott really wants me to fight him in May. I don’t know how that will work out. The UFC said that shouldn’t be a problem depending on the time frame of my next UFC fight.

KM: They have been pretty good about it with the WEC. About all I hear about them saying is they want to approve of who the opponent is. JI: Exactly. Doug Marshall shouldn’t be a problem. Joe Riggs and a lot of the UFC fighters go back and forth with WEC so I think they have a pretty good rapport between the two companies.

KM: In that sense are you satisfied with WEC and UFC? Any chance of you fighting anywhere else like we have seen Joe Riggs and Yves Edwards do? JI: Right now I’m full leaning toward the UFC and I did just sign a three-fight deal. For the next year that is all I’m concentrating on. Everybody wants to fight the best fighters in the world and that is in Pride. I’m an American, I want to fight here in the United States; my family is here and the people I train with are all here. We will see how it goes. Brandon Vera, they are supposed to be offering him a contract. He tired out for the Pride tryouts last month and he did really good. They told him he’d be in but next weekend he finds out what kind of contract they are going to offer him. I’m excited for him too.

KM: As far as looking at your record you have one win by armbar and the rest have been by TKO or KO, none of which went beyond the first round. What I’ve seen of you makes you seem explosive and aggressive. Do you think that is an accurate perception? JI: I think so but at the same time the fighters I’ve been fighting, they really came after me so it kind of ended really violently like that. I train that way but unfortunately they all ended in the first round. I had an opportunity to end it, I finished the fights.

KM: You have to go with what you are given. JI: Exactly. Most of these fighters that is what I was given, flurries like that. They ended up with knockouts which I am grateful for.

KM: The downside to that nobody has seen your conditioning tested. What can you tell us about how you are training for conditioning? JI: My conditioning is my best tool. Haven’t been doing martial arts more than a couple years. I played football before that. I work with a lot of wrestlers like Randy and all that. My conditioning is my number one priority, it always is. It is kind of disappointing to work out for three months and then we go in there and fight for two minutes. I haven’t been winded and barely broke a sweat the last couple of fights. Especially this last fight against that Olympic wrestler (Houssain Oushani), that fight was two minutes long and he just gassed. It would have got extremely ugly for him because I felt I just started to warm up. Conditioning is my number one tool which I learned from Randy and seeing these guys train. I’m not going to be one to gasses out in a fight and gets picked on.

KM: As far as your current training cycle you have until February 5th. I assume you are going to be toning down the training the last week or so. JI: The last whole week I’ll be in Vegas anyway, so that will be a lot more cardio and technical stuff. Weeks two to three will probably be my hardest physical stuff, getting banged around and stuff like that. It is just starting to take up now because I’m eight weeks out now. This morning I did a bunch of conditioning with Randy and I’m still feeling the effects of it.

KM: Is the holiday season having any effect on your training? JI: No effects except it is kind of a bummer. I don’t get to do anything for New Years, Christmas I have to watch what I eat, my girlfriends birthday is also at the beginning of January…I’ll have to sit low for all these. It’s worth it. I assume the guy I’m fighting is doing the same thing. I hope he’s eating and partying. We’ll see February 5th.

KM: Is it accurate to say you are still with Capital City Fighting Alliance? JI: Yes.

KM: So I should say you fight out of there but this time around you are training with Team Quest? JI: No, I’m just spending some time here. Randy comes into town before his fights and we help him out but this is the first time I came out to spend some time with Team Quest. I also go to City Boxing in San Diego.

KM: Oh, where Dean Lister used to teach. JI: Yeah. One of the guys from my team took his spot. Brandon Vera is actually here with me. He’ll be in the next WEC. He’s a stud. One of my best training partners. I’ll be going back to San Diego beginning of January to spend some time with them. I really like it at City Boxing, they got it going on.

KM: Can you give us an idea of how training at City Boxing supplements your other training? JI: All their classes are very cardiovascular and they are geared toward fights. Even the jiu-jitsu ones are very fast-paced, they are very ‘attack’, there is not a lot of breathing time. It is one of the nicest facilities in terms of equipment and stuff. There is a lot of energy there.

KM: How is training with Randy and Team Quest going? JI: Really good. We started yesterday. There are a bunch of guys here. Not too many big guys. Chael Sonnen had his own show here on Saturday night, the first night we arrived. This morning with Randy we went through one of his normal workouts, just us three. None of the Team Quest guys, just Randy. It was a rough workout, a good workout.

KM: Who are the other two that were with you? JI: Scott Smith and Brandon Vera.

KM: Anything else you want to get across before UFC? JI: Just that I have Capital City Fighting Alliance in the Sacramento area. There are not a lot of big name fighters there so we’re all pulling together. My manager Mike Roberts from Tire Barn is the guy. He is like my big brother.

KM: Any other sponsors to thank? JI: Alpha Male, Uriah Faber’s company. It’s a clothing line.

Source: ADCC


The television tapings for the first season of Real Pro Wrestling, set to debut in the U.S. for 15 consecutive Sundays starting Feb. 13 on the PAX TV network, were met with a warm response from those who witnessed them. The tapings were held Oct. 8 and 9 in Los Angeles, and attended by people with varying degrees of connection to the wrestling community.

One of those in attendance was Dan Gable, the Olympic, world, and NCAA champion wrestler, as well as the most successful college coach in history with 15 NCAA titles in 21 seasons at the University of Iowa. As a footnote, Gable was also a commentator on the one and only pay-per-view of that failed 1997 attempt to create a professional submission wrestling league, known as 'The Contenders.' So he has not only seen just about everything there is to see in amateur wrestling, but also has been keeping abreast of the various attempts of wrestling people to capitalize on the world-wide boom in interest in the combat sports in the past decade or so.

A few hours after the Real Pro Wrestling tapings concluded, I caught up with this wrestling legend at a post-event party to get his take on how it went. As usual, he was surrounded by well-wishers, those seeking autographs and photographs, old friends and colleagues, as well as newcomers to the world's oldest sport. Still, he took the time out to share his thoughts on Real Pro Wrestling in this exclusive interview.

I began by asking if he ever thought he would see the day when professional wrestling was real.

'Yeah, absolutely,' he replied without hesitation. 'I've been hoping for it for many, many years. I know it's been tried and hasn't really worked that well. But I really think that we got the opportunity to make it work now. I've been hoping for a professional wrestling league for years. It's been done in Germany for years.' The key, he added, was that such a league had to be started by those who have 'a passion for what you love.'

And in Real Pro Wrestling co-founders Toby Willis and Matt Case, Gable believes the right people have come forward. 'In reality it took a couple of special guys to put a lot on the line,' he continued. 'I didn't know these two guys were going to be the guys that stepped up. I would have thought maybe somebody that's been around longer. So it's been rather unique.'

Willis and Case are former college wrestlers themselves at the Big Ten school Northwestern and very much involved in all phases of amateur wrestling. But perhaps it is precisely because they haven't 'been around longer' it was easier for them to see outside of the box of amateur wrestling. We didn't pursue that line of thought, but went on to another topic.

For Real Pro Wrestling to succeed, its appeal must be not just to the dyed-in-the-wool wrestling fan, but to average sports fans. Gable thinks that they can succeed in attracting these types of fans.

'I really think that if they put and package the material that they have into an entertaining hour show, several ones, that we'll pick up a whole new audience,' he said. 'I've seen some of their past work, and this is probably even better footage hopefully. With that in mind, with that many opportunities in front of the masses, I think we'll get not only the hardcore wrestling people, but other wrestling people, and people start talking, and they'll start tuning in. I think it's a real good opportunity for us. And I hope everybody sticks by us during the whole time. It might take us to a new level.'

The Real Pro Wrestling rules are an attempt to create a unique blend of freestyle, Greco-Roman and Sumo wrestling that emphasizes and rewards action while also penalizing and preventing stalling as much as possible. The push-out rule, where one point is awarded to a wrestler who pushes his opponent out-of-bounds, in particular has helped stimulate the action, as was evident at these tapings.

'I like a lot of them,' commented Gable on the rules. He quickly added, though, 'But there's a few things I'd rather do another way. I think a smaller test event that didn't cost much money, which gave these guys an opportunity to test some of these rules ahead of time, might have made some of the things that were controversial eliminated. But I think there's a lot of good rules.'

Then he got specific. 'I think any time there's scoring action and nobody scores, then I don't go along with that,' said Gable. 'So I'm not real fond of the step-out rule with one foot. I'm more of a two-foot guy. It's too easy for somebody to do all the work and then lose a point. There's a few rules that I think that I would modify. But there's enough good ones that made for great wrestling.'

Still, he did acknowledge that these rules helped create a lot of action while producing much less stalling than is common under the various amateur wrestling rules used both internationally and in the U.S.

'They tried to address all those issues. That's what I like about them,' he remarked. 'It's a good thing to address the things that aren't good. They tried to address them. And I think they did a good job of it. But maybe we can even tweak these to make it even better. And that's the key. You get a product. You don't completely change it. You just kind of redefine some if it or maybe fine-tune it. I think that's all that's needed with what just took place. If you had a worthless product, then you need to completely overhaul it. But we've had wrestling for a hundred years, so we've had a good product. When we have changed it and gone completely in different things, bad things happen. When we completely changed our weight loss rules, three kids died. If you completely change the rules in your sport, your sport dies. And if you had a good sport, then just fine-tune it.'

Gable then outlined his relationship to Real Pro Wrestling.

'I'm kind of a consultant with them,' he stated. 'I work a lot with trying to help seal some deals with sponsors, and hopefully my input means a lot to them even the rules and those types of things to help make a good product. I wouldn't mind having some say even in the final product once they start putting things together in the final package.' And he added, 'I just think it's real crucial that they do the best job they can. And they can use people that like me that's got passion and are looking out for the future of the sport.'

We closed with me saying that I really hope that this project works.

'It'll work,' said Gable definitively. Then he cautioned, 'It depends on how well it works. That's the key.'

Source: ADCC


This year's first meet in the annual Bedlam Series between in-state rivals the University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University saw a much more even matchup of these two college wrestling powerhouses than in recent years. Last year, for example, these two teams wrestled three times, with Oklahoma State dominating by winning with margins of 23-12, 29-10, and 26-10.

On Sunday, each team won five matches in their dual meet held at the Lloyd Noble Center on the Oklahoma campus in Norman, OK. But in the end, the Oklahoma State Cowboys -- undefeated, top-ranked, and the two-time defending NCAA national champions -- were able to maintain their perfect record this season with a 21-16 victory sealed by bonus points from a pin and three major decisions. And the Cowboys did this despite an 11-10 upset loss by defending NCAA champion Chris Pendleton to Oklahoma's E.K. Waldhaus at 174 pounds.

Here is the University of Oklahoma press release with the results:

Sunday, Dec. 12, 2004
For Immediate Release
Kelly Wright

Oklahoma Wrestling Is Defeated By The Cowboys 21-16
Waldhaus upset No. 1 and defending national champion Pendleton

NORMAN, Okla. -- The eighth-ranked Sooners were defeated by top ranked Oklahoma State Sunday in the Lloyd Noble Center, 21-16. Oklahoma won four matches on the night with senior E.K. Waldhaus upsetting first-ranked and defending national champion, Chris Pendleton, by an 11-10 decision. Also scoring for the Sooners were Sam Hazewinkel (125), Joe Comparin (133), Teyon Ware (141) and Justin Dyer (184).

'There were a lot of good things that came out of the match tonight. We wrestled very tough and we showed what were capable of,' said Sooners head coach Jack Spates. 'We are not satisfied with our performance, but there are things to build on.'

Oklahoma won the first three matches and led with a team score of 10-0. Hazewinkel started the Sooners out strong with a major decision over Derrick Fleenor, 13-2. Comparin kept up the pace with a win over Justin Porter in overtime, 4-2 and Ware defeated Ronnie Delk, 9-6.

In front of 2871 people Waldhaus (174), ranked seventh, defeated Pendleton by 11-10 decision and tied the team score at 13.

