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Welcome To Fighters' Club TV

Our goal is to bring you, not only the toughest show on television, but the most entertaining. FCTV's mission is to help promote the martial sports and bring notoriety to Hawaii's fighters and the events that feature them. We firmly believe that Hawaii's fighters can compete with the best in the world.

Fighters' Club TV covers mixed martial arts, kickboxing, grappling and other martial arts tournaments throughout Hawaii. FCTV also features interviews with the best fighters, both locally and internationally, instructors and the promoters of the event to get the "inside scoop."

One of the hallmarks and most popular segments of the show is our Technique of the Week. FCTV seeks out the best fighters and instructors and gets them to share some of their favorite techniques. This not only helps our viewers that train in the martial arts, but also helps to educate the general public on various techniques.

Currently due to time constraints and the fact that this whole show is a labor of love at this point, each episode airs once a week for approximately four weeks. We plan to change that in the near future, so hold on tight.

FCTV airs:
Oahu: Tuesday nights at 8:00PM on Oceanic Cable, Olelo Channel 52.

Maui: Akaku

Big Island: Na Leo O Hawaii

Kauai: Ho'ike

Current Episode Now Airing

Episode 63

Fighters' Club TV Episode 63 is finally cut and submitted to Olelo Programming.

It will air in our normal time slot;
Tuesday night, 8pm on Olelo Oahu Channel 52

--or can be viewed via stream at at the same time of it's scheduled airing.

Episode 63 features:

Mike and Mark back in action from the 1st Jewel of Romolo's Triple Crown of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
-interviews and footage of Rylan Lizares vs Jair Muniz

-Andy "Danger" Cohea vs LJ Borges

-Dejuan Hathaway vs Tommy Tuiloma

+intvw w/ Dejuan Hathaway (featuring our special guest interviewer!)

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Aloha, FCTV808

Please tell everyone you know about the show! More viewers will help to expand the show, which means more episodes, coverage of even more events and more hard hitting action!