'I saw a lot of character from this team tonight,' said Spates. 'E.K. Waldhaus dug deep tonight to beat the defending National Champion, which takes a lot of heart.'

'I knew if I kept fighting and shooting the double legs that I could get him,' said Waldhaus. 'I kept with my strategy and in the end I came away with a big win.'

With a team score of 17-16 Oklahoma State the dual came down to the heavyweight match. First-ranked Steve Mocco defeated Oklahoma's Jake Hager by major decision, 13-2.

The Sooners will return to the mat against Army on Thursday, Jan. 6, at Midwest City High School.

Weight-By-Weight Results

125: Hazewinkel (OU) Maj. Dec. 13-3 Fleenor (OSU)
133: Comparin (OU) Dec. 4-2 Porter (OSU)
141: Ware (OU) Dec. 9-6 Delk (OSU)
149: Esposito (OSU) Dec. 5-2 Storniolo (OU)
157: Ward (OSU) Maj. Dec. 13-2 Jones (OU)
165: Hendricks (OSU ) fall 1:19 Sulaver (OU)
174: Waldhaus (OU) Dec. Pendleton (OSU) 11-10
184: Dyer (OU) Dec. 10-7 Kehrer (OSU)
197: Rosholt (OSU) Maj. Dec 14-4 Flaggert (OU)
HWT: Mocco (OSU) Maj. Dec. 13-2 Hager (OU)

Source: ADCC


Quote of the Day

"Laziness may appear attractive, but work gives satisfaction."

Anne Frank, 1929-1945, German Jewish Refugee, Diarist

Academia Casca Grossa Goes International!

Keith Rose, who relocated to Japan has been sporting our shirts there and it finally got some press! Check it out at:

Thanks Keith!

December 14th, 2004
Tokyo, Japan

SHOOTO's end of the year event has gone off with many exciting results. Rumina Sato scored a one punch KO and Pequeno Noguiera won by guillotine again! In two title changes, Jake Shields dropped his SHOOTO belt at 167 lbs to up and comer Akira Kikuchi, while Shaolin Ribeiro lost his title at 154 lbs. in his rematch with Tatsuya Kawajiri.

Ladies: Megumi Fujii vs. Nadia Van Der Wel: Fujii by arm bar, rd 1.
Hiroyuki Abe vs. Makoto Ishikawa: NO CONTEST, stop on Abe cut.
Katsuya Toida vs. Rumina Sato: Sato by KO, rd 2.
Hiroyuki Takaya vs. Gilbert Melendez: Melendez by Judges Decision.

SHOOTO TITLE BOUT: Alexandre F. Nogueira vs. Hideki Kadowaki: Pequeno by guillotine, rd 1.
SHOOTO TITLE BOUT: Jake Shields vs. Akira Kikuchi: Kikuchi wins by Judges Decision.
SHOOTO TITLE BOUT: Vitor 'Shaolin' Ribeiro vs. Tatsuya Kawajiri: Kawajiri by TKO, RD 3.

Source: ADCC


Wes Sims could not move his arm above his head. That was BEFORE the fight started against Tim Sylvia at SuperBrawl. Sims had doctors administer four shots to his elbow just before fighting Sylvia.

"It hurt like hell", Sims told MMAWeekly describing the injury. "I had it pop four times in my last fight in Rumble on the Rock, so I knew it would be tough." Sims felt he did well at the beginning of the fight but once the fight went to the ground he was in just too much pain. "I couldn't even left my arm up to defend myself. I will get surgery on it and be back." Sims said.

Surgery will keep Sims on the shelf for a few months. His arm may be hurt, but right now his record has been worse. Sims has just one win in his last seven fights. It's unknown when or if he will return to MMA.

Source: MMA Weekly

Bushido 5 Review

Pride's Bushido 5, which took place at Osaka Castle Hall on October 14th, began airing on North American pay per view recently.

It was the first show in the Bushido series without Mirko Cro Cop or another major middleweight or heavyweight headliner to sell the show. A crowd estimate for the show was 9,000 to 10,000 people in attendance. I believe capacity for Castle Hall is around 15,000 or so. Considering the show was headlined by someone who had never carried a Pride card on his name alone (Takanori Gomi) against an unknown from the U.S. (Charles Bennett), I don't think the show drew so badly.

Pride is planning on running a lightweight Grand Prix next year, featured on the Bushido events and built around Gomi. All of the Pride Grand Prix tournaments are built around the idea of the native star trying to overcome the best fighters in the world to win the tournament. In 2000, it was Sakuraba. In 2003, it was Yoshida. In 2004, it was Ogawa. It will be interesting to see what this will do for Gomi's name value in Japan, and how well the tournament will draw based around smaller fighters and around a native star in Gomi with less name value than any other top native star that has gone in deep in a Pride Grand Prix tournament.

They have a lot of skilled fighters to choose from to participate in such a tournament, but not very many guys with name value. Pride is said to be making very large money offers to lightweight and welterweight fighters, which is against tradition in MMA, as usually small fighters don't command large paychecks. Pride also seems to be wanting to run a Middleweight Grand Prix again next year as well, so the question is whether the Bushido Grand Prix will get lost in the mix without a major box office draw. It will be interesting, because K-1 has been able to successfully run the World Grand Prix Finals every year and still do tournaments on the Max show without the Max shows getting lost in the mix. In fact, K-1 Max has been a standout aspect of K-1 for the last couple of years.

But Bushido isn't as well booked or promoted as Max. You don't see top heavyweights on K-1 Max fighting in squash matches (i.e. Mirko Cro Cop vs. Norihisa Yamamoto), or heavyweights such as Igor Vovchanchyn returning from an absence or stuff like that. When you have a series like Bushido, and you use it to book name fighters against unknown opponents in easy fights in order to just get a name guy on the show and not risk him against another top guy, it makes the entire show feel very b-level. K-1 Max has a distinct separation from K-1's heavyweight division, in that everyone knows that K-1 Max is only for middleweight fighters, and the top middleweight fighters are pushed just as hard on K-1 Max shows as the heavyweight fighters are on the heavyweight shows. When Pride books lesser name heavyweight fighters or b-level heavyweight fights as headline or featured matches on the Bushido shows along with other lightweight fights, it's like saying that the top lightweight fighters and matches are only as good as the b-level heavyweight (or middleweight) fighters and matches.

On the October 14th show, Takanori Gomi defeated Charles "Krazy Horse" Bennett from King of the Cage in the main event. Bennett is a fighter I've been watching since the first time he fought for King of the Cage on pay per view, and he's very, very charismatic and has very exciting fights. He trains with Colin Ohyama, and has a fighting and an interview style similar to Quinton Jackson. This was Bennett's debut with Pride, and they had an exciting fight and I thought he got over well, especially at the finish where the referee stopped the match because Bennett wouldn't tap to a kimura. Anyone watching Bennett for two seconds realizes that if he improves as a fighter, he could be the Bushido version of Quinton Jackson because otherwise he has all the right tools to do it.

Another interesting debut on Bushido 5 was that of Crosley Gracie, who comes from Ralph Gracie's gym. He defeated Hayato Sakurai, who a few years ago was considered one of the best fighters at his weight before being stopped by Matt Hughes in UFC in March 2002, in the second round with an armbar. Crosley refers to himself as a "new generation" Gracie fighter who is better at stand-up than most Gracies, but although he looked very skilled, his fight still revolved around the slow Gracie grappling-style and it made for a fairly dull fight, at least in the first round before Sakurai got submitted in the second.

Overall, though, Bushido 5 was a very solid show for an event mostly built around lightweights. The only non-lightweight matches on the card were Igor Vovchanchyn's return from a long absence (or what can be considered a long absence for Vovchanchyn, who has a reputation for fighting constantly in Pride), looking very good in destroying an easy opponent in Shamoji Fujii. Mauricio "Shogun" Rua also looked very good, completely dominating Yasuhito Namekawa, who seemed to have nothing to offer in the way of striking, in the opening match, and in somewhat of a shocker, a sumo actually won an MMA fight when Henry "Sentoryu" Miller, who is from St. Louis but is half-Japanese and was born in Japan, knocked out Mal Foki from Australia. I can't think of any other instance in MMA history where a sumo has actually won a fight. Foki's gimmick is that he's one-half of a twin brother combo from down under, with his twin brother being Mat Foki, who lost to Aleksander Emelianenko at Bushido 3. Neither of them strike me as being particularly skilled.

Source: Maxfighting

Gilbert Melendez In Shooto

It seems that Gilbert Melendez can't get a day's rest of late. Not only did he defeat Kaynan Kaku at the most recent Rumble on the Rock show last month, but this upcoming Tuesday, December 14th in Tokyo, Japan he will be facing off against number one ranked Shooto lightweight Hiroyuki Takaya. Currently busy splitting training time between various gyms in northern and central California, Melendez took time from his hectic training schedule to talk to MMA Weekly's Mick Hammond about the fight first hand and explain how it all came about.

MMA Weekly: How did this fight come up?

Gilbert Melendez: I heard word of the fight while I was out in Hawaii last month. It got mentioned to me and I was like "if it's at 153lbs, 155lbs, or whatever they've got over there I'll do it," and then I got back to California and somehow I said yes to 143lbs. It's hurting right now making the weight but I'm ready. I feel in really good shape and everything but firstly I want to make weight.

MMA Weekly: How do you feel going below your normal fighting weight of 155lbs to take this fight at 143lbs?

Gilbert Melendez: I fought Bozo (Stephen Paling) at 145lbs on Rumble on the Rock 4 and that was a killer, but I've really leaned out a lot more right now. I'm on a real low calorie diet; I'm as lean as possible I think right now, so it'll be easier to cut the weight now.

MMA Weekly: How has your preparation changed to make this kind of weight?

Gilbert Melendez: I'm running a lot more right now, my two-a-day training turned into three-a-days now. So I'm working hard to keep that weight down. I'm a little low energy at practice sometimes because you can't eat as much and stuff, but once I eat and get my weight back up after I weigh in I'll be so excited to fight.

MMA Weekly: Talk is that the winner of this fight could see a title shot against Alexandre Nogueira next year sometime, how do you feel about that possibility?

Gilbert Melendez: That's the whole reason why I said I'd do it. That's the reason I actually ended up agreeing to it, Cesar (Gracie, Melendez's manager and trainer) told me "if you fight him you'll be the number one contender," allegedly. If they try to tell me to fight someone else at 143lbs again I won't do it. The only reason for me to do it is if I win I should get my chance against Pequeno (Alexandre Nogeuira) for the title. He's the number one 143lb fighter in the world and I want to be number one for a second at 143lbs. That wouldn't be too bad you know. So I'd love to fight him, that's the one of the main reasons I took this fight, to get a chance against him and never fight at this weight ever again (laughs).

MMA Weekly: What do you know about your opponent Takaya?

Gilbert Melendez: I know he's tough, I know he knocked out Bozo (Paling) and was supposed to fight (Jens) Pulver so I'm pretty sure he's tough as hell. He's a top ranked Shooto guy, I think he's mainly stand up and hard to take down. He fought Joao Roque who is another 145lb fighter who is pretty good and drew with him. But I haven't seen any tape; I'm just going to use my height on him and my intensity keep pressure on him and break him. That's my plan.

MMA Weekly: Do you have any fights set up after this in the near future after the short turn around between this fight and your last?

Gilbert Melendez: Hell no, I'm taking a break for sure (laughs). I think there's a ROTR coming up in late February or early March so Jake (Shields) and I both plan on fighting on that, so we are trying to work things out with JD (Penn) and everything out there. I love that show out there, they took care of me real nicely and were really cool so I'd love to go back out there and fight for them.

MMA Weekly: Is there a chance we could see you fight in the mainland US next year?

Gilbert Melendez: If someone offered me something. I want to fight in the UFC. I just want to fight there, or wherever they offer me a good opportunity for me to prove myself. I want to fight really tough competitors and improve myself and test myself.

MMA Weekly: Thanks a lot for the time Gilbert, is there anything you want to say as we close this out?

Gilbert Melendez: Everything is ready to go, I just can't wait to make this weight and then I'll be so excited to fight. I'm going to go out there and win; I don't plan on losing.

Source: MMA Weekly


Saturday, December 11th saw two of Denver’s favorite fighters return to
the ring in Pete Spratt and Duane “Bang” Ludwig. Playing to a full
house, both fighters walked away victorious.

Originally slated to face kickboxing world champion Grisha Todorov in
defense of his own ISKA world title, Ludwig instead ended up facing Lee
King of Texas in a non-title K-1 rules kickboxing bout. (Todorov was in
a car accident and obviously unable to compete.)

Ludwig wasted no time banging out a victory over King. By the time
special guest referee Cecil Peoples stopped the bout at 2:57 of the
second round, Ludwig had knocked King down three times.

The surprising part of his win is that Ludwig barely used his kicks to
do much of the damage. Since starting to train with Trevor Wittman of
T’s KO more than two years ago, Ludwig has improved the technique and
power of his punches tremendously.

Despite taking this fight at 167 pounds, about 12 to 13 pounds higher
than usual, Ludwig consistently beat King to the punch and definitely
landed the much harder shots which led to the knockout.

Speaking with Ludwig after the fight, he currently has hopes to take
more fights at or near167 pounds in the upcoming year. He has a desire
to compete in kickboxing and to make a return to mixed martial arts
whether it is under the K-1 banner or for the Ultimate Fighting

After losing his last couple of fights, Pete “The Secret Weapon” Spratt
returned to Denver looking to get back on the winning track. Though he
looked a little out of synch at times, Spratt did get back on track
after scoring a split decision victory over Denver bad-boy John “The
Annihilator” Cronk.

Though he looked to be in tremendous physical condition, Spratt had a
very difficult time finding a rhythm against Cronk. Part of Spratt’s
problem could have been due to the fact that he was up all night having
trouble sleeping due to difficulty adjusting to the altitude in Denver,
but he made no excuses giving Cronk full credit for being elusive and
coming to fight.

Spratt landed more frequently than Cronk and packed a lot of power in
his strikes, but that didn’t stop Cronk from landing a nice hook kick
in the second round. In the end, Spratt won out in a methodical fight
that didn’t quite spark as many of the fireworks that most expected.
With the win, Spratt walked away with the ISKA U.S. Cruiserweight

Like Ludwig, Spratt is looking to make a return to mixed martial arts
in 2005. He said that he “put [UFC matchmaker] Joe Silva on notice”
that he will be working his way back into the UFC in the next year.

Mile High Altitude Martial Arts (owned by Nathan Marquardt) fighter Tom
Sarah earned a solid win in a tremendous battle with Ft. Collins,
Colorado fighter Noah Thomas. As well, up and coming heavyweight
fighter Mike Nickels pounded out another victory as he starts to make
his mark on the Ring of Fire heavyweight division.


Mixed Martial Arts (All amateur bouts):
Lorenzo Coca def. Travis Sherman by Rear Naked Choke at 2:14 of Round 2
Joe Dougherty def. Nobu Yugai by TKO at 2:14 of Round 2
Rocky Johnson def. Ben Phillips by Rear Naked Choke at 0:37 of Round 2
Tom Sarah def. Noah Thomas by Unanimous Decision after 3 Rounds
Aaron Romero def. Chad Lemoine by Unanimous Decision after 3 Rounds
Mike Nickels def. James Meyers by TKO at 2:33 of Round 1

K-1 Rules Kickboxing:
Mike Baldwin def. Evan Esguerra by Unanimous Decision after 3 Rounds
Jacob Conliffe def. Terry Pettek by TKO at 1:43 of Round 2 (Pro)
Christian Allen def. Jeff Barney by TKO at 2:24 of Round 2 (Pro)
Pete Spratt def. John Cronk by Split Decision after 5 Rounds (Pro)
Duane Ludwig def. Lee King by KO at 2:57 of Round 2 (Pro)

Source: MMA Weekly


Actor and Supposed martial artist Jean-Claude Van Damme told the media that he would like to "return to fighting and win the K-1 world title".

The 44-year old Van Damme claims to have once been European karate champion, but his claims have since been thoroughly researched and supposedly found to be false.

Furthermore, Howard Hanson, President of the World Karate Association, claims that he only found evidence of Van Damme competing in one amateur bout.

Source: Fight Sport

News: Ricardão is back to the rings

After Brazil Dojo fell apart, Ricardo Moraes, known as Ricadão were out of MMA circuit for a while. However Brazilian giant is back to training: "Ask Zé Mário and Rogério Minotouro about it? Minotouro said to me a punch from Ricardão is like a chair strike in the head"," stated Muay Thai trainer Luiz Alves. Ricardo is losing some weight - from 140kg to 120kg - and now he will go to the mat to sharpen his game on the feet. "He is going to train with Dedé Pederneiras," guaranteed. His return is scheduled to happen on January 29, in California.

Source: Tatame


Quote of the Day

"Laziness may appear attractive, but work gives satisfaction."

Anne Frank, 1929-1945, German Jewish Refugee, Diarist

Punishment In Paradise


Sat Jan 22,2005 Punishment In Paradise will be holding Shooto sanction fights featuring UFC Veteran Ronald Jhun. We at P.I.P are very excited and hope to build a succesful and long going relationship. This gives Hawaii fighters a chance to be seen and advance, Look for more news coming soon.

Source: Promoter

Super Brawl Correction

In the Andre Roberts, Ruben Villareal. Judges scoredcards read 29-29, 29-29, 29-28 Ruben "Warpath" Villareal. The ring announcer mistakenly announced Villareal as the winner when in fact the correct result was a majority draw.

Andre Roberts' record is now 15-1-1
and former Gladiator Challenge Champion, Ruben Villareal's record is now 6-4-1
Source: ADCC

Saku - Silva: Forth Time's The Charm

On November 30th, Pride officially announced the fourth outing of Kazushi Sakuraba vs. Wanderlei Silva to take place on New Year's Eve, as the match had been rumored for a number of days leading up to the announcement. Also announced were Jens Pulver vs. Takanori Gomi, which had been rumored for the last few weeks as well, and Dan Henderson vs. Yuki Kondo.

Sakuraba vs. Silva isn't the best choice of booking for Pride, and it's a sign of desperation to put Sakuraba in a fight that will draw on TV on New Year's Eve, which will once again be a heavy night of competition with Pride, K-1 and the Red & White concert special on NHK all airing back-to-back. It originally seemed as if it would be Sakuraba vs. Kiyoshi Tamura, but Tamura turned down the match.

The patterns of a business downfall for Pride are already in place. Not that any downfall in business is going to come overnight or anything like that, but the very fact that they are stuck with booking Sakuraba against Silva once again shows that they are running out of fresh opponents for their current stars, and have been unable to create new native stars to carry the company.

When you look at their booking situation, who else could you book Sakuraba against? Tamura is a great idea, but he didn't want to do the fight. Yoshida and Sakuraba aren't interested in facing each other. There aren't very many other opponents you could put Sakuraba against that would not be seriously risking Sakuraba's reputation as a fighter. If you're going to put Sakuraba in against a tough opponent, you may as well book him against Silva because it's pretty much guaranteed to draw.

This also presents a problem for next year's proposed Middleweight Grand Prix tournament. Pride needs to book the tournament around the native star in order to draw money, just like all of the past Pride Grand Prix tournaments have been booked around Sakuraba, Yoshida and Naoya Ogawa. Looking at Pride's roster, which native star could they book, and who would they fight in the first round in the match that would have to be the ticket seller? It's a smart idea to book a Japanese vs. another Japanese in the first round of the tournament because that way you guarantee that a Japanese fighter gets into the second round, but if Tamura won't fight Sakuraba, and Sakuraba and Yoshida won't face each other, and Yoshida vs. Tamura has already been done in the first round of the 2003 Grand Prix, what's left?

You would then have to look at the idea of booking a Japanese fighter vs. a major foreign drawing card. The biggest foreign drawing at the middleweight level is Silva. If you do Sakuraba vs. Silva on New Year's Eve and Sakuraba loses again, could you realistically book Sakuraba vs. Silva for a fifth time just a few months later? I wouldn't think so. Silva has already fought and defeated Kiyoshi Tamura in a quick match, and defeated Yoshida in the 2003 Grand Prix in a very exciting match, so both of those fights have already been done, although out of all these ideas for first round Grand Prix matches that will draw money, Yoshida vs. Silva would seem to be the best, but that's not saying much.

Sakuraba needs to be protected at this point in his career. Everyone knows he is past his prime. When you book Sakuraba in matches where it's nearly impossible for him, you're taking a lot of the gas out of his tank. Yes, Silva vs. Sakuraba will most likely draw, because it's drawn big money every single time they've done it. But for the long-term future of Pride it's just a question of bigger problems, because once Sakuraba is done, they have not created a new native Japanese star to take his place. And creating a new star at that level is much easier said than done, and there isn't even anyone in sight for Pride to take Sakuraba's spot as the company's top draw.

If Pride had been able to create new native stars, there wouldn't be the need to book Silva vs. Sakuraba. But they've ended up being booked into a position where that fight is going to happen, and it probably won't be the last time, either.

The first Sakuraba-Silva match took place on March 25th, 2001 at Pride 13 at Saitama Super Arena. The show was a huge hit, although Sakuraba was allegedly ill in the weeks leading up to the match and couldn’t train properly, and Silva destroyed him in only 1:28. The win turned Silva into an overnight superstar, because Sakuraba was undefeated in Pride up to that point, and because Silva had the right look and persona and had handled Sakuraba so easy, Japanese fans bought into him as the monster foreign heel.

The second match headlined the Tokyo Dome on November 3rd, 2001, drawing a gate of $5.5 million with Silva and Sakuraba facing off for the newly created Pride Middleweight title. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira had already defeated Heath Herring in a match of the year candidate earlier in the card to win the new Pride Heavyweight title, and Sakuraba fared much better this time against Silva, but suffered a shoulder injury and the fight was stopped after the first round.

The next match between the two took place in the first round of the 2003 Grand Prix at Saitama Super Arena on August 10th, 2003. Silva quickly knocked Sakuraba at 5:01 in a match that was mostly stand-up.

Source: Maxfighting

PRIDE Auditions Interview with MARCOS AVELLAN

Marcos Avellan took part in the recent Pride auditions in L.A. along with FFA teammate Charles McCarthy. Marcos may not be familiar to MMA fans at this point as he has only fought once in AFC but around the grappling circuit he is very well known. At the Abu Dhabi North American trials in September he not only won his weight division and an invite to the Worlds in May but he did it not one but two weight classes above his previous competition weight. Being such a standout we caught up with Marcos literally right after his Pride audition.

KM: Now that it is all over how do you think you did? MA: Its hard to tell because normally I take about a minute or two to really get going and start passing guard and both guys I went up against were really tough. Nick Ring, I grappled him in (North American) Abu Dhabi (qualifier) and I beat him 3-0 in a ten-minute match. I had one minute now and I think I swept him once and I think in a scramble I got on top once. He’s a tough fighter so its kind of expected. I hope they can understand that. The second fight I fought with Charles, another monster, my training partner. He knows everything I go for. We had a good one-minute roll but there were no guard passes or submissions. I fought good guys but its not the same feeling of satisfaction you get when you run through someone’s guard and armbar them. Considering the level of talent I was up against I think I did good. How good I did I don’t know, there are a lot of tough guys here. Overall I’m happy.

KM: I think that was a good sign that out of six people they asked three of you to stay for more. I’m not aware of them doing that to any other group. Do you remember what your thoughts were at that time? MA: I wasn’t sure what happened. Charles says that, that there were just us three but if they called us three to one side and the other three to another I don’t know. They did do something like that. I think me, Nick, and Charles did the best in that group there but I don’t know how I compared to everyone else.

KM: I have to ask about the North American trials. You won the division in September and have until May before the Worlds. How do you look back at that experience? MA: Still very excited about it. I maintain my weight because it is a big fluctuation for me. I maintained it, I feel very strong at this weight, and I’m confident in May I can win the whole tournament. That is what I’m going there for. I’m still training, upping my training regimen, and am feeling very good.

KM: You mentioned the match against King. Remind me who you beat in the second round? MA: Rick Macauley. That was a tough fight also I won I think 5-0. It was a guard pass and a sweep as he was going for a guillotine I got on top. In the final match it was Justin Garcia and I won that one 2-0. It was a little bit stale of a match but a win is a win and that is a tough guy. I wasn’t as prepared as I should have been for that tournament so I’m very proud of that performance.

KM: The Abu Dhabi rules are a little different. How did you and are you going to train differently for the Abu Dhabi rules than you normally do? MA: I’ve been working a lot more wrestling. You know how they call stalling and stuff people get away with it a lot, I think with the ADCC rules whoever ends up on top is pretty important. I’ve been working a lot with my wrestling but pretty much train like I always train. I still want to fight NHB and that is why I’m here at the Pride tryouts, so just train my normal regimen and incorporate my kickboxing, my wrestling, and my jiu-jitsu and when I go there I know I’m going to be ready. I train with some of the best guys; I train with my brother David Avellan, Charles McCarthy, Efrain Ruiz, the guys at the academy and I’m very confident.

KM: First five minutes is no points. Does that affect your strategy? MA: I went into the trials with the strategy to keep it cool the first five and when I got in there I tried to submit the guys in the first five. Just depends on the other guy’s energy I guess, how I feel when I go in there. In the same tournament I choked one five-minute round and the other I went all-out. I guess I just go with how I feel. I’m a pretty emotional fighter when I grapple, I only have gameplans when I fight NHB. I just go with the flow of it.

KM: Your only NHB fight I saw was AFC where you were 155 but at the Abu Dhabi trials you cut to make 195 or so. What happened and would you continue to fight at Middleweight? MA: After that fight I went through a growth spurt or something, I put on a lot of weight. I walked around at 170, now I walk around at 194. I like it like this; less stress and I don’t have to cut weight and stuff. I plan to stay at this weight and fight NHB at 185 or 170 depending on the pay. All my sparring partners are that weight and I’m fine with them. They kick ass. I’m comfortable at this weight.

KM: As far as FFA it is you and your brother own it and Efrain Ruiz is head instructor? MA: The head instructors are myself, my brother, Efrain Ruiz, and we have other black belts such as Ricardo Teixeira, out jiu-jitsu black belt instructor. He has a school in Jupiter two hours away and they are FFA Jupiter. We also have other black belts like Josh Mansel in Ft. Lauderdale an hour away. Some of our other instructors include judo black belt Carlo Trujillo and purple belt instructor Robert Mallon and Eric “El Tigre” Castonas, former three-time World Champion kickboxer. I’m sure there are a couple other guys but I’m kind of tired right now. I took a kick to the ear somewhere there.

KM: Between now and the ADCC Worlds if Pride doesn’t call or have anything until after the Worlds are you going to look for another NHB fight? MA: Yes, February in the next AFC. Grappling-wise I’m always grappling. Have another competition coming up in two weeks.

KM: Sponsors to thank? MA: Rob at Pool Pros who Charles mentioned, Gordon Hester, Carlos Teixeira, and Joe Mullings from American Mixed Martial Arts. Everyone from the academy at FFA, all my brothers and sisters there. They are the ones who help motivate me and they are my training partners. Without them I wouldn’t be where I am now.

KM: Does FFA have a website? MA: Yes, our website is You can check out all our information there like highlight videos and if you live in Miami we have a thirty day free trial.

Source: ADCC

PRIDE Auditions Interview with KADILLAC MARSHBANKS!

Kadillac Marshbanks was one of about forty Heavyweights that competed in the recent Pride auditions in Los Angeles. What is a little surprising is he fought just six days prior against “Scary” Jerry Vrbanovic for the King of the Cage Unlimited Superfight belt, a fight he won by unanimous decision based largely on his multiple takedowns and damage to Jerry’s face on the ground. That fight was on the current KOTC pay-per-view show which airs through December reaching an estimated 60 million households. Less known than that was Marshbanks fought just three weeks prior at Total Combat in Tijuana, a show whose results aren’t on most internet databases.

KM: What are your thoughts on winning the belt? KM: I was real confident, sure of what I was going to do. Had a focused mind.

KM: You were an underdog against ‘Scary’ Jerry. You seemed to really control him with wrestling. How do you feel that was your chance to shine as an underdog? KM: Underdog doesn’t mean too much to me as long as I know what I’m doing. I talked to someone before that and they said ‘if you can slam Scary Jerry most likely you can go to Pride and that is what I ended up doing. If you tell me that is going to make me move farther that is what I’m going to go ahead and attempt to do.

KM: It was relatively short notice. Jerry was supposed to fight Eric Pele. KM: And I fought about three weeks before. I was on crutches when I took the fight. I wasn’t ready to go but took the fight anyway. I did what I had to do. I’ve been trying to get into KOTC for a long time so hurt or not hurt I didn’t want to pass it up.

KM: What were you up to before this? KM: Doing jiu-jitsu. I was fighting out at Tijuana at Total Combat, some underground fights. I’ve been active up to this fight. I don’t defend this belt until May but will try to get into Pride and still do my jiu-jitsu and keep active.

KM: Here at the Pride auditions it’s 1:11, we’ve been here for about two hours and are still on the Lightweights. You have a couple hours to go before the Heavyweights start and you are #25. How are you feeling right now? KM: It’s nothing new. When I wrestled in High School I was always the last one. I’ve been to cage fight where I got there five or six hours before. As long as I pace myself…ain’t no sense in me working out. I can’t be working out five hours early and try to roll. Just got to pace myself and stay relaxed.

KM: Most people here are more laid back then I thought they would be. Here it is Pride but the competitors are saying it’s like a day at the gym with a new person. KM: A lot of people now are coming out to where everybody has their own skills and they are confident, they believe in them so it turns into a more mellow place. It’s when you got people that are unconfident with what they can do with their abilities, that is when it gets kind of hectic.

KM: Anything else you can explain about the ‘before’ and ‘after’ mindset with this being the ‘before’ your chance to audition? KM: I see this as a big opportunity to achieve one of my other goals. One of my goals was to be the KOTC champ and I already did that. My other is to get into Pride and hopefully get a title there too. This is a trial process, I got to go do what I have to do and find out from there.

At this point Quinton Jackson “joined” (bulldozed into) the conversation.

QJ: This is the real black man. (Joking) Kadillac is an imposter. He tried to go out there and do the slams like the real black man, Rampage. Next thing you know he is going to trade in his Cadillac and get a tank and start wearing camouflage. Before you know it he’s going to have a chain. I got to nip that in the bud. (Everybody laughs). I can’t have that.

(To Kadillac) Since you just won the belt and are competing today I got to give you the last word. How would you respond to Quinton? KM: I’ve seen Rampage since the beginning in KOTC, I got to give him a lot of respect for his attitude and everything! I am glad to be where I am now and I plan to keep going.

Source: ADCC


After his eight-round destruction of Danny Williams Saturday night in the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, WBC heavyweight champ Vitali Klitschko made a stop at the hospital to check his hands. After the fight Klitschko said that both of them had become swollen during the fight. He later returned to the Mandalay Bay and met with the media. By the time you are reading this, he and brother Wladimir will be en route to Ukraine.

If you missed the live broadcast of this fight or want to see it again, it will be rebroadcast in the U.S. next Saturday night, Dec. 18. That fight will be part of the HBO broadcast featuring the live light heavyweight fight between Antonio Tarver and Glen Johnson. The broadcast will start at 9 PM ET, so make sure to check your local listings.

Here is the press release with Vitali Klitschko's post-fight quotes.


After returning from the hospital at around midnight, WBC Heavyweight Champion Vitali Klitschko met with the press to discuss his devastating eighth-round knockout victory over Danny Williams Saturday night on HBO Pay-Per-View at Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino, his future plans and more.


'I went to the hospital as a precaution because both my hands were swollen. They are taped now but the doctor said I will be fine and could fight in a couple of months. Nothing is broken. This is no big deal.

'I cannot say exactly when I hurt them, or with what punch, but I first started to feel pain in the hands in the second round, and felt more and more pain in each round thereafter.

'I feel good. I did not take a lot of punches in the fight. Danny Williams did never hurt me.

'I tried to finish him in the first round, but Danny Williams showed a lot of heart and came back. I was very surprised at how many punches he took.

'I am happy with my performance, but fights, like life, are all about learning and gaining experience. I hope the fans enjoyed our fight tonight. I fight for the audience. They are the ones who pay to watch me fight and I hope they will want to watch me again.

'The best is yet to come.

'I am not prepared to say who I will fight next, or when the fight will be, or where. There are several possibilities, lots of big names. We will see.

'This victory was important not just for me, but for my country. This is the first time a Ukrainian sportsman is a boxing world champion. I hope I made the people there happy.

'My brother, Wladimir, and I leave for Germany early in the morning (Sunday) and will spend one day there before heading to Ukraine.'

Source: ADCC


Quote of the Day

"In the practice of tolerance, one's enemy is the best teacher."

Dalai Lama, 1935-, Tibet Religious Leader Resides In India

Royler on the way to Japan

BJJ black belt and four times BJJ World Champion Royler Gracie departed to Japan last Friday (10). He will be at his brother Royce Gracie’s corner at December 31’s K1. Royce will do one of the main fights of the event against Yokozuna Taro Akebono, in Japan. Royler is a little concerned about Akebono’s weight: 230kg.

“He is too damn heavy and a Sumo champion. I’ve watched tapes of him fighting, I know Royce needs to be careful with his powerful jabs. But the real danger is his weight. Can you imagine those 230kg lying on you? During a take down you could really get hurt! You might break a rib or even a leg,” warned Royler, who at the same time believes his brother will defeat the Hawaiian Sumo fighter.

“Royce knows it will be a very important fight. He will face a Yokuzuna and he is very confident. At the same time we know he has a problem with stamina. The fact Royce is not a striker, I believe he will try to take the fight to the ground, but that it’s going to be a problem due to his weight. In the end, I am sure Royce will win,” believes Gracie Humaitá’s black belt.

Source: ADCC

SHOOTO: End of Year Event in Japan This Week!
December 14th, 2004
Tokyo, Japan

SHOOTO's end of year event is highlighted by the return of 3 of the organizations foreign champions, Brazilians 'Pequeno' Noguiera and 'Shaolin' Ribeiro and American Jake Shields. All three return to Tokyo to face stiff opposition, and all three challengers will have the hometown adnvantage.

The undercard features returning SHOOTO stars Rumina Sato and Hiroyuki Abe as well as a ladies bout.

COMPLETE CARD (Subject To Change):
Ladies: Megumi Fujii vs. Nadia Van Der Wel
Hiroyuki Abe vs. Makoto Ishikawa
Katsuya Toida vs. Rumina Sato
Hiroyuki Takaya vs. Gilbert Melendez
SHOOTO TITLE BOUT: Alexandre F. Nogueira vs. Hideki Kadowaki
SHOOTO TITLE BOUT: Jake Shields vs. Akira Kikuchi
SHOOTO TITLE BOUT: Vitor 'Shaolin' Ribeiro vs. Tatsuya Kawajiri

Source: ADCC

Damien Maia talks about his win in ADCC Trials Brazil

Damien Maia was one of the big surprises in the 2005 ADCC Trials Brazil. Damien is a Brasa team poorly kept secret and while he was still recovering from a recent knee surgery that kept him from being in top form, Damien was still able to beat two World Absolute Champions in the same event. Damien beat Fernando Margarida in the opening round and followed it by defeating Rodrigo Comprido by 2 x 0 Score.

Damien announced to the world that he is back and ready to fight:

'The Trials were tremendous and I was fortunate to come out on top. I had to do two qualifiers, the pre-qualifier the week before and the finals in Sao Paulo. It was a marathon. I am very happy that my knee is back, it is still only 70% recovered. I had surgery 2 months ago and wasn't sure how it would hold up under the real fight condition.

I was the only one to win both qualifiers as well, so I am really happy for that. In the Campos pre-trials I beat current World Champion Braulio 'Caracara' and then in Sao Paulo I beat my idol Margarida!'

In May 2005 I will be in top form for 2005 ADCC!'

ADCC 2005 will be the best. See you there!

2005 American Nationals Date Correction

The correct date for the 2005 American Nationals is September 25th. When we announced the IBJJF calendar for 2005 the date was incorrect. Mark your calendars and be there!

Source: ADCC

George St. Pierre wins Submission wrestling 8-Man Tournament!!!

Ontario Submission Wreestling Invitational 3 Results from Sunday December
5th 2004 in Hamilton Ontario Canada. Event was sponsored,Rio Fight Wear, SPRAWL CANADA, Booste Juice and the Sports Nutrition Depot.

1st round grand prix ---
-Kyle Sandford(Renzo Gracie) def Cory Macdonald(Gladiator) by points
-Georges St Pierre(BTT CANADA) def Mike Nomikos by straight armlock
-AJ Scales(NOVA UNAIO) recieves a bye (jordan damon no show)
-Rowan Cunningham(Abhaya/Team Joslin) def Kyle Saunders(Roy Harris) by points

2nd round grand prix
-Georges St. Pierre def Kyle Sandford by points
-AJ Scales def Rowan Cunningham by points

1)Wade Shanley(BTT CANADA) def Mike Hong(MARCUS SOARES) by armlock
2)Sean Pierson def Ken Kronenberg (ken also no show)
3)David Aguzzi(BTT CANADA) def Bryan Edge(Team Joslin/Alliance) by triangle
4)Ze Mario Esfiha(NiagaraBJJ/Traven) def Rodrigo Munduruca(MundurucaBJJ) (Mundurca tore acl in first 30 sec)

Grand Prix Finals
-Kyle Sandford def Rowan by points for third
-St Pierre def AJ Scales by kimura to win the grand prix!

For more news and photos of the event visit

Source: ADCC

PRIDE Auditions: Catching Up With Chris Brennan

At the recent Pride auditions in L.A. two Next Generation competitors tried out, Buck Greer and Adam Lynn. Next Generation’s owner/instructor Chris Brennan himself is a Pride Bushido vet as well as a UFC vet and former KOTC champion, a fact which seemed to give his fighters an edge in the pack. Due to this Chris was ‘interviewed’ throughout the day.

Before the auditions

KM: It is going to be a long day for you. You have fighters in Lightweight and Middleweight today. What is your mindset right now? CB: Kind of confused I guess because you aren’t allowed to go live and then they say we’ll go live. Some standup, some ground. Lucky for us most of my guys are good standup and on the ground. Its not a case of they are better somewhere than another. I’m excited. I hope they get to really show their skills so we’ll see what happens.

KM: Seems like the newer fighters are on the same footing than some of the most experienced. CB: That is what I’m saying. I hope all the guys get to show how good they are when they have to let the other guy armbar them, let them punch, let them kick. We’ll see.

KM: As a coach and fighter can you improve on the way this is run? CB: I guess not here. If we were somewhere where MMA was legal then I guess you could let them go a little more and see what everyone can do but being in California and not being allowed to fight I guess this is as good as you can do it here.

KM: Adam Lynn is Lightweight #46. How do you keep your fighter focused? CB: You can’t unfocus Adam Lynn. He’s a different breed of person. We’ll keep Buck (Greer) warm, have to warm him up. Adam is a mental nutcase.

After the auditions

KM: Now that it is all over what are your perceptions on how the day went? CB: Pretty good. Both my guys did pretty well but then again its hard to tell because they are allowed to go a certain speed so they all look even. The fact I fight here (Pride) really helps us out a little. I know they were looking at both of them before they came.

KM: Everybody knows you have an edge. CB: That is the point.

KM: How do you guys prepare for this? CB: You know how they are, they show up last minute and call last minute so we trained like it was going to be a fight just in case. We didn’t know what was going to happen.

KM: Did it effect them at all the uncertainties of what would happen or the length of time? CB: No. I think if we expected to not do anything it might have but we expected the worse so then it was cake. Like I said, light sparring or whatever.

KM: You had two guys in this. That in itself is an accomplishment. As their trainer how do you feel about that? CB: Good they got accepted into being here but like I said before they were asking about both these guys before they even came up with the try-outs so when they came up with the try-outs I was actually bummed. It worked out good. We got to perform a little bit in front of these guys like (Dan) Henderson and Buck (Greer) trains with Henderson sometimes. It was good for us, it worked out well.

KM: There are a lot of legends walking around here. Any concern your guys would get starstruck? CB: No, not at all. Adam I can’t get out of focus, he’s focused non-stop. We all know Bas (Rutten) from me fighting in Pride. Like I said Buck trains with Dan Henderson all the time. The guys that were watching them were the ones that were key and I feel they were comfortable, I think it was tailor made for us today.

KM: I want to clarify about the gyms and some of your business associations. What is up with your career? CB: Hopefully fighting in January. That is the plan, whenever the next Bushido is. I’ve been nursing an injury the last month and I start training again on Monday so we’ll see what happens.

KM: What injury? CB: A separated AC joint in my shoulder.

KM: Is it three gyms now you own? CB: Two. One out in Widomar and Lake Forest. I moved back to Orange County; it blew up again so its doing really well, its huge. I have my affiliate schools in Dublin, Ireland and Liverpool, England.

KM: Who is running the foreign schools? CB: Two guys who have been traveling back and forth to train at my school for the last three or four years. One is named Dave Jones and the other is Paul Rimmer. Paul is the England school and Dave is the Ireland school.

KM: Any other expansion plans? CB: Yeah, actually. We are taking over the World Gym that we are inside right now in Lake Forest, a 15,000 square foot place. It will continue to be a World Gym but will be the Mecca of MMA. We’re trying to get Pete Spratt to teach kickboxing out here full-time and working on another wrestler to work out there full-time but we’re not going to mention any names yet. Also when the guy in Canada that owns Evolution MMA up there in Kelowna…we’re joining something with him there too because one of my guys will be teaching there full-time.

KM: Erica in HOOKnSHOOT. Lost to Megumi Fuji but the next day won the grappling tourney. Were you out there? CB: No, Adam was with her. I had eight guys in Grapplers Quest the same day.

KM: Did you see tape or anything of the Fuji fight? CB: No, but I heard from a lot of people it should have gone the other way, a lot of people said it should have been a draw, Erica thought she was winning going into the third round and may have lost the third round. We’re going to get a rematch with both of her last two fights and I’m going to be in her corner, a gigantic difference. Also the next day when she won the Last Woman Standing thing she beat Tara LaRosa and another girl who did really well. Beat four girls. Beat the girl who tapped out Megumi Fuji first round. I think she just needed confidence and that is what I’m there for and I wasn’t able to be there. I actually take blame for both those losses more than she should at all. The first one she went to Japan and fought by herself. We tried to talk her out of it but she couldn’t get the itinerary switched and she went by herself. A nineteen year old girl fighting in Japan on her own…and they made her weigh in two hours before the fight and it was mandatory in our contract twenty-four hours before. No excuses. I think she is the best girl in the world at 125. Now they are having the women’s division in Abu Dhabi and she is in the tournament.

KM: Didn’t you have someone in the last KOTC? CB: I had Russ Muira, my 145er. Fought Abe, ranked #5 in Shooto right now.

KM: Abe, the guy who got the DQ for kicking the head on the ground (subsequently changed to ‘no contest’)? CB: Yeah. They changed the rule so there were no knees on the ground and normally there is. They changed it to no knees and we changed our gameplan and I told him if he was on a takedown and he couldn’t get it don’t worry about sitting to guard. That is what happened. He landed three and split his eye open. The doctor asked him ‘do you want to continue’ and he said ‘yeah’ and then he looked at me and said ‘I’m seeing double’ because he kicked him right in the eyeball. I called the fight. Now we’re going to rematch him in the February show. That was his third fight but he is 40-0 in submission wrestling and 3-0 in MMA.

KM: You talked before about trying to work a business relationship with Dan Henderson. Can you clarify? CB: Me and him really nothing. I’d like to go train with him because he is down by my house but Buck…because my school is in Irvine and Widomar I have three days a week in Widomar and Buck is there and I’m three days a week in Irvine. Buck trains with Dan the three days a week I’m in Irvine so he doesn’t have to drive all the way over there.

KM: Can you clarify the business relationship with Pete Spratt? CB: He hopefully will be my kickboxing coach. I don’t want anyone else to be my kickboxing coach. It’s a matter of bringing him out here so I can have him all the time. Right now I get him for a couple weeks at a time and then I get a tape from him to work on stuff and he corners for me. It will take my kickboxing to a whole new level and I’ll be extremely confident on my feet.

KM: How much does he train with you, how much does he take from this relationship? CB: When he comes here he will but so far he hasn’t wanted to do anything.

KM: And he lost by rear choke what, three times? CB: He sits on the coach at my school and watches me teach class but doesn’t get on the mat with me. Once that started happening he started getting frustrated and he wasn’t going to fight any more. Now that he wants to fight he’s talking about wanting to train. We’re exchanging some tapes and stuff right now so he’s got some stuff to study.

KM: So you have a business relationship and he trains you but you so far haven’t been training him? CB: Yeah.

KM: Anything else you want to get across? CB: Nogi (“no gi”)makes the best sports shorts out there. Our clothing company just started to blow up. We had it at Grapplers Quest this last one and it was the first time we really had them in a public place for sale and we had a phenomenal day. We’re going to start throwing a couple ads out there and I’ll have it at KOTC in Ohio.

KM: Sprawl has been getting a lot of attention with the relatively new web crotch design. How does Nogi compete or compare? CB: Actually our whole shorts is a stretch-poly material, the whole thing stretches. Not annoyingly but enough you can kick, you don’t have to have a seven inch split up the side of your leg to throw a kick. They have the Velcro over the top draw-string. The material is really nice, its smoother. The Sprawl material is really rough, ours is smooth on the inside of the leg. They are great for training plus the pocket on the leg, instead of being on the bottom of the leg where if you are running your keys are in there swinging back and forth it’s a Velcro pocket right there so you can’t even tell if something is in there. They are really well-made shorts.

Source: ADCC


Quote of the Day

"In the practice of tolerance, one's enemy is the best teacher."

Dalai Lama, 1935-, Tibet Religious Leader Resides In India

Super Brawl 38 Results!

Superbrawl 38
Blaisdell Arena, Honolulu, Hawaii
December 1, 2004
by Chris Onzuka -

Super Brawl returned to the Blaisdell Arena and featured four fighters of "epic" proportions. 6'8" and 290lb, former UFC heavyweight champ, Tim Sylvia got to settle the score by pounding on 6'10" and 260lb, Wes Sims. 6'3" and 360lb, Andre Roberts took on fellow Indian 6'4" and 255lb, Reuben Villarreal. That is over 26 feet and 1,100 lbs of men in the ring just with those four fighters. The Sylvia-Sims main event/grudge match was over quickly, not withstanding a few fireworks after the match had ended. Sylvia made short work of Wes Sims, as expected, and also as expected, the referee had a difficult time trying to pull Sylvia off of Sims. Sylvia delivered the punishment that he promised. There was almost a "Round 2" when Sylvia said in his post fight interview that he "finally got to beat his [Sims] pussy ass." The two men were kept separated and the situation came under control quickly. The fight of the night had to be Joe Jordan and Kolo Koka rematch. The first match came to an abrupt end when a frustrated Koka kicked Jordan in the head when Jordan was talking to the referee. Christmas came early for these two fighters who were giving and receiving…punches that is, for all three rounds. In the end, Jordan's improved boxing skills, along with a granite chin allowed him to edge out a decision. Niko Vitale made short work of Ron Fields and Rich Franklin solidified his place amongst the top 185bers in the world by taking out a tough Curtis Stout in the second round.

Ed Newalu (808 Fight Factory) def. Kevin Delima (Bull's Pen)
Unanimous decision [(30-27), (30-27), (30-27)] after 3 rounds.

MMA: 2 Rounds x 3 Minutes
Chris Dawson (Body Shots, Rancho Cucamonga, CA) def. Bryson Kamaka (808 Fight Factory)
Unanimous decision [(20-18), (20-18), (19-19)] after 2 rounds.

MMA: 2 Rounds x 3 Minutes
Ray Lizama (Body Shots, Rancho Cucamonga, CA) def. Kai Kamaka (808 Fight Factory)
TKO via referee stoppage due to strikes at 1:53 minutes in Round 1.

MMA: 3 Rounds x 5Minutes
Reuben "Warpath" Villarreal drew with Andre "The Chief" Roberts (Miletich Fighting Systems)
Majority Draw (29-28), (28-28), (29-29)] after 3 rounds.

MMA: 3 Rounds x 5 Minutes
Joe Jordan (Miletich Fighting Systems) def. Kolo Koka (Team MADD)
Split decision [(28-29), (29-28), (29-28)] after 3 rounds.

MMA: 3 Rounds x 5 Minutes
Rich Franklin (Meat Truck inc.) def. Curtis Stout (St. Louis, MI)
Submission due to punches from back mount at 1:28 minutes in Round 2.

MMA: 3 Rounds x 5 Minutes
Niko Vitale (808 Fight Factory) def. Ron Fields (Cincinnati, OH)
Submission via heel hook at 3:48 minutes in Round 1.

MMA: 3 Rounds x 5 Minutes
Tim Sylvia (Miletich Fighting Systems) def. Wes Sims (Hammer House)
TKO via referee stoppage at 1:32 minutes in Round 1.

Ricardo Migliarese Earns Black Belt From Relson Gracie
by: Joseph Cunliffe

Philadelphia, PA -- Ricardo Migliarese received his black belt on Monday from Relson Gracie during a seminar held at his Philadelphia academy.

Migliarese began training jiu-jitsu with his older brother Phil in 1994 at the age of fifteen because he wanted to stay off the streets and out of trouble. Migliarese wanted to focus his energy on something positive, and in 1999, his hard work and training earned him a world championship medal in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Not only is Migliarese a competitor, but a great teacher. His love of jiu-jitsu took him to the Gracie Academy in Torrance, California, to learn the Gracie teaching method directly from Master Helio Gracie.

Migliarese graduated Temple University with a degree Kinesiology and is currently studying to become a strength trainer to compliment his technical knowledge of jiu-jitsu.

Migliarese had an active 2004 competition year. In February, Migliarese took 1st Place in the Advanced Light-Heavyweight division at Grapplers Quest - Beast of the East in New Jersey. In March, Migliarese took 1st Place in the Brown Belt Adult Men’s Heavyweight division at the Arnold Classic/Gracie Worlds in Ohio. In April, Migliarese took 1st Place in the Brown Belt Adult Male Super-Heavyweight division at the Pan-Ams in California. Migliarese is a 2004 Abu Dhabi North American Trials competitor in Vernon, BC. Overall, Migliarese has 12 1st Place wins this year.

Balance Studios was voted “Best of Philly 2003” by Philadelphia Magazine, and is located at 109-115 South 24th Street in the Northern Liberties section of the city.

Check out for more information on Migliarese and learning Gracie Jiu-Jitsu.

Source: ADCC

RICARDO ARONA: The ADCC Superfight Champion talks about 2005
by: Rafael Werneck

Scheduled to face American Dean Lister in the super fight pf the 6th Submission Wrestling World Championships scheduled for May of 2005, Ricardo Arona was in Manaus last weekend conducting several seminars focused on MMA, submission and Jiu-Jitsu. During his trip to the Amazon, he had swam in a lake full of alligators, but still had time to talk about his plans for the next year with us.

'I’ll will start 2005 defending my ADCC superfight title against Dean Lister in Long Beach, in California. After that, my intention is to have three or four fights in Pride, including the possible participation in the Middleweight Grand Prix. So, 2005 will be a very tough year for me', says the Brazilian Top Team fighter.

Arona fought twice in 2004. He was defeated by Quinton Jackson at Pride Critical Countdown and he submitted Russian Sergei Ignatev at Pride High Octane on October 31st. Asked what he thinks about his 2004, Arona said it was 'OK', but would it would have been better if he reached his biggest goal: a title shot against PRIDE Champion Wanderlei Silva.

'I would like to face Jackson at the next middleweight GP. Next time, I won’t stop hitting him even if he faints! That was my biggest mistake during our bout and I always learn from my mistakes. I’ve been trying to face Wanderlei for so long but there is always something getting in my way. But it’s all right. It is written; sooner or later it is going to happen. Wanderlei has no place to run', finished Arona.

Source: ADCC

Gustavo Ximu celebrates his Pancrase victory and wants more
by: Rafael Werneck

So far, Ricardo 'Cachorrao' Almeida was the only Brazilian fighter to win the Pancrase belt. Therefore, after Almeida´s retirement in August, Brazil no longer has a champion in one of Japan's most established MMA organizations. Now, a Gracie Barra Combat Team athlete wants to change that. After a great victory over Japanese Keiichiro Yamamiya at Pancrase last show on November 26th, Gustavo 'Ximu' Machado started to think about the belt that belongs to Yuki Kondo.

'That was my sixth fight in Japan. Now that I won my first bout at Pancrase, I want to be the new champion. There is another Pancrase edition scheduled for December 21st but only Japanese fighters will be fighting. After that upcoming event, the promoters might say something about my next fight. It will probably be scheduled for February or March and my opponent might be Yuki Sasaki, who I fought and drew with at Deep in 2002, or Sanae Kikuta, another tough Japanese fighter', says Ximu.

Ximu is very confident about keeping his winning streak going around the world. 'The promoters want me to face some guys before I get a title shot against Kondo. That is all right. I will face anyone they want me to and try to get to Kondo', stated Ximu.

About his Pancrase debut, Gustavo 'Ximu' Machado told us he was a little surprised. 'I trained really hard for the fight because I knew Yamamiya was a very experienced fighter. But surprisingly everything went just the way I wished! Having Vinicius Draculino and BJJ 2x World Champion Marcio Pe de Pano in my corner helped me a lot. I started the fight thinking of winning by KO or submission, and thank God I submitted him via heel hook', finished Ximu.

Source: ADCC

Baroni isn't finished
Mick Hammond

Earlier this week the announcement was made that Phil Baroni would be taking on Robbie Lawler at UFC 51 on Febuary 5th. Many people speculate whether or not this fight will be a "loser leaves the UFC" type situation with both Baroni and Lawler having suffered more defeats than victories of late. MMA Weekly attempted to contact Baroni regarding the fight, but Phil declined a full interview. However he did issue the following statement exclusively to MMA Weekly:

All I have to say about the fight is Lawler and I are friends. He made the move to 185lbs, and the way things worked out we have to fight one another. It's strictly business. I am not one to ever turn down a fight and neither is he. This fight will be a good, competitive, exciting bout. It's a must win situation for both of us. Everyone knows that. You can bet we will both bring our A-game.

And as far as all the rumors about me being shot / washed up / burnt out, nothing could be further from the truth. I'm training harder than ever, improving everyday and taking this fight more seriously than any fight before. Nothing means more to me than my career. It really doesn't matter what the experts say, think, or rank me. All that matters is what I believe, and I believe in myself. I believe in myself a lot. My goals are still exactly the same. I'm a fighter, and I'm gonna fight my way back to the top, one step at a time, starting Superbowl Saturday.

Phil Baroni

Source: MMA Weekly

Pancrase/UFC Exchange

by Mick Hammond

It's an interesting situation, in order to use one fighter; three others must compete as well. This is the situation that Pancrase has worked out with the UFC in order for David Terrell to fight at UFC 51. There is no timetable other than 12 months for these three other Pancrase fighters to appear on a UFC card, nor were any fighters named as part of the deal. There are some fighters though however who could be more logical choices than others to make an appearance in the Octagon in 2005.

Quite possibly the most decorated fighter available could be current Middleweight King of Pancrase Nathan Marquardt. Nate has been the holder of his title for the better part of the last four years and has only been able to fight on American soil twice in that time. He's faced some of the toughest competition in Pancrase and could be a great addition to the middleweight ranks of the UFC as they prepare to crown a new champion and look for contenders to the title. Marquardt himself in interviews has hinted how he would like to come to the states and fight in the UFC, and many fans and insiders feel he his long overdue. Like Terrell, Marquardt also has only one fight remaining on his current contract, if he could make a successful debut in the UFC he could quickly finish out his Pancrase contract and become a complete free agent. This could be a promising situation considering he, like Terrell is also very young and could provide years of consistency in a division that's lacked it up until recently.

With Yuki Kondo currently moonlighting in Pride, Pancrase could see another one of their flagship fighters in their training systems make a return to the UFC in Sanae Kikuta. Kikuta has long been one of the fan favorites in Pancrase and represents their Grabaka team, one of the two major schools that provide much of the talent to Pancrase. Kikuta also has experience in the UFC, making one appearance in 2000 when he defeated Eugene Jackson at Ultimate Japan 3 via arm bar. Another plus Kikuta possesses is his ability to fight in both the 205lb and 185lb weight classes, as he normally hovers between the two weight classes in the lighter Pancrase weight division set up. This could open up many match-ups in both divisions and break up the monotony of 3-4 fighters continuously fighting each other in rematches. Being Japanese doesn't hurt either, as it would bring more international press to the UFC, which usually gets very limited coverage in Japanese media unless a fighter of Asian decent is fighting.

Things from there could get a little clouded as there are various other fighters within the organization that are talented but may lack an appropriate angle in which to market them. Among these fighters could be current Super Heavyweight KoP Tsuyoshi Kosaka, a veteran of previous UFC events who hasn't fought Stateside since UFC 37 two years ago where he lost to Ricco Rodriguez. Kosaka has fought sparingly over the last couple of years but in winning his title in November he became one of the feel good stories of the year. One has to wonder however if he could compete against the new generation of UFC heavyweights, but few gave him much of a chance against Ron Waterman in November, so never say never with Kosaka. Kazuo Misaki is another Grabaka product that has been the perennial contender for Marquardt's title in the middleweight division. He's a very tough fighter and well respected in the Pancrase organization. A possible problem with Misaki is the fact he has had difficulty in the past defeating top tier opponents such as Marquardt, Chris Lytle, and Ricardo Almeida. Fighters like the aforementioned Kondo and Waterman as well as Akihiro Gono and Crosley Gracie could be possibilities as well, but all three find themselves currently splitting time between Pancrase and UFC rival Pride, making their chances coming to the US slim at best.

Thus a conundrum on Pancrase's end of the deal, while full of many fighters, few have impressive enough records or name recognition to import to the States to become draws. With Pancrase not having a PPV deal in the US many of the top fighters in the organization are relative unknowns in the States. So who the UFC will accept as part of this "talent exchange" could be very much up in the air unless someone in Pancrase makes a serious case for themselves warranting the UFC to make an effort go after. Let's not forget the last time the UFC tried a talent exchange when Chuck Liddell went to Pride to compete in the 2003 Middleweight Grand Prix. Pride promised Kazushi Sakuraba, but he never came and instead the UFC got Carlos Newton who looked very poor in a loosing effort to Charuto Verissimo in January of this year. With the exact structure of the deal known only to the UFC and Pancrase it is not know whether or not the UFC will have to accept whomever Pancrase sends to them without the possibility of a veto.

Whatever happens in the end it could lead to further openness between the usually standoffish UFC and other organizations which could lead to more intriguing match ups in the years to come. If anything it will give a chance for Pancrase to get a small foothold in America where they have had little if no exposure over the last few years, which is promising considering they were one of the pioneering MMA companies 10 years ago. Who could have imagined that one punch could have lead to such an interesting development, it's mind boggling but true, and now it's up to two completely different organizations thousands of miles apart to make the best of it and create some history of their own together.

Source: MMA Weekly


Below is a possible partial line-up and a list of possible participants that the Japanese media is saying is most likely to take place for the K-1 show on December 31st:

Officially announced MMA rules matchups:
Royce Gracie vs. Akebono
Kazuyuki Fujita vs. Karam Ibrahim
Bob Sapp vs. TBA
B.J. Penn vs. Kaoru Uno
Mike Bernardo vs. Bobby Ologun

Officially announced K-1 rules matchups:
Masato vs. Norifumi 'Kid' Yamamoto

Possible MMA rules matchups:
Jerome Le Banner vs. Yoshihiro Akiyama or Sean O'Haire
Sean O'Haire vs. Gary Goodridge

Other fighters to possibly be on the card:
Don Frye
Tom Erikson
Tsuyoshi Kohsaka

Source: Fight Sport


Some of the announced participants for the PRIDE show on December 31st.

Below is the possible line-up that the Japanese media is saying is most likely to take place for the PRIDE show on December 31st. The final card is scheuled to have a total of ten matchups:

Officially announced matchups:
Rodrigo 'Minotauro' Nogueira vs. Fedor Emelianenko
Rulon Gardner vs. Hidehiko Yoshida
Vanderlei Silva vs. Kazushi Sakuraba
Mirko 'Cro Cop' Filipovic vs. Kevin Randleman
Jens Pulver vs. Takanori Gomi
Dan Henderson vs. Yuki Kondo
Makoto Takimoto vs. TBA (possibly Rogerio 'Minotoro' Nogueira)

Possible matchups:
'Giant' Silva vs. Takashi Sugiura
Henry 'Sentoryu' Miller vs. Fabricio Werdum
D. Mishima vs. Luis 'Buscape' Firminho

Source: Fight Sport

Women kicking some asses in Japan

Besides the upcoming Smack Girl, on December 19, another female MMA show promises to kick some asses this Sunday. The Cross Section III happens at Tokyo FM Hall, in Japan. Highlights to Aikiko Inoue, who comes from a victory last November 26 over Ayumi via triangle choke. Now she returns facing Cross Section veteran Masako Yoshida during a super fight.

COMPLETE CARD (subject to change):

Cross Section III
Sunday, December 12, 2004
Tokyo FM Hall - Tokyo, Japan

- Kazue Matake Vs Hatsuyo Okuda;
- Misaki Takimoto Vs Hiromi Matsumoto;
- Takayo Hata Vs Yumiko Sugimoto;
- Chihiro Tsutsui Bacchus Hatori;
- Akiko Naito Naomi Oshida;
- Kazumi Kaneko Vs Naoko Ohmuro;
- Akiko Inoue Vs Masako Yoshida.

Source: Tatame


Quote of the Day

"Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint you can on it."

Danny Kaye, 1913-1987, American Stage, Film, Television Entertainer


DECEMBER 10, 2004


The night started off with a couple of kids that are showing skills beyond their age.

Kipapa by Disqualification

Both fighters came out swinging and after a collision of kicks, Kipapa injured his leg which caused the disqualification of Aki in a very quick fight. The fans were in to this fight and wanted more out of these two fighters. Hopefully, they will get to see a rematch soon.


Both youngsters got in there and mixed it up for the crowd, including showing some nice kick/punch combinations.


K by decision.

There were good exchanges by both fighters throughout the fight.

Rodrigues by unanimous decision.

Rodrigues rocked Passi a number of times throughout this fight. At the end of round one, it looked like Passi would go down, but the round ended. Passi should an incredible heart as he kept coming at Rodrigues and firing with some good shots of his own. Both fighters did not care about putting up a defense and just kept banging each other for three rounds. Rodrigues was landing the cleaner and more numerous shots which earned him the victory.

Dido Rodrigues by decision (27-29), (29-29), (27-30)

Rodrigues showed very good distance and excellent use of kicks. Reinhardt started off tentative, but gained courage and aggressiveness as the fight progressed, but it was just not enough as Rodrigues edged out a decision.

Gonsalves by unanimous decision

Podesta came out and consistently fired right leg kicks to the body of Gonzalves. Gonzalves first let Codesta fire the kicks and just eat it, but as the fight went on, the kicks started to take effect and Gonzalves started to try to avoid them. Gonzalves hit Podesta with some hard punches along with some kicks that earned him the decision.

Nick Gega by unanimous decision

Gega kept firing high kicks and Correa was able to duck under a number of the high kicks. Both fighters exchanged some good blows. It was the better kicker versus the better puncher. Gega was very balanced in addition to being the better kicker which earned him the decision.

Lee by decision (28-28), (28-29), (27-30)

This was a very well matched fight with both fighters trading blow after blow throughout the contest.

Ilizaro by corner throwing in the towel after round 2

Ilizaro is a finely tuned boxing machine. He was hitting Kamealoha with crushing body shots and combinitions. Ilizaro put on a clinic with textbook movement and clean, hard combos that punished Kamealoha. Kamealoha was tough as nails and took the shots and returned the favor although he was getting the bad end of the exchanges. Coach and trainer of Kamealoha, Derrick Bright, tried to throw in the towel just before the second round ended, but it got caught in the ropes. Luckily, his fighter did not take too much more damage and the round ended very soon after that. Derrick decided that his fighter took enough punishment and stopped the fight after round 2 which was a very good call.

Atisanoe by DQ because Joseph spit out his mouth piece three times

Both big boys came to bang. There was huge action in this fight. Joseph was seeming to have the edge in landing punches, but kept on spitting out his mouth piece which cost him the match. It would have been interesting to see how long both fighters could keep this frantic pace.

Nam by decision (27-27), (29-28), (27-30)

This was a competitive bout, but due to the lack of action during the clinches, the knees were not really a factor in this fight and slowed down the pace of the fight. Both fighters were very talented and well rounded, but the ability to clinch in the Muay Thai rules really hindered seeing the best in these fighters.

Draw (28-29), (29-28), (29-29)

Incredible fight with each fighter just trading blows. Perera was the skilled boxer bobbing in and out and landing clean power shots. Tanji was aggressive chasing down Perera and firing back a number of punches. Tanji had incredible conditioning and pushed the fight for all three rounds. It came down to clean power shots of Perera versus the multiple shots and aggression of Tanji which was decided as a draw. This was a very entertaining fight!

Chad Pavao by unanimous decision

Pavao showed that he is in a class by himself by being very polished and balanced in his attack. Pavao stunned Kagawa in the first round, but could not finish him. Pavao knocked down Kagawa in round three with a perfectly timed push kick, but the very game Kagawa stood his ground and found back until the third round ended. Pavao consistantly landed punches and kicks which earned him the well deserved decision.

Super Brawl 38 Tonight!

Blaisdell Arena, Honolulu, Hawaii
December 11, 2004

Tentative Fight Card

Bryson Kamaka (808 Fight Factory, 1-4) vs. Chris Dawson (Rancho Cucamonga, CA)

Ed Nawalu (808 Fight Factory, 5-8) vs. Kevin DeLima (Bulls Pen, 1-0 Pro, 3-1 Amateur)

Kai Kamaka (808 Fight Factory, 4-4) vs. Ray Lazama (Rancho Cucamonga, CA, 1-2)

Andre "The Chief" Roberts (Miletich Fighting Systems, 14-1) vs. Reuben "Warpath" Villareal (Sacramento, CA, 6-4)

Kolo "The Son of Polynesia" Koka (Team MADD, 10-7) vs. Joe "Hillbilly" Jordan (Miletich Fighting Systems, 15-7-2)

Rich "Ace" Franklin (Meat Truck Inc., 15-1) vs. Curtis Stout (American Jiu-Jitsu Academy St. Louis, MI, 7-5-1)

Jason "Mayhem" Miller (Kobra Kai, 11-3) vs. Mark Moreno (Bulls Pen, 6-4-2)

Falaniko Vitale (808 Fight Factory, 18-3) vs. Ron Fields (Meat Truck Inc., 6-9 Pro, 7-0 Amateur)

Tim "The Maniac" Sylvia (Miletich Fighting Systems, 16-1) vs. Wes "The Project" Sims (Hammer House, 7-6)

Saturday, January 22, 2005


After a two and a half year lay off in fighting in any Shooto sanctioned fight, the Machine Gun Ronald Jhun RETURNS to take on aTop 10 ranked Japanese Fighter in a Main Event. His opponent has at this time hasn't been confirmed but we know he will fight a ranked Shooto fighter. Jhun, who usually stays active, has been off the scene since October. The Machine Gun has his eyes set on working his way up and proving to people that he got what it takes to be a Champion.

Also Jesus Is Lord's David Padilla, who came back from a two year off in impressive fashion with a first round TKO in EAST vs. West, will take on another Japanese fighter. Padilla is quoted as saying that he is excited to be getting a chance to face off aganist a Japanese fighter for the first time and promises more fireworks come Jan 22.2005 as he will kick the new year of with a BANG!

Kai Kamaka, the 808 Fight Factory trainer, will try to keep his comeback alive and try to get his first win in Shooto. Kamaka who is 2-0 since his comeback will face another undefeated fighter.

Fighters Participating
Mark Moreno (Bulls Pen)
Kaleo Kwon (Eastidaz, Suma & Punishment in Paradise Champion)
Mark Oshiro (Bulls Pin, 5-0)
John Kukahiko (Kodenkan Instructor)
Wayne Perrin III (Team Bigdogs, P.I.P Super Middleweight & Superfight Champion)
Chris West (HMC, SUMA Light Heavyweight Champion)

Information 808-620-5638

Source: Event Promoter

Do We Really Have to Wait Until February?
by Mike Sloan

Alright, I understand that the December UFC 51 had to be cancelled due to Frank Mir's motorcycle accident. Tito Ortiz was supposed to fight Vitor Belfort and a slew of Japanese fighters were to compete on their home soil in what was to be UFC's third trek into the Land of the Rising Sun. UFC 51 -- or UFC Japan III -- was going to be a huge event for both the sport of mixed martial arts and the UFC.

Organizations like PRIDE and K-1 were going to finally have a substantial threat on their own turf, but now we have to wait until June 2005 before Zuffa brings their product to Japan (or Nippon if you live there).

Putting off UFC Japan III until next year is fine with me, considering I would have been 100 percent unable to attend in December. So with it being pushed back to June (tentatively), I can hopefully make my maiden voyage to the home of PRIDE, Nintendo and Iron Chef a bit sooner than I had planned. What irks me though is that Zuffa is holding out until Super Bowl weekend to host another event. What gives? Do we really have to wait until February for another UFC?

UFC 50 took place on October 22, so since we have to wait until February 5 for the next installment of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, what are we going to do to satiate our appetites for some heart-racing MMA battles?

While I, for one, will be glued to my TV (and in the arena in most cases) to watch the various boxing events, the K-1 World Grand Prix Finals and PRIDE's hot New Year's Eve show, I can't speak for the hordes of other MMA fans who solely watch UFC. It seems there will be many an MMA fan who will have an unhappy Christmas. To the MMA world, no UFC for the rest of the holiday season is equivalent to some little brat receiving coal in his stocking or unwrapping a pair of socks instead of an XBox game. From the day after UFC 50 until the next Zuffa show we will have been impatiently waiting for almost four full months, and if my math skills haven't failed me (thank God for that abacus) that will be 106 grueling days between events. I don’t mind waiting a month or two, but 106 days? Come on, Zuffa. I’m sure you can put together another show in the meantime.

I realize it costs a ton of money and thousands of man hours to assemble a UFC event, but my question is whether Mir’s injury really was the cause for the cancellation of UFC 51 in Japan? Mir may be marketable in the States, but it’s doubtful that the Japanese really would pay top dollar on tickets to see some American fighter whose own countrymen barely knows he exists. I can see if a proposed fight between Wanderlei Silva and Randy Couture was going to be the main event and one of those two became injured, but Frank Mir?

I just don’t buy it.

In my eyes, there is no reason why Zuffa can’t put together another full-fledged UFC (or at least another .5 event) during the span of the 106 empty days. Even if it wouldn’t be in Japan -- a move that could have shot Zuffa in the foot as the company would be competing with PRIDE’s New Year’s event, the K-1 World Grand Prix finals and probably a Shooto or Pancrase event -- Zuffa could toss together seven fights, hold it at one of the casino arenas in Vegas and call it a day. From there they could shift gears and focus strength on the February show.

Hell, if securing a spot for a UFC in the meantime was to be a problem at the MGM, Thomas & Mack or the Mandalay Bay due to boxing, concerts or rodeos, why not assemble a show at one of the Station Casinos like the Green Valley Ranch? They could make the show a .5 event, keep the fans happy and continuing to have that UFC name in the spotlight.

In the main event, let Tito Ortiz continue his resurgence against someone like Renato Sobral, toss Chuck Liddell in there against an Elvis Sinosic or feed a Tiki Ghosn to Matt Hughes. That way, the real stars of the organization would fight worthy opponents with some notoriety and it also adds intrigue as the aforementioned fighters could possibly score the upset.

Or Zuffa could just make the entire card full of young unknowns, which usually end up as the more entertaining fights on the cards anyway. I do remember vividly Zuffa’s plans a few years back to hold more events like UFC 37.5. What ever happened to that?

Naturally, Zuffa will put together those thrilling and classic “best of” shows for New Year’s Eve and that is superb in attracting new fans or keeping bored fans busy. But for people like me (and certainly those of you reading this), I need my UFC fix. I have the tourniquet tied tightly on my arm, so what the hell is UFC waiting for? I need that lethal injection of “The Super Bowl of Mixed Martial Arts.”

Joe Rogan should be back and ready to perform and with the NHL lockout still in affect, it’s doubtful Mike Goldberg will be busy commentating Minnesota Wild games. And besides, why should Michael Buffer get all the fun announcing major fighting events in Las Vegas for the next two months? Brother Bruce has to do something to pass the time, right?

The only logical reasoning as to why Zuffa has pulled the plug entirely on a December UFC is their proposed deal with Spike TV and their eagerly-awaited reality show. If the Spike TV deal is even half as decent as it looks to be (my fingers are crossed), then I’ll cease my griping right now. I’d much rather have to wait 106 days for the next UFC while the reality show and Spike TV deal catapult the sport into mainstream acceptance.

I don’t know. Maybe I’m just overreacting and having nightmarish flashbacks of the 112 days between UFC 43 and 44. But my gripe about the lack of a new UFC during the holidays, I’m sure, is not in the minority. Either way, Happy Holidays Zuffa -- I will see you sometime next year.

Source: Sherdog

Getting To Know Andrei Arlovski
by Marco Antico

I, Marco Antico, regret to inform the MMA Community that the previous “Getting to Know Andrei Arlovski” published on November 1, 2004 on was in fact not the real Andrei Arlovski. I was contacted by an individual claiming to be Alexandre Andrievski, Andrei’s trainer. This imposter went to great lengths to fool me and the MMA community. The matter continues to be under investigation.

Andrei Arlovksi would like to make it clear that he has nothing but the utmost respect for Ken Shamrock, Frank Mir and everyone else in the MMA Community. Andrei is not the type of fighter that would ever trash talk in order to hype a fight. Instead of making enemies, Andrei wants to make as many friends as possible here in America. He, himself still feels like somewhat of an outsider to this country.

Andrei would like his fans to come watch him fight because he is an exciting fighter and not because there’s some sort of manufactured bad blood between him and his opponent. This may be a slower way to build up one’s marketability, but ultimately the Arlovski team feels as though it’s the most solid way. Andrei is naturally a quiet and humble person. The ability he has in the octagon speaks for itself.

Marco Antico and the Arlovski Team

Getting to Know the REAL Andrei Arlovski

MA: Andrei, do have any comment on the decision of Ken Shamrock’s team turning down the fight with you for UFC Japan?

AA: The decision of the team is the decision of the team.

MA: Can you confirm or deny rumors about a possible fight with Tim Sylvia at UFC 51 on February 5th?

AA: I'm training for February. No doubts that I'll be ready to fight Tim Sylvia. However, ZUFFA makes the final decision. I'm in a good shape and ready to fight anybody

Source: MMA Fighting

By Josh Grossman

I am hearing over here in Japan that the Royce Gracie vs. Akebono matchup will have no time limit and no referee stoppage.

Source: Fight Sport

Amaury Bitetti warns Fedor: "Minotauro is ready"
by André Araújo

Training with BJJ black belt Amaury Bitetti since right after Pride Heavyweight GP's final held last August 15th at the Saitama Super Arena, Rodrigo Minotauro has intensified his training for the final match against Fedor Emelianenko, scheduled for December 31st. 'He will step inside the ring to decide who is champion. He is going to Japan to win the fight and recover the belt. He has lots of news moves on the ground and he is very confident,' stated Bitetti, who will attend Pride with the Interim Champion and Brazilian Top team's crew.

Bitetti reveals some parts of the training. 'I am coordinating some of his ground training. Oswaldo Alves and BJJ black belt Frédson Paixão are helping a lot. Paixão is small, but he explosive like a bomb and very agile and fast... Another fighter helping him is Anderson Silva,' said Bitetti, after Pride.

'I have joined together some good fighters. They are great in Submission and Vale-Tudo. I also was invited to teach at American Top team, in Florida. I want to set up some fighters of mine in the upcoming editions of Absolute Fighting Championship,'commented Bitteti naming some of them: 'Mateus Baiano (90kg) is one of the toughest guys I know. He also trained with Minotauro in Bahia. I also have Ademir Oliveira, 92kg and Daniel Valverde, 85kg. They are very promising. Among the girls, I have good vibrations about Gabriela Ferreira, Renata Dinamite and Mariana de Paula,' he concluded.

Source: ADCC

Sperry: 'Minotauro likes to finish his business in the ring'
by Rafael Werneck

Brazilian Top Team fighter and leader, Ze Mario Sperry has been away from the ring since February, when he KOed Mike Bencic at Pride Bushido 2. Now, he is focused on another mission: helping Rodrigo 'Minotauro' Nogueira train for the fight against Fedor Emelianenko, scheduled for December 31st at the Saitama Super Arena, in Japan.

We caught up with him at BTT headquarter in Rio de Janeiro and he told us that Minotauro will be ready to finish what he started in August. 'We are working his resistance because Fedor is a very tough fighter to dominate. We are also giving special attention to the takedowns, to try to stay on top during the bout. Minotauro is giving some attention to his boxing skills and submission positions as well,' says Ze Mario.

Sperry knows that the Pride GP heavyweight final is one of the most important fights of Nogueira´s career, and an extra-ring factor could have great influence in the fight between the two finalists.

'Because of what happened during the Pride Final Conflict, Minotauro will enter the ring wanting to win more than ever. He is a guy who likes to finish his business in the ring. He had a disturbing fight against Dan Henderson in Rings, in 2000, and did not stop thinking about it until he defeated Henderson at Pride 24 in 2002,' says the BTT leader.

Sperry continues: 'The same thing is happening with Fedor. In the first fight between them Minotauro wasn´t able to do his best. In the second one, when he was better prepared, the Pride promoters announced the No Contest, and there was no champion. Because all of these reasons he is crazy to fight and very confident,' stated Sperry.

According to Ze Mario Sperry, Rodrigo Minotauro Nogueira will be the only BTT fighter at the Pride´s New Year´s event. To celebrate the end of the season, the BTT members will have a barbecue on December 16th, and several MMA stars, such as Rogerio Minotouro, Ricardo Arona and Vitor Belfort are expected to show up.

Source: ADCC


Daniel Puder has become an overnight sensation after putting Kurt Angle in a Kimura on WWE's Tough Enough. While in South Carolina shooting tonight's episode for WWE's Smackdown showing on Spike TV, Daniel spoke with MMAWeekly about his background in MMA, his ties to the American Kickboxing Academy, and his dedication to get the million dollar prize.

Puder entered the WWE Tough Enough contest, along with thousands of other contestants, and was selected to be among the top fifty guys with a chance at a WWE contract worth up to a million dollars. After making the top fifty, he then made the cut to the elite eight. Tonight, Daniel has survived to the final three.

Puder said, "I've been training my butt off, keeping my cardio up, working out heavily. I've stayed at the training center in Connecticut the whole time. Everybody else goes home a couple of days a week and I've just stayed out there. I've been dedicating everything I have just so I can, you know, get a contract, get this done."

The 6'2, 230 pound Puder has fought four MMA fights but only one of them can be found on Internet MMA statistical databases. The clip of him putting the Kimura on Kurt Angle can be downloaded and seen on nearly every MMA Internet message board. The chants from the crowd, "UFC, UFC..." on that night forever tied the aspiring professional wrestler to MMA in the minds of many pro-wrestling fans.

Puder stated that the incident was not scripted. "It's not choreographed anything....we don't know what we're doing before we go out there. We get a little bit but we don't get the whole truth," said Daniel. He maintains that Kurt Angle didn't say anything to him backstage and no repercussions have followed his very real attempt to submit Kurt Angle.

Much like his Kimura on Angle, Puder's ties to MMA are very real. While he was a junior in high school, Daniel joined the American KickBoxing Academy. "I started at the end of my junior year of high school. Frank [Shamrock] took me under his wing for his Tito Ortiz fight and he beat my ass everyday," commented Puder.

About his MMA background, "I've had four small, little shows, nothing big like the UFC or Pride. I've done a fight every summer. I go to school full time and I run two companies. During school, that's what I do. In the summer time, I work and I fight for three months out of the year. So, it's hard to get going to get the bigger fights because I only train for three, three and a half months every summer. "Crazy" Bob [Cook] and Javier Mendez want me to get my education first before I start to do a professional sport full time."

If Daniel advances to the final two, he will appear on the WWE pay-per-view event this Sunday to decide the winner. WWE Smackdown airs tonight on Spike TV and to find out more information on Daniel Puder, go to

Source: MMA Weekly

Bitetti & Minotauro teach BJJ to Cops

Intending to improve self defense of agents of Bope (Special Military Police in Brazil), soldier Félix counts with BJJ black belts Amaury Bitetti and Rodrigo Minotauro's support to release a gym at Bope's head quarter, in Laranjeiras, Rio de Janeiro.

- Félix - Muay Thai and Luta Livre's black belt - looked after us because Bope's agents only have physical preparation. So nothing better then Jiu-Jitsu and Vale-Tudo to development their minds and balance -, revealed Amaury, adding: "Well, who handles the ring, handles himself on the streets."

Source: Tatame

Know everything about 91's Vale-Tudo

Later today you will be back 13 years ago and get a chance to know one of the most important Vale-Tudo shows in Brazil: The "Jiu-Jitsu Vs Luta-Livre Challenge", which happened on August 31, at Grajaú Country Club, in Rio de Janeiro. TATAME's special report dug the whole information and the crew found amazing shots from Photographer Roberto Price and now this whole historical material is available for you! Check out here, at later a preview of the 1991's Vale-Tudo.

On this event, the best Jiu-Jitsu fighters trained by Carlson Gracie faced the top Luta-Livre guys, during a time the rivalry between both fight styles took over Rio de Janeiro's streets. Check out here later the full content available on line. To have access to the entire report, order soon at TATAMEShop! Keep tuned!

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Tererê leaves Detention Center today

Last news of Tererê's case: According to American site, BJJ World Champion Fernando Tererê, arrested since last October 10, is about to leave FBI Detention Center today (10). Now Tererê will send some time at Immigration and then returns to Brazil. According to some sources in US, Tererê's arrival is scheduled to next December 20. His family is on the way to São Paulo to receive him at the airport. "Carlos Augusto and I are leaving to São Paulo to wait fo him," Said Dona Helena, Tererê's mother.

Tererê was arrested last October 10 during a United Airlines' flight on the way to Brazil because he was involved in an altercation on board. Known as a national fight idol in Brazil and a peace defender, Tererê is responsible for many social projects held into poor communities in Rio de Janeiro. He had never got into trouble and his resume is fulfilled by victories, in life and on the mat. Team TATAME solidarities with his personal drama and keep tuned at to know more about his case.

Source: Tatame

